Beats New $50 Flex Wireless Earphones Arrive Right On Time Following Apple’s iPhone 12 Reveal Event

Beats Announces Its New $  50 Beats Flex Wireless Earphones

Source: Beats / Apple



Yes, Beats is still dropping earphones despite all signs indicating that Apple is slowly phasing the company out. Beats’ latest offering, the Beats Flex wireless earphones, gives fans of the brand a very affordable option.

Beats By Dre x Sade

Source: Beats By Dre / Beats

Beats unveiling the new $ 50 Beats Flex wireless earbuds come right after Apple announced it would no longer include a pair of earphones or charging cube when the iPhone 12 drops. The Beats Flex is a much-needed update to the wrap around the neck style of wireless earphones first introduced in 2017.

The Beats Flex doesn’t have all of the features that Apple’s AirPods boast. Still, it does definitely deliver a solid listening experience and features the latest technology plus great battery life at a budget price. The Beats Flex feature Apple’s W1 chip which allows for one-touch pairing with your all of your Apple devices, seamless switching between each device, checking battery life and Audio sharing with friends.

Android users will have to download a separate app to enjoy those same features listed above.

Beats Flex

Source: Beats / Apple

As for the design, the Beats Flex is made of durable Nitinol material, and the Flex-Form cable is extremely lightweight and described as ” nearly unnoticeable ” while being worn. The earbuds are magnetic, which allows them to automatically play music when they are in your ears and pause when resting around your neck. Due to everyone’s ears not being the same, the Beats Flex comes with four eartip options that will obtain a personalized, secure fit so you can enjoy an optimal sound and comfortable experience.

Speaking of sound, the Beats Flex offers users rich, balanced sound with outstanding stereo separation thanks to a proprietary layered driver with dual-chamber acoustics. An advanced digital processor helps fine-tunes the sound for precise mids, accurate bass, and low distortion.

Last but certainly least, the Beats Flex promises up to 12-hours of battery life. With the inclusion of a USB-C charging cable, users can enjoy 10-minute Fast Fuel charging and an additional 1.5 hours of playback when the battery is low.

The Beats Flex is available for preorder at now and will be available in the Beats Black and Yuzu Yellow color options beginning October 21. Additionally, the Smoke Gray and Flame Blue and will be available sometime in early 2021.

Photo: Beats / Apple

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Howard University and Apple Team Up For ‘Rap Life Live’ Special Event


Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

Apple Music and Howard Univesity teamed up to produce a live-streamed racial justice event called Rap LIfe Live featuring an elite line-up of hip-hop acts, using the prestigious campus as a backdrop in Washington D.C.

Hypebeast reports that the event will deliver unique performances by Lil Baby, Wale, Rapsody, and Nas, along with Apple Music’s own Nadeska, LowKey, and, Ebro Darden as hosts.  

Rap Life Live aims to further extend the conversation around social issues impacting the Black community with the help of artists who use their music and influence to address police reform, racial and gender equality, social justice, and standing up to racism

“Our voice is our biggest weapon,“ Rapsody answered when asked by Howard University why she wanted to participate. “You have to speak up for what you want. You have to be the change. Speak to each other. Speak up, let people hear you.”   Asked the same question, Nas answered “Whatever is going on in society, affects people. People affect society. And People are going to speak and artists are going to make art.”

As Apple Music’s global head of Hip-Hop and R&B, Ebro plans to expand the inaugural event on other campuses in an effort to continue the momentum of the conversation.

”The Rap Life team’s main objective was to use our voice and tools to show support and solidarity with students, artists and activists around the nation rising up to make sure the world knows that Black Lives Matter,” Ebro said. “We plan to bring Rap Life Live to more HBCU campuses because these institutions are part of the backbone of Black communities and Hip-Hop is from the Black experience.” 

Check out the Rap Life Live event below.

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All of The Big Announcments From The First Ever DC Fandome Event

All of The Big Announcments From The First Ever DC Fandome Event

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures / HBO Max

DC Comics’ future is looking real bright based on everything that was shown during today’s virtual Comic-Con-like event, the DC FanDome. Here are the most significant announcements.

DC fans didn’t mind being stuck in the house on a Saturday due to the all of the epic reveals that went down during the DC FanDome. The event will span over two days, August 22, and September 12. Today, all of the virtual action took place in the Hall of Heroes, and, of course, the ladies kicked things off first.

Wonder Woman: 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

Source: Warner Bros. / Warner Bros.

The FanDome kicked things off with Wonder Woman: 1984 panel that featured the film’s director Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman herself, the lovely Gal Gadot, her on-screen love interest Chris Pine whose character, Steve Trevor, somehow comes back to life. Kristen Wigg and Pedro Pascal, who take on the roles as the film’s villains, were also apart of the panel and helped field questions from fans.

Once that was out of the way, it was time to drop the second trailer, and it didn’t disappoint. We got to see more fantastic Wonder Woman action, and some more scenes of Diana and Steve together. Still, most importantly, Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah finally getting her spots and tail and doing battle with Wonder Woman.

Jenkins also confirmed that film is still on track to premiere in theaters exclusively on October 2, stating during the panel, “I really think the movie is so great on the big screen.” Yeah, we don’t know about that, especially if Rona is still running rampant in the United States. Anyway, you can peep the trailer for Wonder Woman:1984 below.

The Suicide Squad

Outside some of the cast announcements, not much was known about James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad film, that was until today. Gunn, who is best known for turning a bunch of relatively unknown Marvel Superheroes called the Guardians of The Galaxy into household names, is looking to do the same, but this time with a bunch of DC supervillains.

Gunn is basically wiping the slate clean and trying to help us forget the first Suicide Squad film that honestly sucked big time. BUT he is keeping the few bright spots from the first film like Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Viola Davis reprising her role as Amanda Waller, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag and Jai Courtney coming back as Captain Boomerang. Gunn dug deep in DC’s crates for this second film, which will not be a direct sequel to the first film and is being described by Gunn as a follow-up to John Ostrander’s original run of “Suicide Squad.”

During the panel for the film, Gunn revealed all of the members of the squad and joining the names listed above include Idris Elba (Bloodsport), John Cena (Peacemaker), David Dastmalchian (Polka-Dot Man), Steve Agee (King Shark), Michael Rooker (Savant), Sean Gunn (Weasel), Peter Calpadi (The Thinker), Pete Davidson (Black Guard), Daniela Melchior (Rat Catcher), Flula Borg (Javelin), Mayling NG (Mongal), Alice Braga (Sol Soria), and Nathan Fillion (T.D.K).

No one but Gunn could make this film work. The Suicide Squad arrives in theaters on August 6, 2021. We didn’t get a trailer, but this montage of behind the scenes and actual film footage will hold you over till one finally arrives.

Justice League: The Snyder Cut


Source: Warner Bros. Pictures / HBO Max

Justice League stunk, let’s just get that out of the way. Immediately following the film’s release fans SCREAMED on the internet that Zack Snyder, who was initially tasked with bringing all of DC’s mightiest heroes together on film, should release the long-rumored “Snyder Cut” of the movie.

After years of denial, Snyder confirmed the cut of the film does indeed exist, and it is coming, but not in theaters but on HBO’s new streaming service, HBO Max. During today’s panel, we finally got to see a teaser of the highly-anticipated redo, which will feature new footage, Darkseid, a better looking Steppenwolf and, most importantly, Superman in his black suit. Snyder used the moment to confirm the film is astounding 4 hours long and will and will be broken up into 4 1-hour long episodes. Snyder did also say that the film will be dropped in its 4-hour entirety. We don’t know who got time for that, but whatever. You can peep the trailer for the movie, which comes to HBO Max next year.

The Flash

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any footage, BUT we did learn a lot about the upcoming film, which will see Ezra Miller reprising his role as Barry Allen. During the panel, which featured Miller, Director Andy Muschietti, and screenwriter Christina Hodson the trio confirmed that film will see The Flash traveling through time to change the DC Multiverse.

Also, during the panel, it was hinted that The Flash could possibly visit classic DC films, so that could perhaps explain why Michael Keaton, who played Batman in Danny Elfman’s 1989 Batman film, will be making an appearance in The Flash movie. Plus, in some concept art that was shown revealing The Flash’s new costume, which we learned was created by Batman, we see Michael Keaton’s version of The Dark Knight.

Black Adam

Not much was known about the film revolving around the DC antihero, Black Adam, who basically has the same powers as Zachary Levi’s Shazam. Today, Dwayne The Rock Johnson helped shed more light on the film that’s slated to arrive in 2021. Before we got some juicy details about the film, The Rock detailed his character’s origin story with the help of animated short.

Johnson also confirmed that the Justice Society of America characters Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Cyclone will be joining alongside previously confirmed Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) in the film.

The Rock, while not confirming his appearance in the film, did hint that we could expect Superman to show up in Black Adam for an epic showdown. Henry Cavill is currently in talks to put back on the Superman suit and make a cameo in a future DC film. We won’t be shocked if Black Adam is that movie.

Shazam!: Fury of The Gods

Shazam first look

Source: Steve Wilkie/ © DC Comics / DC Comics

Shazam! was one of the biggest surprises of 2019, bringing in $ 159.1 million around the world when it first opened, so it’s no surprise there is a sequel coming. In a panel led by the film’s star Zachary Levi and later joined by the rest of the cast from the first film Asher Angel, Meagan Good, Jack Dylan Grazer, Faithe Herman, Adam Brody, and director David F. Sandberg we got more details about the upcoming follow-up.

We learned that actor/comedian Sinbad who many believed was supposed to be in the first film, will NOW be in the sequel. The title of the film was also revealed when Herman “drew” it on a poster.

Outside of that news, Levi and the cast were very tight-lipped about details surrounding Shazam!: Fury of The Gods

The Batman

The Batman Batmobile

Source: Matt Reeves / Twitter/@mattreevesLA

Outside of teaser images, Matt Reeves’ The Batman was shrouded in mystery, until today. Following a discussion with Aisha Tyler talking about his upcoming film that stars Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader, we finally got to see a trailer. Before he let the footage go, Reeves explained that only 25% of the film is complete, but trust us when we say that the  2-minute trailer does its job in building intrigue for the film.

In it, we see a young Bruce Wayne growing into his night job as The Batman while having to deal with The Riddler, who is also in the beginning stages of his criminal career. Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Gordon, Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman, and a voice-over from Andy Serkis as Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler, Alfred appear in the trailer. Oh, of course, we get a glimpse of the new Batmobile as well as Batman in action, and we can’t front Mr. Twilight, Robert Pattinson gets very busy.

The Batman is slated to arrive in theaters on October 1, 2021. You can peep the first trailer below.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures / HBO Max

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NFL’s Devin White ‘Trail Ride’ Event Video Shows Hundreds Partying & Dancing

This is NOT good … Hundreds of people ignored social distancing guidelines and partied their asses off at Devin White’s “Trail Ride” charity event over the weekend … and video of the scene is alarming. The Tampa Bay Bucs linebacker — despite…


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NFL’s Devin White Throwing Massive Charity Event Despite COVID, ‘2,000 People’

A rep for White tells us the NFL player WILL be encouraging COVID safety during the event. We’re told event organizers will be encouraging social distancing and for people to wear masks and wash their hands. We’re told the event — which includes a…


TMZ Celebrity News for Party All The Time

YouTube’s star-studded graduation event postponed by a day

Other stars due to make appearances during the bash are Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys
Music News RSS feed
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HHW Gaming: It’s Happening, Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 Event That Will Focus On Soley Games

Sony Announces PS5 Games Reveal Event Is Happening June 4

Source: Sony / PlayStation 5

It’s happening, it’s really happening. PlayStation has confirmed that the long-rumored PS5 June event will take place.

Next week Sony will be giving eager gamers a “look at the future of gaming,” the company announced on both Twitter and its official blog. President & CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, gave PlayStation fans something to look forward to saying, “The games coming to PS5 represent the best in the industry from innovative studios that span the globe.”

Ryan also pointed out in the statement that the games will come from studios “newer and older,” “larger and smaller,” and will “showcase the potential of the hardware.”

He further added that the lack of physical events due to COVID-19 gives his company an “amazing opportunity to think differently,” while also promising it will bring gamers “closer than ever before.” While there is no clear indication that we will get to see the PS5 console, he made sure to point out that the upcoming event “is part of our series of PS5 updates and, rest assured, after next week’s showcase, we will still have much to share with you.”

So it’s evident that Sony will be stretching this out till the PS5’s holiday 2020 release.

As to what games we can expect to see, speculations range from a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy 7 Remake to confirmed titles like Godfall, Fortnite, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

We will just have to wait and see June 4 at 1:00 PDT. Be sure to check back with us for our recap and reactions to the PS5 games reveal event.

Photo: Sony / PlayStation 5

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Hollywood Park – The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event - Hollywood Park  artwork

Hollywood Park

The Airborne Toxic Event

Genre: Rock

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: May 8, 2020

© ℗ 2020 Rounder Records., Distributed by Concord.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Rock

Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week Plans ‘Phygital’ Event for September

Upended by the coronavirus outbreak, Fira de Barcelona, the organizer of Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week revealed Friday it is further postponing the dates of its upcoming trade show and collateral events.
In sync with other international fashion events, organizers added that the bridalwear fair will combine the physical event with a number of digital initiatives, in order to maximize its exhibitors’ business opportunities.
Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week – which was originally slated to take place in April and subsequently moved to June 8 to 14 – will now be held Sept. 4 to 10. The decision comes after the Spanish government announced early Friday that travel restrictions to the country have been pushed ahead to June 15.
Exhibitors will be able to take part in the showcase physically or leverage a digital platform provided by Fira de Barcelona to present their latest bridal collections. Described as a “flexible hybrid model,” the new format is aimed at securing attendance by international buyers, media outlets and influencers, who might not be able to travel.
“The international bridal fashion event returns, innovating and transforming itself to support an industry that needs to resume its commercial activity. In this regard, holding the event is a means, which is

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Livestreams to Watch: A Star-Studded Graduation Event, and Katy Perry Performs

Appointment viewing is back. Find out what online events to look for in the coming days, and when to tune in.
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Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell and More Come Together for ‘The Call to Unite’ Livestream Event

A number of today’s biggest celebrities and influential figures are coming together for a global livestream event.
“The Call to Unite” 24-hour livestream is bringing together roughly 200 actors, musicians and public figures for an event meant to provide support to those impacted by the ongoing coronavirus crisis.
The event, which begins streaming on Friday, May 1, at 8 p.m. and concludes Saturday, May 2, at 8 p.m. EST, will offer performances, lessons and conversations meant to help those feeling isolated during the pandemic. The lengthy list of famous participants include Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Garner, President George W. Bush, Eva Longoria, Mandy Moore, Marie Kondo, QuestLove and Rob Lowe, among others.
The livestream is soliciting donations to provide relief to those impacted by COVID-19. Viewers will be able to submit donations directly through the livestream to GiveDirectly, which is helping lower-income people impacted by the pandemic, and Points of Light, which assists organizations and nonprofits on maximizing their relief efforts.
The livestream will be available on “The Call to Unite’s” Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and LinkedIn pages, as well as on SiriusXM Stars channel 109. Portions of the livestream will also be available on Spotify.
“The Call to Unite” event comes

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TideBuy Black Friday Sale 90% Off+ Extra Coupon

The 2020 Sephora Spring Savings Event Is Here!

SephoraWe love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.

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Short Takes: Copenhagen Fashion Summit’s New Theme and Other Event Reworks

This week in sustainability, events and themes are reworked in the wake of coronavirus, spurring special changes for sustainability-themed organizers.
COPENHAGEN FASHION SUMMIT: The annual sustainable fashion summit, which was postponed due to the coronavirus, has set Oct. 12 to 13 as the new dates and an updated theme: “Redesigning Value.”
“The summit will address fashion’s new reality,” said a statement from Global Fashion Agenda, the organizing group. The event will “navigate the current and future realities facing our industry,” with the pandemic prompting how to reorient sustainable business practices to a business’ core for greater resiliency.
An advocate for an industry reset, Eva Kruse, chief executive officer of Global Fashion Agenda, said: “This crisis has forced a quarantine on the world and by extension a quarantine on consumption, raising the question of how this will impact the fashion landscape in the aftermath.”

Copenhagen Fashion Summit announces new theme. 

SUSTAINABLE FASHION FORUM: With Earth Day spilling out into a week or perhaps greening the whole month of April, Sustainable Fashion Forum pivots its IRL conference into its first virtual conference to be held on April 25.
Access to panels will not be live but rather housed in a “digital vault” for perusal by attendees. The panels include the

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Rita Wilson performs for first time after coronavirus diagnosis at virtual NASCAR event

Nearly four weeks after revealing her coronavirus diagnosis, Rita Wilson made a beautiful comeback by performing the national anthem for NASCAR’s iRacing event Sunday. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Virtual Event Biz Booming, Partygoers Flocking Online for Get-Togethers

Coronavirus isn’t stopping people from getting their party on — they’re just doing it in front of computer screens at home now. Welcome to 2020. Due to multiple state-wide stay-at-home orders, the online event planning biz is seeing a massive…


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How to Execute a Successful Retail Store Event

In-store events, specifically where product is given away, need to make sense monetarily for your business and anyone partnering with you. – Opinion

Designer Billy Reid on How to Look Fit and the One Thing Every Guy Should Do Before a Big Event

Have you ever noticed the guys who love to dole out style advice are often the ones that actually need some themselves? The guys with the real knowledge don’t feel the need to evangelize about how to get great style—you have to ask. That’s exactly what we did when we saw designer Billy Reid backstage at his Spring/Summer 2020 runway shot in Florence, AL, the location of his flagship store and his annual food and music festival, the Shindig.

Reid’s aesthetic—a mix of laid-back Southern roots and sharp New York sensibility—blends loose silhouettes, intricate patterns, and cool, neutral hues. It’s a style that’s born of inspiration and necessity.

“I’ve spent my whole career traveling to New York, Alabama—everywhere,” says Reid. “So I only keep things in my closet that fit me well and will outlast trends.”

Read on for Reid’s tips on building a closet, looking slimmer, and the one thing you should always do before any dressed-up event.

Our 2019 Fall Fashion Preview, Starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Billy Reid
Courtesy Image

Buy Fewer—Better—Things

Billy’s approach to his closet is the same as his collection: quality over quantity. “It’s better to have high-quality pieces that really fit you well than just a lot of clothes taking up space,” Reid says. When paring down his closet, he asks himself what he would take on a two-week trip if he had to pack right then. Anything that doesn’t fit that mold gets the axe.

“That leaves me with my favorite jeans, my navy blazer, some T-shirts, a suit, exercise clothes, and then some more laid-back items,” he says. “Essentially, I boil it down to just what I need.” Reid wears clothes largely in solid neutrals like navy, black, white, and gray—with some small dashes of color—because they always look great together and will always make for a timeless look.

Essentially, I boil it down to just what I need.

“Of course, you’ll still have that tux you wear once or twice a year, but those everyday essentials can take you a lot of places.”

If you have a massive closet, a good place to start is weeding out anything you haven’t worn for the past year. Then you can start assembling the pieces you definitely want to keep by using Reid’s method.

7 Stylish and Sustainable Clothing Brands You Can Feel Good About Wearing

Don’t Overdo It

A tie bar or a pocket square can add some panache to your look and show off your personal style. However, wear them along with suspenders, a pocket square, a lapel pin, and a chain wallet, and you’ll come across as trying too hard.

“I love accessories,” Reid says. “I think men need them. But stick with just one.”

For example, if you’re wearing a sport coat, adding a pocket square can be a bold statement by itself. The temptation could be to combine it with other pieces, but Billy says the right way to nail the look is to commit to just one accessory and own it.

“You don’t need that extra lapel pin—unless you’re a senator.”

The Best Leather Boots to Wear This Fall

Big Event? Always Wear-Test

If you’ve ever pulled out a jacket or suit before a wedding or ceremony only to find that it doesn’t fit well or isn’t tailored correctly, you probably learned this trick the hard way. Reid suggests that before any notable event—or any time you need to look your best—to wear your planned outfit well in advance.

“When Sean Connery landed the role as 007, he knew he’d be wearing one gray suit a lot, so for weeks before filming he wore it every day. Apparently he even slept in it,” Reid says. “That’s why he looked so relaxed and confident in the film.”

To that end, Reid outfitted Daniel Craig with his iconic peacoats for Skyfall and made the delivery weeks early so Craig could live in them before filming.

Wear-testing will also help you realize if the finer tailoring details—cuffs, hems, length—need tweaking. Shoot to have your look three weeks before the big event and wear it at least twice so your look will say you know how to own a room.

Courtesy image

Less Fabric is More Flattering

Tailoring is a specialty of Reid’s, and he knows how the right cut can make you look fit—or fat. To trim down your silhouette, he suggests using less fabric whenever possible. For tops, this means band collars for formal events and Henleys for something more casual.

“Removing a collar makes your neck look longer and creates a slimming effect,” he says. “It’s a trick women use often, but it can be translated into menswear, too.”

The same goes for your pant width. A baggier fit—unless that’s the intended effect—can make your bottom half look heavy, especially in photos.

“On ESPN, the sportscasters often wear slimmer-cut pants that are cut like jeans, because they want that slimmer leg.”

All the Cool, Casual Style Essentials You Need for City Living

Achieve this same look by opting for slim-fit pants—even on bigger guys. Having no more than 2 to 3 inches of excess fabric at your leg when standing is the perfect way to make your overall shape look slimmer in a flash.

I love accessories. I think men need them. But stick with just one.

Mind Your Proportions

Just as the width of your clothes is essential, so is the length.

“Wearing a jacket that’s too long can weigh you down,” Reid says.

It’s essential to find your own just-right jacket length to even out your proportions. Reid wears his jacket a bit shorter than a typical off-the-rack jacket in his size, but it took him a while to figure out what worked best for him.

The old-school trick is to cup your fingers against your palms to find the spot where your jacket should hit. “It’s not so scientific, but it’ll give you a feel for what’s right.”

For the best results, Reid recommends working with your tailor to experiment with different lengths and find the one that’s right for you.

“Once you train your mind to see the small differences, you’ll start noticing it with all your clothes, and you’ll look better for it.”

The post Designer Billy Reid on How to Look Fit and the One Thing Every Guy Should Do Before a Big Event appeared first on Men's Journal.

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Samsung Issues Non-Apology to Lioness Following Women in Tech Event

Samsung has since issued a vague, boilerplate apology following an incident last week at a SF Women in Tech event involving Lioness CEO Liz Klinger. – Pleasure & Retail

Lioness CEO Responds to Samsung Femtech Event Ousting

After Lora DiCarlo’s triumphant win over sexism at CES this year, a new world ordered that welcomed sextech to the club seemed to be on the up and up. – Pleasure & Retail

Cardi B Blasts NYPD in Profanity-Laced Tirade, School Event Canceled

We just got Star out in NYC who says the NYPD was absolutely the force that shut the event down. She said cops hounded school officials, telling them the end couldn’t happen. More bad news for Cardi — another back-to-school giveaway planned for…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Episode 586 Scott Adams: Answering the Dumbest Questions About Antifa as a Sporting Event


  • Fareed Zakaria’s “pained” opinion that…President Trump is right
  • Want Antifa to go away? Stop treating them as a legit political group
    • They’ll get stronger…as a legit political movement
    • They’ll get stronger…if you fight them in the street
  • Clarifying what I said about antifa primarily just enjoying the violence
    • Politics are a cover story for them enjoying the violence
  • Antifa planning July 6th event in DC

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I use donations to pay for the daily conversions of the original Periscope videos into Youtube and podcast form, and to improve my production quality and search results over time.

The post Episode 586 Scott Adams: Answering the Dumbest Questions About Antifa as a Sporting Event appeared first on Dilbert Blog.

Dilbert Blog

You Can Get a Suit Under $100 at the Perry Ellis Father’s Day Spring Suiting Event

It’s a springtime miracle! Perry Ellis has extended its Father’s Day Spring Suiting Event through Monday, May 20. Complete suits start at just $ 70! Plus, jackets, pants, and vests are all marked down 50 percent off—or more! In fact, we found a bunch of great suits on sale at Perry Ellis for more than half off—some as high as 70 percent off. They’re listed below.

It’s not just suits. Dress shirts and dress pants are just $ 35, and all dress shoes are 50 percent off during the Spring Suiting Event. Plus, enter the code FREESHIPPING, and you’ll get that too.

From polyester suits to fresh linens, from slim and stretchy modern silhouettes, to regular cuts to Big & Tall sizes, Perry Ellis has an amazing selection of suiting options for every man. Greys, blues, and blacks, tans, whites—even a splendid wrinkle-free, turquoise stretch suit is available. If you wear a suit everyday, you need to take advantage of this sale and diversify your wardrobe. You know what they say: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

If you’re more of a casual guy and only want a suit for wedding, funerals, and the like, now is your chance to pick one up at amazing savings. There’s simply no reason for any man to pass up this Perry Ellis Suit Sale.

Anything Besides Suits?

Of course! Suits aren’t the only way to save at Perry Ellis. If you’ve never bought anything from, be sure to sign up for the email newsletter, so you can take 30 percent off your first purchase. Join the Perry perks program, to earn points with every purchase and be privy to exclusives, sales, new releases, and more. Also, the Sale section of the site always has great deals. Right now, you can get an extra 40 percent off select Sale items at

So head over to the Perry Ellis Suit Sale now through May 20, and you’ll discover a plethora of bargains and deals to suit your every need.

1. Slim Fit Two Toned Suit 62% OFF

Classy enough for the office, casual enough for a night out without a tie, comfortable enough to wear all day, and sleek enough to want to put on. The Slim Fit Two Toned Suit ticks all those boxes with a classic, professional look.

GET IT: Pick up the Slim Fit Two Toned Suit ($ 100; was $ 265) at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

2-piece Slim Fit Silver Check Suit 57% OFF

This online exclusive is the brand’s best-selling suit, crafted for guys who want tailored and trim. A closer fit through the chest, waist, and sleeves. A straight finish through the hips, thighs, legs and leg openings with finished hem, allowing you to tailor the pants to the exact length you need.

GET IT: Pick up the 2-piece Slim Fit Silver Check Suit ($ 160; was $ 375) at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

Regular Fit Performance Blue Heather Twill Suit 62% OFF

Encompassing the components of wrinkle resistance and performance stretch, you’ll now have a suit that’s ready to go whenever you are. A single-breasted, center-back vent suit jacket with interior pockets makes it perfect for a traveling man. It can be easily unpacked from your stuffed suitcase, thrown on and your day begins without the worry of wrinkles.

GET IT: Pick up the Regular Fit Performance Blue Heather Twill Suit ($ 100; was $ 265) at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

Slim Fit Stretch Heather Plaid Suit 74% OFF

If you want a great suit but don’t want to spend too much on someting you’ll rarely wear, here’s the suit for you. Grey is a versatile color that’s good for any season; pair it with the right tie, and you’ve got a suit for most any occasion. 

GET IT: Pick up the Slim Fit Stretch Heather Plaid Suit ($ 70; was $ 265) at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

Very Slim Fit Washable Turquoise Tech Suit 58% OFF

For guys who want skinny without constriction, this fit provides a sleek silhouette that offsets nicely with the summer-perfect color. 11 percent spandex provides a ton of stretch. It’s wrinkle-resistant, water-repellent, and stain resistant. And it’s machine washable, so you’ll save money at the dry cleaner.

GET IT: Pick up the Very Slim Fit Washable Turquoise Tech Suit ($ 190; was $ 450) at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

Big & Tall Tan Linen Twill Suit 56% OFF

Perry Ellis has a great selection of suiting options for Big & Tall guys. We like this 3-piece linen twill option. Bought separately, the jacket alone would cost more than this entire suit. It’s also available in bright white, if you really want to go the full Tom Wolfe.

GET IT: Pick up the Big & Tall Tan Linen Twill Suit ($ 160; was $ 364) at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

Slim Fit Stretch Textured Slub Suit 53% OFF

It’s a poly/rayon/spandex blend, but it’s textured with a relaxed slub. Performance stretch means a comfortable fabric that moves with you. Slim fit provides a tailored, trim finish up top that’s straight through the hips and thighs.

GET IT: Pick up the Slim Fit Stretch Textured Slub Suit ($ 160; was $ 344) at Perry Ellis


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Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers here


Perry Ellis

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Men’s Journal Latest Style News

Woodstock 50 Loses Venue, Second Event Producer

Woodstock 50 once again appears to be on shaky ground after the event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic 1969 festival lost its planned venue along with its second producer.
RTT – Music
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Models Wanted
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#E32019: EA Shows Off 15 Minutes of ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ Gameplay At #EAPlay Event

EA Play

Source: EA / Respawn

E3 2019 doesn’t officially begin until Sunday (Jun. 9), but that didn’t stop EA from kicking things off with its EA Play event. Serving as the unofficial kickoff to the annual video game convention, the company decided to show off some gameplay footage of Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and it looks very promising.

EA Play

Source: EA / Respawn

Could this be the Star Wars single player action game we have been waiting for?

About a month ago a reveal trailer dropped for the long-rumored game but didn’t give much detail only showing off the titles main character and glimpses of cut scenes pretty much detailing exactly where the game will take place in the legendary Star Wars canon. In the game, you take on the role of a young Padawan named Cal Kestis played by Cameron Monaghan (Shameless, Gotham)​. He has not reached his full Jedi potential having to go into hiding after surviving the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith following when then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s kicked into motion his plan to eliminate all Jedi through his secret order 66 decree. Ushering in the rise of the Galactic Empire who are secretly being led by the Jedi Order’s ancient enemy the Sith.

Today (Jun 8) during its EA Play conference, EA and Respawn treated Star Wars fans to fifteen whole minutes of gameplay action and for the most part, the game looks solid at first glance. Based on the footage Jedi: Fallen Order seems like a much-improved version of Lucas Arts Star Wars: The Force Unleashed which was the last single player adventure we got from related to the now Disney owned franchise. The combat system looks very crisp as the expert player seamlessly switched between using his lightsaber and forces skills.

It also seems to have some adventure game aspects as well, like climbing that we have come to experience in games like Uncharted, for example. While it is not “open world,” Respawn says the game does have some Metroid/Castlevania qualities and will allow players to “explore” the environments as they guide Kestis on his journey. Outside of EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront franchise, fans have been yearning for a long time for an adventure game. Looks like their prayers have been answered by Respawn with this latest entry that is set to arrive for November 15th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin Access.

Check out the game in action below and let us know in the comment section below Star Wars Jed: Fallen Order has landed on your list as a title you have to add to your video game collection.

EA Play

Source: EA / Respawn

Photo: EA/Respawn

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Tom Stewart of Sportsheets Hosts Upcoming Eldorado Facebook Live Event

Eldorado Trading Company, the award-winning distributor of adult toys, lingerie, and party supplies has planned to release the newest episode of its sexual health and wellness education series “Eldorado Presents” this Thursday at 12:00 p.m. (MT). – Pleasure & Retail

Buck Angel to Host Eldorado Facebook Live Event

Eldorado Trading has invited trans activist and performer Buck Angel to host a special edition of its educational series “Eldorado Presents,” focusing on body-positivity and acceptance. – Pleasure & Retail

Eldorado, Doc Johnson to Host ‘Social Media Trends’ Live-Stream Event

Eldorado has partnered with Doc Johnson for a Facebook Live event on March 7, which will discuss the power of social media and how retailers can utilize social media to connect with new and existing customers. – Pleasure & Retail

‘Fyre’ Documentary Star Andy King Talks TV Return for Event Hosting Series

[[tmz:video id=”1_pljln0v1″]] Andy King — the event planner who offered oral sex in exchange for Evian (lots of it) at the doomed Fyre Festival — is ready for his close-up … strictly above the waist.  Andy tells TMZ … he’s received offers from…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Revamp Your Work Wardrobe at the Huge Perry Ellis Dress Shirt and Pant Event

When you get right down to it, the new year and its requisite resolutions essentially mean it’s high time for a fresh start. If you’re ready to update your work wardrobe, you can go somewhere and spend a ton of money on a new suit—or you can just click over to the Perry Ellis website and stock up your whole closet, where right now there’s a fantastic selection of dress shirts and pants for less than $ 30.

There are dozens of styles and colors to choose from. At this price and with this selection, you can quickly, easily—and inexpensively!— revamp your entire office wardrobe. From slim and modern cut dress pants to patterned, solid, and colorful dress shirts, there’s plenty of great finds to be had. And all are $ 29.99 through January 27.

Here are a few that are guaranteed to impress.

Very Slim Fit Plaid Dress Pant, Bay Blue

Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis

Get it

The flat front slacks are made with performance stretch fabric that moves with you. With a modern high cuff and slim cut, we’d top off this subtle plaid with a dark sport coat—until spring anyway, when a polo or grey jacket would complete a casual, professional look.

[$ 30, was $ 85;]

Very Slim Fit Red Stripe Dress Shirt


Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis

Get it

The detail of the pattern in this shirt comes out upon closer inspection. Great with a suit or even with jeans, it’s versatile and stylish.

[$ 30, was $ 80;]


Very Slim Fit Tech Dress Pant

Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis

Get it

We dig the casual silhouette, and the pairing with white sneakers. Available in black, grey or navy, these pants would go great with a jacket and with some laid-back chukkas.

[$ 30, was $ 85;]

Slim Fit Dark Plaid Dress Shirt

Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis

Get it

This button-down look great with these grey dress pants, but we’d try it with the casual Tech pants above, too.

[$ 30, was $ 80;]

Slim Fit Heathered Plaid Dress Pant

very slim stripe pants
Perry Ellis

Get it

These slacks look fantastic with dress shoes or boots, and with a tucked in dress shirt or a nice polo, perhaps.

[$ 30, was $ 198;]

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Men’s Journal Latest Style News

Satisfyer Sponsors XBIZ Retreat Special Event, Exec Awards

Satisfyer, manufacturer of premium vibrators, has signed on as a presenting sponsor for the retail industry edition of the 2019 XBIZ Exec Awards and will host an exclusive special event for attendees of the XBIZ Retreat. – Pleasure & Retail

Svakom Sponsors Intimate Lifestyle Event in Sydney

Earlier this month, Svakom partnered up with Australian online retailer Par Femme for a three-day even that showcased fashion and intimate lifestyle products for media, influencers and the public. – Pleasure & Retail

Crossover Schmossover, Legends of Tomorrow Just Had Its Own Television Event

Legends of TomorrowWe are not here to bash the epic Elseworlds crossover currently taking place across The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl.
In fact, we are loving the insane, body-swapping, reality-rewriting,…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories
Entertainment News! –

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The Airborne Toxic Event: All I Ever Wanted – Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall – The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event: All I Ever Wanted - Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall  artwork

The Airborne Toxic Event: All I Ever Wanted – Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Airborne Toxic Event

Genre: Concert Films

Price: $ 15.99

Release Date: January 1, 2010

Known for sweeping orchestral arrangements and blistering live shows, the Airborne Toxic Event burst onto the scene with their song "Sometime Around Midnight," which was voted iTunes' #1 Alternative Song of 2008 and reached #4 on the US Alternative Chart. Counting U2 among its fans, the band has built up a passionate fan base with its epic, string-laden music and extraordinary live performances. Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall is a documentary film chronicling the lead-up to the last of 354 shows in support of the the group's debut album. To mark the occasion, they were joined onstage by a variety of performers, including a world-class string quartet, a children's choir, a high school marching band, horn players, visual artists, and Mexican folkorico dancers. In addition to never-before-recorded new tracks and cover versions of songs by the Ramones, the Magnetic Fields, and Q Lazzarus, the concert film offers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the exhaustive rehearsals and preparation that went into putting on the show at the world-famous, Frank Gehry-designed venue, home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

© © 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Concert Films

Barack Obama Surprises Wife Michelle With Flowers Onstage At Her Book Event

Even after 26 years of marriage, Barack Obama still knows how to surprise his wife. 

Access Hollywood Latest News

Event (Unabridged) – David L. Golemon

David L. Golemon - Event (Unabridged)  artwork

Event (Unabridged)

David L. Golemon

Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 29.95

Publish Date: April 10, 2013

© ℗ © 2013 Recorded Books

iTunes Store: Top Audiobooks in Sci Fi & Fantasy

Le Wand to Host ‘Sex + Senses’ Event at Pleasure Chest in L.A.

On Nov.15, Le Wand and The Pleasure Chest team up to bring consumers “Sex + Senses,” an interactive experience described as “merging the physiology and psychology of sexuality with the sensual pleasure of the five senses.” – Pleasure & Retail

ANME Founders Anticipate ‘Biggest Event to Date’

With ANME two months away, the event’s founders say they are anticipating a bigger event with more opportunities for exhibitors and a larger space. – Pleasure & Retail

The Main Event – Live – Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra - The Main Event - Live  artwork

The Main Event – Live

Frank Sinatra

Genre: Jazz

Price: $ 6.99

Release Date: January 1, 1974

© ℗ 2010 Frank Sinatra Enterprises, LLC

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Jazz

Pixel Launch 2018: Everything You Need to Know from Google’s Event

Highlights from Google’s Pixel event: two new phones (the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL), the next Pixel Slate (now powered by Chrome OS) and the Google Home Hub smart screen.
WIRED Videos

Kanye West Orders Reporter Out of Event Over Kim Kardashian/Tyson Beckford Feud

[[tmz:video id=”0_5pch8nzz”]] Kanye West gave the folks at the Ralph Lauren party an ultimatum — kick a certain reporter out of the event, or he’ll book it. Kanye was on the red carpet at the Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary Fashion Show in Central Park…


TMZ Celebrity News for Fashion

PinkCherry Hosts Open House Event for Wholesale Customers

This week PinkCherry hosted an exclusive open house event that gathered its wholesale clients and vendors at the company’s headquarters in Toronto. – Pleasure & Retail

Tributes and celebrations at 60th Michael Jackson birthday event

The Jackson family and other stars turn out to pay tribute to Michael Jackson on what would have been his 60th birthday. Rough Cut – no reporter narration.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Cardi B Looks Incredible in First Public Event at VMAs Since Giving Birth

Cardi B just showed up to the VMAs — her first public event since giving birth last month — and the rapper looks incredible. CB arrived to Radio City Music Hall Monday evening in NYC rockin’ a beautiful purple gown and a sweet new pixie cut. Oh, and…


TMZ Celebrity News for Fashion

Kim Kardashian West Pops In for Event at Her L.A. Pop-Up Shop

Kim Kardashian West arrived in style Saturday at her pop up shop, with her mom Kris close by. After the event, as Kim walked out of Spago in Bev Hills, she told our photog she and Tristan Thompson were besties.  Sounds like she buried the…


TMZ Celebrity News for Beauty

Performance Driven: The Best Highlights From Apple’s WWDC 2018 Event

Apple CEO Tim Cook Kicks Off Worldwide Developers Conference

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Today (June 4), led by Tim Cook, Apple held their annual WWDC event, and the focus was entirely on improving the performance of their products with iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Mojave and Apple TV. We break down the best highlights from the highlights from the event. 

iOS 12

Apple’s software VP, Craig Federighi made it entirely clear to the attendees in the room that “for iOS 12, we are doubling down on performance.” Being that recent iOS updates have been very buggy lately this focus is warranted. There are definitely some new additions, changes, and improvements coming to your iPhone, IPads worth looking forward too.

Screen Time

Google introduced its digital well-being dashboard called Android P which wants to help users limit their phone use. Apple is aiming for the same with its new Screen Time feature which breaks down exactly how much you are using your iPhone and individual apps. Like Android P it will allow you to set a time limit for each app which will warn you when you are about hit your time limit and hit you with a “time’s up” message once the timer runs out.

Group FaceTime

If you always wanted to be able to facetime more than just one friend at one time the good folks at Apple have heard your cry. Thanks to iOS 12, you can now start a Facetime session that will feature up to 32 people. Now why you would want to be a part of a group text but with video is beyond us. We can see this feature being beneficial for conference calls maybe.


Apple is taking another page out of Google’s book with how iOS 12 will handle and store your photos. iOS 12 will now offer search suggestions, filter and effect suggestions as well as suggesting which friends to share the photo with. Honestly, something you similarly experience if you utilize Google Photo’s app BUT if you don’t want to download a Google on your iPhone (there are people like this) this update is for you.

Siri Gets An Upgrade

Apple is allowing third-party developers more integration with Siri giving them the ability to create shortcuts for the favorite digital assistant.

Apple WWDC 2018 Event

Source: Apple / apple


Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty

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Karl-Anthony Townes, DeAndre Jordan, Todd Gurley & More Attend “Call of Duty:Black Ops 4” Reveal Event [Photos]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveal Event

Source: Getty Images For Activision / Getty

Some big names from the NBA, NFL, and MLS were on hand to witness the reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and be the first to get hands-on with the game.

Thursday, May 17th, Activision developer Treyarch held a community reveal event for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 — the next chapter in the popular first-person shooter franchise. The event was held at the Jet Center Los Angeles in Hawthorne California.

On hand to witness the next step in the blockbuster franchise were hundreds of media, community members and celebrity Call of Duty players. Notable pro-athletes from across the sports world who love the game were in the building were L.A. Clippers all-star center DeAndre Jordan, Sacramento Kings young star De’Aron Fox, L.A. Rams star running back Todd Gurley, Minnesota Timberwolves all-star center Karl-Anthony Townes, Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and L.A. Galaxy left-back Ashley Cole.

L.A.’s top athletes even battled for hometown bragging rights in a “Battle For LA” game match as fans watched and cheered on.

In case you didn’t know, Black Ops 4 is ditching it’s single-player campaign and put all of its focus on the multiplayer aspect of the game. Along with tweaked gameplay and features, there is also a new Battle Royale mode called Blackout that has COD players excited that hopes to rival Fortnite and PUBG.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 arrives October 12th, and is available for pre-order now. For more photos from the night hit the flip.

[ione_media_gallery id=”752842″ overlay=”true”]

Photo: Charley Gallay / Getty Images for Activision


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Cynthia Nixon holds her first campaign event

The actress is running for governor of New York. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Kate Middleton Rubs Shoulders With Anna Winter & Stella McCartney At Fashion Event

Kate Middleton is rolling with the fashion set! 

Access Hollywood Latest News

Altitude Intimates Announces Confirmed Exhibitors for April Event

The Altitude Intimates Show has announced the confirmed exhibitors for its event at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on April 17-19, 2018. – Pleasure & Retail

Effigy of Harvey Weinstein burns at annual UK bonfire event

An effigy of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is burnt at an annual event organised by a bonfire society in Britain’s south-eastern town of Edenbridge. No reporter narration.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Everything From the Apple Event: iPhone X and 8, Watch, and Apple TV

All of the big announcements from the 2017 Apple event including the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, the series 3 cellular Watch and 4K Apple TV.
WIRED Videos

Michael Kors Event Interrupted by Anti-Fur Protesters Chanting and Taunting

[[tmz:video id=”0_bwv77rw8″]] Michael Kors’ friendly fashion chat was busted up by a pack of angry protesters who rushed the stage, surrounded the designer, then chanted wild animal noises at him. Kors had just started a chat with Alina Cho at The Met…


TMZ Celebrity News for Fashion

Jazmine Sullivan Performs Live At For Sisters Only Event

Jazmine Sullivan performed at the 16th annual For Sisters Only event on Halloween, taking a deep dive into her catalog for a memorable evening. Other performers included Vivian Green, Dru Hill and Rare Essence, along with Bern Nadette Stanis and a panel with the men of BET’s Being Mary Jane!
Sullivan’s latest album, Reality Show, landed in January.
RTT – Music
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Models Wanted
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Selena Gomez Named Chart-Topper Artist at Billboard’s Women in Music Event

The prestigious honor recognizes major career milestones on Billboard’s music charts and was won last year by Australia-born rapper Iggy Azalea.
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

‘SMUT’ BDSM Event Set for L.A.

The one-night “SMUT” event showcasing the kink and BDSM scene through art, fetish models, and kinky performance art, is set for Oct. 16 at Sanctuary Studios in Los Angeles. | Top Stories

Battle Rapper Cortez Says He Wants To Battle Keith Murray & Fredro Starr At MC WAR Event (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) It is just 2 days until Keith Murray and Fredro Starr finally face off one-on-one. While battle rap legends Murda Mook, Loaded Lux, and Hollow Da Don have all stated they are looking forward to seeing Murray go against Starr this weekend, one of their battle rap peers is challenging the two Hip Hop veterans to step in the ring against him.

[ALSO READ: Members Of The Battle Rap Community Share Their Thoughts On “Meek Mill Vs Drake”]

geneation x star vs murray IG FREE TIX(1)

MC WAR caught up with Cortez to get his opinion on Murray vs Starr. The New Yorker made it clear he wants to take down both men.

“You wanna know what I think about that battle? I will kill both them n*ggas,” declared Cortez. “Them n*ggas trying to come back and take shine off what the f*ck we built. I’ll go to the battle, and I will gladly battle both them n*ggas this Sunday.”

Will Cortez really run up in Brooklyn’s Milk River to take on Murray and Starr? Fans will have to wait until October 4 to find out.

To see MC WAR’s “Generation X” event in person purchase tickets at If you can’t make it to NYC on Sunday, watch the showcase live on at 10 pm.

[ALSO READ: AllHipHop Is Offering Free & Discounted Tickets To The Keith Murray Vs Fredro Starr Battle Event]

Watch Cortez’s interview below.

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The Airborne Toxic Event: All I Ever Wanted – Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall – The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event: All I Ever Wanted - Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall  artwork

The Airborne Toxic Event: All I Ever Wanted – Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Airborne Toxic Event

Genre: Concert Films

Price: $ 15.99

Release Date: January 1, 2010

Known for sweeping orchestral arrangements and blistering live shows, the Airborne Toxic Event burst onto the scene with their song "Sometime Around Midnight," which was voted iTunes' #1 Alternative Song of 2008 and reached #4 on the US Alternative Chart. Counting U2 among its fans, the band has built up a passionate fan base with its epic, string-laden music and extraordinary live performances. Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall is a documentary film chronicling the lead-up to the last of 354 shows in support of the the group's debut album. To mark the occasion, they were joined onstage by a variety of performers, including a world-class string quartet, a children’s choir, a high school marching band, horn players, visual artists, and Mexican folkórico dancers. In addition to never-before-recorded new tracks and cover versions of songs by the Ramones, the Magnetic Fields, and Q Lazzarus, the concert film offers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the exhaustive rehearsals and preparation that went into putting on the show at the world-famous, Frank Gehry-designed venue, home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

© © 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Concert Films

Lifetime to Televise Billboard Women in Music Event

Lady Gaga will be honored as 2015 Woman of the Year.
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

EXCLUSIVE: Loaded Lux Joins Murda Mook As A Host For “Keith Murray Vs Fredro Starr” Battle Event (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Battle rap royalty will be on hand at the upcoming Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr lyrical contest. After it was announced Murda Mook will be on the stage that night, fellow legendary battler Loaded Lux has been named as a host of MC War’s “Generation X” as well.

[ALSO READ: Murda Mook To Host MC WAR’s “Keith Murray Vs Fredro Starr” Battle (VIDEO)]

In an exclusive interview, Lux was asked for his thoughts on the two veteran song makers’ decision to step into the battle arena. The Harlem native offered some advice to Murray and Starr by reminding them that things did not turn out well when another “industry rapper” went up against a professional battle rapper unprepared.

“I know what they do over them beats and that music, but listen man – I tell people the battle game’s like the fight game. You gotta come ready to work,” says Lux. “If you’re playing and you ain’t prepared, then it’s gonna show. You see what happened when Canibus tried to come through.”

The Keith Murray versus Fredro Starr battle is scheduled for October 4 at Brooklyn’s Milk River. Tickets are available at will also broadcast the event live.

[ALSO READ: Keith Murray Calls Out Twista For $ 200,000 Rap Battle After Fredro Starr Contest (VIDEO)]

Watch Loaded Lux’s interview below.

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Charity Event “A Cause for Entertainment” Raises Thousands for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade

“If you can laugh, laugh. You cannot take your life so seriously, even though this is the most serious thing that could possibly happen to you,” said ‘Workaholics’ actress Jillian Bell, who came out to support the cause.

read more


Here’s All the New Stuff From Apple’s Big iPhone Event

Apple presented new a Watch partnership, its new iPad Pro and Pencil stylus, a new Apple TV and of course, the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus with 3D Touch, 4K video and Live Photo features.
WIRED Videos – The Scene

Fetish Art Gallery Announces ‘Dog and Pony Show’ Closing Event

The Antebellum fetish art gallery will be holding it’s closing event for the “Dog and Pony Show,” an art exhibition exploring human pet fetishes such as pony and puppy play on Aug. 29. | Top Stories

A$AP Rocky Lights Up Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ & Galaxy Note5 Launch Event [Photos]

Samsung has repeatedly told you that “The Next Big Thing” is already here and the prestigious company is set to release the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 on August 21 to live together in technological matrimony.

Last night (August 18), West Hollywood was transformed into a star-studded celebration for plenty of Samsung ambassadors ahead of the new product rollout.

DJ M.O.S. warmed up the crowd with Hip-Hop freshness from new and old as Chrissy Teigen (fresh off her viral ad), Jamie Foxx, Tyrese, Russell Simmons, Wesley Snipes, Demi Levato, and Aldis Hodge (coming Straight Outta Compton), among others enjoyed an open bar and the atmosphere.

Elsewhere, technical newlyweds Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade treated their Los Angeles rendezvous like a date night and planned an one-year anniversary vacation.

Midway through the night, A$ AP Rocky–alongside A$ AP Twelvy–took the center stage for a surprise performance and ran through three albums worth of material with hits like “M’s”, “Wassup”, “Goldie”, “Electric Body” and “Everyday.” Seeing that power of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ was at his disposal, he allowed fans to use the phone to choose his swan song. Of course they chose his “favorite” track, “F**king Problems.”

Check out the sights and scenes from the actual “Next Big Thing” party down below. For more information on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5, visit their official website.





Photos: WireImage for Samsung

The post A$ AP Rocky Lights Up Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ & Galaxy Note5 Launch Event [Photos] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Event Horizon 2:25
Cosmic forces in an infinite regress plus SEXUAL CONTENT $ $ $ ! From the sketch series Tragic Relief.
Submitted by: Tragic Relief
Keywords: sex space disaster
Views: 17,497

Funny or Die | Funny Videos, Funny Video Clips, Funny Pictures

Donald Trump — Booted from Republican Event Over Megyn Kelly Comment

Donald Trump is now persona non grata at a big Republican event tonight, for his comments about Megyn Kelly. Erick Erickson, who organized the RedState Gathering, says, “I just don’t want someone on stage who gets a hostile question from a lady and his…


TMZ Celebrity News for Stars In Heat

New Olympic Event

I have often said that training your kid for the Olympics is a form of child abuse because it is such a waste of time and talent. Especially if you don’t win. Training for the Olympics is a good example of not following the odds.

But apparently things CAN get worse, at least for the athletes that will be swimming in the rivers in Rio that are equal parts poop and water.

If your firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.

I have this image of the TV network that covers the Olympics going to commercial break, everyone in Rio uses the bathroom, and the simultaneous flushing causes a river wave that sweeps the competitors out to the ocean.

I have said enough.


Meanwhile, on Top Tech Blog

Okay, here’s what I want to see.

I want this camera mounted on the bottom of a drone. And I want to watch the video it produces in a round room that is surrounded by those new curved TVs, as if I am sitting in a cockpit of a moving aircraft. That way I can take a tour all around Paris, for example, steering as I please.

That’s how I want to travel.

In the long run, that’s also how I want to learn. I want to be immersed in a topic via CGI and video. I want to be on the battlefield with Napolean. I want to watch evolution in fast-forward as if viewed from a time machine. I want to learn math by being inside it. In other words, I want an immersive learning room along with lots of content.

I figure that will come just before the holodeck.

Scott Adams Blog

Wale Teams With First Lady Michelle Obama For “Reach Higher” Initiative Event

(AllHipHop News) Maybach Music Group artist Wale will join First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House this week for the 2015 Beating the Odds Summit. The Reach Higher initiative event will host more than 130 college-bound students from across the country in Washington, D.C.

Wale will perform for the students from urban, rural, foster, homeless and special-needs backgrounds who have overcome obstacles to make it to college. “The Matrimony” rapper is also set to take part in a panel moderated by E! News co-host Terrence Jenkins which will feature the FLOTUS, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and 1vyG co-founder Manuel Contreras.

“I’m beyond honored & grateful to be involved in the First Lady’s ‘Reach Higher’ initiative and to have the opportunity to sit down with her, as well as perform for the kids of D.C. I believe that the youth are the first step in creating a better country, so to be involved in a program that aims to enrich their lives is truly the greatest reward,” says Wale. “Having grown up in Washington, D.C., being invited to the White House by the First Lady is a dream come true. Thank you to Mrs. Obama and her entire staff for this opportunity.”

The 2015 Beating the Odds Summit is scheduled for Thursday, July 23. In addition, students will participate in workshops and panels led by the U.S. Department of Education, Google’s Jaime Casap, and other leaders in K-12 and post-secondary education.

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BREAKING: Shooting Event At Chattanooga Reserve Center Has Ended

As details from the Chattanooga reserve center shooting in Tennessee continue to develop, authorities say the event has come to a violent end. The shooting took place at a Navy Reserve center and a military recruiting center in two separate instances, and the investigation to discover why the shooter opened fired is underway.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke is set to address residents of the city regarding what is known about the unnamed Chattanooga shooter according to CNN, NBC News, and ABC News. The shooting was said to have taken place just before 11:00 a.m. local time, although much of this is still speculative.

Around 1:15 p.m. local time, the gunman was taken down, thus putting an end to the harrowing situation although there were some injuries. Reports say that at least two marines and one police officer are among the shooting victims after the gunman fired an unofficial 25-30 rounds at the two facilities.

More from ABC News:

At least three people — two Marines and one police officer — were injured in a shooting today in Chattanooga, Tennessee, according to law enforcement officials.

The shooter has not been identified but is believed to be dead after being neutralized and it is no longer an active shooter situation, sources told ABC News.

There were two scenes of the shooting — one at a Naval Operation Support Center and an Armed Forces Recruiting Center that houses an Army and Marine recruiting office — though all of the injuries are believed to have occurred at the Naval Operation Support Center, according to federal officials.

There are rumors that some Marines working at the Navy reserve center may have been killed, but we caution that these are largely unconfirmed reports.

We will update this post with new information as soon as we can.

Photo: CNN

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Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj on Lineup for Inaugural Event

The Weeknd, Skrillex and Lil Wayne also are among those headed to Jones Beach.
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj to Perform at Inaugural Event

The Weeknd, Skrillex and Lil Wayne also are among those headed to Jones Beach.
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Inside Donald Trump’s Private Hollywood Event: “Love” for NBC, Pundits “Are Dopes”

Trump spoke at the Luxe Hotel to hundreds of members of Friends of Abe.

read more

Hollywood Reporter

Event Horizon – Paul W.S. Anderson

Paul W.S. Anderson - Event Horizon  artwork

Event Horizon

Paul W.S. Anderson

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: August 15, 1997

Its name: EVENT HORIZON. The high-tech, pioneering research spacecraft mysteriously vanished, without a trace, on its maiden voyage seven years earlier. But a weak, persistent signal form the long-missing craft prompts a rescue team, headed by the intrepid Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne, THE MATRIX and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III), to wing its way through the galaxy on a bold rescue mission. Accompanying Miller is his elite crew and the lost ship’s designer (Sam Neill, JURASSIC PARK); their mission is to find and salvage the state-of-the-art interstellar horror. Kathleen Quinlan (APOLLO 13) and Joely Richardson (TV’s NIP/TUCK) also star in this gripping sci-fi thriller.

© © 2006 Paramount Pictures

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Horror

Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Both Wore See-Through Dresses To The Same Event

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian wore similar sexy, sheer dresses to an event in Cannes.

Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Both Wore See-Through Dresses To The Same Event

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian wore similar sexy, sheer dresses to an event in Cannes.

Brandon Flowers Announces London Solo Album Signing Event

Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has announced a signing event in London to commemorate the release of his latest solo album The Desired Effect. Flowers will be appearing at HMV’s 363 Oxford Street store at 1:30 p.m. on May 22. Wristbands are currently available at the store when fans buy a copy of the album, limited to 300 on a first-come-first-served basis.
RTT – Music
Webcam Performers Wanted – Earn $ 100,000 per year!

Models Wanted
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WWE Legend Scott Hall — BOOTED FROM WRESTLING EVENT … Allegedly Hammered, Again

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall was physically escorted out of a wrestling event in NJ this weekend … after promoters say the recovering substance abuser was way too hammered to do his job.  Hall has battled drug…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Roger Clemens — ROCKET HITS THE RUNWAY … At Houston Fashion Event

Can you spot the male model in this pic?  Trick question … they’re two!  MLB legend Roger Clemens threw on his finest aqua bow tie and hit the runway at Theresa Roemer’s Fashion Woodlands in Houston last week.  The Rocket — along…


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Trinidad James Hosts Art Gallery Event In Oakland [VIDEO]

Trinidad James is riding his independent wave from the surfs kicked up on No One is $ afe. Recently, the gold-plated rapper brought a successful culture clash of his Atlanta sensibilities with the vibrant climate of Oakland by hosting a Nic Nac Event Planning art gallery.

Oakland Hot Plate was the headquarters for the exquisite event that brought together many of the top creative artists from all over the Bay Area on March 6.

“We just wanted to bring a good vibe out her to Oakland,” James said to the packed house. “A lot of peace of light.”

Afterwards James posed for pictures and saluted all the artists for the work.

Peep the behind-the-scenes, Keoni Mars and Meez-produced video below.

Photo: GoldGangTv

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XBIZ Retail Retreat Event Dates Announced

Fresh off the heels of the third annual Hollywood edition of the XBIZ Retreat, XBIZ is pleased to announce the upcoming Miami XBIZ Retreat is set for May 31 to June 4. | Top Stories

Hustler Hollywood Hosts Launch Event for The Stockroom’s Joanna Angel Line

Hustler Hollywood on the Sunset Strip will host an event to introduce The Stockroom’s new line dedicated to alt starlet Joanna Angel, on Friday, Jan. 30, at 8:30 p.m. | Top Stories

A Taylor Swift Special Event!

It may be 2014 in the real world, but it’s “1989” in Ellen’s room when one of her favorite guests, TAYLOR SWIFT, comes by to celebrate her new album! There will be music. There will be dancing. There will be fans, friends and games! Most importantly,…
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The Sing-Off Holiday Event on 12/17!

Watch a special “Sing-Off” holiday event for one night only – Wednesday, December 17 on NBC.

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