Aldridge’s 56 highlight Spurs’ offensive fireworks

On a night the Spurs’ 3-point shooting shined, LaMarcus Aldridge managed to be the star of the show, dropping a career-high 56 points in a 154-147 win over OKC. – NBA

Fireworks (Unabridged) – Sarina Bowen

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Fireworks (Unabridged)

Sarina Bowen

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6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Photograph Fireworks with Your Phone

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Photograph Fireworks with Your Phone

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Photograph Fi…
Please don’t use your cell phone to take pictures of fireworks on the 4th of July.
Submitted by: Dashiell Driscoll
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Pyrotechnics Pro Explains the Art of Those Massive Fireworks Shows

Ever wonder how those massive fireworks spectacles get off the ground? From black powder to barium, music to mortars, pyrotechnics pro Jim Souza, whose company puts on the Macy’s 4th of July Show in New York, explains the year-long process behind putting on a major performance.
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Washington D.C. 4th of July Fireworks Are Costing More This Year

The government is shelling out more dough this year on the National Mall 4th of July Celebration when it comes to fireworks … $ 30k more, but it’s unclear if it’s getting a bigger bang for its buck. We got ahold of the National Park Service’s contract…


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Brody Jenner’s Wedding Celebration in Full Effect with Fireworks

[[tmz:video id=”0_atixtvk3″]] Brody Jenner is a married man after tying the knot at an island resort … and then the party was ON!!! Brody got hitched to his longtime girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, Saturday on Nihi Sumba — an exotic island off the coast…


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Big Mike’s Celebrity 4th of July Party, Fireworks Catch House on Fire

[[tmz:video id=”0_hcqplvi7″]] Big Mike — the founder of Advanced Nutrients who also throws epic Malibu parties — had his celebrity Fourth of July bash interrupted when the house next door went up in flames … presumably from fireworks. Lots of celebs…


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Kardashian Fireworks Show — Authorities At Fault … Kardashians Are Clean

The Kardashian family did everything right during the midnight fireworks show in August that pissed off tons of LA locals … and according to the D.A., the people to blame are in law enforcement. The D.A. says the family will not be prosecuted for…


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Kardashians — Fireworks Investigation Goes Boom!! D.A. Rejects Case

Bust out the M80s — Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian can celebrate dodging criminal charges for that massive fireworks display they set off in the middle of the night … terrifying beach residents. Law enforcement sources tell us the L.A. County…


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Kardashians — Beach Residents To Sue Family Over Terrifying Fireworks Show

The Kardashians may have bought themselves another round of fireworks … in court. Twelve Marina del Rey homeowners — including several celebs — have banned together and will file a small claims court lawsuit against Khloe and Kris for…


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Khloe Kardashian & James Harden — Set Off HUGE Birthday Fireworks … City Officials PISSED! (VIDEO)

1:00 PM PT – We’ve now learned Khloe and James did NOT need a permit to set off the fireworks. They did need the Coast Guard to sign off on the safety of the display, and they got that.Khloe Kardashian and James Harden…


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Steve-O — Charged in Fireworks Stunt

Steve-O’s human King Kong stunt atop a Hollywood crane earlier this month could land him in jail — the Jackass star’s been hit with 5 misdemeanors. The L.A. City Attorney charged Steve for creating a false emergency, use of unregistered fireworks,…


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Another One? Buccaneers’ C.J. Wilson Loses 2 Fingers In Fireworks Accident

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback C.J. Wilson injured his hand during a fireworks accident last weekend.

The Lincoln Times-News in Wilson’s hometown of Lincolnton, North Carolina, reported that Wilson lost two fingers in the incident. The newspaper cited sources close to the family who said the incident occurred at Wilson’s home in Lincolnton, where family members and friends were present.

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‘Inside Out’ Provides Fourth of July Fireworks

Disney-Pixar’s “Inside Out” delivered the firepower this week – edging out record breaking favorite “Jurassic World” – to take the top spot over the July Fourth holiday weekend. Rudi Bakhtiar reports

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Why Do We Shoot Off Fireworks on the Fourth of July?


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No One Is Looking At Your Fireworks Pictures

Every year in July, Americans wearing their washed-out flag shirts from 2000 that they’ve kept because they only wear them once per year (unless they recently painted their living room) gather together on an open field with picnic blankets and folding chairs to partake in the Sisyphean task of capturing the best moments of a fireworks show on camera. In a poll conducted by the United States Wasting Time Foundation (USWTF), when presented with a list of most patriotic pastimes, 73% of respondents chose “trying to take good pictures at a fireworks show on the 4th of July” over “listening to Bob Dylan,” “attending a baseball game and actually staying until the ninth inning,” and “proudly singing the chorus to ‘American Pie,’ but mumbling through every other verse.”

Human beings have a long history of being interested in capturing these temporal bursts of color in a format they can keep forever, but ironically never look at these photos after July 5th of the year the photo was taken. So dire was this need to immortalize fireworks on our memory cards and overcrowded photo libraries on our phones that camera manufacturers had to have an important meeting.

Leading Camera Manufacturer: “The people want to be able to take pictures of fireworks.”

More Expensive Leading Camera Manufacturer: “But a dark sky combined with a colorful explosive that’s at it’s most photogenic for about two seconds? For the amateur photographer, it’s impossible to get a good shot!”

Leading Camera Manufacturer: “You’re right…”

Shady Camera Manufacturer Conglomerate That Also Sells Appliances and Frozen Foods: “Well, why don’t we try to develop a fireworks setting to match the snow and pet settings we rolled out…”

More Expensive Leading Camera Manufacturer: “That’s a great idea!”

Shady Camera Manufacturer Conglomerate That Also Sells Appliances and Frozen Foods: “Only let’s make sure it doesn’t work so all the fireworks just look like the outtakes from an acid trip at an EDM festival.”

And so the camera setting became standard on many point and shoot digital cameras.


I’m no better than any of you. There are a number of fireworks pictures buried in my Facebook photo albums. Every July I promise myself that this will be the year I’ll give up the pursuit of taking one Great fireworks picture, but I keep trying anyway, with marginal success.




But I can see the Great Picture in my mind. The photo is clear and crisp and worthy of a special edition stamp! I would catch one of those huge red, white, and blue asterisks at its fullest in the sky–the kind you can tell by the nnneeeeeeeeeeoow BOOOOM that you’re going to have to crane your neck back to see just how far it stretches into the atmosphere. This sublime could-be photo is the Moby Dick of my summer every year, but the true paradox of my quest is that I am literally the only person in the entire world who cares about taking, seeing, or sharing this picture.

This may be hard for some people to hear, but it needs to be said before we all miss out on reveling in the swell of pride only Kate Perry’s “Firework” can summon at a fireworks display: No one is looking at your fireworks pictures. Maybe your boring family members will, and maybe a few of the people you’re trying to impress with your existence on social media will idly glance at them, but at the end of the day, no one lives for fireworks pictures. People don’t even really like them. They just exist, and we keep adding to the library of useless fireworks pictures every year.

Fireworks pictures are all about the chase. You’re on the ground getting eaten alive by mosquitos sitting between some guy telling his grandson about a war he served in and a nauseating couple watching the entire show in each other’s eyes, and the music picks up and the explosives start firing off faster, and a tiny thought wiggles its way out of a pocket of your brain saying, “Capture this!!!! You need to get this!!! Look at how cool this is!! Don’t you want to keep this to look at this in November???” So you spend the entire fireworks display waiting for the best shot after too many misfires, and by the time its over, you’ve got 37 shaky-handed pictures that look like they could easily be a streetlight captured by a photographer with epilepsy.

Unlike your very best selfies or your enviable vacation pictures, no one is interested in revisiting fireworks photos. When it comes to holidays whose pictures you’re most likely to look at again later in the year, Fourth of July comes last, and it’s not because fireworks are lame; it’s because fireworks are at their best when you see them live. I’m not one to admonish people for wanting to keep a memento of life’s sweetest moments (#picsoritdidnthappen), but in the case of fireworks, it’s really best to put the camera down and just enjoy the show.

A random picture of fireworks won’t conjure memories of that awful Murphy’s Law feeling when you unwittingly sit behind a tree that blocks your view. It also can’t portray the surprise you feel when some tough guy sitting next to you wells up in tears staring at the sky. A misfired picture can’t trap the solemn magic of celebrating something with friends, family, and strangers, all with their eyes lit up in wonder over something so simple.

There’s a time and a place for fireworks pictures, but unless you’re at Disney World getting Cinderella’s castle in the background, know that fireworks pictures — much like photos of food and your open laptop — are the kind of thing people will see once and never look at again. Don’t let getting the perfect fireworks pictures make you feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, because no one’s looking at your fireworks pictures anyway.

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What’s Inside – Fireworks

Fireworks are as synonymous with the Fourth of July as hot dogs and barbecues, but what makes the decorative flashes of light burn so bright? A mix of charcoal, potassium nitrate, and sulfur, among many other ingredients.
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Flavor Flav — Fireworks Criminal Case Fizzles

The cosmos has finally aligned for Flavor Flav, because he’s off the hook for a fireworks show cops claimed was criminal. Flav got busted for setting off 100 lbs. of illegal fireworks last July 4th at his Las Vegas pad. The D.A.’s office…


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Flavor Flav Cited By Police Over Fireworks Show

Police have cited rapper Flavor Flav over his annual Fourth of July fireworks show outside his Las Vegas home.
Stars Celebrate the Fourth of July… Music News

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