Kylie Jenner Receives $5,000 Solo Cup Floral Arrangement

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to flowers or cash … so clearly nothing makes more sense than to gift her a gigantic solo cup made of roses … which comes with a hefty price tag. Jenner showed off the creation from La Fleur Bouquets Thursday — a 21st…


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Floral Reference for Tattoo Artists – Ed Bundy

Ed Bundy - Floral Reference for Tattoo Artists  artwork

Floral Reference for Tattoo Artists

Botanical Illustrations

Ed Bundy

Genre: Art & Architecture

Publish Date: February 16, 2016

Publisher: Ed Bundy Fine Art Photography

Seller: Edwin Bundy

This book was compiled by Ed Bundy for Black Water Tattoo and Design. The illustrations in this collection were gathered from various 18th and 19th century botanical references, then edited and retouched for electronic publication. As illustration, the images contained are the original artists depiction of the living form, and intended only as reference material. Color and structure of artist’s representations may vary slightly from the living varietals.

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How to Create a Fall Floral Arrangement With Foraged Foliage

floral arrangements

Fall foliage is now in its prime. Dahlias, bittersweet berries, and crabapple branches in shades of orange and crimson are abundant and may even be growing in your own backyard. Rather than taking a trip to the flower market, foraging can be a wonderful way to create unique and fresh floral arrangements showcasing berries and shrubs that may otherwise go unnoticed. “Oftentimes, the best foraging can be on the side of any road or highway,” says potter Frances Palmer of Frances Palmer Pottery. Earlier this month, Palmer teamed up with florists Michael and Darroch Putnam of Putnam & Putnam for an afternoon of foraging at her Connecticut home. There they collected bunches of ripe blooms and rustic branches to create whimsical Secret Garden–esque arrangements in Palmer’s signature white vases. Here, Palmer and Darroch Putnam offer tips and tricks for transforming foraged finds into effortless, woodsy centerpiece arrangements.

What types of flowers and berries work best for fall floral arrangements?
Frances Palmer:
The flowers that are abundant in my garden in the fall are dahlias, nicotiana, zinnias, roses, cosmos, scabiosa, sage, and amaranth. Porcelain and bittersweet berries grow nearby, and rose hips as well. I use fruit branches such as raspberry, crabapple, fig, grape, and apple. Then come the quince and persimmon fruit and branches, which are also gorgeous. I like vegetables and herbs like tomatoes, string beans, chard, fennel, mint, basil, and nasturtiums.

Darroch Putnam: Fall is an exciting time for flowers! Dahlias are at their peak. Other wonderful fall flowers are Japanese anemones (also called autumn anemones), amaranth, zinnias, and celosia. When arranging with fruit, pomegranates, apples, persimmons, and grapes are all in season and fun to work with.

What combination of florals, greenery, and branches create the best effect?
I tend to think of flower arrangements by color. I take different types and sizes of flowers and branches and put them together to make a profusion of orange, pink, or red. I’ll pick branches that will support the flowers in the vessel and give an underlay of the dominant color.

DP: When making an arrangement, you should start with base foliage: Choose something with an interesting shape and color. Then find a focal flower that pulls in a color found in the branch. A great combination for the fall is plum branches and chocolate dahlias. You could also bring in other elements with a similar palette—a burgundy trailing amaranth and pomegranates would look beautiful.

What are crucial tools to have on hand when foraging and making the arrangements?
FP: For foraging, I always carry clippers in my car or bring them with me on my daily walk with my dog, Peter. For flower arrangements, I use the clippers and the foraged branches, which function as the support system in the vase or bowl for the arrangement.

DP: When foraging, always wear pants, long sleeves, and gloves. There are many plants that can irritate the skin when touched, as well an abundance of thorn-covered vines and branches. Also bring a bucket or canvas drop cloth to put your found materials in, small floral clippers, extending loppers, and waterproof shoes.

What types of vessels do you like to use?
FP: I am a potter and make many shapes of vases and footed bowls. Just as I think of the flower arrangements in terms of color, I select the vessel by glaze to echo the tones of the flowers.

DP: We always lean toward a footed bowl or compote. The wide opening and shallow base is easiest to achieve a low, wide arrangement.

Do you find particular flowers while foraging that may not be available in flower markets?
FP: I don’t go to the New York flower markets often to compare, but when a foraged flower is cut fresh, it is at its best. This summer I was working with joe-pye weed, goldenrod, jewelweed, Queen Anne’s lace, yellow primrose, clover, milkweed, chicory, aster, rose hip, and grapevine. Not pokeweed, as that is toxic.

DP: Finding flowers while foraging can be tricky. Many types of wildflowers wilt immediately when cut. That being said, there are many fun flowers like goldenseal, milkweed, and Queen Anne’s lace that are in abundance in the Northeast.

For city dwellers who don’t have access to fields of wildflowers and berries, where would you recommend to forage? Are there any hidden foraging gems nearby?
FP: Oftentimes, the best foraging can be on the side of any road or highway. For example, I always contend that the best lilacs are on the side of a highway. If you are going onto someone’s property or into a park or preserve, it is optimal to get permission first.

DP: Foraging can be tricky because you often need a permit to cut in state parks. We often find fun stuff growing on the side of country roads in upstate New York. Just be weary of traffic and never pull over on busy highways. The best option is to forage on friends’ and family’s property if you have that option available.

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Olivia Palermo Takes the Floral Dress Into Fall

olivia palermo

Just because fashion month is over doesn’t mean pretty young things won’t find new reasons to get dressed up. One front row regular who took the season off was Olivia Palermo, and the stylish girl-about-town was spotted earlier in Dublin.

Palermo’s Preen dress features a blooming bouquet in a painterly palette of poppy red, yellow, and blue, which is offset by jewelry from her collection for BaubleBar. The asymmetric, sheer hem adds a light touch and throws the spotlight on her eye-catching Christian Louboutin red stilettos.


Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Palermo / @oliviapalermo

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Resort 2016 Accessories Trend: 3-D Floral Embellishment

Resort proved a veritable garden of botanical delights, with three-dimensional floral embellishments sweetly adorning bags, shoes and bracelets. Sculptural yet small in scale, this fresh take on the floral trend felt decidedly demure.

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Matthew Williamson Teams With Floral Artist Rebecca Louise Law

British designer Matthew Williamson teamed with floral artist Rebecca Louise Law to revamp the courtyard of Blakes Hotel London into the Hendrick’s Horticultural Oasis, open daily from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. through July 14. Inspired by the botanical makeup of Hendrick’s Gin, the space was curated with British roses, juniper berries, peonies, hydrangeas and lavender alongside taxidermy and vintage garden furniture.
“I was given free rein creatively over the space, which is great as I can be true to my own personal design DNA,” Williamson said. “I aimed to create a magical oasis for guests to escape the hustle and bustle of London. I’ve used my Osborne & Little fabrics from the Samana collection, which work so well in the space.” He also collaborated with Rockett St. George to source the furniture, while Law’s display in the glass “birdcage” summer house “transforms the space into a wonderful floral sensory experience.”

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Best Accessories at the 2015 Met Gala: Artful Floral Headpieces, Jade Green Jewels & More!

Lily Aldridge, Met Gala AccessoriesWow, what a Met Gala.

While we’re still reeling from the nearly naked dresses, small stadium-sized robes and jaw-dropping beauty looks, we have to give some love to the eye-catching…

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Fashion’s Latest Foray: Floral Design

From former Teen Vogue editor Taylor Tomasi’s TTH Blooms to Tom Ford PR director Adam Wilkie’s London-based Flowerbx, the style set is making a switch from the front row to the flower shop.

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Head-To-Toe Floral Is Our Spring Uniform

Though floral always seems to be “in,” the blooming print is reborn practically every spring on the runways. This season, it’s popping up as a bright and wonderfully feminine print, with and designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors pushing the print from head-to-toe. We’re ready to live in an all-floral uniform as sunnier skies arrive.

But this vivid print can be decidedly hard to wear full-body without looking like a busy hotel curtain. We partnered with Nordstrom to round up some ladies who nail head-to-toe floral, making it look chic, effortless and season-perfect. On these women, floral is definitely not your grandma’s print. Better take notes.


We’re excited to try out these fashion-forward takes on floral. Nordstrom is gearing up for spring 2015 with a spotlight on fresh trends like this one — check out what they’re excited about, from petaled prints to strappy sandals, @nordstrom.
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The Foolproof Way to Style a Chic Floral Centerpiece

Flowers always look so pretty on a table, but arranging a mixed bouquet can feel kinda daunting. {What do you DO with all the green stuff?! } Here’s an easy way to cheat your next…

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Great Style Has No Size: Flattering Floral Prints for Winter

Floral prints don’t have to be saccharine. These fresh blooms have a dark, graphic side that’s as cool and moody as it is feminine.
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What to Wear to Work Tomorrow: A Floral Skirt, White T-Shirt, and Wedges

If you don't wear a uniform at work, getting dressed for the office can be a daily test of patience. But never fear! Every evening at 10 P.M., we're bringing you simple and chic work-appropriate…

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FASHION NEWS UPDATE-Visit 2 Spendless Online today for the hottest deals online!’s Fall Fashion | Floral

Some say floral is effeminate; we say it’s ballsy. See more from our Fall Fasion preview:

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