Episode 326 Scott Adams: China, Mass Migration, Peak Climate Change, Fusion Power, Misandry


  • President Trump’s tweet on Fentanyl death penalty
  • Unlimited power from fusion reactors is getting closer to reality
  • Yellow vested French workers will be out of work in 10 years
  • Countries who do and don’t control immigration in 10 years
  • Other countries are beginning to want their own President Trump
  • Populations are reaching peak tolerance for taxes
  • Climate change feels closer to resolved, rather than dire
  • Kirsten Gillibrand tweets “our future is female”
    • A Senator is allowed to say that?
    • The future is NOT equality, that ISN’T what we seek?
    • The future is men against women?
    • 48 hour rule is in effect for clarification

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Emerson College’s Fusion of Bright Colorful Prints and Unique Vintage Finds

Emerson College is known for its creative students and innovative alumni. From motivated journalists to aspiring film directors and everything in between, Emerson stands out from the rest by encouraging us to think outside of the box and distinguish ourselves by pushing the boundaries. As Emerson’s motto states, “Bringing innovation to communication and the arts,” students are always on the hunt for the next big thing. You can feel an air of competition as soon as you walk into a class, which makes anyone even more excited to be the best one can be.

Earlier this year, the same happened to me. I transferred to Emerson on my sophomore year. While I was nervous and anxious to adapt to a new school, I knew I had made the right decision. The first few months I did not have many friends in class. However, I liked them all. You see, there is a thing about first impressions that really amazes me. Even though my classmates and I did not talk a lot during or after class, their style and confidence taught me more about themselves than anything that we could have talk before.

What seduced me about studying at Emerson was the ability of the students to be unique and follow their own path without breaking any rules. In fact, there are no rules to break. You make your own. I felt that being creative and innovative was not enough to stand out. You want to exude the passion and imagination to the outside so people notice that you have a special talent. Moreover, because I love fashion and I have a blog called Sanctuary of Freedom, students are Emerson College are a daily outfit inspiration for me. One of my favorite things about Emerson is the clash of colors and prints that happen on the halls. From polka-dots to psychedelic prints and vintage rock band logos, you can spot every print mash-up and color-block trend on campus.

I think Emerson’s motto applies both to the academics and the style of the students. Having personal style and a unique look makes you communicate an innovative message of constant change. Jorge Drexler, famous Uruguayan musician sings, “Nada se pierde, todo se transforma,” which means, “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.” As for style, you do not lose it. It evolves with you. That is what I feel about the fashion consciousness of an Emerson student.

This Fashionista embodies the risk-taking environment one feels at Emerson. You can spot the mix of prints like stripes, plaid and a funky circular print from the pants. Even though Emerson students are competitive in the academic field, when it comes to fashion they are very easy-going. Converse over anything, rolled-up pants and a loose knotted T-shirt. It is effortlessly chic. She chose a color pattern with neutrals like black and white and a strong dark green. When I asked her what was her favorite piece, she told me it was the vest because it was vintage and she found it in a market in Paris. I smiled and agreed with her. I think many of Emerson’s students are vintage junkies, and I love it. Walking on the streets near Emerson, one can spot Fashionistas with oversized denim jackets, or a vest in this case and soft washed-out vintage T-shirts paired with an on-trend item. That is what an Emerson student is all about: innovation, transformation and evolution. For that reason, I’m proud to say that Emerson College is a fashion-forward society.





Andrea Fernandez is a junior at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts majoring in Journalism with a minor in Photography. She has been working with CollegeFashionista for three semesters and counting. As a result of the success of her fashion blog Sanctuary of Freedom, Andrea is part of Teen Vogue’s fashion click blogger and has had the chance to go to New York Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week. Also, she contributes as a writer in the fashion section of Emerson’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, Em Mag. She hopes to move to New York once she graduates to pursue her dream of being an editor-in-chief at one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world.
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