Men’s Wearhouse Founder Still Pitching Guarantees, Now for Generation Tux

‘Memba the Men’s Wearhouse pitchman who had those iconic commercials guaranteeing satisfaction? Well, he’s still makin’ the same promises … almost word-for-word, but for his new company. George Zimmer — the founder of MW, who got booted from the…


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The Olsen Twins Were Heroes For a Generation of Girls — New York Minute Was Their Swan Song

15 years after its release, the Olsen twins’ 2004 film ‘New York Minute’ is a tribute to their influence on a generation of girls, and the brand of girlhood they embodied.

Generation Nightmare – Twiztid

Twiztid - Generation Nightmare  artwork

Generation Nightmare


Genre: Rap

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: April 26, 2019

© ℗ 2019 Majik Ninja Entertainment

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Quinnen Williams is a ‘next generation’ tackle — and a soon-to-be NFL star

Alabama standout Quinnen Williams is the epitome of the modern defensive tackle — he “can do it all.” But before he changes the game, he’s going to have the time of his life. – NFL

A Conquest Impossible to Resist: A Cynster Next Generation Novel – Stephanie Laurens

Stephanie Laurens - A Conquest Impossible to Resist: A Cynster Next Generation Novel  artwork

A Conquest Impossible to Resist: A Cynster Next Generation Novel

Stephanie Laurens

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 19.99

Publish Date: March 14, 2019

© ℗ © 2019 Blackstone Audio

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My Generation – David Batty

David Batty - My Generation  artwork

My Generation

David Batty

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 6.99

Rental Price: $ 0.99

Release Date: August 14, 2018

"My Generation" tells the inspiring story of the pop culture explosion in 1960s through the eyes of Britain’s greatest living movie actor. Michael Caine introduces the film in the buttoned up, monochrome heart of London at the start of the 1960s, in a world blighted by economic hardship with WW2 rationing having ended only six years earlier. In 1960s London a new generation has come of age. They’re energised, rebellious and hopeful. It’s these young men and women, particularly the working class, that were to have a huge impact on popular culture as barriers collapsed and the world headed into the most tumultuous decade of the century. The documentary transforms into glorious technicolour as the cultural revolution gathers momentum and we’re enveloped in the kinetic world of London in the mid-1960s, an era marked by the rise of Beatlemania, the first star photographers, film makers and advertisers, creative people who embrace the exploding world of mass media with astonishing results.

© © 2017 Raymi Hero Productions

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What the Next Generation of Audio Wearables Looks Like

BRANDED CONTENT | Produced by WIRED Brand Lab for Bose |

Bose Frames are an incredible new audio wearable that incorporate Bose’s world-class sound system into a stylish pair of sunglasses. Crystal Mackenzie, Head of Marketing and Partnerships for Bose Frames and AR, and Mehul Trivedi, Director of Bose Frames, talk about some of the challenges that came with designing and engineering this new audio experience and what the future of audio wearables looks like.
WIRED Videos

Born In the Wrong Generation – Hayden Baker

Hayden Baker - Born In the Wrong Generation  artwork

Born In the Wrong Generation

Hayden Baker

Genre: Country

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: November 30, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Hayden Baker Music

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Generation Iron 3 – Vlad Yudin

Vlad Yudin - Generation Iron 3  artwork

Generation Iron 3

Vlad Yudin

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 19.99

Release Date: December 7, 2018

The original Generation Iron film highlighted a new generation of competitors whose only passion was to become the greatest and win the Mr. Olympia competition. Generation Iron 2 revealed the further expansion of the bodybuilding industry, how the internet changed it, and how athletes were finding new ways to push the limit of physique perfection. Now Generation Iron 3 will attempt to finally answer the ultimate question – what is the ideal and perfect physique? Traveling across the globe including India, Brasil, Europe, Africa, Canada, and the USA – Generation Iron 3 will feature and follow bodybuilders, trainers, experts around the world to determine what the universal ideal physique should look like. With so many divisions appearing within the bodybuilding leagues – what body type should be championed as the absolute best in the world?

© © 2018 The Vladar Company

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The New Generation of Watchmaker: Cameron Weiss on Building an American-Made Brand

Cameron Weiss, the founder of Weiss Watch Company, was only five years old when he first started taking apart watches. Of course, back then he didn’t have the ability to put them back together. Instead, they would be rendered into a pile of debris, so when family or friends had a piece that had run its course, they would hand it off to him with no expectation of getting it back.

“I would just sit there and dismantle any piece that I could get my hands on,” says Weiss from his workshop headquarters. Those pieces weren’t exactly of the highest caliber, but they helped ignite a fascination with the tiny mechanisms. “I didn’t know that there were people who actually got to put them together as a job.”

Since then Weiss has come a long way, all the way to Switzerland and back, where he honed his craft inside prestigious houses like Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. That experience, paired with an apprentice-style education under Swiss watchmakers, gave Weiss all the tools he needed to open his own watch company out of California.

Men’s Journal spoke with Weiss on becoming a watchmaker, being a tradesman in the digital age, his Crown & Caliber-backed podcast Watch and Listen, and building an American-made brand.

How did you first learn about watchmakers?
My parents asked me to help them buy a watch for my brother as a present. They didn’t know too much, and they knew how much I was crazy about them. I came across this collector while I was shopping around and ended up talking with him quite a bit. He was the one who first told me about the watchmakers in Switzerland, he had been there and visited some of the factories. I was amazed by the stories of people actually hand-making and polishing the parts.

How did you start training to become one?
I found out from a family friend that there were watchmaking schools, and a certain program called WOSTEP [Watchmakers Of Switzerland Training And Education Program]. They operate with a Swiss curriculum, and while most are in Europe, there are three very small ones in the United States. They cap it at eight students for two years full-time. There was almost no book reading. It was all hands on. Two Swiss watchmakers and the head of the program fly in to grade your final tests. Getting the call that I passed was one of the best phone calls I have ever gotten.

What came for you next?
One of our instructors worked for Audemars Piguet, and I got a job offer from them right after the test. They flew me out to Switzerland, to Le Brassus in the Vallée de Joux, just north of Geneva. It is the watchmaking capitol of the world. I had never been to Switzerland at the time; I had only seen photos and read about it. They drove me through the mountains, through this little village where Audemars has taken over pretty much all of the buildings. Every one of these beautiful, farm-style buildings is working on some part of their watches or built around the workers. I got to walk through the factories and see all of the people assembling or doing complex repairs. There is one special restoration workshop where these very experienced hands are able to work on almost any piece that Audemars ever made. Plenty of antique tools that they don’t even make any more, some of the machines are still manual. It was a life-changing trip. I got the chance to go back when I started working for Vacheron Constantin, and stayed there for a couple of months. I got to train in complex watches with them, which meant I got to explore quite a bit more.

Cameron Weiss crown and caliber
Courtesy Crown & Caliber

Did you ever plan on living out there?
The idea of starting my own watch line was always in the back of my head, and I thought that I would have to live in Switzerland to do it. That was just the way it had always been done. I was waiting for my French to get good enough, and to get enough contacts, but while I was working at the Vacheron boutique on Rodeo doing repairs on old pieces, I realized that I could do it right here in California.

How did that realization come to you?
I had already started making watches for myself, and I would wear them whenever I wasn’t at the boutique. People stopped and complimented them or asked where I had gotten them. I would attend these pop-up events for American denim lines, which were full of people who cared about craftsmanship and aren’t an electronic watch crowd. But they weren’t going to spend thousands on a Swiss timepiece either, so what they needed was a product that had all the mechanics while keeping the cost reasonable.

How did you start building?
I bought a whole workshop from the widow of a watchmaker. It was an amazing collection and I was honored to get it. I still have his workbench and a lot of the tools I got from him. There are so many tiny hand tools that are tailor made for just one precise purpose. Pin vices, screw drivers, and just gripping parts while you work on it. The tools have to be in perfect condition, because you can damage the piece if it hasn’t been taken care of expertly.

What problems did you come across?
The biggest issue was finding local manufacturers and machine shops that would help make the raw parts. For my own watches, I had been doing everything on my own, with my own hands, but to make a run properly I needed to find people that could help with that part of the process. There were many months driving around meeting with shops in the Los Angeles area. There were a lot of companies that just wrote me off, but there were a few that were excited by the idea. Many of these companies hand never made watch parts before—they were making gear for cars and planes, and so it was a completely new business for them as well. Some of them we still work with to this day.

How did you go about designing the look of your watches?
I wanted to create a brand that was distinctly American. I was a diver growing up and have spent a lot of time in the ocean. I worked for a company that built underwater camera housings before I started making watches. That job not only gave me access to CNC machines but also this beautiful and complicated diving gear. During that experience I discovered this love for old dive equipment and antique gauges. That, along with a fascination with aviation instruments, influenced my design for my first Field Watch.

How has the watch industry changed since you have been in it?
I think the watch industry has become a lot more fun than it was say five years ago when we first started. Everything was done a certain way and there weren’t a lot of the younger brands that exist now, not just outside of Switzerland but also inside of the country. People are starting to understand that you can buy a watch that isn’t a Rolex and that can have its very own cool factor. They are much more open to having a diverse collection with new names in it, which can be discovered in new marketplaces like Crown & Caliber.

What are the benefits of sites like Crown & Caliber?
One of the really cool benefits is it is a great way to find old watches outside of the standards we usually see. There is a really unique selection on there from brands that had been sort of lost to history. They are the kind that could become your favorite new piece, one that turns heads, and before Crown & Caliber, you may have never known it existed. I remember while doing an episode of our Watch and Listen podcast they sent us a white gold Blancpain where the case back opened up to reveal a sapphire. Nobody produces anything like that anymore.

crown and caliber cameron weiss
Courtesy Crown & Caliber

Now you do a podcast with them as well. Why did you want to create Watch and Listen?
I enjoy getting to do the podcast because for so long I was only focused on what I was doing and the watches that I was making. The show gives me an opportunity to really look at what others are doing in the industry and that makes me an even better watchmaker. For most of the episodes, Crown & Caliber will send us a batch of pieces that I get to play around with, and because we also shoot on video, I can show people what is going on inside of them. Some of the pieces I have been really thrilled to get my hands on. They sent us the JLC Duometre Chronograph, which is just an unbelievable and gorgeous watch. One of the most beautiful things I have seen in person.

Have you found a lot of young people interested in becoming watchmakers?
I take apprentices in, which has been a great experience, to help me with the production. I don’t get as many as I would hope for. I think it’s tough in Los Angeles with the cost of living so high. People are interested in it, but they don’t have the time to really invest in building the skillset. There have been some successes still though, one of the guys I had working for me has gone on to start his own company. I can only hope that more and more makers will start up here in the United States. That is one of the main goals I have: to create an infrastructure to have more watches made here.

Now that you have your own workshop, outside of your apartment, what does a day look like for you?
I have a Sprinter van that we have set up for camping that I drive to the workshop. I love the walk through the back, roll up doors in the morning, seeing all the raw materials laid out ready for the machine shop. I have to be extremely diligent at not sitting down at the computer to look at emails or check my phone when it buzzes. So instead I will write a note to get organized and stay away from the laptop. I enjoy having that quiet time to myself in the workshop, getting time at the bench.
I always have a coffee to sip while building; there are so many great roasters around here. I have made a lot of friends in the coffee industry over the years. I will lay out all the parts of a piece in front of me, ready for assembly, and play some music while I work. Finishing one can take a few days, but I love it.

What is the best part of your job?
The most rewarding part is seeing a watch that you built out in the wild, whether it is at a car show or on the street. I will usually try to say hello, or ask them where they got it. One morning I drove up next to a guy at a traffic light and I saw one of my pieces on his wrist. I have to say that made me smile.

The post The New Generation of Watchmaker: Cameron Weiss on Building an American-Made Brand appeared first on Men's Journal.

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The Mobile Generation: Gen X vs. Millennials

My generation is the last generation to have grown up without the internet and mobile technology. Now, over 66 percent of the traffic bought and sold through my advertising network JuicyAds comes from mobile phones. I remember years ago, before we even had mobile device targeting, most of us did not see a future of people watching porn on small screens. – Opinion

Generation Rx – Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte - Generation Rx  artwork

Generation Rx

Good Charlotte

Genre: Rock

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: September 14, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Good Charlotte under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

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You’re Lost Between Baby Boomer And Generation X If…

1. You remember when Jordache jeans with a flat-handle comb in the back pocket was cool.

2. Any photograph of you shows you wearing an Izod shirt with the collar turned up.

3. You know any “Weird Al” Yankovic songs by heart.

4. You’ve ever rung someone’s doorbell and said “Landshark!”

5. You were once bowled over by the technological excellence of such products as Atari, IntelliVision, TelStar and Coleco.

6. You remember the premier of MTV–or worse yet, you remember its predecessor, “Friday Night Videos.”

7. You and your friends ever discussed having a reunion at the end of the century and playing Prince’s “1999.”

8. A predominant color in your childhood photos is plaid.

9. You remember when music that was labeled “alternative” really was alternative, and when “alternative comedy” was really funny.

10. You took family trips BEFORE the invention of the minivan.

11. (Related to #10) You rode in the back of the station wagon facing the cars behind you.

12. You’ve recently horrified yourself by using any one of the following phrases: “You know, back when…,” “When I was your age…,” or “When I was

13. Schoolhouse Rock played a HUGE part in how you learned things like grammar, math and history. (A big hint here is if the only way you can recite
the Preamble to the Constitution is by singing it.)

14. You ever dressed to look like someone in a Madonna, Cyndi Lauper or Duran Duran video.

15. You remember your first kiss with someone having happened while either “Leather and Lace” or “Crazy for You” was playing.

16. You remember with pain the day the Green Machine hit the streets (or the sidewalks), instantly making your Big Wheel obsolete.

17. The age-old question “Where’s the beef?” still makes you laugh.

18. You remember when film critics raved that no movie could ever possibly have more advanced special effects than “TRON.”

19. You had a crush on Ted the photographer on “Love Boat,” Gage from “Emergency,” or Ponch from “CHIPS.”

20. Your hair at some point in time in the ’80s could only be described by saying, “I was experimenting.”

21. You’ve ever shopped at Benetton.

22. You’re starting to believe that having the kids in school year-round wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

23. You’re currently employed doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with your college major.

24. U2 is too popular and mainstream for you now.

25. You remember trying to guess which episode of “The Brady Bunch” it was by the first scene.

26. You had a front-row seat (i.e., blew off one or more classes) for Luke and Laura’s wedding on “GH.”

27. Your parents wanted you to attend medical school, but you decided it was pointless since Quincy got all the babes anyway.

28. You know who shot J.R.

29. You recall when Love’s Baby Soft was in every girl’s Christmas stocking.

30. This rings a bell: “My name is Charlie, and they work for me.”

31. You were unsure if Diet Coke would ever catch on. (Related item: you were sure that “New Coke” would NEVER catch on.)

32. You know all the words to the double-album set of the “Grease” soundtrack.

33. You’ve ever had a Dorothy Hamill haircut.

34. You sat with your friends on any given Friday night circa 1982 and dialed 867-5309 to see if Jenny was actually there.

35. “All skate, change directions” means something to you.

36. You’ve ever owned a pair of rainbow suspenders like the ones Mork used to wear.

37. You bought a pair of Vanns and wanted to order a pizza in history class so you could be just like Jeff Spicoli. (Related item: if you’ve ever
smacked yourself in the head with a shoe and exclaimed, “I’m so wasted!”)

38. You owned a Preppy Handbook.

39. You were too young to see “Blue Lagoon,” so you just had to settle for the second-hand reports.

40. You remember when movies were only PG and R.

41. You learned to swim at about the same time “Jaws” came out….and still carry the emotional scars to prove it.

42. You remember when your cable TV box had a sliding selector switch… and your “cable remote” was connected to the TV by CORD!

43. Your jaw would ache by the time you finished one of those brick-sized packages of Bazooka.

44. You remember Bo and Luke Duke, Daisy, Boss Hogg, or–worst of all–what Sheriff Roscoe’s full name was.

45. Your parents paid $ 2,000 for a top-loading VCR that was almost the size of a coffee table.

46. You found nothing strange about Bert and Ernie living together.

47. You remember having a rotary phone.

48. You actually believed that Mikey–famed kid on the Life cereal commercials–died after eating Pop Rocks and drinking a Coke.

49. “Members Only” jackets…say no more.

50. And lastly, I’ll make a song stick in your head for the rest of the day:…you actually remember the words to the the theme song of “The Greatest
American Hero.”

Received from Mikey’s Funnies.
The Good, Clean Funnies List

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-Rock ‘N’ Roll Generation Saved Hollywood (Unabridged) – Peter Biskind

Peter Biskind - Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-Rock 'N' Roll Generation Saved Hollywood (Unabridged)  artwork

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-Rock ‘N’ Roll Generation Saved Hollywood (Unabridged)

Peter Biskind

Genre: Arts & Entertainment

Price: $ 29.95

Publish Date: November 1, 2008

© ℗ © 2008 Brilliance Audio

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A generation of fans will see this Game 7 victory as LeBron validation

Love him or hate him, LeBron James’ performance against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals deserves to be recognized and revered. – TOP

The Original Delta Blues (Mojo Workin’: Blues For the Next Generation) – Son House

Son House - The Original Delta Blues (Mojo Workin': Blues For the Next Generation)  artwork

The Original Delta Blues (Mojo Workin’: Blues For the Next Generation)

Son House

Genre: Blues

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: June 30, 1998

© ℗ Originally Released 1965, 1992 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Blues

23 Menswear Brands Making the Next Generation of American Classics

No doubt America’s influence on menswear looms large, with brands that are more like full-blown lifestyles than mere clothing labels, but if there’s one thing people in fashion are obsessed with, it’s what’s next. Luckily, there’s no shortage of labels that are both honoring America’s rich history of menswear design—and steadfastly moving it into the future. Here’s a sampling of the brands—from upstarts to familiar faces who’ve already built a sizable imprint—that prove when it comes to American fashion, the future is bright. 

The post 23 Menswear Brands Making the Next Generation of American Classics appeared first on Men's Journal.

Men’s Journal Latest Style News

23 Menswear Brands Making the Next Generation of American Classics

No doubt America’s influence on menswear looms large, with brands that are more like full-blown lifestyles than mere clothing labels, but if there’s one thing people in fashion are obsessed with,

This article originally appeared on 23 Menswear Brands Making the Next Generation of American Classics

Men’s Journal Latest Style News

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #0 (FCBD2017) – David Tipton

David Tipton - Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #0 (FCBD2017)  artwork

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #0 (FCBD2017)

David Tipton

Genre: Graphic Novels

Publish Date: May 19, 2017

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Seller: Idea and Design Works, LLC

Return to the Mirror Universe with the Next Generation crew in a way you've never seen them before! Captain Jean-Luc Picard will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Terran Empire's newest starship, the Enterprise. And no one had better stand in his way…

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Girls’ Generation Reflects On a Decade As K-Pop Icons, Their Fans & Future

Girls’ Generation have been bringing their bright brand of pop to the Korean music scene since 2007. With breakout hit “Gee”… Music News

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Every Girls’ Generation Single Ranked From Worst to Best: Critic’s Take

When Girls’ Generation released their first single “Into the New World” in August 2007, there was a burden of weight on both their… Music News

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Holiday Night – The 6th Album – Girls’ Generation

Girls' Generation - Holiday Night - The 6th Album  artwork

Holiday Night – The 6th Album

Girls’ Generation

Genre: K-Pop

Price: $ 8.99

Release Date: August 4, 2017

© ℗ 2017 SM Entertainment

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The Original Delta Blues (Mojo Workin’: Blues For the Next Generation) – Son House

Son House - The Original Delta Blues (Mojo Workin': Blues For the Next Generation)  artwork

The Original Delta Blues (Mojo Workin’: Blues For the Next Generation)

Son House

Genre: Blues

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: May 12, 1998

© ℗ Originally Released 1965, 1992 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Blues

Generation Iron 2 – Vlad Yudin

Vlad Yudin - Generation Iron 2  artwork

Generation Iron 2

Vlad Yudin

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: May 12, 2017

From the director of Generation Iron, comes the anticipated sequel that depicts 5 of the top bodybuilding and fitness mega-stars on a quest of achieving the ultimate physique and taking it to the next extreme level. In the world of social media and internet, the rules have changed as to what makes an iconic bodybuilding mass-monster. Starring Kai Greene, Calum Von Moger, Rich Piana, and Iris Kyle among others, this film will explore an all new generation of bodybuilders and how this new world, and new people, carve their own path to physique perfection.

© © 2017 the Vladar Company/Generation Iron Brands LLC

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We the Generation (Deluxe Edition) – Rudimental

We the Generation (Deluxe Edition)

Release Date:
October 2, 2015
Total Songs:


$ 11.99

℗ 2015 Asylum Records UK, a division of Atlantic Records UK. A Warner Music Group company

iTunes 100 New Releases

Artist To Watch: Halsey Is The Reluctantly Perfect Voice Of A Generation

The 20-year-old Halsey is a patchwork of influences and upbringings — but don’t let that define the way you hear her.

Funk Your Bones – EP – Midnight Generation

Funk Your Bones – EP
Midnight Generation

Release Date:
September 17, 2015
Total Songs:


$ 5.94

℗ 2015 Midnight Generation. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Distributed by Catapult.

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Fredro Starr & Keith Murray To Battle At Generation X This October

It’s been over a year since the unfortunate cancellation of the highly-anticipated battle between veteran rap legends Fredro Starr and Keith Murray. Now, the Generation X event will take place this October in Brooklyn, New York, altering the typical modern battle rap format just a tad.

Generation X was put together by Atlanta-based battle rap league M.C. W.A.R., and the organizers have corrected the issues of last year while bringing the clash to the hometown of the warring artists. The hype building up to this battle was immense before, and has grown back to its original pitch. Adding to the excitement, the battle will be streamed online for those fans who won’t be able to make it to New York.

From M.C. W.A.R.:

Celebrating this historic event and promoting the culture to a worldwide audience, the battle will be live streamed free on AllHipHop. Originally scheduled to take place in Atlanta last year, the event is now being hosted in the birthplace of hip-hop. “Thousands of fans  disappointment the battle wasn’t being hosted here initially, so during process of reorganizing the project it made sense that it take place New York City,” says Amir James, M.C. W.A.R.’s Chief Officer.

In a departure from today’s battle culture, where rappers go up  each other a cappella, this “Generation X” event features veteran DJ  radio personality DJ ENUFF spinning music from Grammy-winning producer MAGNEDO7. Each rapper gets two verses—16 bars apiece— per beat. Referees will count the bars and make sure the emcees give each other ample space when rapping.

Several of Fredro Starr and Keith Murray’s peers will be in attendance and have chimed in on the upcoming battle, including Lord Jamar, Fame [MOP], Peter and Cory Gunz, Sadat X and this particularly vicious commentary from 50 Cent.

The battle is being documented by legendary New York music host Ralph “Uncle Ralph” McDaniels [Video Music Box] in addition to a range of invited media and special guests.

For tickets and more info, follow this link. It all goes down October 4, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Check out the trailer for the Generation X battle between Fredro Starr of Onyx fame, and Keith Murray of the Def Squad camp below.

Who do you have in this battle, Fredro or Keith? Sound off in the comments.

Photo: M.C. W.A.R.

The post Fredro Starr & Keith Murray To Battle At Generation X This October appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Angry Nerd – Why Andy Serkis is the Greatest Actor of His Generation

He’s the maestro of motion capture performance. From Gollum in Lord of the Rings to Caesar in the new Planet of the Apes movies, Andy Serkis is the greatest actor you’ve never seen. So where is this man’s Oscar? The Angry Nerd has words for the Academy—doesn’t he, my Precious?

WIRED Videos – The Scene

Lion Heart – The 5th Album – Girls’ Generation

Girls' Generation - Lion Heart - The 5th Album  artwork

Lion Heart – The 5th Album

Girls’ Generation

Genre: K-Pop

Price: $ 11.99

Release Date: August 19, 2015

© ℗ 2015 SM Entertainment

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Pop

Meet the Next Generation of Juicing: Popsicles and Fro-Yo!

We're in the midst of one of the hottest months of the year, and while a cold, refreshing juice sounds amazing right now, a healthy juice in popsicle form sounds even better! If you're getting…

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Generation Gap

During one “generation gap” quarrel with his parents, young Michael cried, “I want excitement, adventure, money, and beautiful women. I’ll never find
it here at home, so I’m leaving. Don’t try to stop me!”

With that, he headed toward the door. His father rose and followed close behind.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I don’t want you to try to stop me.”

“Who’s trying to stop you?” replied his father. “If you wait a minute, I’ll go with you.”

Received from Thomas Ellsworth.
The Good, Clean Funnies List

Private Castings – New Generation #5 / Private Castings – New Generation #5 – Video 1

Private Castings – New Generation #5 – Video 1

In this fifth installment to Private's <i>New Generation</i> series of castings five fresh faced young sluts try to impress us with their appetite for fat cocks. Search

Stereotype-Busting ‘Dope’ Moves To Beat Of a New Generation

Dope began in the ears of Rick Famuyiwa.
The Los Angeles filmmaker was listening to Kendrick Lamar, A$ AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator — genre-… Music News

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The Original Delta Blues (Mojo Workin’: Blues For the Next Generation) – Son House

Son House - The Original Delta Blues (Mojo Workin': Blues For the Next Generation)  artwork

The Original Delta Blues (Mojo Workin’: Blues For the Next Generation)

Son House

Genre: Blues

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: May 12, 1998

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Social Media: The Next Generation of the Salem Witch Trials

Everybody’s heard of the Salem Witch Trails of 1692-1693, right? If you haven’t, you need to get your ass to a library right ASAP. Many history teachers use the Salem Witch Trials to teach their students about the dangers of what can happen when mass hysteria takes over communities. Most of us think when hearing these stories: “this is crazy, it could never happen in modern day.” But, with social media keeping us more connected than ever and Americans getting offended at nearly everything they read — it’s almost as if we’ve forgotten the lessons our history teachers tried to instill in us as children because the Salem Witch Trails happen everyday on our computer, we just don’t realize it.

This past weekend, my Facebook page was sent into a tailspin when someone in Alabama saw a t-shirt with an upside-down American flag on it for sale at a PacSun outlet store. Torch carrying Americans took to social media to express their outrage. With a thirst for blood not yet quenched, (it was a slow Memorial Day news weekend) people took to social media to all-but-destroy PacSun, anyone who wore their clothing and anyone associated with the brand. It was a witch trial of a different sort. I like to call it: “#tshirtgate2015.” Let’s take a look:

Salem 1692: Two girls begin rolling around on the floor, seemingly possessed. When a doctor can’t figure out what’s wrong with them (there is no physical evidence of illness) he jumps to the logical conclusion that witches have been f-ing their shit up. Because…what else could it possibly be?

Modern Day: Someone shopping in an outlet store in Alabama (I could make a joke, but that one just wrote itself), sees a t-shirt with an upside flag on it for sale at a PacSun. This outrages said shopper. They take a picture of it and post it on social media, expressing said outrage. Because there is literally nothing else horrible going on in the world today (black kids getting shot by cops for no reason, global warming, world hunger — no time for that!) the image goes viral. PacSun is ruining America with their upside-down American flag shirt. [An upside down American flag is a signal for extreme danger of life or property.] How could PacSun do this on Memorial Day when we are supposed to be honoring our veterans by getting blackout drunk and having a BBQ? WTF PacSun? WTF, indeed.

Salem 1692: Word spreads that two girls have been overcome by the power of witchcraft and other girls in town begin to say that they have been having similar issues. Soon thereafter, several of the towns most undesirable women (beggars, non-churchgoers and women of rival families of the girls who were original possessed) are arrested for witchcraft.

Modern Day: Word spreads that PacSun is selling a t-shirt with an upside down flag on it via social media and others begin to say that they too are offended by said t-shirt. Soon thereafter, several of the worlds most prestigious media outlets begin covering the story because a t-shirt with an upside-down American flag on it is by far the most disgraceful thing that has ever happened (today) and someone must pay. Meanwhile, somewhere in California the creators of House of Cards are probably chilling being like: “Um, an upside-down American flag has been our shows logo for three years and no one has said word one about it. Way to pick and chose, guys.”

Salem 1692: The women convicted of witchcraft are arrested and tried before a court of law. They really don’t stand a chance because in 1692 America, you can be executed for witchcraft based on the hearsay of a group of teenager girls.

Modern Day: PacSun is put on the stand and the judge, jury and executioner is the general public. They really don’t stand a chance because in 2015 America, you can have your life ruined or entire business crumble based on a biased group of people with loud mouths and nothing better to do.

Salem 1692: Many of the women convicted say they love the Lord, would never dance with the devil and have never practiced witchcraft. It doesn’t matter as the court has little-to-no evidence to convict them, so being practical, they send them to their deaths. On the flip, several of the women convicted throw their hands in air, give up and say “fuck it, I’m a witch.” Thinking they’ll be exonerated if confessing to witchcraft, they lie and say they’re witches. Well played ladies, but it doesn’t work. They too, are executed.

Modern Day: PacSun is put in a difficult situation. Apparently everyone fighting this social media war is either a direct descendent of Betsy Ross, a veteran or American flag aficionado and will not relent. This upside-down flag situation is the worst thing that’s happened in American history. Possibly worse than 9-11. If they don’t apologize, they will look like assholes. But this is 2015 and you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Soon after #tshirtgate2015 starts, PacSun apologizes, basically saying, “we give up, we fucked up. Sorry, we’ll pull the shirt from stores.” But it’s not enough. It’s never enough. People are still pissed and call for an all-out boycott of PacSun. Why stop at accepting an apology when you can financially cripple a company and possibly put hundreds if not thousands of people who are just trying to make ends meet out of work? It’s not like you’ve ever done something wrong or made a mistake in real life and asked for forgiveness. Meanwhile, forget trying to put this amount of effort into fighting for equal pay for women — all affiliated with PacSun must pay.

Salem 1692: Mass hysteria reaches a fever pitch and the young girls begin claiming that everyone from infants to clergymen to the elderly are witches. Things have gotten out of hand then suddenly — it all stops. People cease claiming accusations of witchcraft and the townspeople return to their everyday affairs as if nothing happened.

Modern Day: Mass hysteria reaches a fever pitch. People are pissed. Social media statuses such as: “How un-American of Pac Sun!” “They should close all of their stores!” “I will never shop there again!” clutter Facebook and Twitter. Then suddenly — it all stops. People seemingly forget #tshirtgate2015 ever existed because the internet has made us all have the attention spans of five year-olds. However, instead of the good people of social media going back to their everyday affairs, they find something else “truly offensive” and begin complaining about that and the social media circle of life continues. Meanwhile, this is the most anyone has talked about PacSun since 1997, so hopefully their PR department can spin this to their benefit.

Guys, we simply cannot be outraged about inconsequential things on a day-to-day basis. It makes us no better than the two teenage girls who cried “witchcraft” because they wanted attention back in 1692. If everything we see and hear is deemed offensive, we are not only disrupting freedom of speech, we all also have some serious rage problems we need to deal with. Perhaps if we could channel that rage into something productive like fixing the environment, figuring out what to do with California before they run out of water or a better way to handle veteran affairs (everyone was crying “what about the vets?” when this whole t-shirt debacle was going down — how about not treating them like shit when they return from defending our country? They would probably appreciate that more than crying over a t-shirt) we could be in better shape as a country. Or, we could just find something a celebrity said, take it out of context and completely ruin their career. Really, either works.

I apologize in advance for any witches who were offended in the creation of this article.

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How Jackie Kennedy’s Favorite Irish Designer Paved the Way for a Generation

Sybil Connolly

Fashion doesn’t top the list of things that Ireland, that Emerald Isle, is known for—linen and lace, moss-topped cottages, and talents like James Joyce, Yeats, and Maud Gonne. Sybil Connolly, a favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy, who Vogue once described as “the vitamin C of the Erin-go-Couture movement,” was the first to put Irish design on the map when she showed her designs on a summer’s eve in 1953 at Dunsany Castle.

In 1956, Connelly developed her signature look: horizontal, hand-pleated, taffeta-backed handkerchief linen. So fine were these pleats that it took nine yards of fabric to create just one of the pleated material. Connolly was a romantic designer with a mission to incorporate native materials, like Carrickmacross lace and Donegal tweeds, into a feminine silhouette. Kennedy also deemed them suitable for the White House, selecting one of Connolly’s linen outfits for her 1970 official portrait by Aaron Shikler. More lasting than Connelly’s designs, though, lovely as they are, is her legacy, one that has enabled the careers of such breakout Irish runway stars as Simone Rocha and J.W.Anderson.

The post How Jackie Kennedy’s Favorite Irish Designer Paved the Way for a Generation appeared first on Vogue.

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Gender Fluid Generation: Evolving Gender Norms at School


Originally published on, the premier source for youth generated news throughout the globe.

By: Nanette Thompson

The first time I learned that gender could be fluid was in sex ed in the 9th grade. I remember the teacher mumbling under her breath that some people don’t identify their gender with the biological sex they were born with. At the time it didn’t phase me because I’d never known anyone who’d talked about it or felt that way. But now, three years later, I have a 16-year-old classmate who’s trans. His name is Jace McDonald.

“That is the name I have chosen,” said Jace. “It’s what my parents would have named me if I was born biologically male.”

Jace McDonald was born female. But says he always knew there was something different about him. He didn’t like so called girl things, and more than that, he felt like a boy. At 13, he started identifying as transgender, and has become something of an activist.

“Never ask someone who’s trans what their real name is,” he said. “That is so offensive. My real name is Jace. And my birth name is none of your business.”


Jace McDonald laughs with classmates in his high school drama class. He says it’s one of the places he feels most at ease. “People in general need to have a place where they feel safe and where they can be themselves,” he says. Photo Credit: Teresa Chin/Youth Radio>

Jace has thick glasses and short brown hair, and he’s outspoken at school. One time in English class when a teacher stumbled over gender terminology, Jace stepped in to clarify and ended up teaching a whole lesson himself. He sometimes finds himself fed up. “High school is hard enough as it is,” he said.” High school as someone who is non-gender conforming just makes it harder. How many times today am I going to be called a girl?”

In many ways, it seems like gender non-conformity awareness is at all-time high. Last week Congressman Mike Honda announced via Twitter that he was the “proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild.” And according to new polling out last month, young people increasingly see gender as not just limited to male and female. But the torchbearers of gender fluidity aren’t just celebrities or politicians, but kids. But schools are still catching up with the needs of gender nonconforming students. Last year, California’s first law protecting gender nonconforming students went into effect. It gives Jace the right to use the bathroom of his choice.

Last month, Jace and I walked down the hall of the high school that we both attend. He stopped and pointed to set of doors that are our main bathrooms on campus. He says when he uses the bathroom between classes that kids occasionally give him strange looks.

“So if I walk in there are there are people already in there, I’m more likely to hold it and just go to my next class,” he said.

It seems rough, but Jace says this is way better than he used to have it. He’s a junior now, and this is his first year at my school. He’s gone to two other high schools and left because he was taunted and called names like tranny. He says, the schools didn’t let him use the boy’s bathroom, and insisted on keeping his birth name on the roster. At my school, he says he finally feels safe.


Third grader Tomás Rocha, 8, in the hallway of his elementary school. Tomás is often asked if he is a boy or a girl. “Sometimes I say, does it really matter?” he says. Photo Credit: Brett Myers/Youth Radio>

Just a few towns away at Malcolm X Elementary School, teachers start addressing gender identity at a young age, with the goal of making school more safe and inclusive. One of the students there, third Grader Tomás Rocha has shoulder length hair and long bangs. He’s wearing a turquoise My Little Pony t-shirt  with black flats. A lot of days he wears dresses, and last year he started using the girls bathroom. Tomás says people regularly ask him if he’s a boy or a girl.

“I just really think i’m really both,” said Tomás. “I really don’t care what people call me . Sometimes I say I’m a girl. Sometimes I say I’m a boy. Sometimes I say does it really matter?”

However, it mattered to his mom Amy. She struggled with Tomás’s gender bending. And at first hoped it was a phase. “His first grade teacher told me that, ‘Yeah I don’t know if this is a phase,'” she said. “And so that scared me because I wanted it to be a phase, because I didn’t want to have to have my child hurt. I wanted him to be what society wants a baby boy to be like when they’re born. You know, tough and want to play sports.

Her concerns came from her fear of Tomás  might get bullied.It’s something Tomás’s teacher Julia Beers also thinks about. Beers was Tomás’ second grade teacher last year — the first year he started wearing dresses to school. When students question Tomás, Beers tries to assume the best — that her students are curious and not trying to be mean. Like when she overhears a student say to Tomás, “Did you know you were wearing a dress to school today?”

“If a student is laughing for example, I might say,  ‘Hmm what are you thinking when you laugh like that?'” she said. “And by opening up that question, it can often help that student kinda dig deeper and realize ‘It just seems weird’ or ‘I feel uncomfortable’ or ‘I’ve just never seen someone do that before.'”

According to the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, 82 percent of transgender young people say they don’t feel safe at school.  Struggles, like the ones my high school classmate Jace has been through, are the norm.

For Tomás though, his elementary school’s efforts seem to be working. His mom says his grades and behavior improved after he was given more freedom to be himself.

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Private Castings: New Generation 3

This is the 3rd installment in the Private Castings series featuring all new babes trying out to become the next big star!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

This is the 3rd installment in the Private Castings series featuring all new babes trying out to become the next big star!

Stars: Liona Shy

Categories: Fresh Faces High Definition Gonzo International Euro Amateur

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Private Media

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Private Castings: New Generation 3

This is the 3rd installment in the Private Castings series featuring all new babes trying out to become the next big star!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

This is the 3rd installment in the Private Castings series featuring all new babes trying out to become the next big star!

Stars: Liona Shy

Categories: Fresh Faces High Definition Gonzo International Euro Amateur

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Private Media

Amateur Pay Per View

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