Crazy Sexy Love – K.L. Grayson

K.L. Grayson - Crazy Sexy Love  artwork

Crazy Sexy Love

K.L. Grayson

Genre: Western

Publish Date: March 21, 2018

Publisher: K.L. Grayson, INC

Seller: K.L. Grayson, INC

Three-time world champion bull rider Rhett Allen has never been afraid to get his hands dirty. Hard work, sweat, and determination have gotten him where he is today—and that’s holed up in a hospital room, wondering how he let that damn bull buck him off. He’s also wondering why he thought it was a good idea to let his twin brother talk him into returning home to heal. Rhett has a million reasons to come home to Heaven, Texas, and only one reason to stay away. That reason comes in the form of a sweet and feisty girl who stole his heart long before he ever thought to give it away. The only problem…that girl has turned into a stunning woman. Monroe Gallagher is downright sexy with more curves than he has notches in his bed post. It’s been six years since he’s seen her, six years since he’s felt any form of peace, and six years since she gripped his heart in her delicate little hands and squeezed the life out of it. The longer he’s in Heaven, the more he starts to realize that the heart she took from him—the one she crushed into a million pieces—she also never gave back.  

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Ethan Dolan & Grayson Dolan Get Into The Holiday Spirit In A Cute Way

Ethan and Grayson Dolan are getting ready for the Holidays.

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Grayson Manor Haunting – Cheryl Bradshaw

Cheryl Bradshaw - Grayson Manor Haunting  artwork

Grayson Manor Haunting

Cheryl Bradshaw

Genre: Ghost

Publish Date: March 18, 2013

Publisher: Cheryl Bradshaw

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

When Addison Lockhart inherits Grayson Manor after her mother's untimely death, she unlocks a secret that's been kept hidden for over fifty years.   For Addison, it seems like she's finally found the house of her dreams, until the spirit of Roxanne Rafferty comes to call. Who is Roxanne, why is she haunting Grayson Manor, and how will Addison's connection reveal a secret to her own past that she thought no longer existed?  If you enjoy a mystery with a supernatural twist, you'll enjoy this fast-paced, bestselling series.  What fans are saying:  "A plot that haunts you, and a twisty tale that's believable."  "Well written, with believable characters and an intriguing plot."  "The twist at the end was brilliant!" 

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Huntress of the Star Empire Part 1 The Chase – Athena Grayson

Athena Grayson - Huntress of the Star Empire Part 1 The Chase  artwork

Huntress of the Star Empire Part 1 The Chase

Athena Grayson

Genre: Action & Adventure

Publish Date: June 4, 2015

Publisher: Uncharted Worlds Media

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

Part 1: The Chase Getting him into handcuffs was the easy part…keeping him out of her mind is gonna take work. Treska Sivekka is the Huntress–the Union's most skilled bounty hunter. Her targets? The psypaths whose mental talents summoned alien attacks on the capital planet that left her body shattered and her mind a blank slate. Now the last free psypath is in her crosshairs…if only he weren't her one chance at restoring her lost memories. Alien attacks out of nowhere left the entire system reeling, but the aftermath caused twice as much destruction to the old social orders. Psypaths like Micah Ariesis and near-humans like the Hathori people became scapegoats for inexplicable devastation…and then rebels against the repressive, reactionary government that rose from the ashes. Now the last free psypath has one chance at victory for the rebellion…but it's the last Vice Huntress who holds the key. Fans of Star Wars and Firefly, meet your new binge-read!

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TV’s Dick Grayson Is A Pirates Of The Caribbean Star

Brenton Thwaites will be suiting up as Dick Grayson in DC Entertainment’s live-action Teen Titans series.