They Shall Not Grow Old – Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson - They Shall Not Grow Old  artwork

They Shall Not Grow Old

Peter Jackson

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 19.99

Release Date: December 17, 2018

Employing state-of-the-art technology to transform audio and moving image archive footage more than a century old, Peter Jackson brings to life the people who can best tell the story of World War I: the men who were there. Driven by a personal interest in the conflict, Jackson sets out to explore the day-to-day experience of its combatants.

© © 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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How to Grow and Maintain a Long, Unruly Beard Like Jason Momoa

Sporting facial hair in the office is commonplace. But now it’s more and more acceptable to have a long, unruly beard… within reason. Guys like Jason Momoa are living proof that even a scraggly beard can look sharp.



But how do you pull it off? What’s the difference between Momoa’s beard, and one that just looks lazy and untended to? Well, it’s the tending to that makes all the difference. The best-looking and healthiest long beards are nourished and trimmed along the way.

Want to mimic the Aquaman actor’s signature look? Here’s how, according to barber Eli Shaffer of Blind Barber Highland Park in LA.

‘Aquaman’: Everything You Need to Know About the Jason Momoa Superhero Film

First Things First

First and foremost, says Shaffer, you’ve got to clean up the border of your beard. That’s the biggest secret to an intentionally scraggly beard: The perimeter is clean-cut, so it truly looks intentional.

“Attending to a few seemingly small details can mean the difference between a rugged, masculine appearance and a neglectful, lazy one,” he explains.

To do this, Shaffer says to keep the mustache trimmed above your lip, and to mind both the cheeks and neck. This will differ in how it manifests itself on each guy, depending on how high the hair grows on your cheeks, and how full it is on both the neck and face. However, the key is clean, defined lines. More guidance on trimming below.

Among the many things in Momoa's backyard, a veggie-filled greenhouse.
Photograph by Jeff Lipsky

Beard Care Regimen

With those clean lines drawn, here are the at-home steps you can take to ensure your scraggly beard draws favorable glances instead of quizzical stares. It mostly boils down to a healthy regimen.

1. Cleanse: Use a daily cleanser or beard wash to scrub your whiskers every day. Shaffer says to avoid products that use sulfates (like sodium laureate sulfate, SLS), since these can strip the natural hydration from your skin. The oil in your skin helps keep your beard soft and healthy, and sulfates will compromise that. Instead, the aim here is to wash away grime, debris, and excess oil. Pay particularly close attention to the area around your mouth, says Shaffer, since oil (and even food particles) can often collect in there.

Try: Garnier Gentle Sulfate-Free Cleanser

2. Hydrate: Just like your skin and the hair on your head, a beard needs to stay hydrated in order to be healthy. The skin underneath your beard needs extra attention since it’s harder to reach with your standard moisturizer application.

“Your daily face moisturizer should be non-comedogenic,” says Shaffer. “This means it won’t clog your pores. And it should have broad-spectrum SPF (to shield from both types of harmful UV rays).”

Yes, you can apply your daily moisturizer right on top of your beard. This will protect it from the same damaging UV rays that harm your skin.

Try: Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 35

As an alternative, you can warm a few drops of beard oil in your palms and run them through your beard. The oil absorbs quickly, and gives the beard a healthy, nourishing luster. Shaffer particularly prescribes beard oil to guys who are just starting to grow their beard, since it’s especially helpful in preventing beard itch.

5 Tips for Growing a Great F-ing Beard

“Look for one with jojoba oil, which is technically not an oil, but a wax ester,” says Shaffer. “Jojoba structurally resembles sebum, the natural oil your body produces, which makes it a great candidate for moisturizing a beard.”

Try: Blind Barber Beard Replenishment Oil

3. Comb: By combing your beard, you help distribute the natural oil (or any applied oils) throughout the entire beard, which will ensure the ends of your long, messy mane get as much nourishment as the shaft. If not, you’ll get lots of split ends, and notice it’s suddenly dry and brittle.

Combing your beard also exfoliates the skin under your whiskers, extracts loose hairs, coaches everything into its prime style position, and even stimulates natural oil production, which keeps everything soft and nourished. Do this nightly before bed (even if it seems silly to comb your beard when nobody is going to see it), or immediately after applying beard oil.

Try: Beardbrand Pocket Beard Comb

5. Style: Just as tousled “surfer hair” is a hairstyle on guys, a scraggly finish is also a beard style. That means you need to apply some product to hold it in place—even if “in place” means “all over the place”. Sometimes beard oil will do the trick, but it’s likely you’ll want some beard balm at the ready, too. For a large beard, just warm up a dime size amount in your hands, then massage it down from your cheeks and throughout your beard. You can then sculpt the beard as you like, bunching it as you please.

Try: Blind Barber Beard Balm

4. Trim: In order to clean up your neck and cheeks, you’ll need the following, says Shaffer: a mirror, good lighting, grooming scissors, a fine-tooth comb, an electric trimmer, and a knack for geometry. Here’s what to do.

Jason Momoa
Jeff Lipsky

How to Trim a Scraggly Beard

Line up your mustache: Place a fine-tooth comb diagonally just above your upper lip, keeping it parallel to the line of your mouth.

“With a pair of grooming scissors, cut the hairs that are poking out of the bottom of the comb,”Shaffer says.

Clean up your cheek line: Next, place the comb on the diagonal of your cheek, using anchor points to get your preferred angle. Again, this might look different on every guy.

“I like to use the point where my ear attaches to my head as point ‘A’, and the corner of my mouth as point ‘B’,” says Shaffer. “Using the trimmer, cut the hair above the comb, and don’t go too low here, since we’re looking for a subtle cleanup, not a full-on manicure.”

Clean up your neck line: Imagine a ‘U’ shape from the back of both ears that meets in the middle at a point above your Adam’s apple—roughly one inch above it. You want to shave everything below this line. Or, as Shaffer wisely lays out, you can also have your barber define the line for you, then shave below it every 2-3 days so you never lose track of your neckline.

Snip the strays: Use the beard scissors to snip at anything that gets more scraggly than you like. For your style, you can stand an errant hair or two, but you may need to trim the hedges along the way. The best way to manage this might be to sculpt the beard into a neat shape, as if you wanted it to be cleaned up. Snip any strays that stand out of line here. Then you can tousle and scraggle it up as much as you like from here.

8 Beard-Growing Rules for Newbies

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The Clever Robot That Uses Air to Grow and Steer

Vinebot is part of the first generation of advanced “soft robots,” which promise to go where no traditional robot can tread—literally.
WIRED Videos

Grow a great beard

So you’ve decided to quit your life as a baby-faced All-American type (or New York Yankee) and grow a beard. Congrats. (No, really: Beards make guys look like boyfriend material in a woman’s eyes, according to research.)

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A Little Like Me – EP – Sam Grow

Sam Grow - A Little Like Me - EP  artwork

A Little Like Me – EP

Sam Grow

Genre: Country

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: January 19, 2018

© ℗ 2018 growhouse

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Fall’s Best Fleece Jackets Grow Up With a Touch of Technical Fabric

That go-to fall layer meets new technical fabrics and is now warm enough to replace bulkier jackets. 

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CISAC Music Royalty Collections Grow to $8.4 Billion, Even With YouTube & Others ‘Driving Down the Value of Our Works’

CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, which collects data from 239 collection management organizations in 123… Music News

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Italy’s Fashion Industry Expected to Grow 5% in 2015

The Italian fashion industry is expected to log a 5 percent increase in revenues in 2015, reaching 64.2 billion euros, or $ 71.8 billion at current exchange, compared with 61.2 billion euros, or $ 68.5 billion, in 2014, according to the country’s Chamber of Fashion, which released its Fashion Economic Trends study on Tuesday, at the end of Milan Fashion Week. The expectation is based on a forecast of the euro exchange rate in line with the current trend. The study also expects the first half of 2016 to see a 6.5 percent increase in revenues.
Exports are expected to grow 7.1 percent to 50.2 billion euros, or $ 56.2 billion, in 2015, led by a strong performance of clothing and footwear. In the second quarter of the year, exports grew 8.8 percent, which is the best result seen in 15 quarters. The study highlighted solid business achieved on markets outside the European Union, such as the U.S. and China, especially.

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News in Brief: CEO Has Big Ideas To Grow Company’s Problems

NEW YORK—Laying out several new initiatives and detailed plans for implementing them in the upcoming weeks and months, Janneson Media CEO Adam Hamlin revealed to his staffers Thursday that he has some really big ideas for growing the company’s problems, sources reported. “I was initially skeptical of any aggressive growth strategy given the current size of our company’s problems, but after hearing Adam outline his proposals, I’m now completely confident that we can double the size of our problems over the next quarter,” said Janneson employee Wendy Lyman, noting that the CEO’s plan included changes that would create more issues across every department and significantly increase the number of difficulties and setbacks by the end of the year. “He certainly doesn’t have a traditional approach, but you can’t expect the kind of rapid, eye-catching deterioration of a company’s image and market value …

The Onion

Military Denies Chelsea Manning Permission To Grow Hair Out

Military officials on Friday denied the request of Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning to grow her hair in accordance with female grooming standards. 

The former intelligence analyst is serving a 35-year sentence at the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, for providing sensitive documents related to the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to WikiLeaks — actions her supporters say may have helped end the war in Iraq.

Manning, who was assigned male at birth but identifies as a woman, was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2010. In 2014, the American Civil Liberties Union requested that the Department of Defense provide Manning with clinically recommended treatment, including hormone therapy, access to a qualified medical provider and permission to follow female grooming standards, according to an ACLU statement.

Manning said in a Friday tweet that she intended to fight the decision. She is able to use Twitter in prison by speaking with third parties, who transcribe her words and tweet on her behalf.

The military already agreed to allow Manning access to hormone therapy, speech therapy and cosmetics, but ruled Friday that she must cut her hair in accordance with male standards.

“Even though the military agrees that allowing Chelsea to grow her hair is a critical part of her treatment plan, they continue to deny her basic human and constitutional rights,” ACLU attorney Chase Strangio said in the statement. “When we filed our lawsuit a year ago, Chelsea had already waited more than a year for even minimal care to treat her gender dysphoria.”

Manning described her life in a men’s correctional facility in an April Cosmopolitan interview, where she noted that not being able to let her hair grow longer is “painful and awkward.”

In August, Manning faced indefinite solitary confinement over the infractions of sweeping food on the ground, possessing “prohibited” reading material — including Vanity Fair and the Cosmopolitan issue that featured her own interview — and having a tube of expired toothpaste.

Instead, she ultimately lost recreation privileges for 21 days. Strangio noted at the time, however, that the convictions would also show up at any parole or clemency hearings, and would force Manning to remain at a higher-security facility for a longer period of time.

Contact the author of this article at

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Live & Grow – Casey Veggies

Casey Veggies - Live & Grow  artwork

Live & Grow

Casey Veggies

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Price: $ 7.99

Expected Release Date: September 25, 2015

© ℗ 2015 Vested in Culture, a division of Epic Records/Sony Music Entertainment

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How Miley Cyrus Helped Me Grow Up and Make Peace With My Hair

I’m Laurel Pantin. I’m a thinker and a doer. And I am not my hair.
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Grateful Dead, Trey Anastasio Let It Grow at Fare Thee Well Chicago Kick-Off: Concert Review

The mood was rowdy and energetic but peaceful and relatively calm as the masses rushed in to both celebrate one more time and bid farewell.

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Hollywood Reporter

Grateful Dead, Trey Anastasio Let It Grow at Fare Thee Well Chicago Kick-Off: Concert Review

The mood was rowdy and energetic but peaceful and relatively calm as the masses rushed in to both celebrate one more time and bid farewell.

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Hollywood Reporter – Music Reviews

Grateful Dead, Trey Anastasio Let It Grow at Fare Thee Well Chicago Kick-Off: Concert Review

The circus has definitely come to town.
Chicago was crawling with tie-dyed and skull-clad visitors all day Friday. They speckled the crowd at Wrigley… Music News

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How to Grow Out Your Bangs: Model Jessica Hart Skips the Awkward Stage

jessica hart

After snipping her face-framing waves into a blunt, brow-grazing layer of fringe earlier in the year, Jessica Hart has emerged as a testament to the transformative power of a Jane Birkin–esque chop. Spotted in New York City yesterday, the model seemed to have skipped her last trim in favor of eyelash-skimming bangs that actually benefit from a bit of slept-in wave. It’s a breezier, less structured look with a hint of girlish charm that was made for this summer of rumpled bohemian middle parts—and offers definitive proof that, done right, growing out your fringe is anything but awkward.


See sisters Jessica and Ashley Hart turn yoga into the ultimate hangout:


The post How to Grow Out Your Bangs: Model Jessica Hart Skips the Awkward Stage appeared first on Vogue.

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How to Make a Giant Creature – How to Grow Your Own Monster

It took nearly 4,000 hours to grow the Giant Creature pieces that were created using 3-D printing. Find out how Stratasys—the company behind the expert rapid prototypes—managed to create one of the biggest projects they’ve ever worked on.
WIRED Videos – The Scene

Geologist Discovers Plant That May Only Grow On Top Of Soil Laden With Diamonds

There she grows!

A picky plant found in West Africa may grow only on top of mineral deposits often loaded with diamonds, according to research soon to be published in the journal Economic Geology. Stephen Haggerty, a professor at Florida International University in Miami and the chief exploration officer of Youssef Diamond Mining Company, said the discovery could be a game changer for the region.

The thorny plant, Pandanus candelabrum, only grows atop deposits of kimberlite, a type of volcanic rock found in giant underground “columns” around the world. Diamonds, formed hundreds of kilometers deep by intense heat and pressure, are pushed upward with the kimberlite during subterranean volcanic activity, resulting in gem-rich veins of rock.


Pandanus candelabrum, left, is seen in the Liberian jungle.

Until recently, there was no reliable way to locate these concentrated deposits of diamonds, which can be just a few acres in size and buried in thick, remote parts of the jungle.

Haggerty made the discovery in the bush of Liberia after venturing to the country in 2010 to continue research he began in the 1970s. He told The Huffington Post that Liberia, infamous for its trade in so-called “blood diamonds,” had extensive mining operations in place, but the miners had no real way of knowing where to look for the gems. The region is covered in dense forest “so inaccessible, you can’t see more than 10 feet in front of you,” he said.

Moving through the jungle and taking soil samples with an 8-foot steel rod, Haggerty eventually discovered a kimberlite “pipe” about 500 by 50 meters, or 1640 by 164 feet. Four diamonds, two of them around 20 carats apiece, have already been found in the soil above the pipe, according to Science magazine.

Aside from the pipe itself, Haggerty’s most interesting observation was the discovery of Pandanus candelabrum, which thrives on a unique mixture of minerals found in the kimberlite soil. “For reasons that we don’t yet know,” he said, P. candelabrum appears to grow only atop these diamond-rich deposits.

Various plants have been used as discovery elements for other metal-laden soils, Haggerty said. Scientists uncovered some eucalyptus trees in 2013 that contained gold in their leaves, having tapped into mineral deposits deep underground with their far-reaching roots.

Haggerty said he hopes to use satellite mapping of the plants (via their spectral signatures) to help unearth new pipes of kimberlite throughout Liberia.

“That’s the way geology works. We don’t operate in singularities,” Haggerty said. “If there’s one pipe, there have to be others.”

Still, not all kimberlite deposits contain diamonds — in fact, only about 1 percent of the world’s known kimberlite pipes “are rich enough in quality diamonds to be worth mining,” writes Eric Hand at Science.

But if the mapping goes as hoped, it could pave the way for new diamond exploration in the country that could help boost local economies without harming the environment. Whereas a lot of current diamond mining involves unearthing and discarding all kinds of substances, some of them terrible for the environment, the main by-product of mining at kimberlite sites would be the kimberlite itself — which is basically composed of the same nutrients as garden fertilizer. In a country still battling Ebola and malaria, Haggerty said, that could be a saving grace.

“That’s what Liberia needs, and that’s what West Africa needs,” he said.

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5 Siblings On What It Was Like To Grow Up With Domestic Violence — Including The Murder Of Their Mom (VIDEO)

Nearly 15 years ago, police officer Brenda Sexton was brutally beaten to death by her boyfriend, Sam Lupo, leaving five young children without their mother.

“I was 10 years old when Sam killed my mother,” recalls the oldest son, Tony, now 24. “That morning, I ran into my mother’s room … The lights were off in the room, and I tried to wake my mother up. I lifted the pillow up and at that point, I realized that my mother was no longer with us. Her face was caved in. I really couldn’t recognize her at all. It was a terrible sight to see. There was blood everywhere — on the floor, on the wall, on the bed, on the baseball bat that he used.”

Losing their mom at such a young age has had a profound effect on the five siblings.

“I miss my mom every day,” says Amanda, 27. “Not having my mom has prevented me from wanting to move forward and have children and have a big beautiful wedding, because those are supposed to be happy moments, and there is going to be a lot of sadness with her not being there.”

Likewise, Tony says, “It’s very hard for me to think about getting married and having kids, because my kids aren’t going to be able to meet their grandmother.”

Twenty-two-year-old Niko has struggled with feelings of guilt. “As a child, I felt that maybe I was part of the reason that domestic violence was going on within my household. But as I grew older, I realized it was not my fault.”

Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil’s wife and the founder of When Georgia Smiled, has made it her mission to help empower and protect women and children impacted by domestic violence and she has a huge surprise for this family in honor of their mother. Watch it here.

Need Dr. Phil’s help in your life? Share your story here.

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Louis C.K.’s Master Plan For Making Sure His Kids Don’t Grow Up ‘Weird Or Spoiled’

Worried about raising your kids right? Louis C.K. has been there.

In the April 24 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, the 47-year-old comedian talked about raising his daughters in New York and making sure they stay down to earth. Here’s what he had to say:

I talk to [my kids] about work, and I hope they both have shitty minimum wage retail jobs when they’re old enough. I really try to be aware of not letting them grow up weird or spoiled, which is easier to do here than it is in L.A. My 13-year-old daughter leaves the house at 7:15 every morning and takes a smelly city bus to school way uptown. It’s like 8 degrees out, and it’s dark and she’s got this morning face and I send her out there to take a bus. Meanwhile, my driver is sitting in a toasty Mercedes that’s going to take me to work once both kids are gone. I could send her in the Mercedes and then have it come back to get me, but I can’t have my kid doing that. I can’t do that to her. Me? I earned that f–ing Mercedes. You better f–ing believe it.

Louis C.K. has opened up about his parenting style in the past. While doing a bit on “parenting, kids and questions,” he said, “I’m not raising children. I’m raising the grownups they’re going to be. I have to raise them with the tools to get through a terrible life. That’s the way I look at it.”

It certainly seems like those kids are developing some solid life skills.

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Laws to Stop Marriage Equality Grow Increasingly Weird

Texas is pushing a proposed law that would let the state overrule the Supreme Court. There’s just one problem: they can’t actually do that. Alabama judges have decided that they don’t have to obey federal courts either, except that in reality, they do. And Oklahoma politician wants to switch from marriage licenses to marriage certificates, which would accomplish … not very much.

Let’s start in Texas this week, where first time State Rep Molly White has introduced a bill that would require the state to ignore any Supreme Court ruling that legalized marriage.

Can she do that? Nope, that’s not how laws work. Or the Supreme Court. Or America in general. For better or for worse, Texas is still part of the United States, so Texas can’t just say “no thanks” when the Supreme Court tells them to do something. White’s only been in office for two months, so hopefully she’ll get the hang of it soon.

Over in Alabama, the state Supreme Court is experiencing similar confusion. They’ve ordered probate judges to ignore the federal ruling that they have to issue marriage licenses. So now it’s state law versus federal law, and nobody knows who will win. Just kidding! Federal law will win. That’s the basis of our entire legal system.

Then there’s South Carolina, where a couple of politicians want to amend the US Constitution to ban marriage equality. This has no chance of happening. But State Senator Larry Grooms says that it’s necessary for “the propagation of our species.” Contrary to what Grooms seems to think, reproduction does not, in fact, originate in the U.S. Constitution.

And in Oklahoma, State Rep Todd Ross has solved the marriage debate with a new bill that stops the state from issuing marriage licenses, and instead requires marriage certificates. And this is different because … well, it’s actually pretty much the same, it’s just slightly less paperwork. So, okay.

Finally this week a new national survey shows support for marriage soaring to 59 percent, with just 33 percent opposed. This means that the freedom to marry is slightly more popular than the Pope.
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Kerry Washington Admits ”I Didn’t Grow Up Thinking I Was Pretty”

Kerry Washingto, Marie ClaireWe’re willing to bet that almost everyone thinks Kerry Washington is absolutely beautiful (because she is), but to our surprise, the actress admits she didn’t always think she was much of…

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The Beards' New Album Will Make Your Beard Grow A Beard

Australian rock band The Beards have one mission in life: putting a beard on every man and — that’s right — woman’s face. The fourth installment of their pro-beard agenda, “The Beard Album,” is a 12-track facial hair assault, filled with spirited messages like “A man without a beard is like a lion without a dick,” “I wanna make love to all the bearded ladies” and “I do have a beard, but I don’t have a job.”

“Our previous albums were pretty beardy, but we just felt they didn’t quite fully sum up our affinity toward beards,” bassist Nathaniel Beard said in a press release. “Now with this new album, we feel like we’ve finally released what will probably go down as the most pro-beard album in history.”

If you’re looking for the courage to continue your beard through the approaching hot months, or just a good laugh, stream The Beards’ album below. If it strokes your beard, you can purchase it on iTunes.

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