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The Easy Spring Haircut to Try at Home (That’s Not a Buzz Cut)

While many guys are opting for an at-home buzz cut, you still have a few other options if you’re not ready to commit to the style. One of the easiest ones to try right now at home: letting your hair grow out, and simply keeping it trim as it does. It’s possible that you could end up with a new style that you never realized you could pull off.

The Best Haircuts to Try This Spring, According to Experts

However, you can’t just let it grow without a bit of management; you need to clean up the edges with your trimmer or clipper, and strategically manicure it like a prized hedge in your front lawn. And the best news of all is that this is fairly easy to do.

Below are tips on trimming your own hair, from Ryan Gonzalez. He’s the owner of Church Barber in San Francisco, and Church California grooming products.

How to Trim Your Own Haircut at Home
Believe it or not, you can make overgrown hair look much more tame and intentional by targeting a few specific spots: the sideburns, ears, and the back of the neck.

Gonzalez says that all you need are a basic pair of clippers that also include different guards. But a sturdy beard trimmer should tackle this job just fine. (However, if you ever opt for a full buzz, definitely use proper hair clippers.)

The Sideburns
First, you’ll do the sideburns. “The goal is to trim that area down only slightly, so it’s about equal in length to the length of your eyebrows,” says Gonzalez. “Symmetrically speaking, people generally look better when their sideburns are about the same length (or shorter) than the hair directly beside it, which is why we note the eyebrow length.”

Next, put a clipper guard on the device. Start with a longer clip, if you want to create a “fade” or “taper,” with the trimmer, says Gonzalez. You can clip, say, on a 6, then decrease to a 5 or 4, and slowly trim more and more as you work your way down the sideburn so that it fades up into the longer, growing hair. Or, you can opt for a uniform length that matches your beard length to keep a clear distinction from the hair up top and the facial hair.

Either route you choose, buzz upwards against the grain of the hair so that it cuts uniformly. You aren’t cutting a lot here—just the inch or more of the sideburn. “If you have a beard, fade the sideburn into your beard so it connects naturally at around the middle of the ear area,” Gonzalez says. “If you’re clean shaven, you’ll want to cut your sideburn off at about the top of your earhole. Remember, the goal isn’t to keep your entire sideburns; it’s to clean them up.”

The Ears
After the sideburns, take the guard off the trimmer, and clip carefully around the ear. You can clean up any excess that falls over the ear, and can even comb the hair down to snip anything that might fall over it throughout the day. “For the most part, hair around the ear can be swept back behind the ear, so don’t go too crazy with the clippers here,” Gonzalez warns.

The Neck
Like the sideburns, you’re only tidying things up a little, not actually cutting much.

“You’ll be cleaning up the hairs that are disconnected from the bottom of your haircut,” Gonzalez says. “Using a handheld mirror (or your phone camera in selfie mode), hold the mirror in front of your face with your back to the bigger mirror (typically your bathroom mirror). Then locate the disconnected ‘straggler’ hairs. Buzz those off using your clippers without a guard. The most difficult part here for most will be managing the mirrors and the clippers at the same time. With practice, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.”

You can draw a straight line with the clippers (or rounded edges, if your hair naturally does that instead of squaring off at the base). Then, clean up the stray hairs that trail into the upper back and you’re set.

Try New Styling Products
As you embrace the growth up top, it might be time to try a new hair product, too. For a lighter hold and natural shine, stick with a styling cream to preserve some movement. For something more texturized, you can opt for a clay, which leaves a matte finish and has medium-to-high hold. Church California sells both a styling cream and a texturizing clay.

(If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could even attempt a work-from-home businessman’s haircut using Church Barber’s video tutorial. But there is some degree of difficulty there, involving scissors and steady hands.)

How to Support Your Local Barber Shop During Quarantine

Because of the pandemic, our trusted barbers and stylists need support—they’re out of work until businesses start to reopen.

“Most barber shops don’t qualify for money that Congress has approved for COVID relief as most shops don’t have employees,” says Gonzalez. (The barbers typically rent their chair from the barbershop owners, as has long been the tradition.) “Employee payroll is the main criteria to meet in order to qualify for the PPP loan, which is where the majority of relief for small business has gone thus far,” Gonzalez says.

Here are his tips on how to support your local barbershop and favorite barber: “Leave a positive Yelp or Google review, follow your barbershop and barber on social media, and consider shouting them out to your social network. Many shops have GoFundMe campaigns (or similar), which you can contribute directly to. Others, like Church California, have products for sale, which you can buy. We even have an amazing natural hand sanitizer in stock.”

Once shelter-in-place orders are lifted, though, your barbers and barbershops will still need your help, even once business normalizes. “We’re expecting that services will be limited—no shaves, no beard trims, and only services that can be administered with a face mask on,” Gonzalez says. “Services will often take twice as long to account for additional sanitizing needs before and after each cut. This means barbers will make less money and work twice as hard, all while taking a health risk in order to provide service and earn money. So once shops do open, you can really help out by expecting to pay a higher cost for services, and also tipping a little extra if you can.”

Or, if you can find your barber on social media, write to him or her and ask for their Venmo or PayPal account—drop them a digital tip if you can.

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Andy Samberg Has the Perfect Spring Haircut. Here’s How to Get It

For the March 2020 issue, on newsstands now, Andy Samberg honored lumberjacks of yore, with an axe and everything. But there were a couple things missing (intentionally) from his look: Samberg traded the big, bushy beard for some dialed-back scruff, and ditched the hat in order to showcase his wavy, bountiful hair. His grooming sits squarely in the middle of laidback and cleaned up.  

Want to mimic it? You can wear this hair-and-whiskers combo to most offices without anyone questioning your grooming habits—or rather, they’ll question them in the good sense. (What hair products? What beard trimmer length?)

These are the questions you probably have about Samberg’s off-duty lumberjack look—and the same ones we sent to Vicky Pena, head stylist at Boardroom Salon for Men (a series of barbershop clubs across the southern U.S.). Here’s Pena’s advice for how to get the beard and hairstyle Samberg rocks so well—and how to modify it for your own hair type.

Andy Samberg for Men's Journal March 2020 issue
Peter Yang for Men’s Journal

How to Get the Perfect Spring Cut à la Andy Samberg

The Kind of Hair This Style Requires

“This is a great look for someone who naturally has a medium-to-strong wave pattern in their hair [like Samberg],” says Pena. With this as the main requirement, the style is achievable for varying hair densities. Samberg and guys with thicker hair will have fewer hassles. Guys with thinner densities should use a thickening shampoo and conditioner to help build volume and body, says Pena. We love Sachajuan’s thickening wash and conditioner. “These have the ability to add fiber to the hair,” she adds. The result is lightweight fullness, especially when paired with a lightweight styler (like a texturizing hair cream targeted at wavy or curly hair—like Bumble and bumble’s. “And make sure to finish it off with a setting spray that’ll give you hold without the weight,” she says. We recommend Living Proof’s flexible-hold hairspray.

If you have straight hair, you can achieve a more textured look like this by using a sea salt spray or a clay pomade, Pena adds. Use Herbivore’s salt mist and BluuMan’s clay-cream styler.

As for guys with receding hair, it gets more difficult, Pena says. “Keep a little more length on the top, to allow for a slight camouflage. Then use a product with more flexibility and movement to allow the hair to wave naturally and help disguise the recession.” A texturizing hair paste could give you the definition and medium control you need for the style, without weighing things down. Try American Crew for this.

What to Tell Your Barber

Ask your barber or stylist for a taper on the sides, and no scalp exposure, says Pena. You can modify the length to your liking length, but be sure to leave the top longer. “This maintains the wave and achieves the fullness this look requires,” she says.

You can see on Samberg that the style doesn’t blend the top and sides cleanly; it’s more abrupt in contrast. You can do this, or ask for a more natural blend—whichever you prefer.

How to Style This Look

Depending on your hair density and texture, you may need to modify the products used. (Refer to the first section above.) But in general, this style should be kept light and “touchable,” so you’ll want to stick with texturizing pastes and creams, clay pomades, or sea salt sprays. (Again, see above for links to some of our favorite products for each step.) Apply them to towel-dried hair, then let them air dry—no hot tools needed, says Pena.

A dime-sized amount of product is enough to start; emulsify it in your palms, then apply evenly to your hair, targeting the roots first. Coach it into place with your fingers, as the style is really not tamed with a comb. If you do use a comb to style it, be sure to break up the tooth marks with your fingers when you’re finished. Finish with a zap of setting hair spray if you want to ensure that the style lasts all day. (And just because it’s “touchable” doesn’t mean you should be touching it all day; that will significantly compromise its ability to hold form.)

Andy Samberg for Men's Journal March 2020 issue
Peter Yang for Men’s Journal

How Often You Should Wash and Condition

In general, the rules of shampoo state that you should wash your hair 2-3 times a week. But with this style, guys with straight hair may want to lean more toward an every-other-day regimen. Condition more regularly, on the majority of in-between days, as well as following each shampoo—that’s the more imperative note here: Always follow a shampoo with a conditioner, but never combine them.

“If you have a natural wave, it’s safe to say you can use fewer products and go longer without having to shampoo and condition this look,” says Pena. “On the other hand, if your hair is straight and requires more product to achieve this look, you may need a more frequent shampoo and condition. This will rid your scalp of any buildup or residue.”

How to Get This Facial Hair

As for the beard-trimming guard to use for this scruffy style: “This is a #2 or #3 standard clipper guard, used all over,” says Pena. “Depending on the density of the facial hair and the individual growth rate, this look can be cleaned up and maintained every 2-3 weeks.” Just clean up the neck and cheek lines more frequently—twice a week should suffice.

The post Andy Samberg Has the Perfect Spring Haircut. Here’s How to Get It appeared first on Men's Journal.

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Ewan McGregor can headline massive blockbusters like Star Wars and Doctor Sleep. But at his core, he’s an everyman who’s been earnestly open about his fallible past. It’s his relatability that makes him so fun to watch on the silver screen and root for in real life. But there’s one thing that catches people off guard when they meet the actor. Our contributing editor Mickey Rapkin, who wrote the cover story on Ewan McGregor, can attest to this: “He has insanely good hair. Like rip-your-eyes-out-with-jealousy hair.”

MJ5: Ewan McGregor on His Favorite Gear, Breakfast, and Why He Loves Running

Please don’t go to that extreme. While it’s true, McGregor has an incredibly thick mane—especially at 48—you can replicate the hairstyle seen on our November issue.

If you’re curious how to emulate the smooth, combed-back look, consider the following advice from Michael Pettett, senior barber at Fellow Barber in San Francisco.

Who Can Get Ewan McGregor’s Voluminous Hairstyle (and Who Can’t)

To achieve this style, your hair will need to be long enough to flop over without any product. Pettett posits that 4–6 inches of hair is the ideal range for most men. He also says that you’ll have the best results with straight, dense hair. “Ewan has densely packed hair, which gives him that very full, voluminous appeal,” he says. “His hair is also straight, which allows for a smoother look, since straight hairs like to lay gently next to one another.” (As opposed to textured styles, which create more bulk.)

Men with receding hairlines can easily sport this style, too. “If you look at recession lines, they generally point backward toward the crown of the head,” Pettett notes. “So by pulling your hair back in the same direction, you create an awesome flow that blends beautifully together.” In fact, it’s the guys with fuller hairlines who may have a problem with the style, since their hair may not flow back as seamlessly. “They may need a bit more product or blow dryer usage to encourage the hair,” Pettett says.

However, there’s a point at which men with thinning hair should consider a new style. “This kind of look can also accentuate balding in an unappealing manner,” Pettett says. “Once the recession lines reach farther back on the head, it’ll begin to reveal more balding than receding.”

The Best-Smelling Fall Colognes for Men

Ewan McGregor
Marc Hom for Men's Journal

Length and Maintenance

Your hair grows approximately half an inch each month, Pettett says. So if you started from scratch with buzzed hair, you’d need about 10–12 months to get to this point. But you also want to wear a flattering style all the while, so Pettett suggests wearing something like a high and tight for the first few months: “My best advice is to grow the top out and keep the sides trimmed to a length that you’re most comfortable with until the length of hair on top of your head begins to catch up to the sides, where you can then grow them out together.”

And along the way, you could encounter a few awkward stages of growth. To avoid those, and more importantly, to ensure that this style grows out as intended, Pettet suggests getting routine haircuts—more like “hair trims”—every 7–8 weeks.

How to Get Joel Kinnaman’s Versatile, Side-swept Hairstyle

How to Style the Look

Start with clean, towel-dried (damp) hair, Pettett says. Next, apply a mineral or salt spray to help texturize and lightly hold the hair. Then you’ll go in with a blow dryer. (Fellow Barber’s mineral spray is excellent for this. So is Gamma +’s ionic blow dryer, which will dry hair much faster but also much safer—without frying it.)

“Apply enough [spray] to coat the hair evenly and use your hands to thoroughly blend it throughout your hair,” he says. “After that, use your blow dryer on medium heat and velocity, so you can control the flow a bit easier. Begin drying all of the hair in a backwards motion to give the overall shape the direction you desire.” He also recommends using a light hair brush or wide-tooth comb to help coach the hair and make sure the air flow from the dryer is also reaching the roots.

When it’s all about 90 percent dry, gently tousle the topmost hairs at their roots, which will give you more lift and volume, says Pettett. Finish drying, then apply another product—something to provide more weight, texture, hold, and structure. You can use clay if you want a stronger hold with a fuller finish, or a paste for touchable texture and medium hold. On the other hand, you can also opt for a cream if you prefer a lighter hold and more natural movement.

‘Birds of Prey’ Trailer: Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Battles Ewan McGregor’s Black Mask

Another Way to Wear This Haircut

You can also comb this style to the side for a more classic “gentleman’s cut,” says Pettett. And, until it gets too long, you can also wear it forward for a more casual look, styled lightly with cream or paste. When it’s short enough to do that, it’s also cooperative enough to texturize (also with paste or clay) and wear tousled and up, like a “surfer’s cut.”

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MillionaireMatch.com – the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!

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MillionaireMatch.com – the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!

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How to Get Your Perfect Haircut This Summer

Whether you keep it long or short, celebrity groomer Amy Komorowski explains how to get the best look of the season. 
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I cut my hair short today.

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

We love it!

The last time we got this excited about Kim K’s hair was when she punked us with a set of faux bangs. And while the 34-year-old star has definitely experimented with coloring her hair, we never thought she’d abandon her lengthy tresses.

The long bob has quickly become the hairstyle du jour with celebrities like Kerry Washington, Taylor Swift and Emma Stone rocking the edgy look.

So, what do you think of Kim’s new haircut?
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