How to Get Joel Kinnaman’s Versatile, Side-swept Hairstyle

Joel Kinnaman, the star of Hanna, The Informer, and Altered Carbon, covers our July/August issue, sporting a textured, side-swept hairstyle. It’s a cut to consider snagging for yourself, since it wears well in both professional and casual settings.

How to Get Kyle Chandler’s Textured Hairstyle

If you’re curious how it might look on you, consider the advice of Alexia Saras, regional barber manager at Fellow Barber in New York City. Here, she explains whom the style suits best, how to style and maintain it, and what to tell your barber.

How to Get Joel Kinnaman’s Hairstyle: The Kind of Hair You Need

You need to start with some length, at least up top. It’ll be harder for your barber to achieve this style if you’re working with a previously disconnected haircut, Saras notes. You’ll need something that’s easily blended from top to sides.

Because of the forward fringe that sweeps across the brow, Kinnaman’s cut works really well on guys with receding temples. It also softens the widow’s peak that forms in the middle of the recession. Just be sure to ask the barber to leave more density in the front, says Saras, so that you can sweep it down and over the recession. Get your barber’s honest opinion on your density, though. If it’s too thinned out, Salas says you’ll just look like you have a really bad comb-over.

How to Get Justin Theroux’s Tousled Hair and Beard Style

You’ll need relatively textured hair for the style, something that has a natural wave to it without being too curly. “If you have very straight hair, it’ll stick out from the crown and parietal ridge (upper sides) and run the risk of poofing,” Saras says.

It works on thin and thick hair, and Saras says that the style reduces bulk, which is an added benefit for guys with thicker hair: “It allows you to take the sides very short, which prevents them from growing in and looking like a clown wig,” she adds.

Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman Michael Schultz

What to Tell Your Barber

Your barber should be adept enough to know if this look suits you, as well as how to pull it off. But here are some points you can make.

“This haircut is a blend of a ‘French crop’ with longer fringe and a longer version of a crew cut on the sides,” Saras says.

On top, you want a lot of texture, so your barber should cut the sides with scissors to roughly one inch in length—or a #6 guard (though this entire look really should be styled with scissors).

“The top should be trimmed from a short two inches in the back to a long three inches in the front, done with scissors,” says Saras. “The sides are trimmed and connected to the top while breaking the corners to follow the roundness of the head.”

As for the sideburns and neck, leave them naturally faded, but not tapered.

The 10 Best Hairstyles for Men That Will Never Go Out of Style

How to Maintain This Style

Saras suggests a full haircut every three to four weeks, and to clean up the neck and sideburns every two weeks so that it stays natural-looking.

How to Style It

Use a nickel- or quarter-sized amount of lightweight styling cream, Saras advises. (Conveniently, Fellow Barber sells its own Styling Cream, which Saras uses on her clients with similar cuts. Product application is important here, too. After distributing the cream evenly in your palms, apply starting from the rear and sides of the head, moving forward, while targeting the roots. You can then massage the hair back from the front, and forward from the back after that, until it’s evenly applied.

How to Get Chris Evans’ Manicured Beard and Slicked-Back Hairstyle

Set your blow dryer on low, and point it down over the fringe, instead of under and upward. You can use the diffuser extension on the dryer, too, to better lock in the product and retain some of the moisture in the hair. “This helps keep the style looking great all day long,” Saras says.

You can go over the top of it with a light dusting of texturizing paste or clay (like Firsthand), or a zap of texturizing hair spray (like Ouai’s); it’ll ensure that your hair looks dense and defined.

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How to Get Kyle Chandler’s Textured Hairstyle

The inimitable Kyle Chandler is on screens large and small this summer. He’s in for a monster haul at the box office with Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and streaming into homes across the U.S. with Hulu’s Catch-22.

But he’s making waves for more than just his acting chops. His textured hair has the volume and movement surfers dream of, as seen in Chandler’s June 2019 Men’s Journal cover shoot. It’s enhanced even further by gray hairs, and is an all-out showcase of his natural gifts.

The Best Haircuts to Try This Spring, According to Experts

It’s a look that’s easily imitated, too—with a few restrictions. It you want to sport Chandler’s hairstyle for yourself, then follow these tips from barber Eli Shaffer, of Blind Barber Highland Park. Shaffer outlines the kind of hair this style requires, how to modify it for a receding hairline, what to tell your barber, and, of course, how to maintain and style.

How to Get Kyle Chandler’s Hairstyle: The Kind of Hair You Need  

Guys with medium-density hair will have the easiest time emulating this look, especially if they have natural waves or cowlicks, Shaffer says. “It doesn’t hurt to have a thicker head of hair, either,” he adds. “Chandler has a really amazing front cowlick that’s highlighted by a swath of gray hair. It’s super unique.”

Guys with gray hair will also enjoy the added texture: “The gray hairs lack melanin—the component that gives hair a hue. The two work together to give hair a lot of movement. For guys considering covering their grays, this is a great reason to embrace them.”

Chandler for MJ4

If you have a receding hairline, then Shaffer suggests keeping things loose and textured. “The trick to managing a receding hairline is to not cover it up. A natural recession can give a hairstyle character.”

Who is this style not for? Men with slick, straight hair. “This movement and texture is reserved for hair with natural waves,” Shaffer says. It’s something no product can help you emulate when your hair is medium-short like this.

7 Biggest Grooming Mistakes Balding Men Make

What to Tell Your Barber

Ask for a classic taper, says Shaffer, and leave the clippers down. Get a scissor cut on the sides, approximately half an inch long. “The top is point cut, connected to the sides, with a round shape, approximately two inches long.” Your natural waves should be texturizing enough on their own, but the barber can further texturize the style with shears if need be.

How to Maintain This Style

As with most short or medium styles, you’ll want to visit your barber for a cleanup roughly every six weeks, says Shaffer. That could be shortened to four weeks if you want an especially clean perimeter, or eight if you don’t mind getting a little shaggy. But after that point, you really no longer have a “hairstyle” so much as a grown-out one. If you stick to 4-6 weeks, however, then Shaffer says to have the barber take off about half an inch, so that the shape and structure are maintained.

Kyle Chandler appears on the June 2019 cover of Men's Journal
Jeff Lipsky

How to Style It

Again, your natural waves and thickness will work to your advantage here, so styling is fairly easy. Shaffer says to start by applying sea salt spray on clean, damp, towel-dried hair. The salt spray enhances texture and definition. “No blow dryer is needed and will actually work against some of the natural movement created in this style,” Shaffer adds. You should be able to coach it into place with your fingers. You could also comb it into place, then lift and separate it with your fingers for a piecier finish. Embrace the dishevelment: It only further showcases your waves and texture.

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How to Get Chris Evans’ Manicured Beard and Slicked-Back Hairstyle

As Captain America, Chris Evans has saved the world more than a few times (and twice as the Human Torch). And through it all, his hair has stayed perfectly in place, coiffed and slicked to the gods, and not the least bit recessed. During our May cover shoot, Evans’ hair was matched in power by an equally impressive beard, giving us yet another reason to envy the human marvel.

His artfully parted hair and manicured beard can be yours for the wearing, even if you grow patchier whiskers or have receding hair. For tips on how to get each style, we sought the advice of Raquel Fajardo, barber manager at Fellow Barber NoMad in NYC.

Captain America Comes Home

What Kind of Hair it Requires

“This haircut is suitable for all hair types and textures,” says Fajardo. “However, what’s most important is having enough length in the top front portion of your hair so it can be brushed back and sit with ease. The length on the sides may vary depending on density in order to get the same result.”

While Evans has an A-list hairline, the style can be modified for a shrinking hairline, too. You can slick the hair more directly across, to cover one side of the recession. Just build a more prominent part and use a high-hold product like Evo Crop Cutters Construction Cream to slick it over and across the head.

“Alternatively, you can also have this look worn disheveled, and even pushed more forward to the face to provide lift, movement, and texture, blending in those areas that may be sparser,” says Fajardo. “Using a salt spray or styling powder will help achieve this.” (Try Sheh-Voo’s Ocean Sea Salt Spray or Alder New York’s Texture Powder.)

Chris Evans
Miller Mobley

What to Tell the Barber

Tell your barber to leave the hair long enough to push back on top, and to keep the top and sides connected, says Fajardo. “The sides and back length should be cut with a 3 clipper length for light colored or low-to-medium density hair. Use the 2 clipper length for medium-to-dark hair or medium-to-thick density.” Also, tell the barber not to clip above the parietal ridge (that knob on the back of your skull), or on the sides where your head starts to round. “This ensures the shape stays strong and square all the way up,” she says.

How to Get Zachary Levi’s Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

How to Maintain the Look

Most guys will need to revisit the barber every 4-6 weeks to keep things trimmed up, says Fajardo. “But darker- and thicker-haired clients will most likely need to come in every 4 weeks.”

Chris Evans
Miller Mobley

How to Style

Because this hairstyle is connected (with no harsh lines or drop-offs), it’s a relatively easy one to style—but you need to style it at precisely the right time after rinsing or showering, before it’s too dry. “How your hair dries will be how this style lives,” she says. “Therefore, those who towel dry their hair like a madman may have a harder time getting it back to a natural fall with ease. Instead, you should pat dry your hair to help retain moisture which will also help you achieve your vision faster and more effectively.”

As for the hair product, pick something with a soft finish. A medium-hold cream or matte paste is a safe bet, with the latter offering more hold. (Try V76 Medium Hold Styling Cream or Fellow Barber Texture Paste.) Fajardo says you can blow it dry if you like, which isn’t necessary. “Heat just helps to set the hair and style. I recommend starting the blow-dryer on high heat to guide your hair in the direction you would like your hair to fall. It’s also great for those with stubborn cowlicks or patterns in your front hairline since the heat can help to control, train, and smooth hair in place.”

How to Get James McAvoy’s Textured Hairstyle and Beard

How to Maintain This Beard Length

“This is a tidy beard trim that’s pretty flush to the face,” Fajardo notes. And thus, it’s an easy length to maintain at home. She recommends the Andis Ion Pro LI trimmer: “It’s a cordless trimmer that’s easy to use with a (line-up) T blade, and it comes with guards. It’ll help with maintaining the look in between barber shop visits by cleaning the cheeks, neck, and under the lip line and chin.” The guard length to choose will change from one guy to the next, depending on hair density. “For dark and full hair like this beard, it’s most likely a 1.5 or 2 guard length. You can do this once a week to ensure a long-lasting trim,” she says.

If you experience any flyaways or just want a smooth finish on the beard, apply some balm to it after washing your face and whiskers. Fajardo likes Babe of Brooklyn’s N.2 Earth Beard Balm, which will nourish the skin and hair, keep it in place, and give everything a healthy shine.

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Curly Bangs Are FINALLY Cool! How To Get 2019′s Hottest Hairstyle

We asked Sandra Oh’s and Natasha Lyonne’s hairstylists to share their top tips for rocking this trendy style.
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How to Get Zachary Levi’s Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

Zachary Levi is soaring to new heights in Shazam!, as the reluctant superhero of the same name who steadily comes to terms with his newfound powers. And when he came to set for our April cover shoot, Levi seemed none too reluctant about his stellar sky-high pompadour. His Hollywood hairline is a power he’s been wielding for years, and this style is easily adaptable for guys with similar hair structure.

Here’s how you can get it for yourself—and how to maintain Levi’s lived-in scruff, too. We got insight on both from Bradley Smith, creative director of his eponymous London salons Bradley Smith Hair at both Heathrow and Sofitel Heathrow.

Ready for Takeoff: How Zachary Levi Went From Hollywood Outsider to Big-Screen Superhero

The Type of Hair You Need to Pull Off the Look

Smith says this pompadour quiff works well with many types of hair textures—you just might have your own unique variation on it—like slightly less volume or bounce.

“Wavy, medium-density hair is the best suited for this look,” he adds. “In this case, you can work with your hair’s natural movement in creating texture and volume, which is fundamental for the lift in the quiff. However, too much weight in the front will cause the quiff to collapse.”

He notes thinner hair will be easier to style, but lacks the natural texture, volume, and buoyancy that define this style. Curly hair is tougher, too, although Smith says you can work with your natural growth patterns and modify it in a way that suits you.

Most importantly, Smith encourages men with receding hairlines to avoid the style “at all costs”: “It will ultimately expose your recession points, as hair is pushed up and back over,” he says.

Zachary Levi Men's Journal April cover
Peter Yang

What to Tell Your Barber

Smith says to ask for a #2 buzz around the back and sides. “Or you can opt for the scissor over comb method for a softer, more natural approach,” he says. “You want to keep around three inches in length up top to create the lift in the fringe, however, too much weight in the front will cause the hairstyle to collapse.”

Then, up top, the barber should use texturizing shears to add some dimension to the style. This won’t compromise the overall length, though.

How to Get Matthew McConaughey’s Signature Wavy Hairstyle

He or she will then need to blend the sides: “This will create a subtle contrast, but maintain the classic appearance,” Smith says. “It’s important to keep the style in proportion, which is achieved by cutting the overall crown shorter than the fringe in front.” It helps emphasize the height of the pompadour.

How to Maintain the Cut

“Visit your stylist every four to five weeks,” Smith says. “You’ll clean-up the sides, remove excess weight from the top, and retexture it.” He warns that any neglect to get it cleaned up at proper intervals will only cause the weight in front to fall flat.

Close-up of Zachary Levi in plane
Peter Yang

How to Style Your Look

Start with towel-dried, slightly damp hair. Then, give it a few spritzes with some sea salt spray (try Bumble and bumble Surf Spray), as a pre-styling agent. “This will give your hair volume and provide additional hold throughout the day, as well as flexibility in styling,” Smith says.

Next, blow it dry, and use a vent brush (like Baasha Medium Vent Brush) to push your hair up and over. Smith says to follow your hair’s natural growth pattern. “Blow-drying this fringe will create the shape and the roundness of the pompadour quiff.”

How to Get Justin Theroux’s Tousled Hair and Beard Style

Apply a matte paste (we like Imperial Matte Pomade Paste) to finish—just a dime-sized amount to start. You can add more as needed. Warm it up in your palms to activate it, then apply it through the hair starting from the back of the crown, moving forward to the fringe (this adds lift, instead of pressing it down from the front and moving back). Target the roots: “This will provide added control over your style,” Smith says. “Use your fingers to add texture by working with your hair’s natural movement.”

Then, to actually sculpt the quiff, Smith says to work with the shape that you formed with the hair dryer and brush; the hair should still want to naturally fall this way since you only recently set it. Now, work it all back into place, to create the height. A final light coat of hairspray (try Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax) should preserve its hold all day.

How to Get Levi’s Stubble

A stubbled face paired with the quiff gives an overall low-maintenance style, says Smith. The scruff complements an otherwise classic hairstyle, and together they create definition and a bit of grit.

Smith says to trim every other day to maintain this length, and focus on keeping a clean neckline each time. Shave or trim it all the way down, to avoid a neckbeard.

And, as a bonus tip: Be sure to hydrate the skin here, just as you moisturize the entire face. “This will also encourage strong hair growth, keeping ingrown hairs away,” Smith says.

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How to Get James McAvoy’s Textured Hairstyle and Beard

James McAvoy has a great head of hair. And, as stellar as he is in any role, it’s heartbreaking to see him shave that thick, textured, ne’er receded mane all off. (He’s done it for X-Men: Apocalypse and Split, both 2016, and again for his reprisal of both roles in this year’s Dark Phoenix and Glass.) For our February 2019 cover shoot, however, McAvoy brought the volume, the texture, the waves, and the style.



We took the classic comb over, tousled it a bit, and modified it for McAvoy’s natural texture. The finish was, of course, natural looking—not too business, just enough casual. If you’d like to imitate it yourself, then follow these tips from some pros across the pond—London-based barbers Bradley Smith of Bradley Smith Hair Heathrow and Aaron Gibson of Sharps Barber and Shop. They’ll even throw in some bonus tips about imitating and maintaining McAvoy’s beard.

James McAvoy Is the Hero With a Thousand Faces

What Kind of Hair it Requires

The truth hurts: Gibson says you’ll likely need a strong hairline and medium thickness to pull this one off. “The side parting is a universal hairstyle, which suits most types of hair. However, you should avoid this one if you’re receding or have very fine hair, as it will emphasize your hair loss.”

Smith adds that wavy hair is an even better match yet: “It’s full of movement, enabling you to create a messier, texturized version of the side parting,” he says, noting that many other side-part styles will suit guys of different hair types and densities.

What to Tell the Barber

“Ask your barber for an unkempt version of the side parting, ultimately a messier and textured variation with length on top, roughly three inches,” says Smith.

James McAvoy, the 2019 Travel Awards, and More: Inside Our February Issue

Hopefully she or he will know what they’re doing, but here’s more detail: They should scissor cut around the back and sides, over top a comb. This should leave one inch or less in length. Then, they should texturize the top and blend it into the sides, to lighten the bulk and help the style cooperate.

“This will leave a natural, softer effect,” Smith says. “Tidy up around the ears, edges, and neckline with mini clippers to create the clean finish.”

How Frequently Should it Be Maintained

You need to visit the barber every month for cleanups (4-5 weeks, Gibson estimates as the ideal timeframe).

“This will allow for movement on top,” he says. “It’s imperative to clean up the edges and neck hair in an ‘unkempt’ side parting like this, in order to keep the style looking sharp.”

James McAvoy
Simon Emmet

How to Style

First, define your part with the end of a fine-tooth comb, says Smith. You can shake your hair first to see how it separates, and your part should be easy to find. Then, apply a few sprays of hair tonic (like V76 by Vaughn’s) to the style, and massage it from the roots. This tonic will give it the flexibility to be restyled and reworked throughout the day, if anything goes awry.

How to Get Milo Ventimiglia’s Hair (and Mustache) From ‘This Is Us’

Then, Smith says to use a blow dryer on low heat, while directing with a vent brush. Together, they’ll give the style a little added volume.

Once dry, take a dime size amount of styling clay (like American Crew) and emulsify it in your fingertips. Then, work it in from the back of the head forward, targeting the roots. Massage it in and tousle the hair for some added texture.

Lastly, direct your hair back and to the side for a texturized, natural finish.

James McAvoy - February 2019 cover Men's Journal
Simon Emmet

How to Get the Beard

To maintain this beard length, Smith says you’ll need to trim every 2-3 days on approximately a 4- or 5-guard.

“For trimming the neckline, work by using the two-finger method above the Adam’s Apple, for a rounded look,” he says.

Connect that point above your fingers to the backs of your ears, creating a ‘U’ shape.

How to Get Henry Cavill’s Superman Hairstyle

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Kanye West Shows Off New Hairstyle

Kanye West is putting his own spin on getting lined up … because he just debuted his new hairdo, and it’s pretty wild!!! Kanye showed off his new look Friday as he arrived at his office in Calabasas … and as you can see, he’s sporting…


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How to Get Matthew McConaughey’s Signature Wavy Hairstyle

We’ve always associated Matthew McConaughey with perfect surfer hair. His mane is full despite the fineness of his hair, thanks to its natural, wavy texture. He cleans it up for black-tie events, but wears it casually otherwise. McConaughey is proof you don’t need to have some businessman’s cut to be taken seriously. Instead, you only have to know how to style and maintain your hair.



To learn how to do exactly that, we spoke with our stylist pal Greg Ruggeri of Salon Ruggeri in NYC. He has enviable wavy hair, much like McConaughey’s, and helps many of his male and female clients make good of their own. Here’s Ruggeri’s advice on how to cop McConaughey’s look for yourself.

The 10 Best Hairstyles for Men That Will Never Go Out of Style

Miller Mobley

The Type of Hair You Need

As with any style, you need to have the right kind of hair in order to execute this one perfectly. This comes down to density, texture, thickness, and so forth. And with McConaughey’s style, Ruggeri says you need to have fine- to medium-textured hair (so, not thick and wiry), and it needs to have “a slight wave or soft curl to create the appearance of floppiness.”

If you have thick and straight hair, this style will end up looking like Brad Pitt in the late aughts. It’s not a bad result, but it’s important to note you’ll have different results, and that this piecier McConaughey style is probably not yours to execute.

And of course, it will need to be dense—that is, not overtly thinning—and grown an inch or two past your ears.

5 Men’s Hairstyle Trends You Should Try in 2018

What to Tell Your Stylist

Ruggeri says you won’t need to cut much, but that your stylist should do a general tidying up everywhere.

“Keep the length, giving the appearance of a slightly grown-out haircut,” he says. “Then, ask him or her to texturize the ends all over, to create definition and softness.”

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey Miller Mobley

How to Style it Casually (Like Our October 2018 Shoot Above)

Ruggeri says to start with a curling balm (like Liquid Rollers from Evo), which will emphasize your natural curly texture, as well as a salt spray (like Australian Salt Spray from David Mallet) to enhance and control it. You can also substitute the balm for a light paste (like Box o’ Bollox by Evo), which will preserve your wavy texture if you aren’t working with actual curls.

“When hair is slightly wet, apply the pomade or curling balm to your hands,” says Ruggeri. “Rub together gently, distributing evenly over your palms. Then lightly rub the product over your entire head. Don’t think too much about it.”

9 Best Long Hairstyles for Leading Men

You can comb it in with your fingers, then go back through and scratch at it to dismantle the neatness. You just want to keep it loose, unfussy.

“Once the first product is applied, lightly spray salt spray to create slight texture,” Ruggeri adds. “If you want a simpler approach, try just using the salt spray by itself. Your only concern here is not to use too much.”

Start with a couple sprays, evenly over the hair, and work from there, gauging the texture and definition as you go.

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey Andreas Rentz/Staff/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

How to Style it Formally

When it comes to dressed-up styling, Ruggeri says that the formal execution is not much different than the casual approach: “The difference with formal styling here is that you’d use slightly more product,” he says. You’ll get a glossier finish, and Ruggeri advises using your fingers to play with the balance and weight—until you see that it flatters and frames you properly.

The Top 10 Hair-styling Products for Men and How to Use Them

How Often to Get it Cleaned Up

Ruggeri says you should return to your stylist every 4-8 weeks for a slight trim with scissors. You don’t want to do anything with an electric clipper, and you only want to clean up the ends and lightly texturize anything that isn’t already so.

Note: Guys with straight hair will have to texturize their hair with scissors more often. How frequently you visit is just a matter of how fast your hair grows, and a matter of how quickly the style looks or feels unlike the one you first received.

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How to Get Henry Cavill’s Slick Superman Hairstyle

Henry Cavill has that classic Hollywood look to him, almost like a Bogart-meets-Sinatra…and as broad-shouldered as the two of them combined. It’s a winning combo, but we’d posit that his hair is lifting a lot of the weight here, too. Sure, he’s got the acting chops and the chiseled jawline, but his hairstyle is camera ready all the damn time.



Look at the waves! The definition! The Hollywood gloss! He was a shoo-in for Superman, and it makes for a slick villain in the upcoming Mission: Impossible—Fallout. No doubt you’re wondering how to replicate the style for yourself. To help you, we spoke with hairstylist Vaughn Acord, the namesake of grooming brand V76 by Vaughn, about Cavill’s hairstyle. Here is Acord’s advice on how to get it, what kind of hair you need, and how to style and maintain the look.

What Type of Hair You Need

Acord says guys with natural waves will have the easiest time achieving the look: “It was made for them!” You’ll see that Cavill has a widow’s peak that gives him some Superman vibes, but Acord notes that this isn’t necessary to create your own version. However, there are certain types of hair that will not take well to the style.

Henry Cavill Grew a Badass Mustache for ‘Mission: Impossible 6.’ Here’s How You Can, Too.

“This look is all about flow, and men with fine, thinning hair won’t have the texture or density needed to pull it off,” Acord says. “Men with super curly hair should stay away from this look, too, because it will look too puffy up top, and they’ll constantly be fighting to calm the curl down to get the slight wave Henry is rocking.”

Furthermore, guys with receding hairlines should avoid the style too, since it only draws more attention to the crown of your head.

Henry Cavill August 2018 Issue Men's Journal
Jeff Lipsky

What to Tell Your Barber

Your barber or stylist should know this as the “classic gentleman’s cut”.

“You want short back and sides and low taper, but don’t skin the sides,” Acord says. “I prefer to use scissors and maybe even a razor, which gives me great control to slightly build weight up top and to give that hand-done look. I like the sides to be finger’s width length, tucked in above the ears. It’s important to give the top a soft look—free it up, give it movement so you have style options. That way you can have a buttoned up look for day and a looser, more casual look at night, or vice versa.”

Henry Cavill Was Almost in ’50 Shades,’ and 8 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Him

How to Style It

This is a versatile look, and as Acord pointed out, it can be slicked up or worn more casually. It just depends on the product used. _

For a casual finish: Acord recommends using paste (like V76 Molding Paste) or clay (try American Crew Molding Clay). Both give you an “undone” look with some texture and body. Apply to clean, towel-dried hair or clean, fully dried hair. The former will give you more control and definition.


For a formal finish: High-hold balm (we like V76 Control Balm Strong Hold) or pomade (opt for Imperial Classic Pomade) will do the trick. Neither will give you crusty, helmet-head finish. After all, “It’s important for hair to look and be touchable,” Acord says. Apply to clean, towel-dried hair. A little moisture in the hair is necessary to activate the product.

The 10 Best Hairstyles for Men That Will Never Go Out of Style

Regardless of your preferred finish, start with a dime-sized amount of product. Warm it up by rubbing it across your fingers, then massage it evenly into your hair. Target the roots first, since this is where you gain the most control over your style.

How Often to Clean It Up

You need to refresh the style every 4-6 weeks, tops. “If you try to push it to 8 weeks, the look will lose its shape and look unkempt,” Acord warns.

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5 Men’s Hairstyle Trends You Should Try in 2018

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Fun Hairstyle Ideas to Instantly Upgrade Your Ponytail

If you're hunting for ponytail ideas to try this weekend, this week truly had your back. Between Paris Fashion Week and celebs going out with their hair in a simple ponytail holder, there's tons of…

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Latest Hairstyle Is Giving Off Serious Princess Leia Vibes

We get the thought process behind the 'do Vanessa Hudgens wore last night to the premiere of Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer. Star Wars is in the air in the beauty world, thanks to the…

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FASHION NEWS UPDATE-Visit 2 Spendless Online today for the hottest deals online!