Get the Comfort of a Hot Towel Shave With Every Stroke With the GilletteLabs New Heated Razor

A hot shave is one of man’s great pleasures. But who has the time or money to sit for one? Gillette wants to bring the hot shave experience out of the barber chair and straight to your bathroom with the world’s first Heated Razor. It’s available for pre-order now, and set to ship in time for Father’s Day.

Designed in Germany, the innovative and experiential arm of the grooming giant, the high-tech heated razor created a buzz last year when it launched. The GiletteLabs heated razor sold out in 5 days on Indiegogo. Now, it’s ready to be shipped to the public, and we couldn’t be more excited. With Father’s Day coming up fast, the timing couldn’t be better. It’s also a great time to consider signing yourself or the Dad in your life up with Gillette on Demand, to ensure he always has fresh razors at his disposal.

gillette heated razor
Gillette on Demand

Now guys can get the soothing hot towel experience in the comfort of our own bathrooms. The wireless, five-blade razor heats up in less than a second. There are even adjustable temperature levels for ultimate comfort . And best of all, the razor is built to be completely waterproof, so we can use it in or out of the shower. Finally, a reason to look forward to our morning shave.

Does anyone shave without heat anymore? Most of us rinse our razor under a faucet of hot water before scraping away the lather. Many of us take our razors right into the shower with us, as part of our morning grooming routine. Some shave immediately after our shower. No matter when you prefer to shave, heat is an integral part of the pre-shave routine. Why? It awakens the senses and provides an elevated shaving experience.

Does This Gadget Really Work?

That’s what makes the GilletteLabs Heated Razor so amazing. Anywhere you shave, just a push of a button is all it takes. The thin warming bar sits right below the five blades, so once you dial in the temp to your preferences you can just start shaving. That’s it. No waiting for the faucet water to get hot, no standing with your face under a hot shower, holding your breath. The warming bar touches the skin just before the razor does, instantly prepping both whisker and skin for the shave to come. There are no wires to work around. It’s all powered by a Li-Ion battery that charges on a discreet stand you can put anywhere in your bathroom. There’s even magnetic docking, making charging your razor as easy as just putting it down.

gillette heated razor
Gillette on Demand

If you’re ready to get the hot shave experience in your own bathroom—or know a dad who would—pre-order the GilletteLabs Heated Razor ($ 200) today. The razor will ship mid-late May (you’ll only be charged once it ships), but it will arrive at its destination in plenty of time for Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16. You can (and should) also enroll Dad in Gillette On Demand’s subscription service, so he gets a set of new Heated Razor blades (regularly $ 25) monthly, or every three or six months. It’s a great deal that keeps you from having to remember to order new blades all the time.

The GilletteLabs Heated Razor makes our morning grooming routine—the act of shaving in particular, of course, but the entire routine as a whole—far more pleasant and enjoyable than it’s ever been.

Buy Now: Be the first to shop the new GilletteLabs Heated Razor! Buy now at Gillette on Demand ($ 200) today. Product will ship in time for Father’s Day. Limited quantities available!

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