Shifted Agony – D.K. Holmberg

D.K. Holmberg - Shifted Agony  artwork

Shifted Agony

D.K. Holmberg

Genre: Fantasy

Publish Date: November 10, 2016

Publisher: ASH Publishing

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

I’m a Painter, able to use color and shapes and patterns to create power.  After ten years spent facing horrors on the other side of the Threshold mastering forbidden arcane patterns, I want only to rest. I came home, returning to the small town I’d known before my exile, and before my father’s death. Only, it turns out my father was hiding more secrets than I realized. When another painter from shows up, she unleashes a deadly threat our world hasn't seen in centuries.  Somehow, I'm the only one able to stop it Shifted Agony  is the first book in  The Painter Mage  urban fantasy series.

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Prelude to Fire – D.K. Holmberg

D.K. Holmberg - Prelude to Fire  artwork

Prelude to Fire

D.K. Holmberg

Genre: Epic

Publish Date: October 11, 2018

Publisher: ASH Publishing

Seller: ASH Publishing

A warrior to a dying king discovers a destiny he never imagined. The first book in the bestselling The Cloud Warrior Saga. Lacertin has served his king faithfully for decades, but has failed on his final mission for him. When he returns to the kingdoms, he discovers a dark secret to the king's illness, and the only person who can truly help him hides a secret of her own. Lacertin must decide how much he will sacrifice for the people he cares most about, or risk the fate of the kingdom. The Cloud Warrior Saga: 0. Prelude to Fire 1. Chased by Fire 2. Bound by Fire 3. Changed by Fire 4. Fortress of Fire 5. Forged in Fire 6. Serpent of Fire 7. Servant of Fire 8. Born of Fire 9. Broken of Fire 10. Light of Fire 11. Cycle of Fire

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