Gentle Monster, Huawei Team Up for Connected Eyewear

BRANCHING OUT: Gentle Monster, the buzzy South Korean label known for futuristic, high-end eyewear and peculiar retail concepts — a London store features kung fu-fighting aliens — has teamed with Huawei for connected eyewear set to launch this summer.
The new accessory was introduced at the tail end of a splashy smartphone launch by the Chinese tech giant in Paris on Tuesday, which was mostly focused on the power of the phone’s camera, but also included a power bank, ear buds and a new triathlon mode for its smart watches. The eyewear was introduced as “one more stylish thing.”
“You can pick up a phone call when your phone is in your pocket or your bag,” said Richard Yu, chief executive officer of the Chinese tech giant’s consumer business group, strolling across a stage in front of a colossal screen. “It’s a new fusion of fashion and technologies,” he added. 
Hankook Kim, the soft-spoken cofounder and ceo of Gentle Monster, also took to the stage, explaining that the label’s 18 stores are different — each with an individual and elaborate theme, built by in-house design teams — and showing images of futuristic eyewear.
“At the same time, we can make normal sunglasses,” he added. 

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Episode 327 Scott Adams: The Arrest of Huawei CFO, My Mueller Prediction


  • Arrest of Huawei CFO is just “shaking the box” for a better outcome
  • Prediction: Mueller investigation will turn out the same as everything else
    • Both sides will see what they want to see
  • Russia tried to influence the 2016 election, or just sow chaos?
    • They ran ads favoring Trump
    • They ALSO ran ads favoring Hillary
    • Russia hacked one side (the DNC)…and not the other?
    • Russia wouldn’t TRY to hack both sides?


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