Consider Phlebas (Unabridged) – Iain Banks

Iain Banks - Consider Phlebas (Unabridged)  artwork

Consider Phlebas (Unabridged)

Iain Banks

Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 24.95

Publish Date: May 6, 2011

© ℗ © 2011 Hachette Audio

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Hackers – Iain Softley

Iain Softley - Hackers  artwork


Iain Softley

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 9.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: September 15, 1995

Cereal Killer, Phantom Phreak, Crash Override…if these handles appear on your computer screen, you're beyond saving–consider yourself hacked. In this cyberpunk thriller, a renegade group of elite teenage computer hackers rollerblade through New York City by day and ride the information highway by night. After hacking into a high-stakes industrial conspiracy, they become prime suspects and must recruit the best of the cybernet underground to help clear their names.


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Sea Sick – Iain Rob Wright

Iain Rob Wright - Sea Sick  artwork

Sea Sick

Iain Rob Wright

Genre: Horror

Publish Date: February 19, 2015

Publisher: Iain Rob Wright

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

–From bestselling author, Iain Rob Wright –60k Words in length IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXING… Police Officer Jack Wardsley’s life ended the moment his partner died, stabbed to death by a deranged druggie. Now, years later, Jack is a changed man. His recent record of police brutality and a reputation for not following the rules has prompted his seniors to give him an ultimatum: take a few weeks off, relax, and find some way to let go of all the anger – or find another job. That’s why Jack is about to board The Spirit of Kirkpatrick, a cruise liner built for relaxation and fun. Pretty soon, however, Jack realises that a little R&R is the last thing he’s going to get. There’s a virus onboard, making people insane and it won’t be long before the entire ship is overrun with blood and death. There is nowhere to escape. But just when Jack thinks his number is up, he wakes up in bed. It’s the same day as before, but will this time be different, or is the virus fated to escape again and kill all those aboard? It won’t be long before Jack realises there are others onboard just like him – and that some of them know more than they’re letting on. WELCOME ABOARD. "Iain Rob Wright scares the hell out of me." – J A Konrath, author of the Jack Kilborn horror novels

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20,000 Days On Earth – Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard - 20,000 Days On Earth  artwork

20,000 Days On Earth

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: September 19, 2014

20,000 Days On Earth is an inventive, lyrical ode to creativity and an intimate examination of the artistic process of musician and cultural icon Nick Cave. In their debut feature directors Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard fuse drama and documentary, weaving a staged day in Cave's life with never-before-seen verité observation of his creative cycle. It features those who have affected his life, including wry tales from the road shared with his regular collaborator, the multi-instrumentalist Warren Ellis; actor and friend Ray Winstone; and Kylie Minogue, who shared a duet with Cave in the breakout hit "Where the Wild Roses Grow." These voices from the past revisit Cave in daydream-like scenes as he sits behind the wheel driving through his adopted hometown of Brighton, England. Neither a music documentary nor a concert film, 20,000 Days On Earth still contains electrifying performances. Audiences see a song grow from the tiniest of ideas to an epic performance at Sydney Opera House. Cave also opens up to a psychoanalyst as he discusses how his early years continue to inform his work, and journeys through his memories via mementos from his personal archive. This category-defying film pushes the form into new territory, exploring universal themes about artistry, and celebrating the transformative power of the creative spirit.

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