Ice Cube Part Of Investment Group To Buy 22 Sports TV Stations

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Ice Cube has long established himself in other areas outside the medium of music and acting, and now he’s hoping to get into the sports television business too. The rapper and actor is part of an investment group that is hoping to purchase 22 regional sports stations.

The Blast reports:

According to our sources, the legendary rapper is joining forces with Carolyn Rafaelian, the founder of popular bangle brand Alex and Ani, in a bid to buy 22 regional sports television stations.

Sources close to the deal tell The Blast that Rafaelian “is going in huge on this” with Ice Cube and will be investing heavily in the deal.

Rafaelian, based on the success of the Alex and Ani brand, is #21 on the Forbes list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. She was also named “America’s richest jeweler.” She was also named one of People Magazine’s “25 Woman Changing the World.”

Cube is also being joined by his partners in the Big3 basketball league in making the bid.

According to the Wall Street Journal and also mentioned by the outlet, the stations are valued at $ 25 billion. Disney has to let the stations go as part of their deal to acquire 21st Century Fox.

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Is There a Fashion Investment That Will Fund Your Old Age? One Writer Investigates


When the stock market starts to go nuts, when you find the word volatility creeping into your conversations—and not just to describe your boss—you may find yourself thinking, “Where could I park my money that won’t be subject to such wild swings? Is there an investment I can make—preferably in something beautiful, something I can actually enjoy for decades!—that will also fund my old age?”

Of course, as in so much else in life, financial hindsight is 20/20: If only my dad had bought that little yellow house in Montauk for $ 14,000 in 1961! If only I had ripped a Keith Haring Radiant Baby graffiti off a subway station wall 30 years ago!

But if I have been spectacularly unsuccessful in my investment planning thus far, at least I have the right friends. I sit down with my compatriot B., who is a genius at flipping real estate, and is also a walking encyclopedia of high-end vintage goods. He agrees with me that the trouble with sinking your disposable income into a Fortuny gown or a Chanel frock from the twenties is that you can’t actually wear these things—a single drop of perspiration, an errant rain shower, can trigger a rapid deterioration that will destroy future earning potential. Think about it—even a stolid Birkin is worth much more in a pristine state. (But what fun is it to have a Birkin if you can’t take it out so your friends will say, “Oh look, you have a Birkin.”) To put it simply: The more you personally enjoy using your vintage fashions and accessories, the less they will be worth.

B. thinks gorgeous furniture is a great alternative, but I am not sure my dinky apartment is the right place for a Gallé breakfront. And you can’t wear a Gio Ponti credenza to the Met Gala, or string a Ruhlmann desk around your neck and go out to dinner.

Which brings us to jewelry! This stuff practically is money (Just ask a drug dealer, or a refugee from czarist Russia, what the best way to smuggle money across borders is, and they will point to a batch of bling hidden in their underwear.) B. says your pieces should be signed if at all possible, and that Van Cleef and Cartier are at the top of this glittering pyramid. To this duo, you can add Verdura and Bulgari, and more contemporary pieces by JAR.

But why stop with the brands that everybody knows? Substantial money, B. tells me, is secreted in far more obscure pieces—French Art Deco masterworks by people like Jean Després, Raymond Templier, Gustave-Roger Sandoz, and Suzanne Belperron. (Google their creations—your heart will stop.)

It begins to dawn on me that real scholarship is required to make the proper financial decisions—otherwise, how will you know if you bump into a Templier brooch at the Porte de Clignancourt flea market? At least he signed his creations—Suzanne’s glorious pieces are defiantly nameless. Asked once why she never signed her work, Madame Belperron replied: “My style is my signature.”

So start studying! Brush up on your French! Or forget the whole thing and call a broker.

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Pembroke said the funding would allow Me+Em to acquire new customers, broaden its product offering, introduce wholesale and increase customer engagement with the brand, through investing in digital, social and public relations activity.
Andrew Wolfson, chief executive officer of Pembroke Venture Capital Trust commented: “We were impressed by the way the [Me+Em] product resonates with their target demographic and the team’s intelligent approach to marketing and data management,” he said.
Clare Hornby, founder and creative director of Me+Em added: “Me+Em has doubled in size over the last 18 months. I am excited about the future and working with Venrex and Pembroke, who both provide the expertise and financial support to take the brand to the next level.”
Hornby founded Me+Em in 2009, and it’s primarily sold through the label’s e-commerce site and brochures, and from

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13 Stunning Diamond Earrings That Are Well Worth the Investment

daria strokous

It is probably safe to assume that you are not coming to this site for financial advice, but that is what is so surprising, so wonderful! about—you never know what you will find.

A few months ago, right around tax time, I was talking to a finance guy I know—yes, I know all kinds of people—sort of bragging that I had fallen madly in love with a very expensive piece of twenties diamond jewelry, but I was so fiscally responsible that I would never in a million years buy it. He stunned me when he said,  “Actually, Lynn, you should get it! It will appreciate more than the pathetic interest rate that you get now for your CDs, and in the meantime, you will have the joy of wearing it every day.”

Deeply persuasive and most welcome as this argument was, I didn’t buy the jewelry (well, at least not yet). But it got me thinking: Could investing in fabulous jewelry be a high-finance version of having your cake and eating it too? Wouldn’t spectacular diamond earrings, reposing close to your flushed cheek, warm your face—and your heart—far more profoundly than a stupid financial statement ever could?

With this in mind, presents this heartbreakingly lovely array of  diamond earrings—mix them! Match them! Wear them singly, or pierce still more holes in your ears and have a party! Remember: You’re not just thinking about looking beautiful; you’re also considering their long-term earning potential. Or as Lorelei Lee once observed:  “Square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don’t lose their shape.”

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In the world of makeup, universally flattering is a nearly impossible feat. Considering variations in complexion, facial features, and personal style, pleasing everyone is almost never in the cards. Which is why it’s so shocking when a beauty product manages to earn cult status, making itself irreplaceable in more makeup bags than not. Take Clé de Peau Beauté’s creamy, full-coverage concealer for example; it imperceptibly blends into the skin, won’t budge, and has practically become the crowd-sourced response to the question: “What is the best concealer?” MAC Ruby Woo may be the only shade of red lipstick one will ever need. And those looking to forge common ground with other women would do well to utter the phrase “Laura Mercier Tinted Primer.” It’s not just hype—there’s a reason one Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream sells every 30 seconds, and seven tubes of Maybelline Baby Lips balm sell every fifteen seconds: They’re really that good. Without further ado, here, eleven of the best-selling makeup products in existence.

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