Illustrating the Caribbean nature 494 years later after Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo chronicles* – Arlene Ruiz Isenberg

Arlene Ruiz Isenberg - Illustrating the Caribbean nature 494 years later after Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo chronicles*  artwork

Illustrating the Caribbean nature 494 years later after Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo chronicles*

Revisiting the Chronicles of the General and Natural History of the Indies, Islands and Mainland of the Ocean Sea by Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo in1526.

Arlene Ruiz Isenberg

Genre: Art History

Publish Date: November 15, 2020

Publisher: Arlene Ruiz Isenberg

Seller: Arlene Ruiz-Isenberg

Robinson School students looked into Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo chronicles of The General Natural History of the Indies, published in 1526, to illustrate the same flora and fauna described by Oviedo, but not with outsiders' eyes but as natives who understand and learn from their environment. The students researched the Caribbean biodiversity, studied, applied drawing techniques, and used innovative tools to give their illustrations life.

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Episode 922 Scott Adams: Feel Better Before Drifting Off to Sleep Later. Learn a New Filter on Reality.

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‘Resident Evil 3’ Demo Arriving This Week, Resistance Open Beta Later This Month

Release Date For 'Resident Evil 3' Demo & Resistance Beta Announced

Source: Capcom / Resident Evil 3 Remake

Need something to do while you’re social distancing locked down in your home, Capcom got you. The company announced the demo for the remake of Resident Evil 3 is arriving this week.

On March 19th, PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, and PC owners will be able to download the Resident Evil 3 demo and play as Jill Valentine and try to escape Racoon City and the insanely dangerous Nemesis. In a blog post announcing the demo’s release date, Capcom reveals the Resident Evil 3 will focus on the action more but warns you not to go wasting ammo.

“While there’s a bit more focus on action in Resident Evil 3 compared to last year’s Resident Evil 2, you won’t want to go in guns blazing – it may be a demo, but you’ll need to conserve your ammo and items if you want to stand a chance of surviving.”

The demo wasn’t the only thing announced, Capcom also revealed when players could partake in the open beta for Resident Evil Resistance, the online co-op horror game that takes place in the RE universe. Things will officially kick off on March 27 and will allow players to try out four of the games six survivors and a single “mastermind” named Daniel Fabron. The Resistance Beta will be available until launch.

As for the demo, it would seem this one is not timed like Resident Evil 2’s 1-Shot timed trial.

Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance both arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, and PC April 3, looking forward to adding this to our #quarantineliving list of games to play.

Photo: Capcom / Resident Evil 3 Remake

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30 years later – ‘Pretty Woman’ the musical gets starry West End debut

A red carpet premiere was held at the Piccadilly Theatre where the production team spoke about how the show differs from the film.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Nine Albums Later, Tegan and Sara Are Finally Ready to Discuss High School

In a new memoir and an album of songs they wrote as teenagers, the feminist pop stars look back at their traumas, triumphs and life as identical twins.
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Woodstock’s album-cover couple 50 years later

An image of a young couple, wrapped in a blanket during an embrace, became part of pop culture history when it ended up on the Woodstock festival album cover. And after 48 years of marriage, Nick and Bobbi Ercoline say the pose is something they still do every day.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Dominik Hasek’s 70-save playoff shutout: An oral history, 25 years later

Martin Brodeur, Bobby Holik and others recall one of the best goaltending performances ever: Hasek’s 1994 four-OT masterpiece. – NHL

You Will 25 Years Later

Branded Content | Produced By AT&T For WIRED Brand Lab
In 1993, AT&T predicted technology’s future with its “You Will” campaign. Now, they’re at it again. See a behind-the-scenes look at how AT&T foresaw the future we now live in—and what the next 25 years of innovation will bring.
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Promise fulfilled 25 years later with TV film “My Dinner with Herve”

Sacha Gervasi brings the memoirs of Herve Villechaize to life, as he promised the diminutive ‘Fantasy Island’ actor 25 years ago, with a film about his life. Rough Cut – no reporter narration.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Then & Now: The Cast Of ‘The Sandlot’ 25 Years Later

Twenty five years may have passed since it theaters, but “The Sandlot” is timeless! To celebrate the cult classic’s 25th anniversary edition Blu-Ray release, see how eight of the core “Sandlot” actors have grown since the film’s 1993 debut.

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Yung Berg’s Marijuana Charge Dismissed 9 Years Later

Yung Berg finally took care of business in his weed case … took him 9 years to get it done, but IT. GOT. DONE. The rapper got busted in October 2017 after cops responded for an altercation in the Miami hotel where Berg was staying. Cops ran the…


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Laugh Now, Fly Later – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa - Laugh Now, Fly Later  artwork

Laugh Now, Fly Later

Wiz Khalifa

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Price: $ 7.99

Release Date: November 10, 2017

© ℗ 2017 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States. A Warner Music Group Company

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The First Supersonic Flight Is Still Astounding 70 Years Later

In the not so distant future we might all take supersonic flights from New York to Los Angeles. It all started seventy years ago high above the Mojave desert.
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10 years later: The build, stunning end, and influence of the 2007 Patriots

10 years later: The build, stunning end, and influence of the 2007 Patriots – NFL

‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’: TV Review

‘Wet Hot American Summer’ returns for its second season on Netflix, and while there are plenty of laughs, there are more slow patches than ever before.

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Hollywood Reporter

The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay Is Already Thinking About Her Wedding Happening “Sooner Than Later”

Rachel Lindsay, 2017 ESPY Awards, ESPYSFirst comes the Bachelor mansion, then comes rose ceremonies, then comes one magical wedding celebration.
Even though there are a few weeks to go of Rachel Lindsay’s season as The…

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Watch ‘Awkward’s’ Molly Tarlov Remake Alanis Morissette’s ‘Ironic’ Video 20 Years Later

See Molly Tarlov From MTV’s “Awkward” Remake Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” Music Video

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later – Steve Miner

Steve Miner - Halloween H20: 20 Years Later  artwork

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Steve Miner

Genre: Horror

Price: $ 18.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: August 7, 1998

On Halloween in 1963, Michael Myers murdered his sister, Judith. In 1978, he broke out to kill his other sister, Laurie Strode. He killed all of her friends, but she escaped. A few years later, she faked her death so he couldn't find her. But now, in 1998, Michael has returned and found all the papers he needs to find her. He tracks her down to a private school where she has gone under a new name with her son, John. And now, Laurie must do what she should have done a long time ago and finally decided to hunt down the evil one last time.

© © 2011 Miramax

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32 years later, Vanessa Williams gets heartfelt apology at Miss America pageant

Thirty-two years after the controversy, Vanessa Williams received a heartfelt apology from the Miss America organization.

TODAY Pop Culture

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One Year Later: Remembering Joan Rivers

It’s been one year since the death of Joan Rivers, and daughter Melissa is sharing one of her favorite stories about her iconic mother.

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Superfly Jimmy Snuka Charged With Murder Of Girlfriend 32 Years Later

Like Hulk Hogan, WWE legend (WWF in his heyday) Superfly Jimmy Snuka is seeing his legacy go up in flames and ashes.

The 72-year-old former high-flying athlete has just been charged with 3rd degree murder and involuntary manslaughter for the 1983 assault and death of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino.

Reports The Morning Call:

Snuka, 72, was arrested Tuesday morning after he surrendered to a Lehigh County detective and arraigned at 1:50 p.m. from the Lehigh County Central Booking Center. He was sent to county jail, but later posted $ 100,000 bail.

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin re-opened the case last year, prompted in part by a Morning Call investigation that raised questions about the death of Snuka’s 23-year-old girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, in May 1983. The Call story revealed a never-before-seen autopsy report that labeled the case a homicide.

The grand jury’s term ended at the end of July.

Reached Tuesday by phone, Argentino’s sister Louise Argentino-Upham said it’s a relief, especially since her mother turns 90 this year and may be able to see justice served.

“I think that it’s been a long road,” Argentino-Upham said. “They did the right thing in face of all the evidence.”

Snuka had been at a WWF taping at the Allentown Fairgrounds on May 10, 1983, and returned to his Whitehall Township motel room to find Argentino, of Brooklyn, gasping for air and oozing yellow fluid from her mouth and nose, records show.

Superfly Jimmy Snucka isn’t as nimble as he once was. He may find prison to be a bit rough in his senior citizen state, should he be found guilty.

Photo: WENN

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‘Six Feet Under’ 10 Years Later: Creator, Stars on Finale “Bomb,” Lasting Legacy

Creator Alan Ball, stars Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall and Lauren Ambrose talk with THR about the “finale that will not die.”

read more

Hollywood Reporter

Complex Remembers Slim Thug’s “Already Platinum” 10 Years Later

Complex remembers Slim Thug’s debut album "Already Platinum" and notes the dynamic between the Houston native and The Neptunes.

HipHopDX News

28 Weeks Later – Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo - 28 Weeks Later  artwork

28 Weeks Later

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Genre: Horror

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: May 11, 2007

28 Weeks Later, the follow-up to the hugely successful 28 Days Later, picks up six months after the rage virus has annihilated Mainland Britain. The US army declares that the war against infection has been won, and that the reconstruction of the country can begin. As the first wave of refugees return, a family is reunited – but one of them unwittingly carries a terrible secret. The virus is not yet dead, and this time, it is more dangerous than ever.

© © 2007 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

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Thank Me Later – Drake

Drake - Thank Me Later  artwork

Thank Me Later


Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Price: $ 6.99

Release Date: June 15, 2010

© ℗ 2010 Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records

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13 Years Later Kelly Clarkson Slays Her ‘Idol’ Audition Song

Kelly Clarkson has certainly come a long way since she became the very first 'American Idol' back in 2002, and she proved it Wednesday night.
News, reviews, interviews and more for top artists and albums – MSN Music
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Michael and Us: Remembering Michael Moore’s Roger & Me 25 Years Later

The only panic dream I have with any regularity is the one where I realize my final exam starts in five minutes and I haven’t cracked a book all semester. The feeling of relief upon waking and realizing it has been thirty years since I was actually in school is palpable. But that realization did not stop me from feeling a twinge of regret upon seeing 2014 turn into 2015. You see, I had planned on writing about two movies which shook up the world back in 1989. They were celebrating their 25th birthdays. I wrote about John Singleton’s Boyz in the Hood , but I never got around to Michael Moore’s Roger & Me.

Here’s my dog-ate-my-homework excuse. I was going to write about Moore’s remarkable achievement — about how prescient it had been in its depiction of the destruction of unionized America, about how the increasing wealth gap was leading the alternating blocks of 1st worlders and 3rd worlders in American cities — when I read Stephen Marche’s Esquire Magazine article (12/19/14) which essentially described all that better than I could. So I shelved the idea and got on with my life.

But after recently seeing Ethan Hawke’s documentary about Seymour Bernstein, Seymour: An Introduction, it occurred to me that there was more to say about Michael and Roger. And it has nothing to do with Michael Moore’s ideas about government or economics. I’m not really qualified to discuss those things anyway. But I feel on pretty solid footing when I say that Michael Moore is one of the three most important documentary filmmakers in the history of cinema, and that it all began with Roger & Me.

Many people are familiar with Moore. As was once said of Charles Foster Kane, he “spoke for millions of Americans, was hated by as many more.” He had published a populist newspaper in Michigan for a decade before unemployment left him with some free time. He decided to make a movie — his first — about the hard times that had befallen Flint, Michigan, at one time an automotive juggernaut, after repeated plant closings by General Motors and their CEO Roger Smith throughout the 1980s had devastated the city. Moore’s story spine was built around his futile attempts to bring Smith to Flint for a visit so he could see that devastation firsthand. He blended personal stories of Flint citizens with some political and economic history to create an extraordinarily powerful portrait.

In the world of documentary filmmaking, Moore’s politics are not exactly ground-breaking. Political documentaries, from the earliest days of John Grierson and Dziga Vertov, through the Labor Left 1930s, Frederick Wiseman and Barbara Kopple, right up until recent Oscar-winners An Inconvenient Truth and CitizenFour, have generally been guided by liberal principles. But Moore has done two things that set his films apart.

First, he made his films very funny. In Roger & Me, you may feel anger directed at Roger Smith, you may feel sympathy for the families that we see being evicted from their homes, you will almost certainly feel squeamish watching Rhonda Britton, who sells rabbits as “pets or meat” slaughtering a bunny. And you will almost certainly laugh. Moore’s narration is the stuff of droll, dead pan stand-up comedy. He took a depressing, complex political/economic subject, and made it entertaining.

The second thing he did was to put himself front and center into the proceedings. This constituted a rather serious break with the iconic figures of documentary. Grierson, the leading theorist in documentary’s formative years, would never have allowed this. Titans of the field, Albert and David Maysles spent their careers trying to stay out of the picture. Wiseman has always focused exclusively on his subjects, not even providing narration from an outside source. But in Roger & Me, there was Moore, narrating his own life story, complete with baby pictures, establishing himself as a character just as significant as the elusive Roger Smith.

Moore was not the first documentarian to inject comedy into serious subject matter, nor was he the first to inject himself into the narrative. He was simply the most effective. And that is one of the reasons Moore, along with the grandfather of documentaries, Robert Flaherty, and the aforementioned Vertov, is one of the three most significant documentary filmmakers of all time. Roger & Me grossed what may seem like a modest $ 6.7 million in domestic release, but in the world of political documentary that is like Babe Ruth hitting 60 homers when entire teams weren’t hitting that many. Depending on your definitions, there have only been about a dozen political documentaries that have grossed more than two million, and Moore’s is the only one released before 2000. Three of Moore’s subsequent movies are in the top five on this box office list, including Oscar winner Bowling for Columbine and the top grossing political documentary by a mile, Fahrenheit 9/11.

Proving that political documentary could be profitable is one of Moore’s greatest contributions to cinema. In 1983’s The Right Stuff, the line was “no bucks, no Buck Rogers.” We are now living in a golden age of political documentary. If you enjoyed 2014 Oscar shortlisted movies like CitizenFour, Citizen Koch, The Case Against 8 or The Internet’s Own Boy, you owe some thanks to Michael Moore. He provided proof that the bucks were there.

Moore’s other major contribution to film may not be as beneficent. By putting himself in the center spotlight, he helped usher in a new era of personality-driven politics. This is certainly not a new phenomenon. But by taking advantage of mass communication technology, Moore became the story in ways his spotlight-seeking predecessors never could. Along with his right-tilting counterpart in the world of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, Moore represents a dangerous cult of personality. (Family Guy nailed this back in 2009 with an episode that revealed Moore and Limbaugh were in fact the same person, and both were creations of Wonder Years star Fred Savage). The reason Ethan Hawke’s new movie reminded me of this is that Hawke inserts himself into his movie for no apparent reason. It has simply become commonplace for directors to walk and talk and sometimes preen in documentaries in a manner that was previously frowned upon. Other movies on the 2014 shortlist, such as Salt of the Earth and Finding Vivian Maier, used this device with varying effectiveness.

Moore has become a tremendously polarizing figure since Roger & Me first appeared. I imagine there are a good many people for whom being trapped in a room with him would constitute their own panic dream. But whether you consider him a fearless speaker of truth to power or a showboating blowhard, if you love documentaries, you owe at least some thanks to Michael Moore, who just over 25 years ago, emerged from the unemployment line to create one of the most important documentaries ever filmed, and to usher in a new golden age of the genre.
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Life After Divorce: One Year Later


Image courtesy of JPott at

My divorce was final last March. If you had asked me then what my life would look like, I would have stared at you blankly (with a hint of drool.) I didn’t have a clue. I only had hope — hope that life would get easier and much better. I was emotionally drained, facing what appeared to be a lonely, unending, uphill climb with no clear destination defined.

If you are in this place, then read on.

I share my year of adaptation, struggle, triumph, grief and joy — yes joy — to imbue you with hope as you ponder the abyss following the end of your relationship. A lot can happen in one year, and some of it is really good.

To set the foundation, last March I was:

  • Not ready to date.
  • Panicked about finances.
  • Ticked off that my poor judgment in choosing a partner left me alone in my mid-forties while all my friends were happily coupled.
  • Wanting proof that something good lay ahead.
  • Worried that perhaps the best was behind me.
  • Trying to figure out what the bleep just happened.

One year later, I am:

  • Dating a wonderful, communicative man.
  • Confident and laughing again (a lot).
  • Still concerned about finances, but hopeful.
  • Engaged in meaningful work with two new (and fun) partners.
  • Grieving as I watch my dad slowly lose his battle to lung cancer.
  • Resolved to never again settle for less than my worth.
  • OK with the past.
  • A published co-author (Turn North at Divorce.)

I am by no means at my final destination, but I am in a good place. So how did I get here and how might you get to a good place one year from now? Here are some key stepping stones.

Partner With Grief

Grief is an essential part of transition. Depending on many factors, this grief can last a longer or a shorter time and it can be re-triggered without warning. It’s OK. Everyone goes through it; you are not a freak. You would only be a freak if you could glide through your divorce and feel nothing.

The key is to allow yourself to move through and not around the grief that accompanies the loss of a significant relationship.

Moving through grief looks like surrendering to it — even partnering with it — until it has been processed. This feels uncomfortable because there is no timetable for feeling better. However, if you can resist filling the emotional hole and just breathe into it, accepting its presence, you will gradually heal.

And be intentional about hanging onto hope. At my lowest, I still maintained an unfounded belief that light would shine upon my life again. People are programmed for survival.

Lighten the Load

Shedding baggage is the next step in moving closer to joy post-divorce. Let go of the anger, the how-dare-yous and how-could-yous. Some call this forgiveness. I call it lightening the load. If you travel light, you will notice that you will attract like-minded travelers.

It can be hard to get to this place. If you were betrayed, it is going to be super hard, but acknowledge that until you do, you won’t have the space for new joy to enter your life. Anger, like love, is a powerful connector and this is why there are many people whose divorces are final, but their emotional attachment remains intact.

Letting go requires that you give yourself the closure you need instead of seeking it from your ex. You are never going to the apology you feel you deserve or the explanation that will make the implosion of your marriage “make sense.”

Parent Yourself

Learning to love yourself — the way a really kind, parent would — will not only help you move through your grief, but is essential to moving forward. I had to learn this. When you can parent yourself and provide the empathy and love you need, you will be able to remain open to new people and experiences knowing you are safe.

In my own case, this parent didn’t pass judgment for the days I slept past the alarm or when I had an extra glass of wine. Instead, this parent consistently whispered in my ear, You are enough and was there to console me when I wondered if life would ever turn around.

Rock Awkward

There is no way around it, awkward moments abound when newly single. They range from the comical fallout from fumbling new tasks that you never had to do when partnered, to continually responding, “Just me” to the hostess’ query about the number of diners.

Some of my most awkward moments included having my first date since Y2K, attending dinner parties as the sole single person, telling the neighbors we were divorced and assembling an electric edger upside down.

Laughing about these things instead of internalizing a sense of shame will not only foster healthy resilience, but will make you attractive to others as you own your humanity.

Embrace Vulnerability

More than any other thing, the key to personal transformation is the willingness to remain open — open to new people and open to life. In other words, the decision to embrace vulnerability. For me this was, and at times, still is the hardest challenge. To avoid another crushing disappointment, it is so easy to close your heart.

The cost of hardening your heart is safety. Safety may sound alluring (especially following the bruising divorce process) but it is a trap wherein you fail to live, feel and be vibrant. Vulnerability is the courage and willingness it takes to be human — to expose yourself — to be afraid and brave in each moment. It is only when you open yourself that you can give and receive.

I am living this and it’s not easy, but when I look at the good things that have entered my life over these past 365 days, I know it is the way to go.

If you are at least one year out from your divorce, what did you learn that helped you adapt to your new singledom?
Divorce – The Huffington Post

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MPrynt- What If Later Never Comes EP

Former Motown signees R&B group MPrynt are back with a brand new EP titled, What If Later Never Comes. The quartet showcases their vocal ability on this EP as they keep the sound of real R&B alive. R&B fans are thankful for groups like Mprynt as they hope for the reemergence of the R&B group and the resurgence of the genre. The Philly natives Tyce, Fah, Budda, Real – are ready to give the world that good love making music all over again. Drawing inspiration from groups such as 112, Jackson 5, Mint Condition, New Edition, Jodeci, Boyz II Men and Dru Hill, the group plans to carve out their own lane in R&B.

Take a listen to the EP below.

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Vandy coach scolds player, later apologizes

Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings has apologized for a postgame incident Thursday night in which he berated Commodores player Wade Baldwin IV profanely, at one point saying, “I’m going to f—ing kill you.”

Namaste Me Later

I live in a beachside suburb where you don’t say hello, please or thank you, you say namaste. No, I’m not in Goa, India, I’m in an upper middle class suburb of one of the world’s most famous cities.

You won’t find many houses round here with change from a million unless you’re playing monopoly but you will find kale and quinoa and teff by the bamboo bucket load, almond milk cappuccinos sprinkled with chia seeds and pseudo hippy retired bankers who clearly don’t understand irony. Oh, and lots of white people. Lots.

If you don’t have a design blog, drop crotch silk pants, a doula, an Instagram account and a preferred yoga studio then keep on driving through because this zipcode is clearly not for you.

Trouble is there’s only one road in and one road out and it sits on a peninsula surrounded by water which makes the catchment area of potential new faces rather dire. Community minded folk would say this is a good thing. But divorcees on the prowl would say the one wine bar is filled with recycled material, which of course then suits the yogis because the material comes with a past life. See, everything comes full circle in bubble towns.

Not that I’m complaining — oh, ok I am a little — but those blinded by their own paradise can become a little delusional. A recent chat with a local revealed his belief that the NYE fireworks put on by a nearby pub on the water were just as good as the ones in “the big smoke.”

That big smoke happens to be Sydney Harbour and we all know what happens there on New Year’s Eve. I figured he mustn’t have gone into the city centre since 1974.

The good news is if you need your chakras aligned, energy healed or a bliss ball with goji berries then you need only walk two retail spaces at a time. But it will, like everything in first world paradise, cost you.

When I first arrived I spotted a Malawi chair that my life would be worthless without having. You know the kind, the ones design bloggers salivate over till the Ghana or Tibetan or Kazhakstanian chair arrives and the Malawi is tossed aside.

My village is filled with lifestyle stores filled with mason jars posing as vases and cafes using those same mason jars to serve the intestines of a celery stick in. But I digress.

I knew my life would be enhanced by the said Malawi chair the way the local yummy mummy could not live without a downward dog. When I enquired about the price I was informed it was $ 900 to which I replied “for a set of four?”

In the next suburb south from mine I found the same Malawi chair for $ 825 and it came with a cushion. Two more suburbs down and I found it for $ 450, cushion was extra. I knew if I dared to continue towards, eee gads, urban civilization, then it would be $ 20 by the time I hit inner city Chinatown but how would I know then it was really from Malawi?

Ok, I bought it for $ 450 and it sits proudly in my bedroom, styled within an inch of it’s life with a pale grey cushion the color of cumulo nimbus clouds. Have I ever sat on it? Don’t be stupid.

I wonder what the Swamis would make of yoga mats sitting side by side with $ 800 Malawi chairs? Not that all Swamis abstain from the ways of the world. That’s like saying all Catholic priests are celibate. Let’s not mention Swami Nithyananda, Asharam Bapu and Sai Baba. Confused? One word, Google.

Philandering Swamis aside, yoga has infested middle class women’s psyche the way Jane Fonda and her high cut leotards did in the eighties. Not that I am complaining, again. I have been known to experience the reward of a damn good Cow Face Pose and the restorative qualities of a hip opening on a Tuesday evening with the sound of the sea masking the sound of unmentionable gasses.

But around these parts yoga mentionitis is rife. Try sipping a dandelion chai latte without someone dropping pranayama into the conversation. Do you even know how to spell it?

Yes, yes, yoga has changed your life, I don’t doubt that in some way it has, when I bother to do it regularly it changes mine in subtle ways so the theory would be if you continued then those changes could be bigger.

But the truth is there are no quick fixes, no short cuts to sitting with yourself no matter how many salutes you do to the sun. The work may be in the pose but the really hard work is when you leave the studio.

Perhaps that’s what I should do with my Malawi chair? Open it up for people to sit with themselves. I can serve fresh cut grass clipping tea filtered through my dead nanna’s tea towel and blessed by the smudge stick I used to clear my home from my ex lover (true story that deserves a blog post of it’s own).

You can namaste me later.
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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THHP #59 A Year Later

Dr. Dre Says is Inspired Lil Mama To Play Left Eye In TLC BiopicUncle Luke’s letter to Rick Ross40 Glocc Suing Game for 4-5 MillionRapper Mr. Magic and Wife Die In Car CrashFinesse vs Mac MillerMobb Deep Officially reunites
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Big Chaos –
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Teen Mom Nation: 2 Years Later – Our America with Lisa Ling – OWN

Tune in for an all-new episode of Our America with Lisa Ling Thursday at 10/9c.
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In Season 2 of Our America, Lisa Ling met four very different pregnant teens, all forced to grow up too fast. Two years later we revisit Latanya and Sophie to see how their youthful decisions on motherhood have changed their lives.

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