Bears QB Foles injured late in MNF loss to Vikes

Quarterback Nick Foles was slammed to the turf late in the fourth quarter of the Bears’ 19-13 home loss to the Vikings on Monday night in Chicago. – NFL

49ers suffer lopsided loss, thanks to $80.8 million in cap space on injured reserve

Without Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle and Raheem Mostert, among others, San Francisco had no answers. – TOP

Zeke on Dallas loss: ‘I’m sorry; this one is on me’

Ezekiel Elliott’s fumbles on back-to-back drives for Dallas in the first and second quarters changed Monday night’s 38-10 loss to the Cardinals. Afterward, Elliott didn’t make excuses. – NFL

Celtics downplay locker room angst after loss

Celtics guard Marcus Smart could be heard yelling at his teammates in the locker room following Thursday night’s loss to the Heat, according to ESPN’s Malika Andrews. After the game, players and coach Brad Stevens tried to downplay the situation. – NBA

Social media has fun roasting Browns’ Week 1 loss

The Browns did Browns things on Sunday. By that, it means they lost and had some embarrassing moments. – NFL

Bruins veteran Chara lauds Brady: ‘We feel a loss’

Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara, a 22-year veteran in the NHL with 14 seasons in Boston, commended Tom Brady on Sunday via Instagram, lauding Brady’s years of success with the Patriots and how much it meant to New England fans. – NHL

Rockets’ offensive woes evident in loss to Clippers

The Rockets’ inconsistent offense struggled mightily Thursday night as Houston trailed the LA Clippers by as much as 30 points in an eventual 120-105 loss that wasn’t as close as the final score indicated. – NBA

Lions safety Walker goes off on referees after loss

Detroit safety Tracy Walker said he wasn’t even trying to make contact with Packers receiver Geronimo Allison and was going for a potential interception of an Aaron Rodgers pass. – NFL

Colts defense locks down Mahomes, hands Chiefs their first loss

The Colts put the clamps on the Chiefs in their best performance under defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. – NFL

“A deep personal loss” Pelosi on Cokie Roberts

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told mourners at the funeral mass for broadcaster Cokie Roberts that her death was a deep personal loss for those who knew her. Robert’s husband Steve added that his wife had a beautiful life. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

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Odell Beckham Rocks $350k Watch During Browns Blowout Loss

The Cleveland Browns sucked ass on Sunday … but at least Odell Beckham looked stylish during the blowout! The superstar WR sported a Richard Mille RM 011 Orange Storm Men’s Watch on his wrist while his Browns took on the Tennessee Titans.…


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Cam Newton, Panthers under duress with 0-2 start after loss to Bucs

The Panthers’ season is on the brink of disaster after a 20-14 prime-time loss to the Buccaneers. – TOP

11 Great Men’s Hair Loss Products at Every Price Point

Male-patterned baldness is nothing to be ashamed about—but it’s also nothing to ignore. If you attack hair loss at its first sign, you can stop baldness before it takes hold. Thinning hair happens to most of us in some form as we age. But only those who blow it off now will wake up one day and realize: “Oh no—I’m bald!” And once you cross the threshold and develop the dreaded “bald spot,” it’s extremely difficult to reverse your hair loss.

But it can be done. Scientific research on hair loss has ballooned over the last few decades, and what was once considered an unstoppable sign of aging is now a symptom that can be treated, if not cured. You just need to find the right hair loss product for you. And while the science is advanced these days, there’s still no miracle solution, no “magic bullet” to cure hair loss in everybody. Thus far, the only effective method way to find the hair loss product for you is to experiment until you find one that works.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Science has determined that the number one factor in hair loss and thinning hair is the production of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is a hormone—an androgen that helps give us men our maleness. But as we age, DHT can cause our hair follicles to shrink, leading to hair loss.

It’s also been linked to prostate health. This is why many men who experience urinary issues are told by their doctors to take a saw palmetto supplement, an herbal DHT blocker. It can decrease the size of the prostate and improve urinary health. But it can also spur hair growth. You’ll find plenty of synthetic DHT blockers on the market and on our list. But if you prefer an all-natural hair loss solution, saw palmetto supplement is the way to go.

Propidren combines the natural benefits of saw palmetto with biotin-based DHT blockers, in a handy pill form that’s not too expensive. So you get the best of both worlds. With 90 percent of Amazon users giving it a perfect five-star rating, it was impossible for us not to pick it as our best overall hair loss product.

What are some of the other hair-loss products and treatments we recommend?

Amplixin Intensive Growth Serum—If you’re just noticing your hair beginning to thin, get on this train now and stop baldness before it takes hold;
Nutrafol—This all-around supplement contains not only DHT blockers but ingredients to improve your sleep and reduce stress, which aids in recovery and spurs hair growth;
DrFormulas HairOmega 3-in-1—This vitamin supplement contains a full spectrum of vitamin E (keratin) as well as DHT blockers;
Prime Beard—If you can’t fill in your scraggly beard, try this stuff, which promises to improve overall hair,s kin, and nail health.

Before you begin the process of trying hair-loss products until you find one that works for you, here’s something to keep in mind: Most if not all hair-loss products will stop working as soon as you stop using them. But once you find a product that seems to work—and you need to give it at least three months before you can expect results—you must use it, or you’ll lose it. Simply maintain a regimen—like brushing your teeth—and you should have a mane like Momoa in no time.

Best Overall


With over 3,400 reviews and counting, fully 90 percent of Amazon users give Propidren a perfect rating of five stars. Men (and women!) of all ages and ethnicities swear it works. 

We simply can’t argue with results like that, so we chose Propidren as our Best Overall hair loss product.

With a blend of DHT-blocking biotin and saw palmetto extract, Propidren does far more than stimulate hair growth and health. It also improves urinary tract function by improving prostate health, a concern for many guys as we get older. 


-Safe for both men and women.

-Just two tiny capsules per day.


-We can’t find a single one, but not every product will work for everyone.

Get It: Pick up Propidren ($ 40 for 60 capsules) at Amazon


Best Tried and True Solution

Rogaine Extra Strength Minoxidil

Call it the Viagra of hair-loss products. Formulated with 5 percent minoxidil, Rogaine was one of the first products of its kind on the market. It works to boost hair follicle activity and hair protein production, and is clinically proven to regrow up to 25 percent more hair.

We started using it in college—and can testify. A bunch of old friends who had more hair than we did back then have far less hair than we do now. For us, it really worked.


-Unlike a lot of new products in the hair-loss game, Rogaine has decades of clinical study to support its effectiveness.

-Minoxidil reinvigorates shrunken hair follicles, which increases their size and helps regrow thicker looking hair over time.


-A one-month supply isn’t enough to see results; you need this three-pack.

Get It: Pick up Rogaine Extra Strength Minoxidil ($ 46) at Amazon


Best for Thinning Hair

Amplixin Intensive Growth Serum

If you’re just noticing your hair thinning up top, this stuff is your go-to for stopping balding in its tracks. The Biotin-infused formula has shown to help slow down the rate of hair loss in men with normal-to-thinning hair. 

It blocks DHT and invigorates hair growth with caffeine and herbal ingredients such as jojoba, red clover, saw palmetto, and sage.


-Safe for men and women.

100 percent sulfate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free  


-This product does expire, so use it as directed and keep an eye on that expiration date.

Get It: Pick up Amplixin Intensive Growth Serum ($ 24 with coupon) at Amazon


Best for Men and Women

Ultrax Labs Hair Rush

With over 20 essential vitamins, minerals, and herb, Hair Rush will give your hair a boost from the inside out. It’s based on solubilized Keratin, and includes other nutrients to maximize your hair health. It also revitalizes and repairs your exisiting hair follicles.

Safe and effective for both men and women, you should take it for a minimum of 90 days before you see results.


-Gets a 4.4-star rating from nearly 4K reviewers.

-Only two tiny tablets per day.


-Not every product works for every user, but almost 90 percent of Amazon reviewers loved it.

Get It: Pick up Ultrax Labs Hair Rush ($ 57) at Amazon


Best Multi-faceted Solution


A physician-formulated, multi-targeted solution for hair health, it targets multiple key triggers that can compromise hair health, including stress and poor nutrition. Trusted by more than 1,500 physicians and stylists nationwide, Nutrafol can help improve your mood and sleep as well as spur hair, skin, and nail growth.  

It uses medical-grade, responsibly sourced, all-natural ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Curcumin, Saw Palmetto, Marine Collagen, and Biotin.


-Saw Palmetto is great for prostate health.

-The perfect addition to your daily multi-vitamin supplement.


-It’s rather pricy, but you get 120 capsules.

Get It: Pick up Nutrafol ($ 88) at Amazon


Best Shampoo

Biotin Shampoo

This follicle revitalizing hair cleanser strengthens and fortifies weak and fragile hair strands. It’s enhanced with ten botanicals and is designed to help block DHT, improve scalp health, strengthen hair follicles, and promote hair growth. 

The sulfate-free formula is great for those with sensitive scalps. And it’s perfectly safe on color-treated hair.


-Essential botanical oils fight dandruff and itchy scalp.

-83 percent of more than 1,500 reviewers give it four stars or better


-Can dry hair if used daily; use every other day for best results.

Get It: Pick up Biotin Shampoo (starting at $ 10) at Amazon


Best for Older Men

Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto has been proven to improve urinary tract function and prostate health. So if you’re having trouble going as you age, and you’re balding up top as well, a saw palmetto supplement can help fix both those issues in just one pill. 

Every batch is tested in a ANS state-of-the-art facility and is third-party tested to validate potency and integrity at an ISO-accredited lab.


-86 percent of Amazon reviewers rate it four stars or better.

-Contains no preservatives, chemicals, artificial ingredients, sugars, or gluten.


-Many reviewers claim they bought a second bottle immediately after buying the first.

Get It: Pick up Havasu Nutrition Saw Palmetto (starting at $ 19) at Amazon


Best for Stimulating Follicles

HairGenics Propidren Topical Serum

Propidren is similar in application to minoxidil—you drop it straight on your scalp. It works directly at the source to block DHT; it also energizes the scalp and nourishes hair with Biotin and other growth agents to produce stronger, thicker hair.

This serum uses Saw Palmetto, essential to blocking 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. It also contains numerous natural herbal extracts designed to make your existing hair healthier.


-Pair it with supplements for best results.

-It works for about 90 percent of Amazon reviewers.


-Drops on your head could affect your hair styling.

Get It: Pick up HairGenics Propidren Topical Serum ($ 40) at Amazon


Best Hair Vitamins

DrFormulas HairOmega 3-in-1

HairOmega 3-in-1 provides your body with essential nutrients required to produce hair. The viamins and minerals here—niacin, B-complex, A, C, zinc, and more—will also help to improve circulation, which is vital to the growth up on your head. And it’s got DHT blockers, so there’s no need to buy an additional supplement for that.

With herbal ingredients like green tea extract and grape seed, it’s vegan-friendly. 


-1,250 reviewers rate it 4.3 stars.

-Also great for skin and nail health.


-Pills are vegetarian and not coated, so they may be difficult for some to swallow.

Get It: Pick up DrFormulas HairOmega 3-in-1 ($ 24) at Amazon


Best for Growing Beards

Prime Beard

If your trying to grow a beard but can’t quite get the fullness or volume you’re after, try this supplement of 20 essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

While it’s marketed towards guys who want to grow beards, it will supply the nutrients you need for overall hair, skin, and nail growth.


-4.4-star rating from well over 800 reviewers.

-Works on more than just facial hair.


-You’re gonna need a new beard trimmer.

Get It: Pick up Prime Beard ($ 22) at Amazon


Best Device or Gadget

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Don’t laugh; this is an FDA-cleared hair loss treatment for stimulating hair regrowth, and more users than not say it works for them. In fact, more than 1K Amazon reviewers rate this device four stars. 

And you’ve got nothing to lose. If you don’t see results in six months, send it back for a full refind (via the seller directly, as Amazon returns are only valid for 30 days). 


-Totally hands-free, it’s lightweight, confortable, and easy to use.

-Can (and should) be used in conjunction with other hair loss products such as biotin, minoxidil, finasteride, etc.


-Face it, you’ll look silly wearing it—but you don’t have to leave the house, so … 

Get It: Save $ 100 on the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System ($ 595; was $ 695) at Amazon


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PRP for Hair Loss: How Your Own Plasma Can Help Regrow Thinning Hair

So you’re losing your hair and want to salvage whatever you can without a transplant. You’ve heard of the pills (finasteride), and you’ve heard of the potion (minoxidil). Talk to your doctor about both, since they can be used together to halt hair-compromising hormones and improve nutrient delivery to the scalp. But also ask your dermatologist about the third hair-growth solution, which rounds out this full-force trifecta. It’s a relatively new option, and is flowing through your veins as we speak: It’s the plasma in your blood. I tried PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma), and can vouch for it.

I can accept that my hair will turn gray and the crow’s feet around my eyes will get more and more prominent with time. I understand that aging is going to take its toll on me. However, I’ve long put up a fight and am proactive against aging skin. I was slower to start with hair loss, though, mostly because I was in denial that my thick mane would ever compromise.

The 5 Most Effective Ways to Regrow Thinning Hair

It started with a recession in my mid-20s, then seemed to stop by 28. I thought “this is fine” and went on without any action. The general thinning took over from there, hitting hard around 31. (This timing and rollout is different for all men.) By many standards, I still had a lot of hair. But by my standards, I had about half the hair on my crown that I used to, maybe less. I needed to accept this was happening, and I needed to do something about it if I wanted to keep my hair. (Because once a follicle stops growing hair, you only have a year or less to restore it before it’s totally dried up and irreversible.) I knew I couldn’t revive the hair that had receded, since those tend to be gone forever, but I could resuscitate much of the hair that had thinned out in previous years.

So, I went to my trusted doctor, NYC-based cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green. She recommended I try all three methods. I started finasteride in October of last year, the same time I started my first of three rounds of PRP, platelet-rich plasma. (I also began minoxidil in January of this year.) These dates are important for the before and after photos you’ll see during my PRP sessions. The results are not influenced by minoxidil, which increases blood and nutrient delivery to the hair follicles, in turn strengthening and thickening them. My photos are also not influenced by finasteride, either, since it takes 3 months to quell hormones and regrow any dormant follicles.

What Does PRP Entail?

PRP is pretty straightforward, albeit a little strange. The doctor withdraws blood, then spins it into a centrifuge to extract all the red blood cells, leaving your plasma behind. It’s thick and off-white and gooey. Then, they put this into syringes and shoot the plasma into your scalp, massaging it in like botox. This hurts a tiny bit, but quickly turns into a numb sort of contact high that wanes over the next couple days. You simply avoid alcohol and painkillers—anything that thins the blood—for a few days.

How to Treat Thinning Hair: The Modern Guide

How Does PRP Actually Regrow Hair?

I’ll let the medical professional explain this one: “PRP stimulates the hair by injecting specific growth factors that are derived from your own blood to regenerate and grow hair,” says Green. “PRP contains special cells called platelets, which can theoretically cause growth of the hair follicles by stimulating the stem cells and other cells around the hair follicle. This platelet-rich plasma promotes healing, accelerates the rate and degree of tissue healing and regeneration, and promotes new cellular growth. It stimulates the hair follicles to grow and cause both the growth of new hair and the thickening of existing hairs.” In short, it does the work of both finasteride and minoxidil, or bolsters their efforts.

If you want the specifics on the growth factors that PRP cells have, here they are: platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth-factor-beta, vascular epithelial growth factor, epidermal growth factor, and fibroblast growth factor. “Human blood contains mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood products contain this myriad of growth factors that assist in tissue regeneration and healing,” Green says.

Who’s a Good Candidate for PRP?

Green says you’re a prime PRP candidate if you have early-onset hair loss and want to prevent future hair loss. If you’re already bald or are hoping to treat an area that has no hair follicles, then PRP is not going to help. It can only restore and strengthen active follicles.

How to Handle Going Bald

Can PRP Be Done in Place of Finasteride and Minoxidil?

Yes, it’s a good holistic approach for someone who doesn’t want to take medication for hair loss, and there are no side effects to putting your own plasma back into your body. However, you will need to keep getting PRP treatments yearly (or more frequently) since you aren’t supplementing the efforts with pills and drops.

How Many PRP Treatments Are Necessary, and How Often? What’s a Good Long-Term PRP “Plan”?

“The plan usually is four treatments of PRP for my patients, one month apart, and then an assessment three months later to see the success of my treatment plan,” says Green. “We take before and after photographs to judge the effects of the hair growth. We then assess the maintenance of the PRP injections which can vary between three or more months.” Some patients will “top off” once a year, while others will come in quarterly. It’s up to personal preference, and sometimes budget.

How Expensive Is PRP?

The costs vary wildly, based on the experience your doctor has, and the equipment they’re using. You should expect each treatment to land in the $ 800-1,500 range, however. (Yes, it’s pricy.) Hopefully, as the treatment becomes more prominent and accessible, this price will go down.

My PRP Results

Given all you know about my hair-loss timeline, and my PRP timeline, here are some before, during, and after photos that map my own success with plasma.

Before PRP
Courtesy Image

Before: The first is before my initial treatment, in early October. (Forgive the fact my hair is different colors in each photo, since I’d dyed it blonde just before.) Note the significant thinning around my cowlick, which is representative of the hair atop my crown overall. This is also when I began taking finasteride.

During PRP
Courtesy Image

During—3 Months Later: This was taken just before my third round of PRP, in late December. Note the fuller crown. Because my hair is shorter, it stands up a bit more than the separating effects of longer hair, but you can still see how much fuller it is overall. By this point, I could run my hand through my hair and feel it was much thicker, too—probably 50 percent fuller than just months before. The finasteride regrowth would not have fully kicked in yet, and I would start minoxidil a week or two later.

After PRP
Courtesy Image

After—6 Months Later: I’m back to my natural brown hair, but more importantly, I’ve got fuller hair all around the crown. You can see the thickness in the cowlick (don’t just give it a passing glance; if you study it, you see it). And, when I run my hand through my hair, it feels as full as it was five years ago, before I had any real qualms about hair loss. It stands up when I texturize or volumize it, and I notice far fewer hairs in my sink—just the ones that naturally fall out and quickly regenerate. This was a combination of all three methods—finasteride, minoxidil, and PRP—though you can study photo two for the benefits of PRP itself.

Grooming Rules for Men With Thinning Hair

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Prevent hair loss

Pills and potions might be the doctor’s orders, but you can also fight hair loss with a proper grooming arsenal. Here are a few products that will strengthen what you’ve got, or prevent damage otherwise caused by your existing routine.

1. True Volume Thickening Shampoo by Jack Black

Get a shampoo that is engineered to strengthen hair: Jack Black’s thickening shampoo is enriched with vitamin B5 for volume, biotin for growth and repair, and green tea leaf for cellular stimulation.

[$ 28;]

2. Naturaltech Energizing Superactive Serum by Davines

This serum helps block the enzymes that lead directly to hair loss. After shampooing, direct a few drops down your hair’s part (or someplace you can easily see and touch), then massage it into the scalp with your fingertips. Do this twice every few days to boot the enzymes as they gather.

[$ 51.50;]


3. Leave-In Conditioner by Sachajuan

This conditioning cream is a daily multivitamin for scalp and hair, applied in the morning before any styler. Don’t rinse it out; it absorbs quickly, like lotion on the skin, and keeps your hair fortified as it battles everyday stressors.

[$ 31;]

4. Invati Thickening Conditioner by Aveda

Some guys find that it’s easier to style their hair if they shampoo every 2-3 days. Either way, these guys—and you—should condition daily in the shower. It’ll rinse away the oils that make hair greasy, and replace them with nourishing ingredients. Pick one that promises to thicken your hair, like Aveda’s Invati conditioner; it uses ginseng, turmeric, soy protein, and amino acids to defend and protect whatever hair remains.

[$ 36, (was $ 38);]

5. Sea spray by VERB

The easiest way to prevent hair loss is to pick lightweight, nourishing stylers—ones that won’t clog hair follicles and strain thinning hair. This is why sea salt sprays (like VERB’s) are the perfect solution: They’re packed with nourishing ingredients for both hair and scalp, and they give you a lightweight, just-out-of-the-ocean texture.

[$ 16;]


6. V76 by Vaughn

In the same vein, a hair tonic will add life back to the hair late in the day, once your styler starts to wear. This one from V76 uses juniper and tea tree oils to invigorate the scalp and hair follicles, all while preventing a double dose of any heavy-set stylers.

[$ 20,]

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[[tmz:video id=”0_r9h4l7j4″]] Donovan Mitchell tells TMZ Sports he “ain’t worried” about losing Rookie of the Year to Ben Simmons — and the reason he doesn’t care? The fans love him anyway!!! The Utah Jazz star got a hero’s welcome before an appearance…


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LeBron calls Game 1 loss one of worst in career

The Cavaliers’ loss to the Warriors in Game 1 was “one of the toughest losses” ever for LeBron James, and George Hill was unable to sleep after the overtime loss. – NBA

Kevin Smith Shares Shocking Weight Loss Transformation Photos Post Heart Attack

After suffering a “massive heart attack” in February, Kevin Smith has been eating clean. To help motivate himself when his new diet gets tough, the comedian shared a set of before and after snapshots, capturing his weight loss progress from 2008 to today. See Kevin’s jaw-dropping transformation!

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New Mom Kylie Jenner Talks Post-Baby Weight Loss: ‘I Need To Lose 20 Pounds’

Nine weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Stormi, Kylie Jenner has body goals on the brain.

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Cards’ Padgett after loss: ‘About the toughest’

After watching his Louisville Cardinals turn a four-point lead into a one-point loss in the final 0.9 seconds, interim coach David Padgett said, ‘That’s about the toughest loss I’ve ever had.’ – TOP

Blake Lively Shows Off 61-Pound Weight Loss After Her Second Pregnancy

Hot mama! Blake Lively took to social media on Monday to show off her 61-pound weight loss after giving birth to her second daughter in September 2016. The actress thanked her personal trainer Don Saladino for kicking her “A double S into shape” as she flaunted her toned arms and abs in the Instagram pic. Check her out!

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Westbrook shoves fan on court after OKC loss

Russell Westbrook said it was “totally unacceptable” for a fan to walk onto the court Thursday night, moments after the Nuggets’ buzzer-beating victory over the Thunder in Denver. – NBA

Kyrie after loss to Pels: Celtics can’t come back every game

The Celtics have made a habit of winning after digging out of double-digit holes, but they couldn’t finish the job against Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. – NBA

This Affordable New Grooming Brand Wants to Help You Combat Hair Loss

When you think of losing your hair, you may think of those commercials led by a guy who’s not only the president of the club, but also a client. Then there’s those over-the-top contraptions that cost more than a mortgage payment and sit atop your head “for only three minutes a day” (for the rest of your life). If those don’t come to mind, there’s a battery of drugstore treatments that are proven to work, but leave your hair feeling greasy and flat—the opposite of that you want when managing thinning hair.

The post This Affordable New Grooming Brand Wants to Help You Combat Hair Loss appeared first on Men's Journal.

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Cavs without answers after ‘ugly’ lopsided loss

After a 28-point loss in which they trailed by as many as 41, the Cavaliers are looking to get better amid a 3-6 stretch. – NBA

Newly competitive Bulls are approaching a crossroads after another close loss

Although the Bulls are showing that they are better than the 3-20 team that started the season, an overtime loss to the Trail Blazers put the spotlight back on Chicago’s bigger picture. – NBA

Meaningless or not, Packers’ shutout loss does little to save face in lost year

Green Bay had nothing riding on Saturday’s loss to Minnesota, but that doesn’t make the shutout loss to the Vikings any less disconcerting. – NFL

MF DOOM Mourns Loss Of Son With Moving Instagram Post

MF DOOM, true to the persona of the character he embodies, isn’t much for social media or even public appearances. Today on Instagram (Dec. 18), the rapper born Daniel Dumile reappeared online to share a moving post mourning the loss of his 14-year-old son.


Prior to this posting, DOOM last shared a message via Instagram in November.

Instagram Photo

We offer our sincerest condolences to the Dumile family.

Photo: Getty

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Pretty Little Liars’ Tammin Sursok Pens Emotional Letter After Experiencing Loss During the Holidays

Tammin SursokTammin Sursok has caught the attention of her followers after posting a cryptic message about loss.
On Friday morning, the Pretty Little Liars star took to Instagram and shared an…

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Brady, Patriots’ offense out of rhythm without Rob Gronkowski in loss

The Patriots looked out of sync and vulnerable ahead of their showdown next week with the Steelers. – NFL

LeBron on loss: ‘Listen, that was a good streak’

While the Cavaliers missed out on what would have been a franchise-record 14th straight win Friday night, coach Tyronn Lue said his team’s 13-game run showed that this club is “capable of playing Cavaliers basketball.” – NBA

‘Star Wars’ cast discuss Carrie Fisher’s loss

The ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ cast and crew discuss the loss of Carrie Fisher and what the future holds for her character, Leia. Rough Cut – no reporter narration.

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Here’s how Alabama’s loss will impact the playoff race

Alabama went from seemingly invincible to vulnerable after a loss to Auburn. What kind of help do the Tide need to avoid missing the playoff? – TOP

Lakers rally late to avoid embarrassing loss to Bulls

After stumbling to a 19-point deficit early in the third quarter, the Lakers turned things around as Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s 21 points and Lonzo Ball’s boardwork led a late rally past one of the East’s least fearsome teams. – NBA

Seahawks can’t overcome brutal start, playoff chances take a hit with loss to Falcons

Seahawks can’t overcome brutal start, playoff chances take a hit with loss to Falcons – NFL

Mariah Carey Reportedly Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery

The pop diva reportedly had a gastric sleeve surgery about six weeks ago after feeling insecure about her size and getting criticism online from body shamers. A top Beverly Hills surgeon performed the procedure, and the Grammy winner is feeling much better after seeing the results. She recently showed off her slim figure in a curve-hugging black dress at her hand and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

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Falcons’ season in danger of imploding after loss to Patriots

Falcons’ season in danger of imploding after loss to Patriots – NFL

Loss of Kyrie Irving could ultimately turn into Cavaliers’ gain

Loss of Kyrie Irving could ultimately turn into Cavaliers’ gain – TOP

First Watch: Darlingside, ‘God of Loss’

This video is an extraordinary work of art done with paper and light, paired perfectly with the harmonies of the band Darlingside and a song inspired Arundhati Roy’s novel The God of Small Things.

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Sony Film Unit Loss Widens in Second Quarter, Cuts its Full-Year Forecast

Sony Pictures logs a $ 187 million loss and investors in Tokyo questioned its management as its films continue to struggle at the global box office

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Sony Film Unit Loss Widens in Second Quarter, Cuts its Full-Year Forecast

Sony Pictures logs a $ 187 million loss and investors in Tokyo questioned its management as its films continue to struggle at the global box office

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'I'm at a loss for words' — the sideline view of Michigan State's miracle win

'I'm at a loss for words' — the sideline view of Michigan State's miracle win – TOP

Warner Bros.’ ‘Pan’ Could Lead to $150 Million Loss

The studio gambled big on the Peter Pan origin story in hopes of launching a new family franchise.

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Wow! John Goodman reveals dramatic weight loss — see his new look

The Golden Globe-winning actor looked slimmer while walking the red carpet for a premiere of “Trumbo” at the London Film Festival.

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Rick Ross Debates With Hot 97 About Meek Mill’s Loss To Drake

Check it out as Rick Ross debates with Hot97 and EBro and we finally get to hear some of the bawse’s thoughts on the Drake and Meek Mill beef. MMG has been one of the most armor-proof brands in Hip-Hop over the past decade, but lately with Meek getting attacked by Drake in various forms, the MMG imprint has been a bit quiet in the eyes of many in the media and consumers of Hip-Hop.

Regardless, when its all said and done, MMG still has the bawse, Wale is still putting out great music, Meek is doing what he does and sold 250,000 the first week. Rozay has a family forming with his new fiancé, he’s got a team to manage and he’s working on his own material as well. Find out more below.

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Is Drake To Blame For Serena’s Loss? #BlameDrake

Serena William lost.


Better yet:

Serena Williams LOST at the U.S. Open and we are in mourning. And you know she is now dating Drake and they have been seen kissing and crap. The internet is blaming Drake for the L.

Drake Serena Williams twitter
Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 5.14.53 PM
Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 5.13.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 5.14.21 PM

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Zelda Williams On Grief & Loss

Zelda Williams is opening up once again about her grief and sadness, a little more than a year after the death of her father, Robin Williams.

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After disastrous loss, Matt Williams' time running short in D.C.

After disastrous loss, Matt Williams' time running short in D.C. – TOP

WR Willie Snead stays hot, QB Ryan Griffin goes cold in Saints' loss

WR Willie Snead stays hot, QB Ryan Griffin goes cold in Saints' loss – NFL

Suffering From Hair Loss? 4 Styling Tricks to Know

Between alopecia, hormonal changes related to pregnancy or birth control, and just plain old stress, women make up 40 percent of hair-loss sufferers. The good news is that there are styling tricks you can use while you wait out any temporary losses—or you and your dermatologist search for a long-term solution. We asked hairstylist Mia Santiago of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger in New York City for her best tips.
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Tyga Takes Loss In New Movie Opportunity

Earlier in the week, Tyga was to appear in an indie movie, but a missing passport kept him from appearing in an urban thriller.

Tyra was supposed to shoot in “Sleight,” but could not play the villain in the movie after losing his passport.

“His people stopped responding to e-mails and phone calls from the producers, so they were forced to replace him at the last minute,” a source told New York’s Page Six.

The rapper was allegedly stuck in St. Tropez, France, which was supposedly verified with his Instagram.

The producers of the movie were not pleased at Tyga’s no-show.

“We had hoped he would walk on set and blow us away with his talent, but we take our productions very seriously,” said Eric B. Fleischman  “And when an actor doesn’t share our sense of professional commitment, we have to do what’s best for the film.”

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Michael Brown’s Dad Is Still Coping With His Painful Loss This Father’s Day

Michael Brown’s father wrote a very personal and heartbreaking essay about the dead of his 18-year-old son, ahead of Father’s Day 2015.

Why Working Out Isn’t the Key to Weight Loss

Diet advice has, for decades, relied on gimmicks that promote easy, painless—and fictitious—weight loss. Now, new strategies are based on hard truths and real results.
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‘Suite Life’ Stars Mourn The Loss Of Windell D. Middlebrooks

Windell D. Middlebrooks, the actor who played Kirby Morris on ‘The Suite Life on Deck,’ has passed away.

Sam Smith Mourns the Loss of a Husband in ‘Lay Me Down’ Music Video

The openly gay singer is nominated for six Grammys this year
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Penguins romp to hand Wild 6th straight loss

David Perron scored twice and added an assist to lead the Pittsburgh Penguins by the reeling Minnesota Wild 7-2 on Tuesday night. – NHL

Cincy’s Lewis hopeful of return despite loss

Despite his sixth postseason loss in as many games, Marvin Lewis plans on returning as coach of the Cincinnati Bengals next season — if the team will have him back for a 13th season. – NFL

Cavs’ James after loss: ‘Not a very good team’

After a blowout loss at home to the Detroit Pistons, LeBron James did not sugarcoat the current state of the Cleveland Cavaliers, saying “We’re not a very good team.” – NBA

Blazers send Spurs to 2nd straight 3OT loss

Damian Lillard had a career-high 43 points, including 16 after regulation, and the Portland Trail Blazers handed the San Antonio Spurs their second straight defeat in triple overtime, rallying for a 129-119 victory Friday night.

Does This Formerly Obese Teen Regret Weight Loss Surgery? | Oprah: Where Are They Now? | OWN

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Does This Formerly Obese Teen Regret Weight Loss Surgery? | Oprah: Where Are They Now? | OWN
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Hawks send Cavs to largest loss this season

Shelvin Mack scored a career-high 24 points, and the Atlanta Hawks routed the Cleveland Cavaliers 127-98 on Wednesday night for their 11th victory in 12 games. – NBA