Episode 540 Scott Adams: Slaughtermeter Reset to Zero Due to Social Media Manipulation, Pelosi


  • Slaughtermeter downgraded from 140% to 0%
    • Currently, no chance President Trump will win re-election
    • Currently…social media thumb on the scale, will prevent it
  • Zero visibility into algorithms, no explanations, no independent appeal
  • “Doctored” videos of Pelosi slurs removed as misleading
    • Enemy press then labels ALL Pelosi slur videos “doctored”
    • Why not show undoctored and doctored vids for comparison?
  • 2 topics are undiscussible…I can’t even say the words
    • Some people undiscussible…I can’t even mention their names
    • Doing so, risks suspension, banning, demonetizing, censorship
  • Am I being Shadowbanned on Twitter?
    • I can’t tell, I can’t know, there’s no way to know
  • Social Media was caught off-guard by candidate Trump in 2016
    • His “Island of Misfit Toys” supporters are VERY effective
  • Social Media will NOT be caught off-guard in 2020
    • 4 years to prepare and hide behavior
  • Social Media CAN determine election results if they wish to do so
  • Brad Parscale’s new “Promises Kept” website
    • https://www.promiseskept.com
    • Select a topic and search for President’s accomplishments
    • Excellent facts and data resource for political debate
  • My viral tweet yesterday, “3 Things to Know
    • Professional trolls were activated, attacked me
  • Democrats baffled that President Trump doesn’t want his tax info public
    • Will his taxes be willfully misinterpreted for political gain?
    • Are there illegalities…that the IRS failed to notice?
    • The public won’t know what’s BS and what’s true from the news
    • Pundit after pundit will push a narrative on his taxes
  • Assange story is interesting
    • People WITHOUT facts or understanding, have very strong opinions
    • Why can’t Assange do what NYT does every single day?
    • He released names of people may have caused their death
      • Can that be established as a legal standard?
    • The press publishes things that endanger people, every day
  • AOC receiving pushback…weather is NOT climate change
  • AOC and President Trump in the same room discussing climate change
    • Imagine what would happen
    • They BOTH agree…pursue nuclear, ALL possible solutions
    • Smart play even if climate change isn’t a concern
    • Develop, test, see what works best and deploy it
  • The “Bully Factor” and President Trump
    • Why do some Democrats fear President Trump so much?
    • Were they deeply impacted by bullies in their lives?
    • Do they see him as the tormentors from their own lives?
  • Schumer and Pelosi aren’t really bothered by President Trump
    • They’re professional politicians just doing politics
    • Others in Congress…show irrational emotional hatred

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