Episode 325 Scott Adams: Dale Reads “MuellerPorn” on CNN.com, Healthcare, France, Wall Funding, #MeToo


  • Dale reads and enjoys “Mueller Porn” from CNN
  • Government status report on low cost healthcare
  • Canada’s Fentanyl problem and China
  • French riot against their climate change gas tax
    • Apparently, at a 16% increase in gas cost…
    • …people stop caring about climate change
  • Climate change math (the economics) indicate climate change is an illusion
    • GDP will increase and compound many times over in 80 years
    • Climate change will cause a 10% GDP pullback in 80 years
    • Nobody is pushing back on that interpretation
  • Cohen emailed the Kremlin at their GENERIC email address
    • I thought he had Russian contacts?
  • Dems decide negotiating is a loser proposition

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After #MeToo, Anthony Bourdain stood ‘unhesitatingly and unwaveringly’ with women

In the eight months since the #MeToo movement resurfaced, the women coming forward with spectrum-spanning stories of mistreatment found an ally in a man that had previously been more associated with food than feminism.

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Tony Robbins Issues Apology For Viral Comments Criticizing The #MeToo Movement

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Helming A #MeToo And Time’s Up-Inspired TV Series

Jennifer Lawrence and Catt Sadler are teaming up to executive-produce a project inspired by Time’s Up and the #MeToo movement.

The White Rose Makes Its Grammys Debut in Support of #MeToo

Some stars opted for the symbolic accessory after a last-minute campaign to mobilize the music industry.
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SAG Awards get ready for #MeToo close-up

Following a Golden Globes that made headlines with its Time’s Up theme, the Screen Actors Guild is leaning into that discussion with its annual presentation Sunday. Yet with several more star-studded ceremonies to come, questions linger as to how well Hollywood’s awards apparatus can juggle serving as a rallying point for that movement with its more prosaic, self-congratulatory business.

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Hard Candy Pulls #MeToo Trademark Application After Backlash

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Hard Candy Makeup Applies For #MeToo Trademark

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France’s Catherine Deneuve denounces #metoo campaign

French film icon Catherine Deneuve has joined 99 other women to denounce a backlash against men following the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Rollo Ross reports.

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Olivia Munn Shares Her Support for #MeToo Movement: “Our Voices and Our Pain Matter”

ESC: Olivia MunnOlivia Munn is “really proud” of everyone who has come forward to share their #MeToo story.
The actress spoke to E! News exclusively on Wednesday about the sexual harassment…

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