Tyson Chandler gives the Lakers exactly what they needed in debut

The veteran center made an immediate impact on the Lakers’ defense and rebounding just a day after arriving from Phoenix.
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Rozier: ‘We needed to get our butts whooped’

After a 116-86 drubbing at the hands of the Cavaliers trimmed the Celtics’ series lead to 2-1, guard Terry Rozier said he believes his team got a much-needed wake-up call. “We needed to get our butts whooped,” Rozier said.
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Carrie Underwood Needed Over 40 Stitches In Her Face After November Fall

Country singer Carrie Underwood is bringing in 2018 by sharing more details about more injuries that she suffered after a fall that broke her wrist.

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Cowboys get badly needed win, stay in playoff race

After an ugly three-game skid, Dallas pulled away for a victory over Washington to remain afloat in the postseason chase.
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6 Reasons ‘Law & Order: SVU’s’ Olivia Benson Is The Hero We Always Needed

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’s” Olivia Benson is one badass lady! AccessHollywood.com has rounded up six reasons why she totally rocks!

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Kim Kardashian Flaunts the Nipple in NYC, No Imagination Needed

Kim Kardashian’s a soldier … for the nipple revolution, and something tells us she won’t have a problem getting people to fall in line. Kim was leaving a clothing shop Tuesday in NYC wearing a see-through black blouse … putting everything on display…


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‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ actress: Robin Williams was ‘spectacular’ when I needed help

Playing the older daughter of Williams’ character in the film, Lisa Jakub hailed his selflessness, adding, “that’s who he truly was.”

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Alyssa Milano talks breast-feeding pics, says debate ‘needed to happen’

It seems there’s not much a mom can do that won’t spark some sort of criticism or debate these days.

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8 Reasons Young Girls Of The ’90s Needed Jessie Spano

“Saved by the Bell” premiered 26 years ago, which means you’re old. 

In some ways, not much has changed since Zack, Kelly, Screech and the gang roamed the halls of Bayside High School — crop tops are back, cheeseburgers never left and overdosing on caffeine pills still isn’t recommended. In other ways, many of the plot-lines and certain dialogue couldn’t exist today. You’d never see Zack hit on the school nurse or hear a laughtrack following Slater’s sexist jokes in 2015. 

It’s understandable, then, that the show’s portrayal of sexism, and therefore feminism, has been criticized in more recent years. Jessie Spano was an outspoken feminist who was whiney, neurotic and purposely characterized as less attractive than easy-breezy Kelly Kapowski. Jessie’s character didn’t help the case for feminism being a positive thing, and she didn’t make the word “feminist” seem like one young girls would want to wear.

But, it’s important to remember: it was the ’90s. “Feminist” wasn’t a term you heard as commonly in mainstream pop culture as you do now, and there certainly weren’t tons of young female characters on television overtly claiming the feminist label. Flawed or not, Jessie’s commitment to equality influential on young viewers, including myself. Here’s why:

1. She dated Bayside’s biggest chauvinist AC Slater, but called him out constantly.

2. She set the record straight on labels, reminding AC not to call her “babe” or “chick.” She gave young women watching permission to femine what’s demeaning to them, or not.

3. She challenged masculinity and demonstrated why “macho” isn’t something to strive for…

4. … And again:

5. She called out unfair societal norms:

6. And confronted gender roles:

7. She tried her hand at acting “girly,” and ultimately decided she was better off being true to herself. 

8. She was aware of social inequality, and didn’t let her friends lose sight of their own privilege.

Bless your feminist heart, Jessie Spano.

Also on HuffPost:

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Gay Voices – The Huffington Post

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The Vanity Accessory You Never Knew You Needed: Byredo’s Brilliant Hand Cream Crank

Photographed by Elizabeth Brockway

The embrace of luxury is never better than when paired with a certain make-your-life-easier ingenuity. So when we spotted this impossibly chic marble and chrome contraption while browsing Byredo’s recently opened Wooster Street boutique in New York City, we simply had to have it. Dear friends, if you have ever ruminated over the nail polish brush that just misses the bottom of the bottle or the last vestiges of a beloved lipstick clinging to its concave bullet, take note: Because you can now sleep better knowing that at least no trace of your favorite face or hand cream need ever go unused again. Designed by founder Ben Gorham exclusively for the SoHo space, the machine allows you to crank an almost-empty tube of product around its metal rod, and, with a twist of the wrist, free the last gasps of salve from its aluminum container without any need for MacGyver-esque techniques (read: splitting the tube open and scraping the final remnants out with the same intensity one might devote to a Death Becomes Her immortality elixir). For the record, we fully intend to put our Marvis toothpaste to a similar off-label test. And defying all odds, it also happens to look great on a well-conceived vanity—making it the perfect marriage of modern opulence and classic practicality.

Byredo marble and chrome hand cream dispenser, $ 300
62 Wooster Street

The post The Vanity Accessory You Never Knew You Needed: Byredo’s Brilliant Hand Cream Crank appeared first on Vogue.

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No Knight Needed – Stephanie Rowe

Stephanie Rowe - No Knight Needed  artwork

No Knight Needed

Stephanie Rowe

Genre: Romance

Publish Date: November 21, 2012

Publisher: Stephanie Rowe

Seller: Stephanie Rowe

"Contemporary romance at its finest." Bex 'N' Books USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe launches a stunning and evocative contemporary romance series set in southern Maine, where love always triumphs, even for those who no longer believe. In the riveting opening novel, a single mom with no time for romance is swept off her feet by a modern-day knight who needs a little saving of his own. Broad shoulders silhouetted in the night. Strong arms anchoring her against a powerful chest. A modern-day knight in shining armor on a stormy mountainside… Who has time for that kind of fantasy? Not Clare Gray, that's for sure. The plucky single mom is a little too busy to dream about turbulent dark eyes brimming with intensity, and sensual kisses that ignite her soul. But when Boston business mogul Griffin Friese steps out of his black truck on the abandoned mountain road and helps Clare rescue her daughter from a deadly Maine storm, her well-ordered world implodes.  Suddenly, Clare finds herself having fantasies about tender loving and hot passion with the mysterious stranger with the rain-slicked jacket and the angel painted on the roof of his truck. The midnight encounter awakens yearnings in Clare that are far too dangerous to explore, but when she learns that her heroic knight is staying in town for a few days, he becomes a reality she can't deny. She's already barely surviving, so how can she risk her heart with a man who threatens everything she believes in?  Books in the Ever After series: No Knight Needed, Fairy Tale Not Required, Prince Charming Can Wait. BONUS MATERIAL: No Knight Needed contains bonus excerpts at the back of the book from other romance novels by the author. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe is the author of more than forty-five novels, and she's a four-time nominee for the RITA® award, the highest award in romance fiction. As an award-winning author, Stephanie has been touching readers' hearts and keeping them spellbound for more than a decade with her contemporary romances, romantic suspense, and paranormal romances. For more information on Stephanie and her books, visit her on the web at www.stephanierowe.com.

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Eminem Discusses Why He “Needed” “8 Mile” & Details “Southpaw” Involvement

The Detroit rapper explains what would bring him back to his acting career.

HipHopDX News

Our Rescue Dog Was the Addition to My Family I Never Knew We Needed

It wasn’t love at first sight. She shook in her outdoor kennel, next to that dog who wouldn’t stop barking. Next to the pacing Airedale with long, matted hair. No, this little red dog looked like any dog, except her whole back end quivered when she sat, but her eyes stayed on you.

Say you had kids with you. Say you had two. One holding your hand and one strapped to your chest. The older one just wanted to go pet cats, just wanted to look through the dogs, just to see. Then you saw this little, trembling dog.


Once you put a leash on her and walked 10 feet away from the front door, she did that thing where they sniff the air, snort at a dandelion, and pee. She ate grass. It looked like she’d had puppies recently. Her ribs showed too much. She walked a little ahead but kept her ears pointed at you. She never pulled; she was just on a walk. Same as it ever was.

Then you and the kids sat in the grass. This dog that’d been shaking from fear rolled on her back, right in between you three, and let out a huge sigh. She went from uncontrollable fear to pure relaxation in minutes. She looked up, ever so lovingly, at your older daughter, and you saw they matched. Maybe they saw the loneliness in each other.

Maybe this dog knew. Maybe all those times you told yourself that the right dog would come someday when you weren’t looking, like single ladies in their late 30s say about Mr. Right, had truth to it. Maybe it wasn’t just a lie you told yourself when you saw other people cuddling with their fantastic dogs.


I’d always told myself I didn’t have time for a dog. Told myself I didn’t have patience, or energy, or the proper space.

But I asked how to apply to adopt. I filled out the paperwork on a hunch while my daughter fed her treats in the lobby. The dog’s fear and anxiety could prompt scary situations, especially with the baby who didn’t know any better and the eight-year-old who did but respected no boundary. Bringing a scared, 50-pound dog into our little apartment could be a terrible decision. But I handed over the clipboard with my signature.

They agreed to hold her for 24 hours, and we had to return her to her cage. My oldest said, “Boy Mom, that little dog is going to make a family really happy. I hope she finds them soon.”

Our lease required a doctor’s note in order to get an animal. The property manager emailed me the paperwork the next morning. I called my daughter’s therapist, whose office was a block from our house, and asked if she’d fill it out. We’d talked about it already.

Mia needed a dog. She had attachment and trust issues. I always did my best to be the dependable one. I didn’t promise things I couldn’t keep. And I’d promised her we’d get a dog someday, something she reminded me of daily.

By one o’clock in the afternoon, I’d handed in the note from the therapist that said my daughter needed a companion animal with heartbreaking honesty. The pound called and said we were approved. I drove to a box store and picked up dishes, a collar, a leash, and food. I drove to pick Mia up from school. She was expecting her big sister to pick her up for their weekly outing, but I stood there with a bright purple leash in my hand.

Mia saw it and knew what it meant.

“Are we getting the dog?!” she said. I nodded. “Oh, Mom. Thank you! Thank you!”

I’d tried to talk myself out of this many times. I’d even sent texts to friends who’d also try to talk me out of it, asking their opinion. They repeated everything I’d told myself. This could go very, very badly in quite a number of ways. She was a scared, homeless mother who’d been abused. I saw too much of myself in this dog. I knew what she needed. We had that understanding already.


I changed her name from Yogi to Bodhi, the Buddhist term for enlightenment, the true form, and freedom from hatred. It only took her a few days to learn it was hers. She took to us completely, and trotted after Mia from the living room, the bedroom, and back. Bodhi’s curled up body became a fixture wherever Mia settled during the day or at night. After a while, Bodhi even started to appreciate the baby for her baby ways. Coraline likes to crawl over the dog’s middle when she’s stretched out on the floor, pausing to teeter on her belly and laughing.

One night, Bodhi wanted to sleep under Mia’s bed instead of with her, which caused Mia to pout and curl up in a tight ball way up on the top bunk. We’d only had Bodhi for a few days, and I woke up just after midnight to the sound of the dog pacing the hallway, whining. I thought for sure she had to poop and started to worry over how I’d get up and do that without waking the baby.

“Bodhi,” I whispered.

Her head appeared immediately in the light of the hallway from my slightly opened door. I patted my bed. She leaped up, turned around a few times, and let out that huge sigh again, resting her head on my legs. My sweet dog. No doubt.

I look over at Mia and Bodhi lying on the couch together, watching TV on a lazy Sunday morning. Bodhi has her head and front leg draped over Mia’s belly. We’ll take her for a walk later, maybe to that special spot by the creek. Mia complained about having to walk the dog last weekend, but after we were out for a bit she said, “I feel happier for some reason.”

I’ve had the same reaction. I vacuum more. I find myself outside gazing up at the pre-dawn sky every morning before any coffee is made. I walk a mile a day or more. I do laundry more often. I wipe up more drips of drool off the floor. And I feel happier for some reason. A reason that comically snores. A reason that knows when I need to feel her warm, heavy head in my lap. A reason that is currently lying across my feet under the desk.


A version of this post originally appeared on stepville.com.

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Need to File for a Divorce!

The Flawless Response This Woman Had To A Dude Who Told Her She Needed To Lose Weight

One surefire way to not pick up a lady: Tell her she needs to lose weight.

On June 3, marketing director and fashion blogger Christina Topacio took to Twitter to share an offensive and sexist text message conversation she had with a guy she had never actually met in real life.

The audacious dude told Topacio that while he would “seriously consider dating” her and “getting to know” her, he thinks she needs to change a few things. This unsolicited advice was not necessary (to say the least).

“It fucking kills me to say this… And it’s nothing you don’t already know,” the guy wrote in a text to Topacio. “And I’m positive you’ve thought about it. And I’m only telling you this because I want it to effect a change. You need to fucking lose weight. It kills me.”

Topacio told The Huffington Post that she met the guy on a dating site where they exchanged numbers, however, they had never hung out in person.

She tweeted screenshots of the entire text message conversation yesterday to her 8,500 followers, receiving over 2,500 retweets. Check out the cringeworthy exchange below:

“My first reaction was, literally, ‘Wait, what?!'” Topacio told HuffPost. “Then, I got sad. Like, this person has never seen me in real life. I was baffled.”

She said that she shared the conversation on social media to empower women to stand up for themselves. “My goal is to encourage girls to not only brush it off, despite how hurtful it is, and to laugh it away,” she said. “I want women to feel empowered to stand up for themselves, own who they are and understand that someone else’s opinion has no relation to them being an amazing person.”

“My story is not a new story, this happens to women constantly,” she added. “I’m just happy to have been given an opportunity to share my personal experience in hopes that it empowers women to shut it down. And ultimately say… I’m beautiful, I’m strong, I’m powerful, I’m 100 percent me.”

Take note of Topacio’s flawless response:

christina 4

Haters gonna hate and Christina’s gonna eat her Chipotle.

Go on with your beautiful, strong and powerful self, Christina.

H/T BuzzFeed

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Magnetic Makeup Brushes Are The Beauty Product You Never Knew You Needed

Waiting for freshly-cleaned makeup brushes to dry completely can be an overnight process. With no time to waste, we’ve tried everything from laying our beauty tools in front of a fan to blasting them with a hair dryer on low heat.

This was a problem that Australian makeup artist Rae Morris knew all too well. So she designed a set of magnetic makeup brushes that not only help people keep their vanities extremely organized, but speed up the drying process while cleaning.

rae morris magnetic brushes

Each makeup brush is made with cruelty-free hair that dries faster than synthetic substitutes, and the barrel contains a magnet that allows it to stand atop Morris’ signature steel base plate. The magnets also make it super easy to hang dry the brushes upside down — a fast-dry technique preferred by professionals because it keeps water or other liquids from seeping into the handle and helps to preserve the natural shape of the bristles.

Morris’ pro secret: After cleaning your magnetic makeup brushes, attach them to a magnetic field, such as an exhaust hood (just make sure the range is turned off). Or you can get really creative by affixing to a dish or towel rack or flexible floor lamp neck, as pictured below.

magnetic makeup brushes

magnetic makeup brushes

Morris recently expanded her magnetic range to launch the Iconic Collection, which includes her nine “can’t live without” brushes and a travel case that conveniently allows brushes to be dried upside down when you’re on the go.

While these genius tools come with a hefty price tag — the starter kit will set you back approximately $ 270 — you can save money by purchasing just a few individual brushes and the magnetic plate separately.

After considering how much we typically spend on new makeup brushes and cleaners, we’d say these are definitely worth the investment.

Watch the video below for a demonstration from Rae Morris herself on how to clean your makeup brushes:

Rae Morris provided complimentary magnetic brushes for review purposes.

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Legally Blonde 2, Bring It On Again and 7 More Movie Sequels That Never Needed to Happen

Legally Blonde, Reese WitherspoonOne and done!

That’s the lesson some Hollywood studios and directors can learn from more than a few sequels that have hit theatres over the years.

While we’re totally…

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The Voice’s Tess Boyer Is Not Missing: I Needed to Take a Break to Get Back to Where God’s Purpose For Me Is

The Voice, Tess BoyerGood news, you guys—Tess Boyer was never missing!

The Voice contestant was at the center of a scare earlier today when her friends got the phrase “#FindTessBoyer” to trend…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories
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Why Michael Sam Says He Needed Sports to Survive | Oprah Prime | Oprah Winfrey Network

Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted into the National Football League, grew up a self-proclaimed “mama’s boy” in the small town of Hitchcock, Texas. Michael found an outlet in sports, an activity his mother, a Jehovah’s Witness, didn’t approve of because she believed it conflicted with the religion. “Becoming a teenager, I needed sports,” he says. “I knew I wanted to make something of myself. I knew sports taught me, and my coaches taught me, the discipline that I have today. I needed it.”

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Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.

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Why Michael Sam Says He Needed Sports to Survive | Oprah Prime | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Yucking Up “The Walking Dead” to a Few More Emmys–Add Some Needed Laughs

Kevin originally posted this in his blog, MyMediaDiary.com.

Granted it’s a zombie apocalypse; granted it’s exhausting peeking around every corner; granted Atlanta in the summer without air-conditioning is brutal. But come on, let’s have a little levity.

There’s a fine line between tragedy and comedy. Shakespeare knew this as he preceded the haunted and soon to be hysterical Hamlet in the graveyard with a pun-contest with a local gravedigger. Even Mercutio, after he was stabbed, found time to squeeze out a groaner: “Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man.”

And what works for the Bard, certainly bears true for three of my favorite dramas.

Justified (FX): “Well, I’ll tell you, Raylan…”

In Justified, Timothy Oliphant’s Raylan is sentenced to his home town of Kentucky after going all Dirty Harry in the opening scene of the opening episode. He is forced to not only deal with his childhood buddy and current supremacist outlaw Boyd Crowder, the most verbose, eloquent, polite and delightful psychopath you’d ever want to meet but he also has to endure his dill-pickle father who repeatedly tries to kill his son and his non-biological father (and boss) Art.

Oliphant’s character, like his Eastwood-ish turn in HBO’s euthanized masterpiece Deadwood, has the scary calmness, good looks and wisecracks found in famous mayors of Carmel everywhere–prior to monologues with chairs at nationally televised conventions.

My favorite line, “You ever hear of the saying “You run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole; you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”

The Wire (HBO): Omar’s Coming!

Perhaps the most ambitious and perfectly balanced series is HBO’s The Wire. After being told to see it a couple hundred times, I finally dove in last winter. A week or so later, all five seasons with (different locales and even different variations of theme songs ) I was so hungry for more that I just watched them again. And if you only see one of the five seasons (and you can almost see them all independently) bask in Season Three–when one fatigued Major “Bunny” Colvin decides to legalize drugs in certain abandoned city blocks and therefore clean up the rest of his corners.

The magic of The Wire is its depth of development despite storylines that follow at least seven different characters each season. And with each incredibly real personality, whether it’s McNulty the alcoholic, divorced, womanizing, too-good-at-his-job-bad-at-life mirrored in Dennis Leary’s Tommy in Rescue Me or my favorite, Omar, the scar-faced, whistling, shotgun-toting Robin Hood, you get humor along the way–the way you hear some of your best jokes at funeral homes. Life’s like that; it’s the pressure release valve.

To paraphrase Hawkeye Pierce, “if I don’t laugh, I’ll never stop crying.”

Breaking Bad (AMC): “Better Call Saul!”

The premise is funny and tragic enough–an excellent secondary teacher trapped in a non-supportive state for public education who has terminal cancer and stumbles upon a former lousy student who serves as his gateway drug into organized crime kingpindom. The final episode, thankfully, puts Walter White in the land of self-honesty when he admits to his wife that he did it all, not for the family, but because he liked it. Without that line (and the brilliant poison-in-the-sugar-rack) the series would have only felt half-completed.

But the supporting characters provide the laughs and tears. Jesse Pinkman’s constant use of “Mr. White” is cute, weird and completely accurate–how many of us meet our former teachers and would ever dream of using their first names? Gus, the drug-dealing, low-profile template that Walter hopes to emulate is coldly unemotional and therefore funny in his under-reaction to all circumstances–including his own self-poisoning–until he finally cracks seconds before the old “bell-on-the-exploding-wheelchair-trick” does him in, but not without a graceful tie-straightening exit.

Gus’s right-hand-hit-man, ex-cop Mike, has the greatest comic lines as he is baffled by Walter’s blend of Don Knotts and Vito Corleone. But more accurately, he is tired of Walter’s talking, rationalizing and collateral damage–as he too dies and wants Walter to “Shut the f___ up and let me die in peace.”

And when Mike and the spin-off bad man lawyer Saul Goodman are talking to one another or to Walt you’re bound to hear many, many great one-liners and necessary laughs.

Lighten Up, Francis

So with The Walking Dead–what to do, what to do as Season 5 comes trudging along toward us this October?

Last year I attended the Motor City Comic-Con with my son and daughter and saw a line reserved usually for roller coasters. It was wrapped around six times with folks waiting for an autograph or a chance to shake hands with Darryl, the crossbow hunting cracker, played beautifully by Norman Reedus. He was appearing alongside two of his co-stars from Boondock Saints who were coat-tailing it along with the success of the zombie drama.

Darryl and his now late-brother, and bigger cracker, Merle are the closest thing this heavy-metal drama has to comic characters–and even then, it’s like an episode of Hee-Haw, where the characters die by their stills. Everyone and everything else is solid pain and suffering.

I’d like to think that once in a while, whether I’m trapped in a safe prison or sharing some moonshine in an abandoned shack, I’d hear a joke or two. But not in this part of Dixie. There is no Saul Goodman giving Jesse a Hello Kitty cell phone, no Detective Bunk cutting a tie off a sleeping co-worker, no jumpy Dickie Bennett with a baseball bat hanging up Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens like a piñata.

Nope. Nothing but slow-walking, loud-breathing zombies that one can outwit with a stone-throw, a duck call or an armless, jawless former-friend on a leash.

Even the real enemies, the same ones that Steven Spielberg points out in Jaws, Close Encounters, E.T., and Jurassic Park, the “normal folk” in Breaking Bad are not really worth watching. The first half of the last season offered the sanctuary of the benevolent “governor” that was only as safe as the utopian rabbit warren of Strawberry in Watership Down. But I was hoping that the boring old dictator would at least have some funny one-liners, even after he lost his eye to a samurai sword. But no. (Even Watership Down had a wise-cracking seagull with a funny foreign accent.)

And the second half of Season Four, painfully slow in its isolated stories of the splintered groups who escaped the demolished prison all plodded along to Terminus–another sanctuary that is also not what it appears.

The very un-Raylan-like final line from the very un-Raylan-like hero, officer Rick Grimes sums it up, as he is forced into a dark rail-car and is finally reunited with his posse of straight-men.

“They’re screwing with the wrong people.” Fans of the comic know that it was supposed to be the f-bomb instead, but either way it’s trite.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy in The Walking Dead will be the discovery in Washington D.C., if the weird genius ever gets delivered there by the lamb-chopped redheaded bruiser, will be that the first to be struck by the virus weren’t the fatties, according to Zombieland, but instead were the comics.

Ben Webster’s lamb-chopped McDinkle is a bad guy with some great one-liners in “Deadheads.”

For a more realistic look at zombies, funnier lambchoped humans and the more likely banter that might occur in a chance-meeting of the two, check out (partiality alert!) Deadheads on Netflix by Drew and Brett Pierce, two former high school students of mine who found the lighter side to death, love and everything in-between.

Related article: Read my June 2013 post The Power of a Well-Placed Smart-Ass with Mad Men, Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones.
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