Monsieur & Madame Adelman – Nicolas Bedos

Nicolas Bedos - Monsieur & Madame Adelman  artwork

Monsieur & Madame Adelman

Nicolas Bedos

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 7.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: February 12, 2019

The decades-spanning tumultuous romance of a quintessentially French couple is chronicled in the thought-provoking and scathingly funny Mr. & Mrs. Adelman. Told in flashback from the early 1970s forward, this epic love-hate relationship begins as angst-ridden writer Victor meets Sarah, a brilliant doctoral student who falls head-over-heels. A complicated courtship and eventual marital discord ensue, as the egocentric Victor becomes a literary superstar and the enigmatic Sarah—his muse and steadfast source of strength—lingers in the shadows. Intimately detailing the intricacies of a lifetime of shared highs and lows, this saga of passion, betrayal, tragedy and unexpected twists of fate is co-written by the film’s two stars, Nicolas Bedos and his life partner Doria Tillier.

© © 2016 Les Films du Kiosque

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Piercing – Nicolas Pesce

Nicolas Pesce - Piercing  artwork


Nicolas Pesce

Genre: Thriller

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: December 7, 2018

Reed (Christopher Abbott) is going on a business trip. He kisses his wife and infant son goodbye, but in lieu of a suitcase filled with clothes, he's packed a toothbrush and a murder kit. Everything is meticulously planned: check into a hotel and kill an unsuspecting victim. Only then will he rid himself of his devious impulses and continue to be a good husband and father. But Reed gets more than he bargained for with Jackie (Mia Wasikowska), an alluring call girl who arrives at his room. First, they relax and get in the mood, but when there's an unexpected disruption, the balance of control begins to sway back and forth between the two. Is he seeing things? Who's playing whom? Before the night is over, a feverish nightmare will unfold, and Reed and Jackie will seal their bond in blood.

© © 2017 Piercing Film LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Don’t Look Now – Nicolas Roeg

Nicolas Roeg - Don't Look Now  artwork

Don’t Look Now

Nicolas Roeg

Genre: Thriller

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: January 1, 1973

Working with elements of the traditional horror genre – second sight, ESP, warnings from the dead, a mad killer – and cinematography of disquieting beauty and dreamlike sense of dislocation, director Roeg weaves a fabric of anxiety that questions all reality. The evocative use of the back streets of Venice is a sinister participant in the action based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier. This intensely erotic and macabre film boasts outstanding performances by Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland.

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The Neon Demon – Nicolas Winding Refn

Nicolas Winding Refn - The Neon Demon  artwork

The Neon Demon

Nicolas Winding Refn

Genre: Horror

Price: $ 5.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: June 24, 2016

When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will use any means necessary to get what she has.

© © 2016 Space Rocket, Gaumont, Wild Bunch. All Rights Reserved.

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Nicolas Andreas Taralis RTW Spring 2019

To counter what he sees as the darkness of the times, Nicolas Andreas Taralis moved away from his habitual somber register, injecting his spring collection with lightness and color in a sculptural way.
Rectangular strips of technical fabric were sewn together to evoke parachutes in free fall, moving with the body in transparent strips on column and bustier dresses in white and pale yellow, scarlet and fuchsia; billowing as a pale yellow puff-ball skirt with suspenders, paired with a T-shirt that read “Heroes” — in reference to David Bowie.
Tailored pieces like a dark green nylon satin suit and a black cotton jacket were crafted from panels of fabric, leaving gashes in which the wind would rustle.
Laser-cut foliage from a military register created texture on a unisex black coat intended to evoke a shell that protects the body, a motif reprised elsewhere on a white tailored jacket, its lining showing through, and on T-shirts and shift dresses. Elsewhere, Taralis delivered a more overt political message with printed slogans like “surrender” and “disobey” on bright Japanese sports mesh vests and photo prints of protests on his jersey T-shirts, adding a touch of street to what was an interesting, quirky lineup.

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Spy(Ies) – Nicolas Saada

Nicolas Saada - Spy(Ies)  artwork


Nicolas Saada

Genre: Thriller

Price: $ 4.99

Rental Price: $ 0.99

Release Date: August 6, 2018

Vincent, a brilliant young man, has not taken the royal path that his studies laid out for him. Instead, he works as a baggage handler at an airport. When checking a diplomatic pouch, his colleague Gérard is killed by the explosion of a perfume bottle. Vincent surprises the bag's owner, a Syrian, picking up his luggage. The French counterintelligence agency, the DST, obliges Vincent to accept a deal: in exchange for his collaboration with the French and British secret services in catching the men implicated in the explosion, he won't be taken to court for the robberies he's committed while baggage handling. The investigation leads Vincent to London, where he must get near a British businessman, Peter Burton, who is linked to the Syrian agents. The DST and MI5 suggest that Vincent should seduce Burton's wife, Claire, a Frenchwoman with a fragile personality, so as to manipulate and get her to betray her husband. Unsettled by the challenges of the mission, Vincent soon becomes entangled in his emotions.

© © 2008 The Film

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Nicolas Cage and GF Get Loud in Rockies, Canadian Mounties Called

Nicolas Cage and his GF got so loud at a five-star hotel, cops had to come riding in to the rescue. Sources tell us Nic was staying at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel in Alberta, Canada Tuesday after he wrapped filming on a movie up…


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Music Theory: from Absolute Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding and Learning Music Theory Effortlessly (Unabridged) – Nicolas Carter

Nicolas Carter - Music Theory: from Absolute Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding and Learning Music Theory Effortlessly (Unabridged)  artwork

Music Theory: from Absolute Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding and Learning Music Theory Effortlessly (Unabridged)

Nicolas Carter

Genre: Arts & Entertainment

Price: $ 5.95

Publish Date: December 8, 2016

© ℗ © 2016 Nicolas Carter

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Drive – Nicolas Winding Refn

Nicolas Winding Refn - Drive  artwork


Nicolas Winding Refn

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 9.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: September 16, 2011

Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, about a Hollywood stunt performer (Gosling) who moonlights as a wheelman for criminals discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong.

© © 2011 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Karen Kaiser and Nicolas Kern’s Wedding in Upstate New York

karen kaiser wedding

Stylist Karen Kaiser and photographer Nicolas Kern’s story is a Fashion Week fairy tale. The two met during a magazine launch party in New York in 2009: “We had a brief tête-à-tête over Japanese culture and food, and the rest is history,” remembers Karen.

The couple dated for almost five years before the proposal. “Nicolas asked me to marry him very unexpectedly one afternoon just before we were about to leave to spend the weekend with some dear friends,” says Karen. “He had had the ring for quite some time, apparently, and waited for a moment that felt special and intimate. I was overtaken by tears of joy.”

During the early stages of the planning process, Karen and Nicolas realized a key goal of theirs was that the celebration give their families a chance to really get to know each other. With this in mind, they settled on the Southwood Estate in Germantown, New York, as the venue, a place they had visited together during their courtship and fallen in love with. “The estate offers many rooms, so our families were able to stay on the premises,” explains Karen. “And it was great to see everyone get together and to share so many special moments.” Additionally, the setting felt symbolic in that it somehow evoked home for both of them, reminding Nicolas of his origins in Austria on the Wörthersee and Karen of the landscape in Indiana.

Ever the stylist, Karen drew upon two specific images for her wedding look. “One was from a 1968 Vogue,” she says. “It was a photo of a wedding cape designed by Cristóbal Balenciaga and photographed by David Bailey. After registering that image, I attended Alexander Wang’s spring 2015 Balenciaga show in Paris, where a white cape walked down the runway. As soon as I saw it, I was certain I had to have it for my wedding day.”

The second image was a photo of the wedding dress worn by style icon Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. “To find the perfect balance, I asked my very dear friend Deborah Milner to design a timeless dress with a modern sensibility,” says Karen. “She has consulted with the likes of Isabella Blow, Philip Treacy, Daphne Guinness, Amanda Harlech, and others including Alexander McQueen, where she continues to work with Sarah Burton on couture. Between my inspirations and her creativity and incredible craftsmanship, we arrived at the final piece. The cut, the fit, and the feeling of the heavy crepe fabric still amazes me today, and I cannot thank Deborah enough.”

To top off Karen’s vision, Treacy graciously customized her veil piece. “I wanted something very minimalistic to echo the shape of the couture pockets on the Balenciaga cape,” explains Karen. “When Philip heard that we were having the ceremony in a church, he added crystals to the piece. They glimmered in the light as I walked down the aisle, adding an air of magic.”

Karen’s shoes were beige leather pointed-toe Altuzarra slingback pumps with a small bow for a chic, feminine feeling. She paired the shoes with toes painted in Essie’s Jazz nail color, which was recommended to her by’s Beauty Director Catherine Piercy.

“My husband had gone with his instincts and chosen a pavé Repossi ring for the proposal,” says Karen. “I love Gaia’s restrained elegance, and therefore found it suiting to accessorize my wedding look with more pieces from her collections—including a Berbère ear cuff in rose gold with pavé diamonds and two rings from the Antifer collection, also in rose gold with full pavé diamonds.”

Karen called upon friends David Adams (colorist), Peter Gray (hairstylist), and Maud Laceppe (makeup artist) to do her hair and makeup on the big day. “Not only have we known each other for years and collaborated on many projects, but Peter, Maud, and I have worked on several seasons of Gabriele Colangelo’s show in Milan,” says Karen.

The couple had a Catholic wedding mass in St. Mary’s Church in Hudson, New York, accompanied by an organ, a trumpet, and a violin. “Nicolas and I each have one sibling, whom we chose as our witnesses,” says Karen. “I entered the church preceded by five flower girls and two ring bearers. And then after the ceremony, our ‘getaway’ car was a red Triumph. The car perfectly fit the part, since the wedding reception alluded to the French bohemian sensibility of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.”

The cocktail hour took place around the estate’s pool with a few Balinese antique blankets and pillows that friends Scott Studenberg and John Targon of Baja East made for the couple. The Bailsmen added their French swing tunes, and with the outdoor location and minimal decoration, it was a leisurely experience where everyone mingled and enjoyed themselves. “It was important to us that everything felt unpresumptuous,” says Karen.

For food, the couple chose a farm-to-table concept catered by Fire Roasted Catering of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, as they both love organic and local produce. At dinner, a prepared pig on a spit, salt-crusted sea bass, and roasted vegetables over open fires were served.

After dinner, Nicolas’s father gave a brief toast and introduced the couple’s first dance, which was to “Le Vent Nous Portera” by Noir Désir. “This was an unforgettable magical moment,” remembers Karen. Then, the couple’s friend Alvise Marino heated up the dance floor playing classics from the sixties and then more modern music as the night went on.

The reception ended after hours by the pool with swimming and more dancing under the stars.

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Nicolas Cage’s “The Runner” takes on BP oil spill and corruption

Aug. 05 – Nicolas Cage attends on Wednesday night (August 05) the Los Angeles premiere of “The Runner,” a political thriller that plays out in the aftermath of BP oil spill. John Russell reports.

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Arclight’s Nicolas Cage-starring ‘Outcast’ Finally Gets April Screening Date In China (Exclusive)

After numerous false starts, the medieval action movie will bow at Tomb Sweeping Festival next month.

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Valhalla Rising – Nicolas Winding Refn

Nicolas Winding Refn - Valhalla Rising  artwork

Valhalla Rising

Nicolas Winding Refn

Genre: Action & Adventure

Price: $ 7.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: April 30, 2010

For years, the fearsome figure known only as One Eye (Mads Mikkelsen – PUSHER, FLAME & CITRON, CASINO ROYALE) has defeated everyone he's encountered, but he's treated more like an animal than a warrior. The only person he has any relationship with is the young boy who brings him food and water daily. Constantly caged and shackled, One Eye has drawn the attention of a new force now sweeping the countryside and displacing the society's leaders: Christians.

© © Copyright 2009 : Valhalla Rights ApS, One Eye Production, Blind Eye Productions, Scanbox

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