Melanie outside in her naughty nurse uniform.

Mel likes to dress up in her nurses uniform Nurse Mel is here to look after you good and proper!

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I heard that you weren’t feeling very well so nurse Melanie is here to look after you. I am sure there is something I can do to make you feel better.

I hope the sight of me in my nurse uniform with stockings makes you feel alot better

Luv nurse Melanie xx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Raps’ Nurse rips refs: Kawhi no-calls ‘ridiculous’

Raptors coach Nick Nurse directed his ire at officials after Sunday’s loss to the Nuggets for not calling fouls made against star Kawhi Leonard. – NBA

Only Tease – Larissa In A Nurse Uniform

Only Tease - Larissa

I’ll bet that the last time you went to a hospital or to see the doctor, your nurse didn’t look like Larissa. Check out this Only Tease photo gallery featuring the stunning blonde teasing out of her nurse’s uniform. Underneath her uniform she has on a very sexy pink and black lace bra with matching thong. You can’t leave out her stockings either, she has incredible legs that just demand attention.

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Only Tease – Carole In A Nurse Uniform

Only Tease - Carole

Hellllllo nurse! What a way to start the work week with this video of Carole in her sexy nurse uniform. After watching this video, I’m sure you’ll understand why Carole is was voted Only Tease Newcomer Of The Year.

Carole looks like she just left the hospital in her short uniform dress and stethoscope around her neck. However, it’s hard not to miss her red thong and white pantyhose on underneath her uniform. Before this video is over, Carole is unbuttoning her uniform and showing us all of her sexy body and erotic lingerie.

Download or watch Carole’s video inside Only Tease. This video is available for download in .avi form or for watching steaming with Flash. Whichever way you choose to watch it, you’re definitely going to enjoy it.

Only Tease

Melanie looking lovely in a naughty nurse uniform with stockings.

Let Nurse Mel wear her nurse uniform and get you all turned on!

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Hi guys nurse Melanie here,

If you are not feeling to good come and visit me nurse Melanie at no appointment needed 😉 and if you are feeling great maybe its time for a check up.

I enjoyed doing this ‘nurse video‘ I loved dressing up in this nurse uniform and those stockings felt great against my legs

Luv Melanie xxx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Only Opaques – Nurse Rachel B

Only Opaques - Rachel B

Take a look at this sexy nurse, showing off her white stockings and naughty uniform. Today inside Only Opaques, you can see Rachel posing in her erotic outfit. Would you like some of her bedside manner? Along with her sexy uniform, stocking covered legs she’s soon taking off her uniform to reveal her cute white and blue bra and matching g-string. In that outfit, you can only imagine what kind of healing powers she might have.

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Only Opaques – Candice in her nurse outfit

Only Opaques - Candice

Check out the latest video to be added to Only Opaques. Today, a video featuring this stunning blonde in a nurse’s uniform and black stockings was added to the site.

Candice is wearing a very erotic nurse outfit and I’m betting there’s more than a few guys that can already feel her healing powers. But it gets even better as she teases her way out of her uniform to reveal her sexy lingerie on underneath it. She’s wearing a pair of sheer black stockings and suspenders, a black thong and matching bra.

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The Little School Nurse That Could 1 – Remi Aoi

Remi Aoi - The Little School Nurse That Could 1  artwork

The Little School Nurse That Could 1


Remi Aoi

Genre: Romance

Publish Date: October 6, 2014

Publisher: G2Comix


Ever since she was in junior high, Kana’s wanted to become a school nurse. However, the handsome professor overseeing her first training assignment presents her with quite the moral dilemma…yet a determined Kana is ready to give it her all!

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Only Tease – Naughty Nurse Rachel Victoria

Only Tease - Rachel Victoria

Check out these photos of a very sexy nurse named Rachel Victoria. The uniform alone is very erotic, but it’s about to get a lot better. Underneath her uniform, she’s wearing a pink satin bustier with black lace trim and a pair of matching french knicker panties. If that wasn’t enough check out her stocking covered legs. Would you like some of her bed side manner? I’m sure she has to be careful at work, she wouldn’t want to cause some irregular heart beats and high blood pressure.

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Only Tease

‘The View’ — Big Advertisers Pull the Plug After ‘Nurse’ Comments

“The View” may need a nurse to stop the bleeding, because TMZ has learned 2 major advertisers have cut the cord after the women went off on the nursing profession. Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s Best are pulling ads from…


TMZ Celebrity News for Stars In Heat

Only Opaques – Nurse Naomi

Only Opaques - Naomi

I’d like to introduce you to a sexy blonde nurse Naomi. Today, at Only Opaques you can see Naomi wearing a sexy nurse’s uniform with bright red stockings. She’s guaranteed to get any heart beating faster as she tease out of her mini dress and reveals her white and red bra, and the matching panties. By the end of this photo shoot, she was wearing just her stockings and panties.

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Only Tease – Nurse Maria Sheriff

Only Tease - Maria Sheriff

You can never go wrong with an Only Tease photo gallery featuring the lovely blonde bombshell named Maria Sheriff. It’s even better today because we get to see her teasing out of her naughty nurse uniform. Who wouldn’t want some of her bedside manner and some extra special attention. And underneath her uniform, she shows us her red lace bra with matching thong. Of course, I also have to mention how amazing her legs look in those stockings.

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Only Tease

25 Candid Photos That Show Breastfeeding Is Beautiful, Wherever You Nurse

After photos from her Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project (PABP) spread widely across the Internet last August, photographer and mom of four Leilani Rogers is continuing to normalize the sight of nursing and support lactating moms.

In honor of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month this year, Rogers recruited over 70 photographers in the U.S., Australia, Italy, U.K., Venezuela and Canada to take pictures of moms nursing their children in public places like libraries, parks, stadiums and grocery stores. She’s also invited other parents and photographers to share their own breastfeeding images on the project’s Facebook page or on their own social media accounts with the hashtag #PBAP2015.

Rogers was inspired by her own experiences with breastfeeding to launch the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project in 2014, she told The Huffington Post. Though she overcame challenges with mastitis, bad latches, low supply, plugged ducts, thrush, staph infections and more, she says the one issue she was never able to face was her fear of breastfeeding in public. 

“I avoided it at all costs,” the mom said, explaining that she feared stares and judgment from strangers so much that she retreated to her house and made life more difficult by planning everything around each baby’s feeding schedule. “I wish I could go back and tell my former self not to care so much about what other people thought. Not to be ashamed of my body. Not to be self-conscious about openly doing what nature intended.”

Rogers hopes the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project will empower moms by offering the support and community she wished she had. She also believes it may help break down the struggles breastfeeding moms face, not only in nursing successfully but also in overcoming societal barriers and expectations. ”Society’s support is paramount to a breastfeeding mother’s success,” she said. “Mothers are hiding in their cars, restrooms, sometimes not leaving their homes at all — because they do not want to face the kind of public scrutiny that causes someone to file a complaint with managers and store owners about a woman breastfeeding in a public place.”

By encouraging other moms to participate in PBAP photo sessions or follow the project’s Facebook page, she hopes they will gain the confidence to nurse in public. Rogers would also like her images to reach non-parents. ”My hope is that seeing these images will help desensitize them, or even reprogram their thinking that breasts are sexual and that breastfeeding is an extension of that. It’s not,” she said.

“Perhaps you haven’t witnessed a mother breastfeeding in public before,” she continued. “You’re not sure what you would do if you happened to turn the corner in the grocery store and run right into a mother juggling her life with a breastfeeding child in tow. These images also serve the purpose of positive, gentle exposure.”

Keep scrolling for a sample of the beautiful images of mothers nursing their babies in public from photographers across the globe.


Also on HuffPost: 

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Elvis’ Private Nurse Releasing Book

Letetia Henley Kirk, the former private nurse to Elvis, has written a memoir of her time with the King, Taking Care of Elvis . . . Memories with Elvis as His Private Nurse and Friend. Kirk, along with her husband and daughters, lived on the Graceland compound from 1972 to 1983, and spent lots of time with the rock n’ roll legend.
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‘Nurse Jackie’ Series Finale: Clyde Phillips Shares the Story Behind Jackie’s Ultimate Fate

The showrunner talks with THR about the surprising ending of the Showtime dramedy and the message he hopes the series sends about addiction.

read more

Hollywood Reporter

What the Hell Happened to Jackie?! Nurse Jackie Boss Reveals All on That Series Finale Cliffhanger

SPOILER WARNING: If you have not yet watched the series finale for Nurse Jackie, turn right around and run away because we are obviously going to talk about what happened. Last chance to get out…

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Gay Man Recalls Homophobic Nurse Trying to Sabotage Baby’s Adoption by Him and His Partner (VIDEO)


I’m From Driftwood is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit archive for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer stories. New stories are posted on the site every Wednesday.

Andy Miller and his partner were having a dream come true: They were about to be parents, and sooner than they realized. Andy explains:

[W]e talked to [the birth mother] on Tuesday. On Wednesday we made a plan to drive down to San Antonio to meet her for dinner, meet her and her family. It went very well. By the time we got back to Austin, we were told that she had picked us, and then on Thursday we were invited to come back down, because she was having a sonogram to figure out the sex of the child.

Within just a week their baby boy was born. While the birth mother was resting with the baby, Andy and his partner took a break from the hospital to get some food. When they returned from eating, they had a flurry of phone messages from the mother, crying and urging them to get back soon. A nurse had been questioning her about her decision to let a gay couple adopt her baby. Andy recalls:

[The nurse] said, “I don’t know how you’re gonna do that. Aren’t you afraid he’s gonna hate you for doing that?”

And she said, “Well, that’s really not any of your business.”

And the nurse just kept going on and on, asking questions about, “Aren’t you afraid those boys are gonna hurt that baby? Aren’t you afraid that he’s not gonna grow up and be normal?”

Fortunately, the birth mother did not fall for the nurse’s fear mongering and still chose Andy and Brian as adoptive parents. From that point on, the day was full of tears — happy ones:

[W]e were sitting down there with my mother and being very calm, trying our best, and when our social worker came off the elevator and just kind of flashed us the [thumbs-up], all three of us just kind of broke down in tears at that point.


If you’re a gay or bisexual man interested in becoming a father, check out The Handsome Father for assistance in navigating whatever process you choose in becoming a dad.

For more stories, visit I’m From Driftwood, the LGBTQ Story Archive.

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10 Signs You’re Being Raised by a Nurse

There are lots of nurses in my family, including my mother, who has been a nursery nurse for almost 40 years. So I know a thing or two about being raised by a nurse…

1. You have to be bleeding to death or unconscious to go to the emergency room. When my dad started complaining of chest pain in the middle of the night and said he wanted to go to the ER, my mom warned him that it better not be his gallbladder. Halfway to the ER, she made him go back home so she could get her scrubs… you know, ’cause she worked the next day :/ Needless to say, it was not his gallbladder. You guessed it, he was having a heart attack. I’m so glad he’s still around to not let her live that one down… Oh, and she didn’t notify any of her kids until the next morning, because “he didn’t die,” so she didn’t want to wake us up. I found out from a coworker who called me and said she was praying for our family :/

2. Dinner conversations are graphic. Think your day was bad?!? Asking a nurse about their day prompts a story that is borderline perverse and grotesque.  Hands down, Trust me. And anyone who has ever eaten with a nurse knows that eventually the weirdest, grossest, craziest and best parts of their day will be retold.

3. You have a healthy fear of coming within a 15-foot radius of them when they get home from work. You stay away until they strip down and bathe in 103 degree water. It’s weird how they rarely get sick or worry about catching whatever their patient is trying to dish out, but they are very concerned about passing anything to you. 

4. They have almost any medication you could ever need in their medicine cabinet (or purse). You know, just in case there’s an apocalypse, or a sudden national shortage of Amoxicillin. It may be three years old, but hey, they have it if you need it 🙂 Have a headache? We got you covered. Upset stomach? Here you go. Nauseated? Here’s just what you need…

5. They work weird days of the week, and their schedules are made three months in advance.  And if your parent is a nurse, asking them to try to switch with someone at work is like asking them to go to the dentist, for a root canal, for fun. They make it to 50% of soccer games, dance recitals and school holiday parties. You know, because most nurses work every other weekend!

6. They have a lot of “bring-a-dish” parties. Of course, someone has to sign up for drinks and paper plates 🙂 But nurses love food!  They could go into a carb-coma at any of these parties, it’s like a feast of every type of carb…

7. Medical terminology is their terminology.  My daughter doesn’t say she has “bad poops.” She will come to me and say she has diarrhea. Then she’ll tell me what color it is, and what she ate before getting her upset stomach.  And she’s 9.  Her brother has a penis, babies come out of vaginas and when she’s nauseated she tells me she’s going to vomit. She must have heard it from a nurse…

8. Someone at their work is probably collecting money for someone — or something.  Every week, nurses are scrounging around for money for a wedding or a funeral, or needing a gift for someone who is going to have a baby (or a grandbaby). It’s just what they do.

9. Their kids, friends, neighbors and strangers ask them for all sorts of medical advice. Growing up, I was never afraid to ask my nurse mom absolutely anything.  From girlie problems to sex questions to bathroom issues, nothing was off limits. In fact… have a question?  Just ask a nurse!

10. They can handle any kind of crazy their kids could ever think about dishing out.  Because however crazy their kids may act, they’ve seen that kind of crazy and MUCH worse from a past patient. If you were raised by a nurse, they can handle your kind of crazy. Nurses know how to de-escalate all kinds of situations 🙂

Until my next delivery ♥

10 Signs You’re the Parent of a Newborn


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Previously published on Adventures of a Labor and Delivery

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Comedy – The Huffington Post
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The Little School Nurse That Could 1 – Remi Aoi

Remi Aoi - The Little School Nurse That Could 1  artwork

The Little School Nurse That Could 1


Remi Aoi

Genre: Romance

Publish Date: October 6, 2014

Publisher: G2Comix


Ever since she was in junior high, Kana’s wanted to become a school nurse. However, the handsome professor overseeing her first training assignment presents her with quite the moral dilemma…yet a determined Kana is ready to give it her all!

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Only Tease – Naughty Nurse Melanie

Only Tease - Melanie Walsh

Hellllllo nurse! Today, we have one of the most popular Only Tease models ever – Melanie Walsh, also known as Only Melanie. Melanie is wearing a naughty nurse’s uniform. Melanie definitely knows how to tease the camera, undoing one button at a time on her uniform. Underneath she’s wearing a sexy bra, lace panties and sheer pantyhose. By the end of this set, Melanie is wearing just her panties and pantyhose.

You can see all of Melanie’s sexy photo set and all of the naughty babes at Only Tease. If you like babes in uniforms, you’ll love Only Tease. See more naughty nurses, cuties in college uniforms, erotic french maids, the ever popular sexy secretaries and much more! And Only Tease isn’t limited to sexy uniforms.

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Only Tease