An Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Comment Right at Home on Bronx Native Apparel

A.O.C.’s TOTAL KNOCKDOWN: Netflix tapped the little-known label Bronx Native to develop one-off T-shirts as a branding tool for its documentary “Knock Down the House.”
The flick shadows four women, including U.S. Representative for New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, on the Hill. The T-shirts are imprinted with words spoken by the rookie congresswoman in the movie, “For one of us to make it, a hundred of us have to try.” Her 3.5 million Instagram followers can also find the statement on a recent post.
Designed with Netflix, the shirts are not currently being sold at retail nor are there immediate plans to so. The shirt will be selectively distributed at a number of the community screenings and viewing parties for “Knock Down The House.” People can sign up online to try to host free screenings in their hometowns. In some cases, 20 to 100 shirts will be distributed per screening. The aim is to spread the word about the documentary and the partnership through the collaboration, according to a spokeswoman for Netflix.
Some attributed part of the appeal of the twentysomething progressive Democrat’s viral success to her campaign’s brand identity that was created by Tandem Design NYC. In tapping Bronx Native, Netflix appears to

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