Lil Uzi Vert Escapes Charges Over Paint-Ball War In North Philly

Someone called the cops on the Philly rapper and his friends after they shot up the streets during a paint-ball war!

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New Recycling Consortium an Open Call to Curb Textile Waste in Philly

Although clothing donations are already in full swing, brands are called to look at another opportunity — moving the needle on national textile waste recycling and, potentially, being right on their customer’s doorstep — in a new campaign by clothing recycling start-up Retrievr.
Formerly known as Curb my Clutter, Retrievr’s focus is bringing convenience to textile and electronics recycling — which residents in parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania can request with a simple text or via the company’s web app.
Retrievr handles all of the collection and sortation. Despite a brief pause in collection services through May due to stay-at-home orders from governors in New York and New Jersey, Retrievr is slated to launch its “innovative and contactless doorstep recycling solution” on June 8 in Philadelphia, as well as existing municipalities.
While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates reveal recycling rates of municipal solid waste are generally higher over time, textile waste has a long way to go. According to the Council for Textile Recycling, 85 percent of clothing in the U.S. goes to landfills every year.
Retrievr is calling on fashion brands to be part of the solution by joining the first National Recycling Consortium for Fashion.
“NRCF members will be

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Starbucks In Philly Under Fire For Islamophobic Name Jab At Muslim Man, Lied About Apologizing


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Once again, a Starbucks in Philadelphia is under fire for making another racist inference according to the claims of a patron who says staff in the store took a swipe at his name. Niquel Johnson, a 40-year-old Muslim man who goes by the name Aziz, says an employee at Starbucks wrote “ISIS” as his name and he adds that they also lied about speaking with his niece to issue an apology.

The Washington Post exclusively reports:

Niquel Johnson paid for three drinks in Philadelphia on Sunday, and in typical Starbucks fashion, an employee asked for his name. Johnson, 40, told them “Aziz,” his Islamic name pronounced ah-zeez. He has used it for 25 years — and “countless” times at that particular store.

But three unusual things happened on this occasion, he said. When his order was ready, a staffer announced them by drink type, not his name.

The second unusual part was the employee wrote his name as “ISIS” — the acronym for the Islamic terror group — in the printout attached to all three drinks.

Johnson didn’t even realize it until later, when a friend pointed it out at a bookstore.

“I was shocked and angry. I felt it was discrimination,” Johnson told The Washington Post on Friday.

The outlet writes that Starbucks claimed they spoke with Johnson’s niece and settled the matter. The kicker is that Johnson says whoever the company claims they spoke with, a woman named Alora, isn’t someone known to him in his life.

Johnson is considering legal action.

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Philly bar seeks profits from ‘Play Gloria’ merch

A South Philadelphia bar claiming that it helped create and foster the Blues’ “Play Gloria” rallying cry has filed a trademark for use of the phrase on an assortment of items. – NHL

Trick play ‘Philly Philly’ sparks Eagles in win

With the Eagles’ offense struggling, coach Doug Pederson called for a trick known as “Philly Philly” Thursday. Nelson Agholor completed a pass to Nick Foles to spark a drive that culminated in a touchdown. – NFL

Goff to L.A., Wentz to Philly: How they became the top two picks in 2016

Jared Goff and Carson Wentz will face off Sunday in a battle of two playoff-bound teams — but the competition between the duo goes back way. – NFL

Process That: Ingram from Lonzo is a game winner in Philly

The Lakers blew a 16-point lead in Philadelphia, but Brandon Ingram saved his team with a game-winning 3. – NBA

Cardi B Is Engaged, Offset Proposed At Philly Powerhouse, Twitter Is Emotional

Congratulations are in order. Cardi B is engaged after her boyfriend, Migos rapper Offset, proposed during the Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia tonight (Oct. 27). 

Of course the proposal was caught on video, with the rest of Migos cheering their brethren on in front of the sold out crowd. Cardi was hella excited

From multiple angles…

Is anyone having a better year than Cardi B. We won’t mention that her and Offset broke for like a couple of hours last weekend, though.

It goes without saying that Twitter is lit with opinions, jokes, speculation and hilarious memes.


Photo: screen cap


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Torrei Hart Calls Out Amber Rose for Saying People from Philly are Ugly

[[tmz:video id=”0_8vbaxmwu”]] Torrei Hart has some advice for Amber Rose – who daringly declared people from South Philly aren’t “traditionally attractive” — but Torrei also has plenty of shots to take. Torrei, a Philadelphia native herself,…


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Meek Mill & TIDAL Bringing “Wins And Losses” Pop-Up Shows To NYC, Philly & D.C.

The first event will coincide with the release of his third studio album.

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Listen To Philly Rapper WarChyld’s Cool C Dedication

Philly rapper WarChyld does a dedication to fellow Hip-Hop Legend Cool C, which he decided to leak from his upcoming mixtape with D-Block’s own DJ OPentitled “Commissary”

Cool C was recently been given his execution date, although the he has been on death row since 1996 after being convicted of murdering a police officer. He and another Philly rapper, Steady B, were convicted of attempting to rob a bank, ass well as the shooting and killing officer Lauretha Vaird.

Cool C (real name Christopher Roney), is scheduled to be executed on January 8th but yesterday a Judge granted Cool C a second stay of execution.

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Livestream Nicki Minaj And Ed Sheeran Performing At Philly Jam!

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