Only Opaques – Theo Posing In Her Office

Only Opaques - Theo Posing In Her Office

Naughty blonde secretary Theo looks amazing while posing at her office in today’s update from OnlyOpaques. The cute hardbody removes her secretary skirt to show off her sexy panties and suspended stockings. She then removes her top to show off her perky natural tits, ending the set in nothing but her stockings.

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Only Opaques – Tammy Posing Outdoors In Pantyhose

Only Opaques - Tammy Posing Outdoors In Pantyhose

Tammy takes a shortcut through the woods on her rounds but decides she wants to strip instead out of her sexy uniform in today’s update at OnlyOpaques. While stripping, she unbuttons her top and slowly pulls her skirt down to show off her dark pantyhose and white panties underneath! She ends the set totally nude with her panties around her knees and her legs spread showing off her sweet spot from behind!

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Only Opaques – Renata Posing As Policewoman


Check out this lucious blonde Renata from OnlyOpaques posing in a super erotic black policewoman outfit complete with thigh high black stockings! Just as the set begins, Renata becomes very naughty and starts to show off her thong covered pussy and sweet ass. She quickly strips down completely showing off her “special goods”!

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The Stranger Things Kids Have Perfected The Art Of Red Carpet Posing

The cast of ‘Stranger Things’ were cute and casual at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Melanie posing in a pink tight top with ripped denim jeans.

Melanie loves her Jeans, they fit so snug and low that she always feels mega sexy. Mel loves wearing her tight top as it makes people stare and makes Mel feel really sexy. Jeans just always look good with everything and Mel is always imagining them being pulled off by you!!!!

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Hi guys Melanie here,

Hope you all like my pink top in these photos, it is old but its one of my favorites and those sexy ripped denim jeans are great, I wear them all the time.

love Melanie xxx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie posing in this sexy video

Melanie loves making videos just for you

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Hi Guys,
In this video I am wearing a black waistcoat, tiny miniskirt. stockings and sexy red lingerie. The red lingerie is so so nice!!! its very sexy. To view this video and all my others please go to
see you there love Melanie xxx

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Melanie looking beautiful posing in dark purple lingerie and dark stockings.

All kinds of lingerie turns Melanie Walsh on. Stockings are what Melanie Walsh wears when she really wants to turn herself on When Mel wears her stockings with a short skirt it turns her on so much Mel just cant get enough of them.

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Hi guys Melanie here,

Hope you like today photos I really love the purple lingerie and the photo of my foot in the stocking is great what do you think?

I dont wear much purple but after wearing this purple lingerie I think I will start wearing more of it.

Luv Melanie xxx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie looking stunning posing in a tight hippies top

Melanie loves wearing her mini skirt Come see more of Melanie at Mel loves wearing her tight top as it makes people stare and makes Mel feel really sexy.

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Hi Guys,

Melanie here, I thought this set went very well. I really like that denim mini skirt, what do you guys think? I have even got my fav pink panties on but you have to join my site to see them 😉 The tight top looks great with a sexy denim miniskirt would you say?
Hope to see you at soon

Luv Mels xx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Mel posing wearing grey trousers with a tight white top.

Mel loves her tight top Sexy Mel wearing a white tight top Stunning Mel is waiting for you at

See more of Mel click here

Hi Guys,

Mel here

Well as far as I know my blog should now be up and running, I hope you all like it!!

Please post any comment that you wish to make and I will do my best answer any questions you have.

Hope you all like what I am wearing today I really like the tight white top
Luv Mel xxxx

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Melanie posing in a tartan skirt, black stockings and sexy lace panties.

Melanie in tartan skirt onlymelanie Melanie loves wearing stockings

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Hi everyone,

I went to London today to see my agent and gave them some new stocking photos for my portfolio, they were from my site Its great that I can use them.

Hope you like these pics from today’s set, I love the sexy lace panties and my Black stockings and short tartanskirt
Melanie xx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Melanie looking gorgeous posing in her sexy mini skirt.

Melanie has said that she really likes doing outdoor pics Even though Mel looks cold she is HOT for you guys Melanie loves wearing her woolly hat and gloves

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As you can see I was very very cold in these photos, I had to wear my sexy gloves and hat. The wind coming off the water was freezing. Hopefully you will like these pics! Then a least it will have been worth getting cold! (A models life is so hard! hehehe)

Please let me know what you think of my sexy mini skirt and gloves and a woolly hat 😉

Melanie xx

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Melanie looking gorgeous posing next to a racing car.

Who would you ride Mel or the racing car? Mel likes nothing more than the feeling of a tight Basque pushed against her firm body Melanie is ready and waiting for you at

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Hi guys,

I had a great day out doing this shoot! Went to the racing track, saw lots of fast cars, and got to do this shoot with one of them!!I just wish I could have gone around the track in the car! That would have been great.

I did get to wear this racy red and white Basque Corset and French knickers. I really love the red corset !!!!

lots of love

Mels xx

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Only Tease – Nicole Posing

Only Tease - Nicole

Check out the photos of this very sultry looking blonde named Nicole. She’s invited us into her bedroom, where she’s putting on a very sexy show for the camera. She takes off her pink and white striped blouse one button at a time to reveal her silky lingerie underneath. She’s wearing a red with black lace camisole and matching panties underneath her tight leather skirt. Of course, you can’t miss her very long black boots and sheer black stockings. All of it put together is one very sexy outfit.

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Only Tease

Gorgeous blonde Melanie posing on a bed in sexy pink lingerie and grey stockings.

All kinds of lingerie turns Melanie Walsh on. Stockings are what Melanie Walsh wears when she really wants to turn herself on. Melanie realises just how sexy thongs make her feel

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Hello guys Melanie here,

Today you find me just wearing this great pink lingerie and those sexy grey stockings.

I really love that stunning pink lingerie, what do you think of it? I think I should wear more pink if that’s possible :)

Hope you all have a great weekend

luv Melanie XxX

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Only Tease – Carole Posing In The Snow

Only Tease - Carole

I know that no one wants to think about snow because it is only October, but check out these sexy photos of Carole posing in the snow. This was taken during a trip some of the models took to Bulgaria last winter. They came back with a number of exciting photo sets, including this one featuring Carole posing outdoors in a smart business suit. However, she doesn’t just pose in the suit, even though it’s cold outside, Carole is making things hot as she reveals her sexy lingerie underneath.

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Only Tease

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger prank fans by posing as ‘Terminator’ wax figure

Schwarzenegger, 67, posed as the “Terminator” statue, revealing himself to fans’ terror just as they were getting up close and personal.

TODAY Pop Culture

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How I Learned to Love 40 by Posing Naked

Disclaimer: This post may contain NSFW images.

The first time I ever saw what my own bare ass looked like in its entirety was more than a decade ago after visiting a men’s gay clothing-optional resort in Fort Lauderdale. A friend snapped a pic of me lounging naked on a raft in the pool and I remember being startled when I had the film developed weeks later (remember those days?) and there I was buoying in the buff above a scribbled shimmer of turquoise water — like a Hockney painting come to life.

In an era where everyone from out gay teenagers to middle-aged men and even seniors are snapping naked selfies for trade on hookup apps like Grindr, Scruff and DaddyHunt, it’s almost quaint to look at that picture now. But at the time it was a revelation. I had never before seen a complete view of my backside bare and knew even then the image reflected the spoils of youth.

Shortly thereafter I began entertaining the idea of hiring a photographer to do a professional nude photo shoot for the purposes of putting together a collection of images that would decades later serve as a time capsule of myself as a younger man. A few years went by… then a few more. Last year I turned 40, and it was official: My youth had departed a long time ago.

Aside from the inevitable anxieties about turning 40 placed upon us all by the culture, I greeted the beginning of my fifth decade with relative calm. My 30s had been quite the run and it was at last time for a new chapter. However, one thing I had let society convince me was that opportunities to make romantic connections would dwindle — and I resigned myself to that. But to the contrary they expanded exponentially. It was as if 40 was a magical number among guys seeking out older men or so called “daddies” and I had just entered the club.

This very much surprised me. When I was 22 and living in San Francisco, it wasn’t an aspiration among guys my age to openly seek out older men. The generation that had come before us had been severely scarred and diminished by the AIDS crisis and the drug cocktail that would transform the disease from a death sentence to a chronic condition was still in its nascent stage. In my youth there simply wasn’t a plethora of middle-aged men around to serve as role models, thus I felt emboldened at 40 to renew the idea of hiring a shutterbug to photograph me au naturel. After all, even younger gays who seek older men often fear being one themselves and I saw in this venture a symbolic opportunity to give them permission to age triumphantly.

I discovered Marlen Boro while browsing online and connected to his work right away. He’s a Minneapolis-based photographer who calls his portraits “Male Budoir” in that his work concentrates on naturalistic images of guys of every shape, age, size, color and body type captured mostly at home and at their most relaxed, intimate — and revealing. On his website I discovered hundreds of guys in various states of undress and erotic expression who were piercingly handsome and desirable whether or not they’d ever stepped foot inside a gym. I felt a kinship with this tribe and knew Boro would “get it right.” I contacted him right away.

We agreed upon a punishingly hot late July shoot. I’ve always loved Palm Springs in the summer when visitors to the region are scarce and the vastness of the Coachella Valley is intensely felt. As it happened, I was going to be working and traveling around California at that time anyway so Boro agreed to meet me at a meticulously restored mid-century home we discovered through AirBnB. It was an ideal setting.

But in the days leading up to our encounter a peculiar thing happened — I panicked. In the months prior to our shoot I had failed to get to the gym as often as I’d wanted. I felt out of shape, undesirable and old. I kept hoping Boro would flake and that I would be able to cancel and get my deposit back. All along I had convinced myself that the shoot was a hero’s journey designed to combat ageism and show our community that we’re sexy, vital and important at any age. Turns out it wasn’t the world that needed reassurance — it was me. This was about my own insecurities all along.

Of course, all of these worries turned out to be nonsense much like most of the self-destructive shit that rattles around in the human brain. Boro was a pro and put my fears at ease as we staked out spaces both inside and around the swimming pool to take pictures over the course of two unforgettable days. We even had the pleasure of driving out to the Salton Sea — a largely forgotten wasteland in the southeast corner of the state that barely registers in the sun-drenched minds of most Southern Californians but is nevertheless one of the most beautiful places on earth — and snap pics alongside the silver Ford Mustang I’d rented for the journey.

I waited with baited breath for the images to be completed and am happy to say that not only are they as sharp and beautiful as I’d hope they’d be, but also as startling and compelling as that first naked pic taken all those many years ago. It’s not my bare bum or any other body part that transfixes me this time around but something else entirely. The passing of years reveal in these images the kind of confidence, wisdom and undeniable sex appeal that comes only with the passage of time and for that I’m grateful (although it helps that my ass still looks amazing).

Welcome to 40. Whenever you get there and whoever you are and when you do, don’t forget to snap a few pics. This is one of the greatest eras of life and you’re going to want to remember it.


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Charlotte McKinney — Crowned the Champ of ‘Posing With the Stars’

If this is how Carl’s Jr. babe Charlotte McKinney plans to rehearse for her upcoming gig on “Dancing With the Stars” — there’s at least a chance we might be interested in that show again. Hint for the ‘DWTS’ wardrobe department — save the bikinis for…


TMZ Celebrity News for Stars In Heat

Mel looking beautiful posing on the bed wearing colourful lingerie and socks

See more of Melanie Walsh click here

Hello everyone!!

Today I am wearing my most colourful lingerie and white socks, which I think are really cute. Do you agree??

 I think i need to buy more colourful lingerie for the summer

 I hope everyone has a great weekend

Big kiss

 Melanie XxX

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Only Opaques – Willow Posing In Black Pantyhose

Only Opaques - Willow

Willow always looks sexy in all of her photos and videos, but today’s photo gallery comes from one of my favorite photo shoots. Willow is wearing a sexy camouflage miniskirt, tight black top and sheer black pantyhose. Her legs and her dernier look simply amazing in the nylons. And then there’s her sexy bra and thong. Of course, by the end of this photo shoot, Willow is topless, posing in only her pantyhose and thong. This blonde bombshell definitely knows how to put on a sexy show for the camera.

Visit Only Opaques today and see more of Willow and all of the Only Opaques babes. They’re all wearing erotic leg wear like sexy sheer stockings and opaques pantyhose. This ist he premier babe site featuring babes in nylons. I’ve yet to see another site that can match the quality of Only Opaques. And there’s only one site to see all of the exclusive and high quality videos and photo sets, Only Opaques of course.

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Melanie posing in a tight top,skirt and sexy French knickers

A mini dress makes Mel realise how sexy she feels.  Frilly French knickers have to be Melanies favourite things to wear! Melanie Walsh has got her tight top on today that shows of her breasts to perfection

See more of Melanie click here

Hello guys,

Today I am wearing a absolutely stunning green mini skirt, a tight white top and sexy French knickers. I really love the green mini skirt and the green French knickers. What do you think?

Do you think I should wear French knickers more often?

Kiss kiss Melanie xxxx

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Only Opaques – Emma T Posing Outdoors

Only Opaques - Emma T

At Only Opaques today, you can enjoy this sexy and very busty brunette named Emma T. She’s looking amazing in her grey dress and white pantyhose, but as you can see it’s not long before she’s posing only in her pantyhose and thong. Emma seems to really showing off her body, even outdoors where there’s a chance that someone could come across her topless.

Visit Only Opaques to see more of Emma, her beautiful body and her luscious pantyhose covered legs. I have a feeling this brunette babe looks good in just about anything that she wears, but she looks stunning today.

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Melanie Walsh posing in a mini skirt and sexy white thong

Melanie loves her mini skirt. Melanie realises just how sexy thongs make her feel she has so many different thongs. Melanie Walsh has got her tight top on today that shows of her breasts to perfection.

See more of Melanie Walsh click here

Hi Guys Melanie here,

Today I am showing off my lovely legs in a striped mini skirt and sexy white thong. I really like the mini skirt I think the colours are great, what do you think?

That green tight top I am wearing isn’t that nice, I don’t think I would wear that out but the mini skirt I would, I think I will wear it this Friday.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween, I ate too many sweets reminded me when I was younger.

Big kiss Melanie Walsh xxx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog