NHL Rank: Predicting this season’s top 100 players

We ranked the top 100 players in the NHL based on expectations for the 2020-21 season. Here’s the complete list, starting with — surprise! — Connor McDavid.
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NBA bubble rankings: Predicting the 50 best players in Orlando

LeBron, Giannis or Kawhi at No. 1? How high do Luka and Zion finish? Our experts rank the best players in the NBA restart.
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NHL Rank: Predicting the best 50 players for the 2019-20 season

We ranked the top 50 players in the NHL for the upcoming season. Who made the list?
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Predicting the NHL’s latest ‘lottery ticket’ contracts

After being bought out, players like Kevin Shattenkirk offer serious low-risk/high-reward potential. We rate the latest deals, and grade some from years’ past.
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Lowe: Predicting who wins a tight, tense NBA Finals

The Warriors have experience and dazzling talent, but the Raptors have Kawhi Leonard and the defense to thwart them.
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Predicting the story of the season for all 32 NFL teams

Can the Packers’ new coach vibe with Aaron Rodgers? Will the Browns live the dream? These are two of NFL Nation’s stories to watch in 2019.
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Predicting the next NFL players who could force contract standoffs

Le’Veon Bell rewrote the book on how to negotiate a second NFL contract. Here are the young standouts who could be tempted to follow his lead.
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Episode 534 Scott Adams: Predicting, Deutsche Bank, Brennan, China, Iran


  • Representative Amash…we have a Representative Amash? 
  • Biden…the less media coverage he gets, the more we’ll like him?
  • President Trump tweet warns Iran to never threaten us again
    • Public warning, and US public seems to support if needed
    • Does Iran want to give the US…an excuse to act?
    • Does Iran want the US to say “all options are open”?
  • AOC on climate change solutions…”especially the new technologies”
    • AOC is open to nuclear…especially the new technologies?
    • AOC is acknowledging risk/reward balance favors nuclear?
  • Social media sent a message to government…it was received
    • Simultaneous, well deserved “pat on the back”
  • Comey’s email to staff…Brennan INSISTS dossier be included?
    • Wouldn’t Brennan have known intel was from Russian Intel? 
    • Wouldn’t Brennan have known it would affect our election?
  • Comey and Brennan paper trail…THEY colluded with Russia?
    • Is the evidence overstated, where’s the counter-narrative?
    • Cognitive blindness prevents the left from seeing the obvious?
    • Exculpatory unknown evidence is possible…but WOW
  • Deutsche Bank specialists look for suspicious transactions
    • When spotted, management decides if it’s an issue or not
    • CNN isn’t reporting how often flags are evaluated as okay
    • “How often” is the missing KEY context
    • 99% of flagged transactions get approved, it’s normal
  • Atlantic story, researchers find topic experts are NOT best predictors
    • Best predictors have…a good “talent stack”
    • Broad experience predicts better than siloed expertise
  • Only a few congress people have read the Mueller report, why?
    • Because facts don’t matter?
    • Did you expect the facts to change anyone’s opinion?
    • If so…your filter on reality should be examined
  • Social media higher level platform to aggregate and filter platforms?
    • Create platform competition where none exists now?
    • Auto-posting to multiple platforms to counter de-platforming? 
    • Users could suspend social media platforms as penalty
    • All content auto-posted on alternate platforms gives users power
  • Slippery slopes don’t happen because a counter-force always appears
    • Candace Owens suspension…and reversal of her suspension
  • SPLC pushed the “Fine People” HOAX in a tweet yesterday
    • Racially damaging and divisive, needed to be reported
    • Do they really not know it was a HOAX?

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