Sources: Watson irked by Texans’ hiring process

After Deshaun Watson offered his input on potential GM candidates, the Texans neither considered nor consulted with those endorsed by the franchise QB prior to the team hiring Nick Caserio, which left him “infinitely more bothered.” – NFL

How The King of Staten Island Allowed Pete Davidson to Finally Process His Pain

Pete Davidson, The King of Staten IslandTo paraphrase the immortal words of Carrie Fisher, Pete Davidson is finally taking his broken heart and turning it into art.
Since his early days as a teenage stand-up comic through to…

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Sources: NBA likely to use same lottery process

When the NBA holds its draft lottery, the process will likely look the same as it did last season, sources told ESPN. – NBA

BTS Spills Map Of The Soul: 7 Album Details And Gets Real About The Creative Process

Global superstars BTS dropped by MTV’s Fresh Out Live on Friday (February 21) to talk about their latest album, “Map of the Soul: 7,” their creative process, and the special connection between them and their fans, called ARMY.

Cardi B’s Process Server Threatened by Tasha K, the Blogger She’s Suing

The blogger Cardi B is suing — over some wild allegations — just got served in a heated exchange with the process server … one that included an apparent threat of gunfire.  We broke the story … Cardi’s going after Tasha…


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Joel Embiid’s Message to Ladies, ‘Taste the Process’

[[tmz:video id=”0_eult2614″]] Is Rihanna missing out by not dating Joel Embiid? He seems to think so.  The following is a direct quote:  “I don’t want to talk about Rihanna but, you know, I feel like every girl in the world should, you know,…


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Tony Hale’s Acting Process

Tony Hale's Acting Process

Tony Hale's Acting Process 2:48
Tony Hale reveals his acting process.

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Joel Embiid’s Message to Ladies, ‘Taste the Process’

[[tmz:video id=”0_eult2614″]] Is Rihanna missing out by not dating Joel Embiid? He seems to think so.  The following is a direct quote:  “I don’t want to talk about Rihanna but, you know, I feel like every girl in the world should, you know,…


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Go Inside Ariana Grande’s ‘Traumatizing’ Mask-Making Process For ‘No Tears’ Video

Ariana Grande offers a closer look at her intense mask-making process in the second behind-the-scenes video from “No Tears Left to Cry.”

Killer Mike Tried To Check Joy Reid, Gets SchooLed In The Process

Killer Mike deleted tweet

Source: Twitter / Twitter

Killer Mike isn’t having the best month. The noted rapper and NRA member tried to come for MSNBC political analyst Joy-Ann Reid on social media, and he ended up with egg on his face. 

It started with this post from Reid:

Instagram Photo


In a now deleted posted (which doesn’t really happen on these Internets), Killer Kill questioned Reid for riding with H&M.


Killer Mike deleted tweet

Source: Twitter / Twitter

The problem is that Reid was actually referring to Hair & Makeup, not the brand with racist tendencies that is getting ejected from the paint.

Reid pointed this out in her acerbic clapback, even going as far as claim Killer Mike was tweeting from the Sunken Place.

Not only did Twitter Mike delete the tweet, he also offered up a my bad. Also, Mike will be appearing on AM Joy in the near future.

Nevertheless, Twitter smelled blood, and is now going in. We’re sure Mike will be able to take the heat, but damn.

Moral of the story, don’t come for Joy-Ann Reid, ever.

Oh there’s more…



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Process That: Ingram from Lonzo is a game winner in Philly

The Lakers blew a 16-point lead in Philadelphia, but Brandon Ingram saved his team with a game-winning 3. – NBA

Seth MacFarlane’s Song Selection Process For ‘No One Ever Tells You’

Seth MacFarlane tells Access how choosing “obscure, but great” songs works great for his third studio album, “No One Ever Tells You.” “No One Ever Tells You” is available now on iTunes. The CD hits music stores Oct. 30.

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The Process – EP – Monique Renee

Monique Renee - The Process - EP  artwork

The Process – EP

Monique Renee

Genre: Blues

Price: $ 4.95

Release Date: August 27, 2015

© ℗ 2015 Monique Renee

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Blues

A Glimpse Into the Creative Writing Process

At about 11 PM last night, I was locking my doors and turning out the lights to go to bed. It had been a long day, mostly work. My mind was everywhere, as usual, flitting from one topic to another, as my body, operating mostly on habit, went through its evening routine.

Suddenly, and for no particular reason that I can identify, a thought started forming in my head. It wasn’t a normal one. I knew that right away. I had an almost tactile sensation of the thought trying to birth itself by collecting language around it to form a sentence. It felt as if I heard the sentence – in the way you hear yourself think – before I had a sense of its meaning. 

All of this lasted three seconds, at most. The thought was born fully-formed, which is rare for me. Most thoughts start raw and need refinement. Not this one. There was something different about it from the start. But what? I could almost feel it trying to get out of my body.

I pulled out my phone and tweeted it. By then my body was vibrating.


And then I went to bed.

I woke up to find that my tweet might be among the most viral things I have ever written (although it is still early). And I don’t know where the thought came from. It simply appeared in my head. Or at least that is my experience of it.

When people ask me where I get my ideas, I have lots of writerly answers for that. I usually talk about inhaling stimulation from the environment and exhaling some of it back with a creative flare. Sometimes I say I copy other art, but do it so poorly that it looks original. Sometimes I say people send me ideas by email, but those are only broad topic suggestions. Sometimes I say I was born with the right wiring for creativity. Sometimes I say creativity is like a muscle that you can exercise, and I exercise it every day for my job, so that must help, I would think.

But all of that blah, blah really speaks to the craft part of creativity. Creativity is the part you do intentionally. Art is the part you discover. Or in this case, it discovered me.

The experience I described from last night is uncommon for me, but only because of the high wattage. When I write, I am running a program in my mind that checks the logic and grammar of my writing, of course. But I am also monitoring all of my thoughts for their visceral impact. In other words, I tune my physical body to feel words and ideas. My body is the instrument that identifies the x-factor, not my mind. If you don’t feel an idea in your body, no one else will either.

If you want to inform, write with your mind. If you want to move people, write with your body.


Follow me on Twitter at: @ScottAdamsSays

Note: Yes, I know all the “feeling” happens in my head. But you know what I meant. And that is your bonus writing tip for the day: Sometimes writing it wrong is writing it better.

If you want to see a book that has plenty of body-writing, see my book on systems versus goals. A book of this sort is only useful if it moves people to action, so I went heavy on the body-writing.


Scott Adams Blog

DJ Battlecat & Focus Describe Production Process At Musicology Showcase

Aftermath producer Focus and others also appeared the event at the Los Angeles Film School.

HipHopDX News

Mexican pop singer Gloria Trevi opens up about her new album and the recording process

Aug. 10 – Mexican pop star Gloria Trevi debuts her new album, which features her interpretations of some of Latin music’s timeless hits. John Russell reports.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Dr. Dre’s Son — Straight Outta The Casting Process (VIDEO)

Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young, ain’t no thespian … which is why he’s cool getting passed over for his dad’s part in “Straight Outta Compton.”  Our photog spotted Young at LA Live and he couldn’t contain his excitement…


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The Growing Process – Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright - The Growing Process  artwork

The Growing Process

Dizzy Wright

Genre: Hip-Hop

Price: $ 10.99

Release Date: May 22, 2015

© ℗ 2015 Funk Volume, LLC.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Hip Hop/Rap

Tyga — Sneaker Release Party RUINED By Sneaky Process Server (VIDEO)

Bad news/good news for Tyga — he got served with legal papers during his big sneaker unveiling Tuesday night, but the guy who served him bought two pair! Tyga was hit while revealing his new kicks for L.A. Gear at Shiekh Shoes in Hollywood. You gotta…


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A Ride on the Creative Process

I know from the comments on this blog that many of you are interested in the creative process. Let me take you for ride in my head. I took this journey yesterday. It is still fresh in my mind so I can explain it.

Most new ideas are combinations of existing ideas. I'll start by describing the random thoughts that inspired one of the most powerful ideas I have ever had. We'll get to the idea itself at the end. I think this idea could cut the unemployment rate in half and turbo-charge the entire economy for generations. And the plan could be fully implemented by the people reading this blog.

No government needed. I know you like that part.

The other day I saw a Kickstarter fund for a sincere-looking fellow that wanted to fix his truck and move to a place with better job prospects. I liked his style. I prefer helping people that have a concrete plan. But a Kickstarter fund? It seemed sketchy. I don't know anything about this guy.

That made me think of Uber. They had the same problem of credibility because the drivers are independent contractors. But it didn't stop them.

Then I was thinking about eBay. I wasn't sure why. My subconscious sniffed some eBay connection in all of this. Maybe that would become clear later.

Then I was thinking of unemployment in general, and how the real problem is that people and jobs are in the wrong locations. We don't have a shortage of good jobs; we have a location problem.

Then I was thinking about an idea I had last year for allowing anyone to create online education courses. Each online teacher might specialize in just one small lesson within a larger curriculum that could be pieced together by the user for the ultimate teaching experience. And over time the best lessons would get voted to the top until the best teachers with the best lesson segments emerged in a sped-up evolution way. I didn't know at the time what that thought had to do with the guy and his broken truck.

Then I was thinking about new app ideas. I do that often, sometimes for my side job and sometimes just with friends. Whenever I see a problem I automatically wonder if an app can fix it.

Then it was Veterans Day. I was thinking how shitty it would be to return home from the service and try to find work.

All of those thoughts swirled around in my head for half a day and then went off wherever ideas go when you are not actively thinking about them.

Later that day, the ideas returned. But this time they were not individuals. They had somehow combined into a new idea – a hybrid of several ideas. And the idea presented itself to me in the form of an app, probably because my mind is organized that way at the moment.

If might be the most important idea of my life. If not, I'm sure you will set me straight in the comments.

Suppose we build an app that allows anyone to sponsor specific part of people's plans for moving to where the good jobs are.

Let's take the example of the individual that wanted to fix his truck and move where the jobs are plentiful. If the app existed, he would open it and start piecing together his plan.

He might start by specifying his existing skill set. That would bring up a map of the country with glowing hot spots showing where his skills are most in demand. Once he selects a target location, he specifies in the app what he needs to make it happen.

  1. $ 5,000 for truck repair
  2. A place to stay at the destination end for one month (est.)
  3. Help putting together a good resume.
  4. $ 1,000 for travel and living expenses

The app would then allow anyone to offer help for any part of the plan. But the plan would not become active until all the parts were pledged. And let's say a minimum requirement for the job-seeker is that he has a Facebook page and accepts as friends any serious helpers so they can check out his situation and maybe message his other friends to ask about character.

If the individual needs job training, the cost of training could be in his plan. That sort of plan has a longer horizon but it is still appealing because training works.

Each of us has different resources to offer this imagined job-seeker. I might have a spare room he could use for a month in return for mowing my lawn. You might be good at editing and improving resumes. Maybe someone in his town can fix his truck for the price of parts. Maybe someone has the truck parts he needs. For people that don't have any form of transportation, maybe someone is driving in the direction you are headed and wants to share gas expenses. Maybe I can't afford to fund all of the expenses for this particular job-seeker but I am happy to kick in $ 10 if other people do.

And let's say multiple people can bid on any part of a plan in which they want to help. I might offer a couch to sleep on for a month but you outbid me with a full guest room for two months. The plan can continue improving as it fills in its holes.

Once the journey begins, the app updates contributors on the physical location of the job-seeker and how the plan is going. The job-seeker could post photos of the journey to keep sponsors in the loop. If the plan falls apart at any point, such as not having a promised place to stay at the destination end, an alert goes out to everyone in the target area that a priority job-seeker is nearby, so someone can jump in to help.

Are you not yet convinced that this is a great idea? That's okay because I saved the best part for last.

The risk in this plan is not so much in the execution of the app, because we know how to make software of this type. The risk is in awareness of the app and in getting enough people excited about being sponsors. If we don't solve the awareness problem, the quality of the app is irrelevant.

So let's solve that.

Let's make the app for veterans only, at least to start. Later, if it works as hoped, it would be available for the general public.

A veterans-only job-finding app would be instantly popular. If I tell you that a random guy needs money for his truck, you shrug. If I tell you that a returning vet needs help with a concrete plan to get a good job, your wallet flies out of your pocket before your hand even touches it.

So we launch the service for vets first, and get all the goodwill and energy that the effort deserves. Later, when you release the app for the general public, you keep vets on some sort of priority plan within the app so they continue getting preferential attention.

I think you would need to build this app as a commercial enterprise just to attract the talent you need. And it should have a big name attached to it to scare away any smaller players that would muddy the waters. (My name isn't big enough for that space.)

I'm willing to put up $ 25K seed money for this app. But I would need to see a serious team in place to execute.

One of my systems for happiness involves always working on at least one project that can change the world for the better. This is my contribution for today.

Would it work?


Scott Adams
Co-founder of     
Author of this book 

Twitter Dilbert: @Dilbert_Daily

Twitter for Scott: @ScottAdamsSays Blog

This Is The Magical Process Behind Making A Ballet Tutu

A tutu is a magical piece of clothing that transforms ballerinas into black swans and sleeping beauties. So it’s fitting that the process of making the ruffled skirts is just as sensationally beautiful as the final product.

LA Weekly recently profiled a tutu seamstress by the name of Sarah Bacon. Based in Los Angeles, the skilled artist creates costumes for the few lucky students who are lucky enough to nab commissions before Bacon’s schedule is filled. She makes “a handful” of skirts a year, because — as you can see in the video above — piling fabric upon fabric into waves of color is not an easy task. In fact, it’s roughly a thousand dollar-task.

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Style – The Huffington Post
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