Nasstoys Announces Slate of New Products to be Debuted at ANME

Nasstoys has announced plans to exhibit a whopping 32 new products at the upcoming ANME convention, set for July 15-17 at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Hotel. – Pleasure & Retail

Could Adult Retailers Be Key to Mainstreaming CBD Products?

I remember, years ago, my first adult home party. My friends and I all got together, drank wine, and giggled together, as this woman came in and talked to all of us about her bag of goodies. – Opinion

Bedroom Products Teases New Collection With ‘Bind’ Restrain Set

Male enhancement manufacturer Bedroom Products has announced the release of Bind, a black three-piece satin restraint set. – Pleasure & Retail

The Best Salt-Infused Grooming Products for Beachy Hair and Smooth Skin

Salt may be nature’s exfoliant, but sodium chloride-infused grooming products can do more than slough away skin.

Sprays can give texture to thin strands, boosting your hair’s natural volume and helping you pull off certain hairstyles you might not otherwise be able to achieve.

It may seem counterintuitive, but lotions containing the mineral can actually help your skin cells drink in (and retain) moisture. And masks with NaCl can smooth away dead skin, exfoliating your mug for a closer shave.

The Best Ways to Exfoliate Your Skin From Head to Toe

Chasing that post-beach day glow—sans the beach? Sprinkle these mineral-rich and exfoliating salt-infused products into your morning routine. They’ll have you feeling salty in the best way.






1. Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Refresh Hair Spray

No time to shower? Sailor by Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Refresh Hair Spray acts like a dry shampoo. Salt stops hair from going flat, and witch hazel tones the scalp.

[$ 15;]

Courtesy Image

2. Tree Ranger Sea Salt Spray

Fake a beachy, tousled hairstyle with Tree Ranger Sea Salt Spray, which also contains oil-absorbing kaolinite clay. The eucalyptus scent is energizing, so spritz it in your beard, too.

[$ 17;]

Courtesy Image

3. Jack Black Turbo Body Scrub

Jack Black Turbo Body Scrub contains three types of salt: Hawaiian, Dead Sea, and Epsom. Use it in the shower as an exfoliant, or rub it over dry skin, then slip into the tub and let the arnica—a relative of the sunflower—and capsaicin ease achy muscles.

[$ 32;]

Courtesy Image

4. Earth Tu Face Rosemary + Salt Lotion

Earth Tu Face Rosemary + Salt Lotion combines hydrating aloe and olive oil, rosemary (a skin-healing antioxidant), and sea salt, which helps skin cells retain moisture.

[$ 38;]


Courtesy Image

5. Wild Yonder Botanicals Super Fine Sea Salt Face Glow

Mix half a packet of Wild Yonder Botanicals Super Fine Sea Salt Face Glow with warm water, spread over your mug, and hang out for a minute. The salt smooths away dead skin—which makes for a closer shave—while the lemon essential oil unclogs pores and the biodynamic honey moisturizes.

[$ 8;]

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Holiday Products Now Shipping ZALO Hero Massager

Holiday Products has begun shipping the Legend series Hero Clitoral Massager by ZALO USA. – Pleasure & Retail

The Best High-Tech Grooming Products to Try Right Now

When it comes to gadgetry, you’re an early adopter. So why not give your grooming routine the same high-tech treatment? A new generation of techy grooming products promises to make keeping your hair, beard, and skin in shape way easier than before. Here are the grooming products that will get you looking fresh, faster.

The Best Haircuts to Try This Spring, According to Experts


Dyson Supersonic
Courtesy Image

Quick Dry

The typical hair dryer takes forever to do its job, and it damages hair in the process. The Dyson Supersonic dries using a jet of air, so it doesn’t have to get so hot. That means it leaves your hair healthier, shinier, and less frizzy—in half the time.

Get it

[$ 400;]

Foreo Luna 2 for Men
Courtesy Image

Power Exfoliation

Dab face wash on the Foreo Luna 2 for Men and let the sonic pulses excavate dirt and oil from pores while also rubbing away dead skin. You can also use it before shaving for a smoother result. It’s shower safe, and one charge lasts about seven months.

Get it

[$ 199;]

How to Clean Up Your Facial Hair for Spring

Braun MGK5080 Grooming Kit
Courtesy Image

Tidier Trim

Anywhere there’s hair, the Braun MGK5080 Grooming Kit has got a solution. (It even has an ear and nose trimmer.) And with 13 length settings, you can change your hair or beard gradually—or all at once.

Get it

[$ 60;]

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Less Is More When it Comes to the Future of Pleasure Products

Staying current in any market is challenging, especially when you consider an industry like ours, where customers’ tastes are so quickly evolving and responding to cultural shifts in society. – Opinion

Dame Products Counters Abortion Ban With NY Times Open Letter

In a powerful ad placed in Tuesday’s New York Times newspaper, pleasure products manufacturer Dame Products took a stance supporting women’s reproductive rights and the pro-choice movement alongside six other female-fronted companies. – Pleasure & Retail

These Products Will Help You Get Rid of Calluses and Soothe Rough Feet

Boots and sneakers can leave feet looking, well, a little rough. If you’re contending with dry, flaky skin and deep calluses, there are quick and easy ways to condition your feet and so they’re healthy and looking their best. Put simply, you need a tool to help you exfoliate the skin, and something to moisturize your feet. Here are the best callus products to get them close-up ready.

The Best Yoga Positions for Hikers and Trail Runners


First, use a pumice stone or callus file to gradually smooth down thick and rough areas. Skip the metal-toothed tools as they often cut too deep into the foot, says Alan Bass, a podiatrist in Manalapan, New Jersey. But don’t go nuts: Leave some callus behind, since they help protect against blisters while running.

Courtesy Image

To smooth out rough spots, we like the Gehwol Wooden Pedicure File.

Get it

[$ 25;]

Fix Your Nasty Feet

Courtesy Image

Second, apply a water-based moisturizing lotion, morning and night, to reduce friction. Try the unscented Brickell Deep Moisture Body Lotion.

Get it

[$ 25;]

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Bedroom Products Now Shipping 2-Pack Bullet ‘Vibe’

Bedroom Products is now shipping Vibe, a two-pack of bullet vibrators featuring a superior motor and sleek design. – Pleasure & Retail

Hailey Bieber Taking Justin’s Name … For Beauty Products

Justin Bieber might be taking a break from his career, but Hailey’s stepping up for the couple and taking care of business … the beauty business. According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ … Hailey’s company filed trademark paperwork for “Bieber…


TMZ Celebrity News for Beauty

Don’t Settle for Yellow Teeth! 9 Fast-Acting Teeth Whitening Products

Ever wonder how some guys end up with those super-bright smiles? They may tell you they’ve been brushing twice a day and taking good care of their teeth all their lives. But don’t you believe for a minute that’s the whole story. Chances are, they’re using a teeth whitener to erase everyday stains and brighten their teeth.

There are a bevy of products on the market that promise results. From whitening toothpastes and strips to all-natural charcoal powders to full-blown peroxide/UV treatments, there are so many options out there you’ve really got no excuse not to be using one of them on the regular. Especially if you enjoy a nice Malbec now and then, puff the occasional smoke, or drink coffee every morning. There’s no reason to feel guilty about any of that; we all do it.

Over time, these indulgences will absolutely discolor your teeth. Illness and even some medications can yellow your teeth, too. And simply getting older causes worn-away enamel to appear dull over time.

Don’t stop enjoying your life. Instead, stop acting like there’s nothing you can do about your teeth. There is, you can, and you should try one of these modern teeth whiteners. It’s important to find a brightening system that doesn’t just bleach your teeth—which can actually harm your enamel, causing pain and more problems down the road.

If you want to see results fast, check out this list of fast-acting teeth whitening products. Which tooth whitener is the best for you? There’s only one way to find out.

GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

This UV whitening kit promises to get your teeth five shades whiter in only one week. It includes a latex-free mouthpiece and case and ten G-Vials filled with UV light-activate, mint-flavored gel, specially formulated with hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth without pain or sensitivity. It should last approximately 12 weeks with regular use. Get an 11 G-Vial refills for $ 65.

Get It: Pick up the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device ($ 199) at Dermstore



Supersmile Professional Whitening System

An essential whitening combo. Supersmile’s effective Toothpaste and Accelerator work together to dissolve the filmy, stain-attracting protein pellicle that coats teeth, keeping your smile cleaner, lighter, and less likely to suffer from bacteria growth. 

Get It: Pick up the Supersmile Professional Whitening System ($ 80) at Dermstore


PerioSciences Antioxidant Oral Care System

Fights tooth decay and gum disease as it cleanses your mouth of germs and stains. Ferulic acid and phloretin neutralize free radicals to keep your teeth white and healthy, while botanical extracts and essential oils prevent cavities and gingivitis. Includes 3 oz. toothpaste, 10 oz. Pro Rinse, and 1 oz. ProVantage Antioxidant Gel.

Get It: Pick up the PerioSciences Antioxidant Oral Care System ($ 70) at Dermstore


POPWHITE Whitening Primer and Toner

Powered by effective ingredients such as xylitol, hydrated silica, and coconut oil, this oral care duo removes surface stains, reduces tartar and plaque, protects tooth enamel, and leaves a glossy sheen on the surface of teeth. Simply brush twice a day, every day. This combo pack saves you $ 9 over buying each separately.

Get It: Pick up POPWHITE Whitening Primer and Toner ($ 39) at Dermstore


CaliWhite Deluxe Whitening System

Made in the USA, vegan, non-GMO, certified organic, no sulfates or parabens, and never tested on animals. CaliWhite promises to remove stains from coffee, wine, tea, and smoking in seven days with 35 percent carbamide peroxide. Just pop the tray in your mouth and hit the light button and chill. Wear from 10-30 minutes a day for 7-10 days for full whitening results.

Get It: Pick up the CaliWhite Deluxe Whitening System ($ 35; regularly $ 70) at Amazon


AuraGlow Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit

Over 4k reviews on Amazon, and AuraGlow nets a sparkling 4.5 rating. The LED light contains five bulbs for more power than most, and has a built-in timer, so you can keep track of your session time. The easy to use kit includes two 5mL teeth whitening gel syringes with 35 percent carbamide peroxide, for a total of 20-plus whitening treatments. Made in USA, gluten-free, kosher, and safe for enamel, with no tooth sensitivity.

Get It: Pick up the AuraGlow Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit ($ 49; save $ 11) at Amazon


Penebella Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

This 100 percent organic activated charcoal cleanser polishes, detoxifies, and strengthens teeth. Activated charcoal powder is an efficient, all-natural alternative to chemical-based whitening gel and strips. See whiter teeth in a week of use.

Save money and get the 32 oz. jar, on sale at Amazon right now for just $ 18—that’s $ 22 off!

Get It: Pick up Penebella Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder ($ 14, 2.7 oz.) at Amazon


Opalescence PF Teeth Whitening Gel

With its easy syringe-and-tray delivery, Opalescence PF is customizable for your lifestyle. It contains carbamide peroxide, potassium nitrate, and fluoride, plus 20 percent water so it won’t dry out. Eight syringes, and three trays included.

Get It: Pick up Opalesence PF Teeth Whitening Gel (from $ 28 for 4) at Amazon 


Bright White Teeth Whitening Pens

This system promises fast results with just one minute of daily use. Each pen contains 35 percent carbamide peroxide to effectively and quickly remove years of stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda and more. Each pen is good for 20-plus uses; it gets a perfect five-star rating from Amazon users.

Get It: Pick up a fave-pack of Bright White Teeth Whitening Pens ($ 24) at Amazon


Check out all the products and gear selected just for Men’s Journal readers here

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Ariana Grande Wants to Trademark ‘Thank U, Next’ Glam Products

Ariana Grande has woken up and smelled the coffee — her album, “thank u, next,” was such a huge success … why not start selling scented products under the same name? Duh!!! The pop singer seems to have come to that realization, ’cause she’s now…


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The Best Grooming Products for Oily Hair

Look, some scalps are just oily. And when the hairs grow up and out of that scalp, they tend to be oily, too. It’s a fact of life, and nothing to be ashamed of.

If your scalp—and your hair—are on the oilier side of life, then you’re quite familiar with the symptoms: The main one is looking like you haven’t shampooed for 3 weeks, despite having washed your hair five hours ago. Your hair is rarely voluminous and texturized, because it’s weighed down by the rapid sebum production in your scalp. And then, when you do shampoo, it’s parched and dull, at the other end of the spectrum. (For all of a few hours, before it’s greasy again.)

The Hardest-Working SPF Face Moisturizers for Men

It’s easy to combat this higher-than-most oil production, and in some cases, the scalp can be “reset” or trained to produce less sebum. Just put the following products to work (along with the advice scattered throughout), and you should be on your way to healthy, hydrated, controlled hairstyles—on the daily.

1. Old Spice Pure Sport Dry Shampoo

You already know and love Old Spice’s Pure Sport deodorant. The same classic aroma fills the air as you apply this dry shampoo (and it lingers throughout the day, too). But that’s not the only reason you’ll love this product: Better yet, it soaks up excess oil at the roots of your hair, preventing you from having to shampoo entirely. Sometimes shampoo renders your hair unstylable, because the strands are too clean to create texture, and that’s not a fate you deserve. So, alternate shampooing to every other day, and put this dry shampoo to use on the days between. It’ll volumize and thicken hair.

[$ 5.99;]

Courtesy Image

2. American Crew Daily Shampoo

For the days you do shampoo, pick one that’s gentle enough to use daily, even if you’re alternating wash days. There’s a reason so many salons rely on American Crew, as the brand’s shampoo leaves hair clean but also style-ready. It’s packed with sage leaf and chamomile, too, to calm and nourish the scalp, and minimize bacterial buildup and odor from all that excess oil.

[$ 14.95;]

Courtesy Image

3. Rahua Voluminous Conditioner

You need to condition every day, whether you shampoo or not. And Rahua’s volumizing conditioner is a stellar pick, since it moisturizes and plumps the hair like it was just blow-dried. Gone are the days when your oily hair was weighed down and lifeless. If you shampoo even less than every other day (many guys only wash once or twice a week), then this conditioner doubles as a great co-washer, where it still removes much of the dirt, grime, and excess oil without stripping any moisture. This is a good way to “re-train” your hair to produce less oil, too: Don’t shampoo as much, but flush and hydrate daily with an enriching conditioner.

[$ 36;]

Courtesy Image

4. R + Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

This paste + dry shampoo hybrid styler excels at volumizing and texturizing. Apply it to dry hair on a non-shampoo day. It absorbs oil while leaving a defined, lightweight, matte finish in its wake. Or, put it into towel-dried hair for the same volumizing effects.

[$ 29;]

Courtesy Image

5. OUAI Oily Hair 90-Day Supplement

You can retrain your scalp to produce less oil—seriously. By shampooing less, you signal that the scalp should produce less sebum. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to rid yourself of the matter entirely, but it does help you get to the literal (and figurative) root of the problem. It just takes a couple months for the habit to show its result.

These pills are another way to “reset” the scalp, or to aid the process. A blend of green tea extract, vitamin A, and niacin work to regulate sebum glands. There’s also biotin and amino acids for fortified growth, as well as omega 3s to boost natural shine and definition—but not in the way that excessive oil ever did. Take them for 90 days, which is as many pills come in the pouch, while maintaining a lessened shampoo regimen. You should experience a far less oily disposition as result.

[$ 84;]


Courtesy Image

6. V76 by Vaughn 4-in-1 Cleansing Foam

You can use this gel foam for all the essential steps in your regimen: Shampoo, shave, cleanser, and body wash. That’s because it’s loaded with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and antioxidants like bamboo stem extract, as well as the cooling finish of menthol. The result is an instant “reset” on oil, minus any drying out.

[$ 22;]

Courtesy Image

7. Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder

Sometimes, dry shampoo is a spray. Sometimes it’s a styling paste. And sometimes, it’s a powder, as is this Bumble and bumble product. A hybrid of silicone powder, corn + tapioca starch, and oat flour absorbs oil at the roots, and adds instant volume and texture to your style. Sprinkle it directly (and carefully) onto the scalp, or onto your comb. However, it’s most important to target the roots, just as with an aerosol dry shampoo. This is where the excess sebum collects, weighing hair down at the base. If your entire head is oily, then it’s time to shampoo in the shower.

[$ 28;]  

Courtesy Image

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Jeffree Star’s Makeup Warehouse Burglarized, Millions in Products Stolen

Famed makeup artist Jeffree Star got his warehouse ransacked by burglars, and the heist is hitting him hard … as in millions of dollars worth of stolen goods. Jeffree revealed on his YouTube page Tuesday a warehouse he uses in L.A. to store a…


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The Best Grooming Products to Transform Dry Hair

If you have dry hair, you experience less grime and buildup than guys who have scalps that produce more oil (which is basically like a natural, all-day leave-in conditioner). That means your hair can often become brittle, wilting, and prone to breaking, making it harder to style.

The 7 Best Products for Thick, Wiry Hair

Like overly oily or thinning hair, it’s entirely possible to personalize your grooming regimen to overcome your natural dryness, and to condition the hair so it stays soft and stylable, You’ve got your work cut out for you, but with the proper products and regimen, it’s smooth sailing.

Here are some of our favorites—consider it a push in the right direction.







Jack Black MP10 Nourishing Oil

With a blend of 10 natural oils (argan, marula, and grape seed are the most prominent), this oil works on hair, beards, faces, and more. Use it with your usual go-to styling product; it delivers the necessary nourishment to keep strands soft yet defined all day—and with a natural shine to boot. You can also use it on its own if you have longer hair to tame frizz and flyaways. It’ll nurture dryer-than-usual ends to prevent splitting, too.

[$ 35;]

Courtesy Image

Shu Uemura Absolue Overnight Hair Serum

An overnight hair mask that won’t stain your pillows, Shu Uemura’s serum absorbs quick and delivers high-powered nourishment to hair. It can tame the effects of humidity (i.e. frizz), while preserving natural shine and buoyancy. You can go right into your styling regimen in the morning, since there’s no need to rinse it out.

[$ 69;]

Courtesy Image

American Crew Matte Styling Cream

Don’t be befuddled by the key ingredients in American Crew’s styling cream. Panthenol is a B5 derivative that strengthens the hair and thickens its appearance, and benzophenones help shield it from environmental damage. Together, they add moisture and prevent anything from compromising hydration levels throughout the day. You’ll get shine-free, lightweight, medium-hold style as a bonus.

[$ 15;]

Courtesy Image

Kiehl’s Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Leave-In Conditioner

Mix a few drops of Kiehl’s leave-in conditioner with your daily styler, or use it as a lightweight styling cream on its own. It’s loaded with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and moringa oil, a trio that delivers and preserves moisture and defends hair against the elements. (If you use a blow dryer, you can also apply it before drying, so it helps shield from heat damage. But also, you should pick up an ionic dryer, per our tip at the end of this list.) This product will keep hair hydrated and soft all day; it’s the perfect complement to a nightly serum.

[$ 25;]

Courtesy Image

Davines MOMO Shampoo

This gentle gel shampoo pulls away excess grime and product without compromising the hair’s natural moisture. “What moisture?” you ask. Touché, but since you still need to wash your head, do it with a shampoo like Davines’, which uses cartucciaru melon to soften and nourish hair, as well as a host of ingredients to strengthen and protect it: Vitamin A and C, sinc, potassium, and phosphorus.

[$ 28;]

Courtesy Image

Hair Rituel by Sisley Restructuring Conditioner

If you’re super serious about fighting back against stubborn, dry hair, then use Sisley’s conditioner. With Vitamin B5, shea and coconut oils, as well as cotton proteins, it resuscitates dry, lifeless hair. In an instant, it feels fuller, softer, and more cooperative.

[$ 75;]

Courtesy Image

Parlux 385 Powerlight Ionic Hair Dryer

If you use a hair dryer to style your hair, invest in an ionic one. They dry hair quickly without the same heat-damaging effects of other devices. This one from Parlux is a great pick. It dries hair from the inside out. It’s also low-volume, lightweight, and high-powered, so you can tote it on trips and spend less time on your morning regimen.

[$ 235;]

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The 7 Best Products for Thick, Wiry Hair

Some guys would do anything to have thick hair, but not you: You’d trade a limb if it meant you could find the right thick hair products to keep your full and furious mane under control. You watch with envy as other guys go through the day with effortless, weightless styles, while you contemplate a permanent buzz-cut just to save your sanity.

The 7 Best Curly Hair Products for Great Hair Days Every Day

Don’t give in to the clippers yet, though. You just have to learn how to tame the mane, and there are plenty of thick hair products to help you do it. With these simple additions to your hair care and styling routine, your perspective on thick, wiry locks will definitely change for the better.


Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Conditioner

Kevin Murphy’s conditioner uses keratin proteins to soften and smoothen thick, unruly hair. With a blend of oils and butters (like cocoa seed butter, Brazil nut butter, and monoi oil), it hydrates, tames any curls, minimizes breakage, and defends against split ends and frizzing. Use it daily to keep hair soft and smooth, and since it washes away grime, you can reduce shampoo usage to once per week.

[Available at salons; Salon Locator]

Courtesy Image

Function of Beauty Leave-In Treatment

Complete Function Of Beauty’s questionnaire, and you’ll get a unique shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type. Now you can also add a leave-in treatment to your order, which will increase the nourishing and softening effects of the shampoo and conditioner. Just comb it into your hair like a styling cream and wear it all day long. It tames hair while keeping it hydrated, and it shields each strand from UV exposure.

[$ 18;]

Courtesy Image

Bumble and Bumble Thick (H)air Styler

Unruly as it may be, thick hair can actually minimize the time you spend on your styling regimen. This is a heat-free cream styler, which means you apply it to towel-dried hair and let it set to avoid the drying and volumizing effects of a blow dryer. It softens, tames, de-frizzes, prevents split ends, and blocks UV rays, too.

[$ 31;]

Courtesy Image

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

Before you wash or condition your hair, first rinse it clean and then comb in some of Olaplex’s Hair Perfector. Let it set for 10 minutes, and then continue with your usual regimen. The treatment was formulated by two chemists who formulated it with ingredients that relax, soften, and fortify the structure of the hair, making it more cooperative—finally.

[$ 28;]

Courtesy Image

Baxter of California Grooming Cream

Guys with wiry hair can approach stylers in one of two ways: First, you can use a soft product that adds shine and definition without actually taming anything aside from frizz. These will showcase the volume and strength of your hair, but they’re not going to lock it into place. Baxter of California’s Grooming Cream is one such product. Typically we’d recommend it to guys with finer, more relaxed hair, but it’s just as useful if you use it with the right intentions. Add a touch of hair oil to it, too, if you want even more shine to pop through.

[$ 20;]

Courtesy Image

Firsthand Clay Pomade

On the other hand, you probably want a high-hold styler for most days—something that will let you lock in a combed-back style without worrying about it coming undone by noon. Firsthand’s Clay Pomade is exactly that. It gives you a matte finish, and you can use it to prop up more volumized styles. If you like the product but want more shine, drop in a pinch of hair oil.

[$ 20;]

Courtesy Image

Old Spice Beard Oil

Sure, it’s made for beards, but this oil is also great for the thick and wiry hair on your head, too. The argan-oil blend helps tame flyaways and prevent split ends, and it adds a little shine and definition to your thick texture. Just put one or two drops into your palm along with a matte styler and apply them together. 

[$ 13;]

Courtesy Image

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The 7 Best Curly Hair Products for Great Hair Days Every Day

When you have naturally curly hair, “perfect hair days” are often few and far between. That’s because each unruly strand has its own agenda—as do external forces like humidity, dehydration, and sun damage. To deal with this, you need curly hair products that can keep your locks hydrated but not weighed down, lifelike but also under control.

How to Get Justin Theroux’s Tousled Hair and Beard Style

That means stocking up on the right shampoo, conditioner, humidity shield, styler, and tools, and dedicating a few extra minutes each morning to applying them—it’ll spare you the frizz and fuss throughout the day. Here are our recs for the best curly hair products to try out.

SheaMoisture Detangling Shampoo

If your curls are coiled or afro-textured, they can shrink down and turn lifeless without proper nourishment. SheaMoisture’s sulfate-free shampoo doesn’t just flush away grime and grease; it also bathes hair with coconut oil, cocoa butter, red palm oil, and flaxseed oil. Together, these ingredients hydrate hair and preserve its volume and texture while shielding it from environmental damage and preventing tangles.

[$ 12;]

Courtesy Image

Davines Love Curl Shampoo

Fueled by almond extract, Davines’ Love Curl Shampoo preserves the buoyancy of wavy and curly hair. It also delivers a hint of natural shine to each strand, so your hair’s fullness and depth will be on full display. Unlike many other shampoos, this protein- and vitamin-rich formula adds moisture back into the hair (still, as with any shampoo, it’s important to follow a wash with a conditioner).

[$ 28;]

Courtesy Image

Sachajuan Curl Conditioner

We don’t advise washing your hair every day, since it can strip your hair of its natural, healthy oils. But you may need to do it more often than the average person, since those oils can also weigh curly hair down and compromise natural volume. Your best friend is a daily conditioning product that pumps nutrients back into the hair after a wash, or between washes. Sachajuan’s Curl Conditioner uses the brand’s propietary Ocean Silk Technology to lock in moisture and emphasize the volume and texture of your curls. Just comb it into your hair—in the shower or out—and rinse after one to two minutes.

[$ 31;]

Courtesy Image

Bumble and bumble Curl Defining Creme

Part styler, part leave-in conditioner, this cream helps define curls while blocking damaging UV rays and preventing frizz caused by humidity and dehydration. The oil- and humectant-packed formula keeps the hairs in line—leaving plenty of room for effortless movement. It’s most effective when applied to dry or towel-dried hair, then blown dry with a diffuser.

[$ 31;]

Courtesy Image

Ouai Wave Spray

This spray uses rice proteins to texturize (that also means it’s safe to use on color-treated hair) and it lifts hair instead of weighing it down like other products do. It’s formulated to tame your locks and prevent them from coming undone during the day, and it adds a natural shine as well.

[$ 26;]

Courtesy Image

Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer

Often the best way to maintain control over your unruly curls is to blow dry them into place. Bio Ionic’s dryer does this in less time, preventing heat damage and preserving the moisture and shine in each strand. But to really treat your curls right, grab a diffuser attachment, which concentrates the hot air into smaller pockets to dry thick, curly hair more evenly.

[Blow dryer $ 29; Diffuser $ 24;]

Courtesy Image

Living Proof Humidity Shield

Humidity can ruin even the best hair day. That’s why you should have a humidity-shielding spray at the ready, and apply it at the end of your daily haircare regimen. Living Proof’s spray uses a humidity-resistant polymer that blocks both unwanted moisture and UV rays for frizz and sun protection. It helps condition the hair, too, so it won’t detract from any other products you’ve applied to your curls.

[$ 23;]

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Good Hair Day: The 5 Best Hair Products for Men

Turns out, there’s an easy solution for or all of the most common hair problems. You just need the perfect product. But even for specific issues like dry scalp or thinning hair, there are a whole store-load of hair products that claim big benefits. Sorting through the sea of creams, shampoos, and spritzes can be a bit daunting. We’re here to help.

The 5 Most Effective Ways to Regrow Thinning Hair

We’ve narrowed the field and focused on five problems underlying most bad hair days: frizzy hair, thinning hair, styling unruly locks, dehydration, and dry scalp. These five hair products will address those issues and keep your head looking and feeling great.

Martial Vivot Creme

Tame Frizz

To control flyaway hairs and frizz, skip heavy-duty pomades and grab this mild cream instead. It offers hold without weighing down hair, and the aloe-based formula conditions and moisturizes.

[$ 28;]


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Cicamed Hair Loss Conditioner

End Thinning

Go beyond the usual hair softening that a conditioner provides. This treatment contains fatty acids from almonds as well as wheat protein to strengthen strands and minimize hair loss.

[$ 28;]

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Murdock London Hair Play

Soften and Style

This styling product is light to the touch, yet offers plenty of hold for men with coarse hair. Ingredients like kaolin (a white clay) and vitamin B5 make manes pliable. Apply on damp hair for more control.

[$ 18;]

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Davines Nourishing Living Enzyme Infusion

Undo Dryness

Whether your head is dehydrated from styling or time spent in the sun, the natural extracts like cotton and grape leaf help get it healthy again. Generously spritz over towel-dried hair, comb through, then dry and style like normal.

[$ 40;]

Courtesy Image

Akamai 3-in-1 Bar

Soothe Scalp Sensitivity

This all-natural, detergent- and fragrance-free shampoo bar is great for temperamental or itchy scalps (and people who shave their heads). Bonus: It acts as a shave cream and body cleanser, too.

[$ 7;]

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Eldorado Offering New Products Unveiled at ANME for Pre-Order

Eldorado has announced that several products unveiled at the recent ANME show are now available for pre-order. – Pleasure & Retail

Can Men Use Women’s Skincare Products?

Using skincare products designed for women is not bad for your skin, but it’s unnecessary. Men’s skin is different, primarily due to the presence of facial hair.



In order to sustain those hair follicles, a man’s facial skin is thicker, and the blood supply richer. Follicles secrete more natural oils. When men shave, it acts as an exfoliant, getting rid of dead skin cells. And men’s skin is not exposed to the same hormonal variations as women’s.

Skincare 101: Dos and Don’ts for Better Skin

All these factors make men’s skin less susceptible to signs of aging. This is most obvious on the upper lip. Virtually all women of a certain age have vertical lip lines, but it’s rare for men. Expensive anti-wrinkle ingredients, such as alpha hydroxy acids, peeling agents, and peptides, are unnecessary.

There are, of course, some needs that are the same. Men’s facial skin loses elasticity in a fashion similar to women’s, so products that help build collagen, particularly vitamin C serum, should be used daily. A moisturizer with sunscreen is also a good idea. Few men need to apply moisturizers more than once daily, and a two-in-one makes it easy.

Try These 6 Products to Protect Your Skin This Winter

Embrace a low-maintenance routine. In the morning, wash your face and shave, then apply a serum, followed by a moisturizer with SPF. The key is sticking to it.

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Xgen Products to Showcase Latest Releases at ANME

Xgen Products will be debuting new items from Frederick’s of Hollywood Toys, Bodywand, The Rabbit Company and Zolo Products at ANME, which is set for Jan. 13-14. – Pleasure & Retail

The Best Grooming Products That Use the Calming Powers of Sage

New Agey types swear by the “cleansing” powers of sage, constantly burning dried bundles of the herb to clear negative energy from a room. We can’t vouch for the plant’s effect on auras, but there is good reason to add it to your grooming routine.



“For many people, sage connotes feelings of freshness,” says Michael Edwards, a Australia-based fragrance expert. “The earthy scent can remind you of a vibrant cleanliness, or it might evoke memories of hearty, comforting home cooking,” he adds.

Which means using products with the herb is a sneaky form of aromatherapy. And it’s more than a moment of Zen.

13 Grooming Essentials for Men

“Herbalists believe it has astringent qualities, to help calm and soothe skin,” Edwards says.

We’ve rounded up our favorite sage-enhanced essentials, which will have you looking and feeling your best—without having to set anything on fire.

Method Man Juniper + Sage Body Wash

Create a spa vibe in your shower when you lather up with Method Man Juniper + Sage Body Wash.

[$ 6;]

Courtesy of Method Man

Lockwood No 43: Mint Sage Body Lotion

Lockwood No 43: Mint Sage Body Lotion contains shea and avocado butters for hydration, and hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture.

[$ 48;]

Courtesy of Lockwood New York

Wise Simple & Natural Men’s Shampoo

The oil-infused formula in Wise Simple & Natural Men’s Shampoo keeps hair shiny and healthy.

[$ 20;]

Courtesy of Wise

Cremo Exfoliating Body Bar Sage & Citrus

Cremo Exfoliating Body Bar Sage & Citrus has a zingy aroma and a gritty texture owing to lava rock and oat kernel.

[$ 5;]

Courtesy of Cremo

Le Labo Shaving Cream

Plant-based Le Labo Shaving Cream has a thick forumla with sage to tone your face, and chamomile to reduce irritation.

[$ 32;]

Courtesy of Le Labo

Fulton & Roark Aftershave Cloths

Fulton & Roark Aftershave Cloths help soothe and heal skin thanks to witch hazel and tea-tree oil.

[box of 30, $ 28;]

Courtesy of Fulton & Roark

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Dame Products Debuts Pom Flexible Vibe

Dame Products has released the Pom, a flexible vibrator that fits in the palm of the user’s hand. – Pleasure & Retail

Motorbunny Marks 2 Pleasure Products, Marketing XBIZ Awards Nods

Motorbunny is celebrating a pair of 2019 XBIZ Awards nominations, including Boutique Pleasure Products Company of the Year. – Pleasure & Retail

Xgen Products Sponsors Widener University Sexuality Conference

Three brands from Xgen Products — Bodywand, The Rabbit Company and Frederick’s of Hollywood Toys — are sponsors of the Careers in Sexuality Conference, taking place today at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. – Pleasure & Retail

Holiday Products, LELO Announce Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Pleasure products distributor Holiday Products has announced it has partnered with LELO to offer a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale to its customers. – Pleasure & Retail

Architects Design Buildings But Do They Design Skyscrapers, or Are They Products of Their Times? – James Murray

James Murray - Architects Design Buildings But Do They Design Skyscrapers, or Are They Products of Their Times?  artwork

Architects Design Buildings But Do They Design Skyscrapers, or Are They Products of Their Times?

James Murray

Genre: Art & Architecture

Publish Date: January 31, 2012

Publisher: Think James Photo

Seller: James Murray

Every photo is a memory and every building is created from these memories and experiences of architects. Or are they? That is what I will discuss with you in this essay. It was written as part of my course at university but I wanted to share with you my thoughts. It is only a short piece but I hope you will gain a lot out of it. When thinking about skyscrapers two American cities come to mind, New York and Chicago. However, why do the skylines take the form they do, and is it the architects that design them, or are they a product of their time? This writing argues if architects had anything to do with the design of the early high-rise buildings discussing all the different factors that influenced their appearance.

iTunes Store: Top Free Books in Arts & Entertainment

Mouth Makeover: The Best Oral Hygiene Products You’re Not Using

Does your morning routine feature a frayed toothbrush and a glug of mouthwash? When it comes to oral hygiene, you can do better (especially since we’re finding new breakthroughs in the way oral bacteria impacts weight loss, cancer, and overall health).

Cut your teeth on these products—a mix of innovation and throwback—featuring creative flavors as well as an eye on the environment.



One heads-up: Less-mainstream brands tend to nix fluoride, a compound that helps prevent tooth decay, so ask your dentist how much of it you need, says Jenny Brunacini, a dentist in Portland, Maine.

Dental hygiene has never been this cool.

How Oral Health Affects the Rest of You


Buly 1803 Opiat Dentaire toothpaste

The mint, coriander, and cucumber in Buly 1803 Opiat Dentaire toothpaste make for a subtle flavor, and it uses thermal water from southern France, which locals claim helps soothe a sore throat.

[$ 29;]

Courtesy Image

Public Goods dental floss

Public Goods dental floss is free of parabens and made of biodegradable silk, and the glass vial is refillable. 

[$ 10;]

Courtesy of Public Goods

Fig + Yarrow Oral Hygiene Rinse

Fig + Yarrow Oral Hygiene Rinse combats bad breath with peppermint, basil, clove, and thyme. It also has aloe for combating harmful mouth bacteria, and witch hazel and green tea extracts, both of which are anti-inflammatories. 

[$ 26;]

Courtesy of Fig + Yarrow

Hello toothbrush

The activated-charcoal bristles in Hello toothbrush help whiten teeth, and the handle is made from environmentally friendly cornstarch and other plant-based materials.

[$ 4;]

Courtesy of Hello Products

Frau Fowler Powder Mint Tooth Powder

Rub your brush in Frau Fowler Powder Mint Tooth Powder, and scrub. The stuff is similar to toothpaste, and it contains essential oils that may improve gum health.

[$ 8;]

Courtesy of Frau Fowler

Lush Crème de Menthe mouthwash tab

Crush a Lush Crème de Menthe mouthwash tab between teeth, swish with water, and rinse for some express, all-natural peppermint freshness.

[$ 10;]

Courtesy of Lush

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12 Awesome Fair Trade Grooming Products You Should Try

October is National Fair Trade Month. Why should this matter to you? If you’re making more ethical and informed decisions about the products you buy, whether it’s coffee or clothing, you should know the Fair Trade seal means that the farmers and workers behind the brands are paid fairly, fragile ecosystems are protected, communities are supported, and supply chains remain socially conscious. Add grooming products to your list.



Some of the best and most effective natural ingredients for your skin and hair, including coconut, argan, apricot, and brazil nut oils, are produced by small-scale farmers around the world. If you’re filling your body with organic food and drinking Fair Trade-certified beverages, consider taking the same care for the ingredients you’re slathering on your skin and hair. They’re often a healthier alternative—and easier to find than ever online and at your local stores. Here, a dozen of the best grooming products to treat your body—and your soul.

Grooming Habits Every Man Should Take up

Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wipes

Keep these portable wipes handy in your desk drawer, camping backpack, or gym bag for an instant refresh anywhere—no water required. In one swipe, you’ll tackle dirt, oil, and head off acne with the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of hero ingredient, tea tree oil. The oil, sourced from from the foothills of Mount Kenya, provides local farmers with a steady income and sustainable farming systems, and it funds area community projects, too. 

[$ 14.50;]

Courtesy of Body Shop

Out of Africa Olive Shea Butter Hand Cream

You don’t have to be a Stark or a Lannister to know that winter is coming. This super-rich hand cream, made with organic shea butter, will soften those wind-cracked hands and leathery winter skin with the healing power of vitamins A and E. The brand also works closely with women’s cooperatives in Benin, West Africa, to provide income, health benefits, and education to the community. 

[$ 11;]

Courtesy of Out of Africa

Dr Bronner’s Organic Magic Balm

You may know this iconic brand for its line of organic castile soaps, but the more recently introduced Magic Balm is an equally stellar find. Apply a coating of this solid salve to new tattoos, gym-induced chafing and other assorted dry patches—from shaggy cuticles to scaly elbows to sandpaper heels—and they’ll instantly be smoother. The easy-to-use tin is chock full of organic ingredients, including beeswax, and oils from coconut, avocado, jojoba, olive, and hemp. The Fair Trade coconut oil sourced from Samoa even helps local farmers improve their land and diversify their crops.

[$ 10;]

Courtesy of Dr Bronner's

Nubian Heritage Abyssinian & Chia Seed Bar Soap

You’ll appreciate the earthy scent of this bar soap that uses chia seeds to scrub away dirt and dead skin. The nourishing amaranth extract softens your texture while ginseng encourages smoother, revitalized, and younger-looking skin. (Check out: 20 Ways to Look Younger—Without Looking Like You’re Trying.) The brand focuses on organic and natural ingredients, and the shea butter in this soap is ethically sourced from women’s co-ops in Northern Ghana.

[$ 4;]


Courtesy of Nubian Heritage

Cocokind Facial Repair Serum

Night time is the best time to heal the damage we do to our skin all day long. Apply just a few drops of this serum before you hit the sheets will repair damaged skin, even out your skin tone, and reduce everything from redness to sunspots. (Find out why serum is the one grooming product every guy needs.) The organic oil trifecta of softness—coconut, avocado, and rose hips—absorb quickly.

[$ 10;]

Courtesy of Cocokind

Honestly pHresh Prebiotic Natural Deodorant

A moment of truth here: The aluminum in your nuclear-strength antiperspirant that keeps your armpits dry could be harmful in high doses. Most other natural deodorants use baking soda to eliminate the bacteria that causes smells, though they can mess with the pH of your skin and give you rashes. This magnesium-enriched stick glides on easily, and attacks the bacteria that causes odor, leaving a deep and woodsy scent behind.

[$ 10;]

Courtesy of Honestly pHresh

Eco Lips Sweet Mint Balm

Tender lips shouldn’t be coated with a harsh petroleum. We like the ultra-smooth texture of this vegan balm that protects your smackers with a light and easy formula of Fair Trade sunflower and coconut oils. Vitamin E will heal the rough stuff and the stimulating mint flavor will keep your mouth feeling fresh. 

[$ 11, for 3;]

Courtesy ofEco Lips Sweet Mint Balm

Alaffia Coconut + Sea Salt Face Scrub

Get the dirt out with a natural scrub that’s tough on oil on your skin. This cleanser combines ethically traded virgin coconut oil, sea salt, and sugar for gentle exfoliation and deep cleaning that’s easy for everyday use. The brand sources the coconut oil and other ingredients through cooperatives in West Africa that empower women.

[$ 10;]

Courtesy of Alaffia

Lush Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo

Give your stressed locks a break from the drying detergents found in most shampoos. This natural formula contains Free Trade honey and linseed to add shine and softness to your hair. It even naturally moisturizes without weighing down your hair. Best of all, like all Lush products, it’s made by hand. 

[$ 14;]

Courtesy of Lush

Andalou Naturals Men Grooming Style Balm

We know, it almost seems contradictory that a natural hair styling product can control and define your unruly hair. But this formula of aloe, organic hemp seed oil, cocoa seed butter, and other earthy ingredients can tame your mane as well as your beard. (Check out: How to Tame Your Wild Beard.) You’ll appreciate the fresh scent in addition to the fact that the company uses sustainably sourced ingredients and donates a significant portion of its profits to charitable partners. Your beard will feel better, and you just might, too.

[$ 10;]


Courtesy of Andalou

Shea Moisture African Black Soap & Butter Shave Cream for Men

Great shaves start with a slick surface. Razor burn or bumps? Consider trying out this cream. The natural shea butter helps moisturize skin and creates a protective coating between your face and the blade. Bonus: Ten percent of this brand’s sales go to helping women-led businesses, or The Sofi Tucker Foundation, that helps organizations aimed at economically empowering women and their communities both across America and in Africa.

[$ 11;]

Courtesy of Shea

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint All-One Toothpaste

You have to hand it to this California-based brand. It’s been a pioneer in sourcing ethical and natural ingredients—and continue to expand its offerings, including this tooth paste introduced last year. Inside: 70 organic ingredients, including Fair Trade and organic coconut flour and coconut oil. And, if you were wondering if it was: vegan, fluoride-free, non-GMO certified, NSF-certified, a minty paste that uses coconut flour and coconut oil to leave teeth feeling clean and bright? Well, you’re in luck.

[$ 8;]

Courtesy of Dr Bronner's

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Williams Trading Co. Now Offering CBD Products From Green Roads

Williams Trading Co. announced today that it is now carrying a full line of pure CBD products from Green Roads. – Pleasure & Retail

5 Products That Got Popular For Unexpectedly Creepy Reasons

By E. Reid Ross,Steven Assarian,E.M. Caris,Alan Corcoran  Published: October 06th, 2018 

Cracked: All Posts

Sex Toy Patents Reveal History, Evolution of Pleasure Products

If you’re searching for the origin of America’s conflicted views on sex, you may want to start in a perhaps surprising place — the patent office. Granted to innovators for new inventions, patents collectively chronicle technological developments over time. – Opinion

Pleasure Chest’s Sex Expo NY Seminars to Feature Aneros Products

Pleasure Chest, a leading adult retailer, will feature Aneros-branded products at Sex Expo NY this weekend. – Pleasure & Retail

20 best multitasking grooming products

Everyone wants to look their best, but let’s be real—time is fleeting, and using a ton of different products to look sharp can get aggravating. Plenty of products claim to be all-in-one, but it’s hard to tell exactly which live up to its claims.

After rigorous testing, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite multitasking products for your cabinet. You can thank us later.

1. 24/7 Protection Extra Whitening toothpaste by Sensodyne

$ 6.79,

Courtesy Image

2. Lip Repair SPF 30 by Context

$ 10,

Courtesy Image

3. Healing Ointment by Aquaphor

$ 14.99,

Courtesy Image

4. Mug+Mane Lotion by Broo

$ 5.97,

Courtesy Image

5. Eye Balm De-Puffing & Cooling Gel by Jack Black

$ 25,

Courtesy Image

6. All-In-One Face Balm SPF 15 by American Crew

$ 16.95,

Courtesy Image

7. Self Tan Express Sheet Mask by St. Tropez

$ 9,

Courtesy Image

8. Line Interception Power Duo by La Prarie

$ 350,

Courtesy Image

9. Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment by Living Proof

$ 27,

Courtesy Image

10. OneBlade by Philips Norelco

$ 34.99,

Courtesy Image

11. Dual Cleanse & Shave by Polished by Dr. Lancer

$ 20,

Courtesy Image

12. PRO LS All-In-One Cleansing Gel by Lab Series

$ 18,

Courtesy Image

13. Face and Eye Cream by Oars + Alps

$ 22,

Courtesy Image

14. Suave Shampoo & Shaving Bar by Ethique

$ 15.65,

Courtesy Image

15. Rohto Dry-Aid

$ 12.99,

Courtesy Image

16. Invisible braces by SmileDirectClub

$ 1,850,

Courtesy Image

17. Hydrating 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner by Pert Plus

$ 6.30,

Courtesy Image

18. Elements Mineral + Sage Body and Face Wash by Dove Men+Care

$ 5.49,

Courtesy Image

19. Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser by Kiehl’s

$ 28,

Courtesy Image

20. 18-in-1 Pure Castile Soap by Dr. Bronner’s

$ 3.19,

Courtesy Image

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7 Powder-Based Products to Ease Your Sweatiest, Smelliest Grooming Problems

No grooming ingredient compares to powder: Its sweat-absorbing, skin-soothing, friction-stopping powers make it an obvious choice for the active man (and the just plain sweaty man, too). Yet, powder-based products might not be on your shopping list. That’s partly because some powders are masquerading as creams, lotions, fragrances, and hair products—and it’s up to you to seek them out.

6 Best Fixes For Hair Loss

Luckily, we did that for you and identified some of the best powder products on the market. These seven will soak up odors and sweat, and leave you feeling more confident than any other product could. (Take that, beer!)

Sweat Stopper: Gold Bond No-Mess Body Powder Spray

Ever get out of the shower post-workout and find you can’t stop sweating? This body spray from Gold Bond will leave a fine sheen of powder over your body that’ll absorb moisture while delivering a hint of skin-tingling menthol. You’ll feel comfortable and cool for the first time in this godforsaken, nationwide heat wave.

[$ 14.37;]

Courtesy of Gold Bond

Fragrance: Byredo Bal D’Afrique Powdered Kabuki Fragrance

No, it’s not a makeup brush (though your significant other might try to steal it). Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique Powdered Kabuki Fragrance evenly distributes micro-fine powdered fragrance onto your skin. Work it into the pulse points on your wrist and neck. You’ll enjoy the citrus, woody, amber scent for hours. Go on and dab your beard with it, too.

[$ 65;]

Courtesy of Byredo

Foot Savior: Lush T for Toes Foot Powder

Lush has created a terrific antimicrobial product that neutralizes foot odor. Their powder utilizes kaolin (clay mineral), powdered herbs, and tea tree oil to keep your feet hydrated, while blocking moisture and preventing it from accumulating, warding off bacterial infections. Wear it daily, or just when you need it most, like pre- and post-workout or in the height of winter, when your dogs are buried in boots all day.

[$ 7.95;]

Courtesy of Lush

Junk Freshener: Pinaud Clubman Clubman Powder

Pinaud Clubman is a legacy brand in the powder biz, and its signature product will keep you feeling and smelling fresh in the nether region. A mix of cornstarch, zinc oxide, and kaolin soaks up moisture, prevents chafing, stops itches, and calms the skin. Wear your underwear when applying so it catches the loose powder. Otherwise you’ll have a snowfall around your feet. (Though they’ll benefit from the powder, too!)

[$ 6.95;]

Courtesy of Pinaud Clubman

Hair Volumizer: American Crew Boost Powder

Since you need not shampoo daily (it’ll dry out your hair and strip it off its good oils), you might need a little boost between washes to soak up the excess bad oil that weighs hair down. After rinsing and drying your hair, sprinkle in some of this hair powder, which in turn texturizes the hair and gives it a lift. You can even mix it with other dry-application stylers for a grittier, tousled finish.

[$ 17.95;]

Courtesy of American Crew

Anti Shine + Pore Reducer: Lab Series Anti-Shine Pore Treatment

If you’re a little too oily in the brow, then you might benefit from this pore-minimizing, anti-shine lotion. The powder base lowers oxidation within your pores, which prevents clogging, absorbs grease, and tightens the pore walls. It’s especially effective if you’re heading on a date or job interview; they’ll never see you break a sweat. 

[$ 34;]

Courtesy of Lab Series

Anti-Chafe: Skin Glide Anti-Chafing Cream

If you’re tree-trunky in the legs, you know a thing or two about thigh rub. It sucks. It happens when you work out; it happens in the heat; it happens when you wear shorts. And it leaves you walking bow-legged to avoid any added irritation. This powder-based cream dries onto your legs and creates a moisture barrier atop the skin. It doesn’t dry anything out, but it does halt moisture and neutralize friction. (And in turn, it prevents added funk in the area, too, since there’s a shortage of moisture.) 

[$ 9.99;]

Courtesy if Skin Glide

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Holiday Products Expands Lingerie Category

Holiday Products has added Shirley of Hollywood, Male Power and Fever Smiffys to the ongoing expansion of its lingerie category. – Pleasure & Retail

33 high-end grooming products

You work hard—and play harder—so you need products that can keep up. That means dollar-store shampoo and deodorant aren’t gonna cut it.

We’ve rounded up 33 premium grooming products to help you look your absolute best. Some of these are a bit pricey, but they’re worth their weight in gold.

1. Phytoactive Hydra-Firm Intense Mask by Royal Fern

$ 180,

Courtesy Image

2. Sumotech by Bumble & Bumble

$ 29,

Courtesy Image

3. Nourish Eye Cream by Colbert MD

$ 135,

Courtesy Image

4. Renewing Face Scrub for Men by Brickell

$ 22,

Courtesy Image

5. Recherche Lotion P50 by Biologique

$ 91,

Courtesy Image

6. CBx for Men Soothing Post-Shave Treatment by Perricone MD

$ 45,

Courtesy Image

7. London Blenheim Bouquet Talcum Powder by Penhaligon

$ 69.99,

Courtesy Image

8. Bay Rum Deodorant by C.O Bigelow

$ 20,

Courtesy Image

9. Anti-Age Global Revitalizer by Sisleÿum

$ 275,

Courtesy Image

10. Genexc Serum by iS Clinical

$ 105,

Courtesy Image

11. Total Defense + Repair SPF 50 Sunscreen by SkinMedica

$ 68,

Courtesy Image

12. Bright Future Overnight Facial by Allies of Skin

$ 120,

Courtesy Image

13. Wall Street Strong Hold Gel by R+Co

$ 27,

Courtesy Image

14. Dark Spot Fix by Verso Skincare

$ 150,

Courtesy Image

15. Thickening Conditioner by Sachajuan

$ 29,

Courtesy Image

16. Mustache Wax by Proraso

$ 12,

Courtesy Image

17. Musclease Active Body Oil by Elemis

$ 60.33,

18. The Concentrate by La Mer

$ 360,

Courtesy Image

19. Hair Lotion by Ducray Neoptide

$ 97,

Courtesy Image

20. Re-charge Black Pepper Sport Muscle Soak by Molton Brown

$ 30,

Courtesy Image

21. Nightly Lip Treatment by Dermalogica

$ 49,

Courtesy Image

22. Real Shaving Cream by Musgo

$ 18.11,

Courtesy Image

23. Rose Gold Shave Set by Harry’s

$ 95,

Courtesy Image

24. DiamondClean Smart by Philips Sonicare

$ 197.99,

Courtesy Image

25. Figuier by Diptyque

$ 34-$ 64,

Courtesy Image

26. Royal Toothpaste by Marvis

$ 15,

Courtesy Image

27. Vetyver Rinse-Free Hand Wash by Byredo

$ 30,

Courtesy Image

28. Phytologist Shampoo by Phyto

$ 29,

Courtesy Image

29. Bronzing Gel by Tom Ford for Men

$ 49,

Courtesy Image

30. Cade Body Wash by L’Occitane

$ 18,

Courtesy Image

31. U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil by Sunday Riley

$ 80,

Courtesy Image

32. Collagen + Control Firming Facial Serum by GOA

$ 54,

33. Free Styler Working Hair Spray by Oribe

$ 42,

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25 best drugstore grooming products

Run around town looking for a boutique body wash? Not you. So, since you like your shopping trips short and sweet—and you’re already at Target, CVS, or your drugstore of choice—you may as well stock up on your grooming supplies, too.

Here are 27 of our favorite products.

1. Body Clear Body Wash by Neutrogena

$ 7.50,

2. Clinical Solutions Leave-in Dandruff Treatment + Old Spice Pure Sport 2-in-1 for Men by Head & Shoulders

$ 8.79, + $ 24.99, 

Courtesy Image

3. Cool Mint Listerine

$ 4.99,

4. Cleansing Shave Gel by Edge

$ 4.74,

5. Daily Sensitive Skin Anti-Aging Fill-In Care by La Roche-Posay

$ 48,

6. Liftactiv Eyes by Vichy

$ 33.50,

7. Soothe & Sleep Epsom Salt Soaking Solution by Dr. Teal’s

$ 6,

8. Men Daily Face Cloths by Cetaphil

$ 4.74,

9. Moisturizer Original by Chapstick

$ 1.49,

10. Green Tea Blackhead Clearing Scrub by St. Ives

$ 3.64,

11. Cedarwood Beard Oil by Everyman Jack

$ 8.49,

12. Hydra Energetic Extreme Cleanser Infused with Charcoal by L’Oreal Men Expert

$ 5.67,

13. A-Oxitive Antioxidant Serum by Avène

$ 44,

14. Skin Relief Hand Cream by Aveeno

$ 5.49,

15. Foot Cream by AmLactin

$ 9.99,

16. Men+Care Invisible Antiperspirant by Dove

$ 5.49,

17. Fiber by American Crew

$ 13.49,

18. Extra Strength Pain Relieving Balm by Icy Hot

$ 7.49,

19. Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask by Yes to Tomatoes

$ 15.99,

20. The Astonishly Super Face Moisturizer by Cremo Moisturizer

$ 8.41,

21. Sensitive Post Shave Balm by Nivea Men

$ 5.59,

22. Optic White Radiant Toothpaste by Colgate

$ 6.99,

23. Mach3 Turbo Razor by Gillette

$ 11.99,

24. Original Beard Balm by Bulldog

$ 8.99,

25. You Daily Fragrance by Axe

$ 4.49,

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Nalpac Now Shipping Full Line of Sliquid Products

Adult product wholesaler Nalpac announced today that it is once again stocking all products from natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid. – Pleasure & Retail

Doc Johnson to Show Off Latest Pleasure Products at Sex Expo NY

Doc Johnson will be returning to Sex Expo New York this year as a diamond sponsor and showcasing an assortment of its latest pleasure products. – Pleasure & Retail

Heal the Burn: 6 Grooming Products That Will Help Treat Sun Damage

Spend enough time outdoors this summer and you’ll get at least a little red, even if you’re diligent about sunscreen.


Here are six ways to get relief, from scalp shampoo to post-sun cooling gel that’ll keep your skin hydrated while helping you maintain your tan.

Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo

Men with short or thinning hair often end up with scalp sunburn, which can trigger dandruff. The salicylic acid in Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo ($ 28) works as an exfoliant to clear away flakes, while the ginger extract curbs inflammation. []

Courtesy image

CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray

Spray this water-thin CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray ($ 34) on peeling skin to alleviate itchiness on your face and body. The cooling sensation comes thanks to ingredients like turmeric, aloe, and cucumber. Pro tip: Store it in the refrigerator for some extra aah. []

Courtesy image

Korres Greek Yoghurt After Sun Cooling Gel

Korres Greek Yoghurt After Sun Cooling Gel ($ 26) contains real Greek yogurt to help hydrate skin and ease the heat—and it promises to make your tan last longer. []

Courtesy image

Eir Sunset Oil

No matter how fussy you are about SPF, the sun will always inflict some harm to your skin. All-natural Eir Sunset Oil ($ 35) contains essential oils (olive, coconut, jojoba) and vitamins for healing, plus it will help repair damage and dryness caused by salt and wind. []

Courtesy image

Kiehl’s Age Defender Eye Repair

The skin around your eyes is thin and sensitive, and being out in the sun can cause the area to swell. Dab a little Kiehl’s Age Defender Eye Repair ($ 30) along the under-eye, post-outing (and during your regular morning routine). Its rye seed and linseed extracts help to strengthen and de-puff. []

Courtesy image

Maapilim Lip Balm

Swipe Maapilim Lip Balm ($ 9) on dry, sun-chapped lips, and let its sweet almond oil rehydrate and soften. Keep it on your nightstand, and reapply before bed. []

Courtesy of Maapilim

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12 Essential Grooming Products to Cool You Down This Summer

You might not think you run hot until the humidity kicks in and that thin veil of perspiration creates a Rorschach test on the back of your nice dress shirt. Or your forehead starts dripping like an ice cream cone on asphalt.


Don’t curse your interior cooling system, when you can rig it with these grooming products designed to help cool your temperature and keep you looking fresh.

8 Foods That Keep You Cool

Ursa Major of Vermont Hoppin Fresh Deodorant

Keeping your pits fresh in the heat is no easy feat. But when you’d rather not unleash chemical warfare on your underarms, this natural formula deodorant harnesses botanicals like peppermint, rosemary, grapefruit, chamomile, and lemon to keep them feeling clean. Eucalyptus fights the odor-causing bacteria and baking soda absorbs sweat.

[$ 18;]

Courtesy of Ursa Major Vermont

Gillette Sensor3 Cool

Beards can feel like a face fleece in the heat, but dragging a sharp piece of metal across your mug isn’t exactly a dip in the pool, either. Luckily, Gillette added a cooling, lubricated strip to this new disposable razor that also boasts a pivoting head and a non-slip handle so your shaves are smooth and refreshing. They’re packable and affordable.

[$ 7 for 5;]

Courtesy of Gillette

Oars + Alps Cooling and Cleansing Wipes

Keep these handy, portable wipes stashed anywhere you think you’ll need a quick pick-me-up. The rough side scrubs away bacteria from your face or body. Use the mentholated flip side to leave a tingly feeling behind. 

[$ 16;]

Courtesy of Oars and Alps

Blackwood for Men Cooling Clay Facial Wash

Here’s news you can use: Dirt acts like a magnet to dirt. That’s why the Japanese Tanakura Clay and charcoal in this wash is so good at drawing out the pore-clogging gunk from your sweaty summer skin. The lauric acid will keep your face smooth from bumps and blemishes.

[$ 15;]

Courtesy of Blackwoods

Nivea Men Cooling Body Wash

No more red-faced returns to the office after your lunchtime workout when you use this wash. Consider the arctic feel of the mentholated formula your motivation for running extra miles on the treadmill. The invigorating sensation stays with you, even after you head into the sweaty streets.

[$ 11;]

Courtesy of Nivea

Jack Black Dry Down Friction Free Powder

So this powder doesn’t have a frosty mentholated feel like most of the other products in this roundup—and that’s probably a good thing. But it does have cornstarch to soak up sweat in your nether regions or wherever perspiration and friction equal chafing.

[$ 22;]

Courtesy of Get Jack Black

Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner

Toner isn’t fussy. Just the opposite. It’s the quickest way to the remove dirt and oil that your face cleanser leaves behind. Naturally refreshing elements, like mint, cucumber, and witch hazel combine like a power trio to help clear up redness and slow down your excess oil production. 

[$ 19;]

Courtesy if Baxter of California

Harry’s Post-Shave Mist

Welcome to the cooler way to calm your face after you shave. This shave mist soothes inflamed skin with aloe while the mint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils reinvigorate your senses. The alcohol-free formula won’t dry your skin either.

[$ 12;]

Courtesy of Harry's

Eir Cooling Lip Balm

You’ll get that just-brushed feeling every time you swipe this mint-infused and moisturizing balm across your smackers. Coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter will improve softness, and the bonus zinc oxide will keep your lips safe in the sun.

[$ 5;]

Courtesy of Eir

Ernest Supplies Cooling Shave Cream

Pack this TSA-friendly pouch when you head away for a long weekend. No matter what your destination, the triple play of pre-shave oil, moisturizing shave cream, and post-shave soother in one won’t clog up your razor—or your Dopp kit.

[$ 25;]

Corutesy of Ernest Supplies

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

Those tired, puffy eyes will betray your long night of beers and burritos. Freshen your face and erase your regrets in just 10 minutes with these gel patches designed to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and fill out fine lines. Forsake last night’s brew for this healing cocktail of peptides, ginko biloba, and Icelandic minerals. 

[$ 30;]

Courtesy of Skyn Iceland

Redken Brews Mint Shampoo

When your head heats up, it’s difficult to regulate your temperature. Just a squirt of this tingling formula feels like rubbing an icy mint on your scalp. Use it in tepid water to really feel the chilling effects.

[$ 15;]

Courtesy of

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Williams Trading Announces ‘Flash Sale’ for Wet Products

Williams Trading is having a one-time “Flash Sale” on many Wet products. – Pleasure & Retail

Replens, RepHresh to Exhibit Feminine Wellness Products at Sex Expo NY

Replens and RepHresh will be returning to Sex Expo New York this year to showcase its assortment of intimate feminine health and wellness products. – Pleasure & Retail

The best natural grooming products

Do you eat clean?

Take your vitamins?

Do a bit of yoga?

Then, holistic hombre, these natural grooming products are for you. Namaste.

1. Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop

$ 11,

Courtesy Image

2. Herbal Whey Calming Bath by Susanne Kaufman

$ 40,

Courtesy Image

3. Bare Unscented Shampoo by John Masters Organics

$ 28,

Courtesy Image

4. Cool Down Body Oil by Everyone

$ 12,

Courtesy Image

5. All-In-One Cleansing Cloths by Olivina Men

$ 10,

Courtesy Image

6. Tea Tree Hair and Body Conditioner by Paul Mitchell

$ 14.25,

Courtesy Image

7. Elixir Vitae by Tata Harper

$ 380,

Courtesy Image

8. Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream by Pai

$ 55,

Courtesy Image

9. Moonlight Catalyst by Kypris

$ 77,

Courtesy Image

10. Face Saving Shave Formula by Port Products

$ 19,

Courtesy Image

11. Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner by Mūn

$ 65, 

Courtesy Image

12. Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer by Aveda

$ 65,

Courtesy Image

13. Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum by Ursa Major

$ 54,

Courtesy Image

14. Beard Oil by F. Miller

$ 36,

Courtesy Image

15. New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains by Farmacy

$ 30,

Courtesy Image

16. Bug Spray by 21 Drops

$ 16,

Courtesy Image

17. Fire Fighter Post Shave Balm by Origins

$ 20,

Courtesy Image

18. Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia

$ 34,

Courtesy Image

19. Deep Relief Roll-On by Young Living

$ 26.75,

Courtesy Image

20. Mint Condition Lip Balm by Love + Sage

$ 12,

Courtesy Image

21. Unscented Deodorant by All Good

$ 7.19,

Courtesy Image

22. Vegan Moisturizing Oil by Inoar

$ 45, 

Courtesy Image

23. Pain Relieving Ointment by Tiger Balm

$ 7,

Courtesy Image

24. Sage & zinc facial hydrating Cream SPF 15 by Aesop

$ 40, 

Courtesy Image

25. Wicked Fresh Toothpaste by Tom’s

$ 3.81,

Courtesy Image

26. Neem Cinnamint Dental Floss by Desert Essence

$ 3.99,

Courtesy Image

27. Phytologist Scalp Treatment by Phyto

$ 95,

Courtesy Image

28. Wake Up Organic Body Wash by Plant

$ 20,

Courtesy Image

29. Hydra-Repair Eye Balm by Grown Alchemist

$ 99.00,

Courtesy Image

30. Bamboo Face Scrub by Golden Door

$ 48,

Courtesy Image

31. Bamboo Age Corrective Mask by Eminence

$ 54,

Courtesy Image

32. Formula V Multivitamin by Solgar

$ 39.52,

Courtesy Image

33. Age Prevention Cleanser by Youth to the People

$ 36,

Courtesy Image

34. Safety Razor by Bevel

$ 49.95,

Courtesy Image

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The Skincare Products a Dermatologist Travels With

Stale airplane air; sunny skies; dry, high-altitude environments—travel can do a number on your skin. So before you pack your bags this summer, take a cue from Kavita Mariwalla, M.D., a dermatologist in West Islip, NY, who created three skincare survival kits summer—for long flights, in hot destinations, and during mountain adventures. They’ll keep your mug as handsome (and as healthy) as ever.


For a Long Plane Ride

Courtesy Image

SkinFix Facial Cleansing Cloths

Grease and oil can build up over multi-hour flights. These cloths won’t dry you out or leave that gross filmy feeling. “They contain aloe vera and red seaweed extract which are both calming to the skin,” says Mariwalla. [$ 15;]

Aquaphor Lip Balm

Few things are worse than this feeling: dry, crackly lips with no lip balm in sight. “A small amount of Aquaphor will keep your lips hydrated and prevent the chapping that occurs from the recirculated air over several hours on a plane.” [$ 3.89;]

Phloretin CF

After you land, one pump after shaving is all you need to keep your skin looking toned and even, says Mariwalla. [$ 166;]

Colgate Wisps

You don’t need water to activate this perfect combo of breath freshener and toothpaste. That makes it perfect for use just about anywhere (even in seat 21B). [$ 7.49;]

Sigvaris Knee-High Compression Stockings

These look like business socks but also prevent your legs from swelling, making sure they don’t get tired or crampy from sitting for such a prolonged period of time. Aesthetically, Mariwalla notes that compression wear can play a role in preventing varicose (spider) veins which, yep, guys can suffer from, too. [$ 35.96;]

For a Beach Vacation

Courtesy Image

Elta UV Clear Sunscreen

If you’re still spraying tanning oil all over your face, stop. The skin on your face is more sensitive than elsewhere on your body, so treat it with a little TLC. “This face SPF goes on clear and is actually good for the skin. It won’t make you break out in acne,” says Mariwalla. (A plus.) [$ 33;]

Anthelios SPF 60 Ultra Light Spray

Now for the body. The same treatment still goes for that bottle of tanning oil: Ditch it. In lieu of tanning spray, go for Anthelios’ ultra-light spray, which Mariwalla favors for all-over use. [$ 35.99;]

RIT Sunguard

Did you know you can wash your clothes with SPF? “RIT Sunguard adds SPF 30 to all of the clothing you wash for up to 20 washes,” says Mariwalla. “I love this trick for vacations to sunny destinations.” [$ 3.99;]

Maui Jim Cinder Cone Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglasses should always be a staple for sunny locales. For true eye protection, you’ll want the lenses to be polarized. Mariwalla favors Maui Jim. [$ 299;]

For a Mountain Getaway

Courtesy Image

Lancaster Sun Sport, Ski, Wind, and Cold Protection Cream & Stick

Protect your skin with a broad-spectrum SPF that also helps keep windburn and chapped skin (from days spent in the mountains) at bay. It’s a rub-on stick, so it’s easy to carry around and apply. No excuses. [$ 25.38;]

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic

The closer you are to the sun, the more damaging free radicals your skin is exposed to, which is why Mariwalla likes this formula that’s packed with 15 percent pure vitamin C, which helps protect against environmental damage. [$ 166;]

Neutrogena Dry Hand Cream

Altitude can leave the skin feeling uber dry. This lotion can save your hands and—best part—it is thick enough to last two days or so, she says. [$ 3.99;]

Dove Men’s Care Hydration Balance Body Wash

Tackle dryness in the shower, too, with a travel-sized bottle of this body wash that moisturizes and balances skin (and can be picked up just about anywhere). [$ 13.98/10-pack;]

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The Top 10 Grooming Products From The Art of Shaving

When it comes to getting the perfect shave, you know not just any tool will do. You need the right grooming products—that includes a razor, shaving cream, brushes, and after-shave balms. But sifting through all the products in a store or online can get overwhelming when all you really want is to get the best, fuss-free shave possible.

Luckily, there are a few places that make all of this a little easier on you—and your stubble–like The Art of Shaving.

6 Anti-aging Products That'll Save Your Skin

So if you’re in dire need to stock up on shaving products, we’ve found a few must-haves you should get your hands on, from brushes and razors to moisturizers and soaps.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Bourbon Shave Collection After-Shave Balm

Providing your skin with moisture is crucial to its health. This balm is infused with shea butter and glycerin to replenish and condition cells for a smoother appearance. 

[$ 55;]

The Art of Shaving

Unscented Shaving Cream

This shaving cream is made to soften and lift your hair for a close and comfortable shave. We love this product because it can be used with or without a shaving brush; it’s also free from synthetics and dyes. As a bonus, it qualifies for the brand’s replenishment service, which allows you to save money with every purchase.

[$ 25;

The Art of Shaving

Black Pure Shaving Brush

Using a shaving brush to apply your cream will give you a closer shave, because it lifts your beard and generates a rich, foamy lather. The Black Pure Shaving Brush is designed to retain water to help soften your beard; it’ll also lightly exfoliate your skin.

[$ 60;]

The Art of Shaving

Eucalyptus SPF 15 Daily Facial Moisturizer

Eucalyptus and chamomile oils work harmoniously to create a lightweight moisturizer that re-energizes your skin. The non-greasy, quick-absorbing formula helps protect your skin from UV rays and early skin aging. For optimum protection, apply this moisturizer 15-30 minutes prior to sun exposure. 

[$ 35;]

The Art of Shaving

Rosemary Hair Shampoo

Cleansing your hair can strip valuable moisture. But this shampoo, formulated with a special blend of rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils actually promotes hair growth and leaves your hair with a natural shine.

[$ 24;]

The Art of Shvaing

Bergamot Neroli Pre-Shave Oil

It’s imperative you prep your skin before you shave. This Bergamot Neroli Pre-Shave Oil will provide a protective layer to prevent against irritation and razor burn. It’s infused with citrus and sweet floral notes for an awakening scent. You can also get this product as frequently as you need, thanks to The Art of Shaving’s replenishment service.

[$ 30;]

The Art of Shaving

Sandalwood Body Soap

Made with glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils, this soap conditions skin while simultaneously removing dirt and oils with each use. A must-have product, this soap also falls under the replenishment service to save you money.

[$ 18;]

The Art of Shaving

Gel Pomade Hair Styling Product

Gel pomades are a great addition to any man’s grooming arsenal. The Gel Pomade Hair Styling Product provides medium hold, making it easy to reapply and style throughout the day. Infused with juniper oil, your hair will be left with a light shine and noticeable body.

[$ 22;]

The Art of Shaving

Exfoliating Sisal Sponge

While you’re at it, give the rest of your body some TLC. The exfoliating sponge is made of soft knit sisal fibers with a lightweight flexible design for the ultimate cleansing experience. It’s also super affordable, so stop using your hands and pick up this sponge.

[$ 10;]

The Art of Shaving

Unscented Shaving Soap With Wooden Bowl

If you’re all about the wet-shave experience, this soap is right up your alley. Each use creates a rich foamy lather that helps to protect your skin from irritation and razor burn. Formulated with glycerin and coconut oil, its free of synthetic dyes and alcohol. As a bonus, the teak wooden bowl helps to keep your soap secure in various environments.

[$ 35;]

The Art of Shaving

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Manly products for your beard

So you’ve finally grown that rugged, stylish beard you’ve always wanted. Nicely done! Unfornately, however, your beard isn’t going to stay healthy and trim by itself.

Don’t worry—we’ve rounded up six of our favorite beard-maintenance products to make sure your facial hair continues to impress.

1. Beard Hot Oil by Proraso

Once a month, treat your beard to a hot-oil regimen that will condition even the scratchiest growth. ($ 18,

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Men’s Fitness may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

2. Beard Daily Wash 35 by Beard Guyz

Beards hold on to a lot of gunk—keep yours clean and hydrated with this all-natural wash. ($ 14.87,

3. Luna 2 for Men by Foreo

This face cleanser uses 8,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute to lift dirt and oil from clogged pores. ($ 199,

4. Fusion ProGlide Styler by Gillette

Three length attachments allow you to switch between distinguished gentleman and Grizzly Adams. ($ 21.84,

5. Beard Comb by Tom Ford

Carry this compact comb for pulling off that big-and-bushy look or for applying beard oil. ($ 35,

6. Beard Oil by JS Sloane

Apply this vitamin E-enriched daily oil to keep your facial hair smooth, silky, and healthy-looking. ($ 25,

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Doc Johnson Unveils New Products, Partnership With FORIA at ANME

Doc Johnson debuted more than 100 new SKUs, revealed its new partnership with FORIA, and won a StorErotica Award at last week’s ANME. – Pleasure & Retail

ANME Showcases Latest, In-Demand Products

From premium-quality pleasure product basics to unique shapes and technologies, the ANME show showcased today’s most sought-after sex toys. – Pleasure & Retail

Holiday Products Now Shipping The Cowgirl, b-Vibe Cinco

Pleasure products distributor Holiday Products has announced that it is now shipping The Cowgirl and b-Vibe Cinco, both from the COTR, Inc. family of brands. – Pleasure & Retail

4 Can’t-Live-Without Grooming Products You Should Add to Your Routine

Long gone are the days when men had to siphon off facial moisturizers, serums, and hairspray marketed to women that they found in the medicine cabinet. There are a bevy of products out there for men in masculine scents: cedar, tobacco, leather.

However, there’s a big group of guys who don’t want to smell like a cigar club—and an equal number of women who eschew sweet, floral scents that are sold to the fairer sex. Over the last year, the products in my bathroom have shifted to almost exclusively unisex. The scents tend to be clean and herbaceous, and all the products are on the must-have list (instead of nice-to-have—I wouldn’t know firsthand, but I have yet to meet the guy who needs four kinds of beard oil). Check out some of our current favorites, below, that you’ll want to add to your regular routine.

20 Ways to Look Younger — Without Looking Like You’re Trying

EIR NYC Pitted Deodorant
Courtesy image

EIR NYC Pitted Deodorant
This Brooklyn-based all-natural unisex brand has quite a few products I use on the regular, particularly the Surf Mud Pro face stick for SPF protection and the fizzy Active Face Wash. But it’s the deodorant I’m particularly crazy about. It comes in a biodegradable tube, and is non-obvious enough that I can throw it in my bag if I know it’s going to be a hot one. The protection is as good as I get from drugstore brands, and I love the smell of evergreen trees and sand, reminiscent of the northern coast of California. This is the sort of thing I stock up on and give to my friends to try.

[$ 22;]

Maapilim Facial Mud Mask
Courtesy image

Maapilim Facial Mud Mask
If you haven’t tried a mud mask before, you’re going to love it. Cake this stuff on, which smells soothing, like a ceramics studio, wait until it gets dry and matte, and wash it off with a cloth. Clear pores and oil-free skin await, which makes this a summer must-have. Getting it off can be a bit of a production, so if you’re short on time in the morning, rub some across your nose and chin, have coffee and brush your teeth while it dries, then wipe off the mud and go.

[$ 38;]

Sachajuan Dry Powder Shampoo
Courtesy image

Sachajuan Dry Powder Shampoo
There are some mornings that a full post-workout in the shower isn’t in the cards and the best you can hope for is a paper towel wipe-down and forgiving coworkers. On those days, I add one more thing to the express itinerary—dry shampoo. These products are supposed to give you a quick refresh and soak up some scalp sweat. Fair enough. But often, they come out too powdery and you turn out looking like an 18th century barrister. This spray comes out fast, cold, and mostly clear. Plus, it gives your hair a little lift and style as it dries.

[$ 35;]

Youth Corridor Ultimate Antioxidant C Boost Serum
Courtesy image

Youth Corridor Ultimate Antioxidant C Boost Serum
I’m 34, but a few months ago I realized there were lines and sagging on my face that made me look (and feel) quite a bit older. So I’ve been pretty religious about applying a few drops of this serum to my mug every morning, and man has it made a difference. My skin looks brighter and it’s more resilient, especially when I spend the whole day in the sun. And it feels healthier to the touch. It’s pricey, but a bottle should last you about a year.

[$ 195;]

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Holiday Products Adds Industry Vet Chris Armstrong to Sales Team

Holiday Products has hired industry veteran Chris Armstrong to join its sales team. – Pleasure & Retail

Holiday Products Inks Distro Deal for O-Wand

Pleasure Products distributor Holiday Products has announced they inked a deal with Mr & Mrs Toy to become the sole U.S. distribution partner for their flagship luxury massage wand, O-Wand. – Pleasure & Retail

Xgen Products Launches Retailer Support Program

Xgen Products has launched a retailer support program to assist retailers connect on a deeper level with their customers through education and in-store training. – Pleasure & Retail

Dame Products Unveils New Color for Fin

Fin — Dame Products’ versatile finger vibe that’s designed for solo or coupled play — is now available in a navy color. – Pleasure & Retail

9 smart anti-aging products

You already spend time sculpting your body and maintaining a solid diet plan. So why not prioritize taking care of your skin too? Between skin-baking summer sun, dry winter wind, and everything in between, your skin takes a beating—especially on your face.

The post 9 smart anti-aging products appeared first on Men's Journal.

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Pipedream Products Receives 6 ETO Awards Nominations

Pipedream Products has picked up six nominations for the 2018 ETO Awards. – Pleasure & Retail

5 Grooming Products You Definitely Need at the Beach

Protect your skin from the sun, and help heal it when you forget. From inexpensive but powerful sunscreen to lip balm with SPF and post-beach essentials, these five grooming products are must-haves for your time in the sun (and after it) this year.

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How To Find Beauty Products That Aren’t Totally Killing The Planet

Style and Beauty – Fashion News, Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends
FASHION NEWS UPDATE-Visit Shoe Deals Online today for the hottest deals online for shoes!

5 Grooming Products You Should Always Have in Your Backpack

There’s no rolling luggage on the trail. Everything you bring must be lightweight and utilitarian. From dry shampoo to bug repellant and on-the-go cleansing wipes, here are five grooming products you need to pack in your backpack, no matter what trip you’re heading on next.

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13 Drugstore Beauty Products Makeup Artists Swear By

Style and Beauty – Fashion News, Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends
FASHION NEWS UPDATE-Visit Shoe Deals Online today for the hottest deals online for shoes!

9 Products From Celebrity Beauty Lines That Are Actually Worth It

Style and Beauty – Fashion News, Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends
FASHION NEWS UPDATE-Visit Shoe Deals Online today for the hottest deals online for shoes!

6 Grooming Products That Will Help You Hide Your Hangover

Pop an antacid, rub on this stuff, and hide the fact that you went too hard last night. From better face wash to a night serum, here are the grooming products worth your attention.

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Oxballs Launches Products Made of New Hybrid Material

Oxballs just launched a line of products made with a new hybrid material, Plus+Silicone, a blend of TPR and silicone. – Pleasure & Retail

5 Grooming Products You Should Always Keep in Your Gym Bag

There’s a tool for every job, and there’s a grooming product for every occasion. Here are five essentials worth a spot in your gym bag. Go from a.m. sweat-fest to morning meeting in no time.

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Eropartner Shipping New Products From Feelztoys, Joydivision

Eropartner Distribution is now shipping the Joydivision collection and toys from Feelztoys. – Pleasure & Retail

Eropartner Now Stocking New Adult Products

Eropartner is now stocking a range of new products: the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, Massage Candles and three Nomi Tang toys. – Pleasure & Retail

Nalpac Now Shipping Sheets of San Francisco Products

Adult distributor Nalpac is now stocking and shipping fluid-proof products from Sheets of San Francisco. – Pleasure & Retail

Grooming Essentials, But Better: 22 Carefully Curated Products

A pack of disposable razors and a potent aftershave just won’t cut it anymore. That’s why we teamed with our well-groomed friends at Huckberry, one of our favorite online shops, to curate a list of quality products for the hirsute or the clean-shaven.

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Eropartner Now Carrying Svakom’s New Products

Eropartner is now carrying Svakom’s Cookie and Candy vibrators, as well as its Hedy masturbator and Daisy clitoral stimulator. – Pleasure & Retail

Sliquid to Showcase New Products at ANME

Intimates manufacturer Sliquid plans on returning to ANME next week with new and recently released products. – Pleasure & Retail

1am USA Launches New Business Venture, Pleasure Products USA

1am Doll USA has announced the launch of Pleasure Products USA. – Pleasure & Retail

The 14 Best All-Natural Shaving Products

Now that you’ve rid your kitchen of chemically-laden junk, it only makes sense that your medicine cabinet follow suit. The new line-up of organic shaving products has evolved past questionable heath food store stock to include a diverse assortment of top notch pucks, gels, and creams. We compiled a list of our favorite all-natural alternatives. Bye-bye, Barbasol.

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6 Grooming Products That Will Save Your Hair This Winter

There is no doubt as the weather cools down, the air gets dryer, and the wind whips around with brutal force, your skincare needs shift. You can have dry, flakey skin and itchy, ashy patches. So every winter you do something about it—you buy lotion, maybe you turn down the temperature of the water during your showers, and you dust off the humidifier to emit moisture while you sleep.

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Our 3 Favorite Multitasking Grooming Products

You wouldn’t use a shampoo as a face wash or a moisturizer as a hair gel — but maybe you should. “We’ve been programmed to require separate cleansers for face and scalp,” says Jeremy B. Green, a Miami-based dermatologist, but you don’t need a million things in your gym bag or shower. With the right ingredients, a product can work well for hair, face, and body. For example, a cleanser with a hydrating ingredient like coconut oil can pull triple duty, providing enough slip for a shave, purging dirt without drying, and giving hair a thorough clean. And a face moisturizer with an emollient like shea butter can double as a styling tool for your hair or beard. “Softening your beard and the skin underneath with a moisturizer helps a beard grow better and look healthier,” says Oscar Blandi, the New York grooming specialist who has tamed Jimmy Fallon’s mop. Here, we’ve made things even simpler by finding three products that, together, are all you need to look your best.

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Our 3 Favorite Multitasking Grooming Products

You wouldn't use a shampoo as a face wash or a moisturizer as a hair gel — but maybe you should. "We've been programmed to require separate cleansers for face and scalp," says Jeremy B. Green, a Miami-based dermatologist, but you don't need a million things in your gym bag or shower. With the right ingredients, a product can work well for hair, face, and body. For example, a cleanser with a

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Williams Trading Offers ‘Stock Up Sale’ on CalExotics Products

Williams Trading Co. has announced the December stock-up sale on CalExotics and JOPEN products has started today. – Pleasure & Retail

Dame Products Co-founder Alexandra Fine Makes Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ List

Dame Products’ co-founder Alexandra Fine is profiled in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list in the retail and ecommerce category. – Pleasure & Retail

Xgen Products Now Offering Lapdance Lingerie’s Bodystockings

Lapdance Lingerie has introduced 32 new styles to their line of bodystockings, which is now in stock and shipping from Xgen Products. – Pleasure & Retail

Womanizer Receives Favorable Judgment Over Product’s Marketing Verbiage

The maker of the Womanizer sex toy recently received a favorable judgment over verbiage used in the marketing of rival EIS GmbH’s Satisfyer Pro 2. – Pleasure & Retail

Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian Sued for $32 MILLION Over Beauty Products

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner are being sued by a guy who ran a beauty company who claims they screwed him out of a cut of the profits … and he wants as much as $ 32 MILLION. Here’s the backstory. John LaBonty was CEO and…


TMZ Celebrity News for Beauty

Boneyard Toys Shipping New C1R Products This Week

Channel 1 Releasing has announced its Spank paddle, Skwert Lube Injector, and two new cockrings, the Nutball and the Ultimate Silicone Rings, are now shipping from Boneyard Toys. – Pleasure & Retail

Press Lounge Sponsor Tenga to Showcase Masturbation Products at Sex Expo NY

Tenga has signed on as press lounge sponsor for Sex Expo New York 2017 and will be showcasing its line of masturbation products, including the Original Vacuum Cup, Flip O and the Tenga Egg series. Presented by Chaturbate, the event is set for Sept. 23-24 at the Brooklyn Expo Center. – Pleasure & Retail

Pipedream Products Now Shipping 6 New Crush Vibes

Six new Crush vibrators are now in stock and shipping from Pipedream Products. – Pleasure & Retail

Pure Romance to Discuss Products, Home Parties at Sex Expo NY

Pure Romance will offer information on its products and sales opportunities at Sex Expo New York 2017, presented by Chaturbate and set for Sept. 23-24 at the Brooklyn Expo Center. – Pleasure & Retail

The Best New Beauty Products for Fall from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and More

A look at the best new fall beauty products, from two-tone Givenchy lipstick to a gleaming Yves Saint Laurent glitter pot.
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The 14 Best All-Natural Shaving Products

Now that you’ve rid your kitchen of chemically-laden junk, it only makes sense that your medicine cabinet follow suit. The new line-up of organic shaving products has evolved past questionable heath food store stock to include a diverse assortment of top notch pucks, gels, and creams. We compiled a list of our favorite all-natural alternatives. Bye-bye, Barbasol.

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Eldorado Now Stocking Hott Products’ Gold Series

Eldorado Trading Company is now shipping the Hott Products’ Gold Series line of premium realistic feel vibrating dildos. – Pleasure & Retail

Eldorado Re-Stocks Womanizer Products

Eldorado Trading Company, the award-winning distributor of adult toys, party supplies and lingerie, announced today that the Womanizer brand of products is back in stock and available to retail customers. | Top Stories

Xgen Products Shipping Frederick’s of Hollywood Line This Month

Xgen Products says the Frederick’s of Hollywood collection — the first-ever line of toys from the famed retailer — is expected to start shipping this month. | Top Stories

The Two Hair Products Every Man Needs

Naive men will try to nail every look with a single hair product; most of us, though, realize that's a vain pursuit. But that doesn't mean you need a medicine cabinet full of bottles, jars, and tubes! Whether you’re going for the natural daytime look or a slicker evening style, a gel and a clay are all you need. Known mainly for their skincare products, Kiehl’s has launched a gel and a clay

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Xgen Products to Exhibit New Items at ANME

Xgen Products has announced it will be represented at ANME this month in the Academy Ballroom at Booth #20. | Top Stories

Christina El Moussa Warns Beauty Campaign About Peddling Products in Her Name

Christina El Moussa’s pissed her good looks are being used to hawk an anti-aging product — she’s only 33, but she says the real issue is she never endorsed it … so now she’s threatening to sue. Christina’s name popped up in an online campaign claiming…


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15 Curly Hair Products For A Frizz-Free Summer

Take back control of your frizz.
Fashion News, Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends – HuffPost Style
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Do You Shower at Night? 10 Calming Beauty Products to Try Now

Your job, your roommate, your significant other—a lot of factors conspire to keep you up at night. But when you need to relax, these ten beauty products are much better than counting sheep.
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Diamond Products Nominated for 8 XBIZ Exec Awards

Diamond Products has announced that its leadership team was nominated for eight XBIZ Executive Awards. | Top Stories

Xgen Products Reports Success at Erofame

Specialty manufacturer Xgen Products showcased its latest releases with the global market at the recent Erofame trade show. | Top Stories

17 Awesome Brow Products Allure Editors Swear By

Sorry, trend haters—big, bold, holy-wow brows aren’t going away anytime soon. And neither are the confusing 20 minutes you spend standing in the makeup aisle deliberating over a handful of brow pencils and powders. So to save you from going insane (or accidentally looking like Groucho Marx), Allure editors share the 17 products that have forever changed their brow game.
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13 Witch-Inspired Beauty Products to Celebrate the Halloween Season

To the uninitiated, it’s pumpkin-spice season. For fans of beauty’s darker side (or anyone who has ever #WCW’d Nancy from The Craft), the crisp air and changing leaves means it’s officially the season of the witch. Come out of the broom closet for our favorite beauty tricks and treats.
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15 H&M Beauty Products Allure Editors Love

It’s fair to say that you’d be overwhelmed by 700 of anything (yes, even puppies). So when H&M launched more than 700 beauty products this month—including tools, hair, makeup, skin care, and nail polish—we nearly had a panic attack. And this is just the beginning: More products will hit shelves every six weeks. To help you navigate this insane beauty launch, we spent the past several weeks doing what we do best: testing and taking notes on nearly every product in the line. Here are our absolute favorites—and they’re all less than ten bucks.
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Total Relaxation – Monroe Products

Total Relaxation
Monroe Products

Release Date:
October 1, 2015
Total Songs:

New Age

$ 9.99

℗ 2015 Monroe Products

iTunes 100 New Releases

Big Teaze Toys to Debut Products at 2015 eroFame

Big Teaze Toys is gearing up for next month’s eroFame trade show in Hannover, Germany, where the company will launch its long awaited “I Rub My Kitty.” | Top Stories

Pipedream Products Appear on MTV’s ‘Awkward’

After being recently featured on “The Daily Show” and “Real Housewives of Orange County,” Pipedream continues its wave of mainstream media appearances on this week’s episode of “Awkward” on MTV. | Top Stories

Trust Products Offering Free Applicator Bottle

Lube manufacturer Trust Products, LLC announced the addition of a new applicator bottle. | Top Stories

Xgen Products Revamps Secrets Vibrating Panties

Xgen Products has announced that all of the eight units in the Secrets vibrating panties range are now remote-controlled. | Top Stories

10 Volumizing Hair Products Under $20

Want to get a Victoria’s Secret model body? (Well, the hair kind at least.) Meet these transforming picks. They won’t exactly help with the mile-long legs or the perfectly toned stomach, but a spritz, dab, spray, or rinse with one of these volumizing wonders and even the flattest, finest, flimsiest hair can achieve bombshell status. The best part? They’re each less than $ 20.
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The 9 Hair Products You Should Steal From Your Stylist

We found 9 hair products that get passed around like a hot piece of gossip. Now, to do a little pilfering of your own.
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6 Beauty Products That’ll Help You Beat The Afternoon Slump

By the time 2 p.m. rolls around, we’re usually in need of coffee to get us through the remainder of the workday. While a shot or two of espresso will do the trick, drinking too much caffeine is starting to wreak havoc on our bodies and our bank accounts. Thankfully, the editors over at ModaMob have discovered six beauty products that will help you survive the afternoon slump.

These brain-stimulating and energy-boosting beauty solutions all have one thing in common: they possess alluring scents that arouse your senses. From a hydrating rosewater facial spray that you can spritz on to rejuvenate tired skin to an almond oil-infused headache oil that can be massaged into those tense pressure points, you’ll be refreshed and reenergized in no time.

Watch the video above to learn more about these beauty products that pull double-duty as afternoon pick-me-ups. Then, share your tips and tricks in the comments section!

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My All Time Favorite Beauty Products and Why

Over the years I have tested and tossed a countless number of products. I like to keep up with the current trends and I enjoy testing out new things to find those hidden gems. More often than not, however, end up going back to my tried and true products that I have been using for years. I call these products my classics, and as long as they are on the market they will remain in my beauty arsenal forever. These products have never let me down and have been beneficial to me in my skin care, hair care and over all makeup routine. Below are my all time favorite products and why I love them so much.

Clearasil Daily Clear Daily Face Wash: 6.5 OZ

This face wash has worked wonders for me. It is better than any of the expensive face washes I have tried on the market. It is made from a gentle formula that is fragrance free and has never irritated my skin. I use it twice a day and it always leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

Olay 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths, Normal Skin, 66 Count

These face clothes come in so handy when I’m traveling. They are convenient and work great. I never have to worry about spills in my luggage when using these. They lather up wonderfully and I can use the cloth to get a deeper scrub into my skin. I am always left with skin that feels soft, fresh and clean.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask, 16.9-Ounce Jar

I style my hair often and unfortunately that means my hair is exposed to a lot of heat. I leave this mask in my hair for about 10-15 minutes twice a week and it helps put the moisture back in my hair and keeps it looking healthy and shiny.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Clean and Classic, 6.73 Ounce

I definitely don’t wash my hair everyday. On the in-between days I like to use this dry shampoo to pull out the excess oils in my hair. I have used many dry shampoos and I have found this one to be the best. It doesn’t leave a build up and my hair looks and feels clean even on the days it isn’t washed.

Clarisonic Mia 1 Skin Cleansing System, White

I love this little machine. My skin has never been smoother or brighter. The motion of the bristles gently scrub away imperfections and dead skin. It keeps my pores clean and evens out the texture of my skin. It comes with its own cleaners but I use the cleansers of my choice and still get amazing results.

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer, Pink

I am a huge advocate of getting your eyebrows professionally done. We all know, however, that sometimes we just don’t get around to it and are left with growing caterpillars above our eyes. For these desperate times I use the Tweezerman Slant Tweezers. These tweezers have the ability to grab hold of the tiniest hairs that I used to struggle with using other brands. They are extremely precise, even on the finest of hairs.

The Balm Mary-lou Manizer Aka The Luminizer Shimmer, Highlighter and Eyeshadow, with Twinbeauty Brush

Highlighting and contouring has been around forever but has recently become a huge trend. Beauty bloggers across the world post instructional videos on how to get the perfect highlight and contour. This product has been a wonderful highlight for me and I believe it is good for any skin tone. It leaves a golden look to the skin providing it with a healthy glow. A little goes a long way with this product so be careful not to overdo it.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment, Dry, Cracked and Irritated Skin Protectant, 14 Ounce

I have suffered from extremely dry skin my whole life. This is a condition that seems even more apparent in the winter months. After I shower I apply this cream all over my body for some dry skin relief. I even carry some in my bag to apply on my hands throughout the day.

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects – Teeth Whitening Kit 20 Treatments

No more $ 400 whitening sessions at the dentist for me. For the past few years I have been using Crest White Strips every 12 to 18 months. The results are always mind blowing. After using these I notice I get a ton of complements on how white my smile is. I no longer have to deal with messy trays and goopy gels. These strips adhere nicely to my teeth and I only have to leave them on for 30 minutes a day. When the treatment is over I am always so impressed with the results.

Beauty Blender Original Blender Sponge – 0.15 oz

I know I talk about this product a lot but I cannot reiterate enough how helpful the beauty blender has been for my own application as well as the application of makeup on my clients. If you want airbrushed results without spending all that money on an airbrush machine I suggest giving this product a try. You wont regret it. I love how smooth my makeup looks after using the beauty blender to apply my foundation.

Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Normal, 4.0 fl oz

I have been using this product for well over 15 years now. Even when I try to swap out for some of the fancier products I still always come back to this. It does not flake like other moisturizers can and it looks great on the skin with or without makeup. I use this lotion every time I wash my face and it has never failed me. The formula is gentle, it doesn’t clog my pores and it leaves my skin looking hydrated all day.

For more makeup information, advice, tips and tricks follow me on twitter @makeupbysana and Instagram @makeupbysanac

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Holiday Products Now Shipping LAID Toys

Holiday Products has announced it has begun shipping LAID, the first Norwegian company to design and manufacture products for sexual pleasure and wellbeing. | Top Stories

Why You Should Stock Up on Beauty Products at CVS

Pack of gum, some Band-Aids, your prescription—these are the basic necessities that are often the basis for a trip to your local CVS. But if that’s all you buy there, you’re totally missing out on the plentiful (and surprisingly legit) beauty offerings. Here, the top hair, makeup, and skin-care products to scoop up on your next visit.
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Nasstoys Showcasing Products at ILS

Nasstoys anounced today that it will be showcasing products with exhibiting distributors at the upcoming International Lingerie Show, Aug. 31 thorugh Sept. 2 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. | Top Stories

3 Beauty Pros Share the Products to Buy If You’re Traveling to Latin America (or Just Wish You Were)

Whether your vacation plans include a family visit to Colombia or having one too many margaritas with the girls in Mexico, stocking up on local products before your return to the States is a must….

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21 Beauty Products That Every ’80s Kid Remembers

If you spent your childhood watching Alf with your E.T. doll while dreaming of one day being as cool as Molly Ringwald, then be prepared to travel back in time (no DeLorean needed) with these totally tubular ’80s beauty products.
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News in Brief: Americans Outraged Amazon’s Punishing Work Culture Has Yet To Yield Same-Day Shipping For All Products

WASHINGTON—After revelations emerged regarding the online retailer’s cutthroat office environment, Americans across the nation expressed outrage Wednesday that Amazon’s punishing workplace culture had yet to result in same-day shipping for every single available product. “They have 50,000 employees working 85 hours a week, and I still have to wait at least until tomorrow to receive my Pacific Rim DVD?” said Chelmsford, MA resident Jordan Krause, who was among the millions of customers shocked to learn that same-day shipping was not a universal feature of all Amazon merchandise despite the company’s alleged harsh and exploitative workplace culture. “Employees hardly have any time to see their children, but somehow they can’t get me everything I want the very day I want it? What kind of company are they running over there? Bet I’ll also have to sit around a full 24 hours for this electric …

The Onion

YouTube Star Claire Marshall Shares Her Best Beauty Tips and Products While Shopping

It’s easy to see why people like makeup artist and YouTube Star Claire Marshall. Yes, she posts makeup tutorials on her channel, but she also shares many of her personal experiences (including a recent, and…

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Skin Care Products That Make a HUGE Difference in Your Skin, According to a Celebrity Makeup Artist

By Beth Shapouri, Glamour

(Photo: Kyle Ericksen)

Celebrity makeup artists always know the best skin care products–they need them to keep their clients’ skin in good shape under heavy on-camera foundations and to avoid irritation through multiple makeup changes. And Andréa Tiller, a makeup artist whose work you’ve seen on lovely women like Olivia Culpo and Amy Schumer, is one of those people we count on to know. Luckily last night she was in a sharing mood, spilling the details of three of her all-time favorites on Instagram, writing, “I can’t live without these! Seriously!” and adding “I have also used these on my clients as skin prep and they love them!”

Here are the products that currently have her heart:

Sisley Paris All Day All Year Cream ($ 410, She says, “This cream does it all! It’s amazing for daytime use. It has sunscreen in it that lasts up to eight hours! This is rare because most moisturizer’s sunscreen lasts up to four hours.” She continued, “This is usually my last step before I put on my makeup–no need for primer. Did I also mention it’s anti-aging? It’s really gentle on my skin and doesn’t feel oily!” One last point: “This is also for all skin types including sensitive and oily.” What makes it worth $ 410, you may ask? The micro-encapsulated filter technology that blocks out 90 percent of UV rays for hours on end as well as the fact that it contains 12–yes, 12–active ingredients that protect and repair skin.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment, ($ 69, “I am obsessed with this mud mask–I’ve been using this brand for years. If for a second I feel my face is about to break out I put this on and any blemish is gone and flat the next day. It’s a miracle worker!”

Vintners Daughter Active Botanical Serum ($ 185, “This is such a beautiful face oil, I highly recommend it. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and my skin is radiant and softer!” How she applies: “I use it every night before bed and wake up glowing.” Pricey but, she says, “worth every penny!”

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8 Must-Try Korean Beauty Products From Tonymoly

Known for its saccharine packaging and bizarre ingredients, South Korean beauty company Tonymoly has been around for almost a decade. And with the opening of a New York City store in Koreatown, it’s clear that the U.S. is finally catching on to the skin-care-centric brand. I recently visited the new flagship location with one of our favorite Korean beauty bloggers, Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam, where she mapped out her favorite Tonymoly products. Ahead, her eight picks worth making the trip for.
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7 Products for a Post-Workout Makeover: Here’s What You Need in Your Gym Bag

nicolas kern vogue april 2014

It’s a common dilemma: You may have found a favorite high-intensity exercise class, but do you have a good post-cooldown routine for freshening up all worked out? Stepping onto the city streets with wet baby curls and purple-tinged cheeks defies logic when you’ve spent the past hour or so pushing yourself to the limits with the aim of feeling good on the inside and outside.

Fortunately, a gym bag packed with the right essentials can make all the difference. If time is limited, Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes will solve the shower dilemma and buy you some time between the end of class and the route home. These neatly packaged bamboo cloths refresh and exfoliate while removing sweat and excess oil, without stripping skin—genius. Slathering on Shiseido’s Urban Environment sunscreen, meanwhile, restores that essential sun barrier and doubles as a creamy moisturizer, while Klorane’s cult Dry Shampoo renders washing hair, for a while at least, pretty much redundant.

For those who wouldn’t dare entertain such a thought, Yves Durif’s wide-tooth detangling comb deserves bag space: It’s the perfect way to scrape wet hair into a slick, shower-fresh knot. As do Josie Maran’s multitasking color stick and Tweezerman’s arguably life-changing lash curler. The final touch? Pinrose’s collection of slim, single-dose travel fragrances, tagged with kooky and uplifting names like Campfire Rebel and Garden Gangster. Now who wouldn’t feel empowered for the remainder of the evening after a couple of dabs of that?

The post 7 Products for a Post-Workout Makeover: Here’s What You Need in Your Gym Bag appeared first on Vogue.

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Allure Korea Editors’ Favorite Beauty Products

Few things are as compelling as snooping through a friend’s makeup bag; but what if said friend hailed from the most beauty-obsessed country in the world? Even better! To change things up, we asked the beauty editors from Allure Korea for their all-time favorite beauty products.
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Allure’s 26 Most Pinned Beauty Products of All Time

What gives Allure beauty editors a rush? Discovering a new beauty product that we love so much, we can’t help but spread the word. We practically shout our favorites from the mountain tops (or at least pin them on our Pinterest boards for our followers to discover). Here, we compiled the gotta-try-them, Allure-tested products that you’ve pinned most.
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We’re Giving Away 25,237 Beauty Products

How would you like free beauty products? No, we’re serious! Every weekday in August, we’re giving away some extreme loot—25,237 items to be exact—including suitcases that we give to each guest at our annual Best of Beauty party, jam-packed with 129 products. Check out this year’s lineup, with details on when each giveaway starts.
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10 Beauty Products an Allure Fashion Assistant Relies On

While working on photo shoots at Allure as a fashion assistant, I’ve picked up a thing or two about beauty. Ahead, the ten products I rely on.
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Allure Editors’ Most Mourned Discontinued Products

There’s a magic moment when you find the perfect product—it works exactly how you want it to; it makes you look great; it’s life changing; it’s…gone. Falling for a beauty product that’s destined to disappear is inevitable. And trust us, even beauty editors aren’t immune. We’ve had our fair share of discontinued-product blues, and after the anger, sadness, shock, and denial that follows, we’ve also found new options to fill those empty spots in our makeup bags and medicine closets.
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Top Summer Beauty Products 2015 – Get a Healthy, Glowing Complexion


Summer beauty products are always a good excuse to try something new, but if you have skin allergies, you need to be selective.

Allergic reactions to summer beauty products can come from harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients that may be hiding in those trendy seasonal staples. Instead of piling on extra products to cover up, now is the perfect time to strip down your beauty routine and nourish your skin with just the basics. Certain products work perfectly to help soothe your skin all summer long like these top 4 summer beauty products for 2015.

Cerave Cream: For Dry Skin or Eczema

If you’re part of the club that still manages to get dry skin on the hottest days of the year, yes we know that club all too well, we recommend this moisturizer. Cerave products have specially formulated cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, even baby products designed to help dry and irritated skin. If you are dealing with a bad rash or eczema, you may consider trying some of their moisturizing cream to help heal the irritation just in time for that upcoming housewarming party.

Cetaphil: A great choice for a light moisturizer

Although you’ve probably heard this moisturizer mentioned time and time again, there’s a reason why it’s a tried and true summer beauty product that everyone from doctors to beauty junkies recommend. It’s light enough for all skin types and has a broad spectrum SPF to help combat any further sun irritation. Awarded the Good Housekeeping seal and a recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation, this moisturizer also claims to improve the skin’s ability to retain vital moisture without clogging pores.

Vaseline: Try it around the eyes before bedtime

We’ve all used Vaseline for our lips and hands, but did you know that it’s perfect for around the eyes at bedtime? Vaseline is made of 100% pure petroleum jelly, it’s hypoallergenic, and won’t clog pores, meaning that it’s good for a large portion of allergy sufferers. Tap a little around your eye area before you go to bed and let it do its magic while you sleep.

Coconut oil: A great sealant after you moisturize

Coconut oil has been a hot product in the beauty industry for quite some time and just like Vaseline, this oil is great because it has just one magic ingredient. Coconuts are naturally packed with vitamin E and fatty acids that help nourish skin without leaving it too greasy. Plus, this stuff smells so good you’ll want to eat it and that’s okay because you can. Just make sure you get a separate container to keep in the kitchen to avoid cross contamination!

If you’re hesitant about what products to use, talk to your doctor before your try something new. Make sure to get a lesson on what ingredients could trigger your allergies and pause to read the labels before you buy.

photo credit: via photopin (license)

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The Best Beauty Glamping from Coast to Coast—And the Products You Need to Pack


Tomorrow, Netflix will premiere Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp with nearly the entire cast of 2001’s cult classic film returning to Camp Firewood for the eight episode series. Between watching Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler, and Marguerite Moreau make lakeside rounds in ringer tees and braids, and the Instagrams documenting the U.K.’s glamping-centric Wilderness festival that will inevitably fill our feeds next month, we’ve become rightly nostalgic for our own camping days. Luckily, there are a number of cabins, tents, yurts, and airstreams across the country that address our more grown-up needs: Think horseback riding, massages, and personal chefs in place of the swimming buddies and talent shows of yesteryear. Here, four beauty-centric glamping retreats that prove getting in touch with nature doesn’t mean forgoing electricity—and the beauty products we’ll be taking with us.




Photo: Nick Simonite



Those who truly want to get away from it all can make like Donald Judd and decamp to the vast desert of West Texas’s Marfa, where this 21-acre site of Beyoncé-approved airstreams, safari tents, tepees, and yurts will become the backdrop for your mental and physical rejuvenation. In between biking to Judd’s art-filled airplane hangars, which put the town on the pilgrimage-worthy map in the seventies, and concerts at the nearby Ballroom Marfa, campers can lounge in hammock groves and soak in wood-fired hot tubs under the big Texas sky. Leave your dopp kit behind—El Cosmico’s store carries locally made soap, organic beauty products, and its own line of face oil, body oil, and perfume.

802 S Highland Ave

Marfa, TX


Marfa Handmade Soap, $ 12;; Warm Body Oil, $ 50;; El Cosmico X DS & Durga Perfume, $ 150;

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of; Courtesy of Warm NY; Courtesy of




Photo: Ryuji Morishita



Canvas yurts with skylights and private decks dot the precipitous cliffs of Big Sur. But Treebones’s guests can take in the uninterrupted ocean views from the property’s heated pool and hot tub, tree-branch-crafted “nest,” and farm-to-table restaurant, which sources produce straight from its on-site organic garden. Head out for a calorie torching hike and kayak session, and call ahead to have your in-room masseuse waiting for your return. Yoga can wait until tomorrow.

71895 Highway 1

Big Sur, CA


EIR Surf Mud & Zinc, $ 24;; Get Happy Body Wash, $ 20;; Big Sur Cabin Spray, 40;

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of




Photo: Courtesy of Paws Up



Nightly bonfires and safari-style luxury tents (with heat, air conditioning, and electricity) set the tone at this Montana getaway, nestled at the junction of the Blackfoot River and Elk Creek. The 37,000-acre ranch and resort will reward your days spent fly fishing, practicing yoga, and riding horses amidst the Rocky Mountains with a restorative soak in your in-room copper tub or a detoxifying body wrap and shiatsu massage at the glampsite’s own “spa town.” Better yet, each tent comes equipped with its own butler and chef, meaning that your energy can be saved for tomorrow’s activities.

40060 Paws Up Road

Greenough, MT


Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Blush, $ 36;; Red Flower Organic Birch Mineral Hydrotherapy Soaking Plunge, $ 52;; Captain Blankenship Sail Away Bug Spray $ 20;

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of




Photo: Ben Fitchett



Manhattanites need only cross the Williamsburg Bridge for a little rustic charm. The neighborhood plays host to a log cabin that marries the best of the country and the city: A vintage wood-burning potbelly stove neighbors a clawfoot tub surrounded by white subway tiles and a raw wooden sauna offers retreat before heading to dinner at one of the neighborhood’s charming restaurants. Sleeping in a rough-hewn wood frame bed means you won’t have to skip your Brooklyn Body Burn class in the morning. Before leaving, stock up on local beauty treasures, from the curated selection of lipsticks and cheek tints at Catbird’s jewel box boutique to SW Basics’ eco-minded transformative hibiscus face mask.

111 Powers Street

Brooklyn, NY


Rituel de Fille Forbidden Lipstick, Written in Blood, $ 23;; SkinnySkinny Grand and Roebling Organic Body Wash, $ 32;; S.W. Basics Hibiscus Mask, $ 22;

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of Catbird NYC; Courtesy of; Courtesy of

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The Best Beauty Products to Buy at Costco

The next time you’re roaming the aisles of Costco in search of a lifetime supply of socks or a 164-pack of frozen pizzas, make sure you save time for a detour to the beauty section. You’ll be richly rewarded. Here, our favorite hair, skin, and makeup finds from the behemoth warehouse store.
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The French Beauty Products We’d Climb the Eiffel Tower For

Today is Bastille Day, which means it's time to celebrate all things French—especially the country's beauty products. Because if there's one thing the French know it's beauty. It is the home to icon Brigitte Bardot,…

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Get It Right, Keep It Tight: 3 Fitness Products to Pack on Your Next Trip

Sure, there are all sorts of active adventures to go on this summer, but chances are, you're going to spend your vacation at the pool or beach with a cocktail in your hand instead. It's…

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The 15 Prettiest Beauty Products in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If it were up to us, Nordstrom’s anniversary sale would be deemed a national holiday. Children would be let out of school, banks would close, there’d be a parade—that’s how excited we get. And this year’s beauty offerings don’t disappoint: Here, awesome deals on 15 gorgeous finds you can score in Nordstrom stores and online July 17 through August 2. (Psst: If you’re a Nordstrom Rewards member, you can access the sale right now!)
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Hair Magic, Bottled: 8 After-Sun Products to Make Damage Disappear

Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Vogue, March 2014

The holiday weekend likely found you partaking in a variety of sun-drenched revelry. And while a pre-barbecue slathering of SPF cream may have kept skin hydrated, your hair is a different story. Sea-soaked, pool-dipped, generally exposed lengths are due for a bit of after-sun damage control—and the best restorative hair treatments this season start at the root.

Pre-rinse, reach for a softening scalp and hair oil like Phyto’s Huile D’Alès Hydrating Treatment, which, when left on for 30 minutes before washing, infuses hair with a blend of humidity-proofing castor, sage, lemon, rosemary, and juniper berry oils, or Rahua’s Hair Elixir, which transforms dry strands using a natural nut oil harvested in the Amazon rainforest and used for centuries by local women.

If build-up is the issue, O&M Original Detox Shampoo’s blend of cooling Australian river mint and peppermint oil removes chlorine—making the right conditioner that much more effective. Davines Su Hair Mask can be combed through for a day at the beach to minimize color fading and damage and used afterward to restore with antioxidant Vitamin C and shea butter. For good measure, try a lightweight tonic to smooth the cuticle, whether it’s Rodin by Recine’s addictive alchemic concoction of eight essential oils—apricot, calendula, sweet almond, sunflower, and neroli amongst them—or Fekkai’s Après Soleil Crème. Here, eight products designed to bring parched hair back to life, ensuring good memories and a healthy glow will be the only remnants of a long weekend spent sun-worshipping.

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10 Beauty Products This Skin-Care Freak Depends On

At my job interview here at, the editor straight-up asked if I was a beauty girl. Through the haze that shrouds all interview-related memories, I recall all-too-honestly confessing that I was generally too lazy to pull off masterful, salon-level blowouts or ten-step smoky eyes myself. But, I assured her, I was an absolute skin-care nutcase. (It was the first time I could seamlessly bring up my four years as a—top-selling, thank you very much!—sales associate at The Body Shop as a valid credential.) The college job embedded a serious respect for (and deep dependency on) vitamin C, shea butter, grape-seed oil, and other natural ingredients. During the past two years, my already-high skin-care standards have grown even loftier, and my beauty-product dance card has gone from full to overflowing. Here are its MVPs.
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The Date-Night Beauty Products We Love

The beauty products Allure‘s beauty editors depend on for sexy date-night looks.
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Style Notes: Online Petition Urges Macy’s to Drop Trump Products; Moschino CEO Steps Down

Celebrate the last Monday of June with these fashion stories.

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15 New Summer Hair Products You Have to Try

Sun, sand, and an ocean breeze make for a perfect summer day, but they also make a dry, tangled, brassy mess out of your hair. These 15 moisturizing, frizz-fighting, color-protecting, and wave-enhancing products promise to keep your strands looking and feeling healthy.
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I Used Only My Boyfriend’s Beauty Products for a Week

I love buying beauty products. Maybe too much. So when I read that women were saving time (and money!) by adopting their husband’s or boyfriend’s beauty routines, I decided to give it a go for a week. It was my own personal experiment to see what I really did—and didn’t—need after all.
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The Foolproof Beach Body: 10 Products for Prepping Your Skin

Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Vogue, May 2009

Summer’s balmy temperatures and ocean views are best enjoyed in paper-thin slip dresses and modern maillots—which is to say that for the next three months, your skin will have its day in the sun. With that in mind, the season’s best products are designed to get your limbs glowing from the sanctuary of your bathtub. Mio’s body-perfecting dry brush does the trick before you turn on the water by boosting circulation and sloughing away dead skin particles, while the New York City superfacialist Mila Moursi’s Revitalizing & Beautifying Oil seals in nourishing Vitamins E, F, and A après shower and leaves behind a healthy sheen—essentially the perfect parentheticals to your bathing routine.

Much can be done from inside the tub as well: Clarisonic makes a whirring brush head specifically designed for the body that’s especially good at exfoliating elbows, knees, and feet. Follow it with Malin + Goetz’s addictive peppermint-scented bamboo and pumice scrub for a smooth canvas for self-tanner or sunscreen. In recent months, the top beauty companies have also managed to multitask effectively, designing breakthrough in-shower lotions that are, in some cases, more effective than a traditional body moisturizer. Jergens’s innovative in-shower lotion, which is applied to wet skin immediately after you’ve turned off the water, provides twice the moisture of a standard cream and locks in a blend of hydration and coconut oil when it’s smoothed over skin—no rinsing required. In need of an instant tan? St. Tropez’s In Shower Gradual Tan can be applied to clean, wet skin (and washed away three minutes later) to bestow a gradual golden effect to even the palest complexions while simultaneously providing a dose of moisture. Here’s to leaving your body looking and feeling all together born again.

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The Exact Products to Use for Glowing Skin After You’ve Been in the Sun

When legendary oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau is your grandfather, you’re in the water a lot: "I could swim before I could walk!" says Alexandra Cousteau, who spends much of the year circling the globe for…

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The 5 Emotional Stages Of Dudes Learning About Period Products

We’ll give them an A for effort… but that’s about it.

In a new video created by V.Point News and charity organization Plan U.K., six guys attempt to answer questions about different menstrual products and how each is used. From confused stares to worried looks, most of the dudes were underprepared for the period pop-quiz.

The dudes went through a whole spectrum of emotions on their crash course, including:





And, of course, awe:

“It looks like something the doctor checks your ears with,” one man said about a tampon. Another guy was having some trouble figuring out how women use a tampon: “This is some rocket science.”

When the host asked one man why he thinks people tend to not talk about menstruation, he responded: “The stigma around talking about menstruation is the bigger issue than [talking about] the tampon. No periods, no babies — no babies no future. So how important is it to understand about menstruation? It’s very important.” Preach.

Watch the full video above.

H/T Refinery29

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Does Your Face Cream Belong in the Refrigerator? A 3-Step Guide to Storing Beauty Products

Kate Moss Mario Testino Vogue

From technologically advanced retinols to face creams that share ingredients with your cold-pressed juice, our daily beauty regimens have never been more diverse. Which begs the question: Do some of these products really need to be kept in the refrigerator rather than the medicine cabinet?

Some beauty brands think so. Los Angeles–based Odacité sells a mini-fridge designed to keep its antioxidant-rich serums at 54–59 degrees Fahrenheit so that plant extracts remain fresh for as long as possible. But before you start tossing bottles of wine and stalks of rhubarb to make room for mascaras and moisturizers, cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson and chemist turned facialist Kristina Holey say there are simple guidelines to follow when it comes to storing your beauty arsenal. Here, from dark bottles to the products you probably never imagined would share space with your Greek yogurt, are their three-step pro tips.

1. What to keep out of direct sunlight:
Both Wilson and Holey agree that nothing from your beauty haul should ever be exposed to the fluctuating temperatures of steamy bathrooms or sun-soaked windowsills, as heat and light can change chemical structures, degrading a product’s potency and possibly creating an environment for bacterial growth. But certain ingredients are more prone to temperature-caused destabilization and should always be kept cool: Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), retinol, benzoyl peroxide, DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid), and anything that’s preservative-free including organic lipsticks and cheek stains. Wilson stores these items on the lowest shelf in her home office, away from direct sunlight. “From my bedroom, my office is on the way to the bathroom, so it’s easy to pick them up and put them back,” she says. However, the latest high-tech nano formulas are more stable and Wilson says they don’t require “such tender loving care.”
2. What to keep in the dark:
Organic creams and serums, says Holey, should be treated like anything you would buy at the farmer’s market. “The key to using natural lines is to only buy what you will use in the next month or so for efficacy.” She evens trades out mascara and lipstick after about four weeks. Holey stores facial products in a black linen bag on her bedroom vanity. “I put facial oils on my body, so everything is in the same bag. I keep one bottle of In Fiore Face Oil Concentré in my purse. I move through it quickly so I’m not too concerned about it changing too much chemically,” she adds.

Dark bottles will also help prolong the efficacy of natural oils, serums, and sunscreens. But, the quickest tip for preserving any product is to put a lid on it. Oxidation—the chemical change that happens when oil comes into contact with air—can have more negative effects than temperature, resulting in spoiled solutions. Holey suggests closing bottles immediately after using them—especially if a shower is running—to keep out air and steam.
3. When keeping cool is necessary:
Some products, however, truly do last longer under cold temperatures, and the ones that will find a home among your produce may surprise you. Wilson acknowledges that she refrigerates her favorite perfumes, especially the “fine fragrances that I want to preserve for more than a year.” She says cold temperatures help slow the separation process of key ingredients in mixtures. “Nail polish is all about suspension,” she says. “Keeping the pigments suspended in the formula will preserve the life of the polish.”

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15 Reasons to Start Buying Beauty Products at Trader Joe’s

Stock up on inexpensive yet awesome moisturizer, natural deodorant, cleansing wipes, shaving cream—even an Allure Best of Beauty Award–winning conditioner. Ahead, our favorite picks—all priced at $ 12 or less.
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10 Cruelty-Free Beauty Products for Oily Skin

If you are anything like me, you find yourself awkwardly googling brand names in the middle of Ulta (Walgreens, Target, Nordstrom, etc, etc), trying to make sure they don’t test on animals. This process is not made any easier when you have grabbed 7 bottles (pots, creams, lotions, concealers, etc), and now have to decide under pressure, if they will hold up on a hot summer day.

So to save you some time, here is a list of 10 brands not tested on cute bunnies, that are also perfect if you have oily or combination skin.


TARTE: I love Tarte, and especially like their blushes. This brand was started by a lady entrepreneur (and you know #girlbosses are my jam) because she couldn’t find a makeup line that was all natural. So she made one herself! Ingredients are harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked in the sun, The blushes are highly pigmented and don’t feel sticky. “Watermelon” and “Natural Beauty” are my favorites! The ingredients are all non toxic, and you can feel good about putting them on your skin! It’s practically like doing a mud treatment, right?

NYX: I love this brand. They have tons of great products and it is super affordable! You can find it almost anywhere and it is totally animal friendly. My faves are the liquid black liner, and the kohl liner.

HOURGLASS: The Immaculate foundation by Hourglass is a bit different then what you may be used to. It has sort of a whipped texture, and dries very fast on the skin, so make sure to be quick. I prefer to apply it with a buffing motion using a flat foundation brush myself. I used this on my wedding day after trying approximately 12 different foundations, as my worst fear was being shiny and oily on my day! This thing DID NOT move. Combine with the Becca Primer and your face will not move for days (but I hope you wash it that night).


ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS: The Brow Wiz. Alright now, let’s talk about the Brow Wiz. This is BY FAR, the best eyebrow product I have ever used in my life. I am obsessed and have gone through 5 in the last 2 years. They are amazingly thin and accurate, something I find very helpful, and perfectly pigmented, so that even if you have a heavy hand you won’t be looking like Martin Scorsese! I. am. addicted.


URBAN DECAY: If you haven’t heard yet, the Naked Palettes are amazing. The powders are super pigmented, and in combination with a good primer, do not crease at all! I personally use the Naked 2, and in my opinion it’s the best and most blend-able for my skin tone (olive).

BECCA:The Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector is the real deal. It is SUPER thick and super long-lasting. Recommended for your longer wear days, as it is truly a matte finish. One bottle has lasted me over a year! If you have oily skin, maybe get a sample at Sephora before investing the $ 36! It’s one of those I like to have for hot and humid days, as it is too heavy duty for every-day wear.

PHILOSOPHY: This is such a fun and clean brand. I love all the smells and how effective the skin care is. I love using Amazing Grace for cleaning my makeup brushes, because it doesn’t leave any residue, and I am a total NO RESIDUE lover!

BARE ESCENTUALS: The Warmth Bronzer has been my favorite since High School. It just does something amazing for your face no matter what complexion you have. It immediately warms it up, with an almost photoshop-like effect. It’s pure love between us. This brand is totally bunny friendly and natural, and I recommend you trying some of their products as you are sure to love at least one.

KAT VON D: The Lock It concealer is one of my favorites! It is heavy duty, no transfer, almost like the stuff they make for covering up tattoos. It is also oil and paraben-free, which is a total plus!

ALBA BOTANICA: This brand has several skin and hair care products, of which my favorite is the oil-free moisturizer. They smell great and are non-toxic as well!

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Style – The Huffington Post
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