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Kendrick Lamar’s New Profile Pic Has Fans Speculating About A New Album

Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q blacked out their Twitter profiles, sparking theories about new music.

R.I.P., the Celebrity Profile

The famous are saying less (if anything at all), granting interviews to their friends and sharing on social media. What’s being lost? Almost everything.
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Tinder Urges Users To Remove Profile Pics With Tigers, And For Good Reason

“Posing next to a king of the jungle doesn’t make you one.”

Need to File for a Divorce!

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Into A Looping Video

Facebook has a new feature for some users that lets them turn their profile picture into a GIF-like video. WIRED’s Dellea Chew demonstrates how she made a clip of her dog Dude into her Facebook looping video.
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Serial Killer of OkCupid Profile? – Who Has Coffee with Pizza? – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

Serial Killer of OkCupid Profile? - Who Has Coffee with Pizza? - @midnight with Chris Hardwick

Serial Killer of OkCupid Profile? – W… 2:22
Inspired by a Canadian serial killer looking for love, Ginger Gonzaga, Jim Jefferies and Rhys Darby determine if a username belongs to that of a murderer or an online dater.

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Infographic: Candidate Profile: Bobby Jindal

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal declared Wednesday his candidacy for the 2016 presidential nomination, although the Rhodes Scholar and one-time Republican rising star faces difficult odds in a jam-packed primary field. Here’s what you need to know about Jindal:

  • Previous Occupation: LSU Tigers DE Coach/Asst. Defensive Coordinator (2003-2005)
  • Platform: To bring coastal wetlands restoration program he implemented in Louisiana to rest of country
  • Current Approval Rating: Nowhere to go but up
  • Education: Pretty impressive for a man who questions evolution
  • Career Accomplishments: Has for years dutifully served the people of a state he desperately wants to abandon
  • Biggest Strengths: Somehow least electable Catholic candidate in field that also includes Rick Santorum; as a child of immigrants, understands what it takes to keep them out of country; candidate best able to connect with Indian Americans who make up 65 percent of Republican primary voters
  • Foreign Policy Experience: Has already been …

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5 Reasons Not to Judge a Dating Profile Too Harshly

With the power of online dating, it can be tempting to judge potential partners by their dating profiles alone.

Online dating is great. You get to see a person, get a feel for what they’re like, and pass an immediate judgment–is this person a potential fit as a partner? Or are they not worth your time?

Many of us browse through dozens of dating profiles before we find one we settle on as a potential match, weeding out candidates based on a bad photo or a cringe-worthy sentence. While this practice seems like it can help you select only the best of the best from the vast pool of online dating candidates, in reality you could be turning down your potential soul mate.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t immediately reject a person based solely on a dating profile.

1. Your dating profile isn’t perfect, either. No matter how long you’ve spent trying to perfect your online image, there are at least a few quirks that will turn people away. You wouldn’t want other people to dismiss you based on those little things, would you?

2. People write fast. Some people don’t put much effort into their dating profiles because they aren’t sure about the process. Give them a chance–they may surprise you.

3. People lie. That “perfect” profile you found was likely tweaked until it became perfect. It’s not a natural product, and some of those “perfect” sentences are less truthful than they appear. An “okay” but sincere profile may be better than a “perfect” but fake one.

4. Conversations are better to get to know someone. You can never get to know someone well through a profile alone. Only through meetings and conversations can you truly get to know somebody.

5. It’s a process. You may not even know what you want initially. What better way to get to know yourself and your dating style than to experiment with the options available to you?

So what if their dating profile isn’t perfect? If most of what they’ve written and posted seems decent enough, why not reach out to them? Start a conversation. Once you get a feel for how a person truly interacts, then you can choose whether to pursue them or move on.
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See Who’s Viewing Your Profile: LinkedIn, the Yenta

See who’s viewed your profile,” is the new, “Want to know what so and so said about you?” LinkedIn is anything but discreet. The site is like the yenta friend who can’t wait to tell you what someone else did.

Today I got an email saying that only 21 people have looked me up in the past month, making it clear that this is a pathetic number, putting me at the bottom of the pile. It was an unproductive disclosure, given the other email from them offered me a free month in an effort to lure me to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium, which would allow me to find out the names, skills, shoe sizes and whatever else they know about my 21 stalkers.

To shleppers like myself, who don’t pay, they’re cagey, identifying those viewing our profiles as, “someone in the greater Detroit area, someone in publishing” or “someone from Shijiashuang, Hebel, China.” I’m not curious enough to pay to get more specific information, preferring to guess who these someones are. The “someone in the greater Detroit area” remains a mystery, but I can live with it. I’m more curious about which of my neighbors is putting things that should be recycled into the trash. “Someone in publishing” is, no doubt, a major agent or publisher, wanting to be the first to read my memoir. “Someone from Shijiashuang, Hebel, China is probably one of those who’ve found my website,, and emailed offering to sell me cremation urns at wholesale prices or asking to buy huge quantities from me. I know this is a scam since I am an artist and design one-of-a-kind mosaic urns so don’t have enough years left to need or to turn out the number they claim to want.


Another reason I wouldn’t upgrade is I feel sure that LinkedIn and would immediately announce to all the other premium members, “See who just upgraded and can now check you out and get in touch with you.”

I just hope LinkedIn doesn’t buy Google and let the world know whom we’re googling.
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How To Create A Professional Online Dating Profile?

When it comes to online dating sites, only your personal profile page will help people to decide whether to get in touch with you or not for developing friendship. When this profile is got right, you can expect a great dating experience.
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How To Create A Professional Online Dating Profile?

When it comes to online dating sites, only your personal profile page will help people to decide whether to get in touch with you or not for developing friendship. When this profile is got right, you can expect a great dating experience.
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The Names Ciara Lee


ima rice
Im not scary till you get me mad
I can ither be a good friend or your worst enemy
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verry flexable
you hear me saying dude all the time
I'm a Freshman at Marshall
people who take you for granted arnt worth my time
people who cant keep promises WILL get hit
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someone nice hopefully forgin, someone who likes to party, yet can be serious when i need them to be. someone who like p.d.a
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