Kyle Richards Calls Out PC Crowd After Macy’s Pulls Skinny Jeans Plates

Kyle Richards says everyone needs to take a damn chill pill after Macy’s was forced to pull its so-called “skinny jeans” plates after they were deemed as body-shaming. We got the ‘RHOBH’ star out Monday at Fred Segal’s in L.A. and asked her about…


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Rob Kardashian Pulls New Merch After Being Accused of Stealing Design

Rob Kardashian is pumping the brakes on a new fashion line, because he’s been accused of stealing a crucial design for it — so now he’s gotta pivot. Fans of independent street artist Rx Skulls — who is well known for a signature toothy skull…


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Ex-‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Benzino Pulls Race Card in Drug Case

[[tmz:video id=”0_yx43fsrz”]] Ex-‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Benzino is not mincing words … he’s adamant racists are behind the serious drug charges he’s facing but vows to fight back. Benzino wanted to address the story we broke … that cops…


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Get The Strap: 21 Savage Pulls Out Gun During Pool Party [VIDEO]

Post Malone In Concert - Sterling Heights, MI

Source: Scott Legato / Getty

Apparently, 21 Savage is packing, even at pool parties. The “Bank Account” rapper was caught on video pulling out a gun during a brawl to let heads know he is clearly ’bout that life. 

In the clip, someone is seen getting knocked the f*ck out at a Georgie pool party. While dude is slumped on the ground, recovering from the fade, you can see 21 Savage looking toward the perpetrator(s), holding a pistol in his right hand.

However, it would seem that 21 Savage was preparing for the smoke instead of initiating it.

Reports TMZ:

Savage was partying it up Saturday at an annual rager in the Atlanta area called “Big Ass Pool Party,” when a large group of people crashed the event through the back.

Eyewitnesses tell us Sav appeared uneasy at the unexpected entrance, and that all hell broke loose when a person from the other camp said hi to a girl in Savage’s circle, upsetting his side. We’re told someone from the crashers’ crew pulled out a gun when confronted, which led to Savage arming himself, too. It appears he receives a revolver from a friend.

We’re told no shots were fired during the altercation, but someone from the invading group was hit to the ground. Cops eventually shut things down — no word on any arrests.

Since part of this was caught on video, expect the cops to ask 21 a whole lot of questions.

Someone has gotta remind 21 Savage he has weed carriers and baggage handlers now who should be on the frontlines—he’s got too much to lose.

Photo: Getty

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Spotify Pulls R. Kelly and XXXTentacion From Playlists, Stirring a Debate

The streaming service announced it would no longer promote artists it finds to be out of line with its values, introducing a new policy regarding “hateful conduct.”
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Hard Candy Pulls #MeToo Trademark Application After Backlash

That was quick … Hard Candy is dropping its push to trademark #MeToo for cosmetics after getting some serious backlash over the move. TMZ broke the story Wednesday … if the application was approved, Hard Candy would put the #MeToo on some of its…


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GQ Men of the Year Party Pulls Tons of Celebs

[[tmz:video id=”0_2wy0kgdx”]] You can expect 2 things from GQ’s Men of the Year party — TONS of celebs, and all of them dressed to the nines. We got a bunch heading into Thursday night’s shindig at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont — from “This is Us” star…


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News in Brief: Death Row Inmate Can’t Deny He Curious To See How State Pulls Off Lethal Injection

STARKE, FL—Shortly after the official scheduling of his execution date, convicted murderer Thomas McGuire admitted to reporters Wednesday that he is curious to see how the state is going to pull off his lethal injection. “I’ve been spending a lot of time praying and trying to find peace, but I have to admit, I also find myself genuinely wondering how they’re going to even get this thing off the ground,” said McGuire, adding that the Florida Department of Corrections and state prosecutors have been talking a big game for years about administering justice for his crimes, but haven’t once mentioned how they plan to circumvent the nationwide pentobarbital shortage and put their money where their mouth is. “Even if they can manage to get an untested mix of chemicals from some distributor, I’m a pretty big guy—there’s a good chance they won’t …

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News in Brief: GOP Debate Stage Manager Pulls Ladies’ Podium Out Of Storage For Carly Fiorina

SIMI VALLEY, CA—Having rummaged through a cluttered backstage closet for nearly half an hour in an effort to locate its elegantly curved lavender form, stage manager Paul Guzman is said to have finally pulled the GOP’s official ladies’ podium out of storage for Carly Fiorina ahead of Wednesday night’s Republican primary debate. “This thing was way back there jammed behind some sound equipment—I honestly didn’t think we’d be using it this year,” said Guzman as he brushed dust away from the floral-patterned carvings on the front of the lectern, which stands several inches shorter than the other podiums and features a lift-up vanity mirror, four delicate finials, and an upholstered velvet work surface for holding debate notes and personal accessories. “It’s always kind of a pain to drag this out, but at least we only need one of them. Plus, this is probably …

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Tech N9ne — Pulls Trigger on Divorce

Rapper Tech N9ne is bailing out on his marriage, but there’s no way his wife can say she didn’t see this coming — ’cause they’ve been split up for a DECADE now! The “Caribou Lou” rapper filed to divorce Lecoya LeJeune. They got married way back in 1995,…


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Female powerlifter pulls tram for record attempt

Russian female powerlifter from Siberian city of Irkutsk pulls 17 ton retro-tram in an attempt to set a national record. Rough Cut – no reporter narration

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Ice Cube — Pulls Plug On Concert After Fight Erupts

[[tmz:video id=”0_9ovaffrp”]]  Ice Cube said “show over” after a bunch of concertgoers started fist-fighting … right in front of the stage. Cube was the last act at the Long Beach concert at the Queen Mary. He was 4 or 5 songs in when the fans…


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DWB: Ohio Cop Admits He Pulls Over Black Man For “Direct Eye Contact” [VIDEO]

Apparently, “driving while Black” is still a crime, especially in the town of Dayton, Ohio.

John Felton, a Black man, was visiting his mother in the city when he noticed a police officer was trailing him, most likely due to his out-of-state plates. Since we’re living in a world where a Sandra Bland suicide follows ticky-tack arrests, he did the logical thing and started filming on his cell phone.

The video, obtained by The David Pakman Show, revealed racial profiling in the highest sense of the definition.

“You’ve been tailing me for how long? You just needed a reason to pull me over,” Felton says after the unidentified white cop tells him he failed to put his turn signal on approximately 100 feet from the corner. “No disrespect, I don’t have nothing against police officers, but all this sh*t that’s going on now? That’s some scary sh*t. To have a police officer just tail you, and then you pull me over, ’cause you said I didn’t signal — what? Do you know how it looks?”

After the routine 10-minute wait while the records check out, the officer returns to issue his citation and offered up the real reason he stopped Felton.

“Because you made direct eye contact with me, and you held on to it while I was passing you,” the officer said.

“What?” an incredulous Felton asked. “I didn’t even see you.”

“I’m not gonna argue about it anymore, sir,” the officer continued. “If you want to keep talking, though, I’ll just get your license back and give you a citation for the violation, and we can take it to court. I’m not gonna argue about it anymore.”

Had Felton not been filming, there would be no evidence to support the claims when he told people of the flimsy

Yet, the evidence is down below. Watch it, starting at the :57 mark.

H/T: Raw Story

Photo: David Pakman

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Old Guy Pulls Out Knife In Fight And Gets KO’d

This old guy reached for his knife during a scuffle with someone in a Philly store and got knocked out cold.

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Neil Young pulls his music from streaming services

Canadian guitarist Neil YoungThe Canadian singer-songwriter is pulling his music from subscription-based librairies, claiming poor sound quality. Just a few days after fellow musician Prince decided to remove his music from streaming services, Neil Young has decided to take the same steps, based on his poor opinion of the current audio quality. In a post on his Facebook page, Young explains "Streaming is the worst audio in history…. All my music, my life's work, is what I am preserving the way I want it to be.

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7 Ways Olivia Palermo Pulls Off Tricky Prints

As far as we're concerned Olivia Palermo is like a walking Pinterest board. The well-dressed social swan and website owner is full of style and outfit ideas, offering endless inspiration for solving the trickiest of…

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Prince pulls music from most online streaming services

US singer PrincePop icon Prince has opened a new chapter in his fraught relationship with the Internet as he suddenly pulled his music from most streaming services. The sole streaming service that still carried the "Purple Rain" legend's music as of early Thursday was Tidal, which was re-launched this year by rap mogul Jay Z. It streamed much of a peace concert held by Prince in May in Baltimore in the wake of the death of an African American man in police custody.

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50 Cent Pulls Off A Gruesome Murder In This Week’s ‘Power’

MTV News recaps episode 3 of the second season of STARZ’s “Power.”

Rihanna — Pulls Hat Trick with Karim Benzema … 3rd Late Night Together

For the 2nd time this week, Rihanna and soccer star Karim Benzema hit the SAME L.A. nightclub … after hanging together in NYC … so, is this thing official yet or what?  RiRi and and the Real Madrid star hit up 1 OAK…


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Taylor Swift — Pulls Plug on Rock in Rio Livestream … Fans Pissed

Taylor Swift pissed off people from around the world Friday night, when she pulled the plug on a livestream of her concert at the very last minute. Taylor performed at Rock in Rio in Vegas, along with Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and John Legend. Yahoo! Music…


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KG pulls a Stephenson, blows in West’s ear

Brooklyn Nets power forward Kevin Garnett did his best Lance Stephenson impression, blowing in David West’s ear and drawing a technical foul on the Indiana Pacers power forward in the first quarter of Saturday night’s game at Barclays Center. – NBA