Episode 427 Scott Adams: Putting the Phoney Debate Over “Socialism” in Context For the First Time


  • The debate over socialism between Bernie, AOC and the GOP
    • What’s wrong with socialism…besides lack of incentive?
    • UK and Canada have socialized medical care, why not us?

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Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Reach Divorce Settlement: How They’re Putting Their Son Jack First

Chris Pratt and
Anna Faris are putting parenthood first.

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XXXTentacion Estate Moves to Cash in by Putting His Name on Clothing

XXXTentacion is gone, but his estate has every intention of keeping his name alive — not just through his music, but with fashion too.  The late rapper’s camp has applied for a trademark to put his name on a bunch of streetwear, including…


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‘The Post’ delivers, putting journalism in the spotlight

“The Post” was made for this moment, in more ways than one. Not only does Steven Spielberg’s crisp retelling of the Pentagon Papers story call attention to journalism’s highest calling, but Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham’s heroic stand — having been thrust into that position — is a stirring portrait of courage during feminism’s pre-Roe v. Wade era.

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GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Rapper Z-RO Rapped About Putting Hands On GF After Alleged Beating

[[tmz:video id=”0_6udyofli”]] Houston rapper Z-RO recorded a song with details of a violent altercation with a girlfriend — and his ex claims it’s a confession because he made it shortly after he allegedly beat her.   Sources close to rapper…


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Kim Kardashian — I’m Putting My Ass Back to Work! (VIDEO)

[[tmz:video id=”0_kbeantpd”]] Break’s over for Kim Kardashian after her celebrated butt somehow managed to fly under the radar for 3 whole days — and now she’s making sure everyone gets an up-close look! Kim says she laid off Snapchat at the…


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Busan Closing Film Director Talks Putting a New Spin on Traditional Chinese Drama

‘Mountain Cry’s’ Larry Yang says his U.S. background and working with Hollywood filmmakers can add new approaches to the Chinese film industry.

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Mom Debates Putting 6-Year-Old Under The Knife To Prevent Bullying

Amber recalls being mercilessly bullied as a young child because of her protruding ears. When she was 8 years old, she had surgery to treat the issue. Now a mother to 6-year-old Alayna, Amber’s painful memories have re-emerged as she sees her daughter’s ears developing like her own. To safeguard her daughter from experiencing the emotional difficulties she suffered, she’s contemplating having a surgeon pin back Amber’s ears.

In the video above, plastic surgeon and co-host of The Doctors Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that Amber and Alayna’s ears lack the typical folds that keep them closer to the head. He says that although Alayna is young, the procedure would be low risk and straightforward. “The external ear is 80 percent fully developed by the age of 7 or 8,” he says. Alayna is at a safe age to undergo the surgery, which involves removing a small amount of excess skin and cartilage from the back of the ear and creating a natural-looking fold with stitches.

Amber says she hasn’t spoken with her daughter about having the surgery, because she doesn’t want to make her feel self-conscious. Psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish offers Amber advice for having the conversation.

“The trauma of bullying affects a child for their entire life,” Dr. Walfish says. “Allowing Alayna to develop a positive self-image now, I believe, can empower her for the longevity of her entire life.” She suggests that Amber have a sensitive, open, and honest dialogue with Alayna to prepare her for the operation and why she’s having the surgery. “You had the same thing; she’ll relate to you.”

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Prank Gone Wrong: Guy Tasered For Putting Fake Poop On Lamborghini

These idiots tried to prank the wrong guy. The Lamborghini owner doesn’t think the realistic looking poop on his supercar is funny at all, and I don’t blame him. Like the saying goes: ‘Play stupid games, win stupid prizes’.


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Stefano Tonchi, W Magazine Editor-in-Chief: We’re ‘Still Paying’ For Putting Kim Kardashian On The Cover

W Magazine was met with criticism when it featured Kim Kardashian on the cover all the way back in 2011, but according to Editor-In-Chief Stefano Tonchi, the scrutiny still hasn’t ended.

“When we put Kim Kardashian on the cover of W Magazine, that was quite risky and somehow I’m still paying for it,” he told HuffPost Live in a Wednesday conversation to promote the magazine’s annual Art issue.

The cover in question featured Kardashian nude and spray painted silver, which readers complained was “very provocative but really something very lowbrow. Too commercial,” Tonchi recounted.

“They talked about W [Magazine] as something much more society,” he recalled of the naysayers. “But what is the new society? Let’s see who was on the list at the MET [Ball]: She was!”

Tonchi continues to defend the magazine’s choice to make the ubiquitous reality star its cover girl.

“Kim Kardashian was a work of art because she really built herself in a way — creating this mythology around herself and her family and creating an empire around it, as we know,” he explained. “And that empire now, is the Kardashian empire.”

Watch more from Stefano Tonchi’s conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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Dr. Dre Didn’t Want to Make Straight Outta Compton: I Was Nervous About ”Putting a Blemish on Our Legacy”—Watch!

Dr. DreFans are extremely excited to see Straight Outta Compton hit theaters, but one important and influential individual wasn’t that eager about the idea in the beginning.

Dr. Dre, an…

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Relationship Math: Here’s How to Tell If You’re Putting In Enough Effort

Confession: I sneaked through college without taking a single mathematics course. (Well, that's not totally true. I took a "political methods" class to fulfill my political science minor, thinking it would delve into campaign strategy….

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