Second Chance Ranch – Liz Isaacson

Liz Isaacson - Second Chance Ranch  artwork

Second Chance Ranch

Christian Cowboy Romance

Liz Isaacson

Genre: Religious

Publish Date: March 10, 2019

Publisher: AEJ Creative Works Inc

Seller: Elana Marie Johnson

A wounded Army cowboy, a divorcée with a child, and their second chance to heal old hurts… After his deployment, injured and discharged Major Squire Ackerman returns to Three Rivers Ranch, anxious to prove himself capable of running the cattle operation so his parents can retire. Things would be easier if the ranch wasn’t missing 1.6 million dollars, which forces Squire to hire Kelly, the girl who rejected his high school prom invitation, as his accountant.  She’s back in town with her four-year-old son, living in her parent’s basement until she can get her life back together. With fresh ink on her divorce papers and open gashes on her heart, she’s not ready for much beyond her new job on the ranch. Squire wants to forgive Kelly for ignoring him a decade ago. He’d like to provide the stable life she needs, but with old wounds opening and a ranch on the brink of financial collapse, it will take patience and faith to make their second chance possible.

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Inside The Love Ranch

Former Love Ranch brothel employees Bunny Lain and Tristen Lace open up about Lamar’s arrival and how he picked out his girls.

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Tom Selleck accused of taking water for California ranch – report

Actor Tom Selleck is accused by water board of unlawfully taking water from public hydrant. Bob Mezan reports.

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Skinwalker Ranch – Devin McGinn

Devin McGinn - Skinwalker Ranch  artwork

Skinwalker Ranch

Devin McGinn

Genre: Horror

Price: $ 19.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: October 30, 2013

In 2010 “Skinwalker Ranch” gained media attention after experiencing a wide range of unexplained phenomena. Reports ranged from UFO sightings to livestock mutilation, and most notably the disappearance of ranch owner Hoyt Miller’s (Jon Gries) 8 year old son, Cody (Nash Lucas). Modern Defense Enterprises (MDE) sent a team of experts to document and investigate the mysterious occurrences. Any skepticism quickly vanishes as the team begins to experience inexplicable incidents on their very first night on the ranch, which only escalate as things unfold – they are forced out of bed by a deafeningly loud and painful tone, an enigmatic noise they can’t explain.The next day, after an incredibly large object set off a sensor in the field, they discover a dead calf drained of all blood with almost surgical precision. This pales in comparison to what they discover while reviewing the security tapes; an image bearing the likeness of Cody, running through the same section of the house at precisely the same time each night. That night it happens right in front of their eyes, prompting Hoyt and the team to give chase all the way into an old locked shed before Cody just vanished. Inside the shed the team not only finds enormous canine tracks, but evidence that MDE had been there before back in the 1960’s. Among the evidence, a buried video tape and a steel box labeled “For Emergencies Only.” It was empty… What was in the box, and what is on the tape? What was MDE investigating the first time, why did they keep it a secret?

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Sonic Ranch – Whitey Morgan and the 78’s

Whitey Morgan and the 78's - Sonic Ranch  artwork

Sonic Ranch

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s

Genre: Country

Price: $ 11.99

Release Date: May 19, 2015

© ℗ 2015 Whitey Morgan Music

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Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Is Up for Sale

Photo: Associated Press


Photo: Associated Press

Neverland Ranch, the 2,700-acre California estate and home of Michael Jackson, has been put up for sale. The Wall Street Journal reports that the asking price is $ 100 million and notes that the property was intended to be sold before the pop star’s untimely death in 2009.

In addition to the sale of the ranch, almost all of Jackson’s Neverland possessions—paintings, furnishings, and other home goods—were supposed to be auctioned off in 2009, but the event was canceled at the last minute when his estate reached a settlement with his creditors. The sale of Neverland, an iconic property that Jackson developed into a childlike wonderland, represents one of the final symbols of the star’s legacy.

Here are some memories from the property’s golden years:

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What Happened to the FLDS and Yearning for Zion Ranch? | Where Are They Now? | OWN

Willie Jessop, former spokesperson for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, shares what happened to the Yearning for Zion Ranch. Plus, find out how he was retaliated against after speaking out against FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.

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What Happened to the FLDS and Yearning for Zion Ranch? | Where Are They Now? | OWN
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