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This weekend we’ll marvel as All-Stars display their artistry. In this edition of the Power Rankings, we honor some of the player prowess — from Marc-Andre Fleury’s attitude to Steven Stamkos’ shot to Dustin Byfuglien’s speed — that leaves us in awe. – NHL

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Like you, we’re fantasy hockey freaks. So for this week’s Power Rankings, we decided to honor some of the statistical stars and fantasy-friendly performers for each of the NHL’s 31 teams. – NHL

Power Rankings: The top worry for every team

Every team has issues — even the top-ranked Golden Knights (paltry penalty kill). This week’s rankings are full of concerns, including whether the Rangers can find help for Henrik Lundqvist or the Penguins can procure scoring from their bottom six. – NHL

Power Rankings: How each team has performed vs. its preseason point projection

It’s time for a reset in the NHL, so we checked to see if teams are ahead of, behind or on pace with the projected point totals. The Lightning keep striking, and it seems fitting that the team Vegas (and everyone else) was most wrong about was … Vegas. – NHL

Power Rankings: Why 2018 could be better for every team

We’d like to end 2017 on a positive note, so we identified a reason why each of the 31 NHL franchises should be optimistic in the new year — from the Lightning’s gaudy goal differential to Vegas’ shiny, shocking success to the Sabres’ primo prospect. – NHL

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After a Christmas Day win over Cleveland, Golden State is back in a familiar spot, while new Eastern Conference leader Toronto is making moves into the top five. – NBA

Power Rankings: Golden Knights surge to No. 2, plus each team’s secret superstar

The holidays are about appreciating what we have right in front of us — like unheralded but invaluable players such as the Lightning’s Brayden Point, Vegas’ Jonathan Marchessault and Nashville’s Kyle Turris, who deserve props for powering top-3 teams. – NHL

Power Rankings: Recasting each NHL team as a Star Wars character

The Lightning as Rey? The Penguins as the Death Star? The Canadiens as Darth Vader? Colorado as Lando Calrissian? We channeled our love for both hockey and a galaxy far, far away to identify the Star Wars character who best embodies each team. – NHL

Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Biggest breakthroughs — including a new No. 1

The Steelers’ improved pass rush has helped catapult them to the top. The Rams’ offensive overhaul keeps them high. Case Keenum is still playing at an MVP level, despite the Vikings’ loss. Here’s how the league is stacking up. – NFL

Rest-of-season fantasy hockey rankings

Sean Allen dissects the barren score sheets of last season’s top-three defensemen and provides his latest top-250 rest-of-the-season rankings for fantasy hockey leagues. – NHL

Power Rankings: Players who are victims of Olympics gamesmanship

Olympic hockey is on everyone’s mind this week, given the news about the IOC banning Russia from the 2018 Winter Games. The rankings highlight a player from each team whom we truly, deeply lament will not be playing for his country in South Korea. – NHL

Rest-of-season fantasy hockey rankings

Sean Allen details a handful of available wingers who can make a fantasy impact and provides his latest top-250 rest-of-the-season rankings for fantasy hockey leagues. – NHL

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For this week’s Power Rankings, we took a Turkey Day angle, listing what each team should be thankful for as the tryptophan works its magic. – NHL

What's trending in the NFL: Who rising, falling in Power Rankings?

What's trending in the NFL: Who rising, falling in Power Rankings? – NFL