21 Savage Gifts King Von’s Sister With A 2021 Range Rover & 21 Roses

The Slaughter Gang rapper found out Von had planned to buy the car before he passed.

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Tyga Slapped With $157K Judgement Over Delinquent 2014 Land Rover Payments

2018 BET Awards

Source: FayesVision/WENN.com / WENN

Tyga might be winning on the charts a bit with his new single “Taste” featuring Offset, but he’s still aligned with the struggle as it relates to his finances. The 28-year-old rapper, already facing a lawsuit from club promoters in Dubai, was hit with a $ 157,000 judgment regarding delinquent payments on his leased 2014 Land Rover.

The Blast reports:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Tyga leased a 2014 Land Rover ATB from a company called Midway HFCA. The lawsuit claims Tyga took the car in for repairs with another company, Final Touch Collision, and just never picked it up.

Midway eventually sued Tyga for fraud over defaulting on his lease. The deal was for Tyga to pay $ 3,998 for 36 months and then he had the option to buy the car. He allegedly made several payments but then stopped and at the time was $ 22,739 behind in payments.

They demanded in excess of $ 202,739 in damages from Tyga for not returning the car.

The case has dragged on for months and Tyga never bothered to show up to court.

Late last month, the judge granted a default judgment to Midway against Tyga in the amount of $ 141k in damages, and with interest and legal fees, the grand total hit $ 157,152.60.

Tyga is going to need a few more hit records before this is all said and done.

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Cam’ron Honors Son’s Mother On Instagram, Buys Her A Range Rover

Cam'ron, son and Toy at graduation

Source: Instagram / @mr_camron

Who would have thought Cam’ron was the sentimental type? Today (June 23), the Harlem rapper took to Instagram to honor the mother of his son, who just graduated high school, and it was all types of heartwarming. 

Instagram Photo


Cam is a proud papa as his son—the same little dude from the Come Home With Me cover—is heading to college. But his IG post was to salute and honor his son’s mother, Toy, who he credits for the kid’s success, as well as his sense of style.

“A Eastside story: so the first week When I got to 7th grade, I seen this girl that I automatically loved. She was cute, had swag, and fly jewelry. I found out her name was Toy and she was a grade ahead of me. And she was tuff. I mean could beat up boys, take it to the guns etc. I was like… what kind of 8th grader is this?!,” wrote Cam with a pic of the teenaged couple.

He went on to detail how Toy got him fly, buying him Gucci gear, chains, and how until this day he’s not sure why. Considering how Cam loves to be a trendsetter, him giving kudos out like this is major.

However, Cam admitted being Killa Cam was the doom of their romantic relationship.

“When she became a junior in high school I noticed a big changed in her. She took school more serious and became a honor roll student. Went on to graduate from St. John’s, masters from Delaware st, and another masters back at St. John’s. And also the mother of my son.. We ended up breaking up when I turned about 26 (I think) because of my cheating, lying and trying to peruse a music career that she wanted nothing to do with. She wanted me to go to school and we live a family life. But she understood my vision but she wasn’t going to be a part of it.”

Fast forward, and their son is a high school graduate, and the kid is so thorough, he wanted his dad to give his mother a gift for the milestone.

“I didn’t have a father in my life so I could never tell my son no to anything. But because of her our son had 5 full academic scholarship offers.🙏🏾 and she hates social media. she’s doesn’t have a page etc. So I asked my son.. what kind of car u want for graduating? He said “dad I don’t want a car yet. After I get my associates degree then I’ll rock. But we should get mom a new car. She likes that new Range Rover velar.” I said “WORD!!”

So Cam’rom got her that Range Rover, and some new Gucci gear, too.

How real is that? Big up to co-parenting.

Check out Cam’s full story and footage of the graduation blessings below and by swiping.

Instagram Photo

Photo: Instagram

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K Camp ft. Moneybagg Yo “Racks Like This,” BlocBoy JBft. 21 Savage “Rover 2.0” & More | Daily Visuals 3.23.18

21 Savage In Concert - Atlanta Georgia

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Forget going to the club, sometimes you can find some good women up at the Laundromat.

K Camp seems to be aware of this proven theory and for his Moneybagg Yo assisted clip to “Racks Like This” Camp takes a thick young woman from the Laundromat to living the lavish life complete with candles and fancy wine glasses.

Back in the hood BlocBoy JB links up with 21 Savage and flaunts stacks of paper and big boy toys in the clip to “Rover 2.0.”

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Post Malone featuring Ty Dolla $ ign, T Rell, and more.










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2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke’s Range Rover Repossessed and Returned

Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell lost his ride to the repo man last week, but apparently forked over the cash to get it back. Law enforcement sources tell us … the former 2 Live Crew frontman’s black Range Rover was repossessed at his home in Miramar, FL…


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Range Rover Transparent Trailer Concept

Range Rover is developing a safety concept connecting a camera on the back of trailers with a driver’s rearview mirror eliminating the blindspots of towing.
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News: NASA Deploys Congressional Rover To Search For Funding

WASHINGTON—Calling the program “the most crucial in the agency’s history,” researchers at NASA announced Wednesday they have successfully deployed a Special Exploratory Rover to Congress as part of an open-ended mission to seek out any possible trace of funding on Capitol Hill.

The rover, named Hope, is a remotely operated, semi-autonomous vehicle outfitted with ultra-sensitive equipment that can detect even the smallest amounts of program-sustaining revenue, NASA scientists confirmed. The unmanned explorer will reportedly traverse the chambers of both the Senate and House of Representatives, continuing its search as long as necessary.

“The climate Hope will be navigating is incredibly hostile to this sort of research,” said project manager John L. Callas of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explaining that the rover will collect any deposits of funds it can find, however miniscule. “But we have engineered this vehicle to withstand the most challenging fiscal landscape, having learned …

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The Rover (2014) – David Michod

David Michod - The Rover (2014)  artwork

The Rover (2014)

David Michod

Genre: Thriller

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: June 13, 2014

THE ROVER, David Michôd's highly anticipated follow-up to ANIMAL KINGDOM, is set in a world 10 years following the collapse of society. The rule of the law has disintegrated and life is cheap. The film follows hardened loner Eric (Pearce) as he travels the desolate towns and roads of the outback. When a gang of thieves steals his car, they leave behind a wounded Rey (Pattinson) in their wake. Forcing Rey to help track the gang, Eric will go to any lengths to take back the one thing that still matters to him. Michôd also wrote the film based on a story he conceived with Joel Edgerton.

© © 2013 Rover Film Holdings Pty Limited, Screen Australia, Screen NSW and The South Australian Film Corporation

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