Salt-N-Pepa Denies Screwing Over ‘Bitter’ Spinderella

Salt-N-Pepa’s DJ, Spinderella, is really pushing it by suing her groupmates … mainly because she doesn’t even have her facts straight, at least according to people close to Salt and Pep. Sources connected with group tell TMZ … the ladies think…


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Salt-N-Pepa Talks Struggling In The Male-Dominated Arena Of Hip-Hop: “We Felt Like We Had More To Prove” [Video]

Salt-N-Pepa sat for an interview with Ok! magazine and reflected on more than thirty years of experience in the music industry. The groundbreaking group talks women in rap feeling like they had something to prove back in the day, at a time when rappers were questioning if hip-hop would even last.

“It’s been one of those things in hip-hop, believe it or not, it was a question of would hip-hop even last, then in the later time it was like, damn, we gon’ end up in Vegas one day,” Denton said. “And that used to be a joke  — it was like Vegas was where your career goes to die, and now that’s where you go to live,” James added, referencing the group’s Las Vegas residency.

All these years later, they’re still in the game despite what a hater had to say.

“Women being women in hip hop at a time when it wasn’t that many women, we felt like we had more to prove,” James commented. “There was a lot of thumbs down, ‘they’re not gonna last,’ that type of thing… so we had to go hard in the paint. And, for me personally, I was in college. I always say school is great, but it’s not for everyone. For me, it wasn’t working out and I always wanted to be an entertainer, so it was just… there was no plan B for me. When you think that way, it’s like do this or die. That’s how I felt.”

Watch the clip up top.

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