24 Sèvres’ New Campaign Plays With Parisian Clichés

JE NE SAIS QUOI: For its new media campaign, 24 Sèvres, the global luxury web site owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, is making fun of the usual stereotypes associated with the Parisienne.
Launching today and photographed by Cecy Young, the campaign features four women posing as counter-examples of Parisian clichés in what the online retailer is touting as a refreshing approach to idealized French style, known for its understated and effortless approach to fashion.
The tone is tongue-in-cheek: French model and actress Audrey Marnay is seen wearing a bright yellow Loewe coat on a visual stating “The Parisienne Only Wears Black,” while Nineties icon Georgina Grenville lifts her arms up in a fuzzy Dries Van Noten fake fur coat on the image headlined “The Parisienne Never Shaves.”
Since opening in 2017 as the online arm of Left Bank department store Le Bon Marché, 24 Sèvres has favored a distinctly Parisian point of view in its selection of brands.
“With this campaign, we wanted to highlight our Parisian roots, but also poke a little fun at them, making sure to address both our local consumers and women worldwide,” said Pauline Dollé-Labbé, marketing director at 24 Sèvres.

Louise Follain stars in the new 24 Sèvres

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24 Sèvres Marks One-Year Anniversary With Celebrity Style Tips

LESSONS IN STYLE: As it prepares to celebrate its first anniversary, online retailer 24 Sèvres is launching a new monthly feature that gives celebrity guest editors carte blanche to style four looks culled from items available on the site.
The feature launches on Friday with Leïla Bekhti, known for her roles in “A Prophet” and “All That Glitters.” The French actress pulled a selection of designer brands and contemporary labels, for instance, pairing an asymmetric skirt from Céline with Off-White boots, and a vintage-inspired Miu Miu jumpsuit with stilettos.
“Parisienne style, for me, is practical, it’s the anti-total look. We are all unique women, with our own style. That’s what we should develop, we shouldn’t be copying trends, we should be finding our own,” she said in a statement.

Leïla Bekhti in a look culled from 24 Sèvres. 

Eric Goguey, chief executive officer of 24 Sèvres, said the initiative was part of a move to put style advice at the center of the site, which is the global e-commerce arm of Paris department store Le Bon Marché. “We are trying to offer content that is much more anchored in real life,” he told WWD.
The architects of the site, owned and managed by LVMH Moët

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