Lowe: How NBA players are parenting through the coronavirus shutdown

NBA players and coaches are getting creative with their young kids while they’re all stuck at home.
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‘What’s the least worst thing to do?’ How NBA teams are handling this shutdown

Between now and the resumption of play, NBA teams are facing the most pressing crisis in the sport’s history.
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We-Vibe Launches #UnmutePleasure Campaign Following Instagram Shutdown

After We-Vibe’s Instagram account was shut down earlier this week, the pleasure product manufacturer has fired back at the social media giant, launching an #UnmutePleasure campaign and rallying industry support.
XBIZ.com – Pleasure & Retail

Episode 362 Scott Adams: AOC Derangement Syndrome, Shutdown Persuasion, Wall Funding, and Karate


  • Would-be kidnapper chases victim into karate studio
    • Master Persuader AOC is using Trump’s 2015 play EXACTLY
    • She’s controlling the conversation, attention, energy
  • Wall negotiations, setting persuasion “anchors”
    • Pelosi anchors at zero, down from older offer
    • President Trump re-anchors at 5.6 billion, up from 5
  • Pelosi says “walls are immoral”
    • Shouldn’t we therefore remove ALL border barriers?
  • Building the wall by declaring a national emergency
  • President Trump is branding himself as the reasonable one
  • Some climate change claims are easily debunked
    • Is the Michael Mann hockey stick graph accurate?
    • Is Tony Heller wrong about temperature adjustments?
    • Climate change believers say adjustments went both ways
    • Tony says ALL adjustments went one direction
    • Who is correct?
  • Claim: Multiple ways to measure temps, and they ALL agree
    • Skeptic says Michael Mann’s methodology is flawed
    • Says any random data produces the SAME Mann graph
    • Who is correct?
  • Looking at various climate change claims…
    • Decreasing ice at the poles and the world
    • Rising sea levels around the world
    • Water vapor as the main component of global warming
    • It’s the sun, that’s what is causing climate change

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Chris Harrison Details Production Shutdown, How It Will Play Out On-Air

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ host Chris Harrison details the first days of the season-four shutdown and how it impacted the show, which premieres Aug. 14 and Aug. 15 on ABC.

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American Voices: Planned Parenthood Debate Threatens Government Shutdown

With only seven legislative days to go until a budget decision must be reached for the new fiscal year beginning on October 1, Republicans continue to reject further federal funding for Planned Parenthood, a stalemate that could trigger another government shutdown to the detriment of financial markets. What do you think?

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