Mickey Mantle’s Signed Trump Casino Gambling Cards Hit Auction Block

Forget rookie cards … here’s a WAY cooler piece of baseball memorabilia — Mickey Mantle’s SIGNED Trump casino gambling cards!!! That’s right, the player’s cards Mantle personally used to throw down bets at Donald Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City –…


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The Angels in Heaven Done Signed My Name – Leo “Bud” Welch


The Angels in Heaven Done Signed My Name

Leo "Bud" Welch

Genre: Blues

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: March 8, 2019

© ℗ 2019 Easy Eye Sound

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Blues

Signed to the Streets 3 – Lil Durk

Lil Durk - Signed to the Streets 3  artwork

Signed to the Streets 3

Lil Durk

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: November 9, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Alamo (Interscope Records)

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Hip Hop/Rap

Charlie Sheen Says ‘Hooker’ Knew He Had HIV, Plus She Signed an NDA

Charlie Sheen says the “hooker” suing him for exposing her to HIV is an extortionist, who rolls the dice with STDs on the regular because she’s banged “hundreds, if not thousands,” of guys. Sheen is responding to the lawsuit filed anonymously last summer…


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Spice Girls Have Contracts Signed for Reunion Tour

The Spice Girls have signed contracts for their reunion tour … TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the group tell us, Mel B signed on the dotted line last Friday and we’re told the other members signed as well. TMZ broke the story … the girls have…


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Alessandra Ford Balazs Signed to IMG Models

IMG MODELS SIGNS BALAZS: Alessandra Ford Balazs, model, actress and world traveler, has been signed with IMG Models.
The 28-year-old daughter of Katie Ford, former chief executive officer of Ford Models, and hotelier André Balazs has been working in the TV and film industries. IMG has signed her for modeling. She hadn’t been represented for modeling previously.
Most notably Balazs played the role of Jackie Scabello on Showtime’s “Shameless.” Other TV credits include E!’s comedy series, “After Lately,” Fox’s crime drama “New Amsterdam” and Lifetime TV’s movie, “Racing for Time.”
In addition, Balazs appeared alongside Greta Gerwig and Ben Stiller in Focus Features’ 2010 dramedy, “Greenberg,” and the pulp films homage, “Blood Surf.”  She will soon be seen in “Pushover.”

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Cara Delevingne Signed by IMG Models

CARA’S NEW HOME: Cara Delevingne, the British actress, model and author has switched modeling agencies. IMG Models will represent the 25-year-old for all her modeling gigs. She was previously represented by Women Management in New York and Elite Paris.
WME continues to represent her for her acting roles and other projects.
Delevingne, who has 40.6 million followers on Instagram and 9.8 million followers on Twitter, began her career on the catwalk, becoming a favorite of brands such as Chanel and Burberry, before making a move into acting appearing alongside Keira Knightley in “Anna Karenina.” She then went on to star in 2015’s “Paper Towns.”
Most recently, Delevingne has acted opposite Dane DeHaan in Luc Besson’s “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” and last year appeared alongside Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Viola Davis in DC Comics’ “Suicide Squad.” Next up for Delevingne is “Life in a Year,” where she will appear alongside Jaden Smith and the upcoming Amazon series “Carnival Row,” which will begin production this fall. In addition to her acting work, Delevingne is the face of Puma and Rimmel, and her first novel, titled “Mirror Mirror,” will be released this month.
Last week, Delevingne joined the growing list

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Luke Bryan Set to be Second Judge on ‘American Idol’, Hasn’t Signed Quite Yet

Luke Bryan has reportedly landed the second seat as a judge on the rebooted “American Idol” series alongside Katy Perry – but our sources say the the deal is NOT officially done … not yet, at least. According to reports … Luke is confirmed as…


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Why Woman Who Signed Postnup Wants It Thrown Out

Karie and Michael agree they had “instant chemistry” that was “off the charts” when they first met online, and they ended up getting married. Six years in, however, Karie says Michael dropped a bomb on her: a postnuptial agreement.

In the video above, Karie claims she felt she was pressured to sign it. “Michael said, ‘If you don’t do it, I’m going to leave you right here and now, and you’re going to have nothing,'” Karie claims. “I signed the postnup because he bullied me. Now I don’t get any protection whether I stay in my marriage or not. I feel like I was scammed and deceived by my husband.”

Michael, on the other hand, says Karie is making an issue where there isn’t one. “What Karie needs to know about the postnuptial agreement is that number one, it only applies if we get divorced, and number two, if she’s fully committed in the relationship then it’s not an issue,” he says. “I don’t think the postnup should be tossed out … It’s a contract that you both agree to that you sign [about] how you’re going to control what happens in case of a divorce. We don’t have to pay lawyers $ 350 an hour to figure it out for us. We’ve already figured it out ourselves.”

But Karie sees it differently, saying that if they divorced she’d be left with no security or access to Michael’s money. “I live in constant fear of Michael leaving me. And I am not getting any younger. I’m not pretty. I just want this postnup to be thrown away,” she says.

Is the postnup legally binding? Does this couple want to stay married? Should they? Watch more on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

Also on HuffPost:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Hasn’t Signed Four Year Old Divorce Papers: Can He Do That?

How long does it take to sign divorce papers? If you are Arnold Schwarzenegger, four years… and counting.

Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shriver, filed for divorce in 2011 after the shocking revelation that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child outside their marriage. According to a report from TMZ, the actor and former governor of California still hasn’t signed the divorce papers.

TMZ’s sources say that there are no remaining issues holding up the process, save a simple sign off by the former Governator.

Whatever his reasons for dragging his feet might be, I found my self wondering not “why would he do that?” but “can he do that?”

Since I am not a lawyer – although I played one in a not-even-good-enough-for-youtube comedy short once – I asked David Wilkinson of Wilkinson & Finkbeiner in Orange County and Steven Kampf of the Kampf Law Firm in San Diego.

First, can Arnold do that? Simply not sign?

“It depends. There are two types of divorce cases, uncontested and contested.  If Shriver and the Terminator were trying to do an uncontested divorce case without any court action, then she would have to wait for him to sign a settlement agreement.  There is nothing she could do to force him to agree or sign a divorce judgment.  However, if she wants to apply some pressure to get him to sign, then there are certain things she could try.” – David Wilkinson

What happens if – like Arnold – you don’t sign your divorce papers?

“If another party doesn’t respond to a divorce petition, the other party can seek a Default Judgment against them.  If there is no response after 30 days, they can file a request to enter a default judgment.  Once this is done, the court will usually set a court date for a default judgment prove up; that is a court hearing where the one party would go and prove everything they allege or request in their petition that was never responded to.  This is the proper route to take in this situation.
Now, if the Governator did respond to the original petition (which is very likely or Maria would have already gotten a default judgment against him), then the best thing for her to do would be to address this at the Family Resolution Conference (aka Status Conference).  The court automatically sets these FRCs about every six months.  Basically the purpose of a FRC is to see the status of the case.”  – Steven Kampf

What would Maria’s options be to get this divorce finalized?

“Assuming Arnold has any sort of lawyer working on his case, they would never let a default happen. Instead, she could propound discovery, start taking depositions, etc.  This may prompt Arnold to take action to finish the case.

She could file an “At Issue Memorandum” with the court, requesting that the court set a Mandatory Settlement Conference or trial (this depends on what’s been done in the case to date). Note, judges are under relatively strict “orders” to make sure cases get concluded in a timely fashion.  There is nothing prohibiting the judge from hauling everyone into court and setting deadlines, etc.

Ultimately, there are a series of laws that allow the court to “fast track” a case, set discovery deadlines, etc.  This is probably Maria’s best course of action.  They can mediate the case, hire a privately compensated judge (usually a retired judge) to handle the case (which will certainly speed things along), etc.  They would both have to agree to this course of action, however.” – David Wilkinson

Are there any real legal ramifications for Arnold or someone in a similar situation?

“If Arnold continues to drag his feet, Maria could tell the court that Arnold is failing to participate after filing his response to the petition. The court can then do a number of things to get him to participate, one being finding him in contempt of court (more on that here). She could also file a request for Order for sanctions on Arnold for various reasons if he is not complying with certain statutory timelines, etc.” – Steven Kampf

Is this kind of thing common in divorce cases?
“Believe it or not, no this is not that common.  A true default case rarely happens unless parties have zero assets and no kids.  The latter case is even more rare, when a party responds to a petition or participates for a bit and then disappears.  This is because the court has the power to punish someone for failing to participate (after their initial filing) by ordering sanctions, or finding someone in contempt for ailing to abide by court orders.  They can also move the case along without the party participating.” – Steven Kampf

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Iggy Azalea Says She’s Still Signed To T.I., Takes Issue With Him Speaking In Public

(AllHipHop News) During an interview with Hot 97, Grand Hustle boss T.I. left the impression he was no longer working with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. The “Fancy” performer has now responded to her mentor’s statements.

[ALSO READ: Iggy Azalea Was Shocked Regarding T.I’s Comments On Hot 97]

Iggy sent out a series of tweets yesterday (September 17) addressing the reports T.I. is distancing himself from her. The posts included Iggy stating she is still signed to Tip. She also contends he was wrong for airing personal issues on a public platform and suggests he will “clarify” his comments.

Iggy1 Iggy2 Iggy3 Iggy4

[ALSO READ: T.I. On Iggy Azalea Facing Public Pressure: “Suck This Up” (VIDEO)]

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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Connor Talks ‘Compton’ Studio Sessions with Dr. Dre, the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Movie, and Getting Signed to Aftermath

On Tuesday, August 11, AllHipHop.com had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Aftermath recording artist (and AHH Breeding Ground alumni), Jon Connor.  The Flint, Michigan, native’s skills and tireless dedication to his craft have really been paying off as late.  Not only did he sign with the legendary Dr. Dre, but he also made two outstanding contributions to Dre’s Compton offering.connor-dre

During our conversation, Connor, among other things, broke down what its like working with one of the best producers to ever do it, shared memories of being on the set for Straight Outta Compton, and hinted that he has more dope music on the way.

One of the things he said to me while wrapping up was, “At the end of the day, I’m a fan of Hip-Hop just like everybody else.  I’m one of the people.”  And that is something which, even with all his success, has never evaded him.

If Connor continues to build on his already strong pillars of talent, respect for Hip-Hop culture, and gratitude for his fans, he will have a long and successful career which surpasses the competition.

It’s still Aftermath and there ain’t goin’ be nothin’ after that!

AllHipHop.com: Thank you so much for taking time to speak me and AllHipHop.com.  We really appreciate it.  You and I have talked before and that was a real pleasure, so I’ve been looking forward to this interview.

Jon Connor: I want to say back, the same thing with you all.  It’s mutual.  I appreciate you all and the way you have always supported me from day one.  It’s always a pleasure, man.

First off, congratulations on the Compton album.  Are you pleased with the response it has been getting?

Yes, there has been an overwhelming love.  And just knowing that everybody has been so excited and finally we get this project from Dre that people have been waiting so long for.  The love is overwhelming; the response has been amazing.  And the way it’s going hand-in-hand with the Straight Outta Compton movie, you couldn’t ask for a better platform or set up.

I’ve seen social media pics of you, Dre, and others in the studio where you’ve referred to yourself as a “student.”  What would you say is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from these sessions?

There’s so many because, with Dre, Dre is the greatest producer of all-time.  For me, he’s like the Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop.  So the thing is, everyday you’re constantly learning.  I’d say one of the greatest things I’ve learned from Dre is that greatness is in the details.  Don’t let anything slide.  If you’re tired or haveDre, Game, Jon Connor been working for 12 hours and are ready to go to sleep, you still put in the same effort and the same time as when you first got there.  Work your hardest until you can barely keep your eyes open.  If you have to go through every song and comb through every lyric and melody and harmony and cadence, you do it because he [Dr. Dre] has a commitment to greatness.  We all call Dr. Dre the greatest of all-time and I’m just fortunate and blessed enough to be able to be at the studio and understand why.  I’ve always thought I had a grind and hard work ethic in me, but, by being around Dre, it just got taken to another level.

Just to follow up with that, to paint a picture, have you been in the studio with Dre where you’ve watched him make a beat?  Or has it been where he has pulled up an instrumental and asked you to write to it?  How does that whole process work?

That process is actually different from record to record.  There are joints where I was actually there for the conception of the music.  Like “One Shot One Kill,” I was there when that beat got made.  “One Shot One Kill” is like my baby *laughs*.  I watched it go from an idea and a sample to the addition of the live instrumentation and Snoop and everything that it eventually ended up becoming.  But it’s different from record to record, Dre is the type of cat where it’s all based on the feel.  If he’s feeling it and the vibe and the energy is there… he doesn’t care how the creative process happens.  The one common denominator in every record is that the vibe and positive energy is there.

That’s actually a great segue into one of my other questions.  What went through your head when you first found out that you were given song credit as the lead performing artist on “One Shot One Kill” as opposed to just being a guest feature?

I still don’t know if that has completely soaked into my brain.  It’s crazy.  I have a record with me featuring Snoop Dogg on Dr. Dre’s last album.  That’s beyond anything I could have ever dreamed.  It feels amazing.  Statik Selektah hit me and he said, “You are forever etched in Hip-Hop history.”  And the magnitude of that statement, I don’t know if I’ll ever really be able to fathom or truly understand it.  All I know is that it’s an amazing feeling and honestly it’s hard for me to even put it in words.

And then, of course, there’s “For the Love of Money”  which you also appear on.  Prior to telling a friend about this interview, he sent me a screenshot of his phone with that song highlighted and a caption which read “This song is on repeat.”  He told me how he looked you up, and I said that I’d been following your work for years.  You’re satisfying old fans and getting new ones.  It’s a beautiful thing, bro.

And with that I want to say ‘thank you’ and tell your man I said, ‘thank you‘ too.  It’s an amazing time.  This is my dream.  I’m a kid from Flint, Michigan, man.  It’s one of the most poverty-stricken places in the United States and so for us to be talking about the things we’re talking about, I’m truly humbled by that and I just to let the people know there’s more where that came from and I’ll forever be thankful to Dre for giving me this platform.  And I want to thank AllHipHop because you’ve all been rocking with me for years and y’all know the grind that I’ve put down and how hard I worked for this.  And with Dre, he saw and understood me as an artist and believed in me enough to give me a platform.  I’m just humbled by all of this.

One of the things I did to prepare for this is I went back and listened to “Big Brother” off of your Best in the World series.  And listened to how you described the whole scenario where Dre signed you.  How did that situation play out?

Yo, it was three phone calls and a flight.  There was the initial call when Xzibit hit me like, “Yo, I’m gonna let Dre hear your music.”  Then the second call was, “Okay, give me 10 songs you want Dre to hear.”  Then the third call was, “Dre wants you to be in California tomorrow.”  When I got to California, I was working the whole time.  Think about it, man.  I’m from Flint.  If you’re from Flint, you think Dr. Dre lives on like Mars or Jupiter.  And so for him to like your music… he was just playing beats and I rapped every verse I ever wrote.  I was pulling out verses from high school.  I was like I’m not leaving this house until Dr. Dre falls in love with what I do.  Whatever he needed to hear, I was gonna spit it.  It got to the point where I rapped so much, he finally just stopped the music and was like, “Alright, what do you want to do?”  And that was the moment that changed my life.

Thoughts on Straight Outta Compton?

It’s crazy, my experiences with the movie because I was fortunate enough to go on the set as they were making the movie.  There’s no weirder feeling, I was on the set one day where they were shooting a scene with the characters that play Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole.  And I’m sitting in one of these chairs on set as the real Dr. Dre and Nicole are sitting in front of me.  I leaned into Dre and was like, “Man, do you feel crazy right now?”  When I got signed to Aftermath, the movie was still at its infant stage where they still coming up with the script and picking actors.  I had a chance to legitimately watch this movie grow and become what it has become…  I think people already know it’s going to be good because it’s the story of N.W.A and we all want to see it,  but just the attention to detail that Gary, Dre, and Cube put into the movie – I think it’s going to surprise people because they’ll be things about N.W.A and their relationship and how things went down that none of us as fans knew.  It’s a great movie for Hip-Hop and a great movie in the sense of just being a great movie. 

Jumping back to music, do you have any more “Best in the World” stuff coming out or is your next release going to be your Aftermath debut with original music?

You know what?  I don’t want to give away too much, but just know that the things that I am working on are almost done.  And we are so close to completion, it’s crazy.  But right now though, I just want the people to enjoy Compton.  For me right now, it’s all about Dre and thirty years plus of the greatest to ever do it.  It’s Dre Day!

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Eurovision Song Contest To Be Signed For Deaf Viewers For First Time In History

Cue the signing!

In light of Conchita Wurst’s barrier-breaking win last year, the Eurovision Song Contest has decided to include sign language interpreters during broadcasts of the massive competition. A team of six interpreters will help translate the songs into International Sign, a broad-ranging version of non-spoken language that can reach a majority of deaf viewers.

The annual competition, now in its 60th year, attracts around 180 million viewers worldwide. An estimated 750,000 deaf or partially deaf people live in the European Union, according to the European Center for Modern Languages.

“We always say that music is a language which is understood by everyone,” a spokesperson for ORF TV, the Austrian network broadcasting the contest, said. “We felt that we should make this [a] reality, and to offer music to everyone, including deaf people.”

A preview video of the contest’s signers already looks pretty epic.

Earlier this year, a video of interpreter Tommy Krångh performing a song during a Swedish singing competition went viral, thanks to his gusto and spot-on signing.

Despite that signer’s enthusiasm, Kathrin Zechner, managing director ORF TV, said the Eurovision interpreters were there to supplement the contest, not steal the spotlight, the BBC reported.

“They are supporting and interpreting for the artist and the viewers,” she said. “They are stars but they are not ego-centric; they’re spreading the emotion.”

The finals of the Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on May 23. Nine countries — Austria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Slovenia — will broadcast the sign language translations, which will also be viewable online.

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Fuller House Just Got Fuller! Check Out Who Signed On

Full HouseRejoice: the Tanners are getting back together! Every single Tanner—for at least an episode. 

When Netflix announced its new rebooted series, Fuller House, was heading to the…

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Drake — Torpedoes Own Movie, But There’s Proof He Signed Off On It!!

Drake may claim he has nothing to do with his concert film hitting theaters this week — but there’s a piece of paper with his Aubrey Graham all over it that proves otherwise … TMZ has learned. Sources connected with production of “Drake’s Homecoming:…


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Faith Newman: ‘Who Is This Kid? And I Signed Him’

The music exec who signed Nas to Columbia Records and helped make his debut album, the much-lauded Illmatic, on her path into the business and New York hip-hop in the ’80s and ’90s.

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