Harden says streak reflects necessity of situation

James Harden, who has scored 30 points in 31 consecutive games to tie Wilt Chamberlain’s second-longest streak, stressed in a sit-down interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that the Rockets needed him to go on the run.
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Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Officially Booked into Prison

[[tmz:video id=”1_wbtgxdbb”]] 9:12 AM PT — The Sitch is on his way to lockup, and just posted a video to all his fans. He promises to be a better version of himself once he gets out and also makes a few plugs for his social media account. Sorrentino…


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Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Gets Surrender Date for Prison

For a guy who’s going to prison, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s got a lot to smile about because he won’t be locked up until next year … TMZ has learned. According to docs filed Monday … Sitch must surrender to the Bureau of Prisons no sooner than…


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Episode 263 Scott Adams: Explaining the Khashoggi Situation


  • Did the crown prince authorize what happened to Khashoggi?


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It’s a win-or-else CFP situation in key Pac-12, Big Ten games

A Saturday loss could spell CFP elimination for LSU and Michigan, but results in two key Pac-12 games just might KO the entire conference’s CFP shot.
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Episode 177 Scott Adams: Solving the NFL Kneeling Situation and Making Everyone Happy About It


  • Is there any conversational engagement between BLM and law enforcement authorities to move the ball forward?
  • If there is…why don’t we know about it?
  • If there isn’t…shouldn’t there be?


I fund my Periscopes and podcasts via audience micro-donations on Patreon. I prefer this method over accepting advertisements or working for a “boss” somewhere because it keeps my voice independent. No one owns me, and that is rare. I’m trying in my own way to make the world a better place, and your contributions help me stay inspired to do that.

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Episode 109: How to Fix the Border “Cages” Situation Using Psychology


  • A complete failure by Democrats, Republicans, President Trump
    • Democrats won’t fix because it’s a GREAT election issue
    • Republicans won’t fix because nobody on either side has a viable alternative
  • The solution needs to address BOTH the short-term and long-term
    • Republicans are the “Parental” party, long-term thinking
    • Democrats are the “Why can’t we only eat candy?” party, short-term thinking
  • Physical components of the issue
    • They’re fleeing danger and hunger to come here
    • The holding facilities are better than what they are fleeing from
    • The holding facilities are temporary
  • Psychological components of the Issue
    • Public focus makes the issue important
    • MSM riding the issue mercilessly
    • Manufactured hysteria for political advantage
    • Liberal propaganda?  YES
    • Very effective?  YES
  • System to allow parents to view their kids in separate holding facility?
    • See that the kids are there and okay


I fund my Periscopes and podcasts via audience micro-donations on Patreon. I prefer this method over accepting advertisements or working for a “boss” somewhere because it keeps my voice independent. No one owns me, and that is rare. I’m trying in my own way to make the world a better place, and your contributions help me stay inspired to do that.

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Mike ”The Situation” Sorrentino Plans to Set a ”Good Example” for Sober Living on Jersey Shore

Mike SorrentinoExpect to meet a completely different Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino when Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres.
Almost a decade has passed since the MTV reality series first…

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Mike ‘The Situation’ Shuns Alcohol in ‘Jersey Shore’ Reunion’s First Night Out

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino went booze-less during the “Jersey Shore” cast’s first official night out. Paps got Mike out Tuesday night with the rest of his GTL crew at a South Beach club, and he was clutching a Red Bull can the entire time.…


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Solving the North Korea Situation

I have some spare time this morning so I thought I would solve the North Korean nuclear threat problem.

The current frame on how all sides are approaching the problem is a win-lose setup. Either North Korea wins – and develops nukes that can reach the mainland USA – or the United States wins, and North Korea abandons its nuclear plans, loses face, loses leverage, and loses security. Our current framing of the situation doesn’t have a path to success. 

So how do you fix that situation?

First we must acknowledge that a win-lose model has no chance of success in this specific case because North Korea responds to threats by working harder to build nukes. That’s no good. You need some form of a win-win setup to make any kind of deal. That’s what I’m about to suggest. And by winning, I mean both sides get what they need, even if it isn’t exactly what they said they want

What the U.S. wants is a nuclear-free North Korea. That would be our win.

What North Korea wants is an ironclad national defense, prestige, prosperity, and maybe even reunification of the Koreas on their terms. So let me describe a way to get there. 

The main principle to keep in mind is that you can almost always reach a deal when two parties want different things. If we frame the situation as North Korea wanting nuclear weapons, and the U.S. not wanting them to have those nukes, no deal can be reached. There is no way for North Korea to simultaneously have nukes while having no nukes.

So you need to reframe the situation. The following deal structure does that.

Proposed North Korean Peace Deal

China, Russia, and U.S. sign a military security agreement to protect


North Korea and South Korea from attack


for 100 years, in return for North Korea suspending its ICBM and nuclear weapons programs and allowing inspectors to confirm they are sticking to the deal.

At the end of a hundred years, North Korea and South Korea agree to unify under one rule. No other details on how that happens will be in the agreement. North Korea will be free to tell its people that the Kim dynasty negotiated to be the rulers of the unified country in a hundred years. South Korea will be free to announce that unification is a goal with no details attached. We will all be dead in 100 years, so we can agree to anything today. (That’s the key to making this work – all players will be dead before the end of it.)

The U.S. withdraws military assets from South Korea.

South Korea and North Korea reduce their non-nuclear military assets that point at each other.

Over the course of the 100-year deal, there could be a number of confidence-building steps in the agreement. For example, in ten years you might have a robust tourist arrangement. In twenty years, perhaps you can do business across borders. In fifty years, perhaps a unified currency (by then digital).

A hundred years is plenty of time for the Kim family to make their fortunes and move to Switzerland, or wherever, before unification is an issue. The deal might require some sort of International amnesty agreement for any North Korean leaders looking to get out of the country before unification.

Under this proposed deal structure all sides get what they want. North Korea’s leader can tell his people that their nuclear program was a big success because it resulted in the United States withdrawing forces, and it led to an eventual Korean unification on his terms. There is no opposition press in North Korea to dispute that framing. This looks like total victory to North Korea. That’s a win.

For the United States, a credible deal to get rid of North Korean nukes is a win. China and Russia would look like the adults in the room. They win too.

South Korea wins too, obviously. 

And this deal would probably result in Nobel Peace Prizes for the leaders of all countries involved. 

Students of history will recall that Great Britain agreed to lease Hong Kong from China for 99 years to avoid any risk of China taking Hong Kong militarily. The long lease period allowed both countries to agree to a deal that could not have been reached for a shorter time period. And it gave everyone time to plan for the peaceful transfer. No two situations are alike, but you can see how a hundred-year deal makes it easy to agree to difficult things today. We’ll all be dead before any of it matters. And if you work toward a common goal for a hundred years, the odds are good that it can happen. One way or another.

This is the sort of deal that would have been impossible in prior years. But the Trump administration understands the structure of dealmaking. This solution is available for the taking.

Update: President Trump tweeted that trade between China and North Korea is up 40% in the first quarter. Look at how he frames it:

This is what I have been describing as Trump’s go-to strategy of creating two ways to win and no way to lose. In this case, China either clamped down on North Korea (we win), or we can say we tried to get them to help and they refused.

That’s a free pass to do whatever we need to do, no matter how much China dislikes it. Hey, we tried it the other way. Clearly it didn’t work.

And it sets the table for all sides to get more serious about solving this non-militarily. Would you want President Trump to have a free pass to kill you?

My suggested deal structure is the only non-military option, as far as I can tell.

You might enjoy reading my book because I should get the Nobel Peace Prize for unifying North and South Korea with my excellent ideas.

I’m also on…

Twitter (includes Periscope): @scottadamssays​

YouTube: At this link.

Instagram: ScottAdams925

Facebook Official Page: fb.me/ScottAdamsOfficial

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The Situation — Jersey Score Settled … $5k for Bouncy Paychecks

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino got a slap on the wrist from his home state for screwing up paychecks to employees at his failed tanning salon. New Jersey’s Division of Wage and Hour Compliance filed a lawsuit against Sitch earlier this year because –…


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Beanie Sigel Calls Meek Mill/Drake Situation “Gay”, Warns Someone Could Get Killed

(AllHipHop News) Over the last few weeks, plenty of people have weighed in on the Meek Mill versus Drake drama. Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel has now shared his thoughts on the battle which later drew in Ar-Ab. The Broad Street Bully does not seem to be feeling the entire situation, and he even offered advice to fellow Philly rappers Meek and Ab.

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Read Beanie Sigel’s statements via Instagram below.

Typical house niggas quick to turn they back on their own people!
I hate yall D*ck heads

Now that I’ve got your attention! I think a lot of you are misinterpreting what I’m saying… See this thing bigger than Nino Brown.. First & foremost who really care about Meek & Drake rap beef…That hole situation gay.. Meek said what he said and Drake did what he did !!! Bottom line. ..
I’m not choosing sides in none of this sh*t..
For one I can care less plus it’s none of my business. .. I know ,Why would Meek care if Drake didn’t write his own sh*t I don’t know.. I’m going to still bang Drake sh*t just like everybody else is because nobody cares point blank.. I know, why would Meek diss Ar. I don’t know… You have to choose your battles carefully and be prepared for the outcome good or bad.. But this about to move somewhere else beyond rap..
“A wise man don’t learn from his own mistakes ,he learns from the mistakes of other.. I told yall “I go through it so you WOULDN’T do it after me”. ..
Somebody mite die over this stupid sh*t.. it won’t be Ar.,Meek, or Drake.. it’s going to be one of the entourage … Somebody going to move out to prove they loyalty to something that’s not loyal to them “stupidity ” somebody dies somebody in jail for life over what. You’ll be lucky if a n*gga get you a lawyer send you some flicks & commissary money for a couple months…good luck on that dark skin Jermaine… But what do I know.. I’m just a washed up rapper right? RIGHT ! .. This the sh*t that happens when you turn your back on your people… You don’t advise them on what’s right.. You Don’t tell them they acting like a sucker when they doing sucker sh*t!!! Advice to [AR-Ab] don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe & sacrifice something or someone over this gay sh*t…do your thing and get your money homie..
Advise to [Meek Mill] tighten up your circle, Get them yes men from around you that’s not going to keep it

How to Survive a Real-Life “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Situation

Ever wonder what you’d do if a gang of genetically engineered apes took over the planet? Host Quinn Beswick talks to scientists, sociologists, and survivalists for tips on what to do if you find yourself in a real-life Dawn of the Planet of the Apes situation.
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Kid Is Having A Whole Lotta Trouble Getting This Kitten ‘Situation’ Under Control

This kid has a cat-tastrophe on his hands! Or so he thinks. 

A video shared on YouTube features a boy named Ryder from Cedar Falls, Iowa, trying to herd five kittens and getting a tad bit overwhelmed in the cutest way possible. The best part? He calls the little felines “situations.”  

Watch as Ryder attempts to gather the kittens to his blanket. But anytime he goes to retrieve a kitten, more follow him, leaving the blanket designated for his furry flock. 

“Oh! Now we got some more situations!” the adorable little fella says

Ryder’s mom, Lisa Richter, told The Huffington Post that the original video is much longer and her son actually broke a sweat trying to get all the kittens in one place. It’s OK, Ryder. We really admire your perseverance! 

Richter told HuffPost that Ryder won’t have his hands quite so full for long. The kittens, who belong to a friend, are currently under the family’s care and Richter says they’ve decided to adopt two of them. The other three, however, are still looking for homes.

If you’re interested in the art of kitten herding, and would like to provide a forever home for one of the felines, you can reach out to Richter here. Your local shelter also has lots of kittens and cats looking for homes and a loving owner to herd them. 


Also on HuffPost: 

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50 Cent Talks Making Fun Of Himself, Warns Others About Clowning His Bankruptcy Situation

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent is known for cracking jokes on his fellow rappers, but the G-Unit boss is not afraid to clown himself as well. After the world found out he has filed for bankruptcy, the Queens representative posted a picture on Instagram making fun of the situation.

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Yesterday (July 14), 50 was a guest on ESPN2’s His & Hers. Hosts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill asked Fif about his IG picture.

“If you do it to other people, you can’t take yourself that serious. People love tragedy,” said 50. “It’s like the way they’d put LeBron’s face up after the championship. But you was just rooting for LeBron, right? Because it was feeling like he was gonna win it by himself.”

The producer of the hit Starz program Power would not go into much detail about filing for bankruptcy, but 50 did offer a slick warning to any of his rivals that may want to use the situation to send shots his way.

“I watch people do it, and you let them enjoy themselves for a moment. Then it starts to shift, because they realize [me filing for bankruptcy is] not what they think it is,” added 50. “I just watch to see which one of them says something, because I’m gonna see you in a little bit.”

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Lauryn Hill Scraps U.K. Show, Blames Her ‘Past Legal Situation’

Lauryn Hill has canceled a concert in the U.K. after claiming she was barred from entering the country due to her “past legal situation.”…
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Ex-MLB Player Darryl Hamilton’s Death — Girlfriend’s Ex Called 911 … Sounds Like a Violent Situation

90s Major Leaguer Darryl Hamilton was killed by his girlfriend in what police are calling a murder-suicide — and right before the shooting … she begged her ex-husband to call cops. The 911 call was placed by Monica…


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The Situation — Help!! My Legal Eagle Is Flying the Coop

The Situation’s lawyer has the same problem as the US government … they both say he ain’t paying ’em — which leaves Sitch even further up you-know-what creek without a paddle.  Richard Sapinski has been representing Mike…


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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About That Natalia Kills ‘X Factor’ Situation

Confused by that whole Natalia Kills/Willy Moon/’X Factor’ New Zealand thing? It’s OK. We’re here to help.

Confused About Young Thug’s Label Situation? This Interview May Confuse You More

Young Thug tries to explain which label he’s signed to.