The 7 Best Bright Spring Sneakers for 2019

There’s never been a better time to wear sneakers. Once a humble footwear item designed specifically for athletic pursuits, sneakers have become elevated into the world of high fashion, and envelope-pushing designs abound. Picking up a fresh, bright pair of new sneakers is a great way to make a statement this spring.

The Top 5 Training Shoes for Cardio, CrossFit, Lifting Weights, and More in 2019


From tried-and-true classics like Converse One Stars to top-tier examples from storied fashion houses like Versace, there’s truly a sneaker for everyone nowadays. But you don’t have to be a hypebeast to pull off wearing a pair. Below, we rounded up seven sneaks that deserve your consideration this season.

New Balance 247 Mesh

[$ 69-$ 129;]

Fratelli Rossetti

[$ 450;]

Bottega Veneta Speedster Sneaker

[$ 790;]

Adidas Yung-96

[$ 100;]

Converse One Star Dark Star Vintage Suede Low Top

[$ 75;]

Versace Chain Reaction

[$ 995;]

Heirloom Morrison Sneaker

[$ 395;]

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What Consumers Want: Gucci, Sneakers, Brand Collabs

MILAN — Gucci is the world’s most desirable brand, according to global fashion search platform Lyst’s fourth-quarter ranking of the industry’s hottest names and products in 2018.
After giving away the top spot to Off-White over the summer, the Italian fashion house regained its position as the most researched label online from October to December.
Analyzing the shopping behavior of more than five million monthly customers browsing and buying items across 12,000 designers and online stores, Lyst compiled its quarterly index, taking into account Google search data, conversion rates and sales, as well as social media metrics, including brand and product mentions and engagement statics.
“We’ve added social media as one of the factors because it’s so influential now,” said Lyst’s chief partnerships officer Jenny Cossons.
“I am sure that most of the success Gucci is having is the fact that at all price points and at all ages, people want to share it. The fact that my children know Gucci but don’t know some of these other bigger, established brands is super interesting. It’s also an adjective in London, people are like ‘That’s so Gucci’ even if it’s not Gucci, so it has transformed culture, it’s beyond fashion now, and I think that’s

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The Perfect Fall Pairing: Cashmere Sweater, Relaxed-Fit Pants, and White Sneakers

It’s worth repeating: The key to making casual refined is perfect pairing. Weekend staples can mesh with your high-end pieces, dressing up what was once a purely casual look. Case in point: This fall outfit turns track pants into a sleek ensemble you’ll want to wear every day of the week.

How to Layer Your Clothes This Fall Like an Expert

The Hugo Boss Banks2 dress pants/sweats hybrid punches way above its weight class alongside this Polo Ralph Lauren wool-cashmere blend crewneck sweater. The Hugo Boss white sneakers are just icing.

Hugo Boss Banks2 dress pants/sweats
Courtesy of Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Fashion Show Capsule relaxed-fit pants with satin tape
[$ 398;]

Hugo Boss white sneaker
Courtesy of Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss tennis-style sneakers in burnished leather
[$ 398;]


Polo Ralph Lauren Washable Cashmere Sweater
Courtesy Image

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The Most Stylish Sneakers to Wear With a Suit

Stylish sneakers should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. If you’re wearing high-end sweats, the kicks should match. More so, if you want to pull off the sneakers-and-suit trend, you need to choose wisely.



For starters, never pair your gym shoes with your casual or formal getups. Elevate your look by investing in a pair of clean, stylish sneakers that exude a cool, effortless vibe.

We’ve highlighted four of our favorites for fall 2018.

How to Layer Your Clothes This Fall Like an Expert

Ben Sherman sneaker
Ben Sherman sneaker Jamie Chung


Ben Sherman adds a dash of color to white staples. [$ 100;]

Navy Morrrison Sneaker
Navy Morrrison Sneaker (middle) Jamie Chung


Heirloom refines casual with their retro, navy Morrison Sneaker. We especially like the suede toe and heel overlays. [$ 395;]

Santoni all-white sneaker
Santoni all-white sneaker Jamie Chung


Santoni’s all-white pair really shine. Pair ’em with denim or a suit. [$ 580;]

Ermenegildo Zegna Couture sneakers
Ermenegildo Zegna Couture sneakers Jamie Chung


The Ermenegildo Zegna Couture kicks the form to a new level with blue leather panels. The contrast is eye-catching and sure to turn heads this season. [$ 695;]




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The best and worst of LeBron James’ signature sneakers

Before the LeBron 16 drops next week, we look back at King James’ signature line, ranking all 15 previous models. – NBA

10 best black sneakers for men

Fall and winter are upon us, and there’s nothing we can do to bring the warm weather back. But what you can do is up your sneaker game with a pair of stylish, all-black kicks that you can throw on with literally anything—while still showing off your individual style.

There’s something in here for everyone. You can either keep a low profile with a pair of trainers, or you can try to keep up with the times and jump on the trendy “dad sneaker” fad. Regardless of your style, we focused on more reasonably priced shoes, so you don’t have to break the bank just to walk out the door every morning.

Take a spin through our gallery, and see what a bevy of manufactures have to offer for the colder months.

1. Air Zoom Spiridon by Nike

Although Adidas has eaten up much of Nike’s share of the footwear sphere over the last few years, Nike has definitely made a strong resurgence in 2017, specifically when it comes to trainers. That push continues with cozy, yet sleek models like the Air Zoom Spiridon.

This versatile look has the perfect height to sit under your joggers, while still looking smart and causal with a pair of cuffed jeans or chinos. ($ 150.00,

Courtesy Image

2. Old School by Vans

You shouldn’t need an explanation on why you need a pair of Vans in your closet as temperatures begin to drop, but just in case you do: The Vans Old School is a wardrobe staple for its simplicity and durability. This all-leather model specifically makes the look even better, because the shoe will acquire that gritty vintage look as you trudge through the winter.

As far as wearing them, just about anything goes with these (yes, even with suit pants, if done properly). ($ 70.00,

Courtesy Image

3. 990 by New Balance

New Balance sometimes doesn’t get the credit it should in the footwear space, but it definitely needs a round of applause for helping to usher in the trendiness of the “dad sneaker”. They’re contributing some of the best models in the realm, right alongside high-end designers like Balenciaga and Adidas by Raf Simmions.

When styling your New Balances, avoid extremely tailored pants, as they’ll just further emphasize the shoe’s bulkiness—unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for. ($ 210.00,

Courtesy Image

4. Gazelle by Adidas

Tons of head-turning new Adidas Originals hit the market every week, but if you’re looking for a timeless tennis shoe, the Gazelle is the way to do it.

Throw these sleek shoes on with almost any crazy combination of pants and shirt, and you can almost guarantee the Gazelle can handle it effortlessly. If you’re aiming for that New York or DMC look, loosen up your laces and take your casual vibes to the next level. ($ 80,

Courtesy Image

5. Workout Low by Reebok

Nothing against Kanye West, but the rapper’s limited-edition Adidas Powerphase appears to have drawn inspiration from this classic Reebok trainer, and for good reason. The sneaker definitely has that throwback vibe, and its classic black-on-gum-sole style pretty much guarantees that it’ll look great no matter what.

This is another versatile look on the list, but your best bet is to pair these with joggers. If you want to take your hypebeast profile to the next level, pair them with the new Yeezy Calabasas Track Pant ($ 120), which is set to debut in the U.S. on October 8, and go international November 22. ($ 70,

Courtesy Image

6. Fenty Suede Cleated Creeper by Puma

For the men out there who may be a little challenged in the height category, this is the shoe for you, thanks to its iconic, chunky sole. It’s also an excellent option this fall and winter, just like the original non-cleated version of the shoe.

To wear these right, though, you’ll need to put in a little bit of effort. A pair of cropped, tailored jeans with a frayed hem will do the job. Don’t be afraid to break out the wildest socks you own as well. ($ 160,

Courtesy Image

7. Low Mondo Ripple Nardo by Filling Pieces

There are only so many things an all-black sneaker can do to stand out, but this Filling Pieces model definitely does the job. According to the website, Filling Pieces are “handmade with great care in Portugal, using only the finest Italian materials.” This option is a bit pricey, but you’ll be gaining ground in the quality area, and you’ll be wearing a lesser-known manufacturer. Bottom line: This style will be sure to break at least a few necks every time you wear it. ($ 197.00,

Courtesy Image

8. Gel-Lyte V by Asics Tiger

Asics in general can sometimes cruise under the radar even when cranking out great colorways, unless they’re attached to a flashy collaboration like Ronnie Fieg. That being said, the Gel-Lyte V is a can’t-go-wrong model for those who seek a less flashy look, although the paint-speckled midsole does add some flavor.

You can literally wear anything with these kicks, but just like the Adidas Gazelle, this model would benefit from loosening up the laces and letting the shoe breathe a little. Don’t worry: The shoe’s inner bootie construction will keep your foot in place regardless. ($ 120,

Courtesy Image

9. Air Jordan 1 by Air Jordan

The Air Jordan 1 is hands-down one of the most classic silhouettes ever in the footwear industry, and you really have to botch the color combination to make the model unbearable. With this all-black model, of course, that’s not an issue.

If you decide to pick these up, make sure to wear them with a pair of stacked, light-washed denim jeans to create a solid contrast between the two. A pair of pants or jeans with a zipper on the inside of the ankle will do the Air Jordan 1 justice as well. ($ 160,

Courtesy Image

10. Sock Dart by Nike

The Nike Sock Dart is arguably the most minimalistic sneaker on this list. For the last two or three years, sneakers have been moving toward a sock-without-soles shape, and this is about as close as you come. This sneaker is without a doubt the coziest kick on the list.

Due to the shoe’s incredible low profile, a pair of slim joggers is about the only way to wear them. If you feel it necessary to throw on some pants, make sure you cuff them above your ankle, and be prepared to freeze your ankles off. ($ 99,

Courtesy Image

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The Stylish, Lightweight Wolverine Sneakers Every Guy Needs

As we’ve mentioned before, a wardrobe isn’t complete without a pair of hard-wearing leather boots to see you through years of muck and rain. But until Wolverine’s new 1000 Mile Original Sneaker, that kind of durability wasn’t expected from a pair of casual kicks.


These shoes show that the 135-year-old American bootmaker can hang with even the trendiest streetwear brands.

5 Pairs of Stylish Dad Sneakers That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Look

The sneakers take their name from Wolverine’s legendary 1000 Mile Boot, and they share that shoe’s signature curved collar and stitch pattern.

They’re also made in the company’s factory in Big Rapids, Michigan, where four shades of soft, unlined Horween leather are sewn to lightweight Vibram rubber soles.

A technique called cupsole construction, which effectively fuses the sole to the upper, keeps the sneakers feeling supportive—though it also means that you can’t resole them.

But that’s fine, because these things are built to outlast any shoe in your closet.

[$ 285,]

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The best sneakers for the style-obsessed

If you’re a procrastinator, be ready to ask yourself the same question from now until the holidays: “What am I going to buy people?” And we get it: Picking the perfect gift is never easy.

So in an effort to simplify your life, allow us to make a bulletproof case for a new pair of sneakers as an ideal gift (for you or someone else) this holiday season. For the sake of practicality, imagine how many more wears you’ll be able to squeeze out of pair of sneakers compared to a knitted sweatshirt that’s bound to unravel after a few wears and washes.

Sneakers have transformed over the last decade—from something you just put on your feet to a personal statement that can either accentuate or totally define your outfit.

Here, we’ve curated an excellent array of choices that will fit sporty, luxury, and cozy aesthetics with ease. Take a spin through our gallery to solve your footwear woes as the holidays knock on your door.

1. Air Force One by Nike

The Air Force One launched into another stratosphere when rapper Nelly released the anthem “Air Force Ones” back in 2002, and they’re still around today. The model has gone through cycles of popularity since then, but we’re currently in the middle of an upswing.

This “flax” colorway is particularly great for the winter season because it serves perfectly as a swap for the beloved tan Timberland 6” boot. When styling, you may want to avoid super-slim joggers so you don’t over-accentuate the sneaker’s bulk. ($ 139.99,

Courtesy Image

2. Yamano by Flower Mountain

Flower Mountain’s Yamano collection is perfectly aligned between trekking shoes and a casual sneaker. The model’s high-quality leather and moccasin-style stitching on the toe box gives it more of a luxury presence, while still maintaining a sporty look. These are one of the most technical shoes on the list.

If you decide to throw these bad boys on casually, you can stick with a pair of premium pants—think corduroys and soft-touch chinos. If you plan on hitting the outdoors, all bets are off. ($ 225.00,

Courtesy Image

3. 990v4 by New Balance

2017 has been, without a doubt, the year of the resurgence of the “dad” sneaker, and that trend is on pace to dad-party its way into 2018. Although brands are coming up with new renditions of sneakers that look like your grandfather’s go-to, New Balance is the originator in that lane of footwear—especially the 990v4.

You can wear dad sneakers like a regular pair of sneakers, but if you want to fully embrace the shoe’s trendy nature, you’ll want to wear them with a pair joggers that look like cropped pseudo-suit pants, and that sit right on your ankle. ($ 164.99,

Courtesy Image

4. c85 Vintage by Reebok

Like many other footwear brands and pop-culture in general, Reebok has been looking to the past for future inspiration. This classic tennis sneaker fits perfectly into today’s footwear market flooded with retro kicks. Reebok has released a bevy of colors and materials, but there’s something about the classic leather that does the sneaker justice.

When you slip these on, make sure your pin-rolling skills are on point. And opt for a pair of ’80s-style denim jeans. ($ 75.00,

Courtesy Image

5. NMD_XR1 by Adidas

Whereas other brands have found success by thinking retro, Adidas has thrived in the footwear space—and even overtaken Air Jordan—on the strength of its new models. The Boost sole on this NMD isn’t quite as forgiving as on the vastly popular Ultra Boost model, but the NMD is far from uncomfortable. If you’re not a fan of the simple black colorway, you can keep an eye out for the new colors Adidas is perpetually releasing.

The NMD is an extremely versatile look, with only one real style commandment: Wear pants that are tailored nicely to your ankle. The shoe already has a low profile as is, and you don’t want to hide any of it under baggy pants. ($ 150,

Courtesy Image

6. One Star by Converse

The Converse One Star has been a sneaker-culture mainstay for years thanks to its price point, durability, and ability to look better the more they get beat up. This Converse X Engineered Garments rendition maintains all the classic’s qualities, but adds a leather upper that gives the casual sneaker just a hint of luxury without overdoing it.

Since the sneaker is a bit plain, make sure to make a statement with the denim. Opt for some distressed denim, or some patchwork denim. ($ 110,

Courtesy Image

7. v10 low by Veja

Tennis shoes have muscled in on basketball sneakers’ dominance in the mainstream footwear market. If you’re trying to get in on the trend, but don’t want to opt for the typical Adidas Stan Smith or something in that vein, the Veja v10 low is a step in the right direction. The shoe features little details like a perforated toe box and the sizable V logo on the side that give the shoe some personality.

These classy kicks would go great with a pair of checked pants that fall short of the seriousness of full-on suit pants, and a step above regular chino pants. ($ 150,

Courtesy Image

8. Yohji Run by Adidas Y-3

The Yohi Run by Y-3 is the Rolls-Royce of trainers: It has all the technology to perform at a high level, but in reality we all know we just want to cruise around and look cool in them. This flexible trainer can be worn hours on end—your comfy feet will appreciate it. (And yes, the price may seem a bit aggressive, but keep an eye out because the Y-3 online store has a tendency to have a massive sale as the holidays get closer.)

If you don’t plan on taking these to the gym, go for some light, distressed denim if that’s your thing. And, if not, they can always be dressed down with a killer pair of sweatpants. ($ 290,

Courtesy Image

9. Maison Margiela

Granted, I wear moderately priced sneakers for the most part, but I’ll admit I find very few high-end sneakers that are aesthetically pleasing. Expensive kicks tend to be overbearing; it proves how expensive-looking they are, but not necessarily good-looking. The Maison Margiela Replicas, fortunately, are the exception to the rule. They’re low-key but still appealing, and can be worn without too much effort. Just like the Y-3s, these can often be scooped at various high-end retailers on sale if you’re patient and look hard enough.

Keep your outfit classy if you elect to pick up a pair of these. Tailored trousers, or trousers with a side stripe, will go nicely with these depending on the color of the pants. ($ 470,

Courtesy Image

10. Black Ball Hi Hf by Vans

The one knock against Vans in general: most models that don’t have a leather upper aren’t quite built for foul weather. The shoe’s cloth material can leave your foot cold and soaked as you face the elements. Fortunately, Vans has fixed that issue with this weather-resistant rendition that’s bound to keep you warm and stylish.

Better yet: This winterized version of the Black Ball Hi Hf isn’t overly beefy, meaning you can wear the sneaker like any other Vans. Rule No.1: There are no rules. ($ 75.00,

Courtesy Image

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10 best white sneakers

Now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, we are going to start seeing a lot more summer shoes walking around. Barring the flip-flop (which I would like to do anywhere other than the beach or locker room anyway), the most ubiquitous summer shoe is the white sneaker. The white sneaker goes with anything: Pair your Tretorns with a slim chino, your Chuck Taylors with cuffed denim, or your Stan Smiths with a tailored suit. It’s the easiest summer upgrade for any guy.

I already know what you’re thinking: You don’t want your new white shoes to get dirty. Shoes are meant to get a little dirty, but that doesn’t mean they have to get nasty. A scuffed-up white shoe looks good; a white shoe trying to pass as black does not. But, if you do choose to take the black sneaker route, we got you covered there, too.

So, instead of just shoving a bunch of white shoes in your face, we are also going to give you some tips and suggestions on how to keep them in a state of suit-to-shorts-and-back-again condition.

1. Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Slip-On

Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Slip-On ($ 80.00;

Upgrade your shades>>>

2. K-Swiss Belmont So T

K-Swiss Belmont So T ($ 55.00;

Clothing made for muscle>>>

3. Cleaning Solution #1: Toothbrush and Soap

A quick fix, requiring just a little patience, is some diluted dish soap and a toothbrush. You can really get into the crevasses of the shoe (on the tongue under the laces, around the toe where it meets the vamp, along sole stitching). All you have to do is add a little dish soap (great for greasy stains) in lukewarm water and your old toothbrush. Maybe set it aside afterwards for the next time.

The time for boat shoes is now>>>

4. Feit Hand Sewn Low

Feit Hand Sewn Low ($ 600;

The no blue jeans>>>

5. To Boot Farley

To Boot Farley ($ 350;

Three of the NBA’s best-dressed players>>>

6. Cleaning Solution #2: Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning

So, the guys at Jason Markk know what’s up, and that is that dudes don’t want funky shoes all summer long. So they came up with a full-on Essential Kit (fluid and a brush) and the fast and easy Quick Wipes Box. I love the kit because it works on any shoe, including leather, suede, or canvas. The wipes are easy if you’re pulling off the suit-and-sneaker look flawlessly, and want to keep it that way on-the-go.

Hot style trend: signal orange>>>

7. Tretorn Tournament Net

Tretorn Tournament Net ($ 53.00;

Edior obsession: Volcom shoes>>>

8. New Balance for J.Crew 691 Low-Top Sneakers

New Balance for J.Crew 691 Low-Top Sneakers ($ 74.95;

Go for the bold>>>

9. Cleaning Solution #3: Talcum Powder and a Dry Brush

It never ceases to amaze me how much Talcum powder can really do. It can get soy sauce out of a couch, oil out of your hair, and dirt out of your shoes. This trick is specifically for a quick fix to scuffed up canvas shoes. It just brightens them in a pinch.

Six ways to wear a cardigan>>>

10. Adidas Originals Stan Smith

Adidas Originals Stan Smith ($ 75.00;

How to shop for shoes online>>>

11. Converse Chuck Taylor

Converse Chuck Taylor ($ 50.00;

Best loafers for spring>>>

12. Cleaning Solution #4: Nail Polish Remover and Cotton Balls

While your girlfriend is doing her nails, make use of her setup and steal some of that nail polish remover (just make sure it’s CLEAR nail polish remover) and some cottons balls. This is a great trick for grease, tar, or even grass stains.

Canvas accessories for summer>>>

13. Vince Austin Leather Sneaker

Vince Austin Leather Sneaker ($ 295;

Cover your eyes>>>

14. Strange Matter

Strange Matter ($ 380;

Workout 2 weekend>>>

15. Cleaning Solution #5: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Easily one of the best inventions for white leather sneakers since the shoelace, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is one of my favorite shoe fixes. Give yourself two minutes, and it’s as simple and quick as reading the directions on the back. Wet the eraser, wipe off crap, wear white shoes.

First date clothes for dummies>>>

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5 Lightweight Sneakers for When You Can’t Wear Sandals This Summer

Ditch the overengineered running shoes. These light, comfortable sneakers are perfect for lazy summer activities—and can be crushed between beach reads in your weekend travel bag.

8 Colorful Pairs of Spring Chinos, and How to Wear Them

1. Tretorn x Andre 3000 Benjamin Overdyed Nylite

These retro canvas sneaks are reborn, with help from the rapper of “So Fresh, So Clean” fame. Seems appropriate: The Nylites are both, thanks to an uncluttered canvas upper with a single crisp painted logo.

[$ 110;]

2. Chuck Taylor All Star Perforated Low Top

A classic, updated for hot summer days. Diamond-shaped cutouts bedeck the cowhide-suede uppers of these low-top Chucks. They don’t just look cool—they keep your feet cooler, too.

[$ 120;]

3. Phil Lace

The suede-and-canvas Phil features a casual easy look, but it’s sneakily capable should you want to wander off the sidewalk. The low-profile but high- traction outsole and a sweat-wicking upper lend an assist in long after-work rambles.

[$ 100;]

4. Deerupt

They look dropped from space, but the Deerupts have roots on Earth: The grid motif comes from Adidas’ 1980s running shoes. Here the mesh gives its stretchy upper a socklike fit. A bonus: That upper crushes down to minimize luggage space.

[$ 100;]

5. Nohea Moku

Water-ready shoes tend to be homely; not so with these, which can go from the office to an impromptu after-work paddle. The quick-drying fabric upper keeps a low profile, while drainage ports and siping in the outsole provide grip on wet surfaces.

[$ 95;]

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5 of the Best Dad Sneakers to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Most of us would probably avoid taking style cues from our fathers, but it seems as if their taste in footwear has become one of the hottest trends. Although some dad sneakers can look like they are made for old timers with orthopedic problems, there are a handful of updated ’80s and ’90s throwbacks that have struck a chord with brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, Dior and even budget-friendly brands getting in on the style, you can count on seeing this look in various streetwear ensembles all summer.

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6 Pairs of Sneakers That Will Add Some Color to Your Rotation

White leather sneakers are a dime a dozen—which means if there’s a pair you turn to again and again, you’ll leave the house looking like every other guy with enough cash to spend on a pair of standard issue rubber-soled shoes. Instead, kick things up a notch with something a little more colorful, but not too crazy. Dial up the fun with the six pairs below.

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Banged In Sneakers

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Multi-talented porn star Dominic is of course the star of the show! This handsome and muscular stud is always ready to get it on, either fucking or being fucked, sharing his exploits and his horny friends with all the members of his site. His amazing body and rock hard uncut cock are paired with his hunger for hardcore sex!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Logan is a hot European stud with a Sneaker fetish and a fat uncut cock. Though he’s more of a bottom he can’t wait to get a taste of Dominic’s sweaty juicy bubble butt.

Stars: Logan Moore Dominic Pacifico

Categories: High Definition Safe Sex Anal Gay Muscles

Scene Number: 1

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Studio Name: Dominic Pacifico


New Balance and J.Crew Team Up on Sneakers Inspired by Our National Parks

New Balance and J.Crew have teamed up once again on a shoe collaboration—and this time it’s inspired by our National Parks. Two colorways of the New Balance 998 are available today: one that takes its cues from Death Valley and another inspired by Crater Lake in Oregon.

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How Sneakers, One of This Year’s Coolest Books, Came to Be

Talk with any devoted fan of sneakers and odds are they’ve probably got an amazing story to tell you about how they snagged each of their favorite pairs. That passion is at the heart of a new book, simply called SNEAKERS. Written by Alex French and Howie Kahn, with design by Rodrigo Corral, the book is full of stunning imagery and dozens of incredible tales that knit together every aspect of modern sneaker culture.

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Washington DC Teenager Killed Over Air Jordan Sneakers

The madness continues. A 17 year-old student had his life ended abruptly in what seems to be over a pair of sneakers.

According to a report by The Washington Post, James Anthony Smith was gifted his Christmas present early by his mother. Benita Smith purchased him a pair of red Air Jordan 11 sneakers for $ 220.00 dollars. Apparently, the shoes would cost him his life four days later.

On Monday, December 18 Police say an unidentified gunman shot the Ballou High School sophomore on the basketball court of the Frederick Douglass Community Center in Garfield Heights. He was found a block away with his shoes missing shortly before 6PM.

“He was an all-American kid” his mother stated. “He loved his red shoes. He loved basketball. He loved his computer games. I can’t believe he was killed, all over a pair of shoes.” DCPD believe the shoes were the motive saying they “tentatively think it may have been a robbery.”

Currently there are no suspects in the case. Prayers go out to the family.

Photo: Jordan Brand

The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired

Who had the best sneakers of Week 9?

Kyrie Irving debuted his new signature sneaker, Montrezl Harrell dug deep in the Jordan archives, and Karl-Anthony Towns paid homage to Kanye West with some custom kicks. – NBA

There Is An Actual Photo Of Blake Shelton Printed On Gwen Stefani’s Sneakers

Talk about fancy footwork.
Fashion News, Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends – HuffPost Style
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Wool Sneakers Are Here to Save Your Fall Footwear Rotation

Telling your friends that you’re thinking about buying a pair of wool sneakers might throw them for a little bit of a loop. Sneakers, after all, are supposed to be made from leather — or sometimes canvas, or even that crazy stretch material that can make athletic shoes feel like fancy socks with cleats attached to their soles. sometimes canvas, or even that crazy stretch material that can make

This article originally appeared on Wool Sneakers Are Here to Save Your Fall Footwear Rotation

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adidas Just Dropped Beer-Proof Sneakers for Oktoberfest

Adidas Originals is celebrating Oktoberfest by re-launching their classic adidas München sneakers, but with some very special additions.

The premium leather uppers on the Munchen Oktoberfests have a special DPBR coating that protects them from beer spillage and barf splatters. In fact, DPBR stands for Durable Puke- and Beer-Repellent. That’s right — the ultimate party

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Sneakers – Phil Alden Robinson

Phil Alden Robinson - Sneakers  artwork


Phil Alden Robinson

Genre: Action & Adventure

Price: $ 4.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: September 11, 1992

Robert Redford leads an all-star cast in one of the most satisfying suspense films! Computer expert Martin Bishop (Redford) heads a team of renegade hackers – including a former CIA employee (Sidney Poitier), a gadgets wizard (Dan Aykroyd), a young genius (River Phoenix) and a blind soundman (David Strathairn) – who are routinely hired to test security systems. But Bishop's past comes back to haunt him when government agents blackmail the "sneakers" into carrying out a covert operation: tracking down an elusive black box. Along with his former girlfriend (Mary McDonnell), Bishop's team retrieves the box and makes a stunning discovery – the device can break into any computer system in the world. With factions from all sides willing to kill for the powerful box, Bishop and his team embark on their most dangerous assignment ever in this exhilarating high-tech caper from Phil Alden Robinson (Field of Dreams).

© © 1992 Universal City Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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James Harden Drops New Adidas Sneakers

James Harden, the Houston Rockets’ prolific point guard and fashion-forward, beard-sporting, L.A.-bred 2017 NBA MVP runner-up is about to drop the first colorway for his new Adidas lifestyle sneaker line, Harden LS. The new line evolved from the

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How Axel Arigato Brought Swedish Style to Sneakers

The ascending brand somehow designs, produces, and releases a new shoe each week. Style

Back-to-School Style: Must-Have Sneakers

All the cool kids know it’s the accessories that make the outfit. From high-tops to low-tops, wedges to athletic, there’s a sneaker for every girl heading back to school this fall. The perfect complement to a T-shirt and jeans or a great dress, today’s must-have sneakers deliver all-day comfort without sacrificing style. Here are the ones that earned an A+.

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Brooks Heritage Updates the Brand’s Most Iconic Sneakers

After digging into the archives, Brooks is rereleasing four classic silhouettes for the new season. Style

On This Week’s Cheap Celeb Finds List, Reese Witherspoon Wore $36 Sneakers

It’s not every week that A-listers step out in $ 36 sneakers, $ 50 T-shirts and $ 75 bikini tops, but over the past few days, Hollywood’s finest have been showing off some good bargains.

A few of our favorite stars stepped out in items that we can afford, and we couldn’t be happier. Check out the best cheap celebrity finds below and let us know which items you’re coveting. 

Megan Fox’s T-shirt

Sub_Urban Riot Happy Camper Loose Tee in Heather Grey, $ 50

Jennifer Lopez’s T-shirt

Milly Crush It Tee, $ 90 

Kylie Jenner’s bikini top

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Mikoh Bordeaux Bikini Top, $ 75

 Reese Witherspoon’s sneakers

Puma Match Lo Basic Sports Sneaker, $ 36

Victoria Justice’s pants

Lovers + Friends Bright Eyes Pants, $ 75

Shay Mitchell’s dashiki

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

Dimepiece Dashiki, $ 48


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Drake Reveals OVO Jordan 10 Sneakers

Drake has offered up the first look at his new OVO Air Jordan 10 sneaker, released in collaboration with the Jordan brand. The newest Jordan model features white and gold trim along with a clear gum rubber sole that has gold flecks. The new kicks are set to drop on September 12 and will start at $ 255 a pair. The shoe release comes at a busy time for Drizzy.
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Kendrick Lamar Releases New Reebok Sneakers

Kendrick Lamar has revealed his newly designed signature model sneakers for Reebok. The TDE rapper developed the special Ventilator model kicks, which pay tribute to his hometown of the Compton, California. The shoes are mostly off-white but have both red and blue script to signify unity between the long battling Crips and Bloods gangs in the area.
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The History Of Sneakers In High Fashion In One Short Minute

The rise of “Normcore” has proven that comfort is king, even when it comes to fashion. Any sneaker enthusiast will tell you, that sentiment has rung true long before the days of trendy Birkenstocks and overalls.

A new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum titled “The Rise Of Sneaker Culture,” which runs from July 10-Oct. 4, 2015, features about 150 sneakers and examines the role the shoe has played in our society. “The Rise of Sneaker Culture is the first exhibition to explore the complex social history and cultural significance of the footwear now worn by billions of people throughout the world,” the museum said in a release.


In honor of the new exhibit, CNN released “A Brief History Of High Fashion Kicks” Wednesday. The awesome video provides an overview of sneakers involvement in fashion and is a pretty rad history lesson, too.

Check out the video above and for more information on the exhibit, click here.

air jordan

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Smell My Sneakers And Suck

He likes sneakers and he loves cock! Enjoy the fun!

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He likes sneakers and he loves cock! Enjoy the fun!

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Style Notes: Kanye West’s Yeezy Sneakers Are Coming Soon; Melissa Rivers to Co-Host ‘Fashion Police’

Celebrate Wednesday with these four fashion stories. (Unless you’re a Cavs fan, in which case you should read these to cheer up.)

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Exclusive! Axel Arigato’s First Collection of Women’s Sneakers

Photo: Courtesy of Axel Arigato

Though you might not have heard the name Axel Arigato, chances are your boyfriend has. The stealth sneaker label is among a new wave of footwear labels, such as Common Projects and Eytys, who are championing the look of polished athleticism, and now Axel Arigato just launched its first women’s collection. “Simplistic style with luxe detailing,” is how Swedish designer and cofounder Max Svärdh describes the aesthetic. The Axel Arigato slip-ons and high-tops certainly have the look, feel, and style of a fashion sneaker, but thankfully without the couture price tag; in fact, their most coveted kicks often sell out online in a matter of weeks.

The new women’s shoes come by popular demand too, after multiple pleas from female sneaker heads on social media. The resulting collection sees the brand’s signature style made over in bold and delicate colorways alike, from a dusty pink slip-on to an oxblood ostrich embossed lace-up. They’re sneakers that fit into the kind of an urban wardrobe that runs the gamut of minimalist Céline dresses and graphic tees from Supreme. “If you’re a strong, fearless, and selfless woman,” says Svärdh with a smile, “we have the shoes for you.”


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Revenge Star Ashley Madekwe Gets Naked for Reebok, Makes Sneakers Much Sexier—Take a Look!

Ashley Madekwe, ReebokWho needs heels when you can look this hot in sneakers?!

Before you head to the local mall to pick up your latest pair of shoes, perhaps Ashley Madekwe could influence your final…

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Initiation To Sneakers Sex

These French boys take their sneaker fetish to a whole new level when Tony Rekins briefly fucks a sexy running shoe. Tony Rekins and Illy-Ria then flip fuck until they decide to share each others loads onto Tonys smooth, pale torso. The initiation goes splendidly and I am sure this isnt the last time they hookup in the bathroom.

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These French boys take their sneaker fetish to a whole new level when Tony Rekins briefly fucks a sexy running shoe. Tony Rekins and Illy-Ria then flip fuck until they decide to share each other’s loads onto Tony’s smooth, pale torso.

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Nicki Minaj Is in Love With Her New Nike-Collab Sneakers

She debuted her new Pinkprint high-tops and called out other rappers’ shoe games on Instagram.

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10 Times Luxury Brands Swagger Jacked Classic Sneakers [Photos]

As Nas once said, “No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun.” That idea, in some ways, rings true in fashion — especially in the increasingly popular luxury sneaker game.

After noticing that the upcoming adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts bear an uncanny resemblance to a shoe the company Kanye West previously worked with creates, Hip-Hop Wired decided list it and a bevy of other kicks with swagger jacked designs. Hit the jump for more.

Photo: Saint Laurent Paris

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Hip-Hop Wired

The Bartender’s After-Hours Sneakers

Cutty Sark designed a pair of sneakers that are perfect no matter which side of the bar you’re standing on. Style

Here’s A List Of Instagram Photos You Could Put On Your Adidas Sneakers This Summer

If you’ve ever looked at your sneakers and thought “I wish I could throw a filter on these bad boys or maybe a photo of my breakfast,” today is your lucky day.

Fashionista broke the news Friday that Adidas are debuting a line of super-meta sneakers that are, you guessed it, Instagram-friendly. Apparently, you’ll be able to choose a photo that you love off your feed and have them printed right onto your shoes.

But what about those people who aren’t exactly… “skilled” Instagram photographers? Fear not, friends — we’ve rounded up some options from our favorite pages for you.

Cara’s new adorable bunny, Cecil:

Miranda’s eyes, duh:

All these models:

Pretty much anything from Eva Chen:

Kim’s face mid-contouring:

Any photo of Kanye making a face like this:


BABIES (although maybe just your own if you have one):

Or anything from HuffPost Style 😉

Would you wear these photos, or any photos for that matter on your feet? Sound off below!
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