‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Black Eye Mystery Solved

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro suffered a nasty black eye after his baby mama allegedly hit him with a phone and punched him in the face, and this is a DIFFERENT incident from the one last week where cops came rushing to his home. TMZ broke the story … cops were…


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Tupac ‘Murder Weapon’ Mystery Solved, We Know Where It Ended Up

The gun L.A. cops believed was used to murder Tupac Shakur has been located — TMZ tracked it down, and conspiracy theorists are gonna love this. TMZ broke the story … ballistic testing on the .40 caliber Glock found in Compton — back in…


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The Mystery of L.A. Billboard Diva Angelyne’s Real Identity Is Finally Solved

Way before Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, the enigmatic blonde bombshell was famous for being famous, perpetually driving the streets of Hollywood in that pink Corvette. But her true identity has remained secret all these years … until now.

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Amelia Earhart Mystery NOT Solved, Bloggers Claim Photo Predates Crash by 2 Years

The alleged Amelia Earhart photo featured in a new documentary about her disappearance does NOT solve the mystery … because the pic was taken before she crashed, according to history buffs. “Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence” claimed to have a photo,…


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How Oculus Solved Virtual Reality

The 1990s saw the rise—and fall—of virtual reality. While everyone could imagine a technology that allowed us to be somewhere else, no one was able to make it happen. No one, that is, until an 18-year-old named Palmer Luckey invented the Oculus Rift. We speak with Luckey and other Oculus employees about how they managed to crack one of technology’s toughest riddles and make VR feasible for the first time.

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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich — Thong-Gate Mystery Solved!!!

Metallica fans can rest easy — the Lars Ulrich underwear saga known as thong-gate is finally coming to an end and the bare-assed truth is … the thong is all an illusion. For any non-headbangers out there — the Mighty Met drummer was photographed…


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This Brand Just Solved Your Biggest Denim Dilemmas, For $1

AYR has changed the way you shop for jeans in a monumental way. More impressively, the brand did it for a buck. As Fashionista reports, in February AYR — the luxe, laid-back basics purveyor in the Bonobos family — took on the business model famously made popular by companies like Warby Parker and True & Co.: You can try it before you buy it.
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Top 4 Problems In Dating The Divorced – Solved

Want to avoid dating heartbreak? Discover how to identify and solve the top 4 problems in dating a divorced man or woman.
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Foreigner Lead Singer Kelly Hansen — I Have Not Solved the German/Hasselhoff Mystery

The Germans sure love themselves some David Hasselhoff, but Foreigner front man Kelly Hansen is just like the rest of us … he is clueless as to why. Hansen and fellow Foreigner member Bruce Watson arrived at LAX on New Year’s Day and our photog…


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