Kevin Germanier, Ingy Stockholm Take Recycling to New Levels at

WASTE NOT: “I want to make the most glamorous pieces out of trash — it’s almost like a joke to the industry,” said Kevin Germanier of his fashion creations. His label offers an alternative approach to luxury and what is considered to be waste.
A Louis Vuitton alumnus, Germanier is known for his exuberant, heavily beaded creations made from materials that would otherwise be discarded. He produced his graduate collection using multicolor beads he found in the outskirts of Hong Kong that would have been thrown away because they were slightly faded.
He built on this approach for a collection for Matchesfashion, which debuts Thursday to coincide with London Fashion Week, delivering skirt suits, sculptural tops and denim, covered in multicolor beads. Everything is a one-off piece. No collection, he said, can ever be planned, as it’s entirely dependent on what materials he can source.
“I see limitation as my friend and draw inspiration from these fabrics,” said the young designer, explaining that even though this is a completely new way of working that doesn’t suit the traditional fashion schedule, he is determined to find solutions — and he’s finding kindred spirits online.

Kevin Germanier 
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“It’s very 2018. People reach out on Instagram, saying

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