Over It (Complete Set Video Version) – Summer Walker

Summer Walker - Over It (Complete Set Video Version)  artwork

Over It (Complete Set Video Version)

Summer Walker

Genre: R&B/Soul

Price: $ 13.99

Release Date: November 20, 2020

© ℗ 2020 LVRN/Interscope Records

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Grab New Sandals On Sale For Some Summer Fun

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Need a new pair of sandals to wear these remaining few months of summer? Something to keep you comfortable and relaxed when you go out? Then Zappos has you covered because the Under Armour UA Locker III Slide Sandals are on sale at Zappos right now.

It should come as no surprise that Zappos has the sandals you need this summer. Footwear options in that store are out of this world. There should also be no surprise that Under Armour has made some top of the line sandals that will deliver you comfort all day long. Under Armour knows from comfort.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the design of a sandal. But one of the most comfortable designs without question has to be an open-toe sandal. And the Under Armour UA Locker III Slide Sandals are open toe. So right off the bat, you are feeling that comfort.

Under Armour UA Locker III Slide Sandals

Once the Under Armour UA Locker III Slide Sandals are on, you will immediately feel right at home. These sandals are made with a contoured EVA footbed. What that means is, is that your feet will be padded and protected all day long.

The outsole isn’t the only part of the Under Armour UA Locker III Slide Sandals that help in comfort. They’re made with a durable rubber outsole, which makes for an easy to wear sandal. Not only that but there are also perforations throughout the sandals to allow for water to drain away if you go in the ocean or pool.

At this price, you can’t really afford to not pick up the Under Armour UA Locker III Slide Sandals. No need to spend a ton of money when you can find a perfectly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing pair of footwear right here. Don’t waste time. Pick them up while you can right now.

Get It: Pick up the Under Armour UA Locker III Slide Sandals ($ 18; was $ 20) at Zappos

Get it!

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The Summer of Sunshine and Margot – Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery - The Summer of Sunshine and Margot  artwork

The Summer of Sunshine and Margot

Susan Mallery

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 4.99

Publish Date: June 11, 2019

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How Martha Stewart Became the Surprise Star of Quarantine: Inside Her Hot Girl Summer

Martha Stewart, InstagramMartha Stewart can grow an entire pantry’s worth of vegetables, prune a boxwood shrub and bake the f–k out of a red raspberry pie. But she’s not suggesting you try any of that at home….

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Summer of Sam – Spike Lee

Spike Lee - Summer of Sam  artwork

Summer of Sam

Spike Lee

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 7.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: July 2, 1999

It didn't get any hotter than the summer of 1977 in New York City. As temperatures soared well into the hundreds for endless days, the city was seared by its own heat, sweat and energy. With the unrelenting swelter, things started to change in the city and it made everybody a little tense and crazy. Looters poured into the streets as a blackout plunged New York into darkness and fear; a mysterious psychopath began gunning down strangers in the night at random. With trademark virtuosity, filmmaker Spike Lee goes into the throbbing heart of the Bronx during this unbelievable summer to paint a portrait that is both intimate and panoramic. John Leguizamo, Adrien Brody, Mira Sorvino and Jennifer Esposito lead an ensemble cast in "Summer of Sam," which chronicles how Son of Sam's plague of terror disintegrated a neighborhood, turned friends against each other and transformed trust into dread. The summer of 1977 turned into the SUMMER OF SAM.

© © 1999 Hollywood Pictures

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Nalpac Releases 2020 Summer Catalog

Pleasure products distributor Nalpac has announced the release of their 2020 Summer Catalog, available online and in print.
XBIZ.com – Pleasure & Retail

Best Sunscreens to Try This Summer

Your sunscreen search needs a few filters. First, try using only broad-spectrum options since they block both types of cancerous, cell-mutating ultraviolet (UV) rays. Then, consider your lifestyle and preferred outdoor activities—because dads and climbers have different needs than beach bums and outdoorsmen. To help narrow the field, here are six sunscreens that cover these spectrums.

What’s the SPF sweet spot?

Anywhere between 30 and 50. Above 30, the level of SPF doesn’t increase exponentially. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. SPF 15 blocks 93 percent of rays, SPF 30 blocks 97 percent, SPF 50 blocks 98 percent, and SPF 100 blocks 99 percent.

Chris Wellhausen

Coola SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen

The summer sun can incite dread in some people—namely those whose fair skin burns instantly. A mineral SPF 50 sunscreen is the solution, since it blocks 98 percent of UV rays, while a pasty SPF 100 only ups the ante to 99-percent protection. COOLA’s formula is water resistant for 80 minutes, reef friendly, engineered for sensitive skin, and uses a mineral mix of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to block UV rays.

[$ 32; coola.com]

Get it

Chris Wellhausen

Salt + Stone SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen

For guys who tan easily or who have mid-tone skin, SPF 30 is the bare minimum. Even though it offers slightly less defense against the sun’s rays (97 percent blocked versus 98 percent for SPF 50), this level of protection will still allow for effective tanning at a safe rate. Salt & Stone’s SPF 30 lotion delivers a chemical- and residue-free application that also nourishes skin with aloe, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and more.

[$ 18; saltandstone.com]

Get it

Chris Wellhausen

EltaMD SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen

There’s a myth that darker skin tones need no sunscreen, since they don’t burn so easily. But without any SPF protection, the sun’s cancer-causing and skin-aging UV rays will still seep into the skin. EltaMD’s full-body SPF 50 is the singular best mineral defense and doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin. Plus, the chemical-free formula is water resistant for 80 minutes.

[$ 26; eltamd.com]

Get it

Chris Wellhausen

Art of Sport SPF 50 Sunscreen

Art of Sport’s entire skincare assortment is engineered for athletes, and this SPF 50 lotion gives coverage to the heavy sweaters and surfers alike. It has high-grade water resistance up to 80 minutes—and that includes sweat resistance, too, for the runners, golfers, tennis players, and more. It wears light and prevents sweat from drying on the skin. This in turn thwarts painful sweat burns, a phenomenon that outdoor athletes know well.

[$ 12; artofsport.com]

Get it

Chris Wellhausen

Jack Black Oil-Free SPF 45 Sunscreen

If you need to pack one full-body sunscreen for repeat applications and thorough coverage, make it Jack Black’s. The lightweight, oil-free, non-greasy formula won’t leave you sweating, plus it uses zinc oxide to help deliver a nearly 98-percent sun shield. It provides 80 minutes of water and sweat resistance, and even nourishes skin with antioxidant-rich Vitamin C and soothing calendula. With it, the sun will complement your getaway, not compromise it.

[$ 21; getjackblack.com]

Get it

Chris Wellhausen

Sun Bum Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen

Skiers, hikers, and residents of Denver know best: High altitudes yield the worst burns. So it’s worth getting a sunblock specifically for the face, since it has the most sensitive skin. The aloe- and Vitamin E-enriched mineral sunblock is the strongest and most soothing counter to sky-high rays, plus it goes on clear and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Families love it, too, since kids also have sensitive skin—lather it on, every two hours.

[$ 10; sunbum.com]

Get it

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Life On Earth – EP – Summer Walker

Summer Walker - Life On Earth - EP  artwork

Life On Earth – EP

Summer Walker

Genre: R&B/Soul

Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: July 10, 2020

© ℗ 2020 LVRN/Interscope Records

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Best Face Wipes for a Breakout-Free Summer

Whether you’re sweating after your outdoor workout or wrapping up a grueling hike but aren’t close to home, it’s never a bad idea to have a few face wipes ready to go in your pack or pocket. Here are some of our favorite face wipes to consider adding to your on-the-go grooming routine this summer. They more or less cover every base on their own, but we’ve targeted specific situations where each one excels best.

The Best Colognes for Men

The Best Colognes for Men

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Art of Sport face and body wipes
Courtesy image

Best for Outdoor Athletes: Art of Sport Face and Body Wipes

These soothing, aloe-packed wipes are your post-workout reboot, especially if you can’t shower within the first minutes of finishing. They’ll wipe sweat, dirt, and grime from the face, and can then be used to wipe down anything else, like the droplets trickling down your arms or backside. They calm the skin, too, after a sunny workout, and they cool it with tingling mint so you know it’s working. Pack it in your gym bag, too, to unclog pores after a pump and before you get home to rinse off.

[$ 8; target.com]

Get it

Oars and Alps caffeinated, exfoliating face and body wipes
Courtesy image

Best for a Midday Pick-Me-Up: Oars and Alps Caffeinated, Exfoliating Face and Body Wipes

Like a cup of coffee to get you through the latter half of the day, these cooling wipes also have gentle “crystals” on the surface that help buff away dead skin as they unclog pores. They’re loaded with caffeine for this same purpose, to boost circulation in the face, as if you just took a cool, refreshing dip in the pool. You’ll have to work for the weekend for the real deal, but these things should tide you over till then—and till 6 p.m. each weekday.

[$ 16; amazon.com]

Get it

Ursa Major biodegradable 4-in-1 face wipes
Courtesy image

Best for Hikers and Campers: Ursa Major Biodegradable 4-in-1 face Wipes

Ursa Major made these biodegradable wipes as an on-the-go alternative to its much-adored face tonic. Each wipe contains that tonic, which dissolves dead skin and unclogs pores, while removing grime, hydrating the skin, and toning it. It’s a full skincare regimen, and it’s perfect for the grooming lover who moonlights as a hiker or camper.

[$ 24; amazon.com]

Get it

Cetaphil gentle cleansing cloths
Courtesy image

Best for Sensitive Skin: Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths

Some guys want to stock some cleansing wipes but prefer to skip the individual wrappings (bless their eco-friendly hearts). The same can be said for guys with sensitive skin, which is further aggravated by things like sweat, UV exposure, and shaving. If either sounds like you, then Cetaphil’s gentle cleansing cloths will flush away the bad stuff without any disruption.

[$ 6; amazon.com]

Get it

Fulton & Roark aftershave cloths
Courtesy image

Best for Frequent Shavers: Fulton & Roark Aftershave Cloths

Formulated as a post-shave skin savior, these cooling cloths are also great for a canvas-clearing refresh. They’re great for sensitive skin or for guys who frequently shave—perhaps you’re particularly sweaty a few hours after shaving and want a second application of skin-toning witch hazel and bacteria-fighting tea tree oil. These cloths have both of those ingredients, along with sage, bergamot, and eucalyptus to cool and wake up your skin.

[$ 28; fultonandroark.com]

Get it

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The Best Summer Sunglasses to Stand Out in a Crowd

Summer sunglasses are an accessory you’d be hard pressed to leave home without. They pull your look together, injecting instant style to an outfit, and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. It’s easy to follow the crowd and nab a pair of popular shades, but if you like to stray from the pack—rather than show up to a gathering wearing the same pair as half your friends—heed our summer sunglasses guide.

The 10 Best Hairstyles for Men That Will Never Go Out of Style

The 10 Best Hairstyles for Men That Will Never Go Out of Style

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Garrett Leight California Optical Harding Sun sunglasses
Garrett Leight California Optical Harding Sun sunglasses Courtesy Image


We’ve identified standout offerings from top sunglasses brands, eschewing super-trendy silhouettes and colors for intriguing nuances on classic styles. Can’t choose just one? (We don’t blame you.) Nab a travel case like Garrett Leight California Optical Collector’s Case ($ 80) to keep up to four pairs organized and protected. It’s not just for travel; the velvety-smooth suede exterior is stylish enough to keep out in your bedroom so you can easily see all your summer sunglasses, pick the shades of the day, and get out the door in a flash.

The Best Colognes for Men

The Best Colognes for Men

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The Best Summer Sunglasses to Stand Out in a Crowd

Raen Wiley sunglasses
Raen Wiley sunglasses Courtesy Image

1. Raen Wiley

Square sunglasses provide strong, clean lines that perfectly suit round and oval face shapes, balancing out the proportions. The Wiley sunglasses in Brindle Tortoise (shown above) is handmade from zyl acetate for lightweight comfort and enduring longevity. Perhaps best of all, its green polarized lenses offer 100 percent UVA/UVB protection.

[$ 170; raen.com]

Get it

Illesteva Patmos Sunglasses
Illesteva Patmos Sunglasses Courtesy Image

2. Illesteva Patmos Sunglasses

A modern take on the aviator frame, these Italian-made shades are inspired by the Greek island of Patmos. Opt between 24K gold or metal frames—we like the former to mimic the way light shimmers off water at sunset. The slightly hexagonal shape and tortoise temple tips add another dimension of elegance.

[$ 280; illesteva.com]

Get it

Warby Fletcher Griffin
Warby Griffin Courtesy Image

3. Warby Parker Griffin

You can’t beat the price and convenience of Warby Parker, especially with their option to try multiple frames at home for free before you buy online. The Griffin is available in medium width and multiple lens types (prescription, progressives, readers, and single vision), as well as two glossy acetate frames. We’re partial to the Pacific Crystal (shown above) for an understated pop of color that’s neutral enough to match virtually any outfit. The slightly arched brow of the frames soften the boxiness of their shape to boot.

[$ 95; warbyparker.com]

Get it

Garrett Leight California Optical Harding Sun
Garrett Leight California Optical Harding Sun Courtesy Image

4. Garrett Leight California Optical Harding Sun

Pining for a retro vibe? This beauty draws style influence from American writer Arthur Miller. The strong single bridge, metal plaques, and ombré fade of the Matte DK Caramel colorway offer subtle flair. The brown mineral glass lenses, which boast UV protection and an anti-reflective coating, are housed in acetate frames.

[$ 360; garrettleight.com]

Get it

Oliver Peoples Cary Grant 2 Sun
Oliver Peoples Cary Grant 2 Sun Courtesy Image

5. Oliver Peoples Cary Grant 2 Sun

Oliver Peoples’ Cary Grant 2 Sun also draws on vintage Hollywood vibes. As the name suggests, these eponymous shades reference the ones the actor donned in the 1959 thriller North by Northwest. They sport an acetate frame with a metal bridge and eyewire. The timeless tortoise colorway, green lenses, and plaques on the front and temples add durability.

[$ 531; oliverpeoples.com]

Get it

Krewe Avalon
Krewe Avalon Courtesy Image

6. Krewe Avalon

A major trend of summer 2020, aside from acetate frames, is standout brows and unique nose bridges (specifically a lack thereof). The acetate brow bar on these navigator-style frames adds the perfect level of intrigue (without being outlandish), and the dark green lenses contrast beautifully with the 24K stainless steel hardware.

[$ 315; krewe.com]

Get it

Moscot Momza Sun
Moscot Momza Sun Courtesy Image

7. Moscot Momza Sun

The square silhouette of the Momza Sun makes them stand the test of time—but it’s their unexpected color pairing that’ll make people pause and take notice. The Italian-made acetate in the Cinnamon colorway (above) encases baby blue glass lenses. These add levity and brightness to any ensemble, summoning coastal beach vibes.

[$ 300; moscot.com]

Get it

ROKA Torino
ROKA Torino Courtesy Image

8. ROKA Torino

Unabashedly bold, these Torino frames are a nod to sports car racing. Don’t let the thick nose bridge and wide size fool you; they come in under an ounce and feature ROKA’s signature patented GEKO fit—tacky elastomer pads on the nose and temples that provide added grip when you start to sweat. Consider them your wear-everywhere pair, perfectly transitioning between outdoor workouts and casual wear.

[$ 175; roka.com]

Get it

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The MixtapE! Presents the Best Songs of Summer Ever

The MixtapE!, Summer Edition, Rihanna, Cardi BSummertime, and the living’s…well, not entirely easy.
As the world continues to grapple with so much sustained heaviness and many of us are still being asked to stay indoors in the…

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Best Men’s Hair Products to Try This Summer

If you haven’t buzzed your hair off this summer, then you’re probably looking for the best lightweight hair styling creams, sprays, and more for your new cut. The best men’s hair products won’t melt down onto your face, but they should let you still run your fingers through your ‘do. The group below offers a range of results depending on your hair type and needs. We picked a favorite in each field, from styling cream to pomade and dry shampoo, to make the purchase as easy as can be this summer.

The Easy Haircut to Try at Home (That’s Not a Buzz Cut)

Best for Light Hold and Taming Strays: Styling Cream

Cream is the quintessential lightweight styler, in that it has a barely-there feel but still helps you style your hair. It allows you to comb or coach your hair into whichever resting place you prefer, or to define curls and natural texture. And, while it’ll still blow in the wind, cream is cooperative and allows the hair to settle back into place. It’s also good for a light dusting over strays. It can even double as a beard tamer. Church California’s is packed with sea- and land-sourced plants, which nourish the hair while maintaining effortless, lightweight control.

Try: Church California cream pomade (pictured above) [$ 30; churchcalifornia.com]

Courtesy image

Best for Touchable Texture: Salt Spray

Salt spray replicates the “surfer” texture you get after a swim in the ocean. (You know the feeling, where your hair is perfect and effortless no matter which way it settles.) Salt spray is terrific for light hold on its own, or as a last-step finishing touch following a cream. It can deliver choppy waves to short styles, or definition to curls and longer lengths. The best ones, like Fellow Barber’s, also nourish hair with ingredients like algae, which is rich in minerals.

Try: Fellow Barber mineral spray [$ 28; fellowbarber.com]

Courtesy image

Best for Curl Hydration and Definition: Leave-in Conditioner

Guys with naturally curly hair will often rely on balms to preserve hydration levels and maintain control over their style. A lighter option is a leave-in conditioner. It borders on being a hair cream, but it’s ultra lightweight and its key purpose is the nourishing and hydrating that helps curls look their best. Longer styles may demand a little balm to follow, but a nutrient-dense leave-in conditioner like Scotch Porter’s will handle the brunt of the taming. It also strengthens hair and works well as an overnight conditioner, for especially dry or damaged hair.

Try: Scotch Porter leave-in hair conditioner [$ 12; scotchporter.com]

Courtesy image

Best for High Hold and Texturized Volume: Dry Shampoo Wax

If what you want is high volume, choppy texture, and a matte finish, there is really just one summer-ready product that fits this bill: Hanz de Fuko’s innovative Quicksand. It’s a curious combination of gritty granules (diatomaceous earth) and hair wax, and it soaks up excess oil at the base of each hair shaft, while also delivering unparalleled texture and volume. Unlike other waxes, it wears lighter, and works well with styles between 1-3 inches. It’s especially great for that second or third day between shampoos, when the hair is lifeless and needs some bounce, but you aren’t ready to fully wash the strands just yet.

Try: Hanz de Fuko ‘Quicksand’ dry shampoo + styling wax [$ 23; amazon.com]

Courtesy image

Best for a Medium Hold Style: Hair Paste

Hair paste is perhaps the most utilitarian product you can own. While it works best applied to towel-dried hair (to provide medium hold and light shine), it also works well for touch-ups and quick, glossy texture upon dry application. However, if you want to style your hair in any specific direction or straighten out some curls, simply comb it through damp hair and let it dry. Then, as it does, break it apart with your fingers to create texture and definition, or dismantle it entirely (without disrupting the direction you combed it) for a medium hold at the roots, while the strands themselves flow a bit more freely. You can blow dry it to maximize the hold, for a buttoned-up look that isn’t as polished as pomade. Oribe’s paste is ahead of the pack, and allows you to re-work the style throughout the day, with a splash of water and your fingertips (or a comb). You’ll be able to run your hands through the finished look, without compromising your intended result.

Try: Oribe molding paste [$ 39; nordstrom.com]

Courtesy image

Best for Definition and Some Shine: Hair Oil

If you want to add shine to any other product, or if you just need a nourishing and frizz-fighting coat over each strand, then hair oil is your pick. Simply apply a few drops of oil to your palms and distribute evenly. Most of them use one or many oils that also neutralize the scalp and prevent bacteria, while delivering hair-strengthening nourishment to the hairs and follicles. And worry not, because they won’t give you an oily finish, so long as you only use a couple drops (or 3-4 in longer styles). You can even mix the oil into your paste or cream if you want to add a pinch of shine and light-catching definition. BluMaan’s vial is great in that it’s twice the size of most options, and it combines oils of sesame, sunflower, coconut, and olive to tame hair and restore or preserve healthy hydration levels.

Try: BluMaan hair oil [$ 24; amazon.com]

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Best Men’s Slim-Fit T-Shirts for Summer and Beyond

When it comes to your wardrobe, there’s nothing more classic than a T-shirt. But ask any stylist and they’ll agree: The humble tee is the foundation for effortless style. While there are no shortage of options available, it’s a good idea to focus your search around slim-fit T-shirts—they’ll deliver the most flattering shape and they work well in a variety of outfits.

10 Best T-Shirts for a Muscular Body

“A slimmer-fit shirt makes your body look better, plain and simple,” says image consultant and personal stylist Patrick Kenger.

How to Choose the Best Slim-Fit T-Shirt

Wondering what to look for? Opt for 100-percent cotton tees, which are generally soft, comfortable, and breathable. The sleeves should lightly hug your arms and hit at mid-bicep, and the hem should fall around your pockets, Kenger says. It’s also important to load up on neutrals (white, gray, and navy blue). That way, you can wear your shirts in many different outfits—from layering them under a bomber jacket to pairing them with a suit and sneakers.

Below, you’ll find top options from brands like Uniqlo, Todd Snyder, and more, all across a range of price points and styles. Grab your favorites, and you’ll have your summer style solved.

Here are a few of the best men’s slim-fit tees to consider.

Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Uniqlo shirts come highly recommended by Patrick Kenger, and their affordable price point makes them a great option if you’re looking to stock up on tees. Although not advertised as slim fit, they have a trim shape, and the durable cotton fabric and many colors of the U Collection T-shirts make them a long-lasting and versatile addition to your closet.

[$ 15; uniqlo.com]

Courtesy image

Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee

A favorite of Los Angeles-based stylist Lisa Cameron, this Bonobos tee is made from 100-percent cotton for a soft, comfortable feel. Plus, it’s available as a V-neck or crew neck, in standard or short lengths, and with or without a front pocket, so you can order it exactly how you like.

[$ 25; bonobos.com]

Courtesy image

J. Crew Slim Broken-In Pocket Crewneck T-Shirt

First introduced in 2004, the Broken-In T-Shirt has been in the J. Crew lineup for a long time, and it’s still a perennial favorite. It’s dyed twice and washed for exceptional softness and a slightly faded color, which gives the shirt a unique vintage look. 

[$ 35; jcrew.com]

Courtesy image

Mack Weldon Silver V-Neck T-Shirt

Hate doing laundry? This one’s for you. This slim-fit v-neck (it’s also available in a crew neck version) is made from a blend of premium Supima cotton and Silver XT2 antimicrobial fabric, so it’ll stay fresh through days of repeated wear.

[$ 42; mackweldon.com]

Courtesy image

Buck Mason Costa Tee

The Costa Tee is constructed from Supima cotton for low weight and excellent breathability, both essential features for summer wear. It also features a curved hem that helps create a slimming silhouette and tucks in easily.

[$ 48; buckmason.com]

Courtesy image

Todd Snyder Champion Basic Jersey Tee

A new item from Todd Snyder, this tee is a collaboration with the legendary sportswear brand Champion. It uses a comfortable cotton jersey fabric and is available in many different colors, but there’s even more to like if you look closely: details like the vintage Champion logo on the sleeve and contrast stitching along the hem and neck. 

[$ 50; toddsnyder.com]

Courtesy image

Orlebar Brown OB-T Slim-Fit Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

One of Orlebar Brown’s most popular items, this all-cotton shirt combines a slim fit through the torso with a wide collar for a tailored look that still feels breezy and relaxed. It’s perfect for summer.

[$ 95; mrporter.com]

Courtesy image

Softwear Men’s T-Shirt

This shirt from Softwear opts for a modal/spandex blend. In other words: It’s soft as hell. The fabric has excellent resistance against pilling and color fading, so this shirt will continue looking great no matter how many times you wear it. Bonus: It’s great as a stylish workout shirt.

[$ 42; wearsoftwear.com]

Courtesy image

Alex Mill Slim-Fit Slub Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Because of the way it’s manufactured, slub cotton has many tiny lumps, and they create a subtle texture that feels light and soft against the skin. When dyed, the fabric also develops a slightly heathered look that works great with washed-out pastel colorways, like these shirts have.

[$ 45; mrporter.com]

Courtesy image

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Something Like Summer – David Berry

David Berry - Something Like Summer  artwork

Something Like Summer

David Berry

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: March 10, 2020

SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER follows the course of true love over the span of a dozen years. Ben, pines for athletic yet secretive Tim, but Tim's fear of exposure tears the couple apart. Years pass and Ben begins dating charming flight attendant Jace, but his happiness is upended when Tim, now out of the closet, reappears intent on winning Ben back. With Tim and Jace in open war to win his affection, Ben must face the realities of adulthood and his continued fear to fight for his own happiness.

© © 2012 Blue Seraph Productions

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Independent

‘Jaws,’ the ultimate summer movie, meets the age of coronavirus

Remember the mayor in “Jaws,” coaxing that family to go in the water, before they grab their raft and tentatively wade into the ocean? That image — introduced 45 years ago this month — keeps coming to mind as entertainment options, including movie theaters, gradually reopen in the age of coronavirus.

CNN.com – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Smooth Jazz – Ambient Background Instrumental Jazz Music, Summer Nightlife Chillout Classics – Relaxing Instrumental Jazz Ensemble & Smooth Jazz

Relaxing Instrumental Jazz Ensemble & Smooth Jazz - Smooth Jazz - Ambient Background Instrumental Jazz Music, Summer Nightlife Chillout Classics  artwork

Smooth Jazz – Ambient Background Instrumental Jazz Music, Summer Nightlife Chillout Classics

Relaxing Instrumental Jazz Ensemble & Smooth Jazz

Genre: Jazz

Price: $ 8.99

Release Date: July 13, 2015

© ℗ 2015 Equilibrium

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Jazz

Summer Horns (feat. Gerald Albright, Mindi Abair & Richard Elliot) – Dave Koz

Dave Koz - Summer Horns (feat. Gerald Albright, Mindi Abair & Richard Elliot)  artwork

Summer Horns (feat. Gerald Albright, Mindi Abair & Richard Elliot)

Dave Koz

Genre: Jazz

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: January 1, 2013

© ℗ 2013 Concord Music Group, Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Jazz

Drive-in concerts may be the answer to the summer shows you’re missing

Missing live music? There may be a solution coming to a parking lot near you.

CNN.com – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

How I Spent My Summer Vacation with the Judas Contract – Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer - How I Spent My Summer Vacation with the Judas Contract  artwork

How I Spent My Summer Vacation with the Judas Contract

Brad Meltzer

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 1.99

Publish Date: April 18, 2017

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Summer with the Marine – Ellie Hall

Ellie Hall - Summer with the Marine  artwork

Summer with the Marine

Ellie Hall

Genre: Religious

Publish Date: April 17, 2020

Publisher: Ellie Hall

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

He's a marine figuring out how to be a dad. She's out of work and moves in with her mom. A surprise reunion brings the old friends together. Will a dare turn them into something more? Eisley Higgins is laid off and needs a fresh start. Her mother offers her the loft space at her new beach cottage. The last thing she wants to do is move to a retirement community in coastal Florida. She gets a job at a local restaurant and her coworkers insist she follow through with the new-employee ritual to go on a date with her first customer. She's shocked when it turns out to be her childhood best friend. Ford Armstrong spent over ten years in the military serving his country. During that time, he married, but the relationship and his hope for a family quickly fizzled. After what felt like a failure, he fully turned his focus to the Marine Corps, but then received two life-changing pieces of news. While figuring out his future, he runs into the girl from his past. Only, the first thing out of her mouth is the last thing he expects to hear. Over a decade of friendship. Then over a decade apart. Can they overcome their hardships, get past secrets, and come together to create a future? This is book 1 in the Blue Bay Beach Romance series. Each book stands alone but reading them in order provides a deeper, richer experience. It is a sweet, small town, Hallmark style, "clean and wholesome" romance, is faith-friendly, and contains a happily ever after.

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Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys – The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys - Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys  artwork

Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys

The Beach Boys

Genre: Rock

Price: $ 6.99

Release Date: June 10, 2003

© This Compilation ℗ 2003 Capitol Catalog

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Khalid And Summer Walker Take An Exhilarating Nighttime Drive In ‘Eleven’ Video

Khalid and Summer Walker are street racers in wonderfully colorful cars in the stylish video for their new ‘Eleven’ remix.

Eminem’s Home Intruder Tried Tracking Him Down Last Summer Too

Eminem’s face-to-face with an alleged intruder was a long time coming … because TMZ’s learned the same guy tried to track him down last summer. Matthew David Hughes, the suspect arrested in last month’s breaking and entering case at the rapper’s…


TMZ Celebrity News for Music

XBIZ Postpones Miami Events, Eyes Future Summer Dates

In response to the continued “stay-at-home” directives from state authorities and the Centers for Disease Control related to the coronavirus pandemic, organizers have postponed the XBIZ Miami trade show, originally set for May 26-29, the XBIZ Cam Awards on May 29, and the XBIZ Retail Retreat June 1-5.
XBIZ.com – Pleasure & Retail

The Summer That Made Us – Robyn Carr

Robyn Carr - The Summer That Made Us  artwork

The Summer That Made Us

Robyn Carr

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 3.99

Publish Date: September 5, 2017

© © 2017 Recorded Books

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CALM – 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer - CALM  artwork


5 Seconds of Summer

Genre: Pop

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: March 27, 2020

© ℗ 2020 5 Seconds of Summer, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

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Only Tease – Lola In Blue Summer Dress

Only Tease - Lola In Blue Summer Dress

Check out this sexy update from Lola at Only Tease! She starts the set wearing a beautiful light blue summer dress with white hold up stockings. Once the dress is pulled off, we get to see her white garter and thong. When she bends over on the chair and shows off her ass, she makes my mouth water!

Only Tease is the only place to find this set and many more of Lola posing nude for erotic photo shoots! Every set starts with her in lingerie and cute outfits and ends with her topless showing off her amazing body!

Click Here To Visit Only Tease Now!

Only Tease

Only Tease – Ivy In White Summer Dress

Only Tease - Ivy In White Summer Dress

Today at OnlyTease, the gorgeous model Ivy is doing a photoshoot in a white summer dress with blue polka dots. This teen brunette beauty begins to tease and lift up her dress to show off her white garter and hold up stockings underneath. Towards the end up the set she ends up nude showing off her large natural breasts!

This is Ivy’s very first photoset added to the OnlyTease members area but there are several more updates of her scheduled. She is only 5’4″ with a 25 inch waist and huge 30E breasts! As a member, you can preview upcoming sets and even order them in advance if you just can’t wait!

Click Here To See Ivy Nude Now!

Only Tease

Summer Again – Julia Gabriel

Julia Gabriel - Summer Again  artwork

Summer Again

Julia Gabriel

Genre: Romance

Publish Date: March 4, 2013

Publisher: Serif Books

Seller: Julia Thomas

Dive into this sweet (and slightly steamy) enemies-to-lovers office romance and fall in love with the town of St. Caroline … For years, Lucy Wyndham wondered whether she'd ever catch another glimpse of the boy she crushed on as a teenager at the Chesapeake Inn's summer camp for disadvantaged kids. He was tall and quiet … mysterious and aloof … and oh so gorgeous. Also the owner’s son. Not the slightest bit disadvantaged. Fast forward … now Sterling Matthew runs the Chesapeake Inn and is Lucy's boss. He's still tall, aloof, and oh so gorgeous. Ten years later, the attraction between them is just as strong—but they’re no more compatible today than they were as teenagers. Nor do they share the same views of the summer camp. When Sterling informs Lucy that the camp must be eliminated to improve the resort's bottom line, she embarks on an ambitious campaign to save it. Even if the price is her job … and her heart. "Masterfully crafted."  —InD'Tale Magazine

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Megan Thee Stallion Trademarked “Hot Girl Summer”

Megan Thee Stallion

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

If Megan The Stallion is about anything, she’s about her business. The “Big Ole Freak” rapper has trademarked her “Hot Girl Summer” slogan.

In a recent interview with V103 Jamz, Meg confirmed the trademark has been established.

“I really didn’t even know that it was gonna catch on how it did. It was just me talking shit, telling everybody I was gonna be me for the summer, and they should be them too, like as free as they can be,” she told Allure. “When I saw Wendy’s and Forever 21 saying, ‘Hey, are you having a Hot Girl Summer?’ I was like, ‘Hell no, Forever 21, you’re going to have to pay me.’ But I just wanted to get it trademarked because it’s me. It’s my thing.”

So now if you try to get a check for hopping on the “Hot Girl Summer” wave, you better clear it with her or cut a check—probably both.

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Will superstars save Team USA next summer?

The Americans leave China with a seventh-place finish and lot of questions heading into the 2020 Olympics in Japan.
www.espn.com – NBA

Broncos’ summer of optimism sinks early in Black Hole

The Broncos looked out of sync on offense in the first half and showed a lack of depth in their loss to the Raiders.
www.espn.com – NFL

This Summer – EP – Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara - This Summer - EP  artwork

This Summer – EP

Alessia Cara

Genre: Pop

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: September 6, 2019

© ℗ 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign Celebrate “Hot Girl Summer” In New Video

Hot Nerd Fall is quickly approaching.

HipHopDX News

Chasing Summer – SiR

SiR - Chasing Summer  artwork

Chasing Summer


Genre: R&B/Soul

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: August 30, 2019

© ℗ 2019 Top Dawg Entertainment, under exclusive license to RCA Records

iTunes Store: Top Albums in R&B/Soul

SiR’s “Chasing The Summer” Tracklist Features Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Smino & More

The TDE artist's new album drops this Friday (August 30).

HipHopDX News

Lizzo, Anderson .Paak, 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign React To Being On Obama’s Summer Playlist

He loves the juice.

HipHopDX News

Sommernachtskonzert 2016 – Summer Night Concert 2016 – Semyon Bychkov & Wiener Philharmoniker

Semyon Bychkov & Wiener Philharmoniker - Sommernachtskonzert 2016 - Summer Night Concert 2016  artwork

Sommernachtskonzert 2016 – Summer Night Concert 2016

Semyon Bychkov & Wiener Philharmoniker

Genre: Concert Films

Price: $ 15.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: June 10, 2016

The Summer Night Concert 2016 of the Vienna Philharmonic live from Vienna – conducted by Semyon Bychkov with the pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque as soloists. The Baroque park of the Schönbrunn Palace ensures a magical setting.

© © 2016 Wiener Philharmoniker, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment. A Wiener Philharmoniker Production in cooperation with ORF

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News from Lake Wobegon: Summer: Stories From The Collection News From The Lake Wobegon – Garrison Keillor

Garrison Keillor - News from Lake Wobegon: Summer: Stories From The Collection News From The Lake Wobegon  artwork

News from Lake Wobegon: Summer: Stories From The Collection News From The Lake Wobegon

Garrison Keillor

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 7.99

Publish Date: March 18, 1997

© ℗ © 1997 HighBridge Audio

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Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Video Shoot Shut Down by Cops

Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ ign’s “Hot Girl Summer” got chilled down by LAPD who nearly torpedoed their music video — but there’s a happy ending. Ya like those, right? Sources close to the situation tell TMZ, cops crashed Meg’s…


TMZ Celebrity News for Music

Donna Summer: VH1 Presents Live & More Encore! – Donna Summer

Donna Summer - Donna Summer: VH1 Presents Live & More Encore!  artwork

Donna Summer: VH1 Presents Live & More Encore!

Donna Summer

Genre: Concert Films

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: June 22, 1999

Twenty years after her iconic Live And More album, Donna Summer’s Live And More Encore showcases the Queen of Disco in concert with this special extended broadcast, featuring "On The Radio," "I Feel Love," "Dim All The Lights" and many more.

© © 1999 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Sommernachtskonzert 2019 / Summer Night Concert 2019 – Gustavo Dudamel, Vienna Philharmonic & Yuja Wang

Gustavo Dudamel, Vienna Philharmonic & Yuja Wang - Sommernachtskonzert 2019 / Summer Night Concert 2019  artwork

Sommernachtskonzert 2019 / Summer Night Concert 2019

Gustavo Dudamel, Vienna Philharmonic & Yuja Wang

Genre: Classical

Price: $ 10.99

Release Date: July 5, 2019

© ℗ 2019 Wiener Philharmoniker, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

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Megan Thee Stallion Enlists Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign For “Hot Girl Summer” Single

An official anthem for the movement.

HipHopDX News

Megan Thee Stallion Turns Her ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Lifestyle Into A Banger With Nicki Minaj And Ty Dolla $ign

Megan Thee Stallion releases her hotly anticipated new track “Hot Girl Summer” featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ ign.

Megan The Stallion Previews New Single “Hot Girl Summer” In Instagram Clip

Hot 97 Summer Jam 2019

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Megan The Stallion has had her spurs on the summer’s neck all season long and is showing no signs of letting up. The “Big Ole Freak” rapper is set to drop some new music on us, and she gave her fans tantalizing sneak peek.

The track titled “Hot Girl Summer” as it should be is on the horizon with a release date of August 2. In the clip, Meg puts the song — which sample’s the City Girls’ 2018 hit “Act Up” — to the twerk test and it seemingly passes with flying colors. The track also features Ty Dolla $ ign handling hook duty.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Hot Girl Meg (@theestallion) on

Meg has had a pretty eventful week, she shared a photo of herself in the studio with DJ Khaled and then broke the internet when she got on Instagram live with Nicki Minaj. The Houston rapper got some advice from the “Anaconda” rapper when it comes to the being in the Hip-Hop world.

“Don’t overthink it and don’t beat yourself up. I find that when I treat it like fun and playtime I get better results.”

View this post on Instagram

From the 713 to the 305 😛

A post shared by Hot Girl Meg (@theestallion) on

Whether all of these artists will be on Meg’s next album is a mystery, but it would be a safe bet to assume the captain of the boat got something up her sleeve. Keep in mind she also has her Hype Williams’ directed film Fever: Thee Movie and is moving to trademark her signature term “Hot Girl Summer.” Right now it’s Meg’s world, and we are all just living in it, and we have no problem with that at all.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz


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On the Radio: Greatest Hits, Vol. I & II – Donna Summer

Donna Summer - On the Radio: Greatest Hits, Vol. I & II  artwork

On the Radio: Greatest Hits, Vol. I & II

Donna Summer

Genre: Disco

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: October 15, 1979

© This Compilation ℗ 2013 The Island Def Jam Music Group

iTunes Store: Top Albums in R&B/Soul

Hot Girl Vs. Hot Boy Summer: Megan Thee Stallion & Future Drop Rival Spotify Playlists

Which are you streaming?

HipHopDX News


PENTAGON - Sum(Me:R) - EP  artwork

Sum(Me:R) – EP


Genre: K-Pop

Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: July 17, 2019


iTunes Store: Top Albums in Pop

Lil Wayne Not Quitting Summer Tour With Blink-182

Lil Wayne (Swayne Carter Jr.) performs at Jiffy Lube Live Thursday evening.

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Lil Wayne wasn’t serious, y’all. It turns out Tunechi won’t be bailing on his current summer tour with Blink-182 after all.

Late last week, Weezy left that stage after performing just four or so songs, while also noting he wasn’t sure if he’d be continuing the tour due to small crowd sizes not being his swag. His words, not ours,

However, Weezy took to Twitter to explain that he was going to thug it out and finish the tour.

“Yesterday was krazy!,” he tweeted on Friday, July 12. “But I want all my fans to know I won’t be quitting this tour! I’m having too much fun with my bros blink-182. Bangor,ME See you tomorrow!

Hey, the show must go on. Also, the direct deposit ain’t hittin’ if you don’t hit the stage, too.


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Summer Night – Joseph Cross

Joseph Cross - Summer Night  artwork

Summer Night

Joseph Cross

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: July 12, 2019

In a small town, a young, tight-knit group of friends fall in and out of love over the course of one intoxicating, music-filled summer night.

© © 2017 DTJ LLC

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Summer of Change – Elena Aitken

Elena Aitken - Summer of Change  artwork

Summer of Change

Elena Aitken

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: February 9, 2014

Publisher: Ink Blot Communications

Seller: Elena Aitken

With the Springs resort set to open in mere weeks, Trent Harrison needs to stay focused and see to every detail. The last thing he needs is a complication, even one that comes in the form of sexy bar owner, Samantha Burke. Samantha loves her quiet close-knit community of Cedar Springs, just the way it is. The addition of a fancy new resort as well as its arrogant owner, and the change they're both sure to bring, is certainly not welcome. With Trent pushing his way into her town, and her life, Samantha's resistance to him wavers in the face of the passion and heat they share. Change is inevitable, but can either of them drop their guard long enough to accept it when there's so much on the line?  Like all my books, Summer of Change can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone novel, but are even more enjoyable when you read them as a series. Catch up with your favorite characters with the rest of the books! THE SPRINGS:  Book 1- Summer of Change (Trent and Samantha)  Book 2 – Falling Into Forever (Rhys and Kari)  Book 3 – Winter's Burn (Slade and Beth)  Book 4 – Midnight Springs (Jax and Bria)  Second Glances (A Springs Novella)

iTunes Store: Top Free Books in Romance

What NBA insiders are buzzing about at Las Vegas Summer League

What are scouts, coaches and executives talking about in Las Vegas? We have the latest intelligence and buzz-worthy items from the MGM Resorts Summer League.
www.espn.com – NBA

Summer Style: What to Wear to the Beach and Beyond

Of the many things to love about summer, easy, breezy style is near the top of the list. You want outfits that are comfortable and feel effortless from the beach to the boardwalk.

The Best Men's White Sneakers for Summer

Here are our favorite new menswear looks—perfect for wherever you soak up the sun. These are the outfits you’ll have on rotation all summer long.

Get the Look (above)

Sun‘N’Sand Elena Rush Straw Fedora [$ 16; sunnsand.net]

Ben Sherman Short Sleeve Satin Stripe Shirt [$ 99; bensherman.com]

Raymond Weil Freelancer Skeleton Limited Edition [$ 2,695; raymond-weil.us]

Fair Harbor The One Short With Liner [$ 64; fairharborswim.com]

Ankari Floruss Marigold Saturday Lace-Up Sneaker [$ 165; ankarifloruss.com]


Man at bar at Coney Island
Chris Callaway

UNTUCKit Navy Jean-Louis Shirt [$ 88; untuckit.com]

Givenchy GV7126/S Aviator Sunglasses [$ 410; solsticesunglasses.com]

Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook Automatic [$ 2,100; rado.com]

Onia Collin Pant [$ 140; onia.com]

Sperry Striper II Salt Washed CVO Sneaker [$ 60; sperry.com]

The Best New Men's Polo Shirts to Wear This Summer

Chris Callaway

Hanro Short Sleeve V-Neck [$ 70; hanrousa.com]

Katama George Swimsuit in Faded Red/Sailcloth [$ 195; katamaswim.com]

Onia Macro Stripe Beach Blanket [$ 95; onia.com]

Hari Mari Scouts Flip-flop [$ 65, harimari.com]

Chris Callaway

Orlebar Brown Bulldog Monte Carlo Swim Shorts [$ 345; olebarbrown.com]

Miansai Crew Rope Bracelet, Matte Silver, Solid Black [$ 135; miansai.com]

The post Summer Style: What to Wear to the Beach and Beyond appeared first on Men's Journal.

Men’s Journal Latest Style News

Hurry to the Todd Snyder Summer Sale for the Lowest Prices of the Season

This will be the best Todd Snyder sale until the holidays—book on it. The Summer Sale is happening now, and for a limited time you can take up to 70 percent off Clearance styles at Todd Snyder. Even better, you get 30 percent off Newly Added items, too. That means sweet summer deals on sweet summer gear, like shorts and tees.

The chance to get a discount on new arrivals at Todd Snyder is rare. Sizes and colors are already running low. So get over to toddsnyder.com right now and take advantage of these deals before it’s too late. Most of the discounts fall in the 30-40 percent range.

Best Deals Until the Holidays

There are tons of stuff on sale, including camp shirts, shorts, and sneakers for summer. Todd’s entire selection of iconic Vans sneakers is included in the sale, including slip-ons and those patterned and two-tone classics. The entire Timex + Todd Peanuts watch collection is marked down, too. Snoopy, Linus, and the Man himself, Charlie Brown, are all discounted and while the selection is dwindling, your opportunity to rock an iconic watch that no one else has increases by the day. Todd has even put a few of his other Timex watches on block, including the racy-retro BlackJack

And if you’re after the Todd Snyder + Champion line, there are plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Sweats, joggers, track jackets, warm-up shorts, and t-shirts and more are all marked down. These are definitely being blown out to make room for fall inventory, and so colors and sizes are quickly running out.

Of course, Todd Snyder’s indelible suits are marked down as well. Wool and seersucker, plaids and plains, dress shirts and much more are discounted. If you’re still in the market for a summer suit, this is an opportunity you cannot miss. There’s a whole slew of accessories on sale too, from scarves and pocket squares to ties and belts.

And the shoes! In addition to Vans, names like Clarks and New Balance are also being cleared out at tremendous discounts.

So head over to Todd Snyder today and take advantage of this unique opportunity. The Summer Sale won’t last—and neither will the selection at these prices. Here are a few of our favorite items that still had plenty of colors and sizes left at press time.

Stretch Corduroy Camp Shorts

At 9 inches in length and available in five summery colors, these classic camp shorts are elevated with a fine 10-wale cord from Italy. Garment-dyed for rich, saturated color and finished with patch camp pockets at the front and patch-and-flap pockets at the rear, they’re the ideal summer go-to. Get them now before summer’s gone.

Get It: Save 41% on Stretch Corduroy Camp Shorts ($ 99; was $ 168) at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Hamilton + Todd Snyder Striped Shirt

Hamilton has been hand-cutting and -sewing fine shirts in its Houston workshop since 1883. It’s made of Italian fabric woven from the highest quality Egyptian cotton and authentic mother of pearl buttons, with non-fused collars and cuffs that won’t shrink over time. Slim fit with a moderate spread collar.

Get It: Save 31% on the Hamilton + Todd Snyder Striped Shirt ($ 149; was $ 215) at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Timex + Todd Snyder MK1 SST Steel Watch

Based on an extremely rare, highly coveted military spec watch produced by Timex exclusively for US Marines in 1982—the only official government contract the legendary watchmaker ever produced. While the original was designed with plastic casing and intentionally disposable, this collectible classic is both lightweight and durable, constructed with an architectural-grade stainless steel case body and strap.

Get It: Save 34% on the Timex + Todd Snyder MK1 SST Steel Watch ($ 119; was $ 179) at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Camp Collar Shirt

The ultimate summer shirt? Todd’s camp collar button-down is updated with vintage-inspired stripes. Tailored in Portuguese cotton with an easygoing silhouette and satin stripes, it’s finished with a vented straight hem and back locker loop for wrinkle-free hanging.

Get It: Save 31% on the burgundy Camp Collar Shirt ($ 109; was $ 158) at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Champion Slim Jogger

With premium detailing and a modern fit, this fresh update features the Champion logo in bold script down the left leg. This reverse weave sweatpant resists vertical shrinkage and is cut on the cross-grain, to stay true to size. Several colors are available, but sizes are going fast.

Get It: Save 28% on Champion Slim Joggers ($ 99; was $ 138) at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Vans Blur Check Authentic

The Blur Check Authentic combines the original Vans low-top style with sturdy canvas uppers, the iconic checkerboard print, metal eyelets, and signature rubber waffle outsoles. 

Get It: Save 35% on Vans Blur Check Authentic ($ 39; was $ 60) at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Tropical Wool Plaid Suit Trouser

A lightweight take on classic plaid. With a modern tailored fit, it’s crafted right here in the US from breathable Italian wool with a touch of stretch. Pair it with the matching jacket and a crisp tee for a smart statement. With an unfinished hem for easy tailoring.

Get It: Save 31% on Tropical Wool Plaid Suit Trousers ($ 239; was $ 348) at Todd Snyder


Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers


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[ami-related id=”- Click to search articles -” url=”https://www.mensjournal.com/style/todd-snyder-liberty-london-summer-collaboration/” title=”Todd Snyder x Liberty London Has the Best Collaboration of the Summer” target=”_blank” thumb=”false” imgsrc=”” inset=”false” format=”” subtitle=””]

[ami-related id=”- Click to search articles -” url=”https://www.mensjournal.com/style/todd-snyder-pants-spring-2019/” title=”The Todd Snyder 2019 Pants Collection Has Something for Every Guy” target=”_blank” thumb=”false” imgsrc=”” inset=”false” format=”” subtitle=””]

Todd Snyder

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Men’s Journal Latest Style News

The Toughest Watches for Every Summer Adventure

These rough-and-ready watches combine sharp design, unbreakable materials, and high-tech features that will withstand any thumpings your weekend adventures dish out. Here are six of the coolest adventure watches you can buy this season.

50 Weekend Trip Ideas for an Unforgettable Summer Vacation

Bremont MBIII 10th

Only pilots who eject from a plane can get the MBI. Thankfully, the MBIII’s hardened steel case and antishock movement are easier to score.

[$ 5,595; us.bremont.com]

Courtesy image

Marathon 194006BK GSAR

The U.S. military trusts Marathon watches for their magnetic, shock, and water resistance. The GSAR has the same guts, but a Swiss movement adds precision timekeeping.

[$ 1,380; marathonwatch.com]


Courtesy image

CASIO G-Shock Mudmaster

The Mudmaster’s carbon fiber case protects the sensitive thermometer, digital compass, barometer, and altimeter inside. But that’s the last line of defense: The watch’s guts are sheathed in resin to protect the metal movement.

[$ 350; gshock.com]

Courtesy image

Filson Field Watch

Filson’s version of a field watch executes the basics—quartz movements, waterresistant stainless steel case, a scratchproof face—handsomely.

[$ 400 with orange strap; filson.com]

Courtesy image

Alpina Alpinerx

A tough smartwatch built for the wild: Its app tracks altitude, GPS, UV levels, temperature, and more.

[$ 995; alpinawatches.com]

Courtesy image

SEIKO SNJ025 Solar Arnie

The Seiko’s solar-powered movement won’t quit on you, and neither will the stainless steel and tough plastic body.

[$ 525; seikousa.com]

Photograph by Travis Rathbone

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Men’s Journal Latest Style News

The Best Bed Sheets for Summer

Unless your summer home is in Verkhoyansk, it’s probably time to lighten up your bed sheets. Skip the sateens, though. You’re looking for linen and breezy, organic cotton. Linen has an open weave, so it’s extremely breathable. Organic cotton feels crisp and cool even when it’s hot out. Plus, the more you wash either one, the softer they get. Here are the ones we like.

5 Things That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Style

Parachute Linen Venice

It took two washes before Parachute’s linen set became my favorite sheets. Super light, wrinkly (think casual, not messy), and comfortable in a way that made them feel like home — if that home were a surf shack in Orange County. Best part: They continue getting better with every wash.

 [$ 399-$ 439; parachutehome.com]

Rough Linen Sheet Set

Rough Linen lives up to its name for the first few washes. The fabric is rough and natural in a way that makes it feel like a canvas bag, which is a little unnerving at first. But push through the pain — or just wash them a few times before you throw them on your bed — and, like a pair of selvage jeans, the linen softens up. Best of all, they’re so sturdy you’ll probably be able to pass them down to your kids.

 [$ 360, was $ 404; roughlinen.com]

Boll & Branch Hemmed Sheet Set

Like a high-quality navy suit, great cotton sheets should already be in your closet. If they aren’t, here’s what you need: the Boll & Branch long-staple, 300-count, 100-percent organic cotton sheet set. About as clean and comfortable as cotton gets in the summertime.

[$ 200-$ 295; bollandbranch.com]

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Brooklinen’s classic line runs a little lighter, but the Luxe series is just comfy as hell (plus, you’re gonna have the A/C on anyway). They’re made of long-staple cotton (which we love) so they’ll stick around longer without getting pilly or ratty. Get them in a thin pinstripe to give your room a little more texture.

[$ 239.25; brooklinen.com]

Bonus: Get a Quilt That Won’t Make You Sweat

Your winter comforter belongs in storage, but that doesn’t mean your bed should go bare. Find yourself a thin, breathable quilt. We liked Parachute’s version, which still has a little heft, but it’s half and half linen and long-staple Egyptian cotton, a killer, airy-feeling combo.

[$ 229-$ 249; parachutehome.com]

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Summer Knight: The Dresden Files, Book 4 (Unabridged) – Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher - Summer Knight: The Dresden Files, Book 4 (Unabridged)  artwork

Summer Knight: The Dresden Files, Book 4 (Unabridged)

Jim Butcher

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 26.99

Publish Date: June 10, 2009

© ℗ © 2009 Buzzy Multimedia Publishing Corp.

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Our Favorite Sandals and Flip-Flops for Summer

Summer is the time when dressed-down, casual looks become stylish. Chinos, short sleeves, and linen are back, and it’s acceptable to finish off the look with your favorite open-toed shoes. Using sandals and flip flops can give your summer outfits a laid-back feel, plus they can be comfortable and stylish too.

“A lot of guys are self-conscious about sandals, but if you like them, you should wear them — guys need to have a look that they like,” menswear icon Sid Mashburn says. “Function is more important than fashion, and sandals are just good summer shoes. But it can be surprising how cool they are, how chic they are, and how elegant they are. They hit all the buttons.”


Here are some of the best sandals and flip-flops for summer, whether you’re going out for a day on the lake or a night out on the town.

Reef Draftsmen

Here’s your perfect party sandal. Reef outfitted their leather Draftsman sandal with a bottle opener in the footbed so you can pop open your brew anywhere, anytime. The low-profile design comes in two rich colors (we’re fans of the chocolate leather). And just because they look simple, doesn’t mean they aren’t well designed. An EVA midsole and arch support cushion your foot and keep you comfortable no matter where you’re headed. 

[$ 60; reef.com]

Hari Mari Dunes II

Thanks to their savvy design, Hari Mari’s flip-flops will have you ready for the sand dunes, the campsite, a hike through a National Park, or a day out on the water. This pair comes with non-scuffing rubber outsoles, memory foam toe-post grips to keep the blisters away, and a beveled sole edge that helps prevent tripping. Plus, Hari Mari donates one percent of the purchase price to help kids with pediatric cancer.

[$ 50; harimari.com]

Courtesy Image

Hurley Lunar

These flops combine low-key styling with serious comfort. They’re contoured to match the shape of your foot and made with Nike’s soft and springy Lunarlon foam, so you can expect a good fit and a soft step-in feel. Plus, the unique grooved gum outsole prevents slips and looks great, too.

[$ 55; nike.com]

Courtesy of Nike

Bogs Dylan Sandal

It wasn’t until recently that Oregon-based Bogs, which makes insulated boots for farmers, started making sandals. The Dylan Sandal speaks to that hardworking everyman heritage by packing value into a pair of affordable flip-flops. A Rebound rubber strap and footbed offer all-day support, and a tacky outsole grips wet terrain.

[from $ 15; amazon.com]

Freewaters Basecamp

These are the ultimate cushy campsite-ready sandals. The Basecap features a memory foam version of Therm-a-Rest cushioning (through a partnership with the sleeping-pad maker), giving a whole new meaning to the word “footbed.” Additionally, the padded strap is made of vegan leather and is water friendly—just like the Freewaters company, which funds clean water projects around the world by donating a portion from each of their sales.

[$ 45; freewaters.com]

Rainbow Single-Layer Classic

The Rainbow Single-Layer Classic flip-flop features arch support, a non-slip bottom, and double stitched straps for durability. The finished leather, along with a polished top sole, makes for a more dressed-up look than other sandals can muster.

[$ 54; rainbowsandals.com]

Havaianas Power Flip Flops

Havaianas is practically synonymous with the word with “flip-flops.” The Havaianas Power Sandal design, however, moves away from the classic thong: Its sole has ergonomic grooves that align with the pressure points of the foot for cushion-like comfort and flexibility. But the perforated matte strap and sporty style keep it from looking too soft. 

[$ 36; zappos.com]


Adidas Adilette Slide

When it comes to slides, there’s nothing more iconic than the Adilette. First introduced in the ’70s, these simple sandals are still going strong today, although they’ve moved beyond their original purpose as post-match shower shoes for soccer players and morphed into poolside essentials. Quick-drying and available in a bunch of bold colors, they’re a great pick for your next tropical vacation.

[$ 45; adidas.com]

Courtesy Image

Raf Simons by Adidas RF Micro Adilette Sport Slide

Belgian designer Raf Simons creates his own spin on the classic Adilette slide with a mashup of vintage-inspired details, color-blocking, and metallic accents.

[$ 140; nordstrom.com


Nike Benassi Slide

Prefer the swoosh over the stripes? Try Nike’s Benassi slide. It has a Phylon foam midsole for shock absorption and comes in several striking colorways to match any style.

[$ 25; nike.com]

Courtesy Image

Astral Filipe

The Filipe earns high marks for versatility. Astral Designs made it very water friendly, with durable outsoles that latch onto wet rocks and patches of rubber on the footbed that help keep your foot glued down even when soaked. Thinking of hitting the trail? Attach the accessory strap to get a lockdown fit around your heel.

[$ 75; astraldesigns.com]

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

The classic Birkenstock Arizona sandal has been the outdoorsman’s go-to for generations, and for good reason. Its high-quality construction includes a molded footbed, a deep heel cup, and durable materials like leather and reinforced cork—and it’s available in waterproof versions, too.

[$ 135; birkenstock.com]

Courtesy Image

Chacos Z/2 Classic

Hikers favor Chacos, and it’s not hard to see why. The durable design of this sandal is rugged enough to protect your toes out on the trail while still managing to pull off a low-maintenance and minimalistic look. Now the decades-old Z sandal has been updated to the Z/2, which is composed of only eight parts but allows for a custom fit thanks to the toe loop, adjustable straps, and molded podiatrist-certified footbed. Added bonus: The sandals have an antimicrobial treatment that keeps away stink. 

[$ 105; chacos.com]

nordstrom rack

New Balance PureAlign Recharge

Comfort is key when it comes to a pair of sandals, and New Balance’s PureAlign Recharge makes sure your puppies are comfortable for a day of exploring. Featuring a contoured footbed, arch support, a durable outsole and synthetic upper with mesh liner, your feet are in for a real treat. 

[$ 50; newbalance.com]


Brooks Brothers Leather Criss-Cross Sandal

The minimalistic construction and leather design is comparable to top-of-the-line brands, such as Prada and Gucci, but it won’t break the bank. Calfskin leather creates a trendy style that is subdued enough for everyday wear, and the tonal stitching offers a nice luxurious touch.

[$ 168; brooksbrothers.com

Brooks Brothers

Teva Original Universal

Tevas are some of the most trail-ready sandals you can buy, thanks to their hook and loop closures, universal strapping system, and ultra-durable rubber outsole. But with their rich colors and supple suede footbed, you can be sure-footed between routes on the crag and head straight to the bar for drinks afterward without bringing a change of shoes. 

[$ 50; teva.com]

Courtesy Image

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Huckberry’s One-Day Summer Sale—Here’s How to Get Exclusive Early Access

Huckberry is such a popular destination for fantastic clothes and cool gear, it doesn’t have sales very often. So when it does, it’s kind of a big deal. Huckberry’s One-Day Summer Sale is coming this Sunday, June 30!  We got the inside skinny on the sale, and here’s the kicker: You don’t have to wait.

Now, these offers aren’t available to the general public until Sunday morning—but Men’s Journal readers can take advantage of these great deals right now at Huckberry.

From now until midnight PST on Sunday, take up to 35 percent off a swath of great stuff marked down at Huckberry. We’re talking shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, watches, gear, and so much more.

But you can also score huge savings on t-shirts, shorts, sandals and more! Tons of items that are going to be practical and stylish all summer long. A bunch of Huckberry’s own Flint and Tinder line is marked way down. And there are a dozen or more great watches, a host of belts, and few pair of sunglasses on sale. You can find several awesome weekenders and duffels marked down, and a load of backpacks, too. There’s even a sweet Stetson hat for 35 percent off!

Here’s a sampling of the awesome brand names you’ll find on sale at the Huckberry Summer Sale:

Hydro Flask
Black Diamond
Chrome Industries
Billy Reid

…and many more. We picked out a nice selection of some great gear and apparel for which we might have to crack open our wallets; they’re listed below.

Ready for your exclusive sneak peek at the Huckberry One-Day Summer Sale? Check out all the Top Deals right here.

Howler Brothers H Bar B Snapshirt

A modern take on the classic western shirt that protected cowboys from the blistering heat on the frontier, the H Bar B Snapshirt has traditional pearl snap buttons with a quick-drying poly-cotton blend. Perfect for fly fishing on a riverbank, kicking back on a beach, or beating the heat at work, this shirt is everything we love about the summer.

Get It: Take 30% off the Howler Brothers H Bar B Snapshirt (from $ 48; was $ 69) at Huckberry


Sunski Topekas Sunglasses

With a rounded frame that fits better to the face and traction pads on the bridge and temples for a secure fit when you’re on the move, trail running, mountain biking, leisurely jogs, or days spent lounging just got a whole lot better looking. Available in two frame colorways.

Get It: Take 21% off Sunski Topekas Sunglasses (from $ 54; was $ 68) at Huckberry


Coalatree 8.5-inch Trailhead Shorts

Everything you loved about Coalatree’s Trailhead Pant got downsized into cool, performance-forward shorts. Durable and ridiculously comfy, they’re the ultimate travel shorts for weekend getaways or extended sabbaticals: lightweight, super packable, and quick-drying. Available in three colors.

Get It: Take 30% off the Coalatree 8.5-inch Trailhead Shorts (from $ 48; was $ 69) at Huckberry


SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Sneakers

This new take on the classic beach tennie features a vintage wash and exclusive signature touches. With a textured linen upper and vintage wash finish, they’re lined with soft, brushed chambray, feature anitque nickel eyelets and a herringbone outsole. Four colors are available.

Get It: Take 24% off the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Sneakers (from $ 59; was $ 78) at Huckberry


Billy Reid Denim Shirt

Billy Reid’s gear exudes a Southern Gentleman’s dapper aesthetic, but it’s tinged with workmanlike ruggedness. This distressed shirt is cut from washed denim, and looks like it has a few stories to tell—and a few more adventures up its sleeve. Available in dark Denim Dry, bright Bleached Wash, or Denim Wash (shown).

Get It: Take 30% off the Billy Reid Denim Shirt (from $ 136; was $ 195) at Huckberry


Marathon Diver’s Quartz

With high-torque Swiss quartz movement, this medium diver’s watch is lighter in weight and comfortable for all-day, everyday wear. It has water resistance (up to 300m) and dial legibility provided by tritium illumination on the dial and hands, which produce a steady glow for up to 25 years. 

Get It: Take20% off the Marathon Diver’s Quartz ($ 500; was $ 625) at Huckberry


Hydro Flask Hydration Pack 20L

Whether you prefer a hardwood court or a muddy trail, Hydro Flask has a system for you. The Hydration Pack is designed and built with the adventure athlete in mind. Decked out with an insulated water reserve and plenty of room for all your gear, it fits comfortably on your back while easily stashing at least 3 liters of water. Available in black or blue.

Get It: Take up to 35% off the 20L Hydro Flask Hydration Pack ($ 150; was $ 200) at Huckberry


Check out all the products and gear for Men’s journal readers


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Zappos Has Awesome Summer Slip-ons, Slides, Sandals, and Sneakers On Sale

Zappos is renowned for having an awesome selection of boots and dress shoes, but its wide variety of sneakers and summer kicks don’t get nearly as much love. And that’s a shame. Zappos is a fantastic destination to get all your summer gear, from shirts and shorts to sandals and flip-flops. And it’s almost always cheaper than retail. So if you can find gear on sale at Zappos? That means it’s WAY less than you’d pay at the shoe store.

And these aren’t knock-offs like you find at some of the big box stores. Zappos doesn’t rip brands off, or steal their designs. Zappos gets great deals on overstock from manufacturers and retailers, then spins that savings back around to you. So you can get the same great products you saw in the store just a couple of months prior for a fraction of the price.

Does Zappos Sell More Than Shoes?

What started as an online shoe reseller has turned into a retail empire. Zappos now sells clothing, bags, accessories, and much more. The company has been instrumental in the rebirth of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, and is widely recognized as an awesome place to work. It puts a premium on company culture, too. So you know when you buy from Zappos you’re buying from a responsible retailer that takes care of its customers and employees—not some fly-by-night operation that might be gone next week or doesn’t answer the phone or email if you have an issue.

So get your feet into something sweet this summer, and pick up one of these awesome summer shoes from Zappos. Most of these selections have multiple colors, styles, and sizes available, so there’s something for everyone.

Whether you spend your summer weekends sipping Negronis in the Hamptons or jumping off cliffs at Copper Canyon, get over to Zappos and get some sensible summer shoes today.

Here’s a great place to start.

Nike Benassi JDI Slide

Slide into summer fun. They’ve got a synthetic leather upper with a jersey lining, injected Phylon midsole and outsole, and a sporty logo + swoosh across the top strap. Available in five colorways, including black/gold and white/royal. Give your feet the summer vacation they deserve.

Get It: Take 20% off the Nike Benassi JDI Slide ($ 20; was $ 25) at Zappos


Vans Classic Slip-Ons

Over 40 colors and patterns with the True White sole are on sale right now, including checkerboard, tie-dye, ginham, skulls, and more. Get ’em now!

Get It: Grab the Vans Classic Slip-Ons (from $ 38; was $ 50) at Zappos


Sanuk Beer Cozy 2 Flip-flops

The most comfortable shoe in the world? Some guys think so. If you find a deal on Sanuks, you should probably take it. If you find them at 25 percent off, buy them immediately! Nine color combos are available.

Get It: Pick up these Sanuk Beer Cozy 2 Flip-flops (from $ 29; was $ 36) at Zappos


Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Slip-On

A lace-free version of the Mexico 66—Onitsuka’s most iconic and recognizable sneaker—this low-profile slip-on by ASICS is bright, clean, and oh-so-street. A durable canvas and suede upper envelopes laceless closure with metallic eyelets as a detail. Check out the flip-top heel flap. Other colors are available, but this is the only colorway on sale.

Get It: Take 20% the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Slip-On (starting at $ 68; was $ 85) at Zappos


Reef One Slide

Head to the beach in easy style. With a waterproof, machine washable design these slides are bound to supplent those tired old flip-flops as your summer must-haves. With a padded strap in a soft faux-leather with perforated detail for breathable wear and an injection-molded EVA footbed with anatomic contouring.

Get It: Take 11% off the Reef One Slide ($ 25; was $ 28) at Zappos


ECCO Corksphere Sandal

With exceptional comfort and performance design, this pared-down sandal might become your footwear of choice all summer long. The leather is a smooth nubuck with a rugged and waxed finish, and a leather-lined foam layer sits on top of the cork footbed for immediate comfort.

Get It: Pick up the ECCO Corksphere Sandals ($ 150) at Zappos


Skechers Equalizer Double Play

With their mesh fabric upper and relaxed, slip-on design, you’ll stay comforttable all summer long. Stretch panels give them flex for easy on/off, and the padded collar and soft fabric lining keep them snug yet cozy. The memory foam footbed ensures a soft landing whether you’re walking the town or planting your foot in a mean game of cornhole.

Get it: Check out the Skechers Equalizer Double Play ($ 55; was $ 60) at Zappos


TOMS Chambray Classics

Seasonal materials bring these stylish and vegan-friendly slip-ons up-to-date with a contrasting accent. A woven chambray upper, with faux leather trim and classic toe stitch detailing, is ready for any summer function, from backyard barbecues to evenings at the yacht club. And remember: With every purchase, TOMS gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need. 

Get It: Take 11% off these TOMS Chambray Classics ($ 45; was $ 55) at Zappos


Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers.


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Outerknown’s Merino Swim Trunks Are Ready for a Summer on the Water

When you think of Merino wool, you probably imagine a drawer full of warm winter clothing, or maybe a pair of comfy hiking socks. You likely don’t think about summer wear, especially not a pair of swim trunks. But Outerknown, the outdoor apparel brand founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater, is changing the way we think about wool with the new Woolaroo trunks, released earlier this month.

Swimming Pigs, Shark Diving, and Daiquiris on Repeat: The 4-Day Weekend in the Bahamas


We got our hands on a pair while touring Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, and we’re here to tell you it’s time to leave the itchy stereotypes about wool behind. These 100 percent Merino wool trunks feel great, are super tough, and they’re eco-friendly, too. If you’re in the market for a pair of hard-working trunks that can stand up to a summer’s worth of surfing, swimming, and paddling, the it’s worth considering the Woolaroo.

swim trunks
Courtesy Image


What It Is: 

The Woolaroo is a new swim trunk from Outerknown, and the company claims it’s the first-ever trunk made completely from Australian Merino wool (the fiber is sourced in collaboration with The Woolmark Company). It’s a nod to the swim trunks from the early days of surfing, which were made from a heavy-duty twill fabric, but it’s also a clear expression of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Merino wool is an all-natural, renewable, and biodegradable fiber, unlike the synthetic fabrics used in many other swim trunks.

Surfer Kai Lenny on the World Surf League’s New Ocean Conservation and Environmental Initiatives

swim trunks
Courtesy Image

Why We Like It:

Finding swim trunks that are comfortable, stylish, and fit well is no easy task, but the Woolaroo gets high marks in all three categories. The pre-stretched wool fabric is light but tough, and the natural benefits of the fiber really shine. It’s breathable and odor-resistant without any synthetic finishes or additives, and wool’s moisture-wicking properties are also evident: Even when soaking wet, water beads up and rolls off the shorts easily. The Woolaroo strikes a good balance between utility and style as well. They hit just above the knee and look trim enough to wear off the beach, but there’s enough give through the thigh that they won’t interfere with swimming, and the zipper fly and drawstring provide a secure fit—you won’t have to worry about these slipping off in heavy surf. Of course, it’s also a definite plus to wear swim trunks that won’t contribute to the plastic that’s choking our oceans.


The Merino fabric of the Woolaroo is a far cry from your scratchy Christmas sweater, but it’s worth noting that these shorts do have a slightly coarse texture compared to synthetic fabrics. As for storage, the Woolaroo comes with a secure zippered back pocket, but on land, some might miss having side pockets to carry keys and other essentials. Watermen who need a light and lean pair of trunks likely won’t mind the lack of pockets, though.

[$ 125; outerknown.com]

Get it

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Zion-Barrett meeting set to start summer league

Former Duke teammates Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett are slated to make their NBA summer league debuts against each other.
www.espn.com – NBA

Nalpac Releases 2019 Summer Catalog

Nalpac has released its 2019 Summer Catalog with 52 pages of must-have products for summer and beyond.
XBIZ.com – Pleasure & Retail

Summer School – Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner - Summer School  artwork

Summer School

Carl Reiner

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 4.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: June 1, 2004

Schools out, and Ocean Front High gym teacher Freddy Shoop (Mark Harmon) has big plans: summer in Hawaii. But the schools vice-principal has plans for Freddy, too: teaching remedial English. Aloha paradise – hello, Summer School. Director Carl Reiner (All Of Me, The Jerk) delighted fans and critics alike with this warm, perceptive comedy about a laid-back teacher (Harmon) relegated to teaching a class of likeable misfits, including a slasher-flick addict (Dean Cameron), his wacky sidekick (Gary Riley), and a sexy female surfer (Courtney Thorne-Smith) of TVs Ally McBeal and Melrose Place). Kirstie Alley (TVs Cheers and Veronicas Closet) is the no-nonsense history professor down the hall whos keeping an eye on all the shenanigans – and on the handsome, irresistible Freddy. The road to academic success has never been bumpier, but to earn straight As in laughtertake Summer School.

© TM & Copyright © 1987 by Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Comedy

The Best Performance Briefs to Beat the Heat This Summer

A good pair of performance briefs should go unnoticed. That’s the ironic, telltale sign of a stellar piece of apparel: You forget you’re wearing it. Meanwhile, a bad pair will scrunch, chafe, and require some awkward lunging or a not-so-discrete hand down your pants to adjust.

We Found the World’s Most Comfortable Underwear

To keep your most sensitive area as dry and comfortable as possible, we’ve tested some of the top options on the market. Here are the best six performance briefs to wear whether you’re training or just going about your everyday life. They’ll withstand stifling heat and swampy humidity without breaking a sweat—even if you do.

1. icebreaker Cool-Lite Anatomica Zone Boxers

As the name suggests, icebreaker wants to keep you cool. To do so, they use a propriety blend of two materials in their boxers, merino wool and TENCEL. Combined with an eyelet for ventilation, flatlock seams that prevent chafing, and odor-resistant fabrics, these briefs beat the heat and any accompanying smells.

[$ 55; icebreaker.com]


Courtesy Image

2. lululemon License to Train Boxer

Even during a workout of squat cleans and handstand walks, these boxers stayed in place. The four-way stretch was forgiving enough to accommodate movements, while light compression provided targeted support. They’re also ultra-lightweight, so you’ll barely notice them underneath your shorts.

[$ 38; lululemon.com]

Courtesy Image

3. Reebok Performance Briefs

These are a fantastic low-cost option. The material isn’t as advanced as the others, but it still does everything you’d like it to do—mainly, hug your thighs while not being too constricting. In my experience, the waist runs a little large, so consider ordering a size down to get a comfortably snug fit.

[3 pack for $ 30; reebok.com]


Courtesy Image

4. Ten Thousand Training Boxer

Ten Thousand is a New York City-based startup. At its inception, the team (admirably) chose to specialize in just a few items of workout apparel—emphasizing quality. And let us tell you: They’re doing a damn good job. This training boxer wicks away sweat and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Plus, it comes with a side pocket and a waistband that you’ll barely notice.

[$ 32; tenthousand.cc]

Courtesy Image

5. Under Armour RUSH Compression

Strap your spacesuit on, because we’re going to the future. In addition to all the features you’d expect from performance underwear, these boast Under Armour’s new RUSH technology. It uses mineral-infused fabric to absorb energy created by your body during workout, then reflects that energy back into your muscles. For more info, check out this video.

[$ 50; underarmour.com]


Courtesy Image

6. 185 ROCK‘N‘WOOL Boxer by Ortovox

If you like to take your workouts into the great outdoors, rather than the CrossFit box, these are the boxers for you. Made from ultra-thin wool, they’re specifically designed for the temperature fluctuations that come with sweating outdoors. The company also sources from ethically and ecologically sound farmers

[$ 50; ortovox.com]


Courtesy Image

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Keep Your Cool in the Best Lightweight Summer Suits

When it comes to dressing up as the temperatures rise, there are plenty of ways to keep things cool.

Here are three surefire ways to pull off the suited look this season—no matter where you’re headed.

Cotton suit by Canali
Cotton suit by Canali Andy Ryan

1. Cotton Casual 

The perfect combination of form and function, cotton suits are stiffer than winter wools but lighter and far more breathable. Dress them up with a button-down and loafers. Or keep things casual with a T-shirt and sneakers.

Canali Blazer ($ 1,595, canali.com); Canali Trousers ($ 540, canali.com); O.N.S Clothing Linen Village Crew ($ 88, onsclothing.com) Salvatore Ferragamo Ajustable Gancini Belt ($ 450, ferragamo.com); Tod’s Sneakers in Leather ($ 775, tods.com)

Seersucker suit by Brooks Brothers
Seersucker suit by Brooks Brothers Andy Ryan

2. Sir Seersucker 

When the heat index spikes and humidity soars, this southern staple stays cool and breathable, a stylish option at both work and summertime events Seersucker is also a lot of fun to wear, adding panache and personality to your wardrobe. No wonder it’s the go-to summer-wedding attire.

Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Stripe Seersucker Suit ($ 498, brooksbrothers.com); Dolce & Gabbana White Dress Shirt ($ 395, select Dolce & Gabbana stores); Thom Browne Classic Necktie, ($ 190, select Thom Browne stores); To Boot New York Capo in Cognac ($ 395, toboot.com); and matching To Boot New York Cognac Calf Belt ($ 150, toboot.com); Kane 11 Lemans Vapor Socks ($ 21, kane11.com).

Summer weight wool suit by Z Zegna
Summer weight wool suit by Z Zegna Andy Ryan

3. The Right Blend

Contrary to popular belief, you can wear wool in the summer—provided it’s the right wool. Look for a suit marked “summer weight.” The fabric is lighter and has a looser weave, making it as breathable and comfy as cotton or linen.

Z Zegna Wool Blend Suit ($ 1,395, select Ermenegildo Zegna stores); Club Monaco Slim Linen Shirt ($ 98, clubmonaco.com).

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Foxglove Summer: A Rivers of London Novel (Unabridged) – Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Aaronovitch - Foxglove Summer: A Rivers of London Novel (Unabridged)  artwork

Foxglove Summer: A Rivers of London Novel (Unabridged)

Ben Aaronovitch

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 14.99

Publish Date: January 6, 2015

iTunes Store: Top Audiobooks in Sci Fi & Fantasy

Todd Snyder x Liberty London Has the Best Collaboration of the Summer

Bright, busy, and colorful prints are back this summer. Sinuous, floriferous prints and patterns have come around again, daring men to once again embrace the breezy, flowery blouse as the go-to summer shirt. And thanks to Todd Snyder’s new Liberty Prints collection, you can be among the most sinuous and floriferous at your summer gathering.

Okay, enough of the flowery language. We love floral prints, and are firm in our belief that it takes a confident man to wear them without irony. Of course, bright colors and natural patterns are the ideal summer palette. It’s particularly suited for backyard parties and dockside barbecues. If you think you’re making a bold statement by wearing a flowery shirt, you’re absolutely right. If you believe you’re an original, well, Oscar Wilde might beg to differ.

What’s the History of Liberty London?

Since 1875, Liberty London has been renowned for its signature floral patterns. From the outset, its designs were used in everything from wallpaper to clothing, from eyeglass cases to furnishings. The store’s founder Arthur Liberty sought to collect and curate the finest, most exotic goods from around the world.

From the outset, Liberty’s floral motifs embodied a quintessential Englishness. The company was both an advocate and beneficiary of the Art Nouveau movement. In the 1960s Liberty successfully rebranded its trademark designs into Swinging Sixties-cool, tinged by nostalgia. Today, its familiar-yet-exotic archive of over 45,000 vintage floral designs have been captivating artistic shoppers for nearly 150 years.

“Familiar-yet-exotic” perfectly captures the spirit of Todd Snyder’s legendary collabs. Todd has never hesitated in reaching out to other designers and labels to incorporate nostalgia into modern design. And his Todd Snyder x Liberty London Collection is no exception, with camp collar shirts and shorts that showcase this irresistible handiwork.

It’s not a huge selection, with just three prints in both shirts and shorts. But the Todd Snyder x Liberty London Collection is guaranteed to make a splash at any summer gathering—as long as you wear it with confidence, of course.

Camp Collar Tropical Print in Blue

Fun yet functional, this camp collar shirt is perfect for long days at the shore. 100 percent cotton, it’s got a straight hem and a slim, contemporary fit. We love the versatility of this colorway.

The matching 7-inch Warm Up Shorts ($ 168) are made of gaberdine with a touch of stretch. for comfort and mobility.

GET IT: Pick up the Camp Collar Tropical Print in Blue ($ 158) at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Camp Collar Leaves Print Shirt in Pink

A warm weather favorite reinvented. Fun yet functional, this casually refined style has a trim modern fit and versatile convertible collar that’s ready for work or play. Constructed with a vented straight hem and a back locker loop for wrinkle-free hanging, it’s 100 percent cotton.

The matching shorts ($ 168) are made of stretch gaberdine and have a drawstring waist.

GET IT: Pick up the Camp Collar Leaves Print Shirt in Pink ($ 158) at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Warm Up Liberty Short in Black

These cotton stitched gabardine 7-inch shorts offer worldly good taste in an exceptionally durable package. The pull-on design of these shorts features an elastic drawstring and two slash pockets. They work equally well on their own with a t-shirt or sweater.

Check out the matching Camp Collar shirt ($ 158).


GET IT: Pick up the Warm Up Liberty Short in Black ($ 168) from Todd Snyder

See the full Todd Snyder x Liberty London collection here

Todd Snyder

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Slip On These New Allbirds Summer Colorways Before They’re All Gone

News flash! Allbirds just dropped four new summer colors. If you haven’t yet sunk your feet into the soft, breathable glory that is all-wool Allbirds, here’s a rare opportunity to do so while still being a trendsetter. If you’re already an Allbirds advocate, then this is your chance to stand out from the flock.

The Shoreline Collection features four new coastal-inspired colorways that are ideal for summertime. And they’re in styles that are awesome for warm weather fun. They cost the same as standard Allbirds—but these Limited Edition colorways will fly off the shelves. So if you’re on the fence, you’d better hop on over it, and quick.


Tide Pool

tree skippers

This fresh aqua colorway is reminiscent of cool blue pool water, and makes us want to signal for the cabana boy to bring us another mimosa. It’s available in Allbirds’ original Wool Runner and high-topped Tree Topper, and also in the casual Tree Skipper ($ 95, above). It’s a laced summer slip-on, perfect for kicking off and relaxing in the chaise.



tree runner

Hot August nights and slow summer sunsets call for a smoldering colorway, and the Sunkissed delivers. It’s available in four Allbirds styles, including Wool Runners, Tree Skippers, Tree Toppers, and the breathable Tree Runners ($ 95, above). You can get it with a matching sole, but we rather like the contrast of the light grey here.



wool runner

Just because the sun is bright and hot doesn’t mean your shoes have to be. Stay cool, calm, and collected in this subdued, classy colorway. It’s only available in Allbirds’ original Wool Runner style ($ 95, above), and only with the color-matched sole. But don’t let the fabric scare you; 100 percent natural Merino stays cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cool. And it’s totally suited for year-round wear—even to the office.



tree lounger

This icy blue can chill the vibe at any summer gathering. It’s also available with the summer active Tree Runner sneaker ($ 95, shown at top), but we’ll take it paired with Allbirds also-chill, lace-less summer Tree Loungers slip-ons ($ 95, above). Perfect for when you have a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand, just like Diamond Dave.

Remember, these fresh Allbirds colorways won’t last—they rarely do, but because these are so perfectly summer-suited, do yourself a favor and jump on this. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to add a free all-wool Allbirds beer koozie to your shopping cart. Once you add a pair of shoes, the $ 10 price tag drops right off, automatically.

GET IT: See the complete line of Allbirds shoes for men 

Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers here



Allbirds Just Dropped A Limited-Edition Beer Koozie

VIDEO: Allbirds: Some Are Calling These the World’s Most Comfortable Shoes

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The Best New Shorts for Any Summer Adventure

Not to be a downer, but 2019 could produce the hottest summer we’ve ever experienced. And while your comfort is far from global warming’s biggest victim, it is the one you have to manage every time you go for a hike, visit the farmer’s market, or spend a day touring a new city.

25 Action-Packed Summer Trips

That’s why outdoor companies are doubling down on ultra-functional shorts: To make the best of a bad situation by liberating your legs from heat-trapping pants.

Here are the five best new shorts to wear this season.

Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Shorts

Designed for hikers, the Guide Pros are built from a stretchy nylon/polyester blend that delivers UPF 50+ sun protection and resists sopping up the sweat pouring off your legs. Multi-day hikers will appreciate the ultra-soft, odor-resistant waistband and the zippered thigh pocket, which keeps valuables locked away. Oh—and kudos to Eddie Bauer for the Bluesign certification, which means that the material in these shorts meets certain standards for both environmental impact and worker safety.

[$ 70; eddiebauer.com]

Courtesy Image

Howler Bros Horizon Hybrid Short 2.0

By straddling the line between trail shorts and swim trunks, Howler Bros’ best-selling item makes it easy to jump into any lake that you happen upon during your summer hikes. And now the Hybrid Shorts are even better: With this year’s 2.0 update, the company installed a zippered pocket for cash and identification, attached a bungee loop for hang drying, and installed a discreet drawstring inside the waistband. That means you’ll no longer risk losing your shorts when the river’s current proves stronger than expected.

[$ 69; howlerbros.com]

Courtesy Image

Search and State Field Shorts

With a production factory in midtown Manhattan, Search and State aims to please urban cyclists first. And while the Field Shorts served us well for rides to our nearby coffee shop, they also proved to be the ones we grabbed first for working in the yard. The waxed cotton is heavier and tougher than standard lightweight hiking fabrics, and at the same time, it resists stains and softens with repeated use. While some shorts wear out with time, these promise to wear in.

[$ 145; searchandstate.com]

Courtesy Image

Columbia Featherweight Hike Short

Built from wispy nylon and a touch of elastane for stretch, the Featherweights are ideal for the the kind of minimalist hiker who cuts his toothbrushes in half to save weight. Columbia even removed the backside wallet pockets. And to ensure a comfortable fit beneath the weight of a hiking pack, the company added a seamless waistband and a button-fly that sits completely flush against the fabric.

[$ 80; columbia.com]

Courtesy Image

Western Rise Boundless Short

Consider this the best option for lightweight travelers who need a short that’s traditional enough to wear while walking through outdoor markets but functional enough for outdoor adventures. The nylon/Spandex material delivers solid four-way stretch, and while you won’t find any tactical pockets on the outside, you will find a hidden zipper inside the wallet pocket and a drawstring waistband for impromptu swim sessions.

[$ 85; westernrise.com]

Courtesy Image

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The Best New Men’s Polo Shirts to Wear This Summer

We’ll tell you something you probably already know: Polo shirts aren’t just a uniform for the golf course. The simple three-button collared shirt is now available in more fabrics, patterns, and styles than ever before, and brands are experimenting with new interpretations of the menswear staple. Whether or not they’ve been in your rotation before, the latest crop of men’s polo shirts are making a strong case for spot in your dresser.

The Best New Sunglasses You Can Wear on Any Adventure

But as you’ll see below, there are lots of great options to choose from. Picking the right polo for you depends on a few different variables, so we reached out to stylists for guidance on what to look for. First off: Make sure you pick one that fits. Size up if the buttons are pulling, says Lisa Cameron, stylist to celebs like Queer Eye‘s Karamo Brown, and make sure you have enough length to cover your stomach if you raise your arms up. But don’t go too baggy—a trimmer polo can accentuate your physique. “If you want to make your arms look a bit bigger,” says stylist Patrick Kenger, “find a polo with some ribbing around the end of the sleeves, which will hug your arms and help them ‘fill out’ the shirt sleeve.”

In addition, try to avoid shirts with lots of branding or big logos. “Keep it clean,” Kenger says.

Hit the Trails in Spring's Best Mountain Biking Gear and Accessories

Stylists agree the polo is a versatile shirt, and you can wear it with quite a few different outfits. For starters, try using it as a replacement for your usual T-shirt.

“One of the best ways I’ve heard it put is that a polo is a gentleman’s T-shirt,” explains Kenger. “If you want to bump things up from the usual T-shirt and jeans outfit, then a polo is a great substitute.”

It also looks great with a suit. You can opt for a monochromatic look by matching your polo with the suit’s color, or go for a complementary color scheme, like a navy suit and pink polo, Cameron advises. You can also try pairing a polo with a bomber jacket, or wearing it with a simple pair of chinos and some sneakers.

Feeling inspired? Here are some of the best new polos to mix up your look this season.

Ralph Lauren The Earth Polo

Even Ralph Lauren, which is basically synonymous with “polo,” is updating its version of the shirt. Check out the Earth Polo, which is made from recycled plastic bottles: Each shirt saves about 12 bottles from heading to the landfill or ending up in the ocean.

[$ 90; ralphlauren.com]

Courtesy Image

Lacoste Regular Fit Cotton Mini Piqué Polo

Stand out from the crowd by embracing the breezy tropical pattern on this shirt—a perfect print for summer. It also comes with a ribbed finish on the sleeves, which will help accentuate your biceps.

[$ 135; lacoste.com]

Courtesy Image

Officine Generale Simon Garment-Dyed Slub Linen Polo Shirt

Who needs buttons? Not you. An inventive take on the classic shirt, this linen iteration does away with the three-button closure for a more relaxed, open collar.

[$ 170; mrporter.com]

Courtesy Image

Baobab Polo Shirt

This shirt from up-and-coming menswear brand Baobab uses soft Pima cotton for comfort, and the company’s proprietary fabric treatment makes it resistant to stains, odor, wrinkles, fading, and shrinking. Hate laundry? The company claims you can wear this shirt 10-12 times between washes.

[$ 95; baobabclothing.com]

Courtesy Image

Banana Republic Supima Cotton Sweater Polo

Supima cotton delivers excellent softness and comfort while stripes and dark accents make the neutral color pallete more eye-catching on this example from Banana Republic.

[$ 65; bananarepublic.gap.com]

Courtesy Image

Marine Layer Re-Spun Polo

Part of Marine Layer’s new Re-Spun collection, this polo is made completely from donated T-shirts and has no added dyes. That means you get a super-soft, sustainably made shirt with an awesome retro pattern to boot.

[$ 92; marinelayer.com]

Courtesy Image

Patagonia Trail Harbor Polo

This Fair Trade-certified polo from Patagonia is made from a hemp/organic cotton blend for good breathability and softness, and comes with a front chest pocket for a little extra style.

[$ 69; patagonia.com]

Courtesy Image

Ministry of Supply Composite Slim Fit Polo

This trim polo is made from Merino wool, which makes it exceptionally soft and also naturally sweat-wicking and anti-microbial, so you’ll stay fresh all day.

[$ 85; ministryofsupply.com]

Courtesy Image

Outdoor Voices Clubknit Polo

Outdoor Voices has built a reputation for producing great functional basics, and this polo is no exception: Made from a poly/nylon/spandex blend, it wicks sweat and stretches for increased comfort as you move.  

[$ 65; outdoorvoices.com]

Courtesy Image

Rhone Commuter Tech Polo

Rhone is known for high-performance, stylish menswear, and that holds true with the company’s new Commuter Tech Polo, too. Anti-microbial, stretchy, and featuring laser-cut venting, it can keep up when you break a sweat, and the subtle “Micro-Check” pattern looks great.

[$ 92; rhone.com]

Courtesy Image

Fourlaps Level Polo

This polo comes with some serious performance specs: 37.5 technology, which uses active particles (which are made from volcanic sand) in the fabric that respond to humidty near your skin, venting moisture as you heat up, and trapping it when you get chilly. No matter what the weather’s doing, this shirt will keep you comfortable.

[$ 88; fourlaps.com]

Courtesy Image

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Polo

This polo is built to work. It’s constructed without seams to avoid snags and increase comfort, the mesh fabric breathes well, and it’s finished with an antimicrobial treatment to fight odors. 

[$ 88; shop.lululemon.com]

Courtesy Image

Adidas Sergio Garcia Polo

Heads up, golfers: This polo takes inspiration from the one Sergio Garcia wore during his unforgettable 1999 PGA Championship appearance. It might not improve your score, but it’ll definitely keep you looking good on the course.

[$ 65; adidas.com]

Courtesy Image

Nike Dri-FIT Tiger Woods Vapor

Another solid option for hitting the links, this Nike polo’s stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric will keep you comfortable through 18 holes, and its bold pattern will help you stand out from the sea of pastels.

[$ 85; nike.com]

Courtesy Image

Faherty Indigo Polo

Faherty brings its signature beachy vibe to this laid-back polo. It’s pre-washed for a nice faded finish, and it comes in a variety of great color combos—though we’re partial to this warm striped colorway.

[$ 98; fahertybrand.com]

Courtesy Image

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Young Thug, J. Cole, And Travis Scott Deliver A ‘Summer Anthem’ With ‘The London’

Young Thug enlists J. Cole and Travis Scott for the scorching collaboration “The London.”

Martin Garrix, Macklemore, And Patrick Stump’s ‘Summer Days’ Video Is A Sweaty Daydream

Martin Garrix recruited Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy for the funk-EDM summer jam ‘Summer Days’ — and its radiant video is here.

9 Summer Essentials From J.Crew Factory

Ahh, summer. The sun, the sand, the … commitments. Look, you still gotta work, right? Not all the parties will be on the beach. Even though it’s going to be hot out, there are things to do and places to be where you can’t get away with cut-offs and a t-shirt. Where’s the best place to hook up summer wardrobe essentials that will go with anything and take you anywhere—without breaking the bank? Try J.Crew Factory.

J. Crew Factory is one of our favorite resources for summer staples. It’s much of the same gear you find at the regular J.Crew store, but at prices that are half (or more) less.

J. Crew Factory has a huge selection of summer essentials, from t-shirts and shorts to polos, lightweight jackets, accessories, and more. The styles are fresh, the colors are summer-ific, and the prices can’t be beat. There are tons of suits and jackets at great prices, too. Even tuxedos, for that wedding you still have to gear up for.

There’s even a fantastic selection of performance wear. From shorts and moisture-wicking shirts to athletic socks, if you’re tired of paying through the nose for top-flight activewear (or “athleisure”), you’ve got to go to the Tech Shop at J.Crew Factory. You’ll find all the same stuff you see at the swanky brand name stores, but at a fraction of the cost. And it’s all made by J.Crew, so you know it’s quality gear.

And the Clearance section! It’s chock full of staples like t-shirts, polos, and chino shorts that are perfect for summer. And right now you can get an extra 40 to 60 percent the already low clearance prices. But if you want to check out the Clearance section and score some amazing J.Crew deals, you’d better hurry. Colors, sizes, and styles are selling out, and fast.

So head over to J.Crew Factory right now and load up on some summer essentials. Because it won’t be long before summer’s here. It’s right around the corner. Here are some awesome items that caught our eye.

Best For: Lawn Parties

Slim Fit Flex Floral Shirt—63% Off!

No matter if you’re trying to impress a certain someone or just tossing some cornhole with the lads, this bright, fun shirt is the perfect summer party shirt.

GET IT: Pick up the Slim Fit Flex Floral Shirt for $ 20 (was $ 55) at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Best For: 18 Holes

Performance Polo—40% Off!

Golf is one of life’s simple pleasures, but most courses require a collared shirt. The four-way poly/elastane stretch moves with you. Four colors available.

GET IT: Pick up the Performance Polo for $ 24 (was $ 40) at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Best For: Casual But Clean

9-inch Gramercy Flex Chino Short—50% Off!

When you’ve got to be outside and look presentable, but shorts are cool—as long as they’re clean and nice (no cut-offs!). Multiple colors available.

GET IT: Pick up the 9-inch Gramercy Flex Chino Short for $ 25 (was $ 50) at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Best For: Not Going Out There

Broken-In Tee Shirt—35% Off!

Available in 14 colors, a soft, cozy cotton tee is the ideal uniform for binge-watching indoors, where the air conditioner is pumping. Pants are optional.

GET IT: Pick up the Broken-In Tee Shirt for $ 13 (was $ 20) at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Best For: All Day, Every Day

Matte Sunglasses—41% Off!

The over/under on pairs of shades lost each summer is +/- 3. So don’t spend too much money on sunglasses. These will go with anything, anywhere. Buy two!

GET IT: Pick up Matte Sunglasses for $ 16 (was $ 27) at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Best For: Dinner at the Yacht Club

Slim Thompson Suit Jacket in Cotton/Linen—60% Off!

We wish we’d had this jacket that time our boss invited us to his house in the Hamptons last summer. Boy, were we underdressed. Also available in light blue.

GET IT: Pick up the Slim Thompson Suit Jacket for $ 70 (was $ 178) at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Best For: Dinner with the Parents

Slim Fit Flex Chino—50% Off!

The perfect chino is ideal when you want to look sharp and stay comfortable. These come in 13 summer-ific colors to suit any occasion.

GET IT: Pick up the Slim Fit Flex Chino for $ 30 (was $ 60) at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Best For: Post-work Cocktails

Flex Oxford Shirt—45% Off!

Even if you still have to go to the office all summer, that’s no reason to sweat up a dress button-down after hours. Untuck it and head to happy hour.

GET IT: Pick up the Flex Oxford Shirt for $ 30 (was $ 55) at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Best For: Hot Days When Pants Are Required

Beachy Things Boxers—42% Off!

When you’ve got to be outside but pants are mandatory, nothing keeps things more comfortable than a breezy pair of boxers.

GET IT: Pick up Beachy Things Boxers for $ 10 (was $ 17) at J.Crew Factory

Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers here.

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[ami-related id=”- Click to search articles -” url=”https://www.mensjournal.com/style/jcrew-factory-sale/” title=”Save Up to 60% on Your Spring Wardrobe at J.Crew Factory” target=”_blank” thumb=”false” imgsrc=”” inset=”false” format=”” subtitle=””]


J.Crew Factory

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Not a Shorts Guy? These Are the Summer Pants for You

[Editor’s Note: This story was updated on May 17, 2019 to include prAna, Agave Denim, Outerknown, Everlane, Wellen, Faherty, Bonobos, Todd Snyder, Rhone, J.Crew Factory, Perry Ellis,  and Under Armour.]

In the sweltering heat of summer, finding a pair of pants that strikes the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and good looks is tricky. Jeans are hot (yes, even  white ones); thin pants like linen that breathe feel great from the inside, but they wrinkle easily and can sweat through in humidity. And most can’t last beyond a single day without needing a wash. In an effort to find the ideal summer pants we tried two that claim to work well in everyday, outdoor situations.

No Sweat Pants from Vancouver’s DU/ER and 365 Pants from Flint & Tinder are designed to be worn during outdoor activities, and for multiple days straight, if necessary. Both aim to combine the look and comfort of chinos with the durability of jeans and the stretch and of “performance” pants. And both perform exactly as advertised.

No Sweat – DU/ER

The No Sweat Pants (above, $ 129 at Backcountry) use a proprietary fabric DU/ER calls Nature2X. It aims to mix the comfort of cotton, the versatility of polyester, and the flexibility of spandex by blending all those with Tencel, a naturally anti-bacterial fiber that’s derived from eucalyptus.

No Sweat pants absorb odor and dry quickly. After a month of rotating them through our wardrobe, we’re here to testify. We ordered ours in  Slim, in black (there are nine shades to choose from). They fit snugly on the ankle and calf, but they’re cut generously cut through the thigh, with a gusset sewn into the crotch for even more room. They’re soft and comfortable, and while the fabric has definitely got a synthetic feel, they stretch and breathe extremely well.

RELATED: 10 Brands Making Outdoor Adventure Fashionable

And they snap right back into shape, even after hard wear. On a recent weekend getaway where we wore them on both legs of a three-hour flight and most of the time between, the No Sweat pants lived up to their name. After three days they never wrinkled, didn’t smell, and sagged only slightly. We’ve even put them through the occasional bartending shift, where they repel stains like nobody’s business and if they get wet, they dry in minutes. The fabric hides wear and tear beautifully and after multiple washings, they have yet to show any signs of fading. If you’re in the service or hospitality industries, DU/ER’s No Sweat pants should be your favorite work pants in no time.


Flint and Tinder’s 365 Pant (below, $ 98 at Huckberry) is made primarily with cotton, then reinforced with stretchy Lycra to offer some give when squatting, kneeling, or whatever maneuvering life requires of you. The made-in-the-USA 365s are also cut like jeans but lean more in the chino direction when it comes to feel.

Flint and Tinder

365 pants are light, in both weight and thickness, so they breathe well. The cotton feels natural — a nice touch on the legs and butt compared to the synthetic slickness of the DU/ERs. The five-pocket Slim cut best suits the style, although it should be noted that guys who are a bit thicker down low should definitely go for the Straight cut.

365s are great for casual dress and mild outdoor activities like yard work or even skateboarding, but the slight stretch and high-density cotton blend isn’t going to allow for much room for anything more extreme than the occasional flip-kick.

Cut, sewn and garment-dyed in Los Angeles, Flint and Tinder’s 365s come in Slim or Straight cuts, and in fourteen earthy tones. They’re sold exclusively by Huckberry ($ 98). While they may not be quite as versatile as the DU/ERs, the 365s are a fantastic option for guys who like to wear their pants more than one day at a time.

Not a shorts guy? Here are more great summer pants that are breathable and cool all year long.

Todd Snyder Japanese Selvedge Chino Officer Pant

Made out of Japanese twill and finished on antique selvedge looms, these pants will age oh-so-well. With a classic fit and a button fly, five colors are available—including white and this workmanlike olive. Trust us: Slip these on, and you won’t care what color they are.

GET IT: Pick up the Japanese Selvedge Chino Officer Pant ($ 198) at Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Faherty Del Mar 5-Pocket

Plenty of cool summer shades are available, but we love this Sunwashed Grey colorway. Faherty is a beach-inspired brand we love, and these warm weather pants sports a hint of linen and just enough stretch.

GET IT: Pick up the Del Mar 5-Pocket ($ 148) at Faherty


Agave Denim No. 11 Malibu Broken Twill Flex 25% OFF

10 oz. Japanese denim with 98 percent cotton and 2 percent polyurethane for a touch of stretch. Light indigo broken twill denim with hand-sand distress and stonewashed for a worn-in look. Extremely smooth and soft. Available in darker rinses, too.

GET IT: Pick up the No. 11 Classic Fit Malibu Broken Twill Flex Jean ($ 198) at Agave Denim

Save 25% off your purchase at AgaveDenim.com with the code MENSJOURNAL

Agave Denim

prAna Tucson Pant 49% OFF!

Made mostly of organic cotton, the Tucson is as soft as it is eco-friendly, and a bit of Lycra gives you the stretch you need to climb comfortably. Reinforced rivet detailing and triple-stitched seams keep the Tucson strong for many urban and outdoor adventures.

GET IT: Pick up the prAna Tucson Pant (from $ 40; was $ 79) at Backcountry


Rhone Commuter Slim

Upgrade your workday with these slim fit pants that feature stretch, comfort and corner office class. Plenty of pocket options keep your valuables safe and a stay-put waistband prevents low riding. Work or play, you’ll feel great all day long in these lightweight pants.

GET IT: Pick up the Commuter Slim ($ 128) at Rhone


Outerknown S.E.A. Legs Slim

S.E.A. stands for Social and Environmental Accountability. The buttons is recycled ocean plastic, and the 98 percent organic cotton is dyed for a lived-in feel. Perfect for rolling up the cuffs and strolling in the sand. Comes in six colors.

GET IT: Pick up S.E.A. Legs Slim Pants ($ 98) at Outerknown


J. Crew Factory Straight-fit Lightweight Flex Chino 60% OFF

A cotton/spandex blend makes for just a slight amount of stretch here. If you see well-made chinos at a price like this, you run, don’t walk, to snag this deal before it’s gone. Four colors are available.

GET IT: Take 60% off the Straight-fit Lightweight Flex Chino ($ 24; was $ 60) at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Wellen Organic Jeans

These Organic Jeans are a bullseye. The classic tapered fit is perfect for those moments by the water with your jeans rolled up and the sand between your toes. And they’re comfortable for kicking back all summer long. Three washes available.

GET IT: Pick up Wellen Organic Jeans ($ 88) exclusively at Huckberry


Perry Ellis Slim Fit Tech Pant 74% OFF

Already 50 percent off, right now you take an extra 50 percent off anything in the Summer Shop at perryellis.com—and that includes these pants. In a lightweight twill with performance stretch and moisture-wicking fabric, these staight-leg trousers are supremely comfortable.

GET IT: Take 74% off the Slim Fit Tech Pant ($ 25; was $ 98) at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos

No less than ten summer-ific colorways are available, including a bright Cadillac Pink we’d never be bold enough to try (but perhaps you are?…). We love this sea green/blue regardless. A bit of stretch eases the slim fit of versatile flat-front chinos tailored with a modern, straight-leg profile. 

GET IT: Pick up these Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos ($ 88) at Nordstrom


Everlane Air Chino 54% OFF

Available in five colors, the Air Chino was made for summer heat, in lightweight 4.2oz. cotton poplin with ample 4 percent stretch. Classic 4-pocket trouser styling looks polished anywhere you go. A fantastic deal on a phenomenal travel pant.

GET IT: Take 54% off the Air Chino ($ 58; was $ 125) at Everlane


Under Armour Move Light Joggers

With a fuller cut for complete comfort, the Ultra Lights are made of a super-lightweight fabric constructed with internal air pockets. They’re so breathable, but still provide great structure. The moisture-wicking fabric dries really fast and four-way stretch moves in every direction.

GET IT: Pick up UA Move Light Joggers ($ 75) at Under Armour



Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers here


Under Armour

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Episode 527 Scott Adams: Summer Fake News, Wall Construction, Iran


  • S.E. Cupp asks why Kamala can’t seem to get traction
    • Have you seen Kamala’s tweets and the way she speaks?
    • She doesn’t seem to know how to “unlawyer”
  • Biden’s approach to climate change is…let’s go slow?
    • How does he sell that to his base with 12 year fears?
  • President Trump tweets for Iran to call him
    • He’ll treat their leaders with respect…while negotiating tough
  • NO Democrats have gone in to read the unredacted Mueller report
    • Multiple Republicans have gone in to read it
    • Not one single Democrat wants to read it, nobody is interested?
    • No curiosity, NOTHING useful for Dems in Mueller’s report? 
  • DJ Akira the Don tweets about power of music to control people
    • The ability of music to manipulate emotions and behavior
  • NPR piece on Gen IV nuclear power
    • Far left NPR raising awareness of SAFE Gen IV nuclear power
  • Have the Democrats made a massive miscalculation on Biden electability?
    • He doesn’t excite…ANYONE
  • Alyssa Milano declares a “sex strike”
    • Finally…someone has brought the country together
    • Historically, it HAS been done before…and successfully
    • Respect to Alyssa for her commitment to activism
  • CO2 high absorption rate of a certain bush…plant more of those bushes?
    • Several CO2 scrubbing solutions look promising
  • Nuclear energy has moved from engineering to persuasion psychology
    • Nuclear is scary? Climate change is also scary
  • Gen III nuclear plants have NEVER melted down…not once
    • Gen IV is even safer and consume nuclear waste
  • How many Gen III or Gen IV nuclear meltdowns would you risk…
    • …to solve climate change?

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Summer of Sorcery (feat. The Disciples of Soul) – Little Steven

Little Steven - Summer of Sorcery (feat. The Disciples of Soul)  artwork

Summer of Sorcery (feat. The Disciples of Soul)

Little Steven

Genre: Rock

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: May 3, 2019

© A Universal Music Enterprises release; ℗ 2019 Wicked Cool Records LLC

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Rock

Gear Up for Summer at This Huge Perry Ellis Sale—Up to 72% Off Suits!

If you’re looking to upgrade your summer wardrobe, look no further than Perry Ellis. Classic but contemporary, traditional but fun, at Perry Ellis you can pick up a whole closet full of great summer clothes at incredible markdowns, thanks to the huge Extra 40 Percent Off Sale, happening right now. Combine that with the 30 Percent Off Linen sale and the 30 Percent Off Fragrance Sale, and there’s no reason you should have a whole new summer kit this year.

The Extra 40 Percent Off Sale takes select styles from the Sale page at perryellis.com and chops another 40 percent off those already-low prices. From dress pants and shirts to shorts, underwear, and more, there’s a ton of great gear that’s ideal for long summer days in the office and late summer nights on the deck. These deals run through midnight on May 19.

But don’t stop there. It’s also the 40 Percent Off Linen Sale at Perry Ellis. That means suits, pants, jackets, camp shirts, and more, all crafted in the perfect summer fabric, are marked down 40 percent. And we know what you’re thinking—so we searched and found a 3-Piece Linen Suit that meets both categories and, sure enough, it’s 72 percent off! But only if you buy it by Thursday 5/2 at midnight.

Also through midnight on 5/2, Perry’s annual 30 Percent Off Fragrance Sale means you can get awesome savings on some of Perry Ellis’ most iconic colognes—as well as perfumes for women (hello, Mother’s Day). From Pure Blue and Aqua to Citron and Perry Ellis Black, there’s a fragrance for every man and every mood—and great gifts for the lady in your life, too.

So don’t settle for the same old, same old. Perk up our summer wardrobe, and spice up your summer attitude with some new gear at Perry Ellis. But you’d better hurry; styles, colors, and sizes never last for long at sales this massive.

GET IT: Check out all the great gear at the Extra 40 Percent Off Sale at Perry Ellis now.

Slim Fit Stretch 3-Piece Suit 72% OFF

Your bland grey suit just got booted to the back of the closet. This suit is not only part of the 30 percent off Linen Sale, but also the 40 percent off sale, which adds up to incredible savings. But you’ve gotta get it by midnight Thursday, May 2. The jacket ($ 54; was $ 185), vest ($ 18; was $ 80), and pants ($ 24; was $ 80) are available separately, but when you can get the whole ensemble at 70 percent off, why skimp?

Be sure to pick this suit up before May 2 to take advantage of the Linen Sale

GET IT: Pick up the Slim Fit Stretch 3-Piece Suit ($ 96; was $ 345) at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

Williams Lace Up Leather Sneaker 66% OFF

These perforated brown leather sneakers are the perfect complement to any summer outfit. Wear them sockless, and wear them proud. Only one color remains, and sizes are selling out fast, so hurry.

GET IT: Pick up the Williams Lace-Up Leather Sneaker ($ 30; was $ 90)

Perry Ellis

Very Slim Fit Iridescent Twill Suit Jacket 70% OFF

Bring a new, fresh look to the classic suit in a bright hue that’s perfect for spring and summer. The iridescence has a sleek appeal that radiates light with every turn. Note that the very slim fit is trimmer through the shoulder, chest, and sleeves for guys who want skinny without constriction. 

Add the matching pants for $ 30 (was $ 80) and get the complete suit for just $ 84.

GET IT: Grab the Very Slim Fit Iridescent Twill Suit Jacket ($ 54; was $ 185) at Perry Ellis

Perry ellis

Aqua Extreme Cologne 30% OFF

Right now during the Frangrance sale, Perry’s best-selling scent offers citrus and marine notes. Perry Ellis Aqua is smooth and refined with warm amber and sensual woods. Light but musky and never overpowering, it’s ideal for summertime.

GET IT: Pick up Aqua Extreme ($ 42) only at Perry Ellis

Check out all the Perry Ellis scents for 30 percent off during the Fragrance Sale, only through May 2


Perry Ellis

Camp Collar Linen Shirt 40% OFF

Is this the ideal summer shirt? Classy enough for the yacht club, casual enough for a pick-up game of cornhole on the lawn, this linen camp shirt is breezy and bright.

GET IT: Pick up the Camp Collar Linen Shirt ($ 42; was $ 70) at Perry Ellis

See all the great summer clothes on sale at the Perry Ellis Linen Sale, through May 2 only

Perry Ellis

Solid Luxe Boxer Brief 55% OFF

With so many great clothes on sale at Perry Ellis, we still couldn’t find a better deal than a perfect pair of cotton/spandex athletic boxer briefs at more than half off. They come in ebony (shown) or royal blue. 

GET IT: Pick up a pair of Solid Luxe Boxer Briefs ($ 9; was $ 20) at Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

Melange Portfolio Pant 65% OFF

One of the top-rated items on the entire Perry Ellis site, these versatile pants combine classic double-pleated comfort with moisture-wicking technology. And they come in a variety of earth tones to fit most any outfit and every occasion. 

GET IT: Pick up the Melange Portfolio Pant ($ 30; was $ 85) at Perry Ellis


Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers here

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[ami-related id=”- Click to search articles -” url=”https://www.mensjournal.com/style/spring-style-perry-ellis-dress-pants-sale/” title=” STYLE Spring Style Starts Here! Perry Ellis Dress Pants (And More) Are Up To 50% Off” target=”_blank” thumb=”false” imgsrc=”” inset=”false” format=”” subtitle=””]

Perry Ellis

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Williams Trading ‘Prepares for Pride’ With Summer Sale

Veteran adult distributor Williams Trading Company has announced a summer LBGTQ “Prepare for Pride” sale starting April 26 and ending on May 17.
XBIZ.com – Pleasure & Retail

Live for the Endless Summer with Huckberry and Wellen

If the warmer weather has you jonesing for bonfires on the beach, being the first one in the water, and cruising the PCH at night with the windows open (and the heater on!), Huckberry has a new line of surf-inspired gear that’s just right for summer. Made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton, Wellen is just what you need to bring out the endless summer vibes. Even if the water’s still too cold for the spring suit.

tee shirt

From cozy T-shirts and laid-back polos to jeans that feel as soft as the sand at Trestles, Wellen partners with responsible factories around the world to craft soft, sustainable essentials for sun and swell. There’s nothing fancy here—just amazing beachwear that you’ll want to live in all summer long.

What’s New With Wellen?

Start with the jeans. The soft denim construction is perfect—not too tight, but snug enough to look great when you go from the sand to the bar. They come in three distinct washes: a washed out fade that’s perfect for chilly nights on the sand, a medium rinse that’s sharp enough to wear into work, and a sharp dark denim that’s somehow just as soft and comfortable as the more worn-in looking rinses. They’re $ 88, which is a fantastic price point for sustainable denim.

The Stretch Chore Coat ($ 128) is the perfect post-sun layer. A shirt-jacket with plenty of pockets and a touch of stretch to move with you, it’s available in navy, denim, or dark khaki colorways. Layer it over one of the three colorways of the Hemp Crewneck ($ 68), a cozy sweatshirt that goes with anything and keeps you warm around the bonfire. Those same three colors adorn the Hemp Zip Hoodie ($ 88).

For shirts, the long-sleeved Hemp Henley ($ 58) our new favorite evening go-to. With a generous collar and snug-but-not-tight fit, it comes in four colors: navy, turquoise, white, and dark khaki. The Hemp Polo ($ 58) might be the most comfortable polo shirt we’ve ever worn. With forgiving sleeves that never get anywhere close to the elbow and that soft cotton/hemp combo, it’s fit for the office and even better on the golf course. It comes in black, off-white, rust, and blue.

Hemp polo

And then there are the T-shirts. We know we said the polo was the most comfortable one we’ve ever worn, but we really mean it this time. The Hemp Tee ($ 36) shirt simply rules, and it fits as good as it feels. It comes in off-white, turquoise, bright white, and navy.

Are you ready for an endless summer? Get over to Huckberry today, and check out Wellen surf-inspired gear. We can practically smell the salt in the air.

GET IT: See the complete line of Wellen sustainable surfwear, only at Huckberry.


Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers here.

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The Only Pants You Need This Spring

20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas from Huckberry

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9 Great Sunglasses for Summer From Warby Parker

Warby Parker is renowned for great deals on stylish prescription eyeglasses. But did you know Warby also has a fantastic—and HUGE!—selection of sunglasses? It’s true. From Midcentury to Aviator and everything in between, with colored, smoked, and mirrored lenses, in all sizes and in most any price point.

If you thought Warby Parker was only a one-stop shop for great glasses, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Head on over to warbyparker.com today and discover nearly 40 sunglass frames and dozens of lens styles to suit your individual taste.

Warby Parker designs all of its sunglasses in-house and makes them with high-quality acetate. It’s durable, hypoallergenic, and capable of holding exceptionally rich colors, plus it’s made to last for years. Every frame is hand-assembled and polished. After the raw material is cut into shape using a CNC machine, it’s tumbled with wood chips and hand-polished with a German wax compound. Warby also uses stainless steel and titanium for metal-framed glasses, because of their high strength-to-weight ratio.

Then they custom-cut and polish the edges of your lenses, all of which are treated with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings. Warby Parker’s impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Lenses come standard with non-prescription glasses, but prescription lenses with all these features are also available (up to $ 120 extra). Once you choose your frames, simply upload an image of your eyeglasses prescription to your order (snap a photo or scan it in) and submit your doctor’s contact information. If you don’t happen to have your prescription handy, you can just send it to Warby Parker later.

I’ve Never Ordered Glasses Online. Help!

Online glasses have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and much of that is due to Warby Parker. The company was one of the pioneers of the online eyeglass market. Warby Parker makes the selection process simple by offering an excellent set of guidelines on how to choose the right glasses for you. Basically, there are five main rules to follow when buying new glasses:

Your pupils should be near the center of the lens
The lenses shouldn’t extend past the side of your face
Your eyebrows should not be inside the glasses; let ’em fly!
When you smile, your cheeks shouldn’t push the frames up
The frames shouldn’t slide down your nose

If you receive your frames and you love them but they don’t fit quite right, Warby Parker will fix the following issues at any of its retail locations, free:

The frames are too tight or loose behind your ears
The temples are too long or too short
The temples are too tight or loose at the side of your face
The frames are crooked or slide down your face

And if you’re not close to a Warby Parker location, most optical shops will make minor adjustments for free or a small fee. If they do charge you, WP will reimburse you up to $ 50 for a single adjustment within 30 days of purchase. Just email them the bill.

So if you still need to pick out a new visage for summer, head over to Warby Parker today and check out their huge selection of sunglasses. It’s a lot easier than you think. We’ve put together a selection of nine great sunglasses from Warby Parker below.

Raider Wide Aviators in Brushed Ink with Flash Gold Lenses

Some may prefer a more traditional aviator colorway, and Warby certainly offers those. That said, we rather like where this black framed/gold lensed sunglass is headed. Sharp but a bit sinister. Available in Wide widths.

Also available in Polished Gold with either Green or Mirrored Gold Lenses 

Get It: Pick up the Raider Wide Aviator (from $ 145) at Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Logan Sunglasses in Jet Black with Grey Gradient Lenses

The acetate eyewire is offset in stainless steel for a modern spin on a vintage shape. The round shape is academic, while the colorway and materials are playful.

Get It: Pick up the Logan Sunglasses (from $ 145) at Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Harrison in Silver with Whiskey Tortoise with Bottle Green Lenses

Metal-framed lenses wrapped in a thin stripe of tortoise shell makes for a sexy pair of sunglasses. The soda-bottle green lenses only augments the vintage charm.

Get It: Pick up the Harrison Sunglasses (from $ 195) at Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Harris Sunglasses in Crystal Smoke with Mirrored Blue Lenses

Warby has sprinkled a bit of contemporary flair into this traditional silhouette, but iconic midcentury construction will never go out of style. We love the light blue lenses as well as the enticing price point.

Get It: Pick up the Harris Sunglasses (from $ 95) at Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Abe Aviator in Polished Sliver with Vintage Blue Lenses

We like the angular charm of these aviators; it’s a fresh twist on an old fave. We especially like the polarized blue lenses. The stainless steel is hypoallergenic.

Also available in Brushed Ink black with dark lenses.

Get It: Pick up the Abe Aviators (from $ 145) at Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Avery Sunglasses in Hazelnut Tortoise Matte

A hip, contemporary spin on trad tortoise shell frames, the Averies feature a stainless steel brow bar. Smallish lenses look better on thinner faces.

Also available in black with gold hardware.

Get It: Pick up the Avery Sunglasses (from $ 145) at Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Haskell Sunglasses in Crystal

With round lenses and slim temple arms, these shades manage to be clear-framed without being too funky. It’s a fun but mature visage.

Get It: Pick up the Haskell Sunglasses (from $ 95) at Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Barkley Sunglasses in Antique Shale Fade with Green-Grey Lenses

The Barkley manages to pull off the neat trick of looking both midcentury and contemporary at once. Made purely of acetate, so they wide lenses belie their light weight.

Also available in black mette with dark lenses.

Get It: Pick up the Barkley Sunglasses (from $ 95) at Warby Parker



Warby Parker

Durand Sunglasses in Tortoise with Classic Blue Lenses

Sometimes the best approach is the simple one. The shades take a classsic silhouette and spice it up with blue lenses. Subtle but sexy.

Get It: Pick up the Durand Sunglasses (from $ 95) at Warby Parker


Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers here


Warby Parker

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Summer Rental – Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner - Summer Rental  artwork

Summer Rental

Carl Reiner

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 4.99

Rental Price: $ 0.99

Release Date: April 17, 2001

This routine comedy is about a series of misadventures during a family vacation at the beach and stars John Candy (who died of a heart attack while filming in Mexico in 1994) as John Chester and Karen Austin as his long-suffering wife Sandy. When the family leave for what turns out to be a pretty decrepit shack on a public beach, Jack eventually locks horns with the owner of this dubious piece of real estate, and their conflict terminates in a boat race in which Jack and his motley crew are at first glance, and even second, no match for the others in the race. In the meantime, there are plenty of skits with Jack dressed as anything from an ample, unintentional likeness of a geisha to the normal tourist dude in a Hawaiian shirt. His wife and daughter tackle their own problems, related to sex in one way or another, mostly another.

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Comedy

Be Wicked Heats Up With Summer Updates

Intimate apparel manufacturer Be Wicked has announced a summer update to its packaging in time for ANME in July.
XBIZ.com – Pleasure & Retail

Summer Horns (feat. Gerald Albright, Mindi Abair & Richard Elliot) – Dave Koz

Dave Koz - Summer Horns (feat. Gerald Albright, Mindi Abair & Richard Elliot)  artwork

Summer Horns (feat. Gerald Albright, Mindi Abair & Richard Elliot)

Dave Koz

Genre: Jazz

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: January 1, 2013

© ℗ 2013 Concord Music Group, Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Jazz

9 Awesome Spring & Summer Picks from the Carhartt Clearance

Renowned for its rugged workwear, Carhartt makes a surprising amount of gear and apparel that’s fantastic for warm weather months. So we decided to share with you nine of Carhartt’s best summer clearance items, all on sale right now.

From shorts and t-shirts to shoes to polos, Carhartt’s warm weather gear is just as well made as its legendary dungarees. And while it all maintains that hard-working aesthetic, with plenty of earth tones and natural fibers, there’s a good amount of performance apparel as well. With cotton/spandex blends that move with you to moisture-wicking and odor-trapping polyesters, Carhartt gear is as versatile as it is tough. So it’s great for almost any outdoor occasion.

No matter if you’ve got a long day in the yard ahead of you, or a lazy afternoon hanging around on the lawn, Carhartt gear is comfortable, stylish, and durable.

We stuck with lightweight, spring and summer-ready gear for this roundup. However, if you love Carhartt’s amazing year-round, all-weather workwear as much as we do, the Clearance section is loaded with 77 items like coats, boots, flannels, and base layers on sale for up to 50 percent off right now. So it’s a great time to stock up on gear you’ll need year-round. There’s even activity-specific gear like wading bibs on Clearance.

Loyalty Program

If you love Carhartt as much as we do, you may want to consider up for its Ground Breakers Loyalty Program. You’ll earn points on the gear you already buy and stuff you already do, like writing a product review, taking a survey, and updating your profile. Rack up enough points and use them to get even more Carhartt stuff—like exclusives you can’t get anywhere else. Want to sign up? Anyone 18 years or older, living in the contiguous United States and Canada, can join.

So check out some of our favorite summer gear from Carhartt below. And if you’re like us, you’ll be checking back on the Carhartt Clearance page often. It’s a gold mine.

Rugged Flex Bozeman Shirt 25% OFF

This casual, snap-front plaid stretch cotton casual shirt is built from stretch cotton poplin to move with you, and then garment-washed for a soft finish and reduced shrinkage. The brass ring pearl snaps and contrast-color neck band add rugged vintage style, while triple-stiched main seams add strength.

Get It: Pick up the Rugged Flex Bozeman Shirt (starting at $ 30; was $ 43) at Carhartt


Rugged Cargo Short 25% OFF

One of Carhartt’s most renowned pieces of hard-working gear, sizes and colors are going fast, so if you want to get your hands on these 11-inch cargos (and ignore the haters; they’re just upset they have to wear a pack or jacket to carry their stuff), you’d better get a move on.

Get It: Pick up Rugged Cargo Shorts (starting at $ 20; was $ 30-$ 36) at Carhartt


Force Extremes Pocket Polo 40% OFF

Who knew the finest name in workwear even made golf shirts? This relaxed fit polo is crafted from Force Extremes performance polyester, which means it’s soft and lightweight, but also moisture-wicking, odor-trapping, and fast-drying. Perfect for a day on the links.

Get It: Pick up the Force Extremes Pocket Polo (starting at $ 24; was $ 40) at Carhartt



Low Work Hiker 25% OFF

Lightweight and weatherproof, these hikers move effortlessly between trail and work. A breathable upper works with the sweat-wicking liner to keep your feet dry. For just $ 4 more ($ 109) you can get it with a composite safety toe; for $ 112, you can pick up the high-top version. All are available in Wide widths.

Get It: Pick up the Low Work Hiker (starting at $ 105, originally $ 140) at Carhartt



Force Extremes T-Shirt 25% OFF

Available in ten versatile colorways, this tee is made from durable, polyester that’s lightweight and soft. The fast-drying, odor-trapping flex fabric moves when you do, so it’s great for work and outdoor sports, camping, or any summer activity.

Get It: Pick up the Force Extremes T-Shirt (starting at $ 19, was up to $ 28) at Carhartt


Cedarville Cap 25% OFF

Take pride in your hard-working gear with a cap that works as hard as you do. Made from 100 percent cotton-washed canvas, this light-structured, medium profile cap with pre-curved visor features FastDry technology to wick away sweat. Adjustable, with a hook-and-loop closure.

Get It: Pick up the Cedarville Cap ($ 15; was $ 20) at Carhartt


Angler Shirt 25% OFF

Here’s a fast-drying, odor-hiding, realxed fit long sleeve shirt that’s ready for a day in the sun. Designed with fishing-friendly features like a convertible stand-up collar, button-up roll sleeves, and a mesh panel mid-back, it’s really versatile enough for most any outdoor summer activity.

Get It: Pick up the Angler Shirt ($ 52; was $ 70) at Carhartt


Cryder Shirt Jacket 25% OFF

For those early mornings that become long days, and those long days that turn to brisk nights, this cotton/poly/spandex canvas shirt is just what you need. It has a durable water-repellent finish, a fleece lining (with interior chest pocket), and a flex elbow with articulated seams. 

Get It: Pick up the Cryder Shirt-Jacket (from $ 75, was up to $ 110) at Carhartt


Cortland Dungaree 25% OFF

Also available in classic Carhartt brown, we rather like this deep grey color. They boast that classic Carhartt fit, sitting low on the waist. But these feature a 2 percent spandex blend for stretch, a crotch gusset, and articulated knees for comfort. And the price is unbeatable.

Get It: Pick up the Cortland Dungaree ($ 45; was 60) at Carhartt


Check out all the products and gear we’ve selected for Men’s Journal readers here

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Summer Days Orgie

6 best mates take to the beach for surf and sex, Aussie style! Wet and soaking theyre down on their knees, joined up – pussy to mouth in a cunnalingus circle. Its an orgiastic fuck fest of face-sitting, oral sex, and lesbian action.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Categories: All Girl High Definition Gonzo Orgies Lesbian Euro Amateur

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Girls Out West

Amateur Pay Per View

Cardi B, Meek Mill, Migos & More To Perform At Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2019

Summer Jam 2019 updated poster

Source: Courtesy of WQHT-FM HOT 97

Hot 97 released their official lineup for this year’s Summer Jam concert. With Cardi, Meek Mill, City Girls, and more performing we can say without a doubt the night is going to be lit.

“Grammy Award-winning artist and Bronx native, Cardi B, will take the Stadium Stage alongside rapper, songwriter, and activist, Meek Mill, two-time platinum selling Hip Hop group, Migos, and Tory Lanez,” a press release for the annual concert states. “Additional performers include A Boogie, who’s platinum-selling album Hoodie SZN recently reached #1 on the Billboard 200 charts, Rich the Kid, Funk Flex, Davido, Casanova, Melii, City Girls, Megan Thee Stallion, and Kash Doll, as well as numerous surprise guests, a staple element of Summer Jam.”

Many of your other up-and-coming faves will be in the building to perform as well. According to the announcement, “Trippie Redd kicks off the Festival Stage at 4:00 p.m. alongside City Girls, Blueface, Melii, Nicole Bus, and G4 Boyz.”

“Ask anyone from the New York area about Summer Jam, and I bet you they have their own personal story to share,” says Ebro Darden, assistant program director and host of Ebro in the Morning. “This is more than just a Hip Hop concert. It’s the party of the year where historic moments are made and the music & culture are truly celebrated. We’re excited to be back and thankful for the support the tri-state and the world have given us over the years.”

Tickets go on sale for the general public this Friday, April 5, at 10 a.m., but American Express Card Members can cop theirs today at hot97.com/summerjam.

Photo: WQHT-FM Hot 97

The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired

Breakups & Makeups: How Siesta Key‘s Leading Couples Closed Out The Summer

Get details on the Season 2 finale of MTV’s ‘Siesta Key.’

Looking ahead for the Vancouver Canucks: Invest in skill this summer

Thanks to Elias Pettersson, Vancouver is arriving ahead of schedule. Here’s how the Canucks take the next step, plus a look at their top prospects.
www.espn.com – NHL

A Summer Place – Delmer Daves

Delmer Daves - A Summer Place  artwork

A Summer Place

Delmer Daves

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 9.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: October 22, 1959

Teen idols Troy Donahue — in his debut — and Sandra Dee ("Gidget") star in this story of young love and an old romance which threatens to destroy two families during a summer holiday off the coast of Maine. Co-starring Oscar-nominee Arthur Kennedy ("Peyton Place") and ("Rich Man, Poor Man"). With a beautiful score by Max Steiner ("Gone With the Wind") and featuring the #1 hit song "Theme from a Summer Place."

© © A Summer Place 1959, Renewed 1987, Package Design & Supplementary Material Compilation 2007 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Video Rentals in Romance

Amon Amarth: The Pursuit of Vikings: Live at Summer Breeze – Phil Wallis

Phil Wallis - Amon Amarth: The Pursuit of Vikings: Live at Summer Breeze  artwork

Amon Amarth: The Pursuit of Vikings: Live at Summer Breeze

Phil Wallis

Genre: Music Feature Films

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: February 5, 2019

Amon Amarth's triumphant showing at Summer Breeze 2017 truly hammers home that after a quarter of a century they are at the height of their powers. Having played the German festival numerous times over the years and loving the family vibe they have always experienced, Amon Amarth leapt at the chance to appear twice in the same year. Playing a secret, smaller scale set that focused primarily on older material and then headlining the main stage with full production – including their giant sea serpent and plenty of fire, allowing them to showcase their songs at their best, though putting together setlists from such a mighty catalogue was not the easiest of tasks. "For the first night we wanted to write a set that the fans would enjoy by wholly diving into our back catalogue, but we knew we needed to add some newer material too," explains guitarist Olavi Mikkonen. The riveting performances combined with the fevered reaction of those in attendance makes you feel like part of the audience.

© © 2019 Metal Blade Records, Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Concert Films

CLEAR – EP – Summer Walker

Summer Walker - CLEAR - EP  artwork


Summer Walker

Genre: R&B/Soul

Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: January 25, 2019

© ℗ 2019 LVRN/Interscope Records

iTunes Store: Top Albums in R&B/Soul

Summer ’03 – Becca Gleason

Becca Gleason - Summer '03  artwork

Summer ’03

Becca Gleason

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 9.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Expected Release Date: February 5, 2019

Summer ’03 is the hilarious story of 16-year-old Jamie and her family, who are shocked after her calculating grandmother unveils an array of family secrets on her deathbed, one involving religion, the other of a more personal nature. Jamie is left to navigate her own love life and her closest friendships in the midst of this family crisis, and one of the most memorable summers of her life.

© © 2018 SUMMER 03 FILM LLC. All Rights Reserved

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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer – Danny Cannon

Danny Cannon - I Still Know What You Did Last Summer  artwork

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Danny Cannon

Genre: Horror

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: April 6, 1999

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brandy, Freddie Prinze, Jr., and Mekhi Phifer star in the screamer sequel to the blood-chilling box office hit, "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Remember Ben Willis? He's the fisherman who killed the boy who was driving the car when it went off the road in the fatal accident that killed his daughter Sara… he's the man in the slicker with a hook in his hand ready to exact bloody justice… well, he's back. It's hard to forget a man who refuses to die.

© © 1998 Global Entertainment Productions GmbH & Co. Medien KG All Rights Reserved.

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Sexy Summer: A Steamy Bad Boy Romance (Unabridged) – N.L. Blake

N.L. Blake - Sexy Summer: A Steamy Bad Boy Romance (Unabridged)  artwork

Sexy Summer: A Steamy Bad Boy Romance (Unabridged)

N.L. Blake

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 5.99

Publish Date: September 19, 2018

© ℗ © 2018 N.L. Blake

iTunes Store: Top Audiobooks in Romance

On the Radio: Greatest Hits Vol. I & II – Donna Summer

Donna Summer - On the Radio: Greatest Hits Vol. I & II  artwork

On the Radio: Greatest Hits Vol. I & II

Donna Summer

Genre: Disco

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: September 30, 1979

© This Compilation ℗ 2013 The Island Def Jam Music Group

iTunes Store: Top Albums in R&B/Soul

#594: My Summer Self – This American Life

#594: My Summer Self
This American Life

Release Date:
August 12, 2016
Total Songs:

Spoken Word

$ 0.99

℗ 2016 This American Life, PBC

iTunes 100 New Releases

Meet You There Tour Live – 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer - Meet You There Tour Live  artwork

Meet You There Tour Live

5 Seconds of Summer

Genre: Pop

Price: $ 11.99

Release Date: December 21, 2018

© A Capitol Records release; ℗ 2018 One Mode Productions Limited, under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations Limited

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Offset’s Sidepiece Summer Bunni Wrote Some Struggle Bars About Their Relationship

Variety’s 2nd Annual Hitmakers Brunch

Source: FayesVision/WENN.com / WENN

For the foreseeable future, Offset will be looking mighty funny in the light after allegedly stepping out on his lady for women who are in Cardi B’s line of work but nowhere near her level of fame. Summer Bunni, the alleged mistress of Offset, apparently put together a track in honor of her relationship with the Migos rapper and insisting that she didn’t intend to be a homewrecker. 

The Blast reports:

Summer Bunni tells The Blast, she penned “Don’t Matter” over the summer when she was experiencing “mixed feelings” about Offset. “I just wanted to write about how I felt at the time,” Bunni says, adding that she felt her emotions were being neglected during her brief fling with the hip-hop star.

As we’ve reported, Cardi B shocked the entertainment world this week when she announced a split with Offset after claiming the two had been trying to make the relationship work for a “long time.” Shortly after news broke, text messages went viral appearing to show Offset was trying to organize a ménage à trois with Bunni and another woman, Cuban Doll.

Bunni is mortified that she has been labeled as a homewrecker and says she never intended to be a catalyst for rapper’s split. “I really thought he and I were for real,” Bunni admits, saying she sincerely hopes the “Bodak Yellow” star can accept her apology one day.

If you want to hear the track, you’ll have to wait to next Tuesday (Dec. 11) or check out The Blast‘s exclusive teaser on their site.

Photo: WENN

The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired

Kelly Slater on Outerknown’s New Breitling Watch Collaboration, the 2020 Summer Olympics, and More

We caught up with surfing icon Kelly Slater in New York during the launch of the Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown watch, the result of a year-long collaboration between his clothing brand Outerknown and Breitling. Read our full interview below.

Men’s Journal: How did you team up to make this watch happen?
Kelly Slater: Breitling contacted us [Outerknown, the clothing brand Slater co-founded in 2015] about a year ago to talk about this idea and putting together a group of a squad with [pro surfers] Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons, who are both long-time friends of mine. Breitling really wanted to represent what we mean to our sport, and give us the opportunity to include Outerknown by letting us design the watch bands.

How to Surf for the First Time

So what’s unique about the band?
It’s made with Econyl, a yarn made with recycling fishing nets pulled from the ocean and then re-spinning back into a threading. We’ve created jackets that use it so the whole thing can be recycled. That was part of our beginning and why we launched the brand.

Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown caseback
Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown caseback (PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

You’ve made your own surfboards and wave machines, so what made you get into clothing?
I just knew that something smelled a little fishy in the way clothing was made, so to speak. There was an epiphany moment. I was doing a fast for six days, I was just drinking water and about four or five days into that, I had just the clearest thoughts ever. I thought I’ve got to find out where our clothes are made when I was with another clothing company. I’ve got to find out who makes the clothes and where they’re made and what goes into it, and I need to know that whole thing because it’s provided me with so much in my life and I don’t know really anything about it. So, I started asking questions and I started getting roadblocks.

This sounds like a conspiracy theory.
I would say that it actually is. I went to a guy who worked for that company who was an artist—I’d known the guy for 20 or 30 years and figured he’d tell me. I went to his office, and I said, “Hey, I want to talk to you about something. I feel like I can get the answer from you before anyone else.” And he goes, “I don’t think you’re going to like the answers.” And he literally stood up and went and shut his door to his office and he said, “Alright, you want to talk about this? You’re just not going to like what you hear, because they’re going to buy everything as cheaply as they possibly can and make it for as little as possible, with people who don’t get paid very well, and don’t have a living wage and all that.”

Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown (PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

You’d think for a clothing brand co-owned by a world-famous athlete, your photo would be plastered all over the website. But it’s not.
There were thoughts of calling it Slater, but I just want it to be about the clothing and more about the ideas than it was about me. My goal was to make good clothes the right way and let that stand the test of time. To me, it was more about creating this brand than it was trying to promote myself. Look, I’m proud of what I’ve done. It’s allowed me to have the access to create this company and get people that believe in the things I believe in and see what this could do in an industry that’s allowed that to happen because of what I’ve done. So, of course, I’m very proud of my accomplishments. I didn’t necessarily want to go and run the risk of being cheesy and “go buy Slater stuff.”

So are you adding clothing designer to your resume?
Well, the Apex Trunk is probably my signature piece because that’s what I live in. I worked on all aspects of the design on that trunk, but I don’t have the time to go in there and work on everything. I’m happy with it being tied to me saying the Apex predator. To me, I want to be a great white shark. When I compete, I want to be that top guy. It’s surprising that it’s not all neon though—when I was a kid everything on my surfboards was all orange and green.

Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown packaging
Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown packaging (PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

I read that if you compete in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, it might be your last competition?
Yes, I wouldn’t say it would be my last event. I’ll probably still surf events for five years after I compete here and there. But I’m looking at potentially next year being my last full-time competitive year. And if I made the Olympics, then I would probably still compete somewhat consistently in the beginning of that year 2020, just to keep myself fresh and alert on how I need to compete, so I won’t be nervous at that time.

The 65 Best Surf Spots in the World

What does it mean for surfing to make it into the Olympics?
I can clearly see either side of it. I could be totally fine without surfing in the Olympics and I can be totally behind it as well. I see the benefit of it, and I also see that we do have a world tour that determines the best surfer in the world each year over the course of a whole year and all different kinds of conditions and I think the best surfer of the year ends up being a world champion. The pressure that’s put on the Olympics, I think, is really going to make the cream rise to the top, because you’re going to have to be just so confident in your game and what you’re doing, and decisive about that on that day, that somebody who is just a natural is going to win that thing.

Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown
Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown (PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

You’ve been known to chase waves around the world. How do you pinpoint where the surf’s going to be?
When I first started, I had no idea. I would wake up in the morning when I was a little kid I’d take the wax off my board and my friends and I would ride our bike as fast as you can down to the beach. And most days in Florida it was nothing. As a kid, I didn’t know what made waves, I just knew that sometimes I’d wake up and the waves are big, and the wind is good. Then as a teenager, I meet a guy named Sean Collins who had a thing called Wave Track, which turned into what is now probably the biggest surf forecasting site in the world called Surfline. I was good friends with him from the time I was about 13 or 14, and he used to show me swell maps and how he would get weather maps from, say, Australia in June and July. He would be able to read what the storms are doing near New Zealand and he would know 10 days later those were going to hit the California coast. So he would have a good idea of size and interval. And then you look at local wind charts to see how it’s going to be affecting the local conditions.

The Essentials: 5 Must-have Items for Surfing

I started to learn this stuff as a kid and then, through the websites and the apps that those guys have created over the years, it’s basically almost like you can self-teach any of this stuff. You go look at it and you get a good idea about how it works. But luckily there are still a few secrets about how to read them, because I love to go to Fiji and some of the websites will give an incorrect forecast and people don’t understand how to read it. If you know how to read it, it’s really obvious.

Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown
Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown(PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

Once you hang up surfing competitively, what will you be doing?
I would say for probably a year or two I’ll travel more than I do right now. More short [surf] trips, just strike missions, like chase a swell. Right now I’ve been injured for the last year and a bit so I haven’t traveled, I haven’t chased a lot of swells down. But when I’m done competing full-time I’ll just have my eye constantly on what the ocean is doing around the world, and if I see a good swell in Namibia in July, I might go for two days. Last week, I was going to go to the Northwest coast of Africa and surf but I just kind of didn’t have the time.

Who is the next Kelly Slater?
The next guy is a kid name Eli Hanneman from Maui, he’s 15 and he’s unbelievable.

The post Kelly Slater on Outerknown’s New Breitling Watch Collaboration, the 2020 Summer Olympics, and More appeared first on Men's Journal.

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Summer Knight: The Dresden Files, Book 4 (Unabridged) – Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher - Summer Knight: The Dresden Files, Book 4 (Unabridged)  artwork

Summer Knight: The Dresden Files, Book 4 (Unabridged)

Jim Butcher

Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 26.95

Publish Date: June 10, 2009

© ℗ © 2009 Buzzy Multimedia Publishing Corp.

iTunes Store: Top Audiobooks in Sci Fi & Fantasy

Communities: We Can All Be Heroes – The 2nd and 3rd Graders at IBA’s Summer Learning Project 2015

The 2nd and 3rd Graders at IBA's Summer Learning Project 2015 - Communities: We Can All Be Heroes  artwork

Communities: We Can All Be Heroes

The 2nd and 3rd Graders at IBA’s Summer Learning Project 2015

Genre: Graphic Novels

Publish Date: August 6, 2015

Publisher: Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion

Seller: Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion

IBA’s Summer Learning Project is a 5-week, project-based enrichment program that aims to reverse summer learning loss, develop language and literacy, and support social and emotional development in 2nd and 3rd grade students. Now in its fifth year of programming offered through a partnership with Boston After School & Beyond and Boston Public School’s Office of English Language Learners, IBA’s Summer Learning Project welcomed 40 students from schools throughout Boston to the Blackstone Innovation School, where students explored the the essential question, “What is Community?” Inspired by a reading of the book Superdog: The Heart of a Hero by Carlyn Buehner at the South End Branch of the Boston Public Library, students wanted to learn more about the heroes in their own community, as well as how they too could be heroes. in this book, you will find research by the amazing 2nd and 3rd grade heroes at IBA on what, who, and where heroes are—as well as how you can be a hero, too! The program included rigorous academic instruction, but it also provided students with a new lens through which to observe the world around them. This book was accepted into the Boston Public Library’s permanent collection on August 7, 2015 and will serve as a resource for young explorers for years to come. For more information on IBA's programs, visit www.ibaboston.org

iTunes Store: Top Free Books in Comics & Graphic Novels

Last Day of Summer – Summer Walker

Summer Walker - Last Day of Summer  artwork

Last Day of Summer

Summer Walker

Genre: R&B/Soul

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: October 12, 2018

© ℗ 2018 LVRN/Interscope Records

iTunes Store: Top Albums in R&B/Soul

# Summer 2018: Driving with Jazz – Holiday, Freedom, Happiness – Jazz Music Collection, Instrumental Jazz Music Ambient & Classical Jazz Academy

Jazz Music Collection, Instrumental Jazz Music Ambient & Classical Jazz Academy - # Summer 2018: Driving with Jazz - Holiday, Freedom, Happiness  artwork

# Summer 2018: Driving with Jazz – Holiday, Freedom, Happiness

Jazz Music Collection, Instrumental Jazz Music Ambient & Classical Jazz Academy

Genre: Instrumental

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: July 13, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Mood Jazz Ambient Rec

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Instrumental

Protecting Summer – Susan Stoker

Susan Stoker - Protecting Summer  artwork

Protecting Summer

Susan Stoker

Genre: Suspense

Publish Date: March 3, 2016

Publisher: Stoker Aces Production LLC

Seller: Stoker Aces Production LLC

**Same story…updated cover!** Sam “Mozart” Reed’s life changed the day his little sister was found abused and murdered when he was fifteen. He’s spent the past nineteen years looking for the serial killer who took his sister from him and ruined his family. Using his connections, and SEAL training, Mozart believes he’s finally tracked the killer to the town of Big Bear, California.  Summer Pack is working in a crappy motel up at Big Bear Lake until she can find something better, more meaningful, more real. Living in an unhealthy situation, she meets a man who is everything she’s ever dreamed about and who helps her see that there are some people in the world who will actually do what they say they will.  But somewhere in Big Bear a killer is waiting to strike again. Watching for the perfect victim.

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Eminem “Fall,” DJ Durel & Migos “Hot Summer” & More | Daily Visuals 9.4.18

Migos Ebro Darden Beats 1

Source: Beats 1 / Beats 1

Eminem didn’t necessarily ether rappers on his latest album, Kamikaze, but he sure as hell had a little venom for them.

In his visual to “Fall,” Em finds himself dealing with the negative fallout from his previous album, Revival, and ultimately ends up on the run from a shadow that’s stalking him like George Zimmerman.

Back on the block DJ Durel and the Migos cool off with some friends and fam at a block party where everyone’s turning up OG style in the early 90’s themed clip to “Hot Summer.” No one opened the pump for old school’s sake?

Check out the rest of today’s drops and some joints you might’ve missed over the weekend including work from Rich The Kid, Kxng Crooked and Family Bvsiness, and more.














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Fall TV preview: 21 reasons to embrace the end of summer

A look at the best broadcast, streaming and cable has to offer as the fall TV season begins.

CNN.com – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Freedom Summer – Translee

Translee - Freedom Summer  artwork

Freedom Summer


Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Price: $ 7.99

Release Date: August 28, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Digital Native Culture / Grand Hustle

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Hip Hop/Rap

Summer of 84 – François Simard, Anouk Whissell & Yoann-Karl Whissell

François Simard, Anouk Whissell & Yoann-Karl Whissell - Summer of 84  artwork

Summer of 84

François Simard, Anouk Whissell & Yoann-Karl Whissell

Genre: Horror

Price: $ 9.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: August 10, 2018

It’s the summer of 1984, the perfect time to be 15 years old and free. But when neighborhood conspiracy theorist Davey Armstrong begins to suspect his police officer neighbor might be the serial killer all over the local news, he and his three best friends begin an investigation that soon turns dangerous.

© © 2017 Gunpowder & Sky, LLC

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Endless Summer (The Instrumentals) – The Midnight

Endless Summer (The Instrumentals)
The Midnight

Release Date:
August 13, 2016
Total Songs:


$ 8.91

℗ 2016 The Midnight

iTunes 100 New Releases

Her Summer Cowboy – Katherine Garbera

Katherine Garbera - Her Summer Cowboy  artwork

Her Summer Cowboy

Katherine Garbera

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: August 7, 2014

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Seller: Tule Publishing Group, LLC

Many years ago Emma Wells turned her back on the music world and its accompanying heartache and bitter, tragic memories, but her famous grandfather’s farewell tour drives Emma from her quiet life back onto the stage and into the lime light. As she picks up her battered guitar once again, she begins to find her song writing voice. Is she beginning to heal or is her inspiration sparked by the heated gaze of the strong, sexy cowboy watching backstage?  The road is the only home Hudson Scott’s ever known since he stormed out of Marietta, Montana when he was 18 years old after a blow out fight with his father. Can the sweet summer nights at the country fairs and a burning attraction to a tempting songstress teach him how to stop running and how to build a life with a woman he just might be falling in love with?

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Only Tease – Keira in a summer dress

Only Tease - Keira

Keira is definitely ready for summer with this colorful summer dress. However, it also looks like she’s ready for the hot, steamy nights of summer too – underneath she’s wearing only a pair of white french knickers and her white stockings.

This photo set featuring Keira is brand new to Only Tease today. Every day of the week that two to four brand new photo sets and videos for you to enjoy.

Visit Only Tease right now to see the entire gallery featuring Keira. Also at Only Tease today you can browse through a sexy photo gallery of a raven haired beauty teasing out of her pink minidress and an erotic video of Carole in a denim miniskirt and cropped top. Click here to take the free Only Tease tour.

Only Tease

12 Essential Grooming Products to Cool You Down This Summer

You might not think you run hot until the humidity kicks in and that thin veil of perspiration creates a Rorschach test on the back of your nice dress shirt. Or your forehead starts dripping like an ice cream cone on asphalt.


Don’t curse your interior cooling system, when you can rig it with these grooming products designed to help cool your temperature and keep you looking fresh.

8 Foods That Keep You Cool

Ursa Major of Vermont Hoppin Fresh Deodorant

Keeping your pits fresh in the heat is no easy feat. But when you’d rather not unleash chemical warfare on your underarms, this natural formula deodorant harnesses botanicals like peppermint, rosemary, grapefruit, chamomile, and lemon to keep them feeling clean. Eucalyptus fights the odor-causing bacteria and baking soda absorbs sweat.

[$ 18; ursamajorvt.com]

Courtesy of Ursa Major Vermont

Gillette Sensor3 Cool

Beards can feel like a face fleece in the heat, but dragging a sharp piece of metal across your mug isn’t exactly a dip in the pool, either. Luckily, Gillette added a cooling, lubricated strip to this new disposable razor that also boasts a pivoting head and a non-slip handle so your shaves are smooth and refreshing. They’re packable and affordable.

[$ 7 for 5; target.com]

Courtesy of Gillette

Oars + Alps Cooling and Cleansing Wipes

Keep these handy, portable wipes stashed anywhere you think you’ll need a quick pick-me-up. The rough side scrubs away bacteria from your face or body. Use the mentholated flip side to leave a tingly feeling behind. 

[$ 16; oarsandalps.com]

Courtesy of Oars and Alps

Blackwood for Men Cooling Clay Facial Wash

Here’s news you can use: Dirt acts like a magnet to dirt. That’s why the Japanese Tanakura Clay and charcoal in this wash is so good at drawing out the pore-clogging gunk from your sweaty summer skin. The lauric acid will keep your face smooth from bumps and blemishes.

[$ 15; blackwoodformen.com]

Courtesy of Blackwoods

Nivea Men Cooling Body Wash

No more red-faced returns to the office after your lunchtime workout when you use this wash. Consider the arctic feel of the mentholated formula your motivation for running extra miles on the treadmill. The invigorating sensation stays with you, even after you head into the sweaty streets.

[$ 11; niveausa.com]

Courtesy of Nivea

Jack Black Dry Down Friction Free Powder

So this powder doesn’t have a frosty mentholated feel like most of the other products in this roundup—and that’s probably a good thing. But it does have cornstarch to soak up sweat in your nether regions or wherever perspiration and friction equal chafing.

[$ 22; getjackblack.com]

Courtesy of Get Jack Black

Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner

Toner isn’t fussy. Just the opposite. It’s the quickest way to the remove dirt and oil that your face cleanser leaves behind. Naturally refreshing elements, like mint, cucumber, and witch hazel combine like a power trio to help clear up redness and slow down your excess oil production. 

[$ 19; baxterofcalifornia.com]

Courtesy if Baxter of California

Harry’s Post-Shave Mist

Welcome to the cooler way to calm your face after you shave. This shave mist soothes inflamed skin with aloe while the mint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils reinvigorate your senses. The alcohol-free formula won’t dry your skin either.

[$ 12; harrys.com]

Courtesy of Harry's

Eir Cooling Lip Balm

You’ll get that just-brushed feeling every time you swipe this mint-infused and moisturizing balm across your smackers. Coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter will improve softness, and the bonus zinc oxide will keep your lips safe in the sun.

[$ 5; eirnyc.com]

Courtesy of Eir

Ernest Supplies Cooling Shave Cream

Pack this TSA-friendly pouch when you head away for a long weekend. No matter what your destination, the triple play of pre-shave oil, moisturizing shave cream, and post-shave soother in one won’t clog up your razor—or your Dopp kit.

[$ 25; ernestsupplies.com]

Corutesy of Ernest Supplies

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

Those tired, puffy eyes will betray your long night of beers and burritos. Freshen your face and erase your regrets in just 10 minutes with these gel patches designed to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and fill out fine lines. Forsake last night’s brew for this healing cocktail of peptides, ginko biloba, and Icelandic minerals. 

[$ 30; skyniceland.com]

Courtesy of Skyn Iceland

Redken Brews Mint Shampoo

When your head heats up, it’s difficult to regulate your temperature. Just a squirt of this tingling formula feels like rubbing an icy mint on your scalp. Use it in tepid water to really feel the chilling effects.

[$ 15; amazon.com]

Courtesy of Amazon.com

The post 12 Essential Grooming Products to Cool You Down This Summer appeared first on Men's Journal.

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Summer of Love (Remixes) – EP – U2

U2 - Summer of Love (Remixes) - EP  artwork

Summer of Love (Remixes) – EP


Genre: Rock

Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: August 10, 2018

© An Island Records Release; ℗ 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Rock

12 Great New York Summer Songs

What are your favorite tunes about summer in the city? The host of “New Sounds,” on WNYC, shares his own list.
Rock Music
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Missed the Summer Music Festivals? Stream These Classic Performances at Home

Options abound for viewing concerts and music documentaries online, but Qello curates a lot of it in one place. Here’s the best of what it offers.
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Summer Forecast: Most likely first-time All-Stars in 2018-19

Who will make their first All-Star Game in 2018-19? Our ESPN Forecast panel unveils its early projections.
www.espn.com – NBA

Summer Magic – Summer Mini Album – Red Velvet

Red Velvet - Summer Magic - Summer Mini Album  artwork

Summer Magic – Summer Mini Album

Red Velvet

Genre: K-Pop

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: August 6, 2018

© ℗ 2018 SM Entertainment

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Pop

Summer Horns II: From A to Z – Dave Koz

Dave Koz - Summer Horns II: From A to Z  artwork

Summer Horns II: From A to Z

Dave Koz

Genre: Jazz

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: June 22, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Concord Records, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Jazz

Hot Summer Nights – Elijah Bynum

Elijah Bynum - Hot Summer Nights  artwork

Hot Summer Nights

Elijah Bynum

Genre: Thriller

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 6.99

Release Date: July 27, 2018

Set in Cape Cod over one scorching summer, this fun and stylized thriller follows Daniel (Timothée Chalamet), a teenager who gets in over his head dealing drugs with the neighborhood rebel while pursuing his new partner's enigmatic sister.

© © 2017 Imperative Distribution, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Cuddle Up In Adorable Snaps From Their Summer Getaway

Summer lovin’ – Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are having a blast!

Access Hollywood Latest News

The Most Breathable, Stylish Outfits for Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are occasions meant to celebrate life, love, and friendships. They’re also the perfect excuse to dance your ass off and showcase your style.

However, that’s nearly impossible if you’re sweating bullets in your go-to, year-round suit. That’s not to say all formal attire will ruin your good time. There are plenty of breathable fabrics and rich textures to keep you looking and feeling cool.

The Wedding Survival Guide

“Summer weddings should be an opportunity to showcase your personality and enjoy the weather—not dread it,” says New York-based stylist Paul Fredrick. “You just need to pick the right jacket and go from there.”

Common breathable fabrics include chambray, cotton, and seersucker, but you can find summer-friendly wool, too. With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Lucky for you, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the right rig to match any style. Scroll down to find yours.





To Look Sharp, but Understated

You can’t look great if you’re pitting out before the vows begin, so pick a suit in a lightweight (or “summer weight”) fabric. Chambray is ideal. It’s made of lightweight cotton with a texture that gives it depth—that’s why it’s one of the summer’s biggest trends.

“It has that casual feeling, but you’ll still look smart,” says New York-based stylist Mitsu Tsuchiya. Wear a solid shirt underneath to create contrast, and a textured shirt to add interest. Get the pants tailored with no break—where the fabric barely touches your shoe—for even more air flow. Then finish the look with a cool pair of loafers, and don’t forget to wear liners.

Bonobos suit [$ 500; bonobos.com]
The Tie Bar shirt [$ 55; thetiebar.com]
The Tie Bar tie [$ 25; thetiebar.com]
Cole Haan shoes [$ 420; colehaan.com]

Courtesy of Bonobos

To Impress Your Date

A jacket is the most crucial part of your look, so invest wisely, says Fredrick. Tan colors look great in summer, and this jacket’s stretch cotton fabric will breathe and move with you throughout the evening. Wear a solid shirt underneath for a sophisticated vibe and a knit tie to add texture. Details are crucial, so don’t forget to strap on a leather watch and a pair or brown brogues for some sharp finishing touches.

Ermenegildo Zegna jacket [$ 1,165; matchesfashion.com]
Mr P. trousers [$ 275; mrporter.com]
Hamilton shirt [$ 215; toddsnyder.com]
Drake’s tie [$ 165; toddsnyder.com]
To Boot New York loafers [$ 350; toboot.com]

Courtey of Todd Snyder

To Look Casual-Cool

Seersucker is one of the lightest and most casual suits you can wear, so it’s a great choice for outdoor weddings. A solid, unexpected shade like olive is more modern than traditional stripes. If it’s a casual wedding, lose the dress tie and button-up altogether—a polo looks just as sharp, says Fredrick. Add some casual details with a NATO-strap watch and a pair of white leather sneakers.

J.Crew suit [$ 266; jcrew.com]
Sunspel polo [$ 105; endclothing.com]
To Boot New York sneakers [$ 350; toboot.com]
Timex X Todd Snyder watch [$ 156; toddsnyder.com]

Courtesy of To Boot New York

To Make a Statement

Wearing a statement sport coat looks just as sharp as a suit, but allows for more sartorial license. If you want to turn heads, opt for a large windowpane print to show your style moxie. Give your look more complexity by adding a micro-tattersall pattern shirt.

“You can mix prints as long as they’re very different in size,” says Tsuchiya. Match them with a pair of leather loafers with no socks, and you’ll be the most stylish guy on the dance floor.

Suitsupply jacket [$ 399; suitsupply.com]
Ted Baker pants [$ 195; nordstrom.com]
Thomas Pink shirt [$ 295; thomaspink.com]
Gitman Bros. tie [$ 155; gitman.com]

Courtesy of Gitman Bros

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Dave Matthews Band closes out Quebec summer festival

STORY: Lorde, The Foo Fighters and The Chainsmokers were among the acts who performed during the final week of the Festival d’été de Québec in Quebec City. The Dave Matthews Band closed out the two

Reuters Video: Entertainment

Find your Soulmate Live webcam chat!

ANME Summer Edition Heats Up Burbank

Not even 100-degree weather could stop the large crowds of enthusiastic buyers and sellers from attending the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME), which kicked off Saturday evening with the XBIZ-sponsored “Welcome Black & White Party.”
XBIZ.com – Pleasure & Retail

The Only Shoes You Really Need for Summer

Ever since Sean Penn immortalized a pair in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the Vans slip-on has been the definitive summer sneaker.



Introduced in 1977, they’re timelessly cool; sturdy enough for skate rats and toddler-chasing dads alike; and a cinch to pull on and off at the beach or pool. You can’t top that. Check out our favorite pairs of sandals and flip-flops for summer.

This article is part of our Summer School series, a comprehensive guide to acing the year’s best season.

The 7 Best Jackets for Active Commuters


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The Huckberry Summer Sale Is On and You Don’t Want to Miss Out

We’re in the throes of summer, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on must-haves to beat the heat. If your wardrobe can use a little refresh, you have a few great options that not only will help upgrade your style this season, but will save you a few bucks in the process. And if you don’t want to leave your house to do that, good news: The Huckberry Summer Sale is happening right now. From swim trunks, sunglasses, T-shirts, and more, there are plenty of styles to give your summer wardrobe a little boost. Here, we picked some of the can’t-miss deals you should know about right now.

The Dates: July 11-16, 2018

The Deal: Up to 50% off on select styles and free shipping with orders $ 75 and more.

The Code: None

Sunski Yubas

Designed to last through an epic hike or a weekend on the lake, these sunglasses will give you maximum UV ray protection. Built with a lightweight construction, durable frames, and flexible arms for a snug fit, you’ll never want to take this pair off this summer. Bonus: They look cool as hell.

[Originally $ 55, now $ 44.98; huckberry.com]


SeaVees 08:63 Hermosa Plimsoll

Summer weather means you need some casual sneakers that you can wear around town. We like this SeaVees pair. Paying homage to skateboard culture, these shoes offer a new take on the classic design, designed with a vintage wash and textured linen. Want to mix and match them with your chinos and a button-down, or a pair of trunks? Go right ahead.

[Originally $ 78, now $ 49.98; huckberry.com]


United By Blue Upstream Boardshort

These next few months, you’ll probably be kicking it by the water, and these shorts are a lightweight offering that will keep you comfortable and dry once it’s time to head to grab dinner. Its subtle fish pattern makes this a cheeky pair to wear both in and out of the water.

[Originally $ 68, now $ 39.98; huckberry.com]


Timex The Waterbury

This American classic continues to up the ante with a durable construction and a style that lends itself to any situation. Equipped with a genuine leather strap, a blue backlit dial, and a water-resistant build that protects against spills, splashes, and even light exposure to water, you just might’ve found your new staple.

[Originally $ 103, now $ 82.98; huckberry.com]


Howler Brothers H Bar B Tech Shirt

A short-sleeve button-down that dries fast? A top that won’t instantly get wrinkled? This Howler Brothers tech shirt has all of that covered while making it easy for you to wear from day to night. 

[Originally $ 79, now $ 54.98; huckberry.com]

Check out more summer-ready picks from Huckberry here!

Prices live at time of publication, but are subject to change.


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12 Stylish Swim Trunks You’ll Want to Wear This Summer

The beach is nothing if not a great equalizer. Once you take off your shirt and you’re left with only your swim trunks, everyone knows what’s going on under the hood. And finding the right pair of shorts has never been easier, thanks to more brands designing versatile and stylish trunks that won’t break the bank.


When you’re shopping for new swim trunks, consider a few simple visual tricks: Vertical stripes create the illusion of a longer, leaner frame while horizontal ones (as well as bold patterns) can appear to add bulk. Stick with dark, slimming solids if you have thicker, muscular legs. If your legs are on the smaller side, steer clear of short inseams. These work best for average-height and smaller guys who need to show more skin to look longer. More focused on style? “Navy looks great on everyone and goes with just about everything, and red has been the standard for lifeguards on both coasts since the 1960s,” says Bill Carney, director of apparel at iconic board short brand, Birdwell. “Camo is a style staple that can be worn every summer.”

Whether you want to spend $ 35 or have a little room in your budget, here are a dozen stylish, affordable swim trunks you’ll want to rock in the sun this summer.

Outerknown Apex Trunk By Kelly Slater

We’re not saying your swimwear can make you handle waves like a pro surfer, but these trunks certainly stand up to any swells the ocean throws your way. The durable and lightweight material made from recycled plastic bottles not only offers the comfort of 4-way stretch, but it’s also water resistant, so drying time is minimal once you make it back to shore. 

[$ 145; outerknown.com]

Courtesy image

Patagonia Wavefarer Standup Shorts

Your bag just a got a lot lighter. No need to bring extra shorts when you can wear these quick-drying swim shorts all day. Made from recycled nylon, they’re the ideal piece to transition from beach to barbecue, and the 50+ UPF protection means you don’t have to obsess over sunscreen if you’re too busy having a good time.

[$ 69; patagonia.com]

Courtesy image

Birdwell 310 Board Shorts

You can’t go wrong with these OG surf shorts from the Santa Ana, CA, brand that have been worn by lifeguards and surfers for more than 50 years. The tab closure offers freedom to adjust the fit, nylon offers performance, and the classic camo print actually stands out—in the best sort of way—on the sand.

[$ 79; birdwell.com]

Courtesy image

Bonobos Banzai Trunk

Certain patterns can look a little too precious for the pool. Anchors and flamingos, we’re talking to you. But small geometric shapes like these give off a retro vibe and have a cool factor that doesn’t fade. 

[$ 88; bonobos.com]

Courtesy image

Faherty Brand All Day Short

Consider this pair of shorts the closest a piece of apparel can get to a deep breath of sea air. We appreciate the Zen feels of this laid-back brand known for sun-faded colors like this. Rendered in a soft, stretchy technical fabric—and in a length that hits a few inches above the knee—just add a cotton button front shirt and wear this tailored trunk well after the sun goes down.

[$ 98; fahertybrand.com]

Courtesy image

Vouri Equator Boardshort

If you’ve got an active day ahead of you, these board shorts can take you from your a.m. workout session to a late afternoon swim. The stretchy, anti-odor, and fast-drying fabric keeps you feeling comfortable and prepared for whatever adventures come your way—even if that is just early morning yoga.

[$ 69; vuoriclothing.com]

Courtesy image

Tommy Hilfiger Solid Mid-Length Swim Trunk

Sometimes it’s good to keep it simple. These classic drawstring navy trunks are straightforward, so they’ll go with every color in your closet—from patterns and prints to brighter summer colors—after you dry off. The slightly shorter inseam is just right for average height-and-under guys.

[$ 60; usa.tommy.com]

Courtesy image

Orlebar Brown Bulldog Sport

Along with sunscreen, consider these sophisticated shorts your tropical vacation must. The small pattern, which works for any body type, will stand out when you’re spiking a volleyball on the beach or sipping a frozen drink at the bar. Add a solid black polo when you want to explore after dark.  

[$ 195; orlebarbrown.com]

Courtesy image

Nautica Performance Quick-Dry Swim Shorts

You can’t go wrong with these simple and classic cinched waistband shorts. The bright color is the perfect match for that post-vacation tan you’ve been working on, too.

[$ 40; nautica.com]

Courtesy image

Saturdays NYC x Mr. Porter Colin Boardshort

We like these shorts because the subtle pattern is tonal, so from far away you might not even know there is one until you get closer. The tailored, streamlined fit with only a single back pocket is flattering on everybody.

[$ 95; saturdaysnyc.com]

Courtesy image

LL Bean Classic Supplex Sports Short

Nothing beats a classic performance trunk like this one. Made with breathable performance fabric in UPF 50+, it has all of the attributes you’d want: reliable, versatile, protective, and comfortable in almost any situation.

[$ 35; llbean.com]

Courtesy image

Ralph Lauren Monaco Striped Trunk

Nautical looks are a perennial go-to for guys looking to lighten up their summer style. The horizontal stripes that create the illusion of width are good news for narrow or slimmer frames. The bottom line: They’ll never go out of style.

[$ 85; ralphlauren.com]

Courtesy image

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Episode 134: The Summer of Love and all the Things Going Right


  • The world is in a pretty good place right now
  • Thai kids story helped make us all better people
  • NK and SK falling in love again!
  • Three new technologies for cleaning CO2 from the air!
  • Much, much more…The Summer of Love!


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The Best Daily Moisturizers With SPF for Summer

Rule No. 1 for healthy, youthful skin: sun protection, every day. And you may as well moisturize while you’re at it. So invest in daily moisturizers that do both.

How to Reverse Sun Damage to Your Hair

We’ve rounded up our favorite facial lotions that boast SPF, and then some.


1. Scent-free: Ursa Major Force Field Daily Defense SPF 18

Fragrance can be irritating to sensitive skin, says New York City dermatologist Anthony Rossi. This one forgoes the aroma but keeps the potency, with naturally derived oils for hydration.

[$ 54;ursamajorvt.com]

Courtesy Image

2. Aftershave: Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20

Blue algae extract and sea parsley in this formula contain vitamins A and E, to help reduce redness that can arise post-shave, as well as vitamin C, which ups the sun protection factor.

[$ 28;getjackblack.com]


Courtesy Image

3. On the Go: Harry’s Face Lotion with SPF 15

This woodsy-scented moisturizer comes in a travel-friendly 1.7-ounce size. Plus, it’s so easy on the wallet that you can stash one each in your medicine cabinet, glove compartment, and gym bag.

[$ 8;harrys.com]


Courtesy Image

4. Dry Fix: Recipe for men SPF 15 Facial Moisturizer

A healthy dose of aloe vera makes this one of the most hydrating of the bunch. And the Swedish formula also promises to protect your mug against computer-screen radiation.

[$ 37;themotley.com]


Courtesy Image

5. Sun Seeker: Skin Laundry Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35

More time outdoors calls for a higher SPF. For best protection, reapply every two hours—easily done on the go with this streak-free formula.

[$ 25;skinlaundry.com]


Courtesy Image

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7 Awesome Hawaiian Shirts to Try This Summer

It’s been a wild ride for the Hawaiian shirt. But after more than 80 years of going in and out of style, the summer look is back—and it’s never looked better.

Today’s Hawaiian shirt is the ultimate throwback: Created in the 1930s, these vivid layers were originally known as aloha shirts (and are still called that on the islands), and they’ve been riding trend waves ever since.

3 Lightweight Sport Coats to Class Up Your Summer Look

The fashion world’s shift toward outlandish colors and patterns led to their recent resurgence, and because they’ve been around so long, they won’t look out of place at your next barbecue. The trick? Don’t wear anything that’s going to compete with your pineapple- or jellyfish-printed wardrobe addition.

1. Outerknown BBQ shirt

[$ 75; outerknown.com]

2. Levi’s Made & Crafted Safari shirt

[$ 178; needsupply.com]

3. Tommy Hilfiger Hibiscus print shirt

[$ 90; tommy.com]

4. Saturdays NYC Canty Monstera shirt

[$ 175; saturdaysnyc.com]

5. Life After Denim Tourist shirt

[$ 118; lifeafterdenim.com]

6. Devereux Playa button-down shirt

[$ 125; dvrxthreads.com]

7. Patagonia Pataloha organic-cotton shirt

[$ 119; patagonia.com]

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11 quintessential summer movies

When you can’t beat the heat, chill out with these movies that will have you celebrating summer.

CNN.com – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

5 Lightweight Sneakers for When You Can’t Wear Sandals This Summer

Ditch the overengineered running shoes. These light, comfortable sneakers are perfect for lazy summer activities—and can be crushed between beach reads in your weekend travel bag.

8 Colorful Pairs of Spring Chinos, and How to Wear Them

1. Tretorn x Andre 3000 Benjamin Overdyed Nylite

These retro canvas sneaks are reborn, with help from the rapper of “So Fresh, So Clean” fame. Seems appropriate: The Nylites are both, thanks to an uncluttered canvas upper with a single crisp painted logo.

[$ 110; eastdane.com]

2. Chuck Taylor All Star Perforated Low Top

A classic, updated for hot summer days. Diamond-shaped cutouts bedeck the cowhide-suede uppers of these low-top Chucks. They don’t just look cool—they keep your feet cooler, too.

[$ 120; converse.com]

3. Phil Lace

The suede-and-canvas Phil features a casual easy look, but it’s sneakily capable should you want to wander off the sidewalk. The low-profile but high- traction outsole and a sweat-wicking upper lend an assist in long after-work rambles.

[$ 100; forsake.com]

4. Deerupt

They look dropped from space, but the Deerupts have roots on Earth: The grid motif comes from Adidas’ 1980s running shoes. Here the mesh gives its stretchy upper a socklike fit. A bonus: That upper crushes down to minimize luggage space.

[$ 100; adidas.com]

5. Nohea Moku

Water-ready shoes tend to be homely; not so with these, which can go from the office to an impromptu after-work paddle. The quick-drying fabric upper keeps a low profile, while drainage ports and siping in the outsole provide grip on wet surfaces.

[$ 95; olukai.com]

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3 Lightweight Sport Coats to Class Up Your Summer Look

During summer, unconstructed sport coats will make you look—and, more importantly, feel—like the coolest guy in the room.

Every guy benefits from a well-fitting sport coat. But when the temperatures spike in summer, traditional jackets can turn into an oppressive sauna.

The 10 Light-Weight Fabrics to Wear This Summer

There’s a time and place for seersucker, but if you really want to elevate your look during those dog days, you need an unconstructed coat. Unlike most jackets, these thin variations have little or no lining, so they’re light and comfortable in the heat. Plus, in neutral shades, like those seen here, they’ll work well with the rest of your summer wardrobe—yes, even your T-shirts.

10 Key Pieces You Need for Summer

1. Gant Diamond G Stretch Linen Blazer

[$ 450;gant.com]

Courtesy Image

2. Billy Reid Rustin Sport Coat

[$ 595;billyreid.com]

Courtesy Image

3. Ermenegildo Zegna Linen Jacket

[$ 1,995;zegna.com]

Courtesy Image

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Daphne Joy Shows Off Summer Bod in Greece

Daphne Joy is getting her week off to a fantasstic start … and we suspect yours just got better too. 50 Cent’s baby mama took her talents to Poros, Greece, where she hopped on a luxury yacht and dipped her curvy bod in the oceans. Daphne’s…


TMZ Celebrity News for Hot Mamas

Bea Miller and NOTD Hope To Have The Song of the Summer on ‘TRL’

Bea Miller and NOTD, who teamed up on the single “I Wanna Know,” stopped by ‘TRL’ with Sway Calloway to chat about their collaboration and inspirations.

Youngblood (Deluxe) – 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood (Deluxe)  artwork

Youngblood (Deluxe)

5 Seconds of Summer

Genre: Pop

Price: $ 11.99

Release Date: June 15, 2018

© A Capitol Records UK release; ℗ 2018 One Mode Productions Limited, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Pop

Summer of LeBron: Everything to know for Decision 3.0

For the third time in his career, the offseason revolves around LeBron James. Here’s everything you need to know about The Decision 3.0.
www.espn.com – NBA

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Opens Friday, Jul 13, 2018

Dracula falls for a mysterious woman while on a cruise ship.

Movie Details Play Trailers

Buy Tickets

Coming Soon Movies

Fandango Now Tickets for AMC Theatres!

Episode 90: Introducing The Summer of Love 2018


  • Whiteboard discussion
  • Chairman Kim, show him respect, it benefits us all
    • Powerful Pompeo message: We now have something we could lose
    • Allowing this opportunity to go to waste would be tragic
    • We should follow our President and Secretary of States lead
    • Public opinion is closely tied to the governments actions
  • Roseanne and Samantha Bee
  • Sara Silverman tweet shows she is making progress
  • Your movie ISN’T the “real one”, it’s just the one you’re experiencing
  • People experience their own reality
  • President Trump’s ability to crank insults up or down as needed
    • Currently, our President is cranking them down
    • Iran contrast persuasion is in play
    • Being a friend of the US is a really good deal
    • Being our enemy…not such a good deal


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These Stars Are Giving Us Major Vacation Envy This Summer!

It’s summertime, and celebrities are soaking up the sun across the globe! See how Lucy Hale, Derek Hough, Sofia Richie, Elizabeth Hurley and other stars are making the most of their summer vacations.

Access Hollywood Latest Videos

8 new shows to watch this summer

It may be summer, but if you’re not the sun and sand type, you’re in luck: Your best friend television is here to keep you company.

CNN.com – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

That Summer – Göran Hugo Olsson

Göran Hugo Olsson - That Summer  artwork

That Summer

Göran Hugo Olsson

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 6.99

Release Date: May 18, 2018

Welcome to Grey Gardens…as you've never seen it before. Three years before the Maysles' landmark documentary introduced the world to Edith and Edie Beale—the unforgettable mother-daughter (and Jackie O. relatives) living in a decaying dream world on Long Island—renowned photographer Peter Beard chronicled life at their crumbling estate during one summer in 1972. For the first time ever, director Göran Olsson (The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975) assembles this long-lost footage—featuring glimpses of luminaries like Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, and Truman Capote—into a one-of-a-kind family portrait bursting with the loving squabbles, quotable bon mots, and impromptu musical numbers that would make Big and Little Edie beloved cultural icons.

© © 2017 Thunderbolt Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Independent

Carrie Underwood Turns Up The Heat With New Bikini Selfie: ‘Summer Vibes’

Carrie Underwood knows how to
turn up the heat!  

Access Hollywood Latest News

13 reasons you’ll be spending your summer at the movies

“Deadpool 2” isn’t the only eagerly awaited film this summer.

CNN.com – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store