As Swim’s Growth Slows, Miami Swim Market Shakes Things Up

On the cusp of the annual Miami swim market, whose trade shows, runway presentations and activations are scheduled from July 11 to 16, the category appears to be as saturated as a wet swimsuit after a dive into the pool.
Marshal Cohen, chief industry adviser, retail, at The NPD Group, said other than being the victim of its own success as new and existing brands, including mass-market retailers, piled on product, resortwear’s and swim’s robust growth has fallen flat as consumers buy the same quantity but at lower prices. He also noted that both categories’ early adoption of new uses, such as beach to street versatility, has been undermined by ath-leisure. Another culprit is climate change, which is wreaking havoc on traditional weather patterns — the U.S. is coming off its wettest 12 months in history, while summer forecasts for below and above average temperatures could keep more people indoors.
“Swimwear has to get its mojo back and find growth outside the market,” said Cohen, of a sentiment felt across fashion from sportswear to trade shows, both of which have expanded well beyond their niches. “Innovation is paramount, too, so swimwear needs a wide-open throttle rather than waiting around for replenishment to

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