Tech Today and Tomorrow Presented by DXC Technology – Why Cybersecurity is So Critical | Branded Content | Tech Today and Tomorrow | Ep. 4

Security teams used to be able to patrol on-site to ensure their company’s premises were kept safe – now it’s about building teams that can predict potential cyber threats and sabotage from individuals, companies or even hostile nations. In Part 4 of this series, WIRED Brand Lab aims to uncover what businesses can do to evolve their security techniques within a digitally enabled business world. Produced by WIRED Brand Lab for DXC Technology.

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Tech Today and Tomorrow Presented by DXC Technology – How Technology Has Changed The Workplace | Branded Content | Tech Today and Tomorrow | Episode 3

In the past, the idea of the workplace meant an office in a high-rise building where all employees came together to run a company. In Part 3 of this series, WIRED Brand Lab discovers how the modern workplace is no longer confined to a physical space. We’ll look at how rising technologies like the cloud, Artificial Intelligence and mobile devices are creating a new type of workplace, one that can be accessed anywhere. Produced by WIRED Brand Lab for DXC Technology.

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Tech Today and Tomorrow Presented by DXC Technology – How AI & Robotics Can Make Our Lives Better | Branded Content | Tech Today and Tomorrow | Episode 2

Robots, personal assistants, and other AI-powered devices are quickly becoming a staple in homes and offices around the country. In Part 2 of this series, WIRED Brand Lab will explore how AI and robotics are changing business models and augmenting our productivity as workers. Produced by WIRED Brand Lab for DXC Technology.
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How Technology Helped a Writer Come Out as Dyslexic

Writer Lisa Shapiro describes life with dyslexia, and seeks out new technologies that help her understand and overcome the condition.
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Viva Technology Conference Gears Up for Biggest Edition Yet

PARIS — The Viva Technology conference in Paris is shaping up for its biggest edition yet, with French President Emmanuel Macron set to meet with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and more than a dozen technology bosses in the run-up to the annual event.
Macron has promised to question Zuckerberg, who is also due to testify before members of the European Parliament on Tuesday, on issues like tax and data privacy.
The French government’s Tech for Good Summit is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, the day before Macron attends VivaTech, where he will be welcomed by Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive officer of French luxury conglomerate LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, who is cohosting the event.
Arnault, France’s wealthiest man, has gathered a jury of industry heavy-hitters for the second edition of the LVMH Innovation Award, due to be handed out to one of the 30 preselected contestants who will present their ideas at the LVMH Luxury Lab during the third edition of the conference, set to run from Thursday to Saturday.
Joining Arnault, the jury’s chairman, will be Ginni Rometty, ceo of IBM; José Neves, founder and ceo of Farfetch; Richard Liu, founder, chairman and ceo of; Peggy Johnson, executive vice president

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How Technology Has Changed The Workplace | Branded Content | Tech Today and Tomorrow | Episode 3

In the past, the idea of the workplace meant an office in a high-rise building where all employees came together to run a company. In Part 3 of this series, WIRED Brand Lab discovers how the modern workplace is no longer confined to a physical space. We’ll look at how rising technologies like the cloud, Artificial Intelligence and mobile devices are creating a new type of workplace, one that can be accessed anywhere. Produced by WIRED Brand Lab for DXC Technology.

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Screaming O Debuts Toggle Technology With Charged Positive Remote

Screaming O introduces the Charged Positive Remote, a rechargeable high-powered bullet vibrator with a toggling remote control. – Pleasure & Retail

Technology & Romance – How the Internet Has Changed Our Dating Habits

Technology affects our lives in so many ways including our relationships. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet and mobile phones for dating and maintaining a romantic relationship.
Relationships:Dating Articles from

Designers Use Epson Technology for Themed Couture Presentation

DRESSED-UP TECHNOLOGY: For a fourth year, Epson is hosting its annual “digital couture project” pre-New York Fashion Week. The theme of the Feb. 6 presentation, to be held in New York, is “Cosmopolitan Couture with Impossible Colors — How Does Your Culture Dress Up?” Participating designers from North and Latin America will showcase designs that used Epson’s textile printing solutions. Keith Kratzberg, president and chief executive officer of Epson America Inc., said the “future of fashion is customization — from the colors and prints, to the size and shape of garments — all on-demand.”
Kratzberg said the company’s “digital-imaging technology is changing the business of fashion, providing a platform for designers to print higher-quality, more unique designs for customers on-demand, as well as the ability to print just in time.”
Prior to the fashion show, Epson is hosting a panel discussion on how digital technology is changing the fashion industry. Panel participants include: interior designer Ryan Korban; Mark Sunderland from Thomas Jefferson University, and Aliza Licht, executive vice president of brand marketing and communications for Alice + Olivia.
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Amid Robust Online Sales Growth, a Dark Side Emerges
Amazon, Wal-Mart and Apple Top List of Biggest E-commerce Retailers
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Driving Design – The Technology Shaping Tomorrow’s Innovation

Explore the tech moments that redefine what’s possible with Designer Thomas Meyerhoffer, from the birth of the Internet to tomorrow’s cutting-edge innovations.
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WIRED Live – Questlove on Technology Killing (and Creating) the DJ Star: Love Music Again

Check out WIRED’s music issue featuring Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson at:

“Days Passed Me By”
Performed by Kooley High
Written Napoleon Wright II, Charlie Smarts, Tab-One

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Gadget Lab – A Look at Ducati & the Technology Behind One of the Fastest Production Motorcycles in the World

The 195-horsepower engine isn’t exactly meant for a daily commute. But Ducati’s 1199 Panigale S has a slew of features and the aerodynamics, torque, and weight reduction to make it one of the fastest production motorcycles in the world. Transportation editor Damon Lavrinc tests out the bike and talks to Ducati designers to see how they engineered one of the lightest street motorcycles on the market.
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IBC: Quantel Postproduction Technology Maker Rebranded As SAM

Pablo Rio is renamed Quantel Rio, with 8K and high dynamic range capabilities.

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Teen Technorati – The Thiel Fellows Visit TechShop in SF & Gain Access to Innovative Equipment & Technology

Back in San Francisco, fellows Shantanu Bala and Kaushik Tiwari visit the community workshop and prototyping studio TechShop. As they tour the space and check out equipment, Shantanu develops new ideas that he can apply to his project of building new computer interfaces that use a sense of touch to get information.
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Neon Future Sessions – Ray Kurzweil & Steve Aoki Talk Technology, the Future & Humanity

Steve Aoki talks with famed futurist Ray Kurzweil about how technology will shape our future, in terms of creativity, consciousness, and the coming singularity.
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9 Things You Can’t Remember Anymore Thanks To Technology

If you need more proof that our phones keep getting smarter but our brains keep getting dumber, just try to remember someone’s number other than your own.

And no, your mom doesn’t count.

It’s easy to forget things that our phones do for us everyday, which is just one of the myriad reasons why we have separation anxiety whenever we (God forbid) leave it home. You can’t get anywhere, you can’t reach anyone and now your friend thinks you hate her because you didn’t wish her a happy birthday. It’s a mess.

In the spirt of being self-aware — and hopefully to prevent these things from leaving our minds forever — here’s a look at just nine things you probably forgot how to do. Don’t worry, there’s still time to work on these skills before they implant the smart phone chips directly into our brains.

1. Phone Numbers

The most obvious one. You used to be able to cite all your closest friends’ and family’s phone number by heart. Now you have to look up your own significant other’s number in your phone when asked to write down an emergency contact. Hey, what’s the number for the pizza place we order from every Friday? Oh, that’s right, we order on Seamless.

trying to remember
She’s even more confused because she’s still using a flip phone.

2. Birthdays

Facebook has taken all the guesswork out of remembering when people are born. Does a generic “Happy birthday” message on someone’s wall really mean anything when a push notification made you do it? Or how about when Facebook tells you it’s like five people’s birthdays and you just wish them all a happy birthday at once. You even use copy/paste because you’re too lazy to write “Happy Birthday” over and over again. Where’s the genuine sentiment in that?

3. Long Division

Remember when your middle school math teacher said you need to learn this stuff because you’re not going to carry a calculator around with you at all times? Well, try remembering how to divide numbers on paper and you’ll be thankful that literally every cell phone comes with a calculator app. Figuring out the tip? There’s an app for that. Dividing bills between roommates? There’s an app for that. Until the day comes when someone threatens to kill you unless you tell them the area of an isosceles right triangle, you’re probably going to be okay.

frustrated math
“Don’t break out the iPhone in front of the class. Don’t break out the iPhone in front of the class…”

4. How To Write A Check

Thanks to Paypal, Apple Pay and apps like Venmo, paper checks are becoming part of the analog past. Do you have to write “and zero cents” on the amount line? What’s the memo space for again? And you’re telling me I have to physically go to the bank? Luckily it’s cool if you forget to sign the back of one when trying to cash it because now you can just take a picture of it on your phone and then rip it up.

5. How To Write In Cursive

You might be able to sign your name all right, but try writing a lowercase, cursive “K” or “Z” and you’ll think it looks all wrong. Kids today don’t even have to learn cursive in some schools, which is a bit sad. We all had to suffer through it so why shouldn’t they? But in all likelihood, texting classes will be the next big thing and we’ll soon evolve to have long, muscular thumbs as our primary communication digit.

6. Literally Just Writing In General

This one is a little embarrassing. Have you noticed what your handwriting looks like lately? If you’ve been spending most of your time using a computer or phone, it’s horrible. That beautiful penmanship of your teens has been replaced with barely legible chicken scratch and your hand hurts from writing after one or two pages. Good grief.

7. Giving Directions

If someone invites you to meet them at a bar or restaurant and the first question you have is, “How do I get there?” you probably won’t like your friend’s response. Okay, a simple “What train is it near?” is acceptable, but you know you’re just going to have to Google it to get the exact directions. The same goes for giving directions to strangers who stop you on the street. Chances are, if they’re asking, they either don’t have their phone on them, it’s dead, or they’re using Apple’s impossible maps application.

confused lost
“I told you we should have just paid AT&T for the international plan.”

8. How To Wait For Someone In Public

Instead of someone saying, “Meet me by the fountain at 3:00,” and you not hearing from them until you meet them there, you now receive up-to-the-minute updates from the person you’re going to meet and will know their exact location. You can barely remember what it’s like to have to stand around silently, looking at nothing in particular and letting your thoughts wander because you’re too busy listening to a podcast, playing Candy Crush and tracking your friend’s whereabouts. Did that cute stranger just say hi to you? Who cares, you just got a new Tinder match.

9. How To Spell Tricky Words Without Looking Them Up

Spellcheck, predictive text and its quirky sibling “speech to text” make it pretty much impossible to remember how to spell words like “Receipt,” “Pneumonia,” and, ironically, “Misspell” (that second “s” just always looks weird). “I before E” goes out the window when you have squiggly red lines to tell you what’s wrong. Combine this with #5 and the future isn’t looking too hot for the actually written word. Thanks, technology!

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Imax to Launch Laser Projection Technology at ‘Furious 7’ Global Premiere

The giant-screen exhibitor’s first U.S. laser projector installation is at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

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Robyn to Host Tekla Festival Encouraging Women in Technology

Robyn will spearhead a festival in her native Sweden this April that aims to promote the inclusion of women in technology. The one-day Tekla Festival will take place April 18th at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Google and Spotify are among the tech companies sending representatives to the festival, which… News


Alone Together Technology

There’s no succinct way to ask this …

Could you network together via wireless technology a bunch of over-ear headphones with integrated microphones so that when one person talks the sound is captured by all microphones in the room and used to create nearly-perfect sound-cancellation in the other networked headphones? 

The point would be so a bunch of people in a room, such as an office, could carry on separate business without disturbing each other. And I could see it being useful at home as well.

As far as I know, current sound-cancellation headphone technology only gets you about halfway there. I’m wondering if networking the headphones together and using the information from all connected microphones as data about the sound wave could close the gap. And maybe this only works in rooms that have sound dampeners on the floors, walls and ceilings.

I’m going to assume that some sort of current or near-future technology can get us to a point where we can be alone together. And by that I mean we might be physically near each other but our attentions will be unreservedly elsewhere. I know you think that’s already the case when people text. But a person texting still hears you and still has one foot in your reality. Things will feel entirely different when we give over our full audio attention to external sources nearly all the time. 

In the future, we’ll be zombies to each other while our full attentions are focused far away. Eye contact will become a lost art. In the interest of efficiency we will place calls to people who are sitting next to us because the sound quality will be so much better. The technology will auto-correct for the mumbler who likes to talk while standing next to running water. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a playback feature to hear what someone just told you, such as the proper way to pronounce their name?

You scoff at my prediction, but I’ll bet you’ve texted from one room of your home to another, and you probably didn’t see that coming either.

I predict that someday every source of sound during your workday will come to you via wireless headphones simply because the experience will be so much better than natural sound.

I recently started using over-ear headphones while I draw. I was surprised at how absorbing they are in the sense that they improve my ability to focus. As our world becomes more complex, and distractions are multiplying exponentially, headphones are a way to filter out a lot of the stress-noise. 

I assume Apple has interesting plans for Beats. In five years it might be surprising to see anyone’s naked ears in public. Watches, schmatches. Over-ear headphones, networked and with better sound-cancellation are the next big thing.

(Disclosure: I own Apple stock but I hate half of their shit. The other half is cool.)


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Innovating Pleasure Products By Syncing With Mobile Technology

Future gazing is always fraught with danger as in a few years someone is going to read this and have a good old chortle. I’ve done it myself, seeing letters I sent to magazines as a kid, indignant about some development in the field of IT, or how such and such a PC was superior to another. | Feature Articles

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