Lewis Black: Thanks for Risking Your Life – Benjamin Brewer

Benjamin Brewer - Lewis Black: Thanks for Risking Your Life  artwork

Lewis Black: Thanks for Risking Your Life

Benjamin Brewer

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 7.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: October 6, 2020

Lewis Black, heir to the George Carlin throne of the comedy rant, and practitioner of his signature blend of frustrated optimism, lets loose again on his familiar punching bags of hypocrites, corporate swindlers, and governmental incompetents. Black doesn’t have set-ups to jokes so much as he has volcanic build-ups, twitchily rumbling up to eruptive punch lines. Black performed this set just days after the rest of the country shut down (the show was allowed to go on because it was in a sovereign Native American venue), so his commentary covers our current Corona-induced anxiety and his own hilarious frustration over The-Orange-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Lewis Black doesn’t take political sides; whether he’s exposing the wide-spread systemic failures of both parties, or pin-pointing the micro-stupidities within pop culture, commensurate rage is jettisoned in favor of deploying an overwhelming force of comic condemnation, punctuated by his ever-present arsenal of F-Bombs.

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‘Mighty Ducks’ Star Shaun Weiss Beaming Thanks to Brand New Teeth

Shaun Weiss — famous for playing Goldberg in “The Mighty Ducks” — is looking like a million bucks … ’cause he’s got brand new pearly whites and he’s now over 200 days sober!!! Shaun’s friend, Drew Gallagher, tells TMZ … Shaun received some…


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Nasstoys Touts High Fill Rate, Extends Thanks to Retailers

Nasstoys is tub-thumping its 98% fill rate over the past several months and has extended its thanks to e-commerce and retail customers for their support during the coronavirus pandemic.
XBIZ.com – Pleasure & Retail

Eminem Thanks Detroit COVID-19 Frontline Workers With “Mom’s Spaghetti”

Eminem Performing In Concert

Source: John Atashian / Getty

Michigan has been one of the states hardest hit by the novel coronavirus, with COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout. Detroit rapper Eminem provided meals of “Mom’s Spaghetti” to frontline workers combating the disease as a show of support to those brave individuals putting their lives on the line.

According to MLive.com, the veteran rapper provided prepared meals of spaghetti and sauce to healthcare workers at the Henry Ford Health Systems. The spaghetti came in plastic containers with an ironic “Mom” tattoo and a yellow sticker thanking the “frontline caregivers” with the Shady Records logo in the bottom.

From the caption of Henry Ford Health Systems’ Instagram page:

Our #HealthcareHeroes “lost themselves” in the delicious Mom’s Spaghetti donated by Detroit’s very own, @eminem. Thank you for providing a special meal for our team members!

The name of the frontline worker lunch special comes from Eminem’s smash hit “Lose Yourself” where he raps “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy /There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.”

Em has served the “Mom’s Spaghetti” dish at a pop-up event and at a festival hosted by the rapper. Around 400 meals were handed out to workers between two local Detroit hospitals.

Salute to Slim Shady for that warm gesture and stay strong, Michigan!

Photo: Getty

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Justin Bieber Swaps Stadiums for Arenas on Tour Thanks to Coronavirus

Justin Bieber’s tour is the latest live act to feel the effects of the coronavirus … he’s downgrading the venue size in several “secondary markets” and it’s all because of the virus. Bieber’s got a massive stadium tour planned for the summer to…


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Thanks for noticing: Bucks on a mission to show they’re for real

The defending NBA champs saw a piece of themselves in the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Bucks were happy to validate the praise.
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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (Unabridged) – Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (Unabridged)  artwork

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (Unabridged)

Douglas Adams

Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 17.95

Publish Date: October 3, 2006

© ℗ © 2006 Random House Audio

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Thanks for Everything – Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind - Thanks for Everything  artwork

Thanks for Everything

Third Eye Blind

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 7.99

Release Date: August 24, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Mega Collider Records

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Janet Jackson Thanks ”Incredible Father” Joe Jackson After Terminal Cancer Report

Janet Jackson, 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards, StageJanet Jackson’s got nothing but love for her father Joe Jackson…
While accepting the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards’ first-ever Impact Award on Friday night, Janet praised her…

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Spanx Founder Sara Blakely Thanks Kardashians for Pimping Them Out

[[tmz:video id=”0_0ll3o4c9″]] Kim Kardashian and the rest of the fam might have added a few million bucks to Spanx’s revenue, and its billionaire founder, Sara Blakely, couldn’t be more grateful. We got Sara at LAX and our guy wanted to know…


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Céline Dion Thanks Fans for 50th Birthday Wishes After Canceling Shows Due to Illness

Celine Dion, 2017 GrammysCéline Dion paid tribute to her fans on Saturday and thanked them for wishing her a happy 50th birthday as she continues to battle a health issue that has put her concert series on…

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Travis Scott’s a Changed Man Thanks to Baby Stormi’s Arrival

Travis Scott’s undergoing a metamorphosis, and we don’t mean changing diapers — turns out the arrival of Stormi Webster is having a major effect on Dad’s music.  Sources connected to the rapper tell TMZ … Travis has been on cloud nine…


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Lorde Scribbles Handwritten Note In A New Zealand Newspaper To Thanks Fans

Lorde has scribbled her thanks to fans back home for embracing her Grammy-nominated album.

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Thanks To Movies You’re Imagining Asteroid Fields 100% Wrong

By Cracked Writers  Published: January 27th, 2018 

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Thanks to ‘Get Out,’ Jordan Peele is in a league of his own

Those worried that Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” wouldn’t get love from the Oscars can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Serena Williams Thanks Women For Sharing Their Childbirth Stories: ‘Our Voices Are Our Power’

Serena Williams posted a heartfelt message of thanks to women who shared their childbirth stories with her. The tennis star took to Facebook to share the powerful message — and an adorable video of baby daughter Olympia!

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To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar – Beeban Kidron

Beeban Kidron - To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar  artwork

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

Beeban Kidron

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: September 8, 1995

Patrick Swayze, John Leguizamo and Wesley Snipes star in this hilarious adventure about three transvestites on the cross-country road trip of a lifetime. On their way to Hollywood for a drag queen beauty pageant, Vida (Swayze), Chi Chi (Leguizamo) and Noxeema (Snipes) get stranded in the tiny Midwestern town of Snydersville. Determined to make the best of a bad situation, the “girls” set out to repair the broken hearts, broken dreams and broken nails of the small-town residents during one wildly outrageous weekend.

© © 1995 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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Rapper NBA YoungBoy Gets Stolen Chain Back Thanks to JoJo Capone

NBA YoungBoy’s snatched chain is back in his possession before the situation could escalate — he’d threatened to shoot the perp — thanks to a guy with some serious street cred. Sources close to rapper JoJo Capone tell TMZ … the famed hip-hop mediator…


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I’m Not Your Pope (But Thanks for Asking)

A funny thing happened after my conversation with Sam Harris on the topic of President Trump. An avalanche of anti-Trumpers descended on my Twitter account and insisted I become their moral leader – sort of like their Pope. I have not accepted the job, but I can see the need.

Let me give you some context.

Sam Harris’ view on President Trump is that our new leader is a lying, unscrupulous, unethical con man. My view on President Trump is that he’s a skilled persuader who has offered to use his talents on behalf of the country. I have been silent on the ethics and morality questions because I trust people to make those decisions on their own. Personally, I would lie to a terrorist to save your child’s life. Some people would consider that immoral because lying is bad. I say every situation is unique, and we all have to make our own moral/ethical decisions as we go.

To me, that all seemed clear enough. I completely understand Sam’s criticisms of President Trump’s use of hyperbole and his casual relationship with the facts on the stuff that generally doesn’t matter. (As I like to say, President Trump is consistently “directionally accurate” even when he is playing loose with the facts. Persuasion looks exactly like that.

Anyway, my critics – who are also President Trump’s critics it seems – called out to me on Twitter to clarify the ethical and moral dimensions of this presidency. I didn’t think my opinion on that topic was useful because no one gets their ethical guidance from cartoonists. I figured people could work out the morality questions on their own. But I was wrong. The anti-Trumpers need a Pope. And apparently they want it to be me. I didn’t see this coming.

I will consider the job over the weekend and let them know my decision. If you see white smoke coming from the man-cave in my garage, it means I have accepted the position. 

You might enjoy reading my book because I’m sort of like a Pope to my critics. But without the cool hat. (Not saying I won’t get one.)

I’m also on…

Twitter (includes Periscope): @scottadamssays​

YouTube: At this link.

Instagram: ScottAdams925

Facebook Official Page: fb.me/ScottAdamsOfficial

Scott Adams’ Blog

Mullets Might Be Making a Comeback Thanks to K-Pop

K-pop idols have unfortunately been cutting their hair into mullets lately, and one Allure editor hoping the trend doesn;t make it to America.
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All the Celebrities Brad Pitt Is Unexpectedly Twinning With Thanks to His New Hair

Brad Pitt's hair in his new spread for V magazine is…different for the star. Layered with height at the crown, it recalls several iconic haircuts, some from today, and some from the '80s and '90s…

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Lil Dicky — Planned Parenthood Raising Dat Money … Thanks to My Music Vid

[[tmz:video id=”0_z5gnxmg3″]] Lil Dicky’s “Save Dat Money” music video already has 5 million views on YouTube, and the new found fame isn’t only making him money … it’s helping Planned Parenthood raise funds.   If you haven’t seen…


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Thanks, Demi Lovato, For Reminding Us That Nick Jonas Had The Best ‘Jo Fro’

Demi Lovato wished Nick Jonas a happy birthday by reminding us all of his epic ‘Jo Fro.’

Harlem Globetrotters — We’re Balling at Fashion Week … Thanks to Angela Simmons! (PHOTOS)

Rev. Run’s daughter Angela Simmons is about to really make it BIG — her new Harlem Globetrotters anniversary uniforms are debuting at Fashion Week, and TMZ Sports got a first look. Our spies backstage in NYC spotted Angela’s hard work on the backs of a…


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See awesome new ‘Star Wars’ footage — thanks to Instagram’s latest feature

As of Thursday, the old Instagram is for squares, and the new Instagram has experienced an “awakening.”

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Famous French Actor Thanks American Soldiers for Subduing Gunman on Train: “Without Them, We Would All Be Dead”

Three Americans took down a gunman that opened fire Friday night onboard a train traveling to Paris.

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4 Things We’ve Learned to NEVER Do in a Relationship Thanks to House Hunters

Literally everything you need to know about how passive aggression can destroy relationships can be learned from watching House Hunters and its many iterations, which we realized while viewing House Hunters International: London (currently available…

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Emmys: Tatiana Maslany Thanks ‘Orphan Black’ Fans After Nomination

“Our show has broken the barrier of just being a sci-fi cult show,” the actress said.

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Kourtney Kardashian — Feeling Gray … Thanks a Lot, Scott! (PHOTO)

The latest victim of Scott Disick’s antics is … Kourtney Kardashian’s long, flowing, formerly dark hair — which has suddenly got a serious silver streak. Kourt did lunch with Kim and Khloe, and flashed a patch of premature (she’s only 36) grays…


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‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Star Apollo Nida — Thanks a Lot, Docs … Can’t See His Kids On Father’s Day

Apollo Nida had an extra sad Father’s Day, locked up in his federal prison cell … without a single family visitor.  Apollo’s estranged wife, Phaedra Parks didn’t bring their two sons to visit him in prison on Sunday. Sources…


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You’ll Get ‘No Sl333p’ Tonight Thanks to Janet Jackson’s New Song

Janet Jackson released her first single in 7 years today, and you’re not going to get any Sl333p tonight.

Drake — From ‘Degrassi’ to Compton … Thanks to The Game

Drake earned his official Compton ‘hood pass — a far cry from his Degrassi High hall pass days — all because he was rolling with The Game.  Game played ambassador … taking Drake to his hometown to shoot a music video for their song “100,”…


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Iggy Azalea thanks fans for sticking by her amid the ‘hate’

Iggy Azalea tweets candily about her new music, coffee table book and all those online haters.
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Angry Nerd – Channing Tatum as a Douchey Elf? No Thanks, “Jupiter Ascending”

It’s true that the “Jupiter Ascending” trailer makes the otherwise scrumptious Channing Tatum look like the douchiest elf in all of Middle-Earth. But the troubling part of the movie isn’t the prosthetic ears—it’s the insidious idea that only people fated to do great things can become heroes. Angry Nerd has other ideas about saving the world (again).
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Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin – Date Night Cover-up … Thanks Bono!

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are still going strong, but if you want to get through to them, you’re going to have to get through Bono first. The couple hitched a ride with U2’s frontman after they went to the band’s concert Sunday…


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Zayn Malik — He Speaks!!! He Thanks 1D … And He’s Asian! (VIDEO)

Zayn Malik broke his silence Friday night — come to think about it we haven’t heard him speak before — and he heaped praise on his former band, One Direction. Zayn accepted a trophy at the Asian Awards in London.  The…


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Jimmy Fallon Thanks James Corden For Not Going By ‘Jimmy’

Late-night talk show hosts have been known to have their rivalries. Jimmy Fallon acknowledged that there’s new competition in town Friday night, when he mentioned new “Late Late Show” host James Corden during his Thank You Notes segment on “The Tonight Show.”

“Thank you, new host of ‘The Late Late Show’ James Corden, for not going by Jimmy,” he said. “I already have enough trouble.”

Fallon — not to be confused with fellow late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” — also made sure to give due thanks to garage sales, acoustic guitars and adults on swingsets.

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‘Uptown Funk’ Just Got More Action-Packed Thanks To This MC

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars just got an assist from this Action-packed MC. Don’t believe us? Just listen.

Madonna Thanks Investigators For Arresting Hacker Who Leaked Rebel Heart

Madonna is showing her gratitude for the investigators who helped make an arrest following the leak of her new album Rebel Heart. A hacker is accused of prematurely releasing the album on the web and could now face jail time for the leak.
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Thanks, Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo wants to make the holiday season a little more magical, which is what happens when we come together — that’s what holiday spirit is all about. Wells Fargo sent their stagecoach to help take the toys to the kids who need them! A big thanks…
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Animal Prosthetics Took A Huge Leap Forward Thanks To 3D Printing—Watch

3D-printed prosthetic legs help dog run.

Goodbye to All That Movie CLIP – Thanks For Your Concern (2014) – Paul Schneider Comedy HD

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Goodbye to All That Movie CLIP – Thanks For Your Concern (2014) – Paul Schneider Comedy HD

Opening in theaters and VOD December 17th

Paul Schneider (Parks and Recreation) stars as a newly single dad navigating the good, the bad, and the weird of the 30-something singles scene in this whip-smart comedy. When his wife unexpectedly informs him that she wants a divorce, well-meaning but oblivious husband Otto Wall (Schneider) finds himself thrust back into bachelorhood. Cue a hilarious sequence of romantic encounters—from reconnecting with a former crush to online dating—as Otto searches for the real thing amidst a string of one night stands. Directed by the acclaimed writer of Junebug, this sexy farce co-stars Anna Camp, Heather Graham, Amy Sedaris, and Melanie Lynskey.

“goodbye to all that” “goodbye to all that movie” “goodbye to all that clip” comedy drama “Paul Schneider” single divorce bacherlorhood “Angus MacLachlan” “Anna Camp” “Heather Graham” “Amy Sedaris” “Melanie Lynskey” “Thanks For Your Concern” jslewis
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You May Soon Disappear, Thanks to Your Beauty Cream

The new hit magic potion is a face cream with the intended blurry name that is sure to make you look. It claims to give your face an out-of-focus glow, which in turns all but eliminate the oh-so-dreaded facial wrinkles. Now, the marketing stops short of affirming that your face will vanish, but assures you that the smooth effect of the cream will make you look like you have been photoshopped!

Wait! Do I really crave that? Do I want to walk through my neighborhood with a fuzzy aspect, one that will make my friends and neighbors wonder if they have had one too many drinks? Will I look like a Zombie fresh out of the night? I certainly don’t want to have a frozen face like some remaining-unnamed Hollywood actresses who cannot smile and cannot frown, can barely talk and certainly not act. Targeting women between the ages of 30 to 50, the (secret) formula seems to contain silicone, mattifying powders, and anti-aging (secret) agents.

So I set out to try the damned cream. Without naming any names, I can reveal nonetheless that the word BLUR is in the title. Now, I don’t have that many wrinkles to start with, coming from a wild land where non-stop wind and cool mist weather trained for generations the skin to be resistant, so I did not expect any out-of-this-world results. The cost was about $ 20, so what the heck! I can always use a daily cream, even if the wonders promised do not meet my expectations.

So one night, as a daily regimen, I washed my face and splashed on the cream. At first impression, the sort of oily-silky texture was surprising on my skin. Felt like a thin layer of unknown substance. I deemed my $ 20 well spend. The next morning, I had forgotten and looked in the mirror to see the usual princess I wink at everyday. Then I put on the cream again, and suddenly realized my different look. Not that I suddenly became out-of-focus, mind you, but I did appear to have a softer look, a more sublimated look, a blurry look. Dare I say a younger look? Er…nope.

It’s just like when you put foundation on, the lines become smoother, and the light seems to shine through your epidermis, that is, if your foundation is a good one. So this miracle cream did have a side effect, it did make my skin a little brighter, even though it has no color in it. The sensation under my fingertips was still a silky one, and just for that, I liked it. Now, since I rarely wear foundation or powder (I live in Florida), the cream for me is a good choice, not a wonder formula or a magic trick, but it’s a definite help in my daily routine.

My BB cream has found its match. Now, if only it claimed to prevent wrinkles, that marketing ploy might work even better than the one claiming to erase wrinkles already in place, but they don’t say that. Perhaps because they is NO erasing wrinkles after all, oh well, we already knew that. So the next generation of beauty products can only try to help weather (pun intended) the creases in our skin, until they come up with something better for our soul. Maybe if I put on enough of the stuff, my skin will vanish, no? You don’t think so?
Style – The Huffington Post
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Justin Timberlake Thanks Everyone For His Billboard Award… Except Donald Sterling

Justin Timberlake thanked “everyone on earth except Donald Sterling” at the Billboard Music Awards.