9 Death Star Explosion Conspiracy Theories

9 Death Star Explosion Conspiracy Theories

9 Death Star Explosion Conspiracy The…
Fuel can steel beams melt not.
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Episode 132: The End of White Supremacists, #WalkAway and Conspiracy Theories


  • The fallacy of IQ confirming racial supremacy
  • Brandon Straka #WalkAway movement
  • Conspiracy theories, mostly the right, mostly the left…or BOTH?
  • Logic and facts don’t pierce the bubble of confirmation bias
  • An engineered conspiracy theory might help the left pierce their TDS bubble
  • Democrats are favoring illegal immigrants over black Americans
  • Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is the best FUN candidate option
  • Barrett would be 4th woman on the current court


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American Horror Story: Hotel’s Biggest Reveals and Theories: The Most Disturbing Image Yet? (Hi, Bartholomew!)

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22 Times Tumblr’s ‘Harry Potter’ Theories Blew Our Minds

A collection of “Harry Potter” fan theories posited by Tumblr users.

J.K. Rowling Shoots Down Your Favorite ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Theories

Sorry, Muggles. J.K. Rowling is going all Avada Kedavra on some of your favorite “Harry Potter” fan theories.

Up to this point, fans of the books and movies have analyzed the story so much that they’ve come up with a number of theories that are so crazy they have to be true.

As it turns out, nope, they’re just crazy. Here are the theories that must not be named anymore:

Ron Weasley is not a time-traveling Albus Dumbledore.

No! Not this one!

In the books, there are a number of physical descriptions and plot points that show major similarities between Dumbledore and Ron, but after a fan asked about it, Rowling confirmed they aren’t the same person:

Bloody hell …

Also, Draco Malfoy is not a werewolf and Snape is not a vampire. 


What? OK, she’s just pouring it on now.

Because of their physical descriptions and some peculiar activities in the books, Draco Malfoy and Snape were thought to secretly be a werewolf and a vampire, respectively. Draco’s physical changes that occur in the book are seen as the result of a werewolf curse by some, and Snape’s pale complexion was viewed as evidence he was in fact undead. Unfortunately, these are not the case either:

After that, Rowling was done crushing all our Muggle dreams for one day.

Don’t be too disappointed, though. Rowling has also confirmed some other fan theories, and with her new play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” coming to the stage, you can be sure more theories are on the way. 

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