Don Cheadle Supports Trans Kids with T-shirt on ‘SNL’

Don Cheadle made a powerful statement on ‘SNL’ Saturday night — not audibly, but visually. Cheadle hosted the show and when he introduced the musical guest, Gary Clark, Jr., he wore a tee with the words “Protect Trans Kids” emblazoned on it. The…


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Casey Anthony Shops at Dollar Tree Wearing Ruth Bader Ginsburg T-Shirt

Casey Anthony feels a connection to, of all people, United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg … seriously. Anthony picked up a few things at a Dollar Tree Saturday in West Palm Beach, Florida. Check out her T — a pic of RGB with the…


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Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His Abs As He Displays His Favorite ‘Dad Bod” T-Shirt

If all ‘Dad Bods” looked like Marky Mark’s, we would be in business!

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The Shrinking Space Between Band T-Shirt and High Fashion

Merch has become a crucial part of a musician’s rise. Here’s how it’s evolved.
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Jhene Aiko Sued For Allegedly Copying Hippie Hand Art For T-Shirt

Jhene Aiko is being sued by a Colorado woman who says the singer stole her artwork and slapped it on a t-shirt for her clothing line.  A woman by the name of Elisa Rose Mountain says she owns the trademark for Hamsa Mandala — her take on the…


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Chris Darden’s Angry Kanye West Wore a ‘Free OJ’ T-Shirt

[[tmz:video id=”0_032i79k5″]] Chris Darden is incredulous Kanye West would dare sport a “Free OJ” t-shirt, especially now that he has flat-out confessed to the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson on the Fox special. Darden was on a panel that…


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Meet the New York Clothing Company Making the Strongest T-Shirt on the Market

Have you ever stopped to think about how hard it is to find a really good t-shirt?

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Melanie strolling along the waterfront wearing her tight white t-shirt.

Melanie has more than one summer dress and is always dressing up in her summer dresses as there is nothing better to wear on a hot sultry day than her summer dress. The feeling of smooth cotton panties against Melanie makes her feel so horny and wet.  Melanie Walsh has got her tight top on today that shows of her breasts to perfection.

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Hi guys Melanie here

As it was such a nice sunny day I thought I would go out for a walk on the waterfront but I got so hot, I had stripped off to cool down!!!

I love wearing the tight white t-shirt and the long green skirt with cotton panties. The tight t-shirt is one of my favorites what do you like best??

If you wanna see more hot pics of me go to my site

Big Kiss Melanie xxx

OnlyMelanie’s Blog

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Fire Back in Tupac T-Shirt Lawsuit

Kylie and Kendall Jenner have just fired back in the lawsuit where a guy who owns a photo of Tupac is going after the women claiming they ripped him off and plastered the image on the t-shirts they were hawking. Kylie and Kendall say renowned photog…


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Justin Bieber’s Having a Plain White T-Shirt Sale

Justin Bieber’s helping out a new business, and it has nothing to do with music. The Biebs is dropping a very limited line of white tees with designer/stylist xKarla at a pop-up shop in L.A … according to sources connected to the deal. We’re told…


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#SocialGathering: Anthony Scaramucci Follows Russian Libraries on Twitter; Gloria Steinem Releases First Official T-Shirt

And Kim Kardashian’s one-year-old has a favorite Snapchat filter.

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T-Shirt Slogans

“That’s It! I’m Calling Grandma!” (Seen on an 8 year old)

“Wrinkled Was Not One of the Things I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up”

“Procrastinate Now.”

“My Dog Can Lick Anyone.”

“I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts – Do You Want Fries With That?”

“FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. It comes bundled with the software.”

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance.”

“Time’s fun when you’re having flies…Kermit the Frog.”

– from Laugh & Lift

Received from Laugh & Lift via Doc’s Daily Chuckle.
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Gwyneth Paltrow Would Like You To Buy This $350 T-Shirt

Gwyneth Paltrow would like you to buy this $ 350 T-shirt.

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7 Outfits That Will Inspire You to Wear a White T-Shirt This Weekend

As basic as it may look, a white T-shirt has some genius properties. You can modify it at the drop of the hat, match it with pretty much everything, and use it to turn up…

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The Summer’s Cutest T-Shirt Is for a Really Good Cause


The T-shirt is a quintessential hot-weather staple: It’s light, loose but tailored, plush and soft, and the perfect canvas for slogans or symbols or even, in the case of Umano, a charming sketch. But the rough drawing of an askew elephant or a crooked bicycle is not the commissioned work of an artist with a Primitivist style—in one of those moves that would fully amuse your modern-art-hating boyfriend, the illustration can actually be credited to an elementary school student. And it’s not just a cutesy gimmick—the shirt-as-canvas process is a part of the Umano vision, a label started by brothers Alex Torrey and Jonathan Torrey in 2011 in Athens, Georgia, to provide art education to children in disadvantaged schools. “Jonathan and I had our ‘aha’ moment when we realized you don’t have to choose between doing well and doing good,” says Alex. “Our parents are school teachers, and the art budget in schools has been cut. Art education is more than learning how to draw, it’s learning those important thinking and problem-solving skills.” Since then, though the duo had been bootstrapping the project and had no experience in design, they have gone on to sell to major retailers like Bloomingdale’s and have successfully implemented partnerships with schools to keep creating new shirts.


Photo: Courtesy of Umano

So how does the Umano vision actually work? The Torrey brothers have set up production in Haiti and several “Giving Trip” destinations in Harlem, Mexico, Peru, and Athens, Georgia: With every trip, the brothers physically drop off a backpack with art supplies, have the children draw, and then transfer the sketches to a shirt, ranging from classic tees to muscle tanks. “One rule for the artwork is to preserve the integrity of the drawing. We don’t go in to straighten any lines or ‘fix’ anything,” says Alex. “Also, when we merchandise the product, we connect the consumer to the artist. On the hangtag there is a picture of the artist.” And with every purchase of a shirt, the brothers donate a backpack with art supplies to a child.

Their do-good idea has been getting notice, too: Just a few days ago, the duo returned from the startup competition Pandoland in Nashville, Tennessee, where they beat nine other companies and were the only fashion label to win (they were initially invited to the competition by PandoDaily’s founder Sarah Lacy, who saw their muscle shirts in a Bloomingdale’s newsletter). And with the growing demand, the brothers have gone on to launch a Kickstarter to expand their warehouse and supply.


Umano The George muscle tank top, $ 48;

Photo: Courtesy of Umano

But no matter how large Umano may get or what venture capitalist is investing—their main focus is still the children. “When [the kids] see their shirts, the most common reaction is that they’re famous! We did an event at Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street, and brought the partner school there to take a tour. It ended with us going to the rack and seeing our product in the store,” says Alex. “One of the little girls started to cry [when she saw the shirt]. She was like, ‘It’s my drawing and it is in this beautiful store!’ It was a really powerful moment to do a full circle and for the students to see their creations.” Looks like you don’t have to choose between looking good and doing good either.

The post The Summer’s Cutest T-Shirt Is for a Really Good Cause appeared first on Vogue.

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Hieroglyphics Drop Commemorative Golden State Warriors T-Shirt [PHOTOS]

If you don’t think the Bay Area’s Hip-Hop populus is geeked over the Golden State Warriors’ first NBA championship in 40 years, you better ask somebody.

The solidified Oakland rap crew Hieroglyphics has one of the dopest logos ever created in rap and they put a clever spin on it to commemorate their hometown team’s conquering of LeBron James.

A special commemorative Golden State Warriors T-shirt has been introduced and it features the group’s iconic third eye logo atop the Golden Gate bridge artwork for the team. They’re also pushing a special Wax Poetic Warriors shirt that dons the organization’s royal blue and golden-yellow colors.

Hieroglyphics’ GSW shirt is available via their official store.


Photos: Twitter / Hieroglyphics

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Clothing Company Invents Genius White T-Shirt That Won’t Stain

Wearing white is a sign of confidence. Knowing that you’ll have to battle street grime, dirty seats and the prospect of food and drink stains that day is proof of your courage, at least when it comes to your clothes.

Now, clothing company Elizabeth & Clarke is trying to totally eliminate the fear of wearing white by making “The Unstainable White Shirt.” The company’s Kickstarter campaign went live April 21, and has already raised roughly four times its monetary goal of $ 30,000 to put the shirts into production.

Watch the shirt defeat coffee, mustard, ketchup and more below:

According to the company, the shirt, which comes in blouse and T-shirt styles, works by using nanotechnology that fights off water-based or oil-based liquid spills, and even sweat! Elizabeth & Clarke says the washable fabric uses a proprietary garment finish that repels the liquids the same way “a flower repels morning dew.”

The shirts are currently being sold in four styles — the “Liz Lemon” T-shirt, the crepe de chine button-down “The White,” a sleeveless version called “The Arden,” and “The Parker,” a placket-front blouse. Tees will retail for $ 25 and blouses will cost $ 40, with orders slated to ship out in September 2015.

Until then, ladies, keep an eye on your coffee!

H/T Bustle

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Jewish Atheist’s Controversial T-Shirt: “I Met God, She’s Black”

What does God look like?

Renaissance artists painted God into their own cultures, often giving him the white skin and flowing golden hair of a European aristocrat.

But that traditional image has been challenged by many over the centuries. This age-old question is now picking up steam on Facebook, particularly in the light of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Dylan Chenfeld, a self-described Jewish atheist, is throwing his ideas into the mix.

“I Met God, She’s Black,” Chenfield says in posters that he’s allegedly pasted all over Manhattan during the past few days.

The 21-year-old doesn’t claim to have invented the phrase, saying the trope has existed for quite some time. He’s just the one who decided to put it on a $ 30 T-shirt.


In fact, William P. Young, author of The Shack, pictured God as an African American woman named Elouisa. Black feminist Ntozake Shange, in her poem “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enough,” says, “I found God in myself, and I loved her fiercely.”

But what does an Upper West side-raised Jewish guy have to do with all of this?

The slogan has certainly become a source of business for Chenfield. When he initially started printing the shirts about one year ago, he says many of his buyers were white. He’s also gotten celebrities like Drake and Cara Delevingne to be photographed wearing his shirt.

“I like poking fun at sacred cows,” Chenfield told HuffPost. “I’m taking the idea that God is a white male and doing the opposite of that, which is a black woman.”

Although he’s trying to make money from the campaign, there also seems to be a spiritual side to his motives. Chenfield said that, compared to the other members of his Jewish family, he was always the one asking more questions about what God is really like. His grandparents are Orthodox Jews, he says, who follow a conservative strain of Judaism that doesn’t allow women to have a bat mitzvah.

“Sometimes when you get really religious, it becomes sexist and that’s when I tap out,” Chenfield says. “And that’s why I’ve never been a super religious person.”

He says he stepped away from Judaism and all organized religion after his 13th birthday. He’s hoping his shirt will help people question the image of God as a white male.

met god

But he wasn’t expecting his products to become swept up into the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The shirt’s message actually speaks to a deep desire for people to see God in their own image, says The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline J. Lewis, a Senior Minister at Middle Collegiate Church who has been involved in protests against Eric Garner’s death at the hands of the NYPD.

In the Abrahamic traditions, God introduced God’s self to Moses by saying, “I am who I am.” God is too mysterious to truly know, so we make God accessible to ourselves by conjuring, imagining, speculating, and guessing. . . How we image God helps us to image ourselves. There is power in thinking of God as a little like us, just as there is power in thinking of ourselves as a little like God. It does not change the fact that God is mystery, it just makes God more accessible. Though God has no race or gender, Jesus had both. Claiming the Afro-Semitic ethnicity of Jesus the Christ has been powerful for me as a Black woman, a wife, a daughter and a clergy.

After protests in support of #BlackLivesMatter erupted across the country, Chenfield says that he’s gotten an increased interest in the shirts, seen through interactions online, but that this hasn’t necessarily translated into increased sales.

Even if it’s a Jewish atheist behind the business, Lewis says that doesn’t dismantle the good outcome.

“It’s important for people to keep the contemporary conversation going about who God is, what God wants and how we relate to God,” Lewis told HuffPost. “The good outcome is if some black child somewhere bumps into it and goes, ‘Well maybe. . . maybe God’s not an old white guy and if so, what does that say about me?'”

What do you think about the shirts? Tell us in the comments below.
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What to Wear to Work Tomorrow: A Floral Skirt, White T-Shirt, and Wedges

If you don't wear a uniform at work, getting dressed for the office can be a daily test of patience. But never fear! Every evening at 10 P.M., we're bringing you simple and chic work-appropriate…

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Best T-Shirt Bras: The Top 5 Bras You Need For Your Basic Tees

This list was assembled with data provided by Rank & Style.

Yes, there are different bras out there, and some of them just don’t do your laid-back or dressed-up tees justice. And while some of us can get away without a bra, some of us just can’t do that.

Our friends at Rank & Style rounded up a list of the best t-shirt bras for your casual needs. From editor/custumer reviews to popularity, check out the five undergarments that really got these reviewers going.

numbered t shirt bras

1. Natori Understated Contour Underwire Bra, $ 64: If you’re looking for a solid band that won’t cut into you, Natori could be a perfect choice.

2. Soma Embraceable Full Coverage Bra, $ 45: If we were to see another review say how comfortable this bra is, we might begin to think this bra is a myth — but alas, it’s not.

3. Spanx Bra-llelujah Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra, $ 62: We didn’t really know that Spanx made bras, but now they’re definitely on our radar.

4. Betsey Johnson ’Stocking Stripe’ Underwire T-Shirt Bra, $ 48: For the girl who loves the frills with their bra.

5. Chantelle Intimates ’C-Chic Sexy’ Convertible Spacer Foam Bra, $ 70: It’s like buying two bras, but in one.

Head over to Rank & Style to see the complete list of top t-shirt bras. Plus, check out the best printed underwire bikinis, clutches under $ 100 and nude flat sandals.
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