It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After (Unabridged) – Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman - It's Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After (Unabridged)  artwork

It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After (Unabridged)

Andi Dorfman

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 14.99

Publish Date: May 17, 2016

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Keep On Turning – Seth Rosenbloom

Seth Rosenbloom - Keep On Turning  artwork

Keep On Turning

Seth Rosenbloom

Genre: Blues

Price: $ 8.91

Release Date: January 18, 2019

© ℗ 2019 HOLMZ Music

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Turning Point (Unabridged) – Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel - Turning Point (Unabridged)  artwork

Turning Point (Unabridged)

Danielle Steel

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 20.99

Publish Date: January 8, 2019

© ℗ © 2019 Recorded Books

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Kodak Black Turning Down Tons of Performance Offers to Focus on Recording

Kodak Black is free to keep building up his hip-hop empire now that he’s out of jail, but the dude’s turning down tons of cash to focus on something more important … TMZ has learned. Sources close to the “Roll in Peace” rapper tell us KB has become a…


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Kate Upton Strips Down To Her Birthday Suit To Celebrate Turning 26

Kate Upton is 26! To celebrate, the model took to Instagram and shared a topless “birthday suit” shot by the beach. See how else the Sports Illustrated model is making the most of her birthday week.

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Colbert Has A Fiendish Idea To Keep Michael Cohen From Turning On Trump

It’s a foolproof plan. Or is it?
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4 Creepy Ways Everyday Life Is Turning Into Sci-Fi

By Nick J.,James Kinneen,Tiago Svn,E.M. Caris,Peter I. Santiago  Published: March 19th, 2018 

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His Turn: The Turning Series, Book 3 (Unabridged) – JA Huss

JA Huss - His Turn: The Turning Series, Book 3 (Unabridged)  artwork

His Turn: The Turning Series, Book 3 (Unabridged)

JA Huss

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 25.95

Publish Date: December 26, 2017

© ℗ © 2017 Podium Publishing

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Turning 30

I was having trouble with the idea of turning 30 and was oversensitive to any signs of advancing age. When I found a prominent gray hair in my bangs,
I pointed to my forehead. “Have you seen this?” I indignantly asked my husband.

“What?” he asked. “The wrinkles?”

Received from Richard G Wimer.
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‘Turning The Tables’: Women Of The ’90s

The real TLC (from left to right, Tionne

In this special episode, we highlight Alanis Morissette and TLC’s contributions to the rock and R&B of the decade and beyond.

(Image credit: Tim Roney/Getty Images)

Rock : NPR


R. Kelly Neighbors Deny Turning Blind Eye, No Signs of Alleged ‘Cult’ of Young Women

R. Kelly’s Georgia crib was more of a party house than the home base of an abusive cult … according to neighbors who are shocked at claims the singer was holding women against their will. Neighbors inside the gated Duluth, GA community tell us they…


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Fargo’s Costume Designer on Turning Kirsten Dunst Into a Small-Town ’70s Hairdresser

fargo season two

A note to those who haven’t seen the first season of FX’s dark horse triumph Fargo: Rectify that, posthaste. The series, loosely inspired by the iconic Coen brothers feature of the same name (the pair serve as executive producers), took the movie’s familiar themes of murder and deceit in a tiny Midwestern town and spun them into a darkly comic program with a powerhouse cast including Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman.

Tonight Fargo will kick off with a new cast and new plotlines, for the prequel to last season set in 1979 and headed up by Kirsten Dunst as Peggy, a hairdresser with big dreams. Almost as big as her ambitions? The scope of Peggy’s ultra-’70s wardrobe, which marries her mundane small-town reality with Technicolor dreams of Hollywood. We caught up with the show’s costume designer, Carol Case, to talk about fashion’s lately adopted love of the decade and how to dress a cast for months spent shooting in the dead of a Canadian winter.

fargo season two


Photo: Chris Large / FX © 2015 FX Networks. All Rights Reserved.

Could you speak about working within the aesthetic framework of 1979 North Dakota?
We think of the ’70s and we think of either pieces we remember or photographs of our parents. It’s got a specific feeling to it, and it’s hard with our modern eye—the real stuff from the ’70s tends to look like a caricature of itself because we’re looking at it from 2015. I think that was a big challenge for us because the colors are so hard, to find combinations that work well for different people—although this season [in fashion] there’s all that ’70s revival stuff, so it’s coming back.

Fashion has always loved the ’70s, but in the past couple of seasons that influence has really exploded on the runways. Did that make your job easier in any way?
It was good to see it all coming back and see it again through [modern] eyes. We didn’t use a lot of modern, ’70s-inspired pieces, but we did use a few, particularly things like footwear and accessories.  We ended up building a lot of the stuff, especially for the women. Those high-waisted pants and that sort of stuff needs a lot more fitting than your Lululemon yoga pants.


Photo: Chris Large / FX © 2015 FX Networks. All Rights Reserved.

Could you speak about how you sourced the costumes?
For as much as we possibly could, we use vintage. We started up purchasing a lot of vintage stuff months in advance, so we ended up with quite a large collection. But the problem with vintage is the weather—a lot of the vintage that’s available is not for Minnesota winters or North Dakota winters, definitely not for Canadian winters. Our leads we built things for. My mom, in her basement, had a big stack of 1970s Simplicity sewing patterns, and the sewing room had a great time with that. You can’t believe the fits or how things really were done. I also was quite lucky, because I had a fair amount of prep [time]. We also found a couple of stores that had deadstock that was literally from the 1970s, so we were able to source a bunch of parkas and men’s suits.

Shooting in the dead of winter in Calgary, did you have the cast in Thinsulate under their vintage pieces?
Oh, absolutely! Everybody had several choices of long underwear. [There’s] “it’s-sort-of-cold” weather, and there’s “freezing-I-might-die-in-the-cold.” We were lucky for season two that the winter wasn’t as cold. [In season one] we had to stop filming a couple of times. The coats that we made for Kirsten Dunst, we put extra lining and some more modern technology fabrics inside.


Photo: Chris Large / FX © 2015 FX Networks. All Rights Reserved.

Kirsten Dunst is quite a fashion fan. What was it like dressing her? Did she have a lot of input when it came to her costumes?
It was a lot of fun. She bought into the whole ’70s thing. She was in my fitting room for hours, literally, playing dress-up. On the same side, she was very respectful of my input. It was a good collaboration between the two of us. I would send pictures back and forth, and we would talk about things that worked for both of us.

Even after seeing only the first two episodes of the new season, Peggy [Dunst’s character] seems like one of the show’s most interesting figures, style-wise. What did you most want to convey about her personality through those choices?
We wanted everyone to realize that although she’s in this small town, she has bigger dreams and aspirations. In one of the first scenes that we see her in, she’s got stacks of fashion magazines. She dreams about going to L.A., about a world that’s much bigger than the world she has. We wanted to convey that, but also, she still lives in a small town in North Dakota and she doesn’t have unlimited finances, so she’s not going to New York and buying things. It’s figuring out how to do the looks she wants but in her small world.

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Kate Winslet On Turning 40

Kate Winslet dishes on what it was like turning the big 4-0! Plus, she and Michael Fassbender talk preparing for their big roles in the ‘Steve Jobs’ biopic.

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Turning On Dylan Strokes

This started out as me tying up my pup boys and then placing a lampshade over their heads to give them the illusion of anonymity, discretion, a claustrophobic space. Being contained inside ones own mind comes with the comfort of being in ones own space or headspace.

The metaphoric turning on of the human lamp, whom holds a light gag in his mouth while blindfolded, serves the purpose of visually representing the sexual energy. The bound victim feels less intimidated by outside strength and every little brush of skin heats up his senses in a bright, colorful way. Beautiful patterns project from the sex lamp casting onto my body as if to give back the sexual energy it is receiving from its user.

My good friend Alaska Thunderfuck, who you may have seen on Repauls Drag Race, plays the voyeur who watches from the cupboard. This film expresses a bit of macrophilia, a giantism fetish, with Alaska being larger than us. Her gaze is dominating and that drives the scene to proceed to climax.

Dylan Strokes shoots a massive load after being fucked and milked with only one hour to get off.

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This started out as me tying up my pup boys and then placing a lampshade over their heads to give them the illusion of anonymity, discretion, a claustrophobic space.

Stars: Alaska Thunderfuck Dylan Strokes

Categories: High Definition Pigs Anal Bareback Gay

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Michael Phoenixxx


CBS Is Turning Training Day Into A TV Show

Training Day is a cult classic film, and it earned Denzel Washington an Oscar. CBS is hoping to flip the films success into a television show.

Reports Vulture:

CBS plans to turn Antoine Fuqua’s Training Day into a TV series. The network has ordered a pilot based on the 2001 film to be directed by Fuqua, who’ll also executive-produce the series with Jerry Bruckheimer.Training Day the show will pick up 15 years after the events of the movie, which will be set in a modern-day LAPD. It’s unclear whether or not Ethan Hawke or Denzel Washington (who won an Oscar for his villainous role) will appear on the show.

Would you be checking for a Training Day series?

It will have its work cut out for it when it comes to inspiring memes, though.


Photo: YOuTube


The post CBS Is Turning Training Day Into A TV Show appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Is Public Opinion Turning Against Taylor Swift?

Late on Sunday night, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste tweeted some thoughts about Taylor Swift, along with a photo of People’s item about “Mean Girl Taylor Swift’s Friendship Rules!” The magazine’s alleged informer said she had a list of ridiculous requirements for her current tour guests, like not dressing better than her and not speaking unless spoken to. It’s not the first time Droste …
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Ashley Tisdale on turning 30: It feels great!

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale chats with Kathie Lee and Hoda about her new TBS comedy series called “Clipped,” and reveals that she actually cuts some of the extras’ hair! She is turning 30 in a few days and fills KLG and Hoda in on her upcoming projects.

TODAY Pop Culture

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How video game companies are making a science of turning your data into profit

How video game companies are making a science of turning your data into profit – TOP

Angry Nerd – The Trouble with Turning “12 Monkeys” the Movie Into “12 Monkeys” the TV Show

The 1995 sci-fi flick “12 Monkeys” is about to become a TV show. This worries Angry Nerd—movies-turned-TV-shows don’t have the best track record. Sure, “Fargo” turned out fine, but let’s not forget the short-lived tragedy “Ferris Bueller”…

WIRED Videos – The Scene

Mumford & Sons On Plugging In And Turning Up

The electrified new album Wilder Mind turns the band’s “arena folk” sound on a dime. “It’s almost like being a teenager again,” says singer Marcus Mumford.

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Rock : NPR


Turning Dream Jobs Into Reality: Designer, Athena Procopiou

Everyone has a “dream job” lying dormant in their hearts. Unfortunately, it’s usually plagued by one negative thought: that it can’t become a reality. But many people have turned their dreams into daily realities. How did they get there? What inspires them? Surely they took all the right steps at the exact right time, without suffering any detours. I spoke to a few very successful people working their own “dream jobs” hoping to glean some insight.


Sundrenched sandy beaches, the sound of cicadas chirping in the trees and the scent of saltwater wafting through the warm island breeze. This idyllic image is the substance of many people’s recurring daydreams. But can those daydreams become the basis of a luxury lifestyle brand that’s quickly becoming synonymous with the image that inspired it? For the realization of that evolution of the daydream, look no further than Greek born, Switzerland bred, London based designer, Athena Procopiou.

“I was always surrounded by creativity and encouraged to develop my own,” Athena says from her color-filled studio in Chelsea. As a child, she studied classical piano and toured all over Switzerland. Later, History of Art studies at Christie’s in Paris ultimately led to graphic design at London’s Central St. Martin’s. It seems unavoidable that Athena would eventually helm her own brand; and she already had the perfect vision to fulfill.

“I’ve always identified with the well-travelled, free-spirited boho woman who is forever chasing the sun,” Athena tells me. It’s the stuff of any designer’s dreams the way her first scarf collection was instantly picked up by some of London’s coolest boutiques. Well-deserved, international success quickly followed.

“I absolutely love when a customer tags me on their Instagram photo wearing one of my kimonos while lounging on their super-yacht while cruising around the Mediterranean, or while dancing on a wind-swept sand dune with a pack of Gypsies in the desert!” she says, earnestly.

Her eponymous label has evolved and now also includes glamorous kimonos, boho-chic dresses fit for dancing by a beach bonfire and her latest addition, a covetable swim collection made in some of her most iconic prints. “My favorite pieces are the ones you can wear during the transition from the beach to sunset. You know, the little sun dresses and sexy fun kimonos which can be thrown over a bathing suit for after beach cocktails, but before you go out for the night?” I think each and every single item from her collection fits that criteria perfectly and, more often than not, tends to actually inspire many photo ready moments!


Illustration by Sara Lee Bentley inspired by Athena Procopiou’s “Dancing In Rio” kimono

Athena’s business strategy has been a major factor in her success. “I’m growing my business organically — letting it evolve season to season. I think it’s great to plan ahead but not to force it.” Moreover, she always trusts her instincts and turns to them when making important decisions, such as expanding from a scarf brand to a full lifestyle brand.

Trusting instincts is also the critical advice Athena offers anyone interested in beginning their own company. “Every day has its challenge, but in the end it’s a wonderful feeling to see something grow organically!” Another majorly important factor is brand recognition. “Even though my collections change each season I have several iconic designs which I carry over and incorporate into each collection,” she shares. “I use these as a ‘common thread’ to make my brand stand out. It’s important for any new designer to create and maintain their own brand identity.”

Despite her careful strategizing, Athena is amazed that in such a short amount of time, her label is carried in some of the best stores worldwide and she has an international clientele. “It shows that there are boho women all over the world that chase the sun just like me!” she says, enthusiastically. “It’s fantastic how I have customers from Bali to Bahrain and everywhere in-between.” She attributes some of her success to social media. “We’re so consumed with social networking on a global scale — the world seems so small on your iPhone! I’m able to use this wonderful platform to sell my dreams, products, lifestyle, brand and aspirations.”

Other than working with a great team, a favorite part of her job is when new deliveries arrive at the studio (everything is hand made in Italy) and the finished products look just like she envisioned when designing. But that’s not to be taken for granted. “I find production a very tough part of my job,” she says. This is especially thanks to Athena’s extremely high quality standards. “I design a luxury brand and the quality of the product needs to match the design. My customer notices the difference between great quality and mediocre quality — I always have to have the best quality in all my products.”

She tells me that the creative process is a constant work in progress; she has to make herself move on when one season is over and start fresh with a new collection. If this all seems slightly overwhelming, she admits that sometimes it is. “The best way to relieve my stress is through yoga,” she shares, easily identifying herself with the free-spirited, boho-chic, sun-chasing women she dresses.

What’s next on the colorful horizon? Other than her new swimwear line, Athena’s also working on home furnishings — fabrics, wallpaper and cushions. “Ultimately, I would love to have my own bricks-and-mortar flagship shop. But it needs to happen in its own time,” she says, waiting for her finely tuned instincts to give her the go ahead. Until then, she’s looking into pop-up shops in “various sun-drenched cities” to test the waters. “You may find the first Athena Procopiou pop-up shop in Mykonos next summer!” I’m sure that her customers will be mooring their super-yachts in port and lining up all along the island’s winding streets for the occasion. After all, that’s what they do in the daydream…

Visit Talks with Sara Lee Bentley for Athena’s Five London Favorites

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Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer Celebrate ‘Sound of Music’ Turning 50

Andrews and Plummer participated in a Q&A before showing a restored screening of the classic film, now entering its 50th anniversary.
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Emilia Clarke on Playing Sarah Connor, Turning Down ‘Fifty Shades’ and Moving on From Nudity

Power, pay and prestige: Everyone in the town wants some, and Clarke, star of HBO’s massive hit, just happens to have a little more than other actresses right now, as she commands $ 7 million a season, gets billing above Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Terminator’ and cuts back on nude scenes: “There are other women who remove items of clothing on our show, so they’ve kind of got my nipple count down now.”

read more

Hollywood Reporter

Hillary Clinton Is Turning Into Richard Nixon and Bill Belichick

Raymond Chandler once wrote a great passage about drug addicts, but he might as well have been describing politicians, another group of people who rarely know when to quit without intervention.

The novelist said addicts at first turn to pills and shots just to get over the humps. Only after a… News


David Gandy on Turning Down ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: “I Don’t Feel the Need to Act”

One of the world’s top male models, Gandy has had several big offers from Hollywood, all of which he’s turned down.

read more


David Gandy on Turning Down ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: “I Don’t Feel the Need to Act”

One of the world’s top male models, Gandy has had several big offers from Hollywood, all of which he’s turned down.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Career Turning Point

Jennifer Aniston talks with Fandango’s Dave Karger for a new ‘Frontrunners’ series interview, where she reveals the moment that changed it all.

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Angry Nerd – “Hunger Games” and the Terrible Trend of Turning a Book into Two Movies

Why turn one book into one movie, when you can turn it into two? Despite “Mockingjay” being the weakest book in “The Hunger Games” series, movie execs have decided to translate it into a two-part film. Angry Nerd explains why the stretch from one to two is a terrible trend that needs to end.
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Turning Girls Out

Carmen and Nikki have had such awesome chemistry that they just keep gabbing… soon, Carmen has to grin while she waits to see how long until Nikki realizes she’s brought them to a bed.

Jessa Rhodes and Nikki Hearts partied their asses off last night, and Nikki even got some sex by the look of things, but not the kind she was after… Jessa is passed out on the patio, and Nikki’s unsatisfied and unwilling to go home with regrets.

If Janice thinks she’s the first temptation Nikki’s pussy has ever had from the lesbian side of the fence, well, Nikki can run whatever game she likes…

Cameron and Aiden can’t help but traipse around in their underwear acting excited, and you can see from the look on Nikki’s face, exactly what she’s thinking: do you bitches not read tee shirts?

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Cameron and Aiden can’t help but traipse around in their underwear acting excited, and you can see from the look on Nikki’s face, exactly what she’s thinking: do you bitches not read tee shirts?

Stars: Cameron Canada Nikki Hearts Aiden Ashley

Categories: High Definition All Girl All Sex Strap-On Lesbian

Scene Number: 4

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Filly Films

Lesbian Pay Per View

Pusha T On No Malice Turning Down Another Clipse Album: ‘That Was Hard’

The Clipse were profiled on “CNN Tonight,” where Pusha T and No Malice discussed their individual careers and any chances of a reunion.

First Look: Why Turning 60 Gave Oprah Pause – Oprah's Lifeclass – Oprah Winfrey Network

Tune in Sunday, May 4, at 9/8c.
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After a Lifeclass audience member shares her trepidation about starting a new career at age 56, Oprah challenges her to redefine her life regardless of age. Watch as Oprah admits how she really felt about turning 60 and shares life advice for women of every age.

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