Umbrella Symphony – Curren$y, LNDN DRGS & Jay Worthy

Curren$  y, LNDN DRGS & Jay Worthy - Umbrella Symphony  artwork

Umbrella Symphony

Curren$ y, LNDN DRGS & Jay Worthy

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: May 10, 2019

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Mary J. Blige headlines ‘The Umbrella Academy’ premiere in Hollywood

Singer and actor Mary J. Blige headlined ‘The Umbrella Academy’ premiere in Hollywood. Rough Cut. (No reporter narration)

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Umbrella Thief

One day on his way to work, my husband, Jermaine, stopped at the cafeteria as it began to rain.

Forgetting that he hadn’t brought an umbrella, he reached for the nearest one when he got up to leave.

“That’s my umbrella,” a woman immediately scolded.

Abashed at his mistake, he walked on to his office. He was drenched by the time he arrived.

Once there, he discovered three umbrellas that he had left in the office over the months, and decided to bring them home at the end of the day.

That afternoon he ran into the same woman who had confronted him earlier.

She looked at the umbrellas, then at him, and tartly remarked, “You did real well for yourself today, didn’t you?”

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A counselor was helping his kids put their stuff away on their first morning in summer camp. He was surprised to see one of the youngsters had an
umbrella. The counselor asked, “Why did you bring an umbrella to camp?”

The kid answered, “Did you ever have a mother?

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Woman Injured, Man Stabbed To Death Over Umbrella In Harlem

Is your life worth an umbrella? Two women got into a fight over an umbrella and when both of their boyfriends jumped in, one ended up stabbed to death.

Reports Gothamist:

Police say that the incident happened just after 8 a.m. on Friday in front of a McDonald’s at 125th Street and Lexington Avenue. They say that a couple—a 46-year-old male suspect, who has since been identified as Jesus Santiago, and his 36-year-old girlfriend—were involved in an argument with another couple, an unidentified man in his 30s and a 46-year-old woman.

The Daily News has video of the fight, which you can see below. In it, you can see the two women struggling with the umbrella, before a man in Army fatigues, believed to be the unidentified victim, jumps in holding a knife.

Santiago allegedly joined the fight after that and took out a box cutter. Both the unidentified man and the 46-year-old woman were stabbed multiple times in the torso. They were taken to Harlem Hospital; the man was declared dead there, while the woman is in critical condition.

Santiago and his girlfriend were arrested but charged were not immediately filed. The New York Daily News reports that argmument may have also stemmed from a $ 35 drug debt.

That intersection of 125th St. and Lexington is a nexus of struggle.

Peep footage of the fight below. SMH.

Photo: screen cap

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When the sun shines, Alex Trebek and Rihanna will shine together.

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