R. Kelly’s Lawyer Says Jussie Smollett Dismissal Makes Plea Bargain Unlikely

Jussie Smollett getting off scot-free is bad news for R. Kelly, because prosecutors might be itching for a big win … so worries the singer’s lawyer. Steven Greenberg tells TMZ … the outcome of Jussie’s criminal case in Cook County — in which all 16…


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Mary Katrantzou on Her Unlikely Collaboration With Victoria’s Secret

In the decade since starting her namesake brand, Mary Katrantzou has designed everything from sneakers to packaging for beauty products. One thing she’d never designed? Bras. So it came as a particular surprise when she got the call from Victoria’s Secret asking her to collaborate on a collection to be presented tonight at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.
“It’s so unexpected, it’s so interesting,” Katrantzou said on Wednesday night at The Plaza in New York at one of the many 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion pre-game events, including the unveiling of the Swarovski-made Fantasy bra on Monday evening (also at The Plaza). “Sometimes you have certain things you want to happen and you manifest to happen and this something that came out of nowhere.…That conversation [with Victoria’s Secret] was interesting, just because of the values we both share about empowering women.”
Katrantzou said she was especially compelled to work with the lingerie giant to collaborate on the technical aspect of designing women’s underpinnings. “That was the exciting part. You always think of the anatomy of a woman when you design and how you create a second skin for the woman,” she said. “Perfecting the fit, you want to do the best you can. You want

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Sources: Anthem resolution unlikely by Week 1

Although the two sides have had “productive” talks, the NFL and NFLPA are not expected to reach a resolution on a national anthem policy by Week 1 of the regular season, sources told ESPN’s Dan Graziano.
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An Unlikely Union Between an ’80s Rock Star and a Folk Choir Blossoms in Bulgaria

Dead Can Dance singer Lisa Gerrard teamed up with Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, a group that made unexpected inroads 31 years ago, for a surprising new album.
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‘Hollyweed’ New Year’s Eve Prank Unlikely, LAPD Ramping Things Up

Don’t count on the Hollywood sign reading ‘Hollyweed’ come New Year’s Day like it did last year, ’cause the area’s gonna be crawling with cops … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us security is getting ramped up big time around the…


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Harvey Weinstein, Rape Charges in Paz de la Huerta Case Highly Unlikely

Harvey Weinstein is under investigation for allegedly raping Paz de la Huerta on 2 occasions, but law enforcement sources tell TMZ a prosecution is highly unlikely. De la Huerta says in November 2010, Weinstein went to her apartment, pushed her on the…


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‘The Defiant Ones’ Tells The Story Of An Unlikely Music-Biz Duo

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the subjects of The Defiant Ones.

The new HBO mini-series charts the shared and individual histories of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, whose partnership helped redefine hip-hop and rock music.

(Image credit: Joe Pugliese/Courtesy of HBO)

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‘The Defiant Ones’ Tells The Story Of An Unlikely Music-Biz Duo

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the subjects of The Defiant Ones.

The new HBO mini-series charts the shared and individual histories of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, whose partnership helped redefine hip-hop and rock music.

(Image credit: Joe Pugliese/Courtesy of HBO)

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“The Unlikely Show” Debuts With Ice Cube And Tef Poe

What do you get when a Muslim American journalist of Pakistani descent teams up with the co-founder & co-CEO of the longest running hip-hop site? The answer: ‘The Unlikely Show w/Nida and Chuck’. Check out the first episode with veteran rapper/film maker Ice Cube and outspoken activist/rapper Tef Poe, who has a hot new album called War Machine III. And read more about “The Unlikely Show” below.

Experts and entrepreneurs, Nida Khan and Chuck Creekmur (affectionately known as “Jigsaw” in the streets) have joined forces to discuss everything from politics and international issues, to entertainment and music. The goal is simple: provide views from communities that are underrepresented in the mainstream, as well as cater to that younger demographic that is still thirsty for intelligent content with an edge.

This week as the nation marks the one-year anniversary of #Ferguson, “The Unlikely Show” debuts with a focus on the state of police-community relations and the upcoming film ‘Straight Outta Compton’. Nida and Chuck are joined by rapper/activist Tef Poe, who was on the ground in #Ferguson and has been a passionate voice on issues of police brutality and reform. The show also features an interview with legendary artist Ice Cube discussing ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and NWA, as well as police accountability and activism in hip-hop.

ice cube unlikely show

“I feel great about the movie,” said Ice Cube about his film, scheduled for release August 14th. “I want younger audiences to be inspired, to be able to change their situation, to be able to creatively deal with their frustrations to try to be constructive, and not destructive. As far as the old heads, I want to take them back and hopefully they feel a sense of nostalgia and they can understand where the music came from, where the group comes from and everything that we stood for.”

On this premiere podcast, Nida and Chuck sit down with Tef Poe to delve into the current state of affairs in #Ferguson, police reform, music, activism, politics and more.

“It’s a lot of trauma,” said Tef about the vibe in #Ferguson. “Nobody ever really dealt with the fact that there’s a community of young folks that fought a military for an entire summer and even through the winter.”

In the mundane, stagnant realm of talking heads where some 91% of the total weekday radio programming is conservative, “The Unlikely Show” delivers a fresh, blunt and sometimes downright comedic look at news.

tef poe unlikely show

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Why Tangerine Is the Most Unlikely Hit of the Year



Photo: Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

In a day when most films vanish without so much as a ripple, it’s the dream of every indie filmmaker to somehow hitch a ride on what’s trending. You’d have to look long and hard to find a movie more of our cultural moment than the Sundance hit Tangerine, which has lately been basking in all manner of free publicity. And why not? Sean Baker’s uproarious whirligig of a comedy offers a zeitgeist twofer: Not only does it tap into our current focus on transgender men and women, the movie itself was also shot on an iPhone.

This isn’t to say that Tangerine is somehow calculated or cynical. True, it’s inspiring lots of feature articles these days, but Baker & Co. are involved in an idealistic labor of love. I mean, just imagine trying to pitch this movie to Hollywood backers: “So the story’s about these two transgender hookers—and I’m shooting it on my phone.” You can almost hear the wallets snapping shut.

Set on Christmas Eve, this madcap yarn begins with Latina working girl Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) getting out of the clink and trying to track down her unfaithful pimp boyfriend, Chester, played with amusing obnoxiousness by James Ransone. Accompanied by her African-American best friend, Alexandra (Mya Taylor), a wannabe singer who’s also a transgender sex worker, she cuts a swathe across a sun-stunned, mini-malled Hollywood filled with the sort of outsiders you rarely see in our movies—from a benevolently drunken Cherokee man (Clu Gulager) to an Armenian taxi driver (Karren Karagulian) with mother-in-law problems to a blond streetwalker (Mickey O’Hagan, very funny), whom Sin-Dee describes as “a real fish” (meaning she has always been, and lived as, a female).

Now, as one who makes his home in L.A., I know firsthand that Sin-Dee and Alexandra are high-heeling their way through a Sunset Boulevard neighborhood that isn’t exactly what you’d call pretty. But it is vibrant and alive—crackling with a strange beauty all its own. And here’s where that iPhone 5s comes in. Tricking out that mobile with a special lens and a Steadicam system, Baker and co-cinematographer Radium Cheung use this tiny technology to capture urban life on the wing, reveling in brazen sunlight, pumped-up colors, and gorgeous open-spaced compositions that frame their two heroines’ hard-walking, hard-talking energy.


Photo: Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

In duller hands, such a tale of working girls, pimps, and bottled-up cabbies might easily become an earnest downer about life on the margins. But Baker (and cowriter Chris Bergoch) clearly love their characters rather than pity them, and though they obviously understand the role of race and gender in our social hierarchy, feel no need to prove that transgender women of color are human, too. They already know it and expect us to know it too. The film portrays Sin-Dee and Alexandra’s friendship with such generous brio that the two whir with a vitality that rises above their sometimes iffy acting. By turns funny, outrageous, and attuned to unfulfilled dreams, Tangerine is as close as I’ve seen an American come to capturing the subversive panache of the young Pedro Almodóvar—an achievement far grander than merely trending.

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From Chipotle to the Runway: The Unlikely Modeling Career of Angel Rutledge

angel rutledge chipotle

Angel Rutledge


Photographed by Kevin Tachman

Model Angel Rutledge arrives at the Vogue.com offices looking like she is fresh from a hazy day hanging out on a California boardwalk: a skateboard in tow and mile-high legs jutting out from a pair of cutoff shorts, all chill West Coast drawl and proverbial cool-kid shoulder shrug at life. But don’t let her nickname fool you, the model’s got an angular sharpness and tomboy edge to her features, a look that has secured her exclusive spots with Proenza Schouler, as well as Louis Vuitton—a house that she has walked for ever since her debut. And it’s all a far cry from Rutledge’s former life: Just a year ago, she was posting selfies on Instagram @angelpupledge at her job on the burrito bar at a Chipotle in Burbank, California.

Rutledge never thought modeling was on the menu: The 20-year-old Angelica (named after a truck that her mother spotted advertising “Angelica Linens”) grew up in Valencia, California, in an all-American suburban setting; a star volleyball player in high school, her stats surged far beyond the national average. “In high school, I was intimidating to people. I was scary because I was ripped and buff. I played volleyball and we did six hours of conditioning for five days over the week for five weeks in summer, “ says Rutledge. “At that point I could lift and bench-press 185 pounds. I was this buff girl whose shoulders could touch in the back.” Her dedication to hard work on the court soon translated into the work force: At fifteen, she scored an after-school job at a local sushi restaurant. A late-night food industry gig proved to be too hectic for a high school student, though “At first, I didn’t understand my schedule would be so packed. I worked four days a week and on the weekends,” says Rutledge. “But I’ve always been a worker because my parents always have; I just copied.”

So how does one go from food service to the runway? Add one part farm-to-table fast food, one part luck, a dash of hitting the genetic jackpot, wrap in a tortilla, and serve: After graduating high school, Rutledge took a full-time job at a Chipotle, which provided ample time to work on her upper body strength.“I had to prepare the sour cream, the cheese, shred the cheese, and make the corn salsa—all the salsas,” says Rutledge. “But I probably liked the corn salsa because I could use my hands and use my upper arms. We would put the corn in a big bowl and mix all the ingredients. I was literally hugging hundreds of pounds of corn.” A few months into the job, fate stepped in. “This guy comes in, in shorts and a tank top, total surfer, and took a look at me,” says Rutledge, who was on the clock in her visor and apron at the time. “I was like, ‘Hey, how are you doing? What can I get you?’ He told me to talk to him around the corner and asked if I ever thought about modeling. He just wrote his number down on the paper. It was kind of weird, but he knew what he was doing and it seemed legit.” That man was photographer David Mushegain, who promptly took her Polaroids and sent them off to The Lions agency in New York City. “Two days later, [Mushegain] was like, ‘Can you come to New York? You just need to quit your job,” says Rutledge. She called it off with Chipotle soon after, but can still make a killer burrito. And with a story like that, we’ll have what she’s having.

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An Unlikely Teacher

At the tender age of nine months, my shot at the picture perfect childhood was ripped apart. Divorce rocked my family and gone were my chances of Christmas mornings, movie nights or dinners with my parents side by side. It would have been easy to use this setback as an excuse for any unhappiness life threw my way, but I have chosen to see this bump in the road for what is truly has been: a blessing in disguise. I am now 28, and the lessons I learned from my parents’ divorce during my formative years have been invaluable and ones that I hope more kids choose to see instead of just focusing on the pain.

1) Life isn’t perfect.

Being exchanged at 11:00 PM in a parking lot from one parent to another, having to choose which house to stay at and watching new spouses file in and out quickly smudged my idea of a perfect life, and I am grateful for it. Life isn’t perfect; nothing ever is. It’s a mistake for parents even to plant this idea in the head’s of their children because it just sets kids up for disappointment.

My parents taught me that life is a beautiful mess. There will be moments that have more beauty and happiness than we can fit into words or our hearts. There will also be moments that will leave us face down on the floor wondering how we will ever get up again. Children of divorce have learned how to take the good with the bad and make the best out of it regardless.

2) There is beauty is walking away.

It’s pretty safe to say that most people want love and do not go into marriage thinking about divorce; however, life will not always go as planned. People change. Happiness fades. You know what? That’s okay. There are enough unknown pitfalls in life that we don’t have to keep falling into ones we make ourselves.

There comes a point when walking away is the most beautiful thing we can do for ourselves and our family. From watching my family, I learned it doesn’t mean we are failures. It means we value the happiness of everyone more than honoring a piece of paper. I always wanted to see my parents content because that in turn did the same for me. If that meant living separate lives, so be it. It taught me that some fights can’t be won, and that I can choose my happiness over just getting though. What a gift.

3) We won’t always get along with everyone, but we can always be respectful.

The last major lesson I learned from my parents came from the many games, ceremonies, concerts and parties that were held for my brother and me with both of them in attendance. No matter how they felt about each other, my brother and I saw my parents’ kindness for one another and support for us. It would have been easy to bring up past issues or to create tension, but that didn’t happen.

What I learned was there are times in life where we have to put our feelings at bay when it’s for the best of others, especially children. We are never going to get along with everyone we meet, but that doesn’t give us permission to be rude or insensitive, and that was something I saw play out over and over with my parents. Respect should always be given.

Maybe my picture perfect life was smudged. I will never have memories of a Christmas or vacation with my parents and brother all together, but I am okay. What I have in place of those memories are values and lessons that have made me the person I am today. Divorce isn’t a curse. It hurts and requires time to heal, but it in no way holds anyone involved back from living the most beautiful life possible.

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Unlikely Team Of Allies Unite To Take On Airport Gate Agent

BOSTON—Mobilizing from various corners of the seating area to form a unified front, an unlikely team of allies at Logan International Airport rallied together at gate B32 to take on the American Airlines boarding agent, sources reported Friday.

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American On Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot (Unabridged) – Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson - American On Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot (Unabridged)  artwork

American On Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot (Unabridged)

Craig Ferguson

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 23.95

Publish Date: September 9, 2009

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Robin Williams a Roots Fan? Questlove Recalls an Unlikely Admirer

Robin Williams’ death has caused a flood of tributes and remembrances from his friends and co-workers. One unlikely anecdote came from Roots drummer and Tonight Show bandleader Questlove, who shared the story on Instagram about meeting Williams backstage at the 2001 Grammys. The story is a testament to both Williams’ universal likability…
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